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♡  sabrina’s studyblr introduction— 

hey, there, sabrina here. i’ve been lurking in the tags for a while now. i admire the studyblr community a lot and it truly inspires me to study harder and take time to learn things outside of my university degree. 

about me

  • my name is sabrina !
  • lovely twenty years old but my soul is a solid three-hundred, for i am (secretly) a vampire
  • i live in berlin but i am part east-slavic (vampire sounds pretty convincing now, does it)
  • university student (last year, bachelor in business administration) 
  • organizational freak despite the mess in my head
  • gemini / slytherin / extrovert
  • i literally live a life where people think i have many friends but i have like 2
  • religion: fake it until you make it (also orthodox)
  • my cat is a stray cat that’s been visiting me since a kitten and has been sleeping inside for the past year 
  • obsessed with old (large) churches and their interior 
  • a path to my heart is roses and handwritten letters (please.)


  • gothic literature
  • dark academia aesthetic and style (i am trying so hard to rebrand my irrelevant ig into dark academia)
  • liberal arts - psychology, philosophy, history, and art in particular
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • greek mythology, roman / greek sculpture
  • (rose-gold) jewelry 

why studyblr?

i have a feeling this winter will be dreadful and a combination of staying at home, studying, reading to escape reality, and crying for me. i decided to make a studyblr to help my anxieties. i am hoping that by consistently posting and participating in challenges, i will be able to keep my motivation high in order to power through the semester. i also look forward to starting online (free) liberal arts classes, reading more for self-development, and starting a (bullet)journal. in essence, this is a stepping stone to becoming a better self. 

i also hope to make some study buddies to chat with. and maybe even a penpal. so if you’re interested, let us be mutuals! 

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what’s in my bag?

Day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@studylustre - one of the first studyblrs I followed, absolutely stunning photos

Day 21 - Tag someone who you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

@stillstudies - always seems to be setting up some kind of project and doing a billion different things

Day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile

@rylie-studies - their lovely captions always cheer me up and remind me of the little things

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“Grab your coat, leave a note and run away with me.” -William Chapman

Just days filled with anatomy, anatomy and did I mention anatomy? It would be more fun if we had more time until the first oral exam but honestly rn it’s just cramming information into my brain in as little time as possible, getting up to get some tea, sitting back down and feeling like all the information is gone already in a span of two minutes lol

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17 October 2020 | The days when I’m happy about having carpet are few and far between, but today is one of them. Currently sprawled out with too many books open working on the first bit of my Maximus paper. Something that made me even more excited to receive the edition of Disputations with Pyrrhus pictured here is that it was packaged and shipped by one of the hieromonks of the monastery that published the English translation. A text written by a monastic distributed by a monastic—how very fitting. 

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Day 12 - How much time do you spend on studyblr per day on average?

I have like,,, a looot of interests, and ig I kind of go through cycles. One week I might spend an hour or more daily on here, and then I might forget it exists the next week.

Day 13 - Do you have an ‘aesthetic’? If yes, what is it?

I really like space efficiency and information density - for example for organic chem I made cheat sheets with all the reactions for each of the homologous series, and they’re probably my favourite set of notes I’ve ever made.

Day 14 - What are some of your study essentials?

My phone/laptop. I use anki flashcards a lot, and a lot of notes and resources are sent to us digitally.

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071020 ~ 15/100 days of productivity

my nasa jumper + photo i took of the milky way ✨ today i made my bed after a week of not doing it, and i tried to catch up with some work i didn’t do bc i took a few self care days off. now i’m much better & ready to tackle my to-do list. hope you’ll have a good rest of the week
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