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as i’m making my baseball!Dabi cosplay (inspired by this art!!), i keep thinking abt what positions everyone in the league would play sldkjflsdkjfklsdjf so here’s the fucking. ridiculousness of me deciding the league’s baseball positions

  • obviously shigaraki is our catcher. calls every play, is the one who keeps the other team from scoring, etc.
  • compress is the pitcher, i think. dabi is back-up, but compress has his fancy hand tricks that are perf for a pitcher
  • kurogiri is 2nd base or shortstop. lots of range of movement
  • i can’t decide if dabi is 1st or 3rd base. he’s shiggy’s right-hand man, so he’s gotta either be stopping anyone from getting on base in the first place, or be the one stopping them from coming around 3rd…
  • actually i think toga is 3rd base. ruthless. will stab you to get you out.
  • if kurogiri is 2nd base, then twice is shortstop. i’m diggin that. both of them Have The Range.
  • spinner and magne are the batting powerhouses. magne can also be the catcher if shiggy is out (maybe when shiggy pitches, magne is his catcher?). spinner is the pinch hitter, though
  • dabi is also high up on the batting roster. tends to hit fouls, but also has the highest home run stat of them. boy can do Distance and ONLY distance LMAO
  • (they use him to run out pitchers. dabi can sit and hit fouls all fucking day.)
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imsosorryforansweringlate i dont have general headcanons a lot so these are some i dug up from my brain

• pre-villain toga reads and writes intense yandere fanfics

• dabi/touya isn’t really smart when it comes to school and hobbies since he was trained at such a young age

• before fighting machia shiggy had a gamer tummy but months of basically nonstop training eventually sculpted him

• jin listens to early 2000’s teen girl pop

clears throat magne listens to girl in red

• toga hates pizza crusts but jin loves them so she gives it to him and theyre wholesome and-

• natsu LOVES his gf v much and treates her RIGHT since he knows how his dad treats rei and doesnt wanna fall close to the tree so theyre a happy couple who treats eachother equally well!!

- natsu’s anger issues does bother him since he hates lashing out so much but he’s working on it

• kurono is pops’ son and therefore eri’s uncle (like they look so similar how are they n o t-)

• kai was actually a touchy kid when he was only close to kurono and pops but after his whole plague thing he became a germaphobe and doesnt like touches anymore

• dabi hates fish but natsuo loves seafood because when they were kids rei would serve them fish for family dinner and natsu looks back on happy family bonding- but touya is only reminded of when rei was in the kitchen sobbing after enji hit her but still wanting to have a normal family dinner.

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I always pictured Mustard as some how related to Kurigiri and that was the reason he ended up as a Part of the LOV. Maybe because they both have gasrelated quirks. After the Kurigiris backstory was reveald I dissmiss it…

With the recent War Arc I have a feeling we will see him alongside Muscular and Moonfish again. I Hope that kid learned His lesson

And maybe his Name and age is revealed … I wanne know

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Two of kind. Love is blind. I’m just tryin not to get left behind.

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