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me: can’t wait for King™ shigaraki to take down the heroes and the entire hero system

me: *remembers that future deku says this is the story of how he becomes the greatest hero*

me: anyway, can’t wait for King™ shigaraki to take down the heroes and the entire hero system

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Okay so I actually made it so much more fucking angsty in canon au I’m so sorry hajshhsks I mean like Shouto straight up disappears one day [part 5] and Dabi (aka Tomura’s ex-lover who broke up with him for his own good, apparently) has to comfort him, and, well, THE FEELS, BRO. THE FEELS.

But let’s assume the romcom situation is happening!

It would probably involve a lot of Dabi and Shouto in Quirk fights, shouting at each other across a field as Tomura looks at them both in horror a little distance away.

He tries to open his mouth to speak but Himiko shushes him quietly and shoves a bowl of popcorn into his arms to shut him up, dipping her fingers into it and tossing some into her mouth. They both watch the two brothers insulting each other and fighting in the distance, arcs of blue and yellow flames spiralling through the sky, spikes of ice chasing Dabi and rings of blue fire rounding Shouto.

And then the rest of the League gathers around the two spectators, several also stealing popcorn from the bowl Tomura’s holding absently. They ooh and ahh over the bright colours fanning across the sky like a vibrant light show.

And Kurogiri just stands off to the side, shaking his head in disapproval at them all (as if he wasn’t the one who created the portal to this empty field from the hideout).


Thank you for sending in this ask!! I think I needed it :)

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thanks anon! i had NO IDEA, i am sooooo bad at dates and just looking at this I’m like


Originally posted by keanuital

you gotta post this somewhere because I don’t think most of us realize the length and the stages of spy hawks adventures, and my boy went and did all this for what??? ;-;

heroes really done fucked up after all hawks’ efforts *sob*

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or why AFO really took Tenko in.

so I saw this post by @jae-the-hyung​ and, well, I started to think:

The first OFA holder looks a lot like Tenko; there is the mole (which Nana shares), and his hair looks a lot like Tenko’s. To me, the most telling is OFA’s pose. It’s a very…Tenko gesture, the half-grab hand-reach. So, hear me out while I expand on this; and what this could potentially mean for the ending of AFO and Tenko’s redemption:


I’ve also thought AFO’s hatred for Nana Shimura is a lot harsher than his hatred for other OFA holders (and I’ll get to Toshinori in a moment). I mean why did he literally villainize her last descendent? I’m supposed to believe that he made Tenko into Tomura so it’d be ironic punishment against Toshinori, that he did it only to hurt Toshinori. He took in a thoroughly traumatized 5-year-old, continued to abusively manipulate him for about 15 years because…it would really hurt an already guilty prone All Might…?

The claim he chose Tenko as a successor is also moot because he took Tenko before All Might crippled him, and AFO is effectively immortal. He didn’t (and I doubt he even now does) need a successor. So, all in all, it sounds like a lot of work for not a lot back, unless –

AFO got something else out of it.

I think my theory makes more sense if we bring in this theory (I can’t find the post so link me if u know it), where AFO believes he killed Nana Shimura before she managed to pass on OFA; and, as such, AFO didn’t know about All Might before he debuted. His brother’s quirk, OFA, was back in the family line; and Nana Shimura hadn’t the time to pass on OFA yet. So, AFO had finally liberated himself and won the battle of OFA and AFO.

I think AFO found the rest of the Shimura family (curiosity or maybe he had plans) but he saw an opportunity in Tenko. If Tenko Shimura is a direct descendant of OFA, and AFO believed he’d killed the last of OFA’s power lineage; then AFO is without a remnant of his brother for the first time.

If AFO wants a sick attempt at closure, then Tenko is the perfect host for it. Tenko is delicate-hearted (is my fav term to use for him), he dreamed about being a hero and was abused for it, and is already prone to self-harm (scratching). He is a little brother, and Tenko is still very young and, I personally headcanon, quirkless.

Even if you don’t believe AFO gave Tenko his quirk in full knowledge that it’d awaken destructively; it still resulted in the death of the rest of the Shimura family. AFO took Tenko’s memories, but left the crippling emotions, so Tenko had no way to heal from the trauma. He kept Tenko isolated and retraumatized him by having him kill people who attacked him, and he praised him and gave him gifts (look at the number of belongings in his room over time) whenever Tenko acted like AFO wanted him to act.

sidenote: from the start AFO cast himself as Tenko’s Sensei, claimed Tenko would be his successor; except Tenko doesn’t even know how to take care of himself, let alone an empire. And evidence that AFO is aware of this? He appointed Kurogiri as Tenko’s babysitter. (@thyandrawriteshas more meta on this).

The entire relationship AFO built between himself and Tenko was how AFO determined OFA should have acted. His brother should’ve been wholly dependent on AFO, he should’ve realized AFO was their savior, should’ve begged to help AFO do his work, should have clung to his every word! I would not be surprised if the first OFA holder’s name was revealed to be Tomura.

AFO manipulated Tenko into becoming Tomura Shigaraki. Not just to hurt All Might, but because it was cathartic for him. He derived a sick pleasure at having ‘his brother’ finally follow his beck and call, after decades of his 'rebellion’ ruining his plans for the world. I’m not surprised he talks to Tenko 'affectionately’ (condescendingly) he has masterfully manipulated himself as the center of Tomura’s world, (exactly as it should have been).


So, what does this mean for Tenko’s redemption? In the panel below, he tells his family “Don’t reject who I am”:


Tenko thinks being a villain, a being of pure destruction, is who he truly is; and his family, in their attempt to save/stop him are denying him that. If my theory holds true, then Tenko was not destined to be a villain. The destruction inherent in 'Tomura Shigaraki’ is not his true self. Tomura Shigaraki is actually AFO’s wish of another person entirely!

Once Tenko finds out that AFO’s brother was called Tomura, or that AFO molded Tenko into his ideal for Tomura, or that he is a direct descendent of OFA – then the inherent belief that Tenko was destined for destruction has shattered. AFO put himself in the role of mentor and a benevolent savior but when Tenko finds out the truth, AFO would’ve betrayed one of the few things Tenko believed in.

I might be gaming but I know I’m not the only one who hopes that Tenko (and the LoV) will end up killing AFO, and maybe this is the catalyst.

tl:dr Tenko is a direct descendent of OFA. AFO raised Tenko to become his idealized version of his brother OFA. Tenko will find out that AFO does not see him as his own person. Tenko (and the LoV) will finally rebel against AFO.

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Thank you ♡ I am so happy you enoy the story. As for the originality (without getting into spoilers), I wanted to create a yandere story that had a theme of social injustices but was discussed in a subtle way with microagressions as opposed to full on hatred. It makes it more believable. I’m glad the message is going over well. Thanks again, I’d love to add you to the tag list ♡♡♡♡

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-Shuichi Iguchi smut-

  • Reliance- dependence on or trust in someone or something

“Hmmmmmm…” You tapped the side of your nose thoughtfully as you swayed lightly from side to side in the grocery store bakery. The light temp on the inside was giving you tiny goosebumps on your arms, but you had a mission to complete at the moment. “May I sample that one over there?” You asked the kind worker from behind the counter. They nodded, smiled, and collected a small frosting sample from the cupcakes you were eyeing. After tasting it, you nodded and pointed at the green and pink cupcakes. “I’ll take a set of 6 please! Oh, and if you can add the little toppers on it, I’d like the Stain ones.” Lucky for you, he had memorabilia after causing such a stir in hero society. You smiled, paid the employee, and left the grocery store with the cupcakes along with the other stuff you picked up. Meanwhile, Spinner was on the other side of town hunting down a specific gift for you. You see, this wasn’t just any anniversary…this was your (?) year anniversary. You two have been dating since senior year of high school, and far past when he left out for a life of his own. Come to think of it, you two have been together so long that you should be married at this point! However, it’s all fine on your end because the two of you take things slow. In fact, you guys hadn’t even had your first kiss until you reached half a year of being together. Speaking of sex, that hasn’t even been reached or talked about between you two in all of the years you’ve dated each other. Both of you were clear virgins, and Spinner got flustered so easily that his head spins sometimes. It was just an understanding that you two would cross that bridge when you got to it. 

However, you felt like it was rounding to be that time and it was getting harder to control yourself with the passing years together. There have been times when you nearly jumped him just because of the way he flexed when working out. He was increasingly attractive to you every single day you see him and of course he must’ve felt the same, right? Well it’s true. The years have been difficult for Spinner as well. He was attracted to you from the very moment he laid eyes on you. The longer you two dated, the tougher it got for him to control himself. Although he was a virgin in the technical sense, he wasn’t in the literal sense. To put things shortly…

His hand has been his partner while you two date.

But lately it’s become so tough that even his own hand isn’t enough to satisfy him. He was loosing his self control, and he was loosing it fast. Lucky for him, you had something special planned for tonight. 

“Surprise!!!!” You shouted and popped the confetti on him as soon as he entered your shared apartment. “Y/N?! You made it home before me again? This happens every year!” He laughed and took you into an embrace. “Yeah, it’s because I’m much faster than you.” You teased him and kissed his snout. “Look!” You pointed at the decorated kitchen table. His eyes zoomed past most the food and zeroed in on the delicious cupcakes with tiny Hero killer toppers. “Ah, I love these.” He smiled sweetly at you and gave you another hug. The night winded down into a perfect indoor date. The weather was soon to get heavy which is the reason why you two couldn’t go out for your anniversary. But now with the food half eaten and the night winding down, you decided to confront Spinner on the one topic that’s been on your mind. “Hey Shu? Can I uh…ask you about something?” He placed the popcorn on the table and paused the movie before turning toward you on the couch. “Yeah?” He was already getting the jitters just from thinking about what you might have to say. “Do you wanna…take things to the next level with me? I mean we’ve been dating for a while and it’s been on my mind for a bit. Of course we don’t have to if it’s too much for y-”

“NO! N-no…I want to do this with you. I…really wanted to do it for a while but I’m not…I’m a…virginnn.” He drew out the last word in disappointment. He looked down shyly but you gently lifted his chin with your hand and smiled at him. “Me too.” You reassured him for a moment more and you two left the couch in exchange for the bedroom. Once inside you both made an effort to shed your clothing. That part wasn’t so hard. You’ve seen each other naked a couple of times before. Of course he blushed like usual, but this was just to be expected. The real challenge came when you both took a seat at the edge of the bed and began to make-out. His touch was quick and his kisses were clumsy and far too wet. He fumbled a few times, but you were there to make him feel comfortable. “Slow down there. I’m not going anywhere.” You teased him between kisses. His blush deepened and he pulled away so you could catch your breath. “S-sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. You chuckled and began to kiss a line up his neck. You were nervous too, but you always showed to strength and confidence between both of you when it came to romance. Your years of consuming romance media helped prepare you for this relationship. Your years of reading fanfic (yeah, I’m calling you out) had prepared you for this moment. You knew exactly what to do so now it was time to apply your knowledge. You gently reached down while the two of you were sharing a kiss, and you lightly gripped his member. He pulled away and let out a hiss of air from his teeth. It felt so good to have someone else touch for once. “Sorry! Are you okay? Was that too sudden?” You let go of him and he quickly grabbed your wrist to stop you from pulling away. “No it’s okay. I really like it. Please don’t stop.” He reassured you with a quirked smile. It was clear that he was nervous but good could you tell he was enjoying the moment by how painfully hard he was. You gained a bit of confidence from his assurance, and you reached back down to grip him firmly but gently in your hand. As you worked on pumping his cock to the best of your ability, you got lost at seeing the way he looked right now. Arms back, hands gripping the sheets behind him, head thrown back, hair a mess, sweat on his brow, his mouth wide open, and those sweet sinful little whines he was letting out. All of this was because of you. All of this was just for you. “Shuichi~” You lightly moaned out it name and he gasped. He didn’t want to say it, but he had dreams about how you’d sound moaning his name just like that. “I don’t think I can wait any longer.” You softly spoke as you rubbed your legs together. He nodded quickly, trying not finish just now. He could already tell that he wouldn’t last long and he was silently cursing himself at the thought of possibly disappointing you. Meanwhile, you laid back patiently and waited for him. 

“Shit! I almost forgot. I’m so sorry!” He rapidly apologized before running out of the room and returning with a condom. “I got these today at the store. I kinda planned on springing this on you today but you beat me to the punch like usual.” You chuckled at him. “Well maybe you can beat me for once at something, huh?” He blushed at your teasing and turned away so you couldn’t see him fumbling with the condom packet. After a certain amount of time, he put it on backwards. Then he opened a new one and did the same. Finally he opened the last one from the 3 pack and did it right. Spinner groaned in false annoyance when you clapped and cheered for him. “Cut it out! I’m not a baby.” He grumbled.

“Well you sure pout like one.” You poked his snout playfully. Before you could laugh, he shut you up with a kiss long enough to distract you from entering with just the tip of his cock. You hissed a bit at the foreign stretch, but you toughed it out for him. You knew if you showed it hurting too much then he would stop immediately. “It’s okay?” He asked in a strained and hushed voice. You nodded, breathlessly as he continued to slowly enter you bit by bit. For you, it was starting to feel better, but for him he was about to lose his mind at the pleasure. Once he was fully buried into you, and he was enveloped by your tight warmth, it was over with. There was nothing else in the room but you right now. He felt connected to you in a way he’s never felt ever before. He could got to the moon with the way you fe-

“Spinner? Could you move please?” You grabbed his attention with a light touch to his scaly cheek. He nodded and began to slowly move. For both of you, the intensity only seemed to build more and more. Maybe it was the fact that this was both of your first time, or maybe it was the way Spinner was moaning your name shamelessly. Either way, that knot building up in the pit of your stomach tightened and broke in no time. With that, you were both coming down from your first orgasms with each other. He immediately pulled you into multiple small kisses before finally pulling back to throw away the condom and get you a cold/wet towel. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” 

“For how short it was. I’m sorry if I ruined your first time.” He shyly looked away as he handed you the towel. “Shuichi, you don’t have to apologize. It was BOTH of our first time, and you didn’t ruin a thing. I can’t think of another person I’d rather be sharing the moment with. I love you.”

“I love you too, y/n. Happy anniversary.”


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