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there will never be enough

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pince fuck is prince fluff’s soul form

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you know what day it is fellas

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kirby has two (2) cheeks that can both be smooched at once. the implications are very clear. in this essay i w

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either you meant to send this to a totally different blog or i’ve been factkin assigned memeta

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you ever just start crying a little bit bc your friend does something really nice for you

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1. no :(

2. !!! pls infodump i wanna hear

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why am i so dizzy i feel like my skull is stuffed w cotton and my sense of balance is nonexistent

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i can’t believe my childhood nonbinary awakening was the hot pink bitch named breakfast

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after a fair bit of pontificating regarding dmk’s flashy bleeding particle effects before you’ve even so much as touched him in his triple deluxe boss fight we’ve reached the conclusion that he just bathes in blood like a fucked up hungarian countess

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despite being perfectly capable of walking, flying and swinging sharp things around just fine when he feels like it, dark meta knight is a lazy fuck and as a result will often end up piggybacking on shadow dedede’s shoulders to get around. just perched along the fluffy black collar of his robes like some kind of round, chainmail-clad tradgoth budgerigar.

(he’ll never ask directly for a lift or anything, he’ll just start ceaselessly bitching that his feet are tired and his wings are sore and sddd will almost immediately get the memo loud and clear.)

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