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The Beatles lost episode art NOT MINE!

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So anyone know about lost episode creepypastas and how the character that goes crazy breaks the forth wall and literally comes out the tv to kill the viewer? Well I kept thinking about this one thing, what if toons were watching that episode? Or better yet what if the toons that were featured in that episode were watching it? Would they all freak out? Would they all be planning to trick them with slapstick? Would the creepypasta toon also be freaked out since they haven’t expected this to happen? Seriously I need to know how that would go down! 

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Flapjack is one of those shows were you can’t make a lost episode creepypasta because anything you think of is on brand for that show

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When the Wind Blows: Alternate Ending

When the Wind Blows. That was a title I hadn’t heard in a long time. It was just obviously a British animated film based on a graphic novel by Raymond Briggs. You know, the guy who did The Snowman? It centered around an elderly couple then one day, word came out that war would break out in three days. The graphic novel was written around the height of the Cold War. The threat of nuclear war was as high as it is now.

I’ve always had morbid affection for dark animated films. Watership Down; The Plague Dogs; Felidae, you name it. When the Wind Blows fit snuggly in that bubble. Having watched it religiously on YouTube, the film was ultimately removed most likely because of it violated the website’s terms of service with its objectionable content. My thirst for the darkness of the animated feature was unquenchable and I hadn’t watched it sense.

That would all change one day. While I was browsing the internet, I came upon an online forum dedicated to dark, more obscure cartoons. It must’ve been my lucky day because one of the users happened to discuss When the Wind Blows. It was boring at first with just him elaborating on how he was immensely disturbed by the film when he saw it at 7. Then the discussion took a swerve.

After he explained what he considered the most horrid aspect of the film, he added an interesting tidbit. Apparently, it was an interview with Briggs himself. In the interview, Briggs explained that what contributed to his penning the graphic novel was the reality of a nuclear war and how virtually impossible it was for anyone to survive a nuclear holocaust. As such, there was a secret ending embedded in the home releases of the movie. To further his point, the user left an link to download the movie.

Curiosity overwhelmed my reasoning. For all intents and purposes, he may as well might’ve fabricated the whole thing. But, if it was in fact real, it would prove a good nugget of knowledge. So, I clicked the link. As it loaded, I was growing concerned that I was hoodwinked and that some sort of virus would crash it. I glanced back at my computer screen seeing that it was finished.

The film surprisingly started off without a single lag nor freeze. David Bowie performed the title song per usual followed by the real-life footage and Jim returning home from reading the newspapers in town. He lived with his wife in his country home in Sussex. He conversed with his wife again without issue. I felt a building dread. This was likely the third time I’ve seen the film so I already knew how everything would play out. Its saccharine mask would crumble away exposing its sinister underbelly. I hadn’t the faintest idea as to why this was the case. If I could put money on it, I’d have to guess Jim’s tone of voice. He was voiced by John Mills and yet rather than his jovial, more informed self, he had a forlorn expression on his face. Hilda immediately took notice.

When she asked her husband what the matter was, he informed her about the likelihood of war being inevitable. After she went through her tirade of war being wicked, the radio shuttered to life announcing that war could be expected in three days. The film segues to Jim preparing the house for the nuclear missile such as by painting the windows white or making a makeshift bomb shelter all according to the Protect and Survive pamphlet the government handed out. He called his son Ron only to become disheartened with his son’s seeming ignorance. Ron’s laughter could be heard over the phone. A mixture of humor and melancholy. He quoted famous songs much to his father’s chagrin. To me, it was clear that Ron was aware than he was letting on. He was losing what little sanity he had left by partying his troubles away.

The film progressed with the couple mentioning previous world wars and D-Day. Hilda was making a cake while her husband further desecrated the house in accordance with the pamphlet. The radio sounded again, the announcer explaining that an ICBM would arrive in three minutes. Jim became more hectic, and shoved Hilda underneath the door after calling her a bitch.

The screen turned to symbolize the missile dropping. A deafening siren blared through my headphones nearly sending me sprawling on the ground. Violent images of civilians’ bodies littered the scenery. Fire rained down from the sky and engulfed the bystanders.

A school bus full of children was hit by a wave of the flames; each child’s body bloated up from the blast and ruptured like water balloons. Their skin melted off gorily. Imagine placing a stick of butter being placed in a microwave. Other people were glued to the streets due to their legs fusing with the concrete. Faces burned off as buildings and houses were leveled by the onslaught of chaos.

The sound wave struck the couple’s house, decimating it. Miraculously, or rather unfortunately, they survived. Hilda in typical fashion wanted to tidy up only to be held back and told that she couldn’t leave until the fallout subsided. In a new addition, Jim assured his wife that they would be fine. Another voice spoke out one that Hilda could not hear. Jim reacted in disgust becoming further unsettled.

“Old boy, while are you sentencing your wife to death?”

The conclusion I drew was that it represented Jim’s innermost thoughts, or more directly his conscience. It was a monotonous voice bereft of any emotion nothing there but a cold, pure logic.

The two attempted to survive as long as they could off what little rations they had left or whatever survived the blast. Their water bottles were disintegrated and subsequently, their water lines were cut off. The couple were immeasurably famished. Throughout the week, they made offhanded remarks about how people lost in the wilderness resorted to drawing lots and sacrificing the weakest member so the others would live. The thought they were so hungry they’d be willing to eat each other was horrible.

Jim once found a meat clover and walked over to his life as she laid on the couch sleeping. He contemplated his options but got cold feet when Hilda was stirring awake. He quickly hid the weapon away, instead telling her that she was hearing things because of her age.

One day while they were walking in their yard, Jim smelled something in the air. Hilda followed him also smelling it. Roasted pork, she thought. Her stomach was so barren, she’d waste no time gorging on the pork.

They walked over a hill, their thoughts immediately turning to sorrow. A family of four was huddled together tightly and were roasted dark by the blast. They were the remains of a husband and wife and their two small kids. Hilda and Jim looked at each other then at me with that thousand yard stare. The camera focused in on Jim’s beady eyes. Fire danced in them. He knelt down and ripped off an arm from one of the kids. Hilda prayed over the bodies before digging in as well.

“The Powers That Be will get to us in the end.”

A few weeks passed by. The couple were somehow still alive. The camera panned to the fridge showing scraps of flesh that were left of the family. Around that time, Jim had also collected the rain water, unaware that it was radiated and unsafe regardless of boiling it. Their water supply had vanished again. Rat carcasses were thrown all over the floor. It then segued to Hilda vomiting into the toilet ranting about hating the taste of rat meat and blood. Boils were all over her body and Jim’s. They were skeletal in appearance with their leathery skin barely being held together.

“I just hope that Ron and Beryl made it out okay,” Hilda weakly said.

As she said this, a jump cut of Ron popped up. He was animated with clay alongside his wife and children. They were melded together in a fleshy blob with their limbs conjoined together. Jim assures her that their son’s family would always stick together. Hilda’s hair began to fall out by the time she suggested to Jim that they should return to their bags because another attack could come. Jim agreed to her suggestion still assuring her that help would arrive.

The voice from earlier returned now violently criticizing Jim on withholding the truth about their situation. Hilda got into her bag and waited for her husband to join her. It felt like hours before he returned, and when he did, I was taken aback. In his hands was a rifle. He cocked it, and pointed it behind his wife’s head.

“Dear, are you there?” she asked.

Jim choked back tears as he tried to speak coherently. “Recite the Lord’s Prayer for me, would you?”

She obliged. Hilda recited the prayer louder as if hoping that her prayers would be heard. A single tear rolled down Jim’s face. A loud gunshot is heard when the camera panned to the outside of the house. Jim looked at the gun in horror and tossed it beside his feet. Kneeling down, he clutched his wife as she laid dying. Tears dropped on her bosom. He remained in that position until the film faded out. The voice reappeared after the Morse code spelled out MAD.

"Old Jim died clutching his beloved wife to his dying breath due to radiation poisoning. But what he ultimately learned was that when you die…nothing happens.”

I was speechless with what I had witnessed. The film was dark, but never would I have thought that Briggs had a more sinister ending in store for the elderly couple. I took a flask and hard copied the download so I could watch it every now and then. Good too because the user’s account was terminated with the only indication of its existence being the other responses that the users gave.

Briggs said it himself that the wanted to show the utter hopelessness of surviving a nuclear war, and he succeeded.


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Where should I post the last part of the lost beatles cartoon, this is literally filled with various triggers. Should just just have a tw on the title but then stop everything and have a trigger warning before shit goes down south. Please give me suggestions.

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Recently I’ve been thinking about the whole genre of “Lost Episode” creepypastas, and, more particularly, why this genre even exists; I think that it’s down to the difference between how adults and children consume media.

When you’re a young child (especially back before the Internet and digital streaming), television is basically magical. You don’t know about things like network broadcast standards or special effects budgets or the broadcasting industry. You also don’t have the experience to know how stories are “supposed” to go, and even the tritest, most hackish tropes seem fresh to you. Moreover, you’re probably somewhat rhizomatic in your viewing habits; you don’t watch the episodes in any sort of broadcast or narrative order, nor do you really know where they fall in the broader context of the series. You probably miss some episodes now and again. There are probably some scenes that you radically misinterpret. In short, while you’re probably aware at some level that TV is fake, it might as well be a window on another Universe, one in which “anything” can happen.

As you grow up, though, you learn about things like episode guides and narrative structure and and behind-the-scenes work and television as a business, rather than as something that just happens. The chaotic world of TV becomes orderly; rational; and in so doing, the magic goes out of it. Your world becomes disenchanted.

Enter the lost episode creepypasta. The stories in this genre do not concern real “lost” episodes of shows that the authors might have seen as children–i.e., episodes that were pulled from circulation for various reasons, or outright destroyed; rather they concern forbidden episodes of these series. Episodes that appear on no guides, that show things that would never happen on the actual series, and of which the network involved denies all knowledge. They may be excessively gory, or just very morbid; some of them are even described as being supernatural–possessed by demons, or driving their viewers to suicide, or accurately predicting events years before they come to pass. Now, obviously, such stories subvert childhood nostalgia (you often read commentators following such stories saying things like “Goodbye, childhood!”); but I believe that the real appeal of this genre is that it appeals to childish beliefs by showing that they were right all along; that TV really is magical, and exists in a realm beyond the discursive intellect, beyond even the most obsessive fan’s attempts to catalogue, and beyond the motivations of broadcasters. By re-enchanting the realm of television, such stories re-enchant the world.

In the end, then, the appeal of such stories is the same as the appeal of supernatural fiction in general; it has just been transposed to a new environment for the generations that grew up with mass media.

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So I really love “lost episode” creepypastas, but it’s so hard to find any that are actually well written??? If anyone knows of any that don’t read like they were written by an 8-year-old, please, let me know

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A lot of people ask “What happened to Episode 6? Why can’t it be found anywhere? Is something wrong?”

Episode 6 had originally been the Banshees episode, a cryptid which later appears in Episode 121. Alex and Addison deleted this episode from the backlog on purpose. There is no mistake, it hasn’t gone missing, and they have asked fans not to go looking for a copy of it. Here is an explanation from Alex’s Twitter and the Cryptid Keeper Appreciation Group for further clarification. 

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Which makes me think of another lost French dub (I should maybe make a tag for this).

You all know the thirteen episode of Urusei Yatsura? The one with the eating competition-sort of? Well Urusei Yatsura was dubbed and shown in France under the name “Lamu”. And the episodes received a French dub - I know that because there are still a handful of those episodes on Youtube today.

But of course the 13th episode French dub never got posted online. And it is quite a shame for me, because the French dub is really funny, and I really appreciate this episode, so that would have been really fun to hear.

One more thing to add to my ever growing list of regrets… 

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I’m just watching (after a slight delay) the first of the remade ‘lost episodes’ of Dad’s Army and (as well as getting the distinct feeling that I’ve seen it before even though that’s impossible) am getting very strong 'insolent husband’ vibes from all the Mainwaring/Wilson interactions.

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