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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I wonder what Ori’s last thoughts were when, hidden in Moria’s room, next to Balin’s tomb, he fearfully awaited the arrival of the goblins. What did he feel when he hastily wrote that last page of the diary as the drums and screams got closer and more deafening, what did he think when he saw the bolted door being shattered and the goblins swarming into the room. Whom did his last thoughts go to when he saw the enemy raise their weapon on him before falling into eternal darkness …

His final moments must have been really horrible.

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More LOTR content! We made a LOTR themed pumpkin! You have to watch the video to see what it is though lol! Please subscribe if you like the video! I wanna get to 100 soon! I’m 24 subs away! My niche is LOTR if you like this fandom!

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*Merry & Pippin, tied to opposite sides of a log floating down a river*

Pippin, looking ahead: Uh-oh

Merry, can’t see where they’re going: don’t tell me, we’re about to go over a huge waterfall

Pippin: yep

Merry: sharp rocks at the bottom?

Pippin: most likely

Merry, softly: Bring it on

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Requests are open!

I would love some requests to be sent in! Spn, Star Trek, Lotr, and Sherlock are just a few of the fandoms I will write for. You can read the pinned post on my page for more.

I’ll do oneshots, head cannons, drabbles, ships, matchups, and more, just ask!

As I’ve only just started this blog, I will only be doing male x female. It’s what I have done many times, and know how to do. Please no hate on this!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day! One as beautiful as they are! Please request!

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The internet ruined riddles. Imagine you’re some peasant boy in 1374 and some traveling salesman asks you “What is it that given one, you’ll have either two or none?” And then leaves. You’re done for that’s what. If you can’t figure it out that’s gonna haunt you for the rest of your life even if you think you have an answer the dudes moved onto the next town and is gonna die in the crusades before he can ever make it back to your village. Now you can just spend 11 minutes puzzling it out and then google it if you’re a pussy. Man up and be haunted by your failures like your past lives did

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how tragic it must have been to be legolas, into bears, but nothing except hairless twinks around you every single day of your life.

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it’s ya boy, glorfindel

[id: a picture containing three drawings of glorfindel, from the shoulders up, and then three pictures, each a closeup of the three drawings. glorfindel is an elf with warm, medium-brown skin, black eyes, and curly brown hair that’s dark brown at the roots and has golden highlights. he has a few dark brown freckles across his nose, cheeks, collarbones and shoulders, some scars on his face and neck, and wears silver jewellery in his ears, nose, mouth and/or eyebrow, as well as a silver necklace.
in the first drawing, glorfindel’s profile is shown. he is looking ahead and smiling slightly, and his lips are painted bright red. his hair is shaved close to his skull.
the second drawing depicts a three-quarter view of his face. he is looking to his right with his eyebrows slightly lifted and his mouth straight. he is wearing orange-pink eyeliner around the corners of his eyes and his hair, which is long to fall over his shoulders, is pulled slightly back from his face.
in the third drawing, glorfindel is shown from directly in front. he is looking slightly to the left and smiling widely enough to show his teeth. he is wearing golden highlighter on his skin and dark green and gold eyeshadow on. he’s wearing a dark green jewel in silver on his forehead and his dark green and silver clothing is just visible. his hair is loose and cut at about chin-length.
the background is orange-pink and the drawings all have white outlines./end id]

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Dear Ringers, my brothers and sisters, stop comparing Arwen and Éowyn if you do because they’re probably best friends and obviously admiring each other.

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