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#lose weight
safetypinsnrubberbands · an hour ago
Day 2 of 75 hard:
Was gonna start on Monday but Friday was ✨flawless✨
I’ll be over my cals by like 50 cals buuuut I’m also doing two 45 minute workouts so mfp can eat my ass like groceries
Reading a book about how to be less worried overall and that’s going good
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iwannabeskinny5 · 2 hours ago
I’m only 4 days on my exercise routine (today was rest day), i’m on my period and i binged like a bitch bc of it, and even with that, bro i see some changes already :0
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lifethynameisval · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Coffee taste better in fancy cups!
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deadc1garettes · 4 hours ago
some things to do when you crave food:
• look up mukbangs on ytb and watch them, just imagine YOU being the person eating all that food
• feel your collarbones
• read a book
• binge a tv-show it doesn’t matter what kind of
• do a workout or go outside for a walk
• chew no sugar chewing gum
• look back at your progress to feel more motivated
i do these things a lot and it rlly worked so feel free to do them 2 :)
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heytwigbitch · 8 hours ago
reblog if you’re an active ED blog in April 2021 ✨🌸 following anyone who reblogs!
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heytwigbitch · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
It quite literally took blood, sweat & tears, but I’ve now lost a total of 44.1lb (20kg) and now I finally feel confident in outfits like this ^.
work hard, stay determined, you’ll get there... trust me.
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healthinesss1 · 11 hours ago
7 Morning Activities That Can Lose Weight
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lowcal-snacks · 12 hours ago
Things to Buy for Dieting (That Aren’t Food)
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1. An accurate kitchen scale
This is the best way to measure things especially for things that a measuring cup can’t accurately count. This is much more reliable than guessing and you’d be surprised how often we underestimate the amount of food we eat which can really add up
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2. A water bottle that you enjoy drinking from
It’s so important to get enough water in especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Find a water bottle that works for you and that is easy for you to drink out of. It helps if you can find one that is easy to take with you on your day. If you have a job with few breaks, opt for a larger bottle, if you have a more active job opt for a lighter bottle
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3. A Non-Stick Pan
If you’re counting calories you’re probably using less oils which can make things stick to your pans. A non stick pan is a great option if you’re trying to avoid oils
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4. Non-stick silicone baking sheet
Along the same line as a non-stick pan, these will help let you bake without having to use parchment paper or oil your baking tray
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5. Measuring Spoons and Cups
Best for liquids and baking. A great way to measure if you don’t have a scale or if you are using a recipe with cups or tablespoons
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6. Smaller Dishes
Portion control is a big part of dieting. Having smaller plates will help you eat less without even trying!
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Good morning guys, I'm going to do the Chloe Ting 2 week Shred challenge and today is the first day!!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are my before pictures
My waist is at 84 cm currently.
Also I noticed that I have hip dips so please be nice.
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iwannabeskinny5 · 12 hours ago
Bruh i’m sorry, i know that i sad that i was only gonna eat grapes but man, I’M ON MY PERIOD I NEED MORE FOOD OR I’M GONNA DIE.
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iwannabeskinny5 · 13 hours ago
Hi skinnies!!!!
This morning I weighed myself and I weighed 59.8 kilos which means that I have lost 200 g but of course what I did not know is that after five minutes of weighing myself I was going to get my period, which means that I weigh more and probably I have lost more weight, that is to say that my weight is less than 59.8 kilos. I am very happy with my progress and now in a few hours I am going to eat some grapes or maybe some cereals, although I will most likely end up eating grapes. I am happy with my progress ^^
Bye skinnies ^^
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