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confusedhost · 2 minutes ago
point right point left. longing
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treasureduo · 3 minutes ago
But also SIO the Hourglass song is so based you are a genius
its honestly the first song i ever associated w/ him. not even just the ,, time aspect like. theres a lot abt internal conflict and fear in the lyrics which is very Him.
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post-apocorruptalypse · 3 minutes ago
How the fuckity fuck did you learn to uncorrupt people???
Updike rounded a corner, footsteps behind them getting louder. They dropped their voice to a whisper.
“It was surprisingly easy. A good shower with a good body soap for a few hours does the trick, but water’s getting rarer and rarer. We’re working on a pump-filter system connecting to an ocean, but those are quite a while away.”
They ducked into an alley, taking off their other glove and scrambling a good distance up the wall, digging their claws in deep.
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the-iron-orchid · 4 minutes ago
🐺and👶for Jinana!
[ 🐺 ] does your muse have trouble relying on others? why or why not?
Jinana is pretty good at asking for help, especially Apprentice!Jinana, because s/he had no choice but to rely on Asra and Heron for so long. But in any case, Jinana was raised to be unafraid to ask for help when s/he needed it. In practice, it tends to be after one or more tries to do whatever it is hirself... but s/he usually knows when s/he's beat.
[ 👶 ] is your muse good with kids, or do they prefer to avoid them?
Jinana loves children! They're like little vortices of pure chaos, and s/he enjoys how wild their imaginations can be. Plus, they very often appreciate a cool bug. 🐞
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gatchagay · 12 minutes ago
wait what's a soulmate constellation? In the context of angels in om, I mean (love love love the lore post btw and I love hearing you ramble about lore 💕)
oh boy am i glad that you asked
okay so i first mentioned the soulmate constellations in my first angel hcs post but i didn't really go into detail about it so thank you for giving me the excuse to do that.
basically i like to think that angels have soulmate marks that manifest as stars/constellations on their skin. contrary to most soulmate aus tho, they aren't born with these marks. they actually show up later in an angel's life during the moment where they realize "oh... i want to spend the rest of my immortal life together with you"
the constellations are representative of the angel's partner and shows up in a place that's meaningful to the angels/is related to how they realized it in the first place. so for example, if an angel realizes that their partner is their soulmate while they're holding hands, their constellation would manifest somewhere on their hand etc etc etc
the constellations themselves are physical representations of the relationships they have. they can fade, but they can never go away because they only appear when people have a deep and unbreakable emotional connection.
at its weakest, the constellation looks like a faded birthmark or freckles, basically something that blends in. typically it's dark enough to leave a noticeable mark, but not bright enough to look unnatural on a person's body. the stars glow when an angel experiences positive emotions in relation to their soulmate, and at its strongest, lines appear to connect the dots actually show the shape of the constellation.
i'm not gonna ramble on for toooo long but.... i do also be having thoughts about how that impacts fallen angels which you can read a lil bit about in my first post linked above! :3
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warriorsredux-iterum · 17 minutes ago
The Numerical System
Even among the Clans, cats have a difficult time understanding the concept of numbers. They are unable to process them without attaching them to an item or animal (”three flowers” makes sense, “three” does not). Math is practically nonexistent, even among seers and leaders. For this reason, numbers are vaguely defined and rarely discussed.
It may be noticed that zero is not on this list. This is because zero as an idea is extremely hard for a cat to comprehend. Their equivalent is to say that there is “nothing within something” - that is, zero must be accompanied with an object that can be seen and felt. For example, one could get that there are no mice in a field, or there is no water in a dry ditch. Something must be left over in the absence of whatever you’re trying to say is not there.
Continuing on, here are the known numbers in the Clans:
Mi: One. Often associated with youth and weakness. To a warrior, one brings up the images of rogues, stray kittens, an oblivious mouse or bird, or an inexperienced apprentice. One is an unlucky, distrustful number - a superstitious Clan cat venturing out alone may carry a pebble or clover in their mouth to bump their number up.
Maht: Two. The average number of littermates to survive to apprenticehood, a pair of friends or lovers, and a safe number away from one. Loners are actually more trusted if they have a partner with them and warriors tend to work together rather than alone.  Two is a safe, easy number, which makes cats unhappy to stray from it.
Nei: Three. On average, there are three queens in the nursery, who are all likely to have three kittens. Three is in the circle of multiplication, and so it’s a very important number to know. Many superstitions, poems and stories feature three in some manner. Speak a phrase aloud three times to ward off Terror; poems are told in three stanzas; a character may preform three tricks or make three deals, and so on.
Caen: Four, a number of earthly significance. Every cat can count this high, even kittens. Four is the number of a healthy litter, the minimum of cats on a hunting or border patrol, the amount of feet (and toes on those feet) a cat has, and the age just before a cat crosses into a senior warrior. 
Maneil: Six, or, literally, “two threes”. This number is part of the multiplication list, as it is a pair of threes (which, since two is considered a safe number culturally, is important to the Clans). Six is only really used to mark the age of a kit that is ready to become an apprentice, and to mark the amount of months that apprentice has spent training, since that is the average time needed for a cat to become ready to get their warrior name. Other than that, it’s rarely discussed.
Pel: Five to eight. This is an uncomfortable number because there is no proper word for the digits under its umbrella definition. Though it is smaller than other vague numbers, it is the first of them, and the least varied, making it feel a little off-putting. This “number” is associated with uncertainty, impulse battles, and lying, as cats can bluff that they have a large group without necessarily implying a truly huge number. Pel is skipped over entirely most of the time in favor of four, six or nine. 
Sen: Nine, a number of spiritual significance and the last time multiplication is used in this list. Nine is the age of an elder who is close to joining StarClan, there are nine sections of the Code and nine common punishments when one breaks that Code, and it is believed that the most blessed of leaders and seers receive nine lives’ worth of memories. Nine is about as close to a holy number as one can get.
Sot: Any number between ten and twenty. This is a pretty obscure number, to the point that most cats hardly know what it means. However, it is associated with planned battles and war, as parties of ten to twenty are the favored size for an attack. Unsurprisingly, ThunderClan is the one who uses this number the most. It should be noted that this number can be seen as frustratingly vague because it can mean double of its minimum, giving a cat no solid idea of what a speaker means when they use it without clarification. Some cats have slapped -il on the end to mean its maximum (sotil).
Mirin: Approximately a Clan’s worth of something, or thirty to forty. There’s obviously no way to count this high, but as the warriors are accustomed to living in groups of this size, they can eyeball it and make a pretty accurate guess. The exact amount doesn’t matter over the visual given in a report to a leader or deputy. This number varies between populations, as has been discussed here.
Thlain: A thousand, a million, infinity, or some other humongous, uncountable number. Something completely eldritch or terrifyingly foreign may be said to have a thousand somethings, or have lived a thousand years. Only one cat has had this number stapled onto her description, and that’s specifically due to her incomprehensibility.
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olympusopinions · 25 minutes ago
I'm not a fan of Minthe. I don't think she's the one-dimensional character who gets in the way of the ship, RS made her complex where we don't know if we should hate her or pity her. However, I think while Hades isn't completely innocent, a lot of the fandom forgets how abusive she was to him. Being a god, he has the power in the relationship but she flipped that dynamic by the way she abused him and made him feel like he could never leave her. She wanted to hurt Persephone for sleeping with Hades (before they got into a relationship) even though they didn't. When she hit him, she felt most sorry that she would loose her job and apartment rather than what she did. I just get really annoyed that Hades is technically the victim and people support his abuser more.
No one in the relationship is unscathed. No one is going to seriously think that is a stable relationship between them. Anger is for reasons, even minor. We don't know hades side. We barely know minthe's. So, to put it bluntly. Relationships aren't fix ups. They aren't pin cushions. And they are never going to be what RS made of a relationship between two bad people.
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the-iron-orchid · 30 minutes ago
🤸‍♂️ 👨‍🎤 ❄️
[ 🤸‍♂️ ] how flexible is your muse physically? can they perform acrobatics? are they good at yoga?
Jinana is nicely flexible; s/he has a regular yoga practice (when random people aren't turning hir life upside-down...). However, s/he is not physically strong enough to be very acrobatic - s/he is more a creature of endurance. This lets hir hold the precision poses required by Prakran classical dance.
[ 👨‍🎤 ] would your muse define themselves as rebellious or by-the-book? what are they, actually?
Jinana likes to think s/he is by-the-book (again, Heron's influence), but in the end s/he is more chaotic, rebellious, and impulsive than s/he thinks s/he is. S/he's just good at justifying it later. ;P
[ ❄️ ] is there any special meaning behind your muse’s name? what is it?
Yes! Jñāna means 'knowledge' or 'pure awareness'. Its root is actually cognate to the word gnosis.
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antiloreolympus · 31 minutes ago
I understand not wanting to see hateful and wrong posts in a tag of something you like but so far i've yet to see a post that's nothing but unprovoked hate (not meaning harmless poking fun like memes or critisizing something) and some of these fans really need to learn to live with critique. real critics would be way harsher than we are and they would not baby them by using an "anti lo" tag
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antiloreolympus · 35 minutes ago
i really, really hope chiron is not a trans woman. centaurs historically being wild, predatory hypermasculine brutes, and then CHIRON being a trans woman, who TERFs try to paint as just that, would be ... the implications of that would be bad. really bad.
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capriciouscartographer · 36 minutes ago
A Cyber Future: Resources for Building a New Galaxy
Y’all ready for a project a long time coming?
Ever want to run a game that involves galactic exploration, but you’re not sure where to start? Got a great idea, but need a new planet to set it on?
Welcome to A Cyber Future then! I put together a resource full of information for telling a story in a galaxy that isn’t the Milky Way! Seriously, there’s nearly 30 individual planets here, all named, all with varying levels of details. Check it out, build your story, set your campaign. A whole new galaxy is waiting for you over on my Ko-fi!
A Cyber Future
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milfbosa · 37 minutes ago
okay i’ve also seen people floating the “ganon as 10k hero” idea which would be really neat but wouldn’t it directly contradict link always being the hero reincarnated?
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forestofbeginnings · 44 minutes ago
XSeed has released its first Rune Factory 5 Localization Blog! 
In it, you can find some interesting trivia and insight into how XSeed is working on localizing the entire game. In this localization blog, you get to see the thought they’re putting into naming the characters in Rune Factory 5.
In this blog, the following names were confirmed:
Lucas will retain his Japanese game for the English release
Palmo’s full name will be localized as Palmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille in the English release
Doug (the blacksmith) will be named Darroch in the English release
Gandage will be named Gideon in the English release
Fuqua will be named Fuuka in the English release
In addition, XSeed confirms that Rune Factory 5 takes place several decades after Rune Factory 4. Seems like there was a reason why Margaret and Doug are specifically the cameos in this game! I wonder how Lest and Frey would look if they made an appearance...
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