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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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going to use this blog as a way to record what I eat in a day + general stuff I guess.

my weekly plan to follow is:

  • 300 cals
  • 300 cals
  • 500 cals
  • 500 cals
  • 700 cals
  • 700 cals
  • 900 cals

average: 557.14 cals “per day”

then for one week every one or two months, i’ll maintain roughly 900-1000 cals a day to avoid any problems with health, and whatnot.

hope this’ll work out, i can’t keep switching from fasting and restricting to uncontrollable binges anymore.

stay safe everyone♡🥰♡!!

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Hello once more. I know I have been posting quite frequently, but I have not much else to do. I also know that the last time I asked something nobody answered, but I really am curious. So what I was thinking about doing was dumping my crappy sketches from the past half year in one huge post, and explain each individual one, and tag all of them in the post, but would it be better if I post each one individually and use a lot less tags since it is one drawing? Also, as side note, does anyone actually read my posts other than the political one? Am I just talking to an empty space, or the virtual equivalent of a wall? Your silence will be interpreted as a yes.

Anyway, thank you for your time,

- ihavecrappysketches

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I didn’t see one of these so I decided to make my own.

This took me way longer than I care to admit. Lots of tracing was involved. (The wheelchair’s from another stock photo.)

Tumblr wrecks the quality so I had to break it up.

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Originally posted by boodalinski-gifs

Not all posts with images are a photo post. Sometimes, you want to add a visual to written content. Simply put, there are many exceptions to the rules. Don’t feel like being defined by a category? Embrace that! Rather than coloring between or outside the lines, you’re allowed to slip between the cracks–finding another path as of yet undiscovered.

Who wouldn’t want plenty of visualization? Variety is the spice of life. Without seeing all the variables, we’re left with a colorless impression. Instead, allow this post to act as yet another example.

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