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#lots of love to anon
penrose-quinn · 5 months ago
Hi pen!! I'd like to ask what are your thoughts about Gojo? Cuz youre so good as decrypting characters and describing their deepest traits. I tend to linger in their shallow sode despite wanting to know them better. So please, if ever you have time to answer, please do!!! Thank you so much (also, youre one of the best writers I know out there and trust me, I know a lot.)
Heyoo, anon!!
Aww, thank you so much for this sweet message! I try writing these characters to the best of my understanding so this sent me flying to all sorts of places ❤️💜💙
So Gojo.
Where do I even start with this guy?
I actually love him more than I thought I did.
(There’s manga spoilers under the cut)
Tbh, Gojo actually reminded me of my eccentric professors in art school haha.
Back then, I just thought he was cool. The hype behind his character when the anime came out sort of ruined him for me, but because of that, other characters like Nanami and Geto (hell, even Mahito) outshined him so I understand where you're coming from, anon, about lingering to his more shallow sides. I didn't really have a deeper grasp on his character until I reread Hidden Inventory Arc again, followed by Shibuya Arc (ಥ_ʖಥ) and then the Prequel. And well, retreading back to some various interpretations of his character from fics.
It sort of led me to realize: "Wow, he must be the loneliest guy ever."
And it just clicked for me there.
Arguably, Gojo still has his students and he does have friends, but they do rely on him a lot and he always takes it upon himself to let them rely on him, given how many times he's worked his ass off saving kids from executions and keeping things in order (to the best of his abilities at least, before ya know). 
Before, Gojo had Geto to rely on, but now there's no Geto. There's just him. Who does the strongest rely on when you are in fact who everyone relies on and strives to be? Who has surpassed his limits, overcome death, and tipped the balance of the world? 
All that power, that responsibility - it’s such a lonely place to be in. 
And what’s worse is that it doesn’t seem like he’s allowed to show instances of weakness/vulnerability because there are larger consequences if he does. (ft. Shibuya Arc)
But that isn't to say Gojo is miserable. Far from it, really. But I do think he doesn't know how to properly handle his emotions - his grief.
And that’s actually another thing.
For a someone who is undoubtedly the strongest, he mourns.
Gojo mourns for his losses and loses so, so much. 
Because of that, he does his best to protect what he can. Goes out of his way to make people stronger because he realizes that he can’t always save everyone, despite the impossible feats he has accomplished by himself. (Which is honestly such a great development and motivation for his character.)
Also: I get where Gojo is coming from by trying to raise a new generation of sorcerers to overthrow the old, rotten system, but I don’t fully support him on his methods lol. He’s kind of making himself into a bit of a hypocrite there by using the kids like that (you know, like the higher-ups you hate so much) but to be fair, he treats them better and he does genuinely care for them. (But, but, but-)
But I don’t mind: it makes him flawed. He’s done a lot of morally questionable things already, but not without reason.
And yet, I believe he’s a good guy. Still lacking a bit in empathy and may be unstable, but a good guy.
Here me out on this one.
This is an unpopular opinion: But I don't think Gojo is as much of an asshole as people like to paint him as. Sure, he messes with everyone. Oftentimes, he doesn't have a sense of boundaries and will go too far with his antics. He's someone who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about him, doesn't hold grudges too deeply, lacks tact with the way he talks and interacts with people. Doesn't excuse his behavior, but still.
This is the guy that went out of his way to search for the son of the man that almost killed him. That's willing to help a girl who's going to be erased in order for her to live a normal life. And this is HS!Gojo. The same bratty Gojo that gets flack for looking down on the weak. He could have, but you don't see him going down the genocide route to resolve his issues (I’m sorry for the shade Geto bby Ily but your plan’s whack).
Don't even get me started with the mischaracterizations and the bad takes about him being a narcissist or turning into the final villain or him getting neutered once he's free from the prison realm just because 'he's too OP' or some other reason like that. Sorry for the mini-rant, anon.
Anyways, yes. I believe he's a good person.
Lastly, another lovely thing about him is that Gojo sees the potential in people - his students, his friends. Despite growing up in a close-minded, conservative world, he acknowledges and doesn't underestimate Toji and Maki's strength despite the prejudice on Heavenly Restriction. He also acknowledges this in people like Yuji (despite being Sukuna's vessel) and Yuta (despite being cursed) who are supposed to be in death row because of the close-minded prejudices surrounding them. He is someone who values strength in different places. It also makes so much sense for his character, given what he's been through to be where he is now, and how it's very fitting for him to become a teacher, despite the eccentric way of teaching.
I could go on and on about Gojo. He's that much of a complex character, but I'll admit I'm more scattered writing meta than I am writing fiction so apologies if my thoughts went all over the place! These are just some highlight points I could explain, but I'd argue there's a lot more.
Anyways, anon, thanks again for the ask! I hope you have a good/day or night! 💖
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araekni · 3 months ago
Request: Queer love as something holy. Being alienated from religion and finding your own way of worship.
Tumblr media
Jorge Luis Borges, The Meeting in a Dream
Tumblr media
Taylor Swift, False God
Tumblr media
Ziggy Marley, Love Is My Religion
Tumblr media
Frank Ocean, Bad Religion
Tumblr media
Stephen Adly Guirgis, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
Tumblr media
Jake Wesley Rogers, Jacob from the Bible
Tumblr media
John Keats to Fanny Brawne, 13th October 1819
Tumblr media
Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion, WAP
Tumblr media
Semler, Bethlehem
Tumblr media
Wrabel, The Village
Tumblr media
Tosca, Ho Amato Tutto
Tumblr media
Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles
Tumblr media
Fall Out Boy, Church
Tumblr media
Lord Alfred Douglas, Two Loves
Tumblr media
Semler, Bethlehem
Tumblr media
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Tumblr media
Lana del Rey, Tulsa Jesus Freak
Tumblr media
Hozier, Take Me To Church
Tumblr media
Mary Lambert, She Keeps Me Warm
Tumblr media
Tyler Glenn, Midnight
Tumblr media
Sappho (attrib.)
Tumblr media
Wrabel, The Village
Tumblr media
The Aces, Lovin’ Is Bible
Tumblr media
Jake Wesley Rogers, Jacob from the Bible
Tumblr media
Louis Tomlinson, Only The Brave
Tumblr media
Lana del Rey, Religion
Tumblr media
Richard Siken, Litany in Which Certain Things are Crossed Out
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cata-strophes · 23 days ago
I see your doodle art of human!Techno addicentally adopting blood god!Tommy and now I'm highly curious on what your thoughts is about that au. any of them you wanna share???
oh boy do i have thoughts an ideas for this au!!! its been on my mind for. literal months actually
basically techno is like, just a pretty normal dude just exploring the world and travelling around
he finds these weird ruins and enters them and there just a rly concerning amount of blood and baby in the middle of a pillar surrounded by dead bodies
techno doesnt know this yet, but what happened was that this is the blood god cult trying to bring back their god but misread the instructions and they thought they needed "a pure sacrifice" (which is why infant tommy) when actually they needed "a clean vessel" (just a person who is not blessed or cursed by any other gods and whatnot)
techno takes the baby bc hes not just gonna leave a baby there to die and tommy immediately gets attached and kinda imprints on techno
tommy is a literal infant so he cant rly control his powers but techno being the only person he trusts he kinda blesses him and thats how techno slowly starts to get his more beast-like appearance (tusks, red eyes, pointy ears, a pink-ish skin, he gets more strength or smth too) plus the voices!!
this was very usual for the blood god before to give his most trusted followers to be able to help him at all times and all that
techno rly wants to give him up and tried to at several villages but grew attached to tommy and also tommy kinda compelled him with the blessing since the voices (that are still a bit quiet and mostly mix with his own conscience) keep telling him he has to take care of tommy himself
^ this is definitely something that comes up in the future when techno and tommy finally understand the meaning of a blood god's blessing and theres Angst
since tommy is a child and his body and brain cant rly stand the ammount of power and knowledge of the actual blood god, most of his powers and memories are like. locked, and as he grows up he starts to be able to use more of his powers and relive some memories
anyways since tommy is just a Baby, most ppl actually think techno himself is the blood god, not like, the caretaker of the baby blood god, which he appreciates since otherwise they would try much harder to kill tommy instead of seeing him as a poor victim of the bloodgod or smth
tommy does have some powers though, when hes a toddler, some Evil Dudes kidnap him to gain power over techno Who Is Definitely The Blood God and when techno goes save him he just finds tommy sat in a concerning ammount of blood and tommy just raises his arms and is like "up up!!"
later on phil and techno become friends and phil also thinks techno is the blood god!! bc techno just never thought to clear that up when they first met and then it kinda escaped his mind
so techno introduces tommy who is just like dangling from his arms like a mokey and phil is like "ohh!! i also have a son!!! :D" and he introduces them to wilbur who is like 10 or smth
wilbur is like "im older so u have to listen to me!!" and tommy (a literal blood god who has killed many men) is all bright eyed and excited bc wilbur talks with Big Words and obviously is very smart and strong so yes yes it makes sense he has to listen to wilbur
phil and wilbur still think tommy is Just A Normal Baby
and idk wilbur likes to read to him and play the guitar so tommy immediately loves him and follows him around
(yes techno tries very hard not to feel jealous of a ten year old)
one day tommy and wilbur get kidnapped
wilbur is like "i will protect you bc im Older!" and tommy is like ":0!!"
but then the Bad Guys do Bad Guy Stuff and wilbur gets hurt so tommy is like ">:(!!!"
and once again theyre found in a puddle of blood
phil is like "wh-" and tommy is just like "techie!!! :D" and then immediately gets very sad and is like "wilby is huwt techie :'((("
and then they heal wilbur and thats how phil finds out tommy is actually the blood god
tommy still follows wilbur around tho bc hes Child and wilbur is Big Brother and Older and Reads Very Fast
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coffeeshib · 2 months ago
i'm sorry but all the braid!lena content we've been getting this season is a personal attack. how dare she be looking that soft
soft!!!! it's bc kara's here, breathing & tangible & so within lena's reach. one thing lena's always gonna do is look sexy & wife-shaped next to her bestie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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black-and-yellow · 4 months ago
Hi I'm new to the Loudspeaker AU and loving it! Can tell me how he came to join the LoV? Thanks!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
By a chance encounter.
He'd thought about it before but told himself he wouldn't do it. But he recognises the stapled mess that is Dabi's hand and takes advantage of the fact nobody seems to recognise him with his hair down to approach with his idea. Something like 'Hey if you don't kill my last friend, I'll help you out' but with more words. Dabi says he'll get back to him. At first he's like 'it's just Present Mic he's not the most impressive hero, nobody takes him seriously' but he thinks about it a little more and comes up with a good few reasons they'd want him on their side. A few of these reasons being: he has a mad destructive quirk; having a hero on their side would be a big [raspberry blowing noise] to the rest of the heroes; and if their CD player breaks he can sing them songs. So he has a talk with Shigaraki and Shigaraki says yes because society and because of course he would. Dabi tells Yamada, Yamada tells Aizawa, Aizawa pushes Yamada down the stairs and the rest is history.
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saintqueer · 4 months ago
About the rad louies and stuff. I am a larrie, I love H&L but I wasn't expecting this level of stunting from Harry at this point and it makes me sad. This is kind of a cry for help because the last think I want is to think bad about Harry, but sometines I'm genuinely concerned... would he give up all of his creative ambitions just to be with him? I hate the ladies man he is trying to sell AGAIN, and many harries, larries, directioners don't like it either, so Harry WHY? :( Please don't be mad
hey babyyy,
i'm not mad! i don't blame you for being sad and confused. i'm not a discourse blog and i don't plan to become one (despite my last few posts, sorry!) but i want to answer this because this is such a hard time in the fandom and we could all use some comfort.
it's fair to say none of us were expecting this level of stunting after 2019 and 2020. but i think it is important to emphasize that just because he is no longer as tightly controlled as he was as a teenager, does not mean he likes stunting. this stunt was not his idea. he was not sitting in a board room going "hey guys what if i make out with olivia on a yacht, that'd be so fun!" he is a closeted gay man who has to do some ridiculous stuff to maintain his closet and to be successful in the music industry and now hollywood.
now, you say you "hate the ladies man he is trying to sell again." i want to be very clear here, he, himself, is not and never has tried to sell this. this image was pushed upon him incessantly at the tender age of 16 (when he was a LITERAL child) and he was buried deep in that image by 1d's team and the tabloid media for eight years straight. while in 1d he pushed back on this image as much as he possibly could. he hates this image and he had no choice in it. just listen to Don't Let Me Go, listen to Something Great, listen to Two Ghosts, and if you need further reassurance of something recent: listen to Falling!!!!! watch the Falling music video! what do you think he is talking about when he says "what if i'm someone i don't want around?" the image of "the drink in my wandering hands." i see Harry far more in his music than i do in his pap pictures or than i do in HSHQ. i cannot picture someone writing those songs who is not incredibly self-aware, good intentioned, and deeply deeply loving.
yes, we hate this stunt. yes, it is bringing back some of the narrative that haunted us during 1d of the womanizer. yes, we are all slightly confused as to why he agreed to it after what looked like a serious image rebranding in 2019. we do NOT have the answers. i simply don't know, anon. BUT i am not going to start questioning who Harry is and how he wishes to be seen. and, honestly, that takes some faith right now. especially after yachtgate 2.0. but i am happy to say it is not blind faith because Harry is still Harry. i am going to pull out the big guns and attach fimq's video "The Womanizer." perspective is important and it hasn't been a very long time in the grand scheme of things since fimq made this video. re-watch this or watch it for the first time and tell me who the real Harry is:
i think it's easier to vilify harry for rads because 1) his uber success and 2) he distanced himself very purposefully once the band went on hiatus. i highly suspect harry did so for his mental health and likely after working through some serious trauma in therapy. it's easier to think someone's a villain when you rely on tabloid fodder. i don't believe tabloid fodder about louis, so why would i about harry? just because i have less access to him, doesn't mean he's now a different person from the one i've grown to know.
harry's success means all the stunts are in your face but louis still has a whole ass beard and child. and he talked about that child and beard during promo in 2020! i don't think he is any less brave or good because of that. so it'd be cruel to say so of harry. closeting is never the fault of the closeted person. no matter how famous and successful.
and, finally, your question of would he still give up all his creative ambitions just to be with louis referencing what i said in my post which harkened to IICF. well, i think that question is moot. i think they likely determined a long time ago, 2015 or 2016, that both of them did not want the other to give up their ambitions for the other. and gladly so because that would not make for a very healthy or happy relationship. they decided they could stick together and still support each other's dreams; that they could survive the closeting if they had each other. it's a measure of love to say you would give up everything if they asked you too. but assuming louis loved/loves harry just as much, do you think he would even entertain the idea of allowing harry to give up on his dreams of singing, writing music, acting, being a gender-fucking fashion icon? nahhhh!!! would you let your partner do that? so to answer your question... i think harry still loves louis just as much as he did when he wrote IICF, probably even more now. do i think his ambition is a hindrance to his love for louis? no, not at all. i think louis is the biggest harrie there is, just like i think harry is the biggest louie.
okay, i think i've gone on long enough. i hope i've brought you some comfort in some way, anon. and i apologize to anyone who has to scroll past this fucking novel. but i think i needed this chat just as much as anon did. harry is a good and beautiful princess even when he is harder to access!
if you're not already all discoursed out, anon, i will leave you with two posts that i felt were helpful to my thinking recently. this post about bravery and being generous to closeted individuals. and this post about closeting and coming out. also, i hope you did watch that fimq video, it's an important reminder for all of us right now!
this is officially the end of my apparent anti-rad manifesto.
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queen0fm0nsterz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made these while taking a break and I thought I'd share!! I'm working on a short animation atm so I'm experimenting with this style. My usual style is a bit more complicated but I figured it'd be easier to animate using this one!! How does it look?
The first two ones are quotes from @incorrect-nightmares, i love that blog. Literal free serotonin fr.
Tumblr media
Rip doc
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months ago
Random request…
I’d like to see a blurb/story of Bucky not being well endowed. Maybe he’s been avoiding getting intimate because he’s nervous/scared but reader finally convinced him to and shows him that his size doesn’t matter. (Every story I read is with a overly endowed Bucky. It’d be nice to see something a little different)
No but I LOVED this so much!! As much as fanfics glorify huge dicks (and I’m guilty of that myself), there is nothing wrong with a normal sized dick!! In fact, there’s plenty to love about a dick that doesn’t tear up your insides 💗
Tumblr media
I can absolutely see Bucky feeling so insecure about his body in general. For starters, his metal arm takes some getting used to, it’s clunky and for a while it really feels unnatural but it’s easier when he just doesn’t have to think about it. He has the same attitude to his dick too unfortunately.
But I feel like Bucky would really crave intimacy and as much as his head tells him his body is inadequate, there would be something in him that lives to please you.
I think he would almost feel like he has to compensate for the fact his dick isn’t maybe what most women would expect? So he would spend hours working you into a whimpering mess. He wants you so overworked you don’t even think about the fact he hasn’t got off.
Eating you out would be his absolute favourite, whispering “oh angel, you’re so good for me. So delicious. Look at you swallowin’ me up.” While he watches two fingers disappear inside you, wet sounds escaping as his fingers stroke your walls. But your little whines are what leaves him totally mesmerised. You can’t stop, you’re already 3 or 4 orgasms in and you’re vowing this will be your last because you can’t even think straight anymore.
Bucky’s still eating you like he’s starving, like he’s never tasted anything so delicious in his life so by the time you cum screaming once more, you’re so beyond satisfied you feel like you’re floating. You’d just about be able to register him flopping onto the bed beside you chuckling “how was that angel?” But you can only hum contentedly, passing out in his strong arms.
And unfortunately, Bucky’s getting so comfortable just focusing on your pleasure and ignoring his own but he knows he won’t be able to get away with it forever.
And of course. He doesn’t. Because it’s only fair that he gets as much physical enjoyment from intimacy as you do and the way things are, he can’t possibly be feeling as fulfilled as you.
So that first time, he’s so nervous, almost to the point that he thinks he’d rather be doing anything else. He doesn’t want to disappoint you, he doesn’t want to embarrass himself, he’s scared of performance anxiety, his head is just swimming.
But you ease him into it, helping him shimmy out of his boxers and you notice he has nothing to be scared of. He’s perfectly normal, hard and leaking and beautifully sensitive just not soul destroyingly huge. You’re more than happy about it, almost relieved in a sense.
But Bucky hasn’t taken a breath since he got fully naked in front of you, he’s just beside himself with fear that you’re maybe going to laugh or make a comment but when you lean over and catch his soft lips in yours, he breaths a sigh of relief.
Your hand finds his length, giving him a few quick tugs and he’s lost in how perfect your hand feels around him. “Oh God, shit that’s good.” He’s all but whimpering, watching your hand work him and he realises there was never anything to worry about with you. In that moment, he feels safe and loved and taken care of and nothing else matters.
Up until you remove your hand and move to straddle him instead, his back pressed to the headboard, your chest flush with his as you sink down on him. You both let out little groans at the feeling of your wet heat engulfing him.
“You okay?” You whisper, cupping his face, letting both of you take a second to get used to the feeling and his eyes flutter open, meeting yours while he breathes out a little “yeah, are you?”
He’s slightly breathless when you nod, drunk on a combination of love and lust and it’s almost all too much for him. But then you roll your hips and it just feels incredible. He’s a snug fit, that can’t be denied but it’s not painful. In fact, it’s the most pleasure you think you’ve felt yet.
“Your body was made for me, you know that? So perfect. So beautiful.” He’s watching how your breasts bounce as your body rocks on him and he’s unravelling.
“Bucky, you feel so good.” His face screws up at the praise because he genuinely worried you wouldn’t be satisfied by him, that you’d need more that he wouldn’t be able to give you.
The sex is so slow and passionate, kissing every inch of each other you can reach, wandering hands caressing each other, a product of mutual respect and a love neither of you have spoken about yet.
Bucky has more than satisfied you but what you love even more is that he’s not entirely focused on you in that moment. He’s taking his own pleasure as it comes. He’s not trying to overcompensate because he knows he doesn’t have to.
“Oh angel, I’m so sorry. I need to cum.” Bucky whispers after what feels like hours of making love. His voice is broken, his lips are pink and swollen and how could you possibly deny him that, especially when he’s already been so attentive to you.
“Please Bucky, cum for me. Cum in me Buck, make a mess, baby.” He full on whines as he fills you up, pressing deep inside you, cumming so hard his body is trembling. His cries are silenced slightly by his lips on your skin, your fingers running through his hair sending him to a new level of bliss.
After that, your relationship is pretty much perfect, with Bucky no longer carrying so much unnecessary guilt and self doubt
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genshin-headcanons · 4 months ago
traveller headcanon:
since they have the ability to purify things, as seen with dvalin’s tears, i think they’re also slowly absorbing xiao’s karmic debt, as he mentions in his serenitea pot voice lines that his karmic debt has recently been easier to bear, likely from being around the traveller.
i also think this could apply to bennett’s abysmal luck. in his hangout events, one of the endings was finally finding treasure, and since bennett’s luck affects others as well, i think the traveller absorbed it or at least cancelled it out.
in conclusion: the traveller is a sponge for bad.
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penrose-quinn · a month ago
Are you kidding? I read that teaser 100 times already. I loved what you wrote so far! *throws love hearts in your direction*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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beacon-lamp · a month ago
but have you considered that the glare is just a wee little grunkle skrunkle mossy lad,,, and i love him dearly (so huggable)
i'm rigging the vote and endorsing grunkle skrunkle mossy lad for minecraft mob vote today
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jeongwife · 6 days ago
hear me out. home;run insp'd au. fucking detective! wonwoo on a train to distract him from the shit you stole. thank you have a wonderful night.
detective wonwoo bending you over the table, fully dressed in his suit while he tugs up your dress to bunch it around your waist. his actions are rough bc he’s frustrated from having to find the culprit among the sheer number of passengers on the train, as well as from how you distracted him when he in the middle of doing his job—the sexual tension between you two when he was interrogating you having been too much and now he can’t leave your booth without first fucking the living daylights out of you.
he pulls his cock out of his slacks before lining it up with your dripping entrance, taunting you for being such a dirty girl and letting him fuck you like this when anyone can walk past and see you two through the glass panel on the door. you can’t get out the snarky response you had in mind bc he pushes in all the way, and all that leaves you is a choked moan from how his tip nudges against that sweet spot inside you. he’s super rough with you bc he’s stressed and doesn’t have much time, pinning your hands behind your back with one of his own to hold you down so you can’t squirm away, while the other hand gropes your ass and maybe giving it a few spanks every now and then to feel you grow even wetter from the impact.
he knows you’re close when you start clenching around his cock, bending over to growl the filthiest things into your ear like, “are you gonna cum, you dirty girl? gonna cum all over my cock when anyone could walk in and see how much of a slut you’re being for me?” his words send you into your orgasm, and you’re shaking against the smooth surface of the desk as wonwoo thrusts a few more times into you before cumming inside. his hand still keeps you pinned to the table when he pulls out of you, watching his cum leak out of you, dripping down your inner thighs and onto the floor as he tucks himself back into his slacks with his free hand.
you squirm in his hold, about to question why he still hasn’t let you go when something shiny is suddenly being dangled before your eyes, and it doesn’t take you long to realise he’s somehow found the diamond necklace you thought you had stashed snuggly between the seat cushions. you crane your neck to face him, finding him already staring back at you with darkened eyes and a smirk. “care to explain why you have this, darling? or do you need me to resort to…other methods to get you talking?”
— admin lily 🧎🏻‍♀️
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thread-theocracy · 17 days ago
hngh tora do you have any tips on drawing mammon's stupid hair I hate him sm
Hello Bunny Anon! I will bestow upon you my sick and twisted visions :D! Mammon's hair is particularly challenging due to its layering but I hope my tips help you in the process!
Tumblr media
In my philosophy, I believe that you can draw anything through shapes and simplification!
Hair is always based on the roots it grows out of and flows outwards depending on how it's styled. Here, Mammon's hair is mostly swept and flowing leftward (with some layers poking out). After defining the basic shapes and simplifying his bangs, I slowly added in details, focusing on the roots. I think with his hair, in particular, line variation helps a lot to show its fluffiness!
Tumblr media
I also recommend looking at other styles in the canon! Q Hashimoto's older works and the SSR card artist simplify his hair a bit and it's easier to look past all of the detailed linework!
Additionally, above is a video illustrating how I draw his hair!
My Personal Workflow: Sideburns -> Bangs -> Contour/Silhouette -> Details/Fluffs!
I always find it easy to draw the beginning and end of a piece of the hair and then fill in the middle! Additionally, I think focusing on the basic shape + contour first helps me easily define what I exactly want in a drawing and look past all the intense details.
Tumblr media
Here's the still image of the final piece! I hope this helped you at least a little bit!
I cannot express this enough, but it's totally okay to make mistakes and deviate from canon! It's all about enjoying yourself! Hope you have fun drawing this cute guy :]!
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belfryduck · 2 months ago
If you're still doing art requests, could you do Thomas and Pat hanging out? I have no preference on what they're doing. They're my faves.
Tumblr media
It started as a nice conversation but he's been talking for hours now
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tojisun · a month ago
pls how we break up was amazing!! what happens if gojo and yn get together and have a family under toji's nose?? he thinks him and megumi are not going to see you again. i would love to read more bc yn deserves everything! mamaguro doesn't know what we did for her son and toji?
aww thank you so much!!!! here’s a quick rundown of gojo x reader’s relationship, plus a glimpse from toji’s wife’s perspective! [x]
you and gojo start dating two years after the story’s timeline. when you met, gojo’s just turned 18 and you’re around the age of 21-23.
you didn’t want to date gojo at first because 1) he’s younger than you and you think that he should find someone better who’s around his age (too bad for you, gojo’s stubborn little heart only wants you) and 2) you didn’t think you were ready for a relationship.
but, well, gojo made you feel so loved. it was different with toji.
with toji, you felt young. sure a lot of it was because of your age gap, but you always felt like toji’s faraway. that while toji had loved you—and he did—you will never be able to close the gap between you two because toji will always have a wall around him. he kept people at arm’s distance. and that included you and even his wife.
but with gojo, it feels lighter and simpler. gojo, like toji, never wore their hearts on their sleeves, but gojo made sure that you would never doubt his love or your relationship. geto would tell you years later that it’s because gojo has never fallen in love before, and he doesn’t know what falling in love looks like but when he saw you, he wanted nothing more than to make the relationship work.
so your relationship with gojo blooms this way.
that is how toji will see you again. it’s like the life that got sucked out of you in his abandonment has been returned tenfold. your smile was fuller and your eyes were brighter. you look beautiful, even more beautiful when you were with him.
truthfully, toji is happy for you.
toji’s wife knows about you. knows everything, in fact.
she learns about you from megumi first, her little blessing talking about the woman with a kind heart and kind smile that loved megumi even when toji’s left for his week-long shifts. megumi told her about the woman who would kiss megumi good night, and who would even hold his hand when he is scared to sleep alone.
megumi talked about you in a quiet voice. at first she thought it was because megumi didn’t want her to feel jealous (and she is, even if only a bit) but then she realizes that megumi talks about you in a quiet voice because he is trying not to cry. she will gather her son in her arms and promises him that you miss him as much as he misses you.
she learns about you from toji later on. she will lay beside him, cuddled underneath his chin, when she asks about you.
“tell me about her,” she will say and she will ignore the way toji’s heart starts thundering faster from his chest or the way his hands held her tighter as though physically trying to shield himself from pain.
she will wait, half thinking that he will not say anything, when toji finally tells her.
from toji, she learns how amazing you are as a lover.
toji will tell her about the way your love shone from every part of you: in your lips as you press a shy kiss on his cheeks, in your fingers as you tousle toji’s hair, in your arms as you gather toji in an embrace as though protecting him from the world, in your voice as you call his name.
when your name is all that fills his lips, she will pull him close for a kiss. she told herself that she wouldn’t be jealous, but who will not be when both her son and her husband wax poetry about you?
she devours his nostalgia and sets aflame his desire. when he finally calls her name at the end of the night, grunting out the syllables from her neck as he drives into her, that is only when the jealousy is abated.
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inukag · 26 days ago
whenever I see the rant posts of people complaining about a Inuyasha character's excessive trait (whether it be "being so rude" or "too mean") and how two characters clearly had no reason ending up together, I always think, "Ah, I see you only watched the anime."
not to say RT's version is flawless or multishipping is bad, but I don't hear manga readers saying someone's too [insert negative trait].
Oh I know exactly what you mean anon.
Just the other day I saw a kogkag fanart from that one scene in movie 1 where Inuyasha tells Kagome to "shut up" when she asks him if the food she made is good, except in that fanart Koga was there and actually appreciated Kagome's cooking and complimented her. Everyone in the replies was like "Inuyasha is such a terrible match for her, Koga is much kinder" which is something that we hear aaaaall the time, lol. It's true that Koga is a lot more straight forward in his affections than Inuyasha (mostly due to, y'know, Inuyasha being shunned by everyone his entire life unlike Koga who has a pack) but Inuyasha also appreciate Kagome. He specifically appreciate Kagome's cooking, but only we, manga fans, know that 🙃
Tumblr media
I honestly think it's funny how Sunrise saw Inuyasha eating ramen once and thought "alright, that's going to be one of his core personality trait, he can’t enjoy other types of food" lmao. 
OR the whole “Inuyasha only sees Kagome as a replacement for Kikyo, she should be with someone who has never dated anyone before” which is 1000% an anime-only thing because of this missing conversation:
Tumblr media
Or Sunrise adding bs like this:
Tumblr media
Like you said anon, it’s not that Inuyasha and his relationship with Kagome (and the writing in general) is perfect in the manga, but it feels like their problems makes sense, and are usually balanced by other sweet moments. It really sucks that inukag is my favorite ship of all time but I can’t really defend their portrayal in the anime adaptation of their story :\ I know a lot of you love inukag in the anime anyway, and there is some good anime-only stuff! But I feel like people only remember the good and not the bad. And the bad aspects of Inukag, or Inuyasha and Kagome as characters, in the anime are hard for me to contradict. 
Also, I’m a multishipper at heart! I have no problem liking ships that “contradicts” my otp, even though for inukag it’s a bit hard since you have to change the canon story a lot in order to make them end up with someone else (since they were born for each other). But I have to say I have a really hard time shipping Kagome with someone who is not Morally Good. Inuyasha might have bad manners and a temper (especially at the beginning of the story), but what made Kagome fall in love with him is that just like her, he has a good heart and he can’t bring himself to actually be cruel. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So when I see Kagome being paired with men who had no problem slaughtering innocents and discriminating against humans or hanyos (and didn’t have a proper redemption arc to make up for it), all I can think about is this meme:
Tumblr media
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ray-ray-writings · 9 months ago
(Yes I know this is my second ask but shhh I had several ideas)
So you know how everyone goes on about Dream having both his human form and his blob form? Or some of the side aus where Quackity has his tiny fuck form when he’s on low health?
I’d humbly like to present to you, Pig Techno.
He gets on low health or maybe he’s just forced to transform every once in a while and you’ve got this teacup pig in your arms with the tiniest tusks. He just sits in your lap and “guards” you. Requests you take him everywhere with you so he can keep an eye on people by headbutting your ankle incessantly until you pick him up. Will get onto people later about things they did while he was pig. He makes tiny little snuffles and oinks and wiggles his little hooves around but he’s just so tiny and cute and you gotta love him.
Just Hold. Hold the pig. hold the tiny scarred baby. Acknowledge it’s your boyfriend but then ignore that fact as you kiss his little snoot and give him the best headpats.
(Alternatively Dadza turning into a crow from time to time and you walk around with this ominous sign of death on your shoulder but it’s just Philza tired as fuck and needing a place to rest.)
Again thank you for your wonderful writing! Ever love-🌻
(Please always feel free to send in asks. Ily very much 🌻 and I love interacting with you and reading your asks so please always feel free to send stuff in!!!!) (P.S. This is the last one for tonight! Hope you all have enjoyed!! Maybe more tomorrow, again idk because school is heckin stressful. We’ll see)
This is so so so so so so so so cute!!! Thank you so so so so much for this idea. 
So I imagine you’re like at home, sitting on the couch reading a book in front of the fireplace when you feel something smack against your ankle. It startles you a little bit and before you can look to see what it was, you get another smack on the leg and a small oink fills the air. You instantly know what has happened and you set down your book, reach down, and pick up the small pig and set him on your lap. “Are you okay?” You’d ask, your hand coming down and resting on tiny Techno’s back. He lets out a small snort and closes his eyes, as tries to bury his face against your thigh for comfort and warmth. You let out a small laugh, “Okay then. I’ll just cuddle and take care care in this form then” You get another snort in response. “Fair enough then”. You pick up your book once more and go back to reading, the hand that is resting on Techno subconsciously begins stroking up and down. At one point, he lets out an oink and you tear your gaze away from your book to look at him, “What?” you ask. He looks from you to the book and then back to you, “You want me to read to you?” another oink. “Alright then” and so then you begin reading out loud. Soon enough the small snores and squeals that you get when Techno is this tiny fill the air as he sleeps. 
If you are out in public and he’s a tiny pig, you have to be holding him. It’s the law… Okay it’s a Techno law. There was only one time that you didn’t follow this law and the bruising that appeared on your ankles after Techno smashed his face into them several times trying to get you to pick him up made sure that you never broke this law again. Also if you’re out in public, people have a tendency to coo over the small pig that you call your boyfriend. They never get to see Techno like this, so small and so unintimidating. So they coo over him and try to pet him, but Techno usually doesn’t let them, snapping at their fingers when they get too close to him. But once you scold him, Techno begrudgingly let’s them pet him. And he will never ever admit it but it actually feels kind of nice to be adored like this. Sometimes when you’re out in public and you’re seated somewhere, he will sit in your lap and cuddle you. These are the times where he doesn’t care the kind of scolding he gets, he will not let anyone near the two of you when he’s snuggled into you. Quackity once almost lost a finger because of how hard Techno had bit him with his tusks. Everyone tends to stay clear after that. And even if they don’t, Techno does have a stern talk with them when he’s back to normal.
I have an obsession with putting things on my shoulders okay? So like imagine you’re out walking with Techno in your hands and your arms get tired or maybe you have to carry something else and can’t juggle your boyfriend and the stuff so you just reach up and put him on your shoulder. Luckily he has enough balance and grace to sit himself down on your shoulder and remain there until you take him off. It would be so cute to see okay? Like you walking around with a tiny pig on your shoulder. You could ask questions out loud and Techno would give you small snorts, oinks, and squeals in response and although you may not understand entirely but you always get the gist. Techno always really appreciates how you act like everything is normal when he’s in his tiniest form. You don’t find it weird or off putting, you just accept it 100% and keep going. 
Something that you and him both love is snoot kisses. At random times you’ll pick him up and bring him close to your face and press multiple kisses to his snout. Sometimes Techno expects them and gives you little snorts and grumbles of appreciation but sometimes he doesn’t. The more surprised he is, the louder and higher pitched squeal you get. When he squeals it always makes you giggle and it makes him grumble in distaste afterwards, but he secretly loves it. You just give him lots of snout kisses because you both love it and it’s one of the easiest ways to show affection when he’s like this. It’s just very very cute. 
Bonus: Philza sees how much you take care of Techno when he’s like this and asks if he can come to you when he reverts to his tiny form and of course you say yes! So every once in a while, you’ll be walking around the SMP and suddenly a bird lands on your shoulder. It startled you the first few times, but now you’re used to it. People will look out their windows and see your cheerful self strolling around but there would be this big looming bird on your shoulder staring out around the world. Something really funny that I think happens is that sometimes Tommy will run up to you and be like “Y/N! Have you seen Phil? I can’t find him! Also, nice bird when did you get that” and you can’t help but chuckle, “No, no I haven’t seen Phil. Maybe he’s hiding so he can take a break… I’m sure he’ll be back soon and when he does come back he’ll find you… And my bird? Oh thanks! He’s not really my bird, he just comes and visits me sometimes” Tommy approaches you and tries to pet the bird but Philza snaps his beak and him and Tommy jumps back “I’m afraid he’s not feeling very friendly right now maybe next time… Now run along Tommy, go play with Tubbo okay?” Tommy glares at the bird but gives you a nod and runs away. Once he’s out of ear shot you begin laughing and Phil who is sitting on your shoulder begins cawing, which is the way he laughs in this form. “We got him good huh Phil?” You ask once you calm down and begin moving down the path more. He lets out a single caw and you know he’s agreeing with you. 
(Small note, I almost feel you get the nickname of Y/N small animal tamer and just anyone that turns into an animal or another form after taking a bunch of damage comes to you and just vibes with you until they heal and can turn back into their full form.
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penrose-quinn · a month ago
YOOO I didn't expect that amazing Shizuka wife reaction I loved the way you answered it thank you!!!! I don't know how you can crush on a reader-insert but FUCK Shizuka is a great character you made. uou I'd give so many cuddles and sweet moments to Shizuka, she (Would she be a 'they' at this point??) has been through so much shit and I'm gay for powerful badasses.
Glad to know you loved it, anon! 💞 I don't know how that happened either haha, but I guess it's because Shizuka is an OC too (this is the same to all my reader-inserts).
Ohh, I did consider 'they/them' in her pronouns in the past, but I was already writing the Adaptation AUs at that point and I figured it was just too late. Besides, her being a woman had an integral role in the story and it leaned more into that when she was mostly around Muzan.
Even so, I thought the ambiguity of 'you' pronouns sort of blurred the lines a little for the times she changed. I don't really mind if you called her any pronouns tho! Whenever she changed genders, her pronouns kept changing anyway.
But I'll be honest. Ofc, her character has a different meaning to me, but I'll admit I didn't really understand the love for her from my readers haha. She's the last thing from relatable and her motivations weren't the kindest. It (happily) surprises me to this day that I still keep getting asks about her, more than Muzan even. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the love for her! 💖💖
But I'd like to ask, what is it about Shizuka that you like/love? 👀
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