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requests are open!

I mean they’ve always been but oh well. I’ve seen a few writing blogs make these and start getting more requests, and also I’ve been meaning to make a rule list. But I postponed it until i got a few more tequests for it to be necessary.

It was a loong wait.

so I decided to stop waiting, and kill two birds with one stone. By making this, and hopefully, I’ll lure in a few readers.

I write for… Supernatural, Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, Marvel and The Witcher.

I Do matchups for… Supernatural! If specifically requested, I will do matchups for the others! but I know alot more about supernatural, so the matchups that aren’t spn may not have as wide a range of characters.But if that’s okay with you, I’m up for doing other matchups as long as they are on the list I write for!

I dont do anything nsfw, sorry. But everything else is fine! Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you have been sending in requests, and you didn’t get a reply, message me! even if you sent it anymously.

If you want to send in a request, but you cant fit everything you want in the fic, in the ask box, message me it!

If you want to do this, but want to be anymous. Tell me when you request, I wont mention your name or tag you, unless you want me too!</span></p><p><span style=“color: #000000”>Also, requests like, Kili fluff, or Loki angst are completly fine! And itll be a fun challenge to completely come up wirh plot on my own.

But if you want to request a fic like.

The readers is this, and does this etc, this happens then this happens, this person says “Some random dialouge” and that makes this character say or do this… and the request is basically a story on it’t own.

I’ll love you forever, I love detail! Dont cut parts of what you want out because you don’t want to annoy me! Please.

Also if you want, for example, a reader who dances. And you eant them to do a certain dance, or style, like you want a Kili x reader, ad you want the reader to do the Esmerelda topsy turvy one. Or even a specific Ballet Esmerelda dance, by a specific dancer.

send me a link (an actual link please.) or the title to the video. If you want the reader to do a certain fight scene, or fight like a character I’ve never mentioned, or written for, go nuts! (But please don’t show nuts, Remeber what i said about legitimate links. I want to write fanfiction, not get scarred for life.)

If you send in something that I’m not comfortable writing, I will tell you what bits I don’t want to include, and if you want to keep them, I wont write it so you can ask another writer. Or we can collaborate, to include what you want, but more toned down.

That’s all folks!

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So, I had an interesting conversation about the role of Boromir in a group chat.

The other person I was talking to is totally team Boromir and, if I understood well, thinks that Aragorn didn’t deserve to be king of Gondor because he essentially ignored the city, knowing very well he was going to be king anyway because it’s in his blood.

Now, I totally agree on this vision and I wish Tolkien had written Aragorn a bit differently (I love him anyway as he is, of course). Maybe, if Aragorn had a different storyline Boromir could have lived.

Hear me out, because this is important. Other characters describe Boromir as very fond of Gondor and his people. He could’ve been a perfect king, as he was protective and kind and noble. BUT! He was very proud too. If Boromir had lived it would have come a time when he and Aragorn had to fight over who was to be king (because of course Boromir wasn’t going to give up his city easily, given that he had protected it for ages while Aragorn was out and about).

So, Tolkien wrote Aragorn in a certain way and we can’t change it, so in this universe it was impossible for Boromir to live, because he would have been Aragorn’s opponent when it came to reign on Gondor.

Boromir died a hero and two of the best friends in the Fellowship didn’t get to be foes in the end.

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Type: Woodland Troll

Species: Troll

Other Names: Common Troll, Pacific Northwest Troll, Zot-Za'Oograh (Trollish), Tilʼ-i-kumoketsolo (Chinook jargon), Manoketsolo (Chinook jargon), Anahoyiwínsh (Sahaptin Yakama), Skógrlandtröll (Old Norse), etc.

Location: Woodland Trolls are normally found in Western parts of Europe and the US, especially at the Pacific Northwest region such as Gravity Falls

Coloration: Skin tones range from greens, browns, yellows, any color associated with wood, rock, fields, etc. black claws. Fur colors similar to their skin but of a darker shade; lighter color shades for horns. All varying eye colors

Size: 6'0" to 10'0" feet (adult), 4'0" to 6'0" feet (young), 2'0" to 4'0" feet (pup)

Weight: 1 to 2 tons (adult), half a ton (young, not accurate amount)

Language: Human (Any), Goblinoid (Trollish), Kakaeme, Hitlambe

Personality: Protective, smart, aggressive, and reclusive. Woodland Trolls are secretive creatures with a deep sense of family bound. Though they avoid human contact they have been known to attack hunters, hikers, as well as rival trolls, and creatures who they see as a threat to their home and offspring

Abilities: Trolls are known in myth and legends to possess magic powers to either aid or harm mortals. Woodland Trolls are no exception as Woodland Trolls have a large assortment of powers and abilities at their disposal:

  • Strong as Stone/Troll Hide Armor: Trolls, their ancestors originating from the earth and have connection to stone, are naturally strong and tough as their very hide can withstand most mundane weapons and their flesh and bones gives them the strength and durability to take on almost any opponent
  • Trollish Might: Trolls are strong creatures capable of lifting weights greater than themselves and are more than capable of handling stronger opponents
  • Bestially Senses: A Troll’s sense are far stronger than a normal animal’s and have shown to be excellent hunters and trackers
  • Stone and Metal Crafting: Similar to Dwarves, a good number of Trolls have a natural ability to craft powerful magical items, armor, and weapons out of stones and metals. This process is a bit different as through curtain magical methods allows the troll to bring out the stone’s/metal’s power
  • Primal Blood Fury: Trolls can tap into their ancient, primal nature to give themselves increase speed, strength, durability, and sense then they normally can. However this only works if the troll is injured and once their primal blood fury kicks in the troll reverts into animal instincts, albeit much more bestially in nature and destructive
  • Master of the Woods: Woodland Trolls have a attune connection to their woodland home. Commanding lesser animals to attack trespassers, navigating the land with ease, create hiding places within the land for their family and even for friends, and commanding the plants to the Troll’s will there’s no telling what the Woodland Troll would do if a human stumbles into their territory
  • Trollcraft: In myths of old Trolls weave spells to enchant mortals, transform themselves or others into different creatures, summon other creatures, cast illusions etc. and most modern trolls are no exception
  • Fire Bad: Trolls for some reason fear fire, being near small flames makes trolls uneasy but large open fires frightens trolls

Info: Woodland Trolls are trolls found within Northern Parts of the globe and are sometimes refereed to as common trolls while other species of trolls would be considered common trolls depending on the location. Woodland Trolls are currently being hunted by monster hunters and have been avoiding human contact more so than normally. The Mystery Kids first encountered Woodland Trolls was when Eggs found a Woodland Troll pup out and alone after a storm. He brought it back to the Shack but the gang soon notice Eggs acting off until and becoming more troll like as he spends more time with the baby troll. They soon realize the baby placed magic amulet around Eggs’s neck which was causing the trollish nature to take hold

P.S. The trolls I’m making are based of the trolls found in table-top games, TV shows, movies, books like Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, The Boxtrolls, Here Be Monsters! Trollhunters, Changeling The Dreaming, etc.

Woodland Troll © me

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Glorfindel x OFC

All right so this is my first fic after a while without writing. Not so confident about it but okay.

This is my first time writing to this fandom. Unfortunately I didn’t read the books yet, but I will soon.

English is not my first language so sorry if there’s something wrong or typing error.

I would appreciate feedbacks😊 (be kind please😂)

Word count: 502

Fanfic genre:hurt/comfort; AU(?)

Warnings: Mentions of torture (not explicit); panic attacks; anxiety.


It was late at night already. The moon and the stars were shining in the sky.

Auriel was sleeping already. She was tired like never, after running away from being kept in captivity for them for weeks. Still in pain after those tortures.

She hated them. A lot. Her family was killed by a group of them in a village around Rivendell. She was alone trying her best to hide. When someone helped her. His name was Glorfindel,she felt so save around him. After seeing her situation, he took her to Rivendell and raised her.

She was in a really deep sleep, but not peaceful at all. The nightmares involving those days with the orcs started.

After a while, she woke up. Tears were going down her cheeks. She started to trembling. She couldn’t think that much, so she just decided to run to Glorfindel’s chambers, the only place that she actually felt save.


Glorfindel was in his bed. Just relaxing and looking at the sky. Suddenly he heard something on the hallway. He knew it was her, she was young, but years passed and he knew when she was troubled.

“Auriel? I know you’re there. Come in”. She hesitated at first. She didn’t like to people see her crying, she was vulnerable.

She dried out her tears with her hands and went to his room. “Oh darling, were you crying?” He asked looking at her. But she didn’t answer and looked away from his eyes. “Auriel? Were you crying?” He asked once more, “No, I wasn’t”.

She didn’t make eye contact so he got up and went to her. He took her chin on his hand and forced her to look at him. “You were crying, weren’t you?”. At the end of the question she started to cry again, but this time she had no control on it.

He scooped her up in his strong arms and sat on his bed, placing her onto his lap. “Do you want to tell me what happened?” He tried to look at her but she just started to sob, placing her head on his chest.

He knew she had a nightmare, but she didn’t talk about what happened since she arrived back in Rivendell. He started to rock her and hold her tightly in his arms.

“Shhh, it’s all right. It was just a nightmare. It wasn’t real. You’re here and safe”. She grabbed his clothes as strong as she could on her hands, trying to hold and find herself comfortable and fine. “Shhh my darling, it’s okay. You’re perfectly safe, no one will harm you. I’ll protect you.”

He brought her closer to him. He started to whisper good things on her ear. Soon, she started to feel exhausted from crying. She felt asleep. He waited until he saw that she was sleeping peacefully, and when he was sure he could move,he went to his bed and placed her side by side with him.

He covered her with blankets and whispered close to her ear “Good night my dear”.

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