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Angel Heart (1987)
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I can’t believe it took me this long to make this shitpost.
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mannyblacque · 5 months ago
Everyone: Aren't you excited for Christmas?!
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fourteentheart · a month ago
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Drawing Louis in this view is a good way for me to benchmark my technique vs the last time I did this 4 (!?!?) years ago. So far this is my fav rendition simply because of the smugness - at least I hope that’s how it reads lol
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buckydeniro · a year ago
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jimmy conway x reader: fluff
idk what this is but here. may be a little out of character but i don’t give a fuck, okay?
• you sat beside him at the crowded table
• but he held you so close you were basically sitting on his lap
• his arm wrapped protectively and lovingly around you
• not only was it a sign of affection for you (obviously) but it also translated to anyone and everyone who looked at you two that you were his girl
• also him being protective over you
• you would watch him laugh at a story tommy was telling in awe, full love sick heart eyes.
• his empty drink in hand and your drink, that you took maybe two sips of before falling into the trance that jimmy always made you fall into, sitting discarded on the table.
• your smile grows with every laugh from him that gets louder and you find yourself giggling along with the laughter but at how happy jimmy makes you, rather than the actual story.
• not hearing or comprehending a word tommy is saying, just staring up at jimmy with heart eyes, your bottom lip tucked between your teeth
• you’re so hypnotized by him that you can’t even feel your cheeks hurting from smiling
• jimmy looks down at you at one point, a playful loving look in his eyes, leaning in and speaking lowly
• “you know.. i can feel you staring.”
• you purse your lips to hide an embarrassed smile. turning your attention away from him and at the loud group surrounding you.
• which causes jimmy to grin and laugh heartedly, reaching his hand to softly grip your chin between his fingertips, turning you to face him again.
• your already blushing cheeks growing more pink at the movement. huffing a breath out to calm yourself. he had too much power over you.
• “it’s cute.” he speaks, keeping his grip on your chin, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
• after you both pull away and he releases his hold on your chin, you both just look at each other.
• with pure love and adoration in both your eyes and soft smiles
• you’ve both zoned out on your surroundings and zoned in on each other
• it isn’t until tommy makes a groaning noise followed by “look at them! god!” that your heads snap in his direction (his teasing was playful and all in good fun)
• henry is laughing enjoying the teasing he knows is about to follow
• “just staring at each other. y/n, you’re making him go soft, you know.”
• shaking his head at you guys
• as the rest of the guys throw in tiny quips (also all in good fun) at you two
• “can’t believe this. can you believe this? whipped, i tell you. whipped.”
• tommy is smiling though and throws a wink your way, causing you to roll your eyes with a smile at the banter
• you nudge the side of your thigh against jimmy’s under the table
• smirking discreetly as you bring your drink up to your lips, eyes focused forward
• “i can feel you staring” you repeat his words back to him before looking at him, catching him staring at you.
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robert-de-niro-only-fans · a year ago
My Masterlist 💖✨
This is my masterlist! You can find links to all my fics and imagines here. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and supports my work!
Please let me know if there are any issues with any links in a DM!
My requests are closed, but I'm always down to talk about headcanons or ideas. Who knows? You may inspire something!
Updated 5/23/2021
Robert De Niro, himself
Take Me Home Tonight (smut)
Just Friends
Day in the Office
Back to School
Headcanons for Dating a Very Young Robert De Niro
Smut Alphabet for Robert De Niro (smut)
Pay Day (smut)
Sam “Ace” Rothestein
Ace of Hearts (very long!) (smut)
Headcanons for Reader with Anxiety
Some More Headcanons for Reader with Anxiety
"You're All Wet"
Strictly Professional (smut)
Jimmy Conway
The Lesser of Two Evils
You and I (short, based on the Lady Gaga song)
Headcanons for Paulie’s Niece coming back to Brooklyn (this has all the Goodfellas in it)
Uncle Jimmy (smut)
Escape (smut)
Max Cady
Absolute, Unconditional Surrender (smut)
Dewey Decimal System (smut)
Frank Raftis
Sneaking Around with You
Louis Cyphre
Drag Me to Hell (smut)
Lloyd Barker
Wet Shoes
Rodrigo Mendoza
Accidents Happen (smut)
Robert De Niro, himself
Imagine being on of Robert De Niro’s Assistants
Imagine lying on the couch with Bobby
Imagine Robert De Niro reading your favorite book to you
Imagine going to a movie premiere with Robert De Niro
Imagine cuddling up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa, and watching a movie with Robert De Niro
Imagine getting a phone call from Robert De Niro on Christmas
Imagine meeting Robert De Niro on New Year’s Eve
Imagine a casual night at Robert De Niro’s New York apartment
Imagine being a model that catches Robert De Niro's attention
Imagine Robert De Niro taking you out to buy a new dress
Imagine Robert De Niro getting you a special gift to signify his pet name for you
Imagine coming home to your boyfriend after a night out with the girls
Imagine waking up next to Robert De Niro in your birthday! 🎂
Imagine getting upset in front of Robert De Niro for the first time
Imagine sneaking around on set with Robert De Niro (smut)
Sam "Ace" Rothstein
Imagine Sam Rothstein taking you on a date
Imagine Sam “Ace” Rothstein taking you on vacation
Imagine meeting Sam “Ace” Rothstein while on a trip to Vegas
Imagine having a bath with Sam Rothstein (smut)
Imagine being a drink waitress at The Tangiers
Imagine Sam Rothstein throwing you a birthday party
Imagine Sam Rothstein finding pictures that you drew of him
Jimmy Conway
Imagine a lazy day at home with Jimmy Conway
Imagine Jimmy Conway taking you shopping for a new dress
Imagine watching Jimmy Conway making kids jewelry with one of his “nieces”
Imagine your crush, Jimmy Conway, celebrating your graduation with you
Imagine Jimmy Conway asking you to spend the night
Imagine cooking dinner for all the Goodfellas and making Jimmy Conway help
Imagine going parking with Jimmy Conway
Imagine Black Friday “shopping” with Jimmy Conway
Imagine car rides with Jimmy Conway
Imagine Jimmy Conway getting you a puppy
Imagine Jimmy Conway surprising you for your birthday (smut)
Imagine being the Goodfellas' favorite waitress at their favorite diner
Imagine taking Jimmy Conway on a first date!
Michael Vronksy
Imagine Michael Vronksy flirting with you at the bar
Imagine catching Michael Vronksy’s attention at the wedding (smut)
Imagine being Michael Vronksy's girlfriend
Imagine Michael Vronksy taking you up to the mountains
Imagine surprising Michael Vronsky with a car wash (smut)
Frank Raftis
Imagine secretly meeting Frank Raftis for lunch
Imagine skipping out on work with Frank Raftis
Imagine going Ice Skating with Frank Raftis!
Lorenzo Anello
Imagine a casual night at home with Lorenzo
Imagine waking up next to your husband, Lorenzo Anello
Max Cady
Imagine Max Cady having a crush on you
Imagine hitchhiking and Max Cady picks you up (smut)
Vito Corleone
Imagine meeting Vito one day while he’s working at the grocery store
Imagine Vito Corleone taking care of you, his pregnant wife
Louis Cyphre
Imagine summoning Louis Cyphre
Imagine tricking Louis Cyphre into being your boyfriend
Imagine Louis Cyphre haunting your room at night
Imagine being an angel and keeping an eye on Louis Cyphre
Imagine dating Louis Cyphre and not knowing what he is
Imagine being a little fairy and running into Louis Cyphre
Monroe Stahr
Imagine Monroe Stahr showing you around the sets at his production studio
Imagine Monroe Stahr taking you on a car ride
Jack Walsh
Imagine Jack Walsh serving you coffee
David Merrill
Imagine David Merrill coming over to your place to vent to you
Neil McCauley
Imagine Neil McCauley flying into town to spend the day with you
Imagine running into Neil McCauley on a job
Wayne (Mad Dog)
Imagine Wayne being extra protective of you
Stanley Cox
Imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Stanley Cox
Rodrigo Mendoza
Imagine Rodrigo Mendoza teaching you English
Johnny Boy
Imagine spending the day with Johnny Boy
Bruce Pearson
Imagine dating Bruce Pearson
Imagine Bruce Pearson teaching you to hit a baseball
Giovanni Manzoni
Imagine being Giovanni Manzoni's wife
Don Griffin
Imagine meeting Don Griffin's family
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sabbatma-archive · a year ago
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when the nocturne/smtv announcement happened I got really excited and created this image with my mind just by thinking really hard about it
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chaosimagine · a month ago
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei Series, Original Work Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Michael/Uriel (Shin Megami Tensei), Michael & Uriel (Shin Megami Tensei), Michael (Shin Megami Tensei) & Original Character(s), Uriel (Shin Megami Tensei) & Original Character(s) Characters: Michael (Shin Megami Tensei), Uriel (Shin Megami Tensei), Original Characters, Original Child Character(s), Louis Cyphre, Raphael (Shin Megami Tensei), Gabriel (Shin Megami Tensei), Mentions of The Watchers (The Bible), Maria (Shin Megami Tensei) Additional Tags: Farmer Michael, Farmers au, Angels Becoming Humans, Fluff and Humor, Mpreg, Post Mpreg, Pregnant Uriel, Humor, Anal Sex, Gentle Sex, Time Skips, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Unreliable Narrator, They call themselves brothers but they are Not Related, Magical Pregnancy, Different Narrators, Fluff and Angst, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Family Issues, Family Bonding, Smut, It Begins Before it Goes Back in Time Before it Goes into Present Time, Differences in Settings, References to Paradise Lost (Milton), References to the Bible Series: Part 2 of Intimate followed by Farmers AU Chapter 3 - When Maria Came to Heaven
She arrived with Gabriel and Aniel at her side, and all of Heaven watched her ascend to the throne next to their Creator.
Uriel stood beside his brothers and watched as she arrived at their home. He was excited to speak to her, for she was the only one in their home that may know more about humanity than he could gather from his kin But Uriel had felt... a strange weariness, one he has struggled to hide for so long.
He dearly hoped it would not affect him, not when he needed her to acknowledge him.
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jacknives · a year ago
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robert de niro as louis cyphre in angel heart (1987) dir. alan parker
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ameowart · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Alas... how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise, Johnny?
 -Louis Cyphre
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landoftheway · 3 months ago
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phantompaku · 10 months ago
beating smt2 in neutral and betraying my one true love Louis hurt me deeply but then it hurt even more once I found out the Chaos ending is without a doubt the best one
not just quality wise but for humanity in general like whats better than me and my enby huswife leading the world towards a future of peace and socialism without a fascist god ruining everything?
I'm wording it jokingly but it genuinely reminded me of DeSu's Naoya ending which I hold the same feelings on
basically, Chaos ftw.
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gonetodash19 · 6 months ago
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Robert De Niro as Louis Cyphre in Angel Heart (1987)
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drryyy · a year ago
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spoooo000k :)
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discodeniro · a year ago
send me headcanons about your favorite de niro character <3
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robert-de-niro-only-fans · a year ago
Drag Me to Hell
Louis Cyphre x Angel!Reader
No plot, just smut. Finishing Louis Cyphre week of with a... bang 😏
TW: smut, demon, angel, shape shifting, possibly some sacrilegious statements
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
Due to a lengthy series of events and bad choices (a story for another time), you find yourself laid out on the silky sheets of Satan himself. He uses his body to hold you down: one hand gripping your wrists above your head, and his body weight pinning your body down, even your wings couldn’t help free you as you writhe beneath him. From his fingertips, a vine creeps out, tying your hands to his bed frame.
“Silly little angel... Nothing can help you now,” Louis starts, tracing his lips across your exposed chest, “You made a deal with the Devil, and there is no breaking that deal... You owe me your beautiful body.”
It was true that you’d made a deal with him, but he had come to you in another form... Sneaky shapeshifter he was! Despite your naivety, you would still pay the price.
While it's forbidden for an angel to desire a demon, Louis's lips on your neck and his fingernails scratching long marks into your sides only makes you want him. As his lips and teeth suck little bruises into the perfectly smooth skin at your neck, you can't help but lean into it... It's just feels so good.
Thank God your hands are tied up, because you find yourself wanting to put your hands on his hair, and if you did that, Louis would know you had given in to him. You do your best to just be still and stay quiet.
But apparently that method fails you as well.
"You're whining a lot less than you were before, my dear," Louis starts working his way down your chest with his kisses, "Could it be you're enjoying this?"
You look down at him with your eyebrows contorted into a worried look and lust-blown eyes... Not to mention how beautifully flushed your cheeks and chest are.
His lips latch onto one of your nipples, swirling his tongue around it, as he stares up to you. "Answer me," he demands, giving your other breast a squeeze, "Are you enjoying this, little one?"
You gasp as his teeth find your nipple, "N-no..."
"Mmm... You don't like this?" he says making his way to your hips and giving one of them a sharp bite when he gets there. As he kisses the spot he just bit, you shake your head no to him, unable to take your eyes off of him, namely his hair and those big muscles.
He trails his lips and tongue along your lower belly area, clearly lining himself up to go down on you, "Angels are bad liars," he says in between smooches, "but in case you are telling the truth, and you really don't like it... I'll just have to try harder." He places a dirty open-mouthed kiss on your center, "After all, I've never had anyone leave my bed feeling anything less than completely satisfied."
He takes your thighs in his hands, lifting them off his bed and spreading them. He places some teasing nibbles to your sensitive skin on the inner parts of you legs, before his head sinks down and that tongue starts working on your clitoris. You fight back whatever noise tries to escape you, trying to lay there as silently as possible. However, when Louis’s flattened out tongue scrapes over that little bundle of nerves, your hips betray you, arching involuntarily.
“Hmm, I got a reaction out of you. Let me do that again and see if I can get my little angel to stir,” another lick, and your hips buck again, “Silly girl, your body always betrays you in the throws of passion, don’t you know that?”
His tongue teases at your entrance, sloooowly moving up and down as he stares up at you before pushing his tongue in, tasting you. He moans as if tasting a delicious plate at a five-star restaurant, and he moves a hand so that his fingers can work on your clit.
A shaky breath leaves your lips, you’re not sure how much longer you can deal with this. A few seconds later, Louis switches positions, landing his mouth on your sensitive bundle of nerves and a long finger deep inside you, suddenly. You let out a moan that sounds more like a whine when you try to choke it back, pulling at the straps tying you to the bed.
Louis chuckles deeply as he continues his actions, working that finger in and out of you, teasing you by lightly curling it, knowing you want him to use more pressure. His tongue doing ungodly things between your legs gets you squirming beneath him, unable to decide if you want more pressure because it feels good or less pressure because you really shouldn’t want this.
When the man sees you looking down at him with begging eyes, he asks, “What do you want? You have to tell me what you want, princess, or I won’t give it to you.”
You look at him silently, refusing to say anything, and so he goes back to pleasing you, but even lighter than he had been before.
“Mm! Please...” you let out in a frustrated grunt.
He gives you a mischievous smirk, “Please what, angel?”
“Please... more.”
He clicks his tongue in disappointment, “You’re not very good at begging, my dear, but I suppose angels don’t have to beg for anything, so I’ll let it slide—just this once.”
As Louis begins sucking on your clit and curling that finger inside you how you like, you finally allow yourself to let a few noises slip out of your mouth. You can tell the man beneath you gets very excited as you practically purr for him.
Right when you start to relax into him, he pops off of you entirely, saying, “I got you to moan for me,’ he crawls to hover over you, “now you’re gonna taste yourself on my tongue.”
Without even a second thought, his lips are on yours in a surprisingly delicate open-mouthed kiss. His hand grips your jaw, making sure he has access to your mouth as he makes you taste your own sex. With the feeling of his hard length trapped between you two, you know what has to happen next.
He pulls your bottom lip into his mouth, sucking on it and even giving it a little nip. When he breaks his kiss with you, he gently massages your swollen bottom lip with his thumb, “An angel's beauty is simply undeniable, but yours..." his knuckles stroke your cheek, "Otherworldly..."
He places a soft kiss to your lips, his words and the intimacy of the moment tugging at your heart strings. But Louis can never allow himself to be soft for too long, things quickly turn heated again and he lines himself up between your legs.
"Taking you is going to be like my own little slice of heaven, and you'll get to experience some of the few pleasures we have here in Hell," his voice rumbles as his cock teases at your entrance.
He takes in a breath as his tip enters you, feeling your wet warmth. "Oooh," he breathes as he gently rocks his hips back and forth, savoring every inch that he slides into you.
Whether you like it or not, you let out a low moan at the feeling of his hardness filling you up. You're wet enough that he slides against you easily, making it feel all the better. This man really knows how to turn you on.
He holds your soft thighs against his hips so you can feel his pelvis thrusting into you. His muscles look so good from this angle too: his built arms and toned abs; you could see them flex with his movements.
No! You're not supposed to be thinking about him like this.... But he's just so intoxicating. How could you blame anyone for succumbing to his charms?
Louis picks up the pace, really creating some friction between the two of you, properly fucking you. He leans forward, wrapping his arms around you, holding you tightly like how a snake strangles its victim, then he spreads his knees which forces your legs apart, giving him a great angle.
"You like how I feel inside you, don't you, sweet girl? You know you shouldn't, but you do," he pants in your ear. "If God didn't want you to make love, why would he give you such a lovely body, beautiful hair, supple breasts, cushiony thighs, and that sweet pussy?"
The Devil's dirty talk is almost... Romantic? But it's still dirty talk nonetheless.
His hips work quickly until Louis is moaning -no- growling next to your ear, attacking you with kisses and bites. You start to lose your composure; you just can't help the moans and whines coming from you as he fucks you into the mattress.
Both of your breathing starts to become heavy when suddenly Louis pulls out of you and cuts your hands free from the bed frame. Without a word, he flips you over and pulls you up on your hands and knees, instantly slamming back into you.
You let out a high-pitched squeal, which the demon behind you revels in. His hips and thighs clap loudly against your butt cheeks as he pounds into you.
You feel his claws move up your back and scratch at the base of your wings, which for you is a very sensitive spot. A loud noise comes out of you and your elbows go weak as you crumble under Louis's touch.
"Mmm, sensitive baby..." he growls before grabbing you by the wings pulling you back towards him. He uses your wings like a leash, using them to keep your thighs flush to his body as he continues to slam into you excitedly.
You hiss at the feeling of him pulling your wings so harshly, but pleasure mixed with a little pain feels better than you expected. Luckily though, he only holds you like that for a little while before he wraps his arms around you, pressing your back to his chest. One of his hands finds your breast and the other finds your neck, teasing at your airway.
"Are you enjoying yourself now, baby girl?" he questions.
"Hnnnnng... No-" you're still trying to fight him, just a little bit.
"Mmm, still no? That's a shame..." he whispers in a breathy voice.
"You're just- a de- deceptive- sh- shape shifter," you say between thrusts, "you- you- fooled me-"
He hums, "You're still stuck on that, sweetheart? Well... Maybe I can use my shape shifting for something else..."
On queue, you feel his member growing inside you, filling you as much as you can take. You nearly start screaming in pleasure as his girth touches all of your sweet spots. Louis moans, holding you by the throat and scratching at your wings again.
You're simply overwhelmed with pleasure, and within seconds, you're cumming. Your body shakes as an indecipherable string of sounds comes from you. Louis makes a series of grunts and groans as he feels your orgasm, and soon he finds his own deep inside you.
Afterwards you collapse on the bed, and Louis doesn't stray too far away, wanting to keep you close so you won't try to fly away.
"I told you no one leaves my bed feeling anything less than satisfied..." he repeats from earlier.
"Hmmm... Well, I wasn't satisfied, so I guess I'll just have to stay in your bed until I am," you say in a sassy voice, giving him a devilish look of your own.
Louis raises his eyebrows at this shift in personality from you, and in that moment, he finds you much more attractive than he already did. He gives you a playful snarl and pulls you on top of him for round two!
Tumblr media
Art credit: @demon__artist on Instagram 😈✨
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kallenchi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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