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#looks like my bias is

me being kinda back after months and now being a full fledged carat.

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just saw a hot gif set of jacob bae. i have never rly seen a tbz stage (only fanvids, vlives, and variety content) and oml 🥵🥵.

yes, i am not okay. thanks for asking.

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yes i did anonie bean, i sat there for a good 2 minutes like ‘….. ishida…. A MIDZY? STAN TASTE I KNEW I COULD TRUST YOU SIR’ HONESTLY SHE LOOKS SO STUNNING 😭🤍

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I should’ve known staying in my own biases lanes with 23 handsome talented young men would be impossible

But i was not expecting this artistically inclined dancing monster to drop by and flip the tables on my lanes altogether :)

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Do you realize that from Beau’s point of view, Mollymauk died for her? His last spoken words were literally, “Fuck it. If you’re in for Lorenzo, I’m going for Lorenzo.”

They barely knew each other, had only just begun to work towards a kind of kinship. And then he went and died for her, leaving Beau with absolutely no way to repay him.

Except to make damn sure that if another sacrifice was ever needed, it would be her.

Beau already had troubles with self worth before meeting the Nein, sure. Who wouldn’t, after the life she had?

But she got that tattoo in Molly’s memory, months later, and shortly thereafter tried to exchange her chance at family and at happiness for Veth’s. She is the first to put herself in risky situations for her family despite being proud of being a survivor. Molly’s death left devastation in its wake, but it also left her with a purpose.

Beauregard doesn’t have a death wish. She has a debt to repay. And I wonder, held up by the throat in front of her family for execution, whether there was some part of her that looked into those red eyes and saw the scales balance.

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(I am, to be clear, not talking about plagiarism here, only the copying of broader concepts and ideas.)

I do agree that it’s the polite thing to ask first about using someone else’s characters, or AU, or very specific headcanons, and to credit them or refrain if they say no.  I don’t want to discourage that.  I’ve been upset when people copied my characters without asking.

But at the same time.

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