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#loser of the game
Aww they are very interesting!! -pats green on the head- How do u feel about them Amazing..?

Loser of the game: blue and green are nice, I like them… Yellow is… Eh

Yellow creature: you little fucker…

Red creature: *growl and walk away* I’m going hunting

Purple creature: red and yellow, no need to be so hostile towards our host *was laying down looking at the sky* heh everything will work out in the end

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Loser of the game: *was sitting down, petting the blue creature that was on his lap*

Green creature: *run up to loser* hi friend! I’m green but you can call me g for short, it so nice to finally meet you after all these years *it said as it ran around the place* hello readers!!!!

Loser of the game: *smile a bit* is it always that happy

Blue creature: *sighed and nodded* yes

Loser of the game: …are you always sad

Blue creature: *sigh and nodded*

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Loser of the game: you are what shadow was made of?

Yellow creature: yes dumbass, shadow had held all 7 of us in it’s body, and now since shadow is dead, we are free…

Loser of the game: so shadow is gone… For good?

Yellow creature: bloody hell how fucking slow are you!

Blue creature: *walked next to loser and laid down, resting it head on their shoulder* yes… Shadow is gone…

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Loser of the game: who are you? Where shadow?

Yellow creatures: wow you are as stupid as you fucking look… Let me say this slowly so your pea sized brain can understand. We are what was made of shadow…

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Loser of the game: *sitting on the ground, looking at their hands*

Shadow of the loser: *come out of loser body and stand behind them*

Loser of the game: …shadow… Why is the gap between people so far away from each other… when we are all just people on a one way ride to death

Shadow of the loser: …

Loser of the game: heh it kinda funny in a sad way, if you think about it

Shadow of the loser: *shake their head and sit next to loser* …humans are stupid… Just like you, a completely hopeless and useless bunch, that I honestly don’t know how you made it this long

Loser of the game: *chuckled softly*

Shadow of the loser: …y'all base worth and value based off what they have and can show off, and are envious of what they don’t… So quick to yell and fight yet so quick to look away when someone is in need… It is a sad and pitiful cycle that can easily be broken but it is easier ignored… Though there are a few good people in the world… I guess, I hope you can stay one of the good ones… *they said before going back inside of loser*

Loser of the game: *smile sadly and look at the sky* stay one of the good ones… Heh guess a loser like me is good for something… Thank you shadow *put on their skull mask back on and lay on the ground*

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Hey amazing! It’s okay! Don’t act like you owe us these things! It’s your blog! You choose what you wanna put on here! ❤️

You don’t get it, I constantly thinking about writing but just can’t bring myself to do it

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