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uuesp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Did You Know: Cicero's card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends is called Cicero the Betrayer? This is a reference to the events of the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim, when he betrays the Brotherhood by attempting to murder the leader of the last remaining Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
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littlethingie · a day ago
Michaelmcchill Lore Transcript
"Over the last five months, I've been in a difficult spot. I've met many an individual, some who have made me feel welcome, and some who have done the relative opposite.
They told me if I built a wooden house, I should've expected it to burn, and it did. While they claimed it a practical joke, and put out their fires, I heeded their warning and moved, far away. Living in isolation for the last few months had taught me many a thing:
1. Self reliance is an important key.
2. When you're alone, you have nothing to rely on.
And 3. Actions matter much more than words.
While I don't have enemies, I also don't have friends either. My distance has been kept for reasons, and they're mine alone. I'll always be friendly with locals, but in more situations than not, I've definitely felt threatened.
(sigh) I've heard nothing but rumors of good and bad. Some, telling stories of a man that I've yet to meet, locked away for life. Some, ghost stories. The further I get away from L'Manberg, the clearer my mind becomes.
No longer do the stories come knocking. When I'm here, nothing enters my walls. When I leave, I know what to expect, and the dangers that may or may not entail.
Don't believe everything you hear, or maybe you should. If anybody hears this, good. Heed my warning and stay away from l'Manberg.
While it doesn't have a name, and it's nowhere near completion, my coordinates are -10 and 6200. Come and find serenity."
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jackdaw-kraai · 2 days ago
Anakin would have been a kickass Runner if he hadn’t left with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn Jinn all those years ago
If Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon had arrived literally one year later there wouldn't have been a Skywalker family for them to find in Watto's shop. Anakin's tenth birthday would've been the most dangerous day either he or Shmi had ever experienced and they would've been relocated about 600km north west into a nomadic tribe of Children who herd mountain irrexes in the arctic regions of Kashmi Ridge.
They would've been happy, at least until Anakin grew old enough to truly inspire and fight. They would've lived bloody, brutal lives in resistance to the foreign occupiers of Tatooine, eventually acting as the catalysts for a war that would result in the destruction of both the Republic and Hutt Empire, culminating in the birth of the Skyriver Triple Coalition some sixty years later with the Treaty of the Moons.
But they would've been happy, even for all they would have to endure. And they would've had each other until Shmi's eventual death in the Battle of the Broken Nebula, sacrificing herself to overload the engine core of a Kesh-class Destroyer in the middle of the Hutt-Republic Loyalist Reparations Fleet. The death toll would've been in the millions as the explosion wiped out 85% of one of the keystone fleets of the Hutt-Republic Loyalist alliance, and she would've died a legend, her Son carrying on her legacy with a vengeance.
Coalition Leader Anakin Aitrushmal would later create the Shmi Act, granting citizenship and full sentient rights to all former and current slaves in her Name, cementing her legacy for the entirety of the Three Golden Millennia.
But that is a story for another day.
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chalky · a day ago
Very, very interesting line from the lore bit is how one of c!Michaels key tenants for being by himself is that “actions matter much more than words”, directly contrasting the main ideals of L’manburg with their words over actions approach to conflict.
That on top of the claim that being further away from L’manburg made his head clearer, and that others should stay away from it means….something.
Is he making sort of an anti lmanburg (not so much as being opposed to lmanburg but rather with opposite ideals)?
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arcxus-of-altihex · a day ago
Oh!i thought Cassius was an arcana oc originally :o can i ask how did you create him?
He's just my main OC that I throw into every universe, but he was originally made for TGCF and MDZS (Heaven's Official Blessing, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) fandoms, and then adapted to arcana.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As you can see from this design work, Xue Ying's original concept is that of a winter deity. Specifically, blood over snow -- the winter that's not kind, and rather Fierce. He's a dragon after all.
Design wise there's just layers of symbolism: white hair since he's died, horns that're gold-tinted in color because one parent is of divine blood (and Xue Ying is an orphan, so that's not something he learns until he meets his brother), and red because his theme is spider lillies: death and reincarnation, which much of his story revolves around.
It's also backstory tied: because he has one eldritch elder dragon deity forcible sperm donor (not his dad) and one immortal human cultivator parent (his mom) he suffers from hybrid breakdown -- wherein genes don't copy exactly due to different species parents, so he suffers from a weak immune system, very delicate skin when in his human form and leucism (lack of pigmentation but not full albinism). Every part of his design has a full in-world explanation and breaking down all of it would take too long
He only learns about all of this after dying, too, because his parents casted a spell so he'd grow up looking human. It.... didn't end well.
Of course, that story is yet to be explored and so that's the plan for the future since I'm moving away from The Arcana stuff.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arvanaverse is taking his design, keeping it the same, and just adjusting it a little to the left to better fit The Arcana's style. All the same stuff applies, though his backstory becomes more shaky. Given that the courtiers have slit pupils and pointed ears, though, I think Cassius gets a pass!
Name wise he's Xue Ying for Asian fandoms and Cassius for English ones. That's what muse is comfy with.
Sorry this is so long!! I rarely get asked about the design stuff so I wanted to ramble xD
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cooltf2facts · 13 hours ago
How would the mercs react to me being awake really early.
Also awake early, so it’s not a big deal: Medic, Engineer, Heavy, Soldier
Surprised to see you up, says some variation of “you’re awake early”: Sniper, Spy, Demoman
Still asleep: Scout, Pyro
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ts-replicated-au · 17 hours ago
Do the kids also watch like propaganda videos about how great Replicorp is and how they can do their part for a better future?
Actually, Logan and Virgil are the only two who recognize the name brand "RepliCorp," and Logan's the only one who actually knows what the company actually does (at least from his department's perspective), Virgil knows it's the brand of all the technology that runs his life. The brand name has been kept out of the others' lives completely (Janus would recognize the logo on sight though, as it's on some of the equipment, and has probably heard the name a few times in passing).
Virgil and Logan are also the only two whose media has not been restricted to things that don't depict the real modern world...for Janus, Patton, and the twins, they don't want them to question how they're treated, but Logan not only knows he's an experiment, but unlike Janus, buys into the justifications for how he's treated, and Virgil doesn't know he's an experiment but does know that his situation isn't normal. Again, he's been lied to about humanity being forced into isolation.
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dimwitdecember · a day ago
i feel like ghostbur would be an eerie character rather than the cute one people portray him as. he’s a shell of the person he used to be. his eyes are hollow and empty. he follows people around and says he doesn’t remember but they can tell he’s lying. he’s a constant reminder of the man they were hurt by and the man they couldn’t save.
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bestiarium · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Nian [Chinese folklore]
At the time of writing, Chinese New Year was being celebrated (most of these posts are written out in advance, you see). Not everyone knows the story behind that holiday, however: as the myth goes, there used to be a horrible monster called the Nian. It had dangerous horns and fangs and it lived at the bottom of the sea, but it emerged at the end of the lunar year to hunt and eat people and animals. Every year, like clockwork, the locals fled towards the mountains to escape the monster’s hunger. One year, a silver-haired old man, dressed like a beggar, arrived when everyone was preparing for the yearly trip to the mountains. Everyone was too busy gathering food and essentials, but one person noticed the traveler: an elderly lady who invited him inside, offered him food and told him about the Nian and advised him to flee. The man stayed calm, however, and asked if he could stay the night.
In exchange, he claimed, he would chase away the monster. The woman tried to convince him to flee with the other villagers, but the old man declined, and eventually the woman left with the others. When the Nian emerged from the ocean, he noticed that although the village was deserted as usual, there were still lights burning in one home. He came closer and saw that all the windows had red paper glued to them, confusing the beast. Suddenly a huge bang sounded from the house and the monster was startled. Then, the old man burst from the door, dressed in a red dress and laughing loudly. The Nian was scared of the noise and didn’t understand what was going on, so it fled and returned to the sea. When the villagers later returned, they were surprised to find their homes still standing. The old woman knew that this was the beggar’s doing, and when she told people, they all went to the woman’s home to ask him what he did that chased the beast away. Unfortunately, they could find no trace of the old beggar, but they did find red paper glued to the windows, many candles that were lit, and still smoking bamboo. They concluded that excessive light, the colour red and the sound of explosions were enough to scare the monster away, and they still use those methods to this day in celebration of the victory against the Nian.
Finally, I want to add a disclaimer: while I enjoy the story, it’s not an ancient myth, since the earliest mentions of this tale date to the early 20th century. 
(Image source 1: (image source 2:
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uesp · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Did You Know: The crystal in the center of Dawnbreaker's crossguard is called the "Dawnstar Gem"?
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uuesp · a day ago
Tumblr media
- You, upon seeing a certain specter...
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clingyduoapologist · a month ago
Anyways Techno's "DON'T OPEN THIS ON STREAM YOU BUFFOON" is actually not a fourth wall break! Techno's just so paranoid that he doesn't want Phil's crows to see his will
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cooltf2facts · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I drew Pyro! I hope they like it :)
Pyro loves your photo, they bounce in delight and pin it to the fridge. They’re very grateful.
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ts-replicated-au · a day ago
So here’s the deal: Janus didn’t know what the word “amputate” meant before they amputated his fingers. He was used to the way they treated him, and as a result of that treatment basically viewed himself as less than human. All our boys have self esteem issues, but Janus’s are particularly bad, as he is the most dehumanized out of all of them.
But when he heard them talking about “amputating fingers” and then woke up with those fingers gone, he was able to infer pretty well what that word meant. And when they started talking about amputating his arm, he had an intense fear response. They were coming to get him for the operation and he panicked, and went into pure fight or flight mode. He had been fairly complacent since he was a child, so the scientists were totally unprepared for it.
He managed to get out of his cell and ran/fought his way through a few of the labs, until he reached one where there was an open container of ammonia that ended up getting splashed across the left side of his face in the struggle. That stopped him in his tracks pretty quick, and is the reason why the entire left side of his face and shoulder is covered in scales.
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