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#lost boys x reader
anna1306 · a day ago
I have a request for poly!the lost boys, so the boys have been with their s/o for a while now, having met them due not only their elegant gothic style but their personality. But one night their s/o tells them that they want the boys to meet their family. They agree, after a bit, the s/o driving them all in their hearse up to an old haunted looking mansion where they meet (and discover) that they are the eldest child of Morticia and Gomez Addams and meet their family
Poly! Lost Boys x Addams!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were drumming the rhythm of some song from the radio on the driving wheel, looking at the scenery in front of you. It was dawn, and that was the only light there was to light the uncolourful nature around the road. Dry woods, darkness from every corner. You were used to that, but for some it was scary as hell.
You looked at the time and pull out some water and snacks on the seat near you. In half an hour the boys would wake up and start to come up to you. You to this day thanked all heavens and hells alike for finding them.
You met them in the Boardwalk. Looking for your place in life, you came to the Murder capital of the world. Of course, you were excited about it. Your enthusiasm got attention of Marko, and that is how you got acquainted with them. Four bikers, who lived in a cave with a lot of strange and dangerous things? Yes, please.
Your friendship grew into relationship with ease. They were fascinated by your elegant style, which could be replaced by some practical, but still dark clothes. Paul was in awe of your make up skills, your skin looking almost glowy and white, while your eyes were sharp and strong. He always asked you to do his eyeliner, and how can you say no to your precious golden boy?
Dwayne was the most romantic out of them. He knew some poems and even couple of words in other languages. You laughed and constantly told him that he reminded you of your dad. In response the vampire just swapped you off your feet in a dance.
David was like a leader amongst them. He was dominant, manipulative. But you knew your way around him. You let him do his thing and often helped him. He just needed to think about a thing, and you were already holding it out for him. He called you a witch, while you just giggled and told him that you are not nearly as powerful as they are.
Marko was in awe of you, as you could be elegant and speak in French with Dwayne. And at the next moment you were in his plan to prank David. You failed almost every time, but it seemed like it only got you more strengths.
They absolutely adored your personality. You could be elegant and quite, peaceful, but the next second you wanted to do something crazy. You were soft to them, stern to others, they practically fawned over you (yes, even David, just in his own way). And when they decided to tell you the truth, it was surprising to them how accepting you were.
- We are vampires.
- Mmm, alright - you answered without looking up from your book.
- Wait... What?
You had to explain to them that you didn't care if they were vampires, demons or beasts, you still loved them. Paul didn't let you go for couple of nights at all. He was scared the most that you could leave them.
- Evening, princex, - Dwayne, of course, he was the first one to wake up. You got out of your thoughts, smiling, and turned your head to kiss him on the cheek. - Tired? I can drive, - he sat next to you, but you shook your head.
- Thanks, love, but I'm alright. Though I still think they would be shocked, - you smiled a little.
- By the fact that you have four boyfriends? - Paul giggled behind you, but clearly didn't get up.
- I still think it's not the best idea, - David added, coming closer to you and Dwayne. - Are you sure about your parents?
- David, I'm not sure about you, - you laughed, giving him chips. - But you will adapt. Now sit back, it's not long.
You didn't lie, in fifteen minutes you stopped the car. You exited the driver seat and stretched out, as you were stuck in that pose for half a day, stopping only to get a gas. Sometimes having family long way from you had its own cons.
- Sick... - Paul's mouth went agape from the dark, tall house he saw in front of you. They all took in the scenery. - This is your house?
- Oh yes, welcome, - you smiled a little. The door creeked and you saw David and Dwayne got tensed up. And you knew only one person who could give that effect on people (apart from your boyfriends). - Lurch! - you turned to giant butler and smiled widely. He slowly smiled back, as you hugged him. - I missed you. Still smelling bad, as always. Don't think about bags, we'll take care of them later. Come on, guys, it's Lurch, he's as dangerous as high Paul, - you waved your hand to them and went to the mansion.
The boys looked around a little lost, but interested. There were webs, dark walls, sculls and gloomy atmosphere everywhere. So they needed some time.
- You told us we would feel ourselves at home, but this... - David came closer to you and threw hand on your shoulders. - What else didn't you tell us?
- Y/N, it's you! My dearest eldest child! - you turned your head and saw... Your dad on top of the stairs.
- Step back, - you put your hand on David's chest and pushed him a little back. In time, as Gomez jumped from the stairs in a strange figure and almost failed the landing, but still stood on his feet. - You are still as predictable as ever, father, - you smiled, getting swapped in his hands and swirled around.
- I almost thought that was some merchants, dear, - you could swore you heard Paul's whistle, but you knew that he wasn't serious. Morticia always looked stunning, so it was not surprising to see this reaction. - Why white car, child, it's awful. Are you sick? - she worriedly came closer to you.
- Not at all, mother, it was the only available car they could give to five of us, - you finally turned to your boyfriends and smiled. - Guys, these are my parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams. Mother, Father, these are my lovers, David, Paul, Dwayne and Marko.
- It's lovely... I haven't seen vampires in a bit, - smiled woman. - You are welcome in this house, I invite you in and assure you, our cellar as well as every room in here is perfectly protected from the sun.
In one night they meet with all of them. With Wednesday, who isn't very excited that you have brought someone with you. With Pugsley, who takes liking to Dwayne for some reason. With uncle Fester, who is so excited, he shakes their hands for too long, they get tired. Even with Grandma, who tries to get them to drink her blood potion, but you talks her out of this idea, in the last several years she often mixed up ingredients.
The culmination of the night is the meeting with the Thing. The boys only get themselves comfortable for a minute, when Marko feels something crawling on him. He looks on his shoulder and see... A hand. You have never heard him shrieking. Now you did. He jumps on Paul immediately, still shrieking, while Wednesday smiles for the first time in the evening. You have to promise him that The Thing is harmless and a great helper. And yes, you make him apologize for that, as The Thing could get offended.
Gomez is open to the boys. Of course, firsstly he makes sure that they are good for you. Tries their reaction by throwing things (preferably knives) at them. Talks with them about what they think about you. Talks with you how they treat you. He trusts your taste, but he is still your father. He likes Paul the most, as Paul without his filter tells absolutely gorgeous about you and your love. Also David for his protectiveness.
Morticia is calm, as she knows about them and everything else more than it seems. She isn't a witch, not completely, but she can do a lot, see more and sense better. She is happy for you with whoever you have by your side, whether it is one or four persons. And you hear her speaking embarrassing things with them on several occasions.
What do you mean you didn't use rope, you don't have one?
Hush, dear, I know it's all new for you, but I will tell you everything you need to know.
Her favourites are Dwayne for his silence, as she could ask him for help and he would do it without questions. And Marko, for his angelic looks with devil character.
Wednesday can't trust new ones very easily, she even can't handle half of your far family, so it takes a little bit of time. And boys have to get used to the constant trying to play in execution. Well, now you know that vampires can reattach fingers back and that Paul can shriek better than Marko. By the way Marko becomes her favourite. He is the only one to find a way to Ichabod and Socrates. She still tries to kill him several times. Her next favourite is Paul. He shrieks the funniest.
Pugsley is the chillest around them. He's more or less friendly and doesn't care for their affection to you or about their personalities. He's just normal around them. Well, before Marko finds his stash of explosives. Then it's just pure bomb fun. His favourite though is David as he's an expert of getting him out of trouble. And if in exchange he has to tell him all of your secrets, it's nothing to him. Plus David sometimes takes Wednesday's attention off of him. And Dwayne just looks cool, he even tries to draw a puma on his jacket, looking up to him.
Uncle Fester just loves everyone. He's happy with them and happy that you are back. Just... Don't get Paul and his herbs near him. He's not gonna be harmed, just... Just not the best idea
Where's Paul?
Oh, he and your uncle took the shovels and went to town, said cemetery was too boring.
David loves the atmosphere. He finally feels this family thing Max tried to get into their heads, but now he understands it. It is weird, but they got used to that. He talks with Gomez about later centuries, chats with Morticia about witchy things and other worlds, helps Wednesday create new games of punishments and creates chaos with Pugsley. He even has time to hang out with Lurch. He likes it, even if he told you that it was just "ok".
Dwayne only ever feels comfortable around you or guys. For him to be that normal with others is surprising, but he's glad. Your family becomes very close to him. He even makes couple of fights on swords with Gomez, as he insists on this, still trying to be sure of their worthy. He helps Morticia with some things, as she asks him. He and Wednesday try staring contests and he can understand her without words, not so talkative sister appreciating it. He's flattered and doesn't know what to do about the fact, that Pugsley wants to be like him. You just tell him to let it drop, Pugsley will adapt it to his own style. Dwayne even gets along with Grandma, being always interested in witchcraft and old stories.
Paul is extatic. He was the most nervous, but now he's the most glad that you came there. But! Expect nothing but embarrassing things. He and Gomez can talk for hours, discussing relationships and how to treat the lover right. Morticia would give him some advices on bed. (He's just curious, darling, don't worry). He fears Wednesday, but still loves her. When her cutting things are away from him. And Pugsley, him and Marko are just trio of accidents. Uncle Fester sometimes turns it into quartet. But he's just happy with anything.
Marko felt strange at first, but after a while got used to it. Now he understands where your ability to fail with pride comes from, as he dares Gomez to most ridiculous challenges and laughs in the air, as the man fails to the ground and laughs with him. He's absolutely enchanted with your mother and compliments her, telling her that you definitely take after her. He feels at ease with her and tells her everything about their life as well. Wednesday asks him about treats and tips for animals. For living or not, Marko helps her the best as he can. And Pugsley... Don't let them go anywhere alone. That is if you don't want explosion. If you're okay, just watch the show. He even befriends The Thing and carries it around, sad that he can't take it with him back and spook people.
When you spend there a week and it's time for you to go back, everyone is saying goodbye to everyone. Gomez is crying because you are all grown up and tells you that he's more than happy to host your wedding if you will at a mansion (Wedding of five people? - You are still surprised at this point, Paul?). Morticia promises you to come visit you as Marko told her horrible stories about their sire and she wants to know how her child live and what she can do to better it. Wednesday makes you promise that you won't die before she could make it happen (Umm... - She knows about me turning some day, wants to see it. - Oh, I see). Pugsley and uncle Fester just hug you all, not wanting to let go. You say goodbye to all of them and sit in a black hearse (Morticia insisted you take normal, great car for travelling) and took off, with blood, food and various gifts.
I liked them! Let's go back some time soon! - Paul
We would, Paul... What are you drinking?
Oh, one of the flasks they gave us, blood I think.
Mon amour, don't. It's wolf's blood, you are gonna get sick and high.
Shit, Paul! DON'T SPIT IT OUT ON ME! - Marko
Marko, don't scream... - tired Dwayne
At this moment you know - you have finally found your place in life and are utterly happy.
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nak3d-snak3 · 12 days ago
Remember when I said I was making those pins?
Tumblr media
THEY ARE HERE! I absolutely love how they turned out! They are about 1.5 inches and in a rose gold finish. Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post! Couldn’t have done it without you guys :)
If you would like to get one you can pick it up here on my Etsy
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darling-disastrous · 5 months ago
.full moon
{poly!lost boys x reader}
rating: explicit
summary: a bunch of headcanons i have about the boys and how they react on a full moon.
warnings: SMUT, cursing, dirty talk, predator/prey, vampire logic, imma slap the DARK CONTENT warning up here just in case i forget to tag something, gender neutral reader (no parts described or pronouns used), fear kink?, polyamory, overstimulation, blood & gore, implied murder, implied death, cum marking, cum play, just a disgusting amount of cum, dom/sub relationships, sadistic!lost boys, they like to play with their food :), you’re their food :), biting, marking, claiming, brief somnophilia
Tumblr media
in a lot of vampire lore/media, the full moon affects vampires like any other supernatural (or just.... natural?) creature
the full moon amplifies their powers. they are stronger and faster. their hypnotic and hallucinogenic gifts increase in severity. they are literally unstoppable.
however, the downside to all this is that their thirst increases tenfold. they have very little self control and give in to their more animistic instincts.  (and we’ve seen how they react on a normal night, so this is pretty bad)
you jokingly refer to this as ‘their time of the month’
none of them laugh
this all lasts approximately three days. the day before the full moon is when they start to feel it coming on. the full moon is full blown anarchy. the day after, they’re starting to come down but not by much
they hibernate for a few days after the full moon because they’ve gorged themselves on blood and ... other things ... so they’re wiped
okay, now that the logistics of this are covered, let’s dive in to the fun stuff
you’re human when they claim you as their mate. they tell you relatively early on about this full moon phenomena. for the first few months, they’ll keep you as far away from them as possible. you might feel like they’re giving you the cold shoulder but, like, they are for your own safety
you experience the way the moon affects them one of two ways
number one: somehow, they pull a whoopsie and forget that it’s the full moon OR they (for some reason) can’t deliver you back home. you begin to notice the changes.
it’s subtle, at first. little things that strike you as odd, things they’ve never done before. you don’t realize until it’s too late why they’re behaving that way.
by the time you figure out, it’s too late. the boys become extremely possessive during this time. it’s difficult to get out of their arms, let alone out of the cave.
they’re scent marking you like crazy, rubbing themselves on you or giving you their clothes to wear. it doesn’t take long for the first bite to be made (probably by mr. i-lack-self-control, aka paul) which triggers a domino effect. the others make their move soon after. it hurts and you’re weak from blood loss but they low-key don’t care. you’re more pliant this way
number two: one of the boys snaps (breaking their new rule of leave y/n alone during a full moon) and he flies to your house. this will most likely be dwayne. don’t ask me why.
he hovers outside your window and taps on the glass. it scares you shitless and, for a moment, you forget why the boys have to stay away. you invite dwayne inside and he engulfs you in a bear hug, burying his nose in your neck. he’ll let you stroke his hair and give him kisses
of course you’re super confused why he’s there, alone, but he doesn’t give you a straight answer. he doesn’t act like himself. he’s rough. more needy. it doesn’t take him long to pin you to the bed.
you probably won’t figure out what’s up with him until the other boys show up to bring him back. they really, really don’t want to be around you right now; however, the moment they latch on to your scent, it’s over for you
pretty soon, you become an inarguable part of their full moon routine. you’re there to satiate their every need. no, they won’t kill you. the mating bond you share is strong and reigns them in if they ever take too much.
they are r o u g h during this time
even dwayne and paul aren’t immune to this.
david and marko, who were already sadistic, become downright feral
you cannot make it through a full moon without being covered in bites. which sucks because they’re deep and never heal by the next full moon because the boys keep re-opening the wounds
(but they live for seeing these marks. it really gets them going, even on regular nights. the primal part of them loves knowing you bear their marks and that your body belongs completely to them)
seeing your boys like this makes you hot
maybe, after living with them for so long, the full moon lunacy has rubbed off on you, too because there’s no way to explain it
once, you happen to catch marko chasing down his prey before tackling the dude and devouring him. it was so fucked up but something about it, the thrill of it all and the predatory look in marko’s eye, turned you on
you’re the one who suggests the game
“it’s like hide and seek,” you explain, “or tag.”
the rules were simple: you run and they catch you. when you’re caught--because there’s no way you can escape--they can do whatever they want with you
they were initially skeptical but you managed to convince them
david was generous enough to suggest you get a five minute head start. if they went all at once, you’d be caught within seconds and that defeats the purpose of the game
this is an outdoor affair. no where is off limits because the boys like to see how far you can make it before they catch you
once, you made it as far as the beach and they were thoroughly impress. of course, they didn’t tell you that. they were too busy gangbanging you.
the boys make it a competition to see who can catch you first
paul is the most likely to grab you before the others. his hyperness is dialed up to a twenty making him the fastest of the boys. the last thing you hear before you’re tackled to the ground is hell yeah! (he’s very excited when he’s first.)
marko is only second because he’s not quite as fast as paul. when he gets you first, he doesn’t body slam you to the earth. he’ll be standing right in front of you--like he’s been waiting this whole time--and give you a cheeky hi, y/n.
dwayne, master of stealth, is third most likely to capture you before the others. unlike paul and marko, he doesn’t make a sound or give you a heads up that you’ve been caught. he lies in wait as you rush by and then yanks you into his chest. you always scream and he finds your terror extremely hot.
the only way david ever gets you first is if he’s cheated or tripped up the others. and really, david doesn’t want to be first. sure, he enjoys it when he is, but he prefers to wait until the boys have all arrived and are tearing off your clothes. he’ll typically be giving orders, telling the others what to do. how to touch you. how mean they should be. he waits until you’re exhausted from your many orgasms before claiming you as his. he loves it when you cry from overstimulation
the boys have, like, zero refractory period. the full moon makes them crazy horny. it’s an all night affair. the only time they stop is when the comes up and they’re forced to sleep. as soon as they wake up the next morning, it starts anew. this time there’s no game. 
whoever wakes up first usually ends up between your legs and fucks you awake. you’re extremely sore and sensitive. tough luck. you’ve still got another twelve hours of this so you might as well get comfy
it’s impossible to get through a full moon without being covered in their cum. they love to make a mess of you. (there’s probably one round where all they do is jerk off over your body and coat you with cum.)
there’s no a single part of you they won’t cover
they like to experiment so be prepared to be pushed to the limit. they want to know things like how many cocks you can take in one hole, or how many orgasms it takes before you black out
you don’t get any aftercare during this time, but the boys make it up to you a few days later. they will pamper the hell out of you, so expect lots of kisses and cuddles
they love you so much, and will constantly tell you! they apologize if they took something too far but, in general, they never do
full moons become a lot more interesting after you become a vampire
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luminnara · a month ago
Hi! I love your writing💖 I was wondering if I could request a Poly! Lost Boysxreader giving them head? How would they react to it? Do they really moan? Etc. Thank you
Warnings: nsfw obviously lol, dom/sub undertones
How the boys would react to you giving them head:
Tumblr media
Just imagine the feeling of him grabbing your head or tangling his fingers in your hair and guiding you up and down his cock. Even if you surprise him by getting down on your knees and tugging at his pants, he wants to be in charge.
He’s the sort to use you more like a fleshlight, preferring it when you’re the one moving rather than holding you still and fucking your mouth
Gentle, but still very firm, and he loves it when you look up at him with big, tear filled eyes while you choke on his cock
Will only praise you if you’re actually doing a good job, but like let’s be honest, you always do a good job for him
Lots of moans, low, sultry ones because he’s in charge and he doesn’t fucking care who hears.
“That’s it, show me what that filthy fucking mouth is good for.”
Will make you swallow every last drop, no spitting allowed
Tumblr media
So caring and gentle. He knows how strong he is, and he doesn’t want to risk hurting you.
Holds your head loosely, preferring to let you set your own pace and pleasure him the way you want to. No matter what you do, he’s going to love it.
Pay attention to his balls PLEASE he would love it if you squeezed or even sucked on them
And pay attention to the way his abs flex and tighten, it’s super hot 🥵
“Fuck, baby, you look so good with your lips wrapped around me like that...”
Wants to feel you swallowing around his cock, but will try to keep you from gagging or crying unless you’re into that 💦
Tumblr media
I mean seriously I feel like he is so full of unbridled sexual energy that he can’t NOT eat you out while you give him head, he just needs something else to do or else he’ll lose his mind
That means that you get to feel the vibrations from his moans against your pussy 😈
And he is LOUD
there is no shame in that boy whatsoever, he doesn’t give two shits about someone else hearing
Loves public sex and would go wild if you gave him head in a bar restroom
“Hell yeah doll, show me how you can take this whole cock down your throat...”
Loves to Fuck your face until he cums 😌
Tumblr media
Ive said it once, I’ll say it again: this little fucker
He is a DEVIL
he looks so sweet and innocent but all he wants to do is pin you down and shove his cock into your mouth
Will fuck your throat until it’s raw
Loves to see your makeup get messy. Watching your mascara run down your cheeks as you choke on his cock is such a turn on for him
BUT he’ll wipe your tears away and sing so many praises at you afterwards. He knows he’s demanding and he’s the king of sweet aftercare 💖
“Look at my good like the way I fuck your throat? You wanna swallow my cum?”
Just wants to absolutely ruin you
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dreamties · 3 months ago
dreamties' masterlist of masterlists
*request guidelines - my requests are usually open, just check my bio just in case :)
**characters without links means I haven't posted anything for them yet
|| Amanda Young
|| Asa Emory
|| Billy Lenz
|| Billy Loomis & Stu Macher
|| Bo Sinclair
|| Bubba Sawyer
|| Brahms Heelshire
|| Carrie White
|| Helen Lyle & Candyman
|| Jason "JD" Dean
|| Jason Voorhees
|| Jesse Cromeans
|| Kurt Kunkle
|| Lester Sinclair
|| Lost Boys & Michael Emerson
|| Michael Myers
|| Norman Bates
|| Polyam! Ghostface
|| Randy Meeks
|| Sidney Presscott
|| Tiffany Valentine
|| Vincent Sinclair
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jordanlahey · 6 months ago
Okay okay- innocent x lost boys get me. Let’s say, a new girl comes to Santa Carla and she’super sweet and sees how grumpy the boys look (maybe the surf nazis fucked with their bikes) and decides to win the stuffies, and awkwardly giving them to the boys and wishing them a better day?? Sry if this is toooo specific or odd
This one was kinda sweet to write
Tumblr media
Tonight was the night you decided to venture out to the Boardwalk after days of unpacking at your new house. You were excited yet a little nervous it was never fun doing things by yourself especially in a crowded place like this, teenagers and kids alike run wild from stall to stall ride to ride.
A group of teens maybe in their early 20's? Had caught your eye but for the wrong reasons. You were simply walking passed them near a small group of bikes maybe 4? You weren't sure how a massive group of people could all fit onto 4 motorbikes which only meant the bikes were theirs. They were laughing and joking about as well as possibly tampering with the bikes, you decided to stay and watch from afar you could step in but there were lots of them and only one of you. In a second they all started running in your direction, you turned your head as they scurried past you they had a genuine look of fear on their faces, who ever they pissed off wasn't the best target.
The sound of swearing and shouting brought your attention back to the bikes and 4 boys appeared there, they all were very pissed. You felt bad having just watched it happen and not do anything to stop them. Pursing your lips together you thought long and hard how you could make them feel better then an idea popped into your head. You began rummaging around in your pocket to find any change then headed deeper into the crowd towards the claw machines.
It took up most of your night but you managed to finally win 4 stuffed animals from the claw machines with the exception of not leaving until you had them and apologizing to kids who waited so long for you to finish it also cost you all your pocket money too but it was worth it. At least you hope so. You started wondering back and found the four boys all sitting on their bike or against them and that's when the insecurity hit you or the harshness of reality, they were boys clad in leather and looked like they belong in a rock band they wouldn't appreciate a stuffed animal it isn't their style! They're gonna laugh at you for being so stupid and soft!? You had stopped walking and had all intentions to walk away but they boys had already noticed you.
"Hey sugar, can we help you." the one that looked like a glam rocker spoke and that made you more nervous. Swapping glances between the stuffed animals in your hands and them you could fee your face heat up.
"I...Um." You tried to avoid eye contact and stare at the floor while holding your arms out for them to take what you had got them. They boys exchanged glances they were indeed the slightest bit confused why you of all people would hand them stuffed animals it's not something the would be particularly interested in yet here you are. "I saw those guys mess around with your bikes and I was too anxious to try stop them so to make you feel better I won these for you and the also apologize for not doing anything to stop them so please take them." you piped up still staring into the ground hoping it would swallow you whole and save you from the embarrassment. You felt the stuffed animals being taken from your hands and they all muttered a 'thanks' to you it felt awkward so as soon as your hands were empty you bolted away shouting "have a great night."
The boys once again stared at each other still trying to comprehend what just happened. David stared down and the bear and smirked to himself, it was kind of you to have done that for them in fact no one has done that for them do really they don't know how to react.
"So can we keep her?" Marko broke the silence, he admired your boldness they all did. Despite you being timid you still walked up to them and spoke words to them more than what anyone else would do. Their Repuation as the big bad biker gang didn't phase you one bit yeah they were intimidating but that didn't stop you, yeah they admire you maybe just maybe they want to keep an eye on you get to know you a little more.
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komotionlessqueenmm · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine # 761
999 - Words
Gifs NOT Mine.
If either gif is yours please let me know, so I can give you credit.
Gif credit goes to - Unknown & @edsgazebos
Year posted - 2021
Jogging through the entrance of the Cave (Y/n) skidded to a halt, standing before the boys, who momentarily froze in their tracks. "Well well well look who it is." David mused with a grin, while (Y/n) moved further into the hotel. "I need your help." She panted a little out of breath from running. "With?" David tilted his head, Marco and Paul circling her. "I'm being hunted." She licked her lips, rolling her eyes when David laughed. "And what could we possibly do about that?" He grinned at her. "Cut the shit David, I know what you are. What you all are." (Y/n) looked to her left, where Paul had perched himself on the fountain. "I don't know what you're talking about." David practically hissed. "David please, no one else will stand a chance against this thing... But you four... You can save me." (Y/n) took methodical steps towards David until she stood between his knees. "I'm begging you David, help me." Her voice was almost a whisper, and the annoyed look in David's eyes washed away. "Please." Her voice cracked. "What do we get in return?" David smiled up at her, adjusting himself in the wheelchair, trapping (Y/n) between his thighs. "Whatever you want." (Y/n) responded with very little hesitation, causing laughter to erupt from the boys. "Whatever we want huh?" David tilted his head a little, a playful twinkle in his eyes. "Yes whatever you want." She nodded her head, positive in her offer. "That could be dangerous for you." David clarified teasingly. "Look I'm far more afraid of it'll do to me, rather than whatever you'll want as payment for saving me." (Y/n) sighed, and for a moment she thought David might deny her. "What is it, and why is it hunting you?" David asked the four of them highly curious about what they would be up against. "It's hard to explain... It's some creature from outer space... It can shape shift, it knows your deepest darkest fears. And to top it off, it eats humans." (Y/n) frowned when the boys laughed. "We eat humans." Marco pointed out with a snicker. "You feed on the blood, it feeds on the flesh and bones... And it prefers when you're afraid, the fear is like... Well it's like added flavor to it." (Y/n) explained, swallowing thickly. "And it wants me dead for nearly killing it a few years ago, it was supposed to stay in a hibernated state for the next 27 years, but it woke up way earlier than it was supposed to." (Y/n) bit her lip for a second, as worry pooled in her belly. "How should we protect you?" Dwayne asked. "Well in a lot of ways it acts like an animal... So maybe... Maybe you could ward it off..." (Y/n) shrugged, still standing between David's legs. "How?" Paul tilted his head. "Scent marking maybe, I don't know you're the supernatural creatures here not me." (Y/n) took a step forward, gasping in surprise when David pulled her back, forcing her to sit on his lap. "And if that doesn't work?" David asked while nuzzling his face into (Y/n)'s neck, marking her with his scent like she had suggested. "I-I don't know, you'll probably have to fight it." (Y/n) stammered, her heart rate increasing a little.
Dwayne tapped David's shoulder, before whispering into the blondes ear. Whatever it was Dwayne had said made David chuckle with a nod, and once David waved him off he moved to speak to Marco and Paul. "Dwayne has offered a suggestion." David mused as he toyed with a strand of (Y/n)'s hair. "And that would be?" (Y/n) asked with a curious tilt of her head. "We could truly mark you as our own." David grinned mischievously. "How?" She pressed for an answer. "We’ll get you pregnant." David stated casually, his words causing (Y/n) to freeze up. "With the child of a vampire in your womb, it might just get the message and fuck off." Dwayne explained, (Y/n) sat there in a state of shock, while David nuzzled and nipped at (Y/n)'s neck. "And if it doesn't?" (Y/n) asked. "Then we'll tear it apart, piece by piece." David growled lowly. "And the child?" She asked, swallowing the excessive saliva in her mouth. "We'll keep it, and you as our payment." David hummed as he tilt (Y/n)'s head back, looking her in the eyes. "You'll be our mate." He whispered, their lips nearly touching. "Will I have to turn?" (Y/n) asked. "Eventually." David hummed. "O-okay I-I'll do it." (Y/n) stammered quietly, moaning softly when David connected their lips. "You sure about this?" David whispered quietly against her lips. "I don't want to die... And spending the rest of all time with you four... Well that doesn't sound half bad." (Y/n) grinned softly, pulling David in for another kiss. "And the feeding?" David asked when they pulled away for air. "I never really liked people anyways." (Y/n) giggled when David rose to his feet, holding her against his body by her ass. "We've got a long night ahead of us boys, and (Y/n) here is gonna keep us entertained." David chuckled excitedly, while the boys whooped with excitement. "I mean we could just turn you now, and maybe that would keep it at bay, but I imagine it would only start a fight... But if it is like an animal maybe it will back off if you're with child." David shrugged with a cheeky grin. "Besides making you our mate would have been the payment anyways." He winked before tossing (Y/n) to Dwayne, who caught her with ease. "I know that's why I agreed." (Y/n) winked before smashing her lips against Dwayne's, giggling into the needy kiss when he groped her ass, her bold admittance making David laugh.
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bakerstreet-and-beyond · 10 days ago
When you’re reading Xreader Lost Boys Fanfiction and they take y/n to the cave for the first time and David gives his monologue 
Tumblr media
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writinginatree · 11 days ago
David x reader - Smells like you
Warnings: Mentions of drinking blood/killing but nothing explicit
A/N: Reader lives with the lost boys and is their 'sibling' but isn't fully turned yet.
Prompt 83 from this list
"Are you wearing my shirt?"
The boys had just arrived back at the cave after feeding, and while the others went off to go about their own activities, David was looking at you with a raised eyebrow, a small smile playing around his lips.
You bit back a grin of your own and shook your head.
"Yes you are, I can see it."
"Fine, maybe I am." You admitted. "But that's your own fault really. I don't like having to stay back here on my own while you guys hunt. I missed you and the shirt smells like you."
It was true, you could smell the smoke from David's cigarettes on the shirt, mixed with the smell of his motorcycle and a faint smell of leather from the jacket he always wore beneath his coat. There also was a very faint smell of blood that clung to the fabric, so faint you could only make it out if you knew it was there. All of these smells combined were just so very him.
The vampire couldn't resist teasing you a little. "Aww our little baby-bat missed us. We weren't even gone for that long."
You pouted. "It seemed long for me though. While you guys were out having fun I sat around all alone being bored."
Normally you wouldn't mind some alone time. Even though it bothered you to stay home while the boys fed you did appreciate the fact that it gave you the opportunity to read a book or just listen to some music in peace. But today you were feeling cuddly and couldn't wait for the boys to come home.
You looked at David who had sat down in his chair, still smirking.
"Can we cuddle now?" You asked and gave him puppy eyes. As much of a tough guy as he might be on the outside, you knew he loved to cuddle, and the puppy eyes always worked on him. Sure enough he nodded, and although he rolled his eyes, there was a fond smile on his lips.
You curled up in his lap, hugging your arms around his torso, and breathed in his scent. The smell of blood was a lot more noticeable on him now, as it always was on the boys after they fed.
Picking up the topic of you not wanting to stay alone at the cave David suggested "Maybe it's time for you to come with us to feed. You think you're ready to make your first kill?"
You bit your lip, thinking about it. It had already been a while since you drank from the bottle, but the boys had given you all the time you needed to get used to your new life. The thought of drinking from a human, of killing, still scared you but you knew you had to do it sooner or later.
Finally you nodded, knowing your brothers would be there with you to encourage and help you if needed. "Yeah. I think I'm ready."
David gave you a proud smile and brushed a loose strand of hair from your face. "Then it's settled. Next time you're coming with us."
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A Mate’s Pull
Imagine wandering into Santa Carla because you felt a pull there. You’re not sure why you’re being pulled there and it’s not until you meet some vampires that it all starts to make sense.
Tumblr media
Words: 8.8K Warnings: F slur word. It’s used only ONCE. And violence. I mean.. they’re vampires. Of course there’s going to be violence.
Normally you'd steer clear of populated cities, only popping in when the urge to walk on two feet hit you. For years you've been on your own, making your home wherever you could and then moving on weeks later after you've hunted and thinned out the animal population. But Santa Carla is far from any place you can comfortably make a home, so you're more than surprised to find yourself walking among wary locals with a feeling that you're missing something.
Daytime Santa Carla is like any other town you've visited, just a lot more foot traffic given the tourist trap that everyone knows as the boardwalk. And normally you wouldn't care about your appearance- hell, you could pass as a punk local yourself with your worn clothing- but the longer you're here the more the urge to shower and get into clean clothes overcomes you.
Eventually you dish out some cash you usually keep on you in case of emergencies for an outfit from the thrift store, and then wander around the boardwalk yourself until you find a place to shower. You haven't bathed properly in months, so afterward you feel so refreshed that you end up treating yourself to a double cheeseburger and fries.
By the time the sun's gone down and the boardwalk has come to life, you're feeling quite restless. You find yourself walking up and down the boardwalk, searching the crowd for something or someone. The screams of the people on the rides make you uneasy and after the third round of walking you've decided to take a seat and gather yourself. You end up at an abandoned table, arms resting atop it as your right knee bounces anxiously underneath. One moment you're scanning the crowd and the next two individuals are plopping down across from you.
"Well if it isn't a wee little mutt," the Twisted Sister reject muses. "Lost, pup?" His companion snickers, mouth half hidden behind his closed fist as he chews on his thumb nail.
Your hackles momentarily rise, a growl vibrating in the back of your throat after a quick sniff tells you exactly what is sitting across from you. But not wanting any trouble, you swallow it all back down and force yourself to calm down. "Vampires," you acknowledge them with a terse nod.
They both smile. "What are you doing on our turf, dog?"
Your eyes narrow at the one who's doing all the talking, but you manage to keep your temper in check. "I was just supposed to be passing by, but when I got further away I noticed I had this anxious feeling that wouldn't go away until I backtracked. I felt compelled to come back here, so here I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on so I can be on my way again."
"Compelled?" The curly haired vampire wonders, sitting a little taller and casting his companion a quick look. "Compelled to do what?"
"I don't know." Your gaze darts between the two of them a they have a silent conversation. They know something. "But as soon as I figure it out, I'll be on my way. No need to get your panties in a twist."
The straight haired blonde snorts. "That's assuming he's wearing any."
Unwillingly your lips twitch in amusement and the two vampires shove at each other playfully, but all too quickly their attention is quick to turn back on you. "So if you're not here to give us shit, you still need to meet David. He doesn't like newcomers lurking on his turf without an introduction."
"Yeah? Who's David? And who are you?" You ask.
"David's the boss around here and I'm Paul." He winks before throwing his arm around his companion and bringing him closer. "And this little angelic cherub of mine is Marko. Say hello, Marko."
"Shut up." Marko shoves at Paul, the two erupting with laughter again. You can't help but grin at their antics.
"Y/N," you then introduce yourself. "My name is Y/N."
"Well let's go, Y/N. The boys are on the beach grabbing a quick bite to eat."
At the waggle of Paul's eyebrows, you sigh. "Of course they are."
You stand up after they do, mumbling all the while about vampires and their eating habits. Their personalities now are the complete opposite from when they'd first sat down across from you, so you can't help but feel a bit at ease since there's no growling or snarling going on. They lead you onto the beach, walking down further and further away from the boardwalk.
"So this compulsion feeling," Marko starts. "Did it barely start today or what?"
"Uh, yeah." You frown. "It did. How did you-"
"Our brother Dwayne," Paul muses, "was fine up until his eyes flew open today. He's been kind of antsy since then and what a coincidence that we find you feeling the same way."
"Your brother-" It's then you catch them staring at you, curiously, and you shake your head. "It's not me! I'm not doing anything."
Marko smiles. "We didn't say you were, but it is weird that you and Dwayne are feeling the effects of whatever this is."
By the time you look around at your surroundings, you realize you're down by the water and near a bonfire. There's music blaring and you don't realize something is off until you see a figure running straight at you.
"Help me! Please, they're going to kill me!" The guy is bleeding from some sort of head wound, hands grasping at your shoulders as he stares over his shoulder as if expecting something or someone to be there.
Paul and Marko snicker, and you sigh when you realize what's going on. Then some sort of understanding seems to dawn on the guy and he realizes that you're not as horrified or even a bit worried as he takes in your deadpan expression. "Sorry, man. It's nothing personal," you grab his left hand, bending it back until the guy shouts in pain and falls to his knees as you lean over him, "but these boys gotta eat." Then releasing him, you step back and glance between the two vampires. "Well? Please have some decency and don't play with your food. I wanna get this night over with already."
"Don't mind if I do." Marko steps forward and you figure his face must have transformed when the guy whimpers and attempts to flee.
You've never cared for the viciousness of a vampire feeding, but Paul still finds it funny that you barely even bat an eye at Marko draining the individual. You do, however, threaten to maim the vampire when there's a spray of blood that lands across your cheek.
Paul cackles. "Hey, girl, I can clean that up for 'ya."
The way he licks his bottom lip makes you snarl at him. "If your tongue comes anywhere near me, I will rip your dick off and feed it to Marko."
The next laugh that greets you comes from Marko and you glance at him to see his eyes still blazing red and yellow. His features have sharpened and protruded in some areas, and it's easy to see why humans are terrified of them and why other supernatural creatures are put at unease around them.
Marko then heaves the dead body on his shoulder, his features fading back to normal as he gestures to the bonfire behind him. "Shall we?"
Chuckling incredulously, you follow after him and shake your head in amusement at Paul who sidles up to your left. The closer you get, the more the carnage littering the beach comes into focus. And through the smoke can you finally smell all the blood.
Across the fire, there are two more vampires with blood stained mouths. One is yet another blonde and the other is the only dark haired vampire of the pack. Both watch you with wary eyes and you merely raise your eyebrows in greeting.
"Well what do we have here?" The newest blonde drawls. He and his friend start to close the distance between you and it's then you can practically feel the authority wafting off of him.
You choose to keep your mouth shut, but keep your eyes on them. "Funny you should ask," Paul says. "I found this little pup sniffing around the boardwalk. Figured she was up to no good, but it turns out she was just looking for something. Or someone." He waggles his eyebrows at one vampire in particular, pointing them out to you. "That's Dwayne and David," he introduces you quickly.
You nod just as Marko says, "It appears Y/N was compelled to come here."
David and Dwayne glance at Marko before their gazes slide back to you. You open your mouth to retort, only to snap it shut a moment later. You blink in confusion, your head tilting to the side as you frown. "Actually, it's gone. I don't- I don't feel it anymore. Not like I did earlier."
Immediately the three blondes look towards Dwayne. He shifts uneasily and shakes his head. "I don't either."
"So let me get this straight," David says, pointing between you and his friend. "The both of you have this feeling like you're missing something or need to be somewhere, but now that you're by each other that feeling has gone away?"
You and Dwayne stare at one another before looking away, and Paul and Marko immediately start to coo. You growl at them in retaliation as you take a step back and Dwayne glares at them. They then cackle, mentioning how perfect you two seem to be for one another. As one, you and Dwayne snarl, and even David cracks a smile at that.
Eventually, David can't help but ask, "Do you know why being in the presence of each other would have that effect?"
"No. I can't even-" You cut off, eyes slowly widening. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," you mutter. Paul ooh's at your language, but your glare cuts his amusement short. "What's today?"
"November 24th," David says.
You gulp. "And the year?"
"Girl, what the hell have you been doing that you don't even know the year?"
Snarling impatiently at Paul, you mentally give yourself a pat on the back when his amusement falters. "I don't spend a lot of time in my human form, jackass. Not since I was about twelve and hunters killed my parents." That seems to sober him and Marko up.
There's a clearing of a throat and you turn to look at Dwayne. "It's 1988."
You blink in surprise and after a bit of mental calculation, you can't help the whine that escapes the back of your throat. "Today's my eighteenth birthday."
"And that's significant because..?"
"Because when my kind turns eighteen, we're compelled to find our mates." There's a moment of silence before David, Paul, and Marko have the audacity to laugh. You scowl at them, not noticing that Dwayne has gone still. "Don't be dickheads." Then glancing at Dwayne once more, your expression softens when you can see he's doing his best to not freak out on you. You sigh. "Don't even sweat it. Mate sounds like such a loaded word, but being one's mate doesn't automatically mean the bond has to be romantic."
He actually frowns then. "It doesn't?"
"No." You finally smile softly at him. "We can have a friendly bond or even a sibling bond. Just because you're apparently my mate, it doesn't mean you're tied to just me. You're free to continue doing whatever you do, just as I'll be able to continue what I do." Something in his expression flickers, rather unpleasantly you notice, but he ends up giving you a terse nod. You exhale softly, looking around when no one else says anything. "So I guess this means I'll be sticking around longer than I thought."
Paul catcalls and your eyes roll, but the corner of your mouth ticks up into a brief smile.
"Marko. Paul," David addresses them, gaining their attention. "Burn the bodies and then go hunting. Dwayne and I are gonna clean up before we take Y/N back to the boardwalk."
The boys don't even bother complaining about their task as David and Dwayne walk towards the ocean. You hang back to kick sand over puddles of blood so no one happens upon them during the daylight hours. Dwayne and David soon reappear- David puffing away on a cigarette while Dwayne can't seem to take his eyes off of you. As they near you, David finally catches your eye and gestures for you to follow. You do and it's not until you're about halfway to the boardwalk that he says something.
"So what's your deal?"
You mull over what you want to say, tucking your hands into the back pockets of your jeans as you walk. "Nothing really. Had a normal childhood up until I was twelve. Hunters took out my parents and I've been on my own ever since, making my home out in the wild where I could before moving on. I honestly didn't know how long it'd been and I hadn't even known I had turned eighteen until you asked why Dwayne and I being close to each other would make that feeling go away."
David hums and blows smoke out. "You said the mate bond doesn't have to be romantic, but you also mentioned that you'd be sticking around. Why?"
"Caught that did you?" You faintly grin. David gives you a deadpan expression and you can't help but chuckle. "Because Fate's a cruel bitch, David. Dwayne and I can be apart, but then that feeling of trying to find one another will come back. And given that Dwayne has you guys here, I'm pretty sure he's not going to want to travel with me hence the reason for me staying put."
"You're really gonna stay?" Dwayne asks.
You glance at him and shrug. "I mean.. yeah. Unless this is going to be a problem?"
Dwayne and David share a long look before his gaze is back on you. "As long as you're willing to accept our lifestyle, we'll be willing to have you stay with us."
"I literally fed a boy to Marko back there." You huff. "Your eating habits don't bother me."
"And yours?" David wonders. "What are your eating habits like?"
"Anything but human," you chuckle, "but I'm not afraid to get my claws bloody if the occasion calls for it."
"Well alright then."
David and Dwayne lead the way onto the boardwalk, and you smother the smile threatening to blossom when everyone seems to hurriedly step aside when they see the boys headed their way. There's a row of four parked bikes and the boys seem to straddle two of them that are closest together, content to watch the people around them. You're not sure where exactly you're welcomed, so you choose to sit on the railing that's just to the side of them where they can still keep an eye on you should they want to.
As the minutes slowly pass, you take note of David lighting up another cigarette and Dwayne refusing one when he's offered. David turns to you, offering you his pack, but you shake your head with a small smile. He shrugs and pockets them once more.
You notice that people are either steering clear of the boys or getting close and snickering a little too loud about the fags on bikes. Your eyes narrow at the word and you can feel a growl vibrating in the back of your throat, but one look from David has you surprisingly backing down. Dwayne glances at you, grinning when he sees your pout.
The chaos around you seems to amp up a little as the braver crowds make their appearance. You spot more than one group of girls try to catch David and Dwayne's eye, but for the most part the boys seem uninterested. And it isn't until one girl manages to make Dwayne's head turn that you find your mood souring. His attention being drawn to her makes jealousy flare up and you startle when a cigarette is flicked at you.
You duck it and your eyes dart to David who raises an eyebrow at you before glancing down at your hand. You follow his gaze and startle at the sight of your claws out.
Quickly fisting both your hands, you smile sheepishly at David before hopping off the railing. "Well I'm going to get me something to drink. You boys want anything?" Both shake their heads, so you walk off to go grab yourself a milkshake. And to cool off apparently because the further you get, the less tense you become and you can breathe easy once more.
When you realized what that anxious feeling was that brought you to Santa Carla and that you had a mate, you didn't think it'd affect you quite like this. You had always told yourself that you'd be content to be a friend for him or her if you ever found them, but after laying eyes on Dwayne you can't help but be attracted to him. And while you're doing your best not to make it seem like so, you hadn't counted on the fact that it'd be obvious enough you were discontent with the female attention he garnered so quickly. You're just fortunate it was David who brought notice to your claws and not Dwayne.
Finding a diner, you head on in and order a strawberry milkshake at the counter. The older woman makes small talk with you while making your drink, she being happy to see a new face in there. You keep your answers vague, only telling her that you're staying for a few weeks before making any major life changing decisions, and you smile at her honest opinion of the place she grew up in.
A few rowdy guys enter the diner, whistling and making crude comments towards their waitress that sends you glaring over your shoulder at them. But your sudden attention gains the attention of one from the group and you suddenly have an admirer of your own. So after paying for your milkshake and bidding the kind waitress behind the counter goodbye, you wink at her and promptly ignore the guy that decides it's in his best interest to follow you.
"Well aren't you a pretty little thing?" The guy does his best to drawl. "You got a name?"
You roll your eyes, lips wrapping around the straw to your shake. After a fulfilling sip, you briefly glance at the guy keeping up with you. "I do, but I'm going to go ahead and stop you right here. I'm not interested."
"Aw. Come on, girl. I can show you a good time around these parts."
You snort. "Doubt it."
The guy continues to follow you and while you're not interested now, you can't help but mentally muse that had you not run into Dwayne then you might have taken up this no-named individual's offer for a fun time. But now- even with the bit of attraction towards your mate- it doesn't seem right to try anything with anyone else until you and Dwayne officially sort things out.
Coming up to four familiar faces, you smirk when the guy's insistence to take you out garners a hell of a whole lot more attention than he bargained for. Paul and Marko are immediately grinning, and you roll your eyes as you sip more of your milkshake. But Dwayne and David don't look too impressed with the tagalong.
"Come on, sweetheart. I won't follow you around all night?"
Dwayne shifts, his expression hardening at the guy by your side. And while you normally love a fight, you don't want to see one just yet all because some loser was attempting to chat you up. Which huh, wasn't that an interesting development on Dwayne's part. With one last sip of your milkshake, you stop and turn and paste on the fakest of smiles. "Well that would be a good thing considering my boys don't like interlopers."
"Your boys?"
Marko and Paul are bouncing on their bikes, laughing. As you pass up Paul, he reaches for your milkshake and you hand it over without batting an eye. David is too busy glaring at the guy, but Dwayne's gaze is locked on you. You catch his gaze, eyebrow quirking in a silent question that he seems to immediately know what you're asking. Am I riding with you?
Dwayne gives you a subtle nod as he shifts forward in his seat and you make your way towards him. As you near, he readily holds his hand out so you can steady yourself while climbing on behind him. Then once you're seated and your arms are wrapped around Dwayne's waist, David smirks at your would-be admirer.
"Sorry, pal. Maybe next time." And seeing that he's clearly outnumbered, the guy glances between you, Dwayne, and David before backing off with a frown.
Four bike engines come to life then, and Marko and Paul whoop in delight. Paul offers you your milkshake back and you take one last sip before tossing the cup into the trash on your other side. David drives off first, Dwayne following right after him. Paul and Marko then bring up the rear and the boys drive at a slow pace until they're at the edge of the boardwalk stairs.
Dwayne glances over his shoulder, smirking. "Hang on."
Your arms and knees squeeze tighter around Dwayne, a laugh ringing out as the boys drive down the stairs and then race across the beach. The wind whips your hair and you hide your face just behind Dwayne's shoulder as they speed passed disgruntled beach go-er after disgruntled beach go-er. Soon the path takes you off the beach and into the woods, and you can't help but laugh at all the twists, turns, and jumps they take.
All too soon the boys are skidding to a halt, you squeaking when you realize you're right at the edge of a cliff.
Hudson Bluff is quite eerie at night, the lighthouse off in the distance only adding to the eeriness as you see it every few seconds in the dense fog. There's a set of wooden stairs that you're led to and then led down, and a cave behind a broken fence that the boys are only all too eager to show you. So after maneuvering the tunnel, you're quite surprised to see the set up they have inside.
Marko lights several barrels aflame even though you're walking around quite fine in the dark and the boys make a beeline for a rundown couch, a wheelchair that's seen better days, and a few overturned crates with cushions on them. And while you're directed towards the couch, David gives this spiel about the history of the sunken hotel they've apparently taken over when he sees you looking around. And once you realize you're sitting in a sunken hotel, it's quite easy to spot what would have been the receptionist's desk and the random luggage cart suddenly makes sense.
"If you plan on sticking around, we have a place you can crash," David says.
"It's a little dusty, but it should do until you figure things out," Marko then tells you.
You huff. "I've been sleeping in trees or on a pile of leaves. A dusty mattress sounds like heaven."
"Well in that case.." Paul is quick to stand up and jog over to what appears to be sheer curtains hanging around a nook, and pulls it aside. He proudly gestures to the sleeping place, but before you get up to check it out you glance at Dwayne. His faint grin is all the encouragement you need to then get up and join the blonde. "I think only one person has fucked in it, so you should be fine."
"Paul!" A beer bottle flies at the blonde's head, but he's quick to dodge it and laugh.
Looking back at the other vampires, it's clear to see who threw the bottle judging by their disgruntled expression. A grin breaks out over seeing Dwayne glare at his brother, so you make him smile by reaching out and punching Paul in the arm. And given your strength, it actually hurts the blonde vampire and sends him whining back to Marko.
"So I know it's technically early for you guys, but given the temptation of the bed I'm seriously about to call it a night and snuggle in."
"Fuck off, bloodsucker." You scowl at Paul and Marko who had booed you. "I have a bed for the first time in years. Let me roll around in it."
"Well if you want company to roll around with- ow! Fuck that hurt," Paul whines as Dwayne hits him next. This time David laughs and Paul is the only one who isn't smiling.
Eventually David agrees to let you settle in. And it's as you're pulling off sheets and blankets to shake any dust off that Marko complains about wanting food. Just the mention of it has your stomach grumbling, all four vampires falling quiet which leads you reluctantly turning to face them. "What? He mentioned Chinese and I just realized I haven't had Chinese in about a year. It sounded really good."
"Then it's settled. Chinese it is."
Marko cheers at David's declaration and Paul readily joins them. Dwayne stays put, however, and after a subtle nod from David, Dwayne gets up and starts making his way towards you. You smile as he nears. "Pulled the short straw, huh? Babysitting duty must suck."
"There was no short straw," he says. "I wanted to stay back and talk to you one on one."
"Ooohh. Lucky me." Dwayne rolls his eyes at you, grinning, so you toss a pillow at him. Unfortunately, he catches it without even batting an eye and fluffs it with a smug grin before setting it down once more. "So give it to me straight," you say as you get back to stripping the bed. "Am I sleeping in a bed of random spunk?"
He chuckles, shaking his head. "This was, uh, Star's bed. She was a potential pack-mate forced on us by our Sire." You tense, frowning, at the mention of a sire. The boys you think you can deal with, but if they answered to someone else and they expected you to as well.. well then there'd be problems. Fortunately, Dwayne sees your hesitance and realizes your train of thought right away. "Don't worry. Our Sire is dead. He thought he could start over with a new family, but his chosen family wasn't too fond of the undead life."
"Needless to say, we saw that the fight was not going to end in our favor, so we worked some vampire mind tricks to get out without questions. Now we're free, although David pulls rank regularly since he's the oldest."
"I see." You pause, collecting your thoughts as you start to replace the sheets. "So what happened to Star then?"
"Star and Laddie, another forced pack-mate, remained halflings- Star because she had second thoughts and Laddie because he was only a child. So the second the head vampire was dead, all halflings were returned back to their human state. Star, Laddie, and the Emerson's remained together, but they packed up and moved about eight months ago."
"At least they were smart enough to get out of town."
With the bed finally situated, you kick off your shoes and fidget from foot to foot. Your hands rub up and down your thighs, and you grimace at the feel of your jeans. "I can grab you something else to wear," Dwayne says.
It only takes you a moment to give in and then Dwayne's off to find you another set of clothes. He returns rather quickly to hand over a well-worn band tee and a pair of draw-string sweats. You don't bother asking whose clothes are, instead just giving Dwayne your back and switching clothes then and there. You don't care if he stares or not, but when you turn around it seems the bedding has his full attention. You chuckle as you finally let yourself crawl into bed and move around until you find a comfortable position.
Dwayne lets himself sit down, his gaze looking you over as you smile tiredly at him. "If you're going to stay, you might as well get comfortable. Lay down."
You hear a jangle of chains and then the bed shifting some more. When you crack open an eye, you're happy to see that he's laying down and facing towards you. "So.. mates, huh?"
You hum. "Mhmm." Dwayne falls quiet and you quietly sigh. "It's nothing to freak out over. We can make it mean whatever we want it to mean. We can give us a go or we can just be-"
"Yeah. Pack." You slowly start to smile. "Or something like it. I'm still not sure what the others think of me and I don't want to burden you guys with my presence just because Fate figured it was fine to pair us up."
"They like you. It's usually hard to earn David's trust, but with mates being thrown into the mix? That's something even he knows not to mess with."
"We can always play it by ear," you say. "We won't label anything and just take it day by day. If something happens to blossom, then so be it. If not, just being around one another should keep that anxious feeling away. We'll be fine."
"Yeah." Dwayne mumbles. "Day by day."
Tumblr media
The next few weeks prove to be interesting. Since you really don't have clothes of your own, you get to pick through a box of salvageable items from the boys' past victims. There's quite the selection, but instead of being appalled by how many people they've killed you just happily pick through the clothes. The boardwalk also seems to be their favorite hunting ground, so you tend to catch a ride with Dwayne before going your own way to let them do their thing.
There had been an instance one night in which you were hanging out with them by their bikes and a girl had gotten a little too handsy with Dwayne right there in front of everyone. A growl had slipped out and David was quick to catch your attention while Paul and Marko laughed, and Dwayne hid his amusement. You had to take a deep breath, apologize quietly, and then paste on a smile before excusing yourself to be elsewhere. But by the time you returned, the boys seemed sated and you had happily climbed onto the back of Dwayne's bike before heading back to the cave.
You and Dwayne hadn't really told the others how you were handling things, so to them it was basically a free soap opera. Everyone was quick to realize you didn't like seeing Dwayne turn on the charm for other females, but they were also quick to understand that you knew it was all part of the hunting strategy and were grateful you didn't start unnecessary drama. And on the nights that Dwayne wasn't hunting, it was clear to all involved that there was something between you and him even if you didn't quite act on it.
Any open affection was given only at the cave since Paul and Marko liked to tease Dwayne that he was going soft, especially when they'd found him sprawled in your bed and your head on his stomach as you napped. And the one time you were caught purring as Dwayne carded his fingers through your hair? Lets just say that was the last time Paul or Marko teased you and Dwayne because both blonde vampires witnessed first hand just how strong you were when you pinned the both of them together and bared sharp canines just inches from their face. David thought it was all hilarious, but never quite showed his amusement because he didn't want to make Dwayne self conscious. Surprisingly, David was quite the loyal brother/leader.
The game of who would crack first was bound to come to an end sooner or later, but no one had expected it to be Dwayne. Not even you.
One night the boys manage to find a group of individuals that would make the perfect meal. And while you couldn't care less about who or what they eat, you rather not be there for the feeding frenzy. So before the boys go on the prowl, you let them know you're going to hit up a few rides and check out some the merch stalls set up along the boardwalk since the boys deemed it necessary to pawn cash off on you whenever they could.
You manage to take a couple spins on the carousel and a spin on the ferris wheel, and then browse a stall of hand-crafted jewelry. There's a hand-crafted, wire wrapped amethyst necklace that's caught your eye and it's as you're debating on whether or not to buy it does a familiar voice speak up right next to your ear.
"If you don't buy it, I sure will. I bet it'll look real cute on me." You turn to your right and you're met with the face of the guy who once tried to chat you up from the diner weeks ago. You grin and he beams when you don't automatically turn him away. "I'm not sure you remember me, but my name's Kevin. We met at-"
"At the diner," you say. "I remember."
"Awesome." His hands dive into the front pockets of his jeans, his excited energy practically making him vibrate in place. A moment passes and then he quickly glances around. "Your, uh, boys aren't around, are they?"
"They are." Your lips twitch. "But they're preoccupied at the moment. I'm Y/N."
His faltering smile is quick to blossom once more. "Mind if I keep you company, Y/N?"
"As long as you keep your lame attempts to get in my pants to yourself, I don't mind the company." He sheepishly chuckles as you purchase the necklace for yourself, throwing in a leather bracelet that appears to have the phases of the moon burned into it. When your purchases are bagged and handed over, you turn towards Kevin and grin. "So where to?"
You end up walking the boardwalk with Kevin, happy to see that he's toned down the flirty behavior from when you first met him. He's actually a really decent guy and you answer most of the questions he's thrown at you. He's appalled you only know four people and offers to be the fifth if you're looking to branch out from the bikers. And after letting him know that you weren't interested in anything more than friendship, the two of you agree to more hangouts.
Sitting on the boardwalk railing, you're laughing at one of Kevin's sad tales about dating two girls gone wrong and both dumping their milkshakes on him when they found out. It happened in the same exact spot you're sitting in just a couple years prior when he was on a date with one and the other had showed up with her brother, only to find out his dirty little secret.
"Not to be a dick, but you deserved so much more," you say. He mockingly gasps, feigning hurt. "I'm serious. I'd have ripped my boyfriend's throat out if I caught him cheating. Loyalty, especially in a relationship, is a really big deal to me."
"Well then aren't I lucky I never dated you."
"Super lucky." You wink at him and a moment later the two of you are laughing once again.
You're so caught up in the amusement of the conversation that your brain registers the threatening growl a second too late. You tense, bracing yourself for an attack, only to receive an attack of an entirely different kind.
Someone's pushing themself between your slightly parted knees, hands gently cradling your face- which startles you because of how aggressive they'd initially approached you- and lips crashing down on yours. On instinct your eyes had closed, but after inhaling Dwayne's familiar scent the tension eases out of your body. Your hands reach forward to grasp onto his jacket, but you end up getting distracted by his bare chest underneath. Then when you feel his lips stretch into a smile because of you feeling him up, you nip at his bottom lip and then quickly soothe it with the tip of your tongue.
Feeling Dwayne shiver has you squeezing your knees tighter against him. He pulls back just a little, putting enough space so that he can look down at you. With half lidded eyes, you gulp and stare back up at him as his thumb brushes along your bottom lip. "Mine."
It's your turn to shiver, muttering fuck beneath your breath as Dwayne smugly stares down at you. He's holding back as if awaiting an answer, but you're only coherent enough to nod and try to pull him back in. But before Dwayne can oblige you, someone's clearing their throat a little too loudly.
Looking towards your right, your eyes widen upon realizing you'd forgotten about Kevin. "Oh shit, Kev. I'm so sorry! Raincheck on the funhouses?" There's a nearly too quiet hiss at your words and you subtly pinch Dwayne's side to behave.
Kevin frowns, but nods nonetheless. "Sure. Next time."
"Alright. Time to go." Dwayne's words make you brace your feet on the lower railings, but instead of moving so you can jump off, Dwayne bends at the knees and pulls you over his shoulder. You squeak and then laugh, and bite back a moan when Dwayne's hand squeezes the back of your thigh. "Y/N's gonna be preoccupied for the next week or so. Sorry, Kev."
You swat at his back, yelping when he swats your butt in retaliation. Then pushing on the small of his back so you can look at Kevin upright instead of upside down, you roll your eyes. "He gives himself too much credit. Give me like a day or two and we'll hit up the boardwalk again. You can buy the corndogs next time."
"Y-yeah. Sounds good." Kevin forces a smile and you feel a little bad for him, but then Dwayne's marching off with you over his shoulder.
You're laughing as Dwayne carries you off, content to let him do whatever it is he's doing. Some people laugh at your predicament while others scoff at the immaturity of it all. Fortunately you or Dwayne don't care about what any of them think. Then after a minute or so, you're being shifted around before being placed onto the seat of Dwayne's bike.
Grinning up at him, you say, "Yours, huh?"
Dwayne tucks some hair behind your ear. "Yes."
Your grin widens. "You've got some serious jealousy issues, vampire."
He pinches your chin between his thumb and forefinger, leaning down until his face is only inches from your own. "Says the girl who couldn't control her shift when another female batted her eyes at me." You pout and he chuckles. "Oh yes. Not only did I hear you growling all those times, but David was kind enough to inform me of sharp claws and glowing eyes."
"I hate you."
"I have a feeling you really don't." His mouth is immediately on yours before you can come up with a reply and you melt against him as if you'd been doing this for ages.
"Finally!" Someone shakes you by the shoulders, jostling you and Dwayne apart, and Dwayne stands to his full height to glare at the culprit. You turn to glance behind you and grin at the sight of a clearly ecstatic Paul, Marko and David being smart enough to hang back some. "It's about time one of you cracked. Who was it?"
"Don't wor-"
"Dwayne. Definitely Dwayne," you laugh. "Apparently he does not like other boys making me laugh."
Paul and Marko cackle, and Dwayne sighs. "If you're done, Y/N and I will be at the cave. Don't come home too early."
The two rambunctious blondes wolf whistle and after an agreeing head nod from David, Dwayne's helping you properly settle on his bike. You're not sure where the night is headed, but you have a pretty good idea it's going to be interesting after Dwayne finally snapped and gave in to the mate pull.
Tumblr media
You're sleeping rather peacefully, sleep trying to pull back under when your eyes unwillingly flutter open. You're not sure what's woken you, but you know it's daytime given the way your little nook is lit up.
"Jesus Christ. This is definitely vampire central." The unfamiliar voice immediately makes you sit up, wide awake and on alert. No one should be in the cave during daylight hours. "How'd you even find this place?"
You quietly scramble out of bed, pulling on a shirt and a pair of jeans.
"Remember that girl I told you about? I think she got herself into a situation with these vamps."
"Oh so you're here to play her knight in shining armor."
A couple of voices laugh, making fun of their friend. Your nostrils flare as you scent the air, eyes then narrowing when one smells familiar. Kevin.
Confused, and a little more than pissed off at being woken, you walk out from your little nook and jump off the platform your bed had been raised on. Your feet hitting the ground makes the four guys whirl around and your expression goes cold at the sight of the crossbows and stakes they're holding.
"Y/N?" Kevin says. "Are you alright?"
"What the hell are you doing here?" You walk a little ways away, keeping your back towards the tunnel you know leads to where the boys are sleeping. Kevin and his friends watch you warily. "How'd you even find me?"
"That doesn't matter right now. What matters is getting you out of here. Come on. Come with me." He gestures you closer, but you shake your head and take a step back.
"You need to leave. Now."
"Come on, man. She's under their thrall! She's a goner."
"She's a walking blood bag, man. Look at her neck!"
A growl slips past your lips and you can feel your claws elongating. The things they're seeing on your neck are bruises from your night with Dwayne, but seeing as that's none of their business you don't bother filling them in. But now they're on high alert after hearing your growl and weapons are being pointed at you.
"Holy shit, man. She's one of them!"
"Don't be stupid," Kevin says, clearly still clinging onto some form of hope. "The sun's out and Y/N is awake. She's clearly not a vampire."
"Nah, man, but she is something."
Agitated beyond belief, you've finally had enough. Your mouth opens to let out a threatening hiss with a mouth full of pointy teeth and you can't even take pleasure in their terrified shouts because from one moment to the next there's an arrow sticking out of your thigh. Roaring in pain, your transformation is swift. Your skin ripples and takes on a blu-ish, gray color. You don't have to look in a mirror to know that you have markings surrounding the edges of your face and down your neck.
Inhaling deeply, you brace your feet and exhale a heart stopping roar.
Tumblr media
Unknowingly to everyone in the room, including yourself, four sets of yellow/red eyes fly open in the back room.
Kevin is the first one you go after, dodging arrows and backhanding him a few feet from where he stood. Someone lunges you with a stake, but you manage to catch their wrist mid-swing. Hissing at them, you snap their wrist, kick in his left kneecap until you hear a crack, and then kick him away from you. Another catches you on the back of the shoulder with a silver blade- if the sizzle is anything to go by- and you roar out once more as you turn around and rip their throat out with your claws. The fourth individual runs at you, but you're so over the fighting already that you merely duck behind him and snap his neck.
Kevin and the last of his friends stare up at you, horrified, as they try to get themselves together. You walk towards them, growling, but whirl around when you hear a piece of concrete skid across the ground behind you.
Four vampires stand before you, each one of them transformed and ready to pounce. With rage still clouding your judgement, you growl when one in particular steps forward. The brunette vampire, however, reaches out to stop him. You watch as his features bleed back into his human face and your nose twitches as a familiar scent invades your nostrils.
"Stop. I think.. I think that's Y/N."
The other vampires take their human appearance once more. "No way! She's a werewolf. Right?"
"I don't know, man," the curly blonde says. "I thought she always smelled a little more feline than wolf."
You start pacing back and forth in an agitated state, growling quietly when the brunette hesitantly approaches you. "Y/N, can you understand me?" You snarl. "Come on, Y/N. What's going on?"
A moment passes and then, "Mate."
"Yes, I'm your mate." You growl some more at his words.
"No. They wanted to kill mate," you say and then turn to point at the intruders.
There's laughter coming from one of the vampires. "Hey isn't that the dude who kept chatting up Y/N?" You snarl, louder, and the blonde vampire laughs. "Yep. Definitely him and she's definitely not happy about it."
A hand lands on your shoulder and you immediately turn to snarl, but it gets stuck in your throat at the last second when you get a full whiff of mate. Then a hand cradles one side of your face and the low level turns into a content purr. As the seconds pass your mind clears and you're able to breathe deeply. With your eyes closed, you mutter, "Someone please take care of the other two. I need to calm down right now."
"Marko and I got this," Paul says. "But afterwards you're spilling everything!"
The screams and pleas coming from Kevin and his only living friend mean nothing to you as they're dragged off. Your eyes eventually open and you sigh as you gesture to your face as you stare up at Dwayne. "This isn't going away. Not until the adrenaline stops pumping."
Dwayne nods. "Okay. Then let's get this out."
"Get what-" The arrow you had forgotten that was lodged in your thigh is pulled free and you roar out, angrily. Punching at Dwayne's arm, you growl, "Dick."
"It had to come out before you calmed down or else you would have shifted again."
"Yeah, yeah." You grumble as Dwayne leads you towards the couch and you take a seat without having to be prompted. "And this is only my half shift, by the way."
"Half? Then what does your full shift look like?"
Before you can answer Dwayne, however, David is interrupting. "What happened tonight?"
And seeing his expression, you know his question needs answering first. "I don't know. I was asleep and they weren't exactly quiet walking around," you say. "I confronted them to keep them from wandering down the tunnel and they pissed me off when they thought I was your blood bag whore after seeing Dwayne's handiwork around my neck."
Dwayne snarls, but David's pissed off facade cracks just a bit. "How did they find us?"
"I'm not sure." You frown when his stare doesn't waver. "I wouldn't lead them here if that's what you're thinking. In case you haven't noticed, they tried to kill me too the second they realized I wasn't human."
"Speaking of, what exactly are you?" Paul and Marko rejoin the group with blood smeared chins and twinkling eyes. "You let us believe you were a werewolf." The both of them look more than a little eager to hear you answer David's question.
"Before I answer that, you guys have to know I don't let anyone know what I am. My species is rare and worth a lot of money to those assholes who put out hit lists on supernatural creatures."
"Hit lists?" Dwayne frowns. "We haven't heard about hit lists on supernaturals."
"Well they're real. Vamps are usually worth around fifty thousand whereas my kind are worth millions."
"Holy shit, girl. What are you?"
Looking at Dwayne, you gulp, and then reach for his jacket. "Why do you wear a jaguar on your sleeve?"
He shrugs. "I don't know. I just saw it and felt-"
"Pulled to it?" You slowly start to smile, flashing him a fangy grin. "I find it hilarious that your mate happens to be the one thing you're apparently drawn to."
The vampires go quiet, but it's Dwayne who you're paying most attention to. His eyes seem to dart all over your face, taking everything in before he reaches up and traces the ridges that run vertically down your forehead. "So you turn into an actual jaguar?"
"I won't believe you until I see it," Paul says.
"Maybe later. Sun's still out and you guys need to go back to sleep."
"I'm not leaving you up here alone," Dwayne says.
Smilingly softly, you reach for his hand and squeeze it. "Your protectiveness is adorable, but it's not needed. If it'll make any of you feel any better, I'll head on up and patrol the woods real quick to make sure no one else is hanging around."
Dwayne looks like he's going to deny the help, but David agrees. "Do it. Make it quick."
You nod as you stand, putting a bit of space between you and the boys. You hesitate in stripping, grimacing as you ask, "Can you close your eyes real quick. I need to strip." Paul and Marko wolf whistle, but at Dwayne's glare they're quick to quieten down. David rolls his eyes but does as asked, followed by Marko and Paul. Dwayne's already seen it all so his gaze doesn't bother you as much. Then quickly stripping off your shirt and jeans, you crouch so the important bits are covered. "You can look now since I know you want to see the actual shift."
The boys all openly stare now and you can see it's taking everything in Paul and Marko to not comment. Closing your own eyes then, you will the animal within to take over and feel as the bones in your body rearrange themselves to your feline form. When it's over you blink open your eyes and yawn. Your ears and tail twitch, and you blink at all four vampires. Dwayne takes a step towards you, hand outstretched, but the urge to attack doesn't overwhelm you like it normally would. Instead, you let him place his hand on your head and scratch between you between the ears.
"Oh my god. Can I pet her too?" Paul mutters. You immediately turn to look at him, eyes narrowing and whiskers twitching. His eyes widen. "I'll take that as a no." Marko chortles and punches his friend's arm.
"Well what are you waiting for?" David asks. "Go."
Sharp eyes turn to the blonde vampire and you growl lowly. There's a tug on your tail and you turn to snarl at the one responsible. Dwayne smirks and sheepishly shrugs, and when he reaches to offer more scritches you nip at his fingers before bounding off and up out of the cave.
As Y/N disappears, the three blonde vampires turn to look at Dwayne. Marko whistles lowly as David says, "You're going to have your hands full with that one."
Dwayne grins and then suddenly turns serious. "Her secret stays with us."
"Of course," David readily agrees. "And we need to look more into these hit lists. If they're real, we need to be on the lookout for potential hunters looking to collect."
Around fifteen minutes later you return, hopping down into the cave and trotting towards your bed. You smell Dwayne before you see him and you walk through the curtains to hop onto the bed. Dwayne smiles as you lay down and then stretch out beside him, shifting back into a very naked human who cuddles into his side.
"Smell anyone else outside?"
"Nope. You can give David the all clear. The only thing out there are bicycles. They were the most amateur hunters I'd ever seen."
Dwayne moves so you're laying on his arm, his hand rubbing across your bare shoulder. He freezes when he comes across a wound that wasn't there before. "What happened here?"
"Silver," you sleepily mumble. "One of them caught me with a blade earlier." Dwayne growls and you chuckle. "He's dead. Don't stress about it."
"When we wake up tonight, we're clearing out a room for you. I don't like you exposed out here."
"Sure. Okay. When we wake up."
Dwayne chuckles in return and soon enough you're drifting off to sleep in his arms.
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tinywritinghana · 2 months ago
2. A Student's Guide to Raising the Dead
Chapter Two
Man, this story has such a wholesome start ~~Cute.
Anyway, while I hope it's common knowledge, all the stuff you read about in this story in regards to taking care of bats-- don't do it. Rabies is no joke and if you find an injured bat, please don't touch it. Call a licensed professional.
Warnings: None really. Talk of euthanization. Cursing. BAD BAD BAD animal safety practices (cannot stress this enough, don't do this in real life.)
Tumblr media
“What are you even doing?” The derisive scoff didn’t do much to add to your dwindling mood, “It’s going to fly out of there!”
Your eyes rolled hard, nearly flinging themselves out of your skull. The she-devil hadn’t stopped talking since you managed to convince her to go to the nearest vet. If it wasn’t about begging you to help her or kill the bat, her mouth was open to complain about anything you managed to do. Taking the denim jacket with you? Complaint. Offering to drive back? Complaint.
Her most recent annoyance had to do with your current struggling. Despite your insistence, taking a bat from one location to another was harder than you’d anticipated. You couldn’t very well hold it the entire drive, but you also hadn’t driven up here with the expectation of rescue. Hence your current action.
Dumping the contents of your backpack across the backseat of your Honda, your nose wrinkled. Chapstick, water, gum, a breakfast bar. Great. You really weren’t prepared for this— at best you’d have to use your university sweater and wrap the little dude up in it.
“Well, what do you want me to do?” You ignored her grumbling as you continued with your makeshift shelter for the little bat, “Besides, it can’t fly. You screwed his wing up.”
Her foot stomped against the dry California dirt, “But it can try!”
“Jesus Christ,” you muttered, stuffing the sweatshirt into the bottom of the backpack with your free hand. Meanwhile, the bat contented himself to watch, having crawled from your arm to perch his fluffy little butt on your shoulder, “It’s not like it matters anymore. We’re both going to have to get vaccinated anyway—”
“Vaccinated?! Like a shot?”
“Yeah, Google it. If little dude’s rabid, we’re going to need to get like three,” you smoothed out the navy material of your sweatshirt into something that at least looked comfortable, “Unless you want the infection to spread to your brain, slowly eating away at your nerves until you’re paralyzed—”
“God, shut up!” The passenger side door slammed shut with her parting words, “It’s not funny!”
You snorted a bit, catching the attention of the bat as he hovered on your shoulder. She was right. It really wasn’t supposed to be funny but it kind of was, in a macabre sort of way. You honestly thought it was a bit ironic. You, an ecology student destined to save the dwindling California wilderness, possibly infected by rabies before you even graduated.
Should earn you some extra credit, really.
“Come on,” you shrugged the humor off, turning your attention back to the bat. Big, beady eyes stared, and you sighed, “You gotta get down, dude. Promise it won’t be that bad.”
Fluffy ears twitched and its brown nose wrinkled, showing just the barest hint of sharp teeth hidden inside its jowls. Despite the small threat of teeth nipping into your fingers, you poked a finger into his chest, trying to encourage him to descend your arm without help— if he could walk, he’d survive, but if his movements were too impacted, the chances dwindled.
In an expression that looked decidedly irritated, the bat huffed. Before your brows could permanently attach to your hairline, the tiny guy sunk his clawed toes into the sleeve of your shirt and slowly inched toward the open backpack you’d wrangled into a temporary shelter. Before crawling off your hand, the bat turned to look at you, an eerily unimpressed expression lining its furry face before it sneaked into your bag.
“Okay,” you stared at it, watching as it nestled into an awkward ball before repeating, “Okay. That was weird as hell—”
“Y/N!” your roommate screeched from the front of the car, “Hurry up already!”
Your throat was a bit tight as you answered, closing the trunk behind you, “Coming!”
As your hiking boots dug into the dry dirt, a flash of forewarning skittered its way down your spine. Maybe you should have left the bat in the cave— something about it just rubbed you the wrong way. Sure, the little guy was cute, but it was more than that. He was smart, smarter than you knew he had any logical reason to be.
“Talk to the vet about it,” you mumbled under your breath, determination lining your shoulders as you slid into the front seat of the car, “Can’t do anything about it now.”
That was your mantra most of the car ride. As you ducked through the various winding roads of Santa Carla’s mountainside, you tuned out the muttered complaints of your roommate and the loud pop music she’d changed the station to. Your fingers danced on the steering wheel as remnants of anxiety bubbled in your chest.
This should have been a simple rescue— what about it had you feeling this way?
“Well, shit,” your roommate spoke, her freshly manicured fingers turning the volume knob all the way down as she finished, “We could have killed the little bastard after all.”
You cut her a skeptic look, the car coming to idle at a red light, “What are you talking about?”
“I googled it,” she flashed her phone in your face in an obnoxious display of redundancy, “Apparently the only way to find out if a bat’s got rabies is to do a scan of their brain tissue—” her finger scrolled down the screen before she added, “Only way to do that is to euthanize the little fucker.”
“Are you serious?” The car jerked awkwardly as you swung your attention to her, “We’re not killing him—”
Her only reply was a sardonic laugh, “Hell yes, we are,” she jabbed a finger in your direction victoriously, “You’re not the one that got bit. I’m not about to get vaccinated if I don’t have to.”
“Christ,” you logically couldn’t argue with her, “That’s screwed up.”
You knew there were tests that they could do, but you thought it’d be like the canine tests— a couple weeks of quarantine and blood work. You hadn’t imagined that by insisting you get the tiny bat checked out that you were leading him to his slaughter. Your hand clenched dangerously on the steering wheel as you blew a sharp breath out between your teeth.
This was your fault. You should have just left him alone and let nature take its course.
Except, something about this was wrong. Like the weird prickling of nerves the bat’s stare had invoked within you, the idea of murdering it had you nearly recoiling. It was ridiculous. You knew that was the way veterinary medicine worked sometimes and that not all animals could be saved. But just the thought of a vet plunging a needle into the small creature’s skin and plucking its brain— bile built in your throat.
“Got to tell you,” your roommate practically cheered as she reclined back into her chair. A smug smirk tilted her cheeks, “I for one am super satisfied with this development. That little bastard earned it when he took a chunk out of my hand.”
The car jerked in a visual representation of your rage. You cut her a blank stare, derision and scorn adding to the resolution already building in your chest.
That bat wasn’t dying today.
It took about fifteen minutes, but eventually, the car came to a slow idle in front of the nearest vet’s office. It wasn’t one you’d been to before and you weren’t planning on it. It was too modern, too bright. Like many of the nearby buildings on this side of town, it was a glaring example of the wave of new money families that had come to inherit Santa Carla as their own.
Before you could even put the car into park, your roommate was jerking her door open, “I’m going to get checked in. Bring the little shit when you’re done.”
“Sure,” you watched her pink tee-shirt disappear behind the mirrored door, eyes rolling as you unbuckled, “Bitch.”
You weren’t bringing that bat anywhere near that building. Popping the trunk of your small Honda, you crawled out of the front seat and made your way around to the back. His makeshift shelter appeared unharmed and when you were close enough to peer into it, you were greeted by two curious pairs of brown eyes.
“Alright, little dude,” you felt ridiculous, but the bat had already shown it had an unnatural layer of knowledge, “You gotta hide,” it only blinked at you as you bravely stuck your palm into the bag, “Come on—”
Sharp claws dug into the flesh of your hand before a soft weight settled in your palm. Fear you hadn’t realized you had suddenly whooshed out of your chest with a heavy sigh, your fingers twitching as the bat settled. You hadn’t exactly thought out the best way to hide the little guy, but you had a tentative plan in place for the moment.
After exiting the car, you’d slipped on the old jacket you’d snagged from the cave. It smelled like moths and mildew, but that was a worry for future you. For now though, it offered the best chance of hiding the little guy. Using your free hand, you propped a pocket open and tentatively brought the bat toward the jacket.
When it didn’t immediately climb in, you grew desperate, “Come on, dude,” you shook your palm, but the bat didn’t budge, “If you don’t get your little butt in there, you’re dead—” brown eyes flicked toward you as you plowed on, “They’re going to kill you.”
Fuzzy ears flicked down just as the veterinary door slammed shut, “Y/N! Come on! They’re ready to see us!”
“Please—” you whispered before calling back, “Hold on! I can’t find the bat!”
“Are you kidding me?!” Shoes smacked against pavement as she stalked forward, “I told you that was a bad idea!”
Without further prompting, the bat scuttled into your pocket— mindful of his injured wing. You briefly felt him turn in a small circle before he settled, just in time for your roommate to appear beside you and stick her head into the trunk of the car. She callously tipped your backpack over and shook, cursing when nothing flopped out of the bag.
“Where the hell did it go?” She snapped at you, briefly turning her head over her shoulder to address a figure you hadn’t noticed, “I swear we brought it with us—”
The person only laughed, shaking her head as she stepped closer to your gathering. Dressed in a pristine white coat and wearing a small pair of glasses, the apparent veterinarian spoke, “It’s not a problem. Really, it would have been better for you both to leave it,” your roommate shot you a haughty look as she finished, “With most contact with bats, we tend to assume rabies is already a factor. Were you injured as well?”
It took you a second to realize she was speaking to you, “No,” you shook your head slowly, “I held him, but never barehanded. We just wanted to bring him in in case you could fix his wing, but—”
“There would have been no point,” the veterinarian, Dr. Adams as her tag read, finished for you, “Once a bat draws blood, we assume the worst. It would have been strictly neutralization.”
“We realized that,” if your voice came out a bit sharply, it was through no fault of your own. Sometime during your conversation with the doctor, the bat has grown restless, “Sorry we lost him, I can check the car—”
Dr. Adams merely waved you off, “I’ll have one of my associates do it. We’ll need to go ahead and get you both vaccinated,” she perked an eyebrow toward you as if challenging, “If that’s alright?”
You sent her a sharp smile, “No complaints here.”
It solved one of your problems anyway. If you could finish the vaccination sequence, then there would be no risk in nursing the bat back to health. You could do this— your degree had practically prepared you for a moment just like this. Sure, it was probably illegal and unethical, but you just couldn’t let this bat die.
As Dr. Adams led you both back into the sparkling new facility, you tucked your hand into the pocket of your jacket— fingers dipping down to softly press against the bat’s head in a mimic of calm. He’d been anxious since the voices had come closer and Dr. Adams, in particular, seemed to set something off in him. You needed him to calm down, to rest enough for you to get through this appointment and get him situated back in your apartment.
You’d need to buy food. Bugs and fruit, maybe nectar depending on its breed. What else— your musings were interrupted as a dry tongue ran up your flesh.
Oh, hell no.
You tried to subtly jerk your hand out of your pocket, but it got stuck inside the aged denim. Crap, crap, crap. You sucked in a sharp breath to hide your growing panic before the bat’s tongue was replaced with small teeth. The foreign sensation of tiny fangs nibbling on your flesh was just enough for you to manage to rip your hand out of your jacket.
Once your limb was free, you tried to analyze your fingers for blood. Finding none, you gave the jacket pocket a dark look. That little bat better hope it wasn’t what you thought it was.
Because if he turned out to be a vampire bat? In the middle of California?
Then this rescue just got a hell of a lot more difficult.
< Chapter One > | < Chapter Three >
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anna1306 · 19 hours ago
Poly!Lost Boys x Ghost!Reader
Part 2
Tumblr media
You took a nap. It was long - waiting for them to wake up. You looked at them, nervous what would be next, but still more happy than before. There was a chance that they could accept you. You were afraid these last days, something inside your head telling you to kill them, so they would stay with you, but you shut it up, not wishing to hurt them. It was irrelevant now - they were not humans already.
When you heard some movement and commotion, you opened your eyes. You looked at the ceiling, seeing Paul stretching out. Smiling, you stood up from your place. And that was when he noticed you. He immediately opened his eyes wide and suddenly flailed his hands around, falling down. You gasped, stepping back for a second, but then came closer.
- Paul? Are you alright?.. - you didn't finish, as he jumped to his feet, looking at you scared.
- Babe! You came back! I... We... We can explain everything, just don't run away and... Don't be scared and... They will wake up now and we... You... Just don't go again, we missed you so much, - you saw his panicking state, so you put your hands on his cheeks, making him stop and look at you.
- Paul, calm down. It's okay, I'm not going anywhere. I have a lot of questions, but...
- Kitten? - you heard David and raised your head. He still didn't jump down, looking at you strangely. Marko rubbed his shoulder - it seemed Paul kicked him in his falling. - Are you okay? Where have you been? - David jumped down and went near you. He looked calm, but you saw nervousness in his eyes.
-Hi, - you whispered nervously. - I... Guess we need to talk? - he nodded slowly and took you by hand, helping you crawl out of this cave. The guys followed you through the path. They sit you on the couch, but stand away themselves. You shifted on your seat uncomfortably. They looked at each other and then sighed.
- There is no point in hiding anymore, - said David. - You saw it. We are not humans. We are vampires, - his face changed, and you put your legs on the couch, moving away a little, being scared of it just a bit. And not very scared, more like... Surprised to see it so suddenly.
- Like in the books? You drink blood, live in the night forever? - you asked quietly. David nodded. You looked at the others, with almost the same features of yellow eyes and fangs, more sharp jaws... And smiled. - Good. Even great I think.
- What? - they looked dumbfounded. You sighed and lowered your eyes. Suddenly your bravery and confidence disappeared. They are vampires, yes, they could understand, but still... What if it was just a game for them, like it was for him. What if they didn't mean anything serious, and you had fallen for them already? - Kitten? - you bit your lip and sighed. If you still had a heartbeat, your heart would jump out.
- I... I have something to tell you as well... I'm not human too, - you looked up at them, seeing they turned their faces to normal. Dwayne came closer to you, sitting next to you, as if trying to calm you down. - I'm dead for almost half a year, - you blurted out on one breath.
- Dead? Babe, you look very alive to me, - scoffed Paul. Marko snickered and nodded. You pressed your lips together and looked at him almost offended. You still were very nervous about this theme. You still were wary of men. You trusted only them and for him to be like that... They didn't believe you. You looked around and your eyes fell upon some kind of knife (probably Marko cut some art supllies). You jumped to your feet and darted to it. They couldn't stop you, as you swiped it across your throat.
- See? - you looked at their scared expressions. Paul was the palest and frozen in his place. David softly and slowly came to you, taking the knife from you. - I just wanted you to believe me! - you looked at him throwing it away.
- Never do that again, - interrupted you David. When you tried to object, he looked at you very sternly, and you sighed silently, his eyes were enough. - We believe you, now... Tell us the truth. What are you, what happened...
And you told them. You sat back on the couch and told them everything, not raising your eyes at them. You told them that you went with your boyfriend to the forest. What he and his friends did to you. You were crying, but didn't stop your story. You had to get it out and you needed them to understand you.
- So... - you sobbed. - I think I am a ghost, but... I don't know much about it. And I'm sorry for leaving you. I was afraid I could hurt you and... - you blushed suddenly, remembering what caused your distance in the first place. - And I liked you so much and didn't want to see you die and staying all alone... - you almost whispered. For couple of seconds there was silence, then Paul threw himself onto you, hugging you tightly and even sobbing a little himself.
- Babe, if only you knew how much we all love you, - mumbled he, while Marko joined you on the other side, hugging you tightly.
- We are glad you understood, - he added. Dwayne smiled a little, while you looked at David. He looked the most serious out of them, and you thought he would kick you out, not wanting others around the ghost, but he only smirked at you.
- Welcome, kitten. Now you are part of us.
Dwayne is the one who searches information. He goes to witches, reads books. He learns that you are not tied to the body or place, more to feelings of betrayal and pain, but if hunters would want to hurt you, they needed to destroy your remains. So yes, you had to visit the place that caused you so much pain, just so they could ensure your safety. After that Dwayne doesn't let you go from his hands, just hugging you and comforting you. He always speaks with you about your condition and how you feel. He is the first one to find out you still has blood, though not very alive.
Paul is the most emotional one. He was afraid you would leave them. Then he was afraid you could hurt yourself because of his words. He apologized over and over until you told him you would forgive him if he brings you the milkshake. You have one every night now, even if you don't go on the Boardwalk. He wants you to experience everything alive, so he takes you to concerts, buys you anything (yes, with stolen money), lets you try anything.
Marko is the curious one. He tries out your abilities. If you can feel pain, if you can feel heat or anything at all. Yes he made you jump over the fire. You didn't caught it, but Dwayne and David were pissed. He wants to know if you can fly, if you can go through objects, he wants to know it all. And if Dwayne just tries to find this things in books and from someone who know, he tries it practically, dropping you from height, or daring you to go through the wall. Of course he's still hugging you afterwards and wants everyone to know that he has a badass lover, who beat the death itself. So yes, a lot of bragging around.
David is cautious, because yes, he wants to know what you can do, but he is also furious. Someone dared to hurt you, let alone, kill you after many things. And what of it if it was before you knew each other, he still wants to rip their throat. He wants you to know that they are always on your side. That they will not betray you. That they will protect you.
You still has blood, but it's more flowy. It's lighter. David tries it first, with your permission and... Yes, it's like weed to them. He feels lightheaded, he feels sleepy but at the same time very full and good. Paul likes your blood the most (yes, they practically had to drag this weed-lover off from you couple of times), then Dwayne, David and Marko. Marko's just afraid he could lose his shit around you and hurt you, so he still prefers human blood.
They find out though they doesn't need to worry about you That much, when Max pays a visit. He's fuming that a mortal (he doesn't know much) is among them and he grabs your hand, while screaming at the boys. You are scared, panicking, but at the same time angry. So it's pure defence, when Max is falling to the ground. It's pure defence, when he's choking like he's dying. It's pure defence, when he's coughing up earth with blood. You only stops when Marko calls you. You look up to them and anger goes away slowly.
Max leaves very fast, and you are afraid they would be mad at you for attacking their sire and would be disgusted, but...
Is it okay, that I want you more now? Just asking
No, it's definitely fine. You belong with them
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thewritingdoll · 6 months ago
join the murder  ❛ david [ the lost boys ]
fandom: the lost boys featuring:  david x reader rating: m for mature (18+ only!) brief smut in the beginning. content warning: suggested past abuse to reader is a heavy theme in this one shot.  summary: david ponders the possibility of reader joining the family. attention: feedback & reblogs are essential to me, so please consider letting me know what you think, babes! 
Tumblr media
he had never seen a more beautiful sight than the one you provided: splayed out on bed in the dim candlelight, an ocean of disheveled sheets beneath you. your scent would cling to them and everything you’ve touched this night long after you left at daybreak, and unbeknownst to you, he would carry the thin scrap of lingerie from between your legs to his resting place to relish in the aroma until he could find you again. with the tips of his fingers, icy and rough, buried in the warmth between your thighs, his hungry gaze is further starved by the way your back arches up off the bed.
seraphic moans are strung together into a song that he could play on an endless loop in his mind while you’re gone; pearly fangs tear into the yielding flesh of the lower portion of his mouth, before the couplet presses a chaste kiss to your temple, the tip of his nose grazing your roots, dampened by perspiration, so that he may inhale you raw. “Let go, baby,” he urges, but your grip finds his wrist between your hips, even as your breathing quickens. it’s a silent cue, a sign that you were holding back from him. it was not the only one, he makes mental notes of the subtle hints: the way you shy away from him, look to your right (opposite of him) when you release, and the heated blush that keeps your skin simmering. it’s not simply an afterglow, but your skin is flushed with embarrassment. his name is a prayer upon your lips, and if his heart could beat, it would skip a beat with each syllable whimpered.
David never asked. your secrets were your own; if you told him, he was certain someone would have to pay. they would regardless, but guilt would haunt him if he were to take the pleasure of retribution from you. when he would much rather lead you to it- place them at your mercy, all of the miserable, damned bastards that have wronged you, hurt you, and watch you destroy them all. of course, there was also the matter of him selfishly yearning to have you to himself for the rest of eternity.
“My girl,” he whispers, his words slurred as his lips linger against your temple. “I could watch you cum all night.”
a soft chuckle escapes your lips as you shift on the mattress, reaching for the sheet that you hastily cover yourself with. your palm presses the fabric flat against your chest and you pull yourself into a sitting position, back to him as your gaze finds the rusted clock at the bedside. “You have,” you whisper in response. “It’ll be daylight soon. I can let myself out if you need to go.” you were used to the routine by now, you’d executed it countless times. however tragic your heart finds it, David existed in the night, and you in the day.
David doesn’t answer right away, pushing up off the bed to sit behind you. his fingers, still fresh with the scent of your release, trace the nape of your neck, inching down your left shoulder. “What if you didn’t?”
your brows knit almost immediately upon hearing him. turning, you cast a curious glance at him from over your shoulder. “What if I didn’t what?”
“Leave. What if you could stay with me?”
what he was asking didn’t make sense at first; it had always been him that insisted you never stay during the day. he had given different reasons, but the most important was that he and the others nested differently, that you would be alone until the sun went down. and now? now, he was suggesting you stay?
“But you said-“
his expression changes, as if he’s tensed. David shakes his head with a chuckle, but it’s one of the flattest you’ve ever heard. “I know what I said. But I don’t mean just today-”leaning forward, his hand dips beneath the cotton sheet hem. “What if you could stay with me, forever? Would you do that?”
normally accustomed to the chill of his touch, when paired with what he was suggesting, you nearly stop breathing, eyes wide and searching his countenance for any hint that he was joking. “You... You mean -? David, are you talking about being a- like you?” it was as if the word was completely erased from your vocabulary, and you struggled to comprehend the definition in this moment, when any other time it was so simple. you’d said it so many times before in reference to him, his friends, in general, so why is it that when you imagine yourself as one you can’t seem to form the word?
his expression softens, as if he’s aware that the word is haunting you, tormenting your mind, and presses his lips to your shoulder, emitting the softest of sighs. “I’m asking you to be a vampire.” he confirms your suspicion, and you could swear the room started to spin. the only thing keeping you grounded was his mouth connected to your skin, but even that was waning. drowning, that was the sensation that closely resembled what you were feeling as fear attacks every muscle, freezing you in place. his lips are careful in their trek along your skin, and he must’ve noticed your hesitation because he speaks again. “Think about it, baby, never grow old, never die...” the lingering pause has you more intrigued than before, head tilting slightly as you await what is building suspense to be the final reason to let him turn you. it doesn’t come. not unprovoked.
“And get revenge,” David’s voice is low and husky, dangerous, and so fitting to what he was suggesting. “Anyone who’s ever hurt you before or even thinks about it, we’ll rip them to shreds for the hell of it. You will be untouchable to anyone and anything but me,” with palms clasping together beneath the sheet, his forearms rub against your torso. the offer became increasingly tempting as you pondered vengeance. you’d never been one to hold meaningless grudges, but you held the scars from a couple of beings in particular, whether those were visible or emotional. those people didn’t deserve to live peacefully, you have thought so many times before, not after what they’d done to you. David’s lips dance up towards your nape again, taking their time to savor the taste of your flesh; you could feel the scrape of his fangs, but you were so much more trusting of him than anyone else. “Join me,” he coaxes, the spectral whisper as enchanting as the man it belongs to, “Be with me forever.”
the air was thicker, harder to breathe, and your lungs struggle to process the oxygen provided with your ragged breathing, just short of hyperventilating. eyes darting to each dark corner of the room, you could see the movement, sense them. the three of them. Dwayne, Marko, Paul, closing in on the bed from all angles. three pairs of glowing eyes illuminate anticipating countenances, all stoic. it was a far cry from their usual, rambunctious nature, but you had a feeling that your answer would determine what would happen next.
it was almost difficult to will your mouth to form the words. “No- no one could hurt me?”
“No one would dare,” David corrects. “You’d never have to hide again, no more being afraid, weak. Just freedom. Power.” his arm extends, to meet Marko’s, and receive the gilded bottle that was offered to him. you watch from the corner of your eye, facing straight ahead so as not to make direct eye contact with any of them. your heart pounded so fiercely you could swear they could hear it, if not feel it vibrating. David’s arm snakes around to rest the butt of the bottle in your lap, whilst his other hand finds yours, and guides it to the neck. your digits coil around the cool glass, eyes falling to the crimson liquid that sloshes about within it. blood. David’s, in fact. “Free yourself. Choose to stay with me, with us, forever. Drink it.” he’s at the shell of your ear, whispering with an urgency you’ve never heard before.
for once, you look to each of them. they seem to mirror one another: stiff and anxious, eager to see you drink. your teeth tug at your lower lip, considering refusing. would they hurt you? would David despise you? you would be alive, human, but what did that matter? being human only meant you were weak. that you could be hurt by other humans, again. you’d promised yourself once before that you would never allow yourself to be hurt again, and here, the opportunity to keep your promise has, quite literally, fallen into your lap. you suck in a ragged breath, closing your eyes tightly, and instead of answering him directly, you press the rim to your tiers and turn the bottle up.
the very moment the viscous liquid breaches the threshold of your mouth, the boys erupt in excitement. whoops and howls demonstrate their happiness to see you joining their little, makeshift family. Paul and Dwayne high five, while Marko grips the bed post, hanging off of it with a smirk a mile wide. your face twists in disgust as you relinquish the bottle into David’s hands (who disposes of it by setting it on the bedside table), wiping the back of your hand against your lips to smear the blood. the strangest warmth washes over your entire body; no, not warmth. heat. a searing, boiling sensation in your veins that has you gripping the sheet that conceals your naked body tighter, teeth grinding, and a muffled whimper of pain is kept within your mouth via the barrier your teeth create. your stomach begins to twist, as if your intestines are being pretzeled.
David, very quickly, picks up on your discomfort and swaddles the rest of your body in the sheet, scooping you into his arms. “It hurts at first, I know. You’ll feel better after you’ve slept.” weightless, he soars to the far corner of room near the ceiling, reaching the cave-like entrance that you’ve watched them disappear into it countless mornings. you never thought you’d see the inside of it, but it is precisely as dirty, cold, and claustrophobic as you’d expected it to be. turning in his grip, you bury your face in his bare chest, gritting your teeth again.
“W-what’s going to happen to me?”
a soft chuckle vibrates his otherwise lifeless chest. bare feet grip the rafters, inverting. you’re already feeling much too sick to look, but you know you’re upside down, safely tucked in his arms. “When you wake up, you’ll feel much different. You’ll be all but completely turned, and we’ll teach you to feed, starting with one of the saps that hurt you.”
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darling-disastrous · 5 months ago
hear me out:
thigh riding hard dom!david with an S/O with a praise kink
i’ve heard you, and i agree. yummy 🤤
rating: explicit
warnings: SMUT, thigh riding, praise kink, degradation, hard dom!david, brat!reader, hypnosis kink because i’m a slut, dom/sub relationships, gender-neutral reader (no parts described or pronouns used), dumbification, multiple forced orgasms, david can make you cum with a single word, and he does, multiple times, overstimulation
a/n: there's one line in here that had me cackling. i'm not going to tell you which because i want you to suffer. :) also, this is poorly edited but i didn’t want to look at it anymore so here you go
The well-worn leather of David's pants was soft under your touch. Lightly, you dragged your finger along the seam, scraping the strained threads with your nail. Up and down, pausing briefly to give his calf a squeeze before continuing. When you got a little too close to his crotch, he snatched your wrist away.
“What?” you tease.
David narrowed his eyes, his irises nothing more than pale blue slits. “I’m not in the mood, kitten.”
Ooo. Scary.
As if hearing your thoughts, David's lip curled into a sneer.
“Mood for what?” You capture your tongue between your tongue, grinning coquettishly. “I’m not doing anything.”
Some may say that trying to get on David's last nerve was a death wish, but you liked a little danger.
He scoffed and released you, going back to his brooding. You study his face, following the curve of his nose to the cute dip in his lips. His stubble was getting out of hand. You'd have to take care of that later. (Knowing David, it would result in a fight, but you'd come out victorious. You always did.) Unfortunately, he didn't look at you again. You stayed poised, just in case he pulled himself from his thoughts long enough to admire your cuteness, but he didn't.
Pouting, you lower yourself back to your previous position; head rested in his lap, fingering lazy patterns on his knee. David unconsciously lets a hand rest on your head--not scratching or petting, just laying there. The weight of it on your crown, and the quasi-scandalous position you were in, reminded you of the other night. Your jaw was still sore from having him inside your mouth for so long, but the ache brought to mind pleasant images of David's blissed-out face as he came. You nose his thigh, kissing his leg.
Suddenly, there's a harsh tug on your strands. You hiss, leaning into the sensation.
"You're trying my patience."
You laugh, but David pulls your hair again, and it comes out like a strangled moan. "If you're gonna cream your pants because of a little kiss—"
"Shut up."
Your lips seal on their own accord. You don't realize what David'd done until the moment passes. The split second of haze might've gone unnoticed to the average person, but you knew. You were well acquainted with David's powers and just what they could do.
Heat floods your cheeks and pools in your abdomen. You bite your lip, squeezing your thighs together.
The action doesn't go unnoticed by David. Again, he scoffs, then releases your abused strands. "And you're giving me shit for creaming my pants..."
"Wha—" You huff. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Seriously?" David shakes his head, plucking a cigarette from behind his ear. "You're gonna deny it?"
You make a noncommittal sound. He could be such an ass when he wanted to. Yeah, you were a little hot under the collar, but you weren't gonna give him the satisfaction of knowing it.
He leans in close, his breath fanning across your ear. "I can smell you, kitten."
Unfortunately, his words sent another gush of arousal straight to your sex. Your core pulsed with need. Fuck, he was such an ass. You tried—and failed—to hide your initial reaction with cool indifference; but, David wouldn't be fooled.
David raises his eyebrows as if to say, well?
When you don’t reply, he huffs and turns away. Curiously, you watch. Is that it? He's not going to do anything else. It seemed oddly out of character for him to let you be without sending another scathing, underwear-ruining remark your way.
He fished a lighter from his coat pocket and dangled it in front of your face. “Light it for me.”
Just like that, you were gone. The hooks David had sunk so deep in your mind tightened, and you belonged solely to him.
You scramble to your knees and swing a leg around his waist, straddling him. David doesn't stop you, but he doesn't help you either. He watches you with a bored expression, hand casually holding the lighter until you take it from him. In a swift motion, you flick it open and produce a small flame, lighting the end of his cigarette. David takes a puff, smoke spilling from his nose and the end of his cancer stick.
As soon as the action was complete, you regained your faculties. Breathlessly, you moan. The after-effects of David's mind control made you tingly all over.
He smoothed his leather-clad fingers across your cheekbone. “Such a good kitty.”
You keen under his praise, leaning into his touch. You catch the end of his palm in a chaste kiss, pouting. “Now who’s being a tease?”
“You make it too easy.” David blows a steady stream of smoke in your face. Your eyes flutter shut, inhaling softly. “If you want something, you should tell me."
Shaking your head, you shift in his lap.
"No?" David hunched over, trying to catch your eye. "Nothing at all?"
You nod.
He inclined his head. "So if I were to make you tell me what's on your pretty little mind, you would say the same thing?"
Son of a bitch. The mere mention of him using his powers again had you unintentionally squeezing your thighs together. His thigh bumps your sex, and the additional pressure makes you moan.
"That's ... That's right."
A pause.
"Are you lying to me, kitten?"
Shamefully, you nod. "Yes."
David shook his head. When he spoke, another cloud of smoke deliberately wafted across your face. "How am I supposed to give you what you want if you pull shit like that?"
"I'm sorry," you murmured. "I just ... Please, David."
"Only good kittens get to fuck my cock." He raises his eyebrow, "And you haven't been good. Have you?"
"Answer me."
The dominance of his tone has you sweating. You shrivel away from his gaze, shame coloring your face. "No. I haven't."
"Thank you for being honest." His eyes flick up and down your form. To keep from smiling, he takes another drag of his cigarette. "How badly do you need it?"
Mentally, you weigh your options. You could continue to play coy, or you could admit it outright. David was in one of those moods. Perhaps it would be better to tell him—you might get cock privileges back.
So, you swallow your pride and speak. "I need you real bad, David. You know how I feel when you do stuff like that..."
"Stuff like what?"
You wet your lower lip. "Hypnotize me."
He cocked his head, eyes alight with mischief. "How does it feel when I hypnotize you?"
"Really, really hot." You shift in his lap, running your hand across your stomach until you reach your abdomen. "It goes all through me, David. I can't help it. When you have control over me like that, I ... I want you to abuse that power. I want you to make me do whatever you want ... and I think you do, too."
David said nothing, watching you with a perfectly unreadable expression. He took his time breathing in his cigarette and exhaling through his nose. Not once did his eyes leave your face.
"Please." Desperation seeps into your voice. You grab the lapels of his coat for stability. "Please."
David stared a moment later before sighing. He plucked the cigarette from his lips and tossed it to the ground. "I'm not gonna fuck you, kitten."
"You said it yourself," he says. "You've been bad. You know the rules." David stroked your cheek, caressing your flesh with his thumb. "But you can hump my leg if you're that needy."
You inhale sharply, eyes going wide.
"Or ... maybe ..." David shifts in his seat, spreading his legs a little wider. "Maybe you don't want a choice?"
You barely had a moment to contemplate the implications of his words before it happened. David's power caressed the edges of your mind. This time, they weren't forcing their way inside but coaxing you to open up to him. You shudder, giving in to the sensation.
"Ride my thigh.”
At once, your body obeyed, repositioning itself over David’s lap. Your sex was drawn to the thick muscle of his thigh like a magnet. The first drag of your hips sent a pleasant shudder down your spine. You'd been wound so tightly that the slightest bit of friction was heavenly. Moans fell unfiltered through your mouth, high and needy as you humped him vigorously.
You threw your arms around David’s neck for stability. His skin was in contrast to your own -- the cold to your heat. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, hoping to relieve some of the unnatural warmth radiating off you.
David pet the back of your head, cooing in your ear. “That’s it. You're doing so well for me.”
His praise has you whining. You grind against him faster, his words making you desperate to prove how good you could be.
“I know, kitten, I know. But you don't have to think, remember. It's easier for you that way. Let me think for you.”
“You want more, I know, but you’re going to cum like this. You have to.”
You grind against him harder. The fabric of your underwear strains painfully against your swollen sex. It's almost too painful to stand.
“Please,” you beg, “I need—fuck—I need to take it off. My pants. I need them—”
“No, you don't, kitten.” David slid his hand down the column of your spine and over the globes of your ass. A single finger wedged itself between your sex and his leg, pressing deliciously against your wanton core. “You're going to cum just like this. This is your punishment, remember? I want you to ruin your underwear for me.”
“Shhh.” David bounced his leg, jostling you. The movement bumped against one of your tender spots, making you whine. “Good kittens don't talk back. They shut up and turn their dumb little brains off. They listen to me.”
More of him flooded your mind, smothering all errant thoughts. Anything that didn't have to do with the here and now—with David—was eradicated.
Your tongue lolls out, eyes rolling back in your head. Vaguely, you're aware of him praising your brainlessness. Good kittens don't talk. Good kittens don't think. They only do what David demands.
Fuck, it felt good to obey him.
“Cum on my leg.”
His order sent something akin to an electric pulse through your spine. Your muscles all tensed at once as an orgasm was forced out of you. It was small and unsatisfying, but the gush that followed drenched your underwear. You could feel David’s smirk against your temple.
If you'd been coherent, you would've been astounded that his powers could do such a thing.
But you weren't coherent. At the moment, you were nothing more than a glorified fuck doll, there for David’s amusement. Every cell in your body obeyed his command. Another bought of unnatural pleasure gripped you, and you came with little stimulation, other than his words.
This one was more intense. Your already damp underwear squelched lewdly as more cum filled your pants. You wouldn’t’ve been surprised if David could feel your disgusting wetness through the layers of clothing.
David watched you with a cruel smile, admiring how much control he had over your body.
You'd barely gotten through the last round of pleasure before he smacked your ass and said, “Again.”
You're not sure how long it went on for. After a certain point, David stopped waiting on your orgasms to finish before demanding a new one. Your jean shorts were thoroughly soaked; you could see the dark patch staining the front through tear-filled eyes.
You ended up on the floor, writhing, twitching, moaning as he demanded more and more from you. Your overstimulated sex ached from constant pleasure to the point that it was painful; however, you couldn't deny him.
You belonged to him. Completely. Wholly.
Time became irrelevant. You were caught in a vortex of extremes—everything was too loud. Too hot. Too much.
But the pain was delicious. You relished in the way David had full ownership of you—that he could make your body do the impossible.
That he knew exactly what to do to make you weak.
And then, everything ceased. It was like a fog had been lifted from your mind; however, you were too tired to notice. Your whole body trembled and jerked from sensitivity.
David knelt by your side. All traces of cruel amusement had been replaced with the gentle, caring expression of the boy you'd come to love.
He wiped a tear from your face—you hadn't realized you'd been crying. David bent over and hoisted you into his arms.
“I know you’re tired,” he said. “I’ll clean you up. Are you okay?”
You laugh, more tears spilling down your cheeks. “I didn't know you could do that.”
David hummed, smiling, “I didn't either.”
“You should...” You swallow hard, your voice horse. “You should do that again.”
“I plan to.” David arrived in the bathroom and sat you down on the sink. He kissed your forehead. “But let’s hold off a little while.”
“Yeah, that’s probably smart.”
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luminnara · a month ago
Are requests still open? If they are I was wondering if you could write something about PolyxLost Boys? Do you have any HCs about sexy times with female mate with Polyxboys with a pansexual mate that maybe interested in bringing a female into the group? May or may not be Star if you are into that?
(Requests are always open!)
Let me know how you like this format! I can pump out headcanons faster than one shots lol
Tumblr media
Sexy HCs:
They don’t mind sharing.
Like. They’re totally down for group stuff.
David will snap at the others, especially Paul, if he’s getting jealous about the kind of attention you’re giving everyone else
They’re kind of overwhelming.
Like, just imagine the overstimulation. Whether you’re vampire, human, WHATEVER, you’ll be shaking and walking with a limp the next day for sure.
Paul and Marko will fight over who gets what hole
As dysfunctional as it sounds, though, you all know each other well enough that things always end up going smoothly
But yes you will be stuffed full at all times when they’re in the mood for it. They’ll always give you all the attention you need, making sure you get off at least a few times, but when it’s their turn to finish...oh boy
Honestly I can see some pretty wild scenarios
One in your mouth, one in your ass, and two in your pussy? Two in your ass, one in your mouth, one in your hand? One in each hand, one in your mouth, one in your pussy? The possibilities are endless
The prospect of DP in one hole is also why they’ll make sure you cum a few times first. Gotta warm up for that lol
They each have their favorite things, of course; Dwayne is an ass man, Marko loves your mouth, David is just head over heels for your pussy, and Paul just loves everything
Just imagine all the moans you could drag out of them, too
“That’s a good girl,” David groans, hips rolling forward to meet yours as he looks up at you. You look so pretty riding his cock like that, lids heavy, lips parted slightly as your breaths come in sharp gasps. He just loves the sight of you bouncing up and down on him, and there’s no way in hell he could ever get enough.
A whine has him growling, though.
“Control yourself, Paul,” David sneers, hands on your hips. He wants you to focus on him and only him. He wants to pretend that the others aren’t there, so that he can have you all to himself just a little longer.
The whine grows louder and David snarls. “The hell did I tell you?”
But it wasn’t Paul this time. Marko is inching closer, trying to climb onto the bed, and much to David’s displeasure, you’re reaching out for him.
Paul follows, encouraged by Marko, and soon, they’re kneeling on either side of you, eagerly unbuckling their belts. You take them each in one hand and bounce back and forth, licking and sucking one dick while you stroke the other. Their eyes roll back in pure ecstasy, and David feels too good to even be mad.
You’re preoccupied with them and don’t even realize that someone is missing until you feel something prodding at your ass. Next thing you know, Dwayne is pushing you forward, leaning over you, pressing kisses against your back as he shoves you down onto David’s chest. His cock enters you slowly, and you feel impossibly full as the two enter a smooth pace, both fucking you as if there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing.
And there wasn’t.
Bringing in another female:
so right off the bat, you KNOW Paul is always game for adding another girl (double the boobs to grab, theoretically)
David might be harder to convince. He likes what you’ve got going, and he doesn’t think anything needs to change.
Marko would be a brat about it and probably get passive aggressive or pouty at the idea of someone new
Dwayne would be very cautious
If you pick someone out, though, nodding in their direction one night at the boardwalk, their heads would all immediately swivel to see who you’re so into
Let’s say maybe it is Star
She’s out there wandering, a vagrant, like so many others in Santa Carla. It wouldn’t be hard to lure her in with the promise of food and a place to stay
The boys being such lookers doesn’t hurt either
If she gets along with everyone and drinks the blood, then things can start developing
With another girl there, you’ll definitely all have to adjust. It’ll be rough at first, as everyone figures out the new dynamics
But in the end, it’ll work. It’ll be easier for the boys to all get the attention they crave so much, too
oh god, do they love watching the two of you get it on.
Jesus Christ.
Paul would probably actually lose control for a minute when he catches you two the first time, just because he gets SO riled up so quickly
Two hot girls, making out, playing with each other in one of the beds in the main cave? Fuck, he’s done for
The others wouldn’t be much better.
“Hey, girls, we brought f—“
Paul stopped dead in his tracks. He could smell the heavy scent of sex, and he almost had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.
He knew those scents.
He knew those moans.
He knew those girls.
The vampire practically sprinted into the den, following his nose. Your moans were growing louder and louder, and when he finally reached you and pulled back one of the silks hanging from the four poster bed, he was already hard.
“Mmm...” you moaned, hands tangled in Star’s long hair as her lips wrapped around your nipple. “Fuck...hey, Paul....”
His eyes were so wide, you thought they might pop out of his head.
“H-hey?” His voice cracked and he immediately cleared his throat, a hand not-so-discreetly tugging at the crotch of his pants in an effort to lessen his discomfort.
Star’s mouth ghosted up to your throat, her hand squeezing your other tit. As his eyes tried to take in every detail, determined not to miss a single thing, Paul noticed that your fingers were between her legs, dipping in and out of her pussy, making the most delicious, sloppy sounds...
Paul couldn’t fucking believe it.
This was like a wet dream come true.
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dreamties · 2 months ago
Random thought: poly!boys w/a s/o w/a large snake as a pet that they stumble upon? Like they visit them one day and they're just wrapped up in snake bit chill?
yo!! this is such an epic idea! tw: marijuana use / mention.
Tumblr media
keeping in mind the headcanons people have for Marko where he just like,,, kinda collects trash animals?? all of the lost boys are pretty much used to him bringing all sorts of things back to the cave. possums, raccoons, one time accidentally brought a skunk (major mistake on his part- never again will he repeat that mistake lol)
but reptiles? nah, that ain't somethin they're used to.
not that they haven't run into any. they've seen plenty of little lizards scurrying about, across the pavement, under peoples houses. so on and so on. but this is totally new to them !!
Marko will be absolutely thrilled with your discovery! and will immediately ask if it's cool if he holds the snake :D
the other boys will be a little lost (no pun intended-), and David will definitely be concerned- especially if it's a really big snake and one that's not common to the Santa Carla area at all.
"Where'd the snake come from?" David asks, hovering over your shoulder and eyeing the snake warily.
"Oh, you know, was just walking around," you smile up at him. "Found this big ol guy near some broken crates."
that comment nearly fucking kills him (again,, ii guess)
but like please,, having a human s/o with a comically large snake is probably going to worry all the boys like. what if it's poisonous?? wtf rr uu doing Y/n??
after the initial shock wears off though, the snake just sort of becomes a regular thing.
you guys chill at your place and sometimes play with the snake.
idk do these boys smoke weed??? ii feel like they would. kind of being so zoned out and like totally stoned, and just forgetting the snake is there and just looking over at it like "Y/n, what is that??"
can we just imagine real quick- you don't have the money for a big enough tank, so you just sorta let the snake roam around in your place. and like you forget to tell the boys that "hey, the snake is loose in my apartment :)". so they like go to chill out in your bedroom, and all of a sudden the snake just slithers out from underneath ur bed lol
also, also!! having the boys help uu name them <3
you just wanting to name it something vampire related, Paul out here trying to name it something stupid and human-ish (like Michael or Bob or some shit).
like no, Y/n, you aren't naming the snake Dracula
Marko saying you should name it after him! or one of their boyfriends. he thinks it would be so funny. David is only slightly amused by this.
David & Dwayne being the only beings taking it sorta "seriously" lol. (ii would tell uu what the five of you ended up with, but i'm like Paul with naming things lol)
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jordanlahey · 6 months ago
David cock warming as a tease for his SO✨ this idea kills be because he’s be such a bastard about it
I suck at posting but her it is
Tumblr media
*credits to the owner gif not mine*
Lucy has invited you and the boys to a movie night at the Emerson's house and you all weren't getting out of because Max insists that you all go. You didn't mind going and Max relied on you to persuade them all to go and to stay, however it was mostly David you had to convince since the others would follow him anyway.
"David, I promise it would be fun and if you still hate it I'll make it up to you." You plead, yeah you didn't mind going but you weren't going if it was by yourself you're still a little salty from Michael and co. trying to kill everyone but you were trying your best. David sat in his wheelchair and thought this over and over, he would occasionally look up at Marko and Paul who really didn't want to go and it was written all over their faces. He was going to say no and that was final until an idea popped into his head. 'I'll make it up to you.' Huh.
"Alright boys, lets go." David stood up from his chair and headed towards the cave exit.
"You're kidding!?" The blondes whined, Dwayne passed them both giving them aight smack on the head as he passed. "Ugh fine but don't expect me to be nice. "You were happy you managed to convince David as long as no one dies tonight everything would go smoothly.
You sat on David’s lap while the movie played, you would occasionally turn to give him a kiss on his jaw or to feed him popcorn and cuddle into the blanket that was over you. However, David was really not enjoying himself, the movie sucked, the popcorn sucked and the company sucked i.e. Michael and Sam. If it wasn't for Paul taking the popcorn off you and you fighting for it back he would put an end to the night and leave.
David's hand began to wander up your leg and you froze, your eyes widened as you tried to concentrate on the movie this caused David to smirk at your efforts to ignore him but he was going to see just how far you were going to ignore him. He ran his hand over your panties and move them to the side, your head whipped round to look at him your cheeks all red.
"Go back to watching the movie, don't mind me." He whispered into your ear, you really didn't know what he was going to do. Surely he wouldn't do anything not here, would he? This was new something you couldn't predict.
15 minutes passed and he hasn't done anything and you were waiting for something, anything to happen but like you said he wasn't going to do anything so you stopped and went back into the movie. However his hand didn't move away from between your legs.
David decided that you had waited long enough and in one quick motion he moved you panties to the side and slid himself in. Don't ask how he managed free himself he can do it without you or anyone else noticing plus it's David.
You had to bite your lips to stop yourself from moaning or letting any noise escape you, you knew exactly what David was playing at he's a little shit at teasing you that's what he's doing. The best you can do is ignore it right?
Wrong. Any moment he could get he would move slightly or suddenly causing him go move against you and it felt so good. Each time it happened you would look at David and he would act like nothing is happening, he almost looked bored but this is David he the master at looking casual. He would smirk to himself when you stopped looking and repeat the process.
The movie felt like it was going on an on and you were starting to get bored if it too, just wanted to leave and have David rail you. You want to feel something anything for God sakes, so you move your hips a little just to break the agonizing feeling. You intentions weren't to tease him back however you really should. This didn't go unnoticed obviously and David purposefully held your hips down to stop you from moving. "Ah ah ah."
The movie ends and to your surprise the boys had passed out from boredom even Michael had left, you didn't even realize he had. David lifted you off his lap and tucked himself back in before waking up the others and telling them it's time to go. This confused you. That was it? Nothing else? You weren't going to say anything till you both were back a the cave.
"Davidd." You whine and pouted, you were back at the cave and you still hasn't had an explanation instead he just looked at you with a smirk.
"What is it Kitten?" he had you backed up against the wall, his breath fanning your face. "If you hadn't moved I would've gave you some release but you did so think of this as a punishment." he winked and walked off leaving you frustrated. That little shit.
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komotionlessqueenmm · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine # 762
Gif NOT mine.
If this gif is yours please let me know, so I can give you credit.
Gif credit goes to - @dumbfuck-mojave
Year posted - 2021
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plus-size-reader · 8 months ago
Secret pt.2
Tumblr media
David x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 1441 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Something has to change now that the others know about David and the reader’s relationship. 
Part 1
You had no idea what Star had planned for you, or David, for that matter. 
All you knew as you walked with her to the boardwalk was that the secret was out. However she'd found out, there was no way to make that cat go back In the bag.
It wasn't clear if they were going to kill you or worse but you weren't getting out of this scot-free. That much was clear to you, especially when she led you down beneath the festivities into some sort of cave.
You had never been here before but no one could hear you screaming if she wanted to kill you. It was becoming more and more clear that your chances of getting out of this weren't good. 
The only hope you had at all was knowing that David would be involved at some point.
There was no way she would kill you without even asking him about you.
Maybe he would come strolling down that hill and save the day. Maybe this was all some practical joke he'd put her up to just to scare you. You wanted to believe that maybe that was the case, but you didn't think so.
Deep down, you knew what this meant.
"How do you know that David will even care if you kill me? I don't mean anything to him" you lied, panicking slightly more when she gestured for you to sit down. 
The entire thing was really getting to you, and with no one else in sight, it was even worse.
In all honesty, you didn't even know who she was to him, and if she cared about him in the same way that you did, she may have killed you just out of jealousy. 
Luckily, before she could prove your theory correct, there was a howling at the mouth of the cave.
It was a clattering, the hooting and hollering of several teenage boys, none of whom you had ever seen before. There were three of them first; 2 blondes, one shorter than the first, and one with long dark hair. 
Though, you didn't get to admire them much before the real object of your affections appeared.
In a moment, David was standing in front of you, his teeth bared at the female. 
"What do you think you're doing?" He spit, eyeing her incredulously before turning his attention fully to you. He didn't really care what reason she thought she had for kidnapping you.
First, he needed to make sure that you were okay.
"What happened? Are you alright?" He mumbled, bending down to look you in the eye. Luckily for her, Star didn't seem to have done much to you. However, that didn't stop David from wanting to tear her throat out just for kidnapping you.
She had to be out of her mind.
"I'm fine, just a little scared" you admitted, trying to put on a brave face. You didn't want to lie to him, not that you could if you wanted to. Even when he was human, David could see right through you.
Right now, you were shaking like a leaf. He wasn't sure if it was due to the cold or the nerves but in any case, he could have killed Star for bringing you out here.
The only trouble was that he wouldn't get a chance, not before he had to explain himself to everyone here.
David liked to put on a brave face and be as strong and domineering as possible but that wasn’t always an option. Right now, for example, he knew that there was no way to ignore the facts. 
He’d broken the rules. 
There was no way around that. Keeping you in his life was potentially dangerous for not only you but for all of the vampires as well. It wasn’t something they would have taken lightly. 
It wasn’t going to be easy. 
“Why would you bring her here? What is wrong with you?” David asked, turning his attention to Star only to start. He didn’t care to talk to any of the guys about this right now. 
All that mattered was you.
“You know how dangerous this is! I couldn’t just ignore this” she huffed back, her arms crossed her chest as she tried to figure out why he was being so aggressive.
She should have seen it coming but seeing as this was all his fault, she didn’t understand it. 
“Ignore what? What’s going on?” Dwayne interjected, finally getting away from where Marko and Paul were messing around at the cave mouth. 
He knew that they shouldn’t have had those slushies on the boardwalk. They always made Marko even more unbearable to deal with.
It wasn’t until he neared the two of them that the raven-haired male saw you there, now tucked behind David almost entirely. It was bad enough that she’d brought you here, but he didn’t want any of them getting near you.
There was no way to know what would happen.
“Star kidnapped my girlfriend” David allowed, looking between you and the others as he spoke. You had no way of knowing how this was going to go down. All you knew right now was that he was the only thing keeping the rest of them away from you.
It wasn’t exactly comforting. 
You didn’t think much about what he said, but to everyone else, that was quite the declaration. Until this moment, not one of his friends thought David was even capable of love. 
If nothing else, it seemed like the thing he loved most was hating everything. 
“That’s not right, she’s human. You know what Max will do?” Marko jumped in, bored with trying to capture Paul in a headlock. No matter what he did, he’d never be able to reach him. 
What he said was true. They could all smell it on you, and if Max came by at any point, he’d be able to smell it too. 
“Look, I know about the rules. I don’t wanna hear about it, okay?” he grumbled, looking at each of their faces in turn. It wasn’t something he could ever explain to them, but the bond he shared with you wasn’t one he could just throw away. 
It wasn’t going to happen. 
However, while that was the case, he knew that something did have to change now that they knew about you. There wasn’t a chance they would just let it go back to the way it was.
There was only one way it could go, especially if Max was to find out. 
He was going to have to turn you. 
It would be a lie to say that he never thought about turning you. 
When he really sat down to think about it, David knew that he didn’t want to live without you, and seeing as he was now going to live forever, it had crossed his mind. 
However, as he knew you’d never agree to something like that, he knew better than to ask. 
It wasn’t worth it to him to take the chance you’d agree to something you never wanted just to make his life easier, and then you’d grow to resent him over time. 
For David, that would be harder than losing you. 
Though, now that you were sitting here, surrounded by the rest of his vampire brood, there didn’t seem to be much of a choice to be made. Either you became one of them, or you wouldn’t be allowed to leave. 
Star knew it, David knew it, and before long, you would know it too. 
There were rules for a reason, things that they just couldn’t do for the sake of their survival and in breaking those rules, he’d given up any power he had. 
Right now, they could take care of it and there would no longer be a problem but if his betrayal reached Max, he’d kill you. If for nothing else other than to punish David for his behavior. 
It was far from ideal, but that was just what it was now. 
You didn’t want to become a vampire, but you also didn’t want to die. So, because of all the pressure and the adrenaline coursing through your veins, you took the bottle from David’s hands and drank its contents before you could think about it anymore.
...Before you could talk yourself out of it. 
“There, problem solved” Star hummed, content that there was no longer a problem, before leaving toward the mouth of the cave. At least if you shared their secret, you couldn’t be a threat to them. 
It was just one more secret you’d have to keep.
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writinginatree · 6 days ago
Dwayne x reader - Of Spiders & Mothers
Warnings: Spiders, Nightmares, Reader has a bad relationship with their parents, mentions of killing
There was something in your eye. You had been wiping at it for minutes, trying to get whatever it was out of your eye, but to no avail.
You tried again, looking down at your hand afterwards hoping you finally managed to remove the object from your eye. What you saw on the tip of your index finger almost made your blood freeze. A spider. You had wiped a tiny little spider out of your eye, and it was very much alive.
The eight legged creature was about as big as a grain of salt, almost too small to see, but as you stared at it it seemed to grow, until it was almost the size of the palm of your hand.
You were frozen in shock, too horrified to even scream. The only thought that ran through your mind was "That thing was in my eye. In my fucking eye."
It's body was lean, almost shaped like that of an ant, black with an orange pattern and it's legs were thin and long like needles.
You held it by one of it's legs, afraid it might escape and try to crawl back into your eye.
You left your room, walking towards the living room and yelled for your mother.
"Mom! Mom, help me, there was a spider in my eye!"
As you stood in the doorway to the living room, crying and holding the spider out for your mother to inspect she didn't even look up from the newspaper she was reading.
"Mom! Please! My eye- That thing was in there!"
No reaction. Your mothers ears seemed deaf to your pleas as she turned the page, smiling all the while.
With a jolt you woke up, looking around you quickly realized you were in the nest the boys had built for you in the cave, right beneath their sleeping spot, because you were too scared of falling down to sleep up in the rafters with them.
It had only been a nightmare.
Dwayne was sitting next to you on the bed of blankes and pillows, a worried look on his face, and you realized you must have woken him up with your crying.
"Hey. You okay? Seemed like you were having a pretty bad dream so I woke you up."
You nodded, not quite trusting yourself to speak, and wiped the tears from your face. As your fingers brushed over your right eye you couldn't help but shudder.
You had to remind yourself it had only been a dream. There wasn't actually a spider in your eye. No way. Things like that didn't happen in real life.
Dwayne noticed how upset you still were from the nightmare and pulled you close in a comforting hug.
As you buried your face in the crook of his neck you threw a quick glance towards the ceiling, noticing the other boys were all asleep.
"Sorry I woke you up." You muttered against Dwayne's neck.
He was the lightest sleeper out of the group, so it didn't surprise you that he was the only one awake.
"Don't worry about it." Dwayne was rubbing soothing circles on your back, softly rocking you back and forth and you were already starting to feel much calmer.
"Wanna tell me what you dreamt about?" Dwayne gently asked, not wanting to further upset you but knowing you might feel better if you let it all out.
You explained how you had been back in your parents home in the dream, about the spider in your eye and how your mother took no notice of your cries for help.
"Just when I thought I never have to see her again she has to come and mock me in my dreams."
Dwayne knew of your bad relationship with your parents, it had been one of the reasons you had first come to live with the boys, before they decided to turn you.
You had even contemplated making them your first victims, but ultimately decided against it. You didn't want your parents to have a part in your becoming a vampire, not even by serving as your first meal. Besides, letting them live with the doubt about where you could have disappeared to, what could have happened to you, seemed like a good revenge for all the years they made your life living hell. But a part of you couldn't help but wonder if they even cared. Maybe they weren't sad because you were gone from their lives. Maybe it even brought them joy to imagine all the horrible things that could have happened to you, maybe they were laughing at the thought of you dead in a ditch somewhere right now, how were you to know?
As these thoughts raced through your head you snuggled closer to Dwayne again, seeking his comfort.
The way you almost disappeared in the bigger vampire's embrace always made you feel safe. In the weeks since you had become a vampire you had come to appreciate his calm nature, he was like the grounding element of your life, always there to keep you steady and hold you together when you thought you would fall apart.
He didn't say anything, simply holding you and letting you cry on his shoulder.
As your thoughts went back to your parents time and time again, no matter how hard you tried to think of something else, you made a decision.
"I changed my mind. I wanna kill them."
He didn't have to ask who you meant.
"Alright, Princess. We'll talk it over with the others tonight, then you can go kill them with one of us while the others find someone else to eat."
You hummed in response.
After a moment you asked "Can you come kill them with me?"
Dwayne kissed the top of your head before answering "Sure. Now try to get some more sleep, there's still a few hours left until the sun goes down."
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