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angrythingstarlight 2 months ago
Soft Mob Bucky has a huge family portrait at the entrance of the house that's updated each year. The older ones get put in the hallways.
Tumblr media
His grandparents used to do the same thing and Bucky didn't realize how much that tradition would mean to him until he met you. Suddenly all the little things his grandpa did for the family made sense.
Sometimes when its really late and he can't sleep because he's thinking about some deal he's going to have to make or a politician he'll have to bribe in the morning and he doesn't want to disturb you or the baby, he'll pace the halls and gaze at the portraits, thankful for his little family.
This will be featured in their fic
That's not going to be sad at all 馃槍
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howifeltabouthim 4 months ago
I really don't know what I would do without you . . . I don't know what I did without you. Now that we've found each other, you'll never leave, will you?
Lauren Oliver, from Liesl & Po
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chippythedog 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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mademoisellepampelmuse 3 months ago
Loneliness engulfs me & tears me apart
It hurts so much, I think I'll break from it
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pared-de-ladrillo-blanco a year ago
Everyone is happier when I'm not around...
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devils-lover-always a month ago
Trying to turn off my emotions but I always seem to come back to you. You're always going to be be in the back of my head. I don't need to the photos of you and us to remember they live rent free in my mind
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imnotyourcal 11 months ago
you promise me if there's something wrong you would say it to me but no, you never tell until you aren't with me anymore
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saadintokyo 4 months ago
I would get up despite the physical pain of my fresh surgery
Because seeing you was far too exciting for me to care anyhow
I would brush and wrap my hair in a scarf
I would pack your bag of stories
Then I鈥檇 travel.
I knew the way to your room; even if I had closed my eyes I would still make it there
The second I stepped foot into your home my heart would shift.
I would see your little body laying on the little bed. Waiting for mommy
I would rush to your bed, to look at your face and stare
I always touched your fingers and your toes. I always asked the nurses a billion questions about your vitals, your medication, your progress, anything I could.
Then I would unzip my bag and read you your stories.
Sometimes I couldn鈥檛 get the words out without crying.
Sometimes when you heard my voice your heart would start beating too fast and your monitors would beep.
I would stare at the machine that pumped air into your lungs, and then pretend it wasn鈥檛 there so I can see what it would be like if you had breathed on your own.
I never got to pick you up
That is, until your soul left your body. Then I was able to. Because there were no more wires in the way.
I remember holding you and never wanting to let go. I never wanted to let go.
I remember the nurses telling me it is time. Because the body will start to change as your life was no more. I wanted to scream and fight.
They sent me home with a box of your foot prints.
They sent me home with a card.
They sent me home with your clothes.
They sent me home without you.
I never got to take you anywhere. I never will get to feed you. I will never get to see you smile or hear you laugh.
I remember how empty and worthless it felt leaving the hospital that day.
I wanted to break everything in sight but I was too broken to speak, or move, or focus on whatever I was looking at in front of me.
My breasts hurt because I had to pump your milk but I had no purpose to anymore. So I had to sit with the pain until my body realized it did not need to produce anything.
I finished my recovery from surgery.
I will never finish my recovery from losing you.
I will never be okay with not having you.
Some days I can smile more, I still go to work, I still do things. I still try to find a reason. But no matter what, I will always come back to you.
I will always start and end my day with you.
No matter what they say to make me stop, I will always cry for you.
I will always imagine what if
Being your mother is hard baby. I was so prepared to raise you, love you, watch you grow.
But you can鈥檛 ever prepare for something like this.
They tell me you wouldn鈥檛 want to see me sad.
If that鈥檚 the case, I apologize鈥
You weren鈥檛 supposed to leave me here like this.
I am lost every single day without you.
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euesworld 9 months ago
"Come to me, come to me sweet love of mine.. come to me, come to me my sweet sunshine."
Without you, I would be lost - eU毛
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theheartkeepsbeating 8 months ago
You've been living in my mind for months now. I don't think there's been an hour I haven't thought of you, since I fell for you. And now you told me, you can't get me out of your head either, that you've been thinking about me all night and day. I don't know how to feel and what to do. It feels good, but also so goddamn sad and hopeless.
What are we going to do now?
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usheen a year ago
6x02 re-edited
lost without you聽
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angrythingstarlight 2 months ago
What if Mob Bucky and reader found out they are having a baby boy how would he react. I feel like sense bumble bee is a daddy鈥檚 girl the boy would be a mommy鈥檚 boy
Bucky would be happy to have a son. So he's not going to be upset or anything like that. His biggest concern is that the baby iz healthy and safe. A son would definitely be a mama's boy but he would idolize his dad the way Bumblebee does.
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howifeltabouthim 7 months ago
'You understand that there can be no going back now, do you not?' 'I think I am glad of that, too,' she said. 'I always feel so uncertain except when you are with me.' 'I will be with you, my love,' he said, 'for the rest of our lives.' She sighed again. 'I think I like that most of all,' she said.
Mary Balogh, from Thief of Dreams
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chippythedog 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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mademoisellepampelmuse 2 months ago
something strange happend to me
I missed you
the first time in months
but I can't tell you which of you I miss
the only thing I know for sure:
It doesn't hurt anymore
to miss you
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moonlights-tears a month ago
She was a poison of the mind
That one treasure I sought to find
In my heart we did embrace
Left me longing without a trace
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another-mind-ghost a year ago
Do I really miss you, or have I just pinned the idea of happiness to you?
Do I really love you, or am I just looking for someone who will love me too?
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