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#lord of shadows
alydacat · an hour ago
There has to be a label for characters who’s “hair” goes up.
Tumblr media
Is there?
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theaword00 · 7 hours ago
Ave Atque Vale, William Owen Herondale
June, 19th 1937
It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone.
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all-thestoriesaretrue · 11 hours ago
deleting all my dating apps because I wanna meet someone the usual way (by getting transported to another land by an ancient relic and seeing a cute boy for 5 secs while he thinks you’re their to save him and then vanishing)
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carmenblackthorn · a day ago
How does Julian Blackthorn, head of the Los Angeles Institute, father of four and Dark War Hero BELIEVED THE HORRIBLE EMMA X MARK ROMANCE PERFORMANCE??
Sometimes love makes us dumb
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hello-kitty-senpai · a day ago
SOTDL: The Goblining
Firstly: New player! Meet Stinkpitt, simply called Pit, a gooblin magician who has been living secretly in the hamlet, stealing food and hissing at the children, but was out in the wood for a few days trying not to explode.  Secondly: Aramins fate has been revealed. He was vanished in a magic mist that erased him and his memory from the world, very sad. Vatia feels like something is missing but she doesn’t know what, only that she feels some sadness and hollow space.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pitt returns to the hamlet, and is confused and surprised to see that a) the children are much more organized and clearly in better shape and b) there are adventurers here. He choses to approach us slowly, sneaking into the inn to see whats up. 
He comes upon the scene from the end of our last session, with the players gathered around attempting to tend to wounds. Unfortunately, Entropy is not a vet, and cannot help Katarina, who is grievously injured. 
Carson busts into the tent and begins to question us, trying to find how to fix Arcadia. Vatia, in a spirited argument about the usefulness of magic if it can’t heal her kids, meanwhile Pitt starts poking her and offering his services. He calls Arcadia stupid, and in the ensuing scuffle, in which Vatia picks him up by the back of his shirt, we discover that he likes iron despite it harming him. Carson makes the decision to have Pitt help us, and we fight over giving him the book as he demonstrates his skills as a magician. OOC, it is revealed he is about 8, which for goblins is roughly 13/14. We make the decision to leave the inn and do some deliberation outside and Carson warns Pitt not to annoy us too much. 
After a little more squabbling outside, as the darkness falls, we find that the killing fog does not descend that night, which confuses the guards. Vatia ate a large rat and made silk armor for the kitty, Katarina was healing, Vhusk went outside the gates to scavenge, Pitt is denied his book and is VERY mad about it, Entropy continued to tend to wounds. Vhusk, while out on the shorelines, sees Angus off in the distance hanging out being a giant lamprey, and finds a few half eaten corpses, which he loots for weaponry. Having looted the bodies, Vhusk pushes them back into the ocean for Angus. A crate is also found, containing flasks of oil, a cookin pot, iron spikes, and a mini apothecary. Vhusk begins to hand out the to the party weapons as he enters the hamlet.
Pitt, back in the hamlet, is bothering an increasingly depressed Entropy, and giving Vatia a wide berth because she picked him up. The children, depressed by Entropy, offer Pitt bread to fuck right off (he takes the bread, does not fuck off). He instead kicks Entropy in the shin for the crime of being depressed and depressing, just as Vhusk walks in with his stuff. Pitt implies that Vhusk has a thing for entropy and also that his gifts are shit. 
The children begin bringing around breakfast, and Vatia starts to warm up to Pitt as she watches him and his nonsense around the hamlet. Vhusk takes Entropy down to the forest to gather useful medicinal herbs, which they do find. They also find a pair of bright green eyes in the bush, watching them, which is not great. Katarina, having followed them out and the gone down to the water, looks into the surf and of course, there’s Angus. She prays to him in dark speech, and receives and answer: Go into the water. She does, and is of course sucked out to sea, and under the waves where we learn oh fuck she cant swim. oh no. oh shit. 
She’s dragged to the bottom of the ocean and grabs an object down there, and thinks “UP” as hard as she can at the thing that pulled her under. Back in the Hamlet, someone had gifted Vatia a fish, which she slurps down, and Pitt goes to check on Arcadia. They share a sweet, tender moment that makes me tear up a little for real like in real life, wack! I’m feeling emotion! Arcadia gives him a chunk of glass with iron chunks suspended in it and he places it carefully in his pouch of iron things. 
Back in the water, Katarina’s prayers work and she is FLUNG out of the ocean, up in the air and thunks into the shallows, turning into a cat mid fling to survive the impact. She’s wet and cold but alive. She screeches unhappily, mowling the way sad cats do, and the sounds of her caterwauling attracts Vhusk’s attention. She explains what happened to her and comes back into the village, where she finds out that it was Angus, Prophet of the Void, which does something to her brain for sure. She unshifts from cat form and checks out the object he gave her, which is some kind of Idol of an Eye complete with optic nerve, with a horrific spell contained inside it. She hangs on to it and attempts to understand what it contains. Meanwhile, fighting over the book resumes. Vhusk decides he will be the opener, and begins to read the book. 
The book is the journal of a mage of the Crimson Court, but from long, long ago when there was a king, and explains that the Lady of the Castle was sick with some kind of blood illness, and that automatons where constructed to collect blood and work in the laboratory to fix it. A few pages later, we run into a completely black page. Beyond that page is an account of the new security measures on the castle, and the murder of the old mage. A new mage has been chosen, and the Queen (where has the king gone?) is searching desperately for a cure for her daughter’s cursed illness. A failsafe was also thrown into the pond on the castle ground, and the fountain could probably heal things if it wasn’t completely broken and fucked. 
We begin making preparations to hunt for the head of the fountain and fix it. Vatia makes silk thread, Vhusk uses it for bows, taking Pitt with him to chop wood, Entropy tends the wounded, and Katarina tells her little priestess, Dahlia, about Angus and his fate, which makes her decide to be Even Darker, magically. Vatia has decided to take a little nap, and through banter we learn that Vatia actually has no idea she can shapeshift between spider and human, but all her friends thing she’s a spider centaur by choice. 
A pair of poultices (one healing, one antidote) are made, and at high noon we set out to the castle. The first thing we notice is that the bridge is now covered in the talking roses. The little bastards talk their shit and then shift their form into a giant monster made of the roses, and they begin to bully us with intent to also hurt us physically. It winds up its fist and brings it smashing down on us. Vatia does not appreciate this at all and splashes it with poison from her bottle of poison, and it melts away the things right leg. The attack causes them to fall prone. Between bullying the roses and poisoning them, Vatia begins to feel, somehow, like something lost has been, if not restored, at least eased and remembered. 
The rose monster is repeatedly knocked down, burned, beaten and then molotov cocktailed. Seeing the roses on fire just really cheers up Entropy, curing her depression. Vhusk hits it with Rime, fucking it up a little more. The roses put out the fire and attempt to attack Pitt, but miss. They attack Vatia instead, who slices it with a sword and hurts it so, so bad. Pitt whips out a fucking GANGBUSTER ass attack and severs its remaining arm. Entropy attacks it next, dealing a whopping 17 damages, making the DM cry as she fucking mulches the roses. 
Having destroyed the roses, we cross the bridge into the Crimson Courtyard...
Until next time! 
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orangeskied · a day ago
'We can't this happen!' Says Jia, who kinda has been letting things happen (though yes, politics is hard )
Tumblr media
And this conversation always sounds way a little too close for comfort, and always takes my breath a little bit.
#QuotingMyKindleBookinEnglish while #ListeningToTheAudiobookInGerman 🤣🤣🤣 #ThisIsHowIRoll #booksof2021 #Bookstagram #bookquotes #LordOfShadows #cassandraclare
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raincoatnightmare · a day ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked: 8. "Kiss in secrecy" -🎌 SL and his Lady uwu @prisontoybox
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fifty ways to kiss someone.   send me a 💏 and i will randomise a number in order for my muse to kiss yours…
8.…in secrecy.
Oh, how much she savor these times, alone with no one to bother them; it is a time like these where it felt like they were the only ones who existed in this world. Faint whispers of his name as they savor each other in their kisses and touches.
Her hands gently caressed his cheeks, a deep hungry kiss as she felt his touch all over, lovingly giving all his love to him. Lady deepened their kiss, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to touch hers, arms wrapping around him, making herself comfortable on his lap, her body feeling hot from their loving section.
Tumblr media
"'re so needy..." Lady giggles before kissing his bottom lip "it's alright, I am also needy for you..."
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