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Day 11: Disgusting

This. Just this.

I cannot take credit for this beautiful work of art. Only my interpretation of it. Should Christine want recordings of her review down, I will be happy to oblige.

(warning: there is a loud section after “It was actually a bit humorous…”)

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Simber - Cat and Dog (this made me laugh out loud and its so Right i take no criticism also this is the best song ever written)

Turn me from a cat into a dog
Now, I want you to take me on a walk
Watch me be the most loyal of them all
Okay, baby, here’s the leash (Purr purr purr)

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having Weird Brain is fun. I’m just hearing the Amnesia chase noise in my head. ‘s great. Why can’t I have normal music stuck in my head

i’ve never even played the game just watched about a million lps of fan stories

i liked small horse :)

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the background music is a lot softer than the sounds in this video, so dont turn up the volume for it

dumbest thing ive ever made… put me in charge of the next choose your own adventure game

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