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#lore olympus incorrect quotes

Hades’ search history:

“Why do goddesses turn into butterflies”

“Goddess turning into butterflies after kiss”

“How to reassure goddess who turned into butterflies”

“How to show solidarity with someone you love”

“How to manifest butterflies”

“Are moths considered butterflies”

“How to manifest butterflies not moths”

“Can most people tell the difference between butterflies and moths”

“Will my crush be offended if I manifest a moth instead of a butterfly in solidarity”

“When is the right time to manifest a moth in solidarity”

“Do goddesses like moths?”

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Persephone: Oh no. Oh no, oh no- he’s CUTE

Artemis: What?

Demeter: WHO?!

Aphrodite: Who be cute?

Persephone, sheepishly showing her phone screen: …. a fictional character, guys.

Persephone: Thanks for being more invested in my love life than I am, but alas it was just a character from The Arcana.

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