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euos-the-cat · 10 days ago
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wildflowerfrog · a month ago
i was just watching a heartstopper reaction and noticed something about nick and charlie’s dms!
Tumblr media
after they hang out at nick’s place in the snow, nick is about to dm charlie to ask that he hang out again over the weekend but deletes his message after imogen taunts him about texting someone.
BUTTTTTTT if you look above his text we see that 8 hours ago charlie said “okay got to sleep now” and nick says “i’m going!! i promise!!”
WHICH MEANS they were texting each other late into the night and nick didn’t want to stop but charlie had to go to sleep so they finally said goodnight
we know it was nick who really didn’t want to stop texting bc he said “i’m going!! i promise!!”... as in they kept trying to say goodnight and failed every time because nick just kept texting him. so *finally* he promises not to keep texting.
if this is isn’t the cutest most wholesome shit right here 😭😭
im dying and i can’t believe no one’s noticed this sooner!!!!!!
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t4tcecilos · 4 months ago
grian saying “it’s a trust exercise mumbo, you fall and i will catch you” when they were first doing the give life circle is like… such good unintentional foreshadowing to him trying to make mumbo fall to his death in the name of friendship (once grian was red)
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xx-xxx-xxx-xx · 7 months ago
Nothing is worse than regret, all the words left unsaid. Repeating in your head, over and over again.
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oldhabbits · 5 months ago
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rintoki · a month ago
thoughts on sounding with shin or wakasa?? 🤔
sounding shinichiro is one of my favourite things oh my 🫢
shin or waka ? more like shin and waka amirite hahaha shout out to sex toy makers and designers y’all are based as fuck for that.
anyway double ended sounding rods heehee 🤭🤭 making them kneel facing each other on the bed, holding the middle of the rod with just two fingers so both boys can slowly push it deeper in with each thrust. shinichiro having more experience with sounding reaches the midpoint quicker, whereas wakasa struggled a little, getting way more aroused by this then he anticipated. the rod so tight inside his virgin cockhole, wakasa’s hips faltered, stuttering as he tried to push it in deeper.
eventually with shinichiro’s encouragement, he managed to get it all the way in, both their tips just barely brushing your finger that held up the rod. removing your hand, you allow them to move freely, “go ahead and make yourselves cum.”
shinichiro immediately thrusting forward, his tip bumping against wakasa’s making him jolt and whine uncharacteristically. meaning wakasa still struggled, the feeling was unnatural, and yet he couldn’t deny the way his cock throbbed, begging to cum so soon that even he was a little scared.
and that feeling was only spurred on by the sight of his friend thrusting so earnestly, eyes trained on the space between them, where he watched the rod sink into shinichiro’s hole so easily. and slowly wakasa began to move too, hips rolling forward before picking up speed as the sensations began to build. the two boys moving in rhythm, the room filled with lewd sounds of their holes getting fucked.
the feeling was dizzying, shinichiro took shuddering breaths as his lower belly tightened. he was so close, every bump on his cockhead against wakasa’s makes his hips twitch. whining pathetically, shinichiro reaches for your hand, wanting to cum to your touch.
huffing, wakasa reaches for your other hand, not wanting to be left out of the fun, he pouted and wrapped your hand around his stiff cock. now stimulated from both inside and out, both boys’ movements becomes erratic, chasing their highs.
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ravenclairee · a year ago
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“Let’s start by getting out of here and finding you some proper clothes. Oh, and Inej,” he said as he led her out of the salon, “don’t ever sneak up on me again”.
The truth was she’d tried to sneak up on Kaz plenty of times since then. She’d never managed it. It was as if once Kaz had seen her, he’d understood how to keep seeing her.
↪SIX OF CROWS, Chapter 25
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i-am-an-android · 7 months ago
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deaddpoet · 7 months ago
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twsthellhole · 3 months ago
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purplelea14 · a month ago
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Soriku/Beatneku parallels 2/?
Part one
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whiskey-mua · 7 months ago
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who was going to tell me he worked here
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emmettdrables · 4 months ago
There are days I wake up with the fear that Erik reads his tumblr tag
Today is one of those days
Today is a good day but there’s no way he hasn’t seen all the guy simps on here
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fraaawst · 3 months ago
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oldhabbits · 5 months ago
I felt too much, he didn’t.
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thelilsnowflakeinrain · 5 months ago
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docockfeels · 5 months ago
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toomanyeye · 3 months ago
jughead deaf since the fucking pilot??????
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dotsayers · 2 months ago
okay so s01e06 of our flag means death features perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of the show so far and that’s all well and good. but why is no one discussing the AM DRAM???
stede goes off and puts on his most anachronistic outfit of the damn show so the crew can have a brainstorming session for their From The Heart generative theatre production of Oh No Look Out It’s The Kraken. jim gets into it! there are special effects involving a string of sausages! CANNIBALISM!!!
literally immersive theatre being pulled off in under six hours. this crew is the ultimate theatre company
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mangaart · 3 months ago
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Devilman (デビルマン)
Volume 1 (1972)
Written and illustrated by Go Nagai
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