sunflowersinheaven · a month ago
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portrait sketch dump
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citrinenote · 4 months ago
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Friends 4eveer! (о´∀`о) ❤️✨
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snicker-doodles · 4 months ago
Remember those apps where people were combining bruce and clark’s face to see how their future kids look like?
What if Clark saw Victor and Barry playing around using that app, and somehow he got curious about how his and Bruce’s kids will look like, but before he tried to download the app, they got called to deal with a disaster or something
Months later, while he’s researching something at the fortress, Clark suddenly remember about the app, and since he got no phone signal at the arctic and can’t download the app, he asked the fortress AI to do the simulation for him
Little did he know, the AI actually took his request as an order to make actual baby from his and Bruce’s genetic material, pending requisition of said genetic material
Months later, the watchtower was attacked, Bruce got badly hurt, but the med bay was non functional because of the attack, so Clark took Bruce to the fortress to treat him. 
He was bleeding profusely, so Bruce was basically leaking genetic materials all over the fortress
Months later, Kelex notified Clark that the baby is ready to be taken out of the incubating chamber, and Clark was like, wait, what baby? Oh Rao
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ihatebnha · 11 days ago
im having a brainrot of kissing bakugo on your bed late at night until you are absolutely both tired as hell and you fall asleep with his hand inside your sleep shorts grabbing onto your bare butt cheek and your hand all the way up his shirt resting on one of his tiddies
literally crying at the thought of this happening after long and hard busy days... the ones where you don’t get to see each other til you’re both in bed at night, but still wanna cuddle and catch up w/ each other about some of the little things you may’ve missed. 
so yeah, you get all close in bed and kiss each other to sleep... just breathe in each others air for a bit and then drift off together... 
AND THEN... you wake up all tangled together, too. you’ve sunk a bit more to his side over the night and your hand is now on his belly... but his is STILL right where he left it and he’s got your face nearly right there in his armpit jdkfadsjk. 
And of course, he grumbles every time you move, too, because he’s just so comfortable and doesn’t want you leave or make the bed cold. you can barely reach for your phone w/o a boob going in his face but he barely even notices or cares... just yawns and grips you harder. a little butt squeeze and jiggle, maybe... but then he stares at you w/ those tired, slitted eyes and gives you a little sleepy cheek kiss-nuzzle as if it will make you want to stay. 
honestly tho? it probably does.  
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psychomurderz · 10 months ago
it's just CRAZY, but....
Tumblr media
That man in the shadows is Midoriya Hisashi. He works ABROAD, a very important job that does not allow him to be at home often. A very comfortable chair. Curls. And in general, the silhouette is quite massive, especially the calves of the legs.
Story: Afo once created a clone who is officially listed as a high worker, clean in all respects, not to find dirty laundry. And for the sake of his ambitions, Afo-clone became the head of the international commission of heroes to... be aware of the world's affairs, new developments, criminal schemes. Catch the villains and himself. Perfect cover.
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jonaschristoffersen · 2 months ago
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nim-lock · 9 months ago
lol they gave him eyebrows
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persephinae · 10 months ago
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Today on Hozier retweeted
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lukeslonghair · 5 months ago
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catarinnamorais · 6 days ago
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quilavastudy · a year ago
Does anyone get that thing where you’ve only ever worked with someone with masks on, and then they take their mask off for a second or two to sip their drink or something and it’s SO WEIRD because the rest of their face just isn’t how you imagined it??
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sharkshenanigans · 6 months ago
Foolish: Screw these caves.
Foolish: *finds diamonds*
Foolish: *happy face!*
Creeper: *explodes him out of the hole*
Foolish: Thanks!
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magentamee · 5 days ago
i like the bowlcut. its iconic.
if you see that hair, especially the season 4 shorter version, you can recognize the character immediately --"hey that's will byers!" in shots, fanart, silhouette, whatever. it's good character design and i think they should keep it til the end!
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rebouks · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
let's all just fondly remember the time bruno almost strangled wyatt, shall we? 😌
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ihatebnha · 19 days ago
Something about airports that has dads at their most attractive… so now I’m just stuck w/ the imagery of Bakugo in his travel fit w/ your baby daughter strapped to his chest, both of their hair a little mussed, and both with the grumpiest glares and puffy eyes because neither were able to go to sleep at the right bedtime last night.
And she keeps fussing against him, not because she’s hungry or hurt, but because she wants to talk to him; tell him to stop letting you get up every five minutes, that the airport restaurant smells weird (he thinks so too), that she doesn’t like the hideous, matching jackets on the couple next to you… and all he can sit there and do is rub her little back in agreement :(
Oh my god, and Kirishima with a runner little boy… on his feet the entire trip trying to keep your son from dashing off and getting lost in the vast expanse of the airport. To make up for it, he puts him up on his shoulders and stands by the window to help him look at the view… but then he gets his own hair (which is scruffy and down because he’s a mess) pulled because the kid suddenly wants to play ratatouille and make him do all the running.
Definitely the kid who needs to waddle around in the aisle the whole flight, and stand at every row just to say to everyone, too (Kiri’s just behind him, trying not to bump his head, apologetic: “hi, everyone. Sorry, everyone”). It’s okay because they’re both cute, though.
And Deku’s the one who has a 45 minute Q+A session with his son… just about how long your flight is gonna take. Sitting on the ground and sharing every snack you give them like little prisoners. Stop this madness.
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gxtitobxby · 3 months ago
No bc ATJ shooting for Kraven the Hunter 😳😳 idk if you use him as your fc but he’s giving Tarzan!James who lets me lay around all day eating mangoes, frolicking with baby animals, and like weaving baskets and flower crowns while he does all the hard work 🥰😂😭
EEE atj definitely has tarzan potential and so does james!! beefy himbo that gets all the shit done while you lounge around on flower beds, eating juicy mangoes naked and letting it drip down your chest so he gets to lick you clean nghhh <333
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judasisgayriot · 4 months ago
Legit just had a dream that was an episode of Glee (yeah. I don’t know.) where Rachel had started playing basketball and was terrible at it, and it was making her rly sad (quit then???) but for some reason Sue needed the glee club to win regionals or w/e and also for some reason literally no one else could go to Rachel’s games to support her and they needed to keep her morale up so the glee club wouldn’t bomb, so Sue had to (very, very begrudgingly) go to cheer Rachel on and she HATED doing it. Cut to montage of her scowling in the audience while begrudgingly clapping, or holding up the most unenthusiastic signs to support her that she could, like one that just said ‘Rachel.’ (With the full stop.)
And Rachel was actually rly touched by this and tried to like hug Sue but Sue was like AH GOD NO DONT TOUCH ME
there was also a subplot where Tina had a radio show that was broadcast in the halls of the school and her main thing was reading out anonymous confessions and someone sent in something quite mean about Brittany and Tina read it out and then Santana came into her radio office to beef with her about it
Anyway this dream was a better episode of glee that most of the last 3 seasons of glee
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