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#loras tyrell
dwellordream · 5 days ago
i see Young!Jaime as snarky little shit who simultaneously thinks he's better than anyone else and desperate for everyone else's approval. so ... pretty much like Adult!Jaime, but with much more idealism and chivalry. but still capable of being a stupid bitch.
I think a young Jaime was a lot like a young Loras, ironically. I don’t think Loras is an evil person and I think he has many admirable qualities such as his bravery, love and loyalty to Renly and his family, etc, but I wouldn’t call him a nice person, either, haha.
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fromtheboundlesssea · 5 days ago
Tempest Grove Chapter 17
Tumblr media
Renly V (299 AC)
Even though he saw that his wife gave the flowers away to the servants, he still sent them to her rooms. He knew that she was going to give them away when she received them so he made certain that they were flowers that were easy to spread about the keep. It endeared her to the female staff, but he didn’t mind it at all.
And then there was a wedding between two of the higher up staff and Renly allowed for a small feast to be held for the castle. The couple was happy for it and it was a time where Renly hoped his wife would find a bit of joy in Tempest Grove.
Renly had also called for a singer to come to the keep to perform for the wedding. He had made certain it was a performer from the Reach and he sang songs of his wife’s home as well as songs from the Stormlands.
The couple was thrilled to have such a performance, but Renly focused on his wife and he could tell that Loras was watching them both carefully.
Celia appeared to enjoy the songs, she smiled warmly at the sound of Reach music. Even if her smiles were not the ones he had seen at the wedding, when she had felt the world was opening up for her.
However, his wife appeared so at ease and he watched her carefully. When he looked at his wife’s smile and remembered how they had been before, he truly felt like a monster. She deserved a husband who could love her and Renly could see how easy she would be to love. If he could love one woman, he would have asked the gods that it be her, not for his sake, but for hers, but he didn’t wish to give Loras up.
Perhaps that was selfish, he didn’t know. But he wished that he could give his wife all that she deserved.
Considering all that she had gone through, she deserved to have a husband who loved her. She deserved to be allowed to have a family.
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dwellordream · 5 days ago
We know loras loves renly. But what do you think renly thinks of loras?
I do think Renly loved Loras. I also think Renly was more self absorbed and generally far less concerned with honor than Loras. But I think Renly genuinely loved him.
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inthewolfs-wood · 10 days ago
"He’s me, Jaime realized suddenly. I am speaking to myself, as I was, all cocksure arrogance and empty chivalry. This is what it does to you, to be too good too young"
“I was better than you, Ser Loras. I was bigger, I was stronger, and I was quicker.”
“And now you’re older,” the boy said. “My lord.”
- Jamie, ASOS.
now why is loras bullying jamie the lord commander after having done same with brienne and sansa, dont u know jamie has same arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude and also spark of lannister pride with bit of humility and beauty and realism. he isn't u loras. why dont u sniff some flowers.
anyways my pro jamie rant is backk.
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mylestoyne · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lgbt lovers in asoiaf, happy pride!
(rhaena targaryen & elissa farman, laenor velaryon & joffrey lonmouth, jeyne arryn & jessamyn redfort, daeron targaryen & jeremy norridge, jon connington & myles toyne, oberyn martell & ellaria sand, renly baratheon & loras tyrell)
there are some pairs I didn’t include because of time but they are not forgotten :>
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spacegay-archetype · 14 days ago
I hate GoT so much because they took every chance they could to turn Loras into some big stupid gay joke 🙄 whereas in the books he’s still gay but it’s not made out to be a joke and he’s still one of the best knights in the entire realm 🙄 I hate D&D so much
And let’s not even start with the racism that went into them writing and changing everything about Dorne and the characters that come from there
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inthewolfs-wood · 15 days ago
Actually loved all chapters of brienne and jamie together to KL, until red wedding and then their very-confused-hate-and-care for each other trope coming to end.
" She never met Robb Stark, yet her grief for him runs deeper than mine for Joff. Or perhaps it was Lady Catelyn she mourned.
- Jamie, ASOS
"She looked so miserable that Jaime almost found himself wanting to comfort her"
- Jamie, ASOS
The strength is gone from her. The woman had dropped a rock on Robin Ryger, battled a bear with a tourney sword, bitten off Vargo Hoat’s ear, and fought Jaime to exhaustion … but she was broken now, done. “I’ll speak to my father about returning you to Tarth, if it please you,” he told her. “Or if you would rather stay, I could perchance find some place for you at court.”
- Jamie , ASOS
Jaime stepped between them. “Put the sword away, ser.”
Ser Loras edged around him. “Are you a craven as well as a killer, Brienne? Is that why you ran, with his blood on your hands? Draw your sword, woman!”
“Best hope she doesn’t.” Jaime blocked his path again. “Or it’s like to be your corpse we carry out. The wench is as strong as Gregor Clegane, though not so pretty.”
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rhaenathefirst · 16 days ago
jaime calling loras a pup...ok father figure™
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translannisters · 17 days ago
Not to be crass but as both a Trans and a Gay I am fully obsessed with the way Loras - simply by being a gay man participating (and excelling) in the masculine conventions of Westerosi nobility - brings out intense weird gender conflict between Jaime and Cersei. Yes there’s the obvious irony of Cersei being openly homophobic while also being involved with a woman but I think the crux of it is something deeper - I mean Cersei has resigned herself to this “man’s soul in a woman’s feeble body” image of herself and her sexuality performance is wholly based on her idea of her body as “feeble and female” which is ultimately one of the primary roots of her sexual “desire” for Jaime and the cause of her feeling the need for him to look exactly like her but male; she literally cannot relate to her body or her sexuality and feels DEEPLY unfulfilled and like she’s piloting a meatsuit - fucking a woman “only” leaves her dysphoric and unsatisfied (in the absence of her ideal self) but the idea of her ideal self, or someone like him, fucking men directly challenges the very concept of Westerosi manhood AND problematizes the idea that the things that cause Cersei to loathe herself are caused by something “inherent” and “natural” like her “female” body and sexuality. If a man can be “like a woman” in that regard Cersei has to face up to the fact that the only thing “wrong” was her birth assignment, that she can be Warrior or Maiden as she chooses, be a mother or a warrior queen, and still feel bereft. That “wearing her womanhood like armour” is despair-inducing even when it achieves her goals AND that, while being in a “male” body would have given her a sense of completeness that she can never ever feel as a “woman”, it would not be an instant path to being valued as a person because Tywin and his ilk would absolutely have viewed male-male desire as a “womanly” weakness as well - so that desire of hers goes deeper than the yearning for power she can sort-of-convince herself it is
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milfbarbrey · 18 days ago
d&d would finish writing a got episode and then they would be like ‘hmmmmmmm there’s something missing’ and then they would be like ‘eureka! what if we...’ and then they would insert an unnecessary fantasy homophobic slur about loras
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womanofthwords · 19 days ago
Tonight I had a very long dream. It was about Renly Baratheon and his crown. That's it. That's what happened. I guess there were other things in between, but everything that popped in my head from time to time was this picture of Renly sitting down and his crown.
They weren't even doing anything.
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fromtheboundlesssea · 19 days ago
Tempest Grove Chapter 15
Tumblr media
Celia V (299 AC)
Celia looked at the flowers her husband had sent to her rooms. He had made certain that she knew that he had not broached her privacy and that he had not been the one to place the flowers in her room.
For that, she was thankful. She did not think she would like it if he intruded on her peace, her safe space.
She ran her fingers along the lavender and then the sunflowers. They were truly beautiful, but the gesture felt hollow nonetheless. Flowers were such an easy thing to give. There was no note, nothing to indicate anything of Renly’s feelings or regret. Even if he had not been the one to place the flowers in her room, Celia also doubted that he had been the one to pick them.
“Have the flowers distributed amongst the female staff,” she told Jeyne. “As thanks for their work.”
“Yes, my lady.” Jeyne didn’t seem too bothered about taking the flowers given to her lady from her lord and seemed wholly invested in Celia and her wants.
It put her at ease to know that she had one person in this entire keep who was on her side.
It was not that the servants of Tempest Grove didn’t care for her. In fact, Renly had not been lying when he said that he ordered the servants to agree to her wishes without having to ask him for permission as well. But even so, she knew they were more loyal to him as well as to House Baratheon.
Jeyne, on the other hand, was Celia’s friend and she was most definitely a person who Celia could lean to for guidance and comfort should she need it.
Celia looked out her window and could see her husband ordering about some of the guards in training. Loras was at his side and Celia felt a sharp pain to her chest as she looked away.
A knock came to her door.
“Who is it?”
“Garon Horpe, my lady.”
Her husband’s steward then. He never tended to come to see her and she supposed it must be important but not important enough to bother her husband with. “Come in.”
He bowed upon entering her chambers. “My lady.”
“Is there something I could help you with?”
“Lord Renly has asked if you would be willing to share a private dinner with him.”
“Will my cousin not be there?”
“No, my lady, he will not be. He is to have his dinner with the other knights and guards.”
Celia thought for a moment. She was certain that she would be allowed to refuse if she so wished, but it would be better to clear the air and to let her husband know that there was no need to try for a child again. She would be resolved to not have a child. Even if she wished to be a mother, being childless was better than going through all that again. “Tell my husband I shall join him for dinner when he’s ready.”
Garon Horpe bowed his head. “At once, my lady.”
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turtle-paced · 21 days ago
What are your thoughts on the "when the sun has set no candle can replace it" quote? Is it romantic or just sad? Do you think Loras will find love again? Some people think this is going to be Brienne's ending too. She'll find love for two seconds, the guy will die and then she'll be alone and unloved forever. Is this a narratively satisfying for a character who wants to love and be loved?
I think it's romantic and sad. Great line there, Loras! But yes, he's also eighteen and still trying to deal with the murder of his first serious boyfriend. In semi-secret. I hope that in the future of the series he heals further and finds other sources of light.
That said, I don't think a disastrously-cut-short love affair which is then never followed by a subsequent relationship is inherently and objectively unfulfilling in a narrative. Not to everyone's taste, mind you; it's pretty bittersweet. If we're talking your Brienne example, for me, if this ended up being the case, part of the sweet would be to see the effect of the relationship outlive Brienne's partner. If she could take the memory of being loved and respected, and use that for confidence and comfort afterwards, I would likely be satisfied even if she didn't end up actually with anyone.
Similarly, I don't think a lack of romance is the same thing as "alone and unloved".
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Gay gay homosexual gay anyways quotes👁👁
okay i’ll give you mlm-wlw solidarity
“Look at me. Cersei is messing with your head. We need to leave for Highgarden as soon as possible. Leave without me if you must. But Rosalie, you need to leave.”
:))))) this is loras talking btw just a few weeks before our wedding which is a lavender marriage through and through
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