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Day 29 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

What are three things that you are proud of? ✨

  1. i work really hard and care a lot about my school work so i get good results (and hopefully will get into a great uni because of them!)
  2. i am working to improve my mental health and get through depression and anxiety 
  3. i am really proud of what i’ve done with this studyblr and that i’ve managed to use it to help myself and others. it’s really big deal to me that i still have it to this day and regularly use it and so many people like my content because i never would have expected this!
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// studyblr community challenge - a bit of a catch up

sorry for the lack of posting over the last few days, i’ve been super busy (and unmotivated to take pictures). here are all the prompts that i’ve missed: 

day twenty-five - tag someone who gives good advice

so yet another one of my ‘we don’t talk but’ tags, whenever i see @problematicprocrastinator answering an ask she’s always so sweet and thoughtful and gives great advice to those who ask 💕

day twenty-six - tag someone who you’d like to get to know

@beingxorganised we both kinda tag each other in things and you seem really sweet, i’d love to get to know you more 💖

day twenty-seven - tag someone who makes you laugh

@diabhalstudy i think you know why i’m tagging you here 😉

day twenty-eight - tag someone who you think everyone should follow

i know i’m kinda violating the ‘don’t tag the same person twice’ rule, but i couldn’t help myself..

  • firstly @myhoneststudyblr, sophie works so hard to make such amazing challenges, posts incredibly consistently and is such a sweet and generous person
  • @study-van has the most gorgeous posts, a great aesthetic, is super hard-working and an amazing human being.
  • @philology-studies is the queeen of aesthetic, is so friendly and lovely and ahhh her blog is just gorgeous.
  • when @chazza-studies-alevels is active again you should all go give her a follow because her posts are the most colourful and great for motivation!
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Today’s national bank holiday but both my parents were at work so i had the house for myself 😊 I went for a short run with our dog in the morning, made pancakes for lunch, read a book and did nothing for my thesis 🙃

photos: two lovely dotted notebooks i have no use for and cute stickers from a czech online shop (supporting small business yay!) and a rare moment when Ronald was sitting still 💚

Studyblr community challenge

Day 17: tag someone who you think is really kind

@problematicprocrastinator Beth, I love your uplifting posts and all the ask events you do for your followers 🤍

Day 18: tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things

@rylie-studies Rylie, reading your posts made me realize I wasn’t living my life to the fullest. thank you for showing me that 🤍 there are so many more things to enjoy and be grateful for! so I’m trying to change my mindset and even in the short time I’m following you, I feel much better already!

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한국어가 제 수학 노트에 어떻게 나타는지 알고 싶어요 , 여러분들.

Day 26 - Tag someone who you would like to get to know

⚠ : long list ahead.
Zainab, you have no idea how much I’m dying to get to know you. From what I’ve discovered, you’re hilarious. I totally wish to laugh with you. 💜
umm.. Idk why I’m so nervous to tag you here.. but.. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW TO FISH URCHINS 🎣 IN THE PACIFIC WATERS?!! 👉🏿👈🏿
Sophie!! The only thing which we have in common (yet) is our mutual dislike for the SUMMER season! 🌞😆 I can’t wait to hunt for more with you!
can we share our unpopular opinions about kpop with each other, please? 🥺 Or maybe we can make
BE journal spreads yeehaw!
I love the way you leave soo endearing and encouraging comments on posts.. It’s so touching! 🤧 I’m wondering what it would be like to be a part of your renaissance.. 💕
their posts are fabulous and also their interaction with everyone!!! I’d love to know them better!! ♥
heyyooo! Rylie, you’re soo helpful and nice to the whole community.. It’d be an honor to know you more! 💓

Day 27 - Tag someone who makes you laugh 

she’s so funny and I absolutely love to laugh at 4 am (
silently so that my parents don’t kick me out of the house) at the memes she sends me. 😂💕

Day 28 - Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

works sooo hard to keep this community bound together! Anyone who isn’t following Sophie is missing out. 🌟
I’m going to say it again.. Violet’s aesthetic is ✨exquisite✨and I seriously feel sorry for those who aren’t following the blog.

🎧 Handle It : TWICE

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281020 🌼

today was so springlike - the breeze was cool and the birds chirped all day. i spent my day doing homework in the garden, journaling, drawing, and listening to music. i love wednesdays ♡

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Physiology is definitely one of my favorite lessons.

Day 28 - Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

I will tag two people for today.
Firstly, @myhoneststudyblr who is the creator of this challenge and an actual sweetheart. She really makes this community much more engaging and is always so supportive to everyone.
Secondly, @coralstudiies whose posts are always so pretty, the aesthetic is always on point!!
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Day 28 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who you think everyone should follow ✨

i am definitely gonna go over my own limit of three people here because there are so many people that everyone needs to follow! so im gonna do a little list (btw everyone else i’ve tagged in my other posts are one you definitely need to follow!) (also i’ve 100% forgotten people so sorry if we are mutuals and i’ve forgotten <3)

@redlitmusbluelitmus - mia is incredible and lovely so you 100% need to follow because she will make you smile with every post <3

@bulletnotestudies - sabrina has such lovely posts and is such a mood and again is so so lovely 

@study-van - yasemin <3 funny, inspiring, amazing posts! need i say more 

@philology-studies - some of the most beautiful posts i’ve ever seen! the aesthetic is gorgeous <3 also violet is just the sweetest

@jeonchemstudy - i LOVE daphne’s posts, particularly any of her amazing bujo spreads! she is also one of the nicest people you will meet! 

@coffeeandpies - pat!!! one of the most inspiring people imo in the community! gorgeous inside and out (and also really good at piano <3)

@sosiaalitieteet - ana is an icon! seriously no other word describes her better! she is hilarious and i always check out her blog 

@problematicprocrastinator - beth is a light of positivity in this community! she works so hard and always is there for support and love <3

@museeofmoon - zainab has INCREDIBLE posts!!! they are all amazing and she is hilarious as well <3

@coralstudiies - i honestly don’t know how every post is so perfect! such an inspiration for my own notes (though i know i will never achieve such brilliance!)

@stu-dna - harriet has such a nice aesthetic to all her posts and in addition to this she shares lots of really important things which i think is amazing!!

@sonderstudy - huiting always has incredible posts and what she studies is always so interesting! amazing aesthetic as well <3

@rylie-studies - hands down the best at captions in the community because everyone is just so beautiful and always makes you think! also really great advice and so positive!

and there are honestly so many more that i would tag but this post is getting very long so i’m gonna stop here but yeah! love you all <3

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Day 26 & 27 of the Studyblr Community Challenge ✨

Tag someone who you would like to get to know

Ahh so many!! @blueinkked (all ur posts just definitely deserve more notes and i think you’re just such a fun person:D) @lattesandlearning (laura you’re always so nice but im just a socially anxious coward and ahh i feel bad soo much sorryy) @unepetitecreature (u just seem like such an interesting person *srry if i sounded like such a freak:p* and AHH I JUST LOVE UR URL SM) @lifeisforlearning (you’re always soo kind and just always supportive to everyonee) @bulletnotestudies (i always think that people who are friends with you are soo luckyy<3) @serendistudy​ (vee i think you’re just so kind and sweet!) @khadija-studies​ (i cant believe im not the only one who doodled in margins!!) @springtimestudies​ (my fellow langblr who’s also learning arabic!) you’re the ones i can think of at the top of my head!!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@coffeeandpies pat ur random posts and memes just make me laugh in the wierdest ways and thank you for that ;vv

@museeofmoon zainab ur just so witty!! it always shows in ur tagss

@study-van yasemin ur sometimes just such a mood and it always makes me laugh >~<

ft. my bujo back cover that i finally scribbled on with things (i dont think i can call them quotes??) that i feel like i need to remember rn…(does anyone do this too??) except for the arabic one it’s just my dry humor:pp i didn’t even bother to correct it lol…pls ignore that star i cant draw ok

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2020.10.11-14 // Day 97-100

I know I should have posted this earlier but it feels surreal that a lot can happen in 100 days. I achieved a lot of goals such as finishing 2 korean grammar books (and I’m currently halfway on the 3rd one), learned a skill by learning how to use a new software, and met amazing people along the journey. @divinity-study @museeofmoon @a-poeticallychaotic-bee @serendistudy @rylie-studies @springtimestudies @lifeisforlearning Thank you so much for tagging me in your posts! Your productivity inspires me to continue my own fight 🤍
100 days ago, if someone would ask me questions like “How have you been?” or “Are you doing well?” “Are you okay?”, I would unconsciously give out a deep sigh because I don’t know what is the answer. I am so demotivated. I am physically well so I guess I am okay??? But if you’d ask me now how am I doing, I get so excited because I have so much to tell.

DAY 28 || Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

Thank you so much @myhoneststudyblr !!! Your challenges helped me to find myself again 🤍
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i’ve been tutoring a freshman in algebra and us history and we’ve been meeting in the high school’s library! i haven’t actually checked out a book for fun before, so it was great to look through their collection. i ended up snagging brave new world and the bell jar to read before the end of november!

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 47 - October 27th

how do you balance school, work, and life? that’s the question, isn’t it? honestly, i’m lucky because i work sporadically and never for more than a day at a time so that doesn’t really affect my schedule, but balancing school, clubs, volleyball, and life is definitely difficult. one of the things that really helps though is getting homework done during the day. my school has a flex period that’s basically study hall and i try to finish all of my homework then, or during free time during class. 

today’s selzer: more aha strawberry cucumber!

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I think I’m just going to spend my break revising histology… Plus the little sittings area in my friend’s house.
Day 27 - Tag someone who makes you laugh

, all of our talks are a mess tbh but Annie always makes me smile. I think our personalities are kind of similar and she is just such a positive person.
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Day 27 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@study-van - our very first conversation still makes me laugh when i think back to it now - i will always punch you affectionately yasemin <3

@museeofmoon - we haven’t spoken in a while because Lifebut our conversations - if i do say so myself - are hilarious! zainab is so funny and she has the best emoticons of all time <3

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Monday, 26th October 2020

EPQ Writing - Superfluid Helium

Here’s a kinda minimalist (aesthetic?) picture of my workspace atm. It’s the October half term so I revised my physics flashcards this morning and I’m now onto EPQ stuff. Kinda daunted by it but slow progress is still progress so 🤷‍♀️

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