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#lots of new socks
wild-west-wind · 25 days ago
Coming to terms with the reality that I won't be able to afford to buy all the stuff I need to survive a -30F winter, so instead I'll be wearing my light Goretex rain jacket over the top of a uniform winter jacket, and pretending that I like to casually wear all green head to toe. As long at the NPS insignia is hidden it's okay I think!
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fangirllife98 · 2 months ago
Just written the most fluffliest Drabble for my beloved Steve (inspired by @iamnotyourmusebitch!) I hope to upload it tomorrow
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raffinit · 2 months ago
Hey raff! Are you planning on going full patreon for your stuff, or will you move your stuff over to AO3 eventually? (after the patrons get their sticky little hands all over it of course lol) Thanks for all the great work!
hello! haha have no fear! my current AO3 fics will be updated as well (yes after my patrons have early access bc it's, y'know, what they pay for), and content will be posted on ao3 as well
however! there will be some content that will be Patreon-only, whether due to the uh, spice level not really being ideal for the ao3 crowd
i've got an inbox full of pitchforks and torches as it is and I'd rather not hold an all-you-can-torch buffet for the mouthier anons
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theseancekid · 2 days ago
god, the weather is super gloomy today which means i have tons of muse and i’m about to make it everyone else’s problem
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windstrider2017 · 5 days ago
Tired. Laundry is probably finally done and I can go to bed soon
#listen my clothes were absolutely foul okay#and i'm currently wearing a pair of underwear i think is from middle school (i'm 21. do that math.) and is the last of a rly old pack#the second-to-last pair of those i finally chucked about a year or two ago because it had gotten too ratty for even me to wear anymore#since i wear pads and can't wear my usual boxers with them#and only have two pairs of period underwear that i just wash and reuse...yeah#i am not wearing these ancient things to class tomorrow so i need clean shit tonight#the reason i have so few pairs of these are because new period underwear has been really low priority for me#i only wear it one week a month and have had way more other shit to spend money on#i needed things like socks and shirts and a new phone more than i need another pair of underwear i'd rarely wear#while i should get at least one more pair soon-ish. again low priority#other shit definitely came first#i really ought to bother to get more soon tho#i also might try to get some high or 'high' waisted ones#i hate low-rise shit with a passion#it feels like it's borderline falling off or sitting just too damn low for my liking#i don't know how anyone likes that stuff#and anyway whatever. just not my cup of tea. it'd be nice if it wasn't a default/common thing tho#like how a lot of skinny and fitted clothes have become so default that it can be hard to find just regular ass clothes nowadays#i don't care if other people wanna wear it. great. go ahead. but it irritates me when it ends up being hard to find regular shit#obviously this is a major issue with clothes sizes and fits in general#finding stuff that fits is hard but then finding stuff that fits and looks decent and is affordable? harder.#imo shoes and underwear are by far two of the most difficult things for me to shop for#....which is why 1) when i find stuff that does fit i wear it till it falls apart and 2) one thing i shell out some cash for is that stuff#okay time to get off tumblr and get up and go get my laundry out of the dryer#and go the fuck to bed cause it's like 4:30 am rip
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galaxytale · 3 months ago
my favorite horse in rdr2 died today in a way that was totally stupid and not my fault and im still mad about it bUT
my friend, who had been hanging with me and watching me stream it over discord spent like two whole hours listening to me being sad abt it and trying to help me find a new replacement horse that was just as big and cool ((bcos u could only get that horse from one mission from the very start of the game and id had him for like over 70 hours of play time i was v attaxhed to that horse he was the BIGGEST and COOLEST horse))
and like i found one to replace him on my own eventually but it still means a lot to me that she tried rly hard to help me for so long n stuff. also esp since we’d been hanging and playing for like. all day until abt an hour ago and she lives all the way accross the country so it was like super late/early for her
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orchardknit · 6 months ago
ugh somehow when i was dividing the roving for that sock yarn into thirds, i completely messed up. i remember thinking i was being overly meticulous about it, too. but the z spun single was about two thirds the length of both s spun singles, so i ended up with one big traditional 3 ply of 186 yards, one small traditional 3 ply of 62 yards, and then one small 2 ply of 126 yards.
in retrospect i really should have just broken into the second color of this roving and spun enough to keep going with a 3 ply. that would have made a cool marled yarn that i could have used for the heel, toe, and cuff. but i am operating on about 25% brain capacity today, so i just did what i always do with leftovers from traditional 3 ply (which is just two ply them and throw them in the scrap yarn bucket). which i now regret because it was 126 yards.
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diet-cranberry-sprite · 6 months ago
i have a therapy appointment next week and i’m honestly considering just telling her that i want to commit unalive so i can be sent to a psych ward and chill for a few weeks. i have a friend in there already so if we see each other we’re just gonna recreate that one spider-man meme,, also i want more grippy socks
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