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#lost in translation

Your women’s liberation theme song is “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore but yet in the end… you will be the one left alone and lonely. You claim no one owns you but yet you are always on your toes for him with every beckoned call, always checking your bases making sure he knows nothing about your sideshow… A walking contradiction if you ask me, just another addiction for another guy with a hard-on to offer validation to to get hooked on and get off on. You are always a step away from being just another politically incorrect casualty, a dead body in a gutter with the life you are living and you won’t listen to reason so I guess you will have to break your poor mother’s heart when she is too blind to identify your body because you don’t care how others feel, you feel nothing and your jar of hearts you’re collecting is overflowing… You don’t care and when you die you won’t be able to actually live because you chose to throw your life away for those who are gone tomorrow and here today. Dishonest feelings for someone who would just stay. You believe their lies and run to them anyways… I needed you to stay but I finally found the strength to push you away when I realized that you won’t ever change, you aren’t ever going to better yourself and actually live your fucking life. I refuse to be a choice for you and it’s not my fault that my dick is bigger than theirs and you just wanted me as a fuck buddy, sorry Brittany, but I deserve more than to be just another option for you and ironically YOU DON’T OWN ME! You deserve to have your heart broken and you deserve to die alone for all the hurt and pain that you have inflicted on someone who just wanted to love you that you never gave that chance to. If you have to choose between me and someone else… Don’t choose me.

One of these days someone will want to hold my hand and when I give them my heart they will treat it like it is gold and they won’t ever make me a choice and they won’t ever make me feel like I am not good enough. They will see me for who I am and I will love them completely. I don’t expect you to understand and maybe it doesn’t make sense to you now but… when reality finally sets in and you see that you cannot have me anymore; that’s when you’ll need me the most.

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