fullmetalfisting · a day ago
My boyfriend has to go to the ren fair for work but i can come and he wanted to do a matching costume. He was like “I want to be Frodo” and I was like “oh cool I can be Shelob” which was, apparently, not the couples costume he was thinking of
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gizkalord · 16 hours ago
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@pscentral event 03: team colors → orange lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring (2001)
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aragornsrockcollection · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Behold! The reason I buy it when characters call Galadriel wise.
Feanor is by Bellaberolts
And Gimli is by Jas Sparks
Please forgive me for using your art in my shitty meme.
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eldamaranquendi · 2 days ago
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Elves by https://hehuihehui.lofter.com
1. Caranthir
2. Galadriel
3. Earendil
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elena-kukanova · 15 hours ago
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Nerwen Artanis
the preparatory stage for the future work about Alqualonde
Всё ещё подготовительный этап к многофигурной работе. Относительно того как вообще возникло у эльфов Валинора искусство владения холодным оружием Сильмариллион даёт нам небольшие зацепки, по которым можно достраивать картину с достаточно большим простором вариантов. Мы можем предположить что Оромэ чему-то да научил квэнди во время похода от Куйвиэнен до берега моря, переход был очень опасным, эльфы уже тогда столкнулись с силами тьмы, и должны были уметь себя защитить. Но это первое поколение квэнди. Следующие поколения, рождённые уже в Валиноре наверняка знали из рассказов родителей об опасностях этого мира, о том с какими испытаниями пришлось столкнуться во время великого похода, а дальше - сразу непокой, в тайне кующиеся мечи, и... Альквалондэ. И нолдор имеющие оружие, доспехи, и знающие что со всем этим делать к моменту их прихода в Средиземье мы имеем как факт. А что было между приходом эльдар в Валинор и клинком Феанора нацеленным на брата, какова в этом была роль Мелькора, до чего дошли эльфы самостоятельно, каким было взаимодействие с эльфами Оромэ и Тулкаса в Валиноре, это всё уже каждому "как оно более красиво".
Своего рода размышления в карандаше о том, что испытывали эльдар впервые подняв оружие против себе подобных, главной для меня здесь будет психологическая составляющая.
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theartofthecover · 2 days ago
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The Lord of the Rings: Gandalf vs. the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm daily sketch (2021)
Art by: Skottie Young
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incorrect-lotr-trash · a day ago
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jeonwonwoo · a day ago
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@userphotoshop​ event 01 🤍 get to know the members ↳ THORIN OAKENSHIELD [ favourite character ] We are sons of Durin. And Durin’s sons do not flee from a fight.
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nathsketch · 2 days ago
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All the way from my favorite place right to your house!
A huge thank you to all the friends who constantly share with me photos of their beautiful homes filled with my LOTR goodies. It’s truly an honor!
You can find these and other items here and here 🌋🧝🏻‍♂️
Happy Saturday! ✨
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Body type HC’s for my favs
- Twink
- Slender body, narrow waist. Very elegant and statuesque
- He has a soft tum, and has a little chub in his lower tummy.
- His thighs and upper body are more muscular but the muscle isn’t that defined.
- Very Nice booty, not quite a peach butt, but it’s Nice and round from all that tree climbing and elk riding.
- no body hair. Smoother than a dolphin.
- dad bod
- soft tummy and has more chub around his middle
- Very Strong arms from picking up so many kids and spinning them around. Very good for hugging.
- More Body hair than ur average elf but not excessive. Yes, he has grown a mustache and had it for like a day bc literally everyone hated it.
- Average Ass
- a total Chad
- covered head to toe in defined muscle, especially his arms and upper body.
- if you punch him in the gut, you’d break your wrist.
- strong, muscular ass
- no body hair
- actual Greek god holy shit
- buff as hell with perfectly sculpted muscles
- big tiddies. Yes he can do the pec thing where he can flex them one at a time.
- Like Legolas, if you punched him in the gut you’d break your wrist. His lower tummy has some chub
- Herculean ass. Literally perfect. The Valar did him so good.
- very little body hair
- very muscular but on the leaner side.
- his arms and upper body are heavily muscled and defined.
- has a strong core but the muscles aren’t defined there and he has a thin layer of fat around his middle.
- This man has CAKE, it’s very muscled too
- hairy.
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homura507 · a day ago
🌈Everyone Is Equal🌐
Tumblr media
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eldamaranquendi · 2 days ago
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Legendarium by Maxwell  the Beech
1-2. Glorfindel vs Barlog
3-4. Fingolfin vs Melkor
5. Tuor & Ulmo
6. Gandalf & Shadowfax
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lyndeth-halfelven · a day ago
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But you need your rotten heart / Your dazzling pain like diamond rings / You need to go to war to find material to sing I am no mother / I am no bride / I am king I need my golden crown of sorrow / My bloody sword to swing / My empty halls to echo with grand self-mythology I am no mother / I am no bride / I am king
(Florence + the Machine KING x Eowyn)
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lotrscenery · 2 days ago
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samepictureoflegolas · 13 hours ago
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Follow to see this picture of Legolas every day
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mgcoco · a day ago
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A little Crablor for Mayglor 🦀💙
Bonus featuring Elrond:
Tumblr media
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mistyhillart · a day ago
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southfarthing · 12 hours ago
"sam is the real hero" "frodo is the true hero" "aragorn is the actual–" shhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
why is this a debate we are having!!! none of them would have achieved anything if not for the love and loyalty and courage and commitment of their friends!!!! yes, we can argue that some characters had a heavier burden and struggled and suffered more than others and therefore deserve more praise, but praise wasn't their motivation! at the end of the day, the lord of the rings isn't about idealising that one 'true', chosen hero!!!! it's about everyone humbly and earnestly doing their part, big or small, to contribute to the collective effort to make the world a better place!!!!!
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gamgeesgarden · a day ago
Bilbo, on his birthday: If I disappear under mysterious circumstances do not come looking for me. I meant to do that
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