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#love a good halloween costume. so fun
spookymooks · a year ago
 I got to give candy to hordes of trick-or-treaters while dressed in my Team Rocket grunt costume and had a great time being “killed” by various pikachus ⚡💀⚡
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quilleth · 2 years ago
My work is having a Halloween party this year!! And being the Halloween junkie that I am, I am so excited! But this means i need to show those bitches up and make the most obnoxious over the top costume I can, whihc in my mind, would be the lolita style Mollymauk inspired outfit I’ve been playing around with sketching (I’d wear my masquerade dress from SMMB but that’s too low cut to wear to work when i regularly have to carry around large amounts of fabric, some of it on rolls larger than I am. So I need to rework the bodice for fit issue, bling it all out now that stores decided celestial trims are a thing, and add some more black tulle to the skirt to mute the other colors for a better galaxy effect...and make a cape... Either way, not really workable attire).
Anywho! I already have some patterns i can sue for it without having to do too much alterations in the drafting/ draping, and I can get most of the fabric on sale at Joann’s, if I don’t mind doing some extra dying and embellishing.
But I want to make the skirt a double layer skirt using fabric I found on spoonflower that’s designed to replicate the harlequin and stripe materials of Mollymauk’s pants, and I can’t decide which to use for the top skirt.  The top skirt will have to be full print, but the underskirt layer I can make using a solid color and just have a wider ruffle of the print to save on expenses because spoonflower is expensive, at least for me. But I can’t decide if the harlequin pattern or the stripe pattern would make a better top layer and it’s suuper frustrating! The skirt will be the easiest, fastest part for me to make so I’d like to get it done and out of the way to focus on that damned coat! But I can’t if I’m waffling over fabric and need to wait for it to arrive.
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lovelybro · 10 months ago
Every time I go to look at this blog for myself and like am scrolling down, for every post that’s like a nice thing to say or positive affirmations or some stuff like that (words hard) my immediate reaction in my brain is just to go “thanks bro” and then I remember what this blog is called
#thoughts#oni talks#ultimate lovely bro hours#my posts#just damn thanks bro except it’s at myself#and the fact that this is literally called lovely bro it’s just ya that sounds about right#just pat myself on the back for being a genius and also a lovely bro#also of all my blogs/side blogs this will forever and always be my favorite one#if I could mix Reddit and tumblr together this blog would just be infinite#I made a new Reddit account ok not solely but it’s kind of become solely#just for saving like wholesome memes and nice stuff and like relationship memes etc etc#also I should start making nice doodles again at some point Lolol#fun fact the lovely part of this blog was from the fact that on my main blog#in my tags i would and sometimes still do refer to followers/people reading as “to my lovelies#bc you’re all lovely and should be called as such#anyway I still have things to do so I’m gonna continue my break for a little bit of wholesome stuff on here#and then I’m gonna go take a bath/shower bc I really need one and I wanna work on taking less time in them#mainly bc person I’m moving in with only has one bathroom and so obvi taking too long is maybe bad but ALSO I have new stuff to try#also when I’m done I can get food which I know he will be happy if I eat and also food is good and I still wanna get good poke#also Halloween costumes should get here today and so if I’m all clean and stuff it’ll look nicer when I try them on + I still have more bras#I gotta try on and I ordered more since I’m still trying to figure out size/need bras also for when I move out (and in general) also pretty#I just gave sapphire her meds so I don’t gotta again until like 8ish#also I can set up sun lamps/lights I got bc my psych team said to bc I have a Vitamin D deficiency and it’s good for me lol#okie I’m go chillax a little then bath then smth idk but you’re all wonderful and lovely#I hope all of you have a good day and remember to eat and drink and take your meds!! I’m gonna take the rest of mine after my bath!! ILY ❤️#to my lovelies#hold on I can make it better (also reminder you deserve good things)#to my lovelies 💞
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datsecretlovechild · 5 months ago
KiriBaku evidence ✨
This order will be random.
- Bakugou doing Kirishima’s signature pose in the 3rd movie poster This evidence is surreal!!
- Funimation releasing an Ad promoting Two Heroes and saying ‘Celebrate PlusUltra love!’ then continuing to show KiriBaku
- Horikoshi changing a scene in smash from Kirishima being jealous of Uraraka and Tsu he instead gets jealous of Todoroki (who was grabbing onto Bakugou’s leg which seemed to be the trigger)
Tumblr media
- Horikoshi apparently has to approve the smash comics before released so he approved of every 𝓯𝓻𝓾𝓲𝓽𝔂 moment between Kirishima and Bakugou.
-Kirishima dropping everything to take care of Bakugou who had a fever and even sleeping on the floor in case something happened throughout the night
-Absolutely blowing off Jirou who was trying to ask him out because he noticed Bakugou was there with them
- Kirishima constantly blushing at Bakugou
- T h i s
Tumblr media
-Kirishima and Bakugou doing couples costumes for Halloween
-This comic speaks for itself
Tumblr media
Bakugou could’ve gone after Kirishima for giving him the suit but he rather went after Midoriya.
-Bakugou accidentally throwing his embarrassing looking lunch his Mother made for him into Kirishima’s face and Sero saying, “Trouble in paradise you two?”
Tumblr media
-Bakugou accidentally breaking Kirishima’s night vision goggles and going through as many embarrassing jobs as possible just to get the money to pay him back. He didn’t tell Kirishima when he was doing this but when he was caught doing a job Kirishima thought he was struggling for money, thus he convinced the class to pitch in money for him
- The headline beneath Kirishima and Bakugou talking about if they’ll go hiking together for the Christmas holidays pointing out Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan they didn’t need to put that there but it happened o-o
-Smash comics describes Kirishima as “Chicken soup for Bakugou’s soul”
-‘He believed he was the only one who could fit the role of this kid’s partner’ (It isn’t entirely romantic, I take what I get ok? Don’t come for me)
Tumblr media
Apparently in that one panel Bakugou is hit with a bishonen quirk, which twists the things he says into flirts. During a training exercise, he tells Kirishima, “You can try and tie me up all you want, but you’ll never be able to tie down my heart!” Kirishima responds, “Interesting! A challenge to see which of our hearts will submit first!”
A Little at a Time: During a spar, Kirishima ends up crumbled from Katsuki’s explosions. Bakugou becomes concerned and softly asks if they should stop, but is told no. Eventually, Kirishima is reduced to shards and to which Bakugou gathers with a look of regret. As if he never wanted to hurt him.
Kirishima takes a sip of Bakugou’s spicy drink because he felt dehydrated (INDIRECT KISS).
Kirishima finds Bakugou mountain climbing, and drags him to join a similar class outing. As they walk together, he (and Jirou) tease him about being “masochistic”.
Kirishima inviting Bakugou out to a restaurant
Apparently from the same storyline as Sulky-Shima is quirked into a dog, and uses this to get embarrassingly close to Bakugou.
Bakugou thanks Kirishima for saving him from a villain, although Kirishima doesn’t hear him properly. Bakugou is too embarrassed to say it to his face, so Todoroki does it for him.
- Bakugou giving Kirishima his festival jacket and Deku not understanding he gave it to him and thinking he gave it to a pretty girl who was cold, implying it was a romantic gesture since that is one of the most popular cliches.
Tumblr media
-Kirishima being the only one who can practically lean over and touch Bakugou without making him mad
-Bakugou eventually learning to like Kirishima so much he trusts him in many situations with no doubt, this is clearly shown in the Do-Or-Die Survival training OVA just as an example
- Bakugou giving Kirishima advice and motivating him when he was opening up about his insecurities with his quirk when no one else would and that alone being able to inspire Kirishima enough to unlock unbreakable when he really needs to
- In a preview to the game ‘My Hero Ones Justice 2’ Kirishima repeated those inspiring words Bakugou said to him when fighting him in battle.
- In the Two Heroes movie Bakugou is shown worrying for Kirishima’s safety a lot, he was even running to go help him when the villain first attacked and when Kirishima pushed Bakugou out of the way so he wouldn’t get hurt at the expense of himself. Bakugou looked back for him and screamed out his name, a clear look of fear on his face. Afterwards, when he checks up on Kirishima to see if he’s ok he thanks him for having his back to which Kirishima blushes at this.
“Thank you..”
“Whoa! Where did that come from? Don’t worry about it!”
And obviously to keep up his heartless warrior rep he gets all defensive and says, “I’M NOT WORRIED”
Tumblr media
- Kirishima bringing Bakugou a suit so he can go somewhere fancy with him and somehow knowing his exact measurements?
-Also this (Sorry I forgot to put the photo and now I’ve forgotten what’s supposed to be here 😀) I FOUND IT! I FREAKIN REMEMBERED!
-Let’s explain this thoroughly. Bakugou had to option to bring a Plus 1 to a private island where he didn’t know anyone he knew was gonna be at and instead of choosing family or simply no one he chose Kirishima to come with him where they shared a honeymoon suite together and didn’t plan on doing anything for the night, he just planned to stay there with Kirishima and not go to a gathering where huge pro heroes would be until Kirishima convinced Bakugou to get them to the party
-Even Mineta was suspicious as to how Kirishima and Bakugou randomly managed to get all the way up to the 80th floor while just trying to find the party
- Kirishima being the only one Bakugou would seek help from when he needed to escape Kamino.
-Kirishima going in to hold Bakugou’s hand again once more in the crowd after grabbing his hand earlier.
-During the kidnapping arc Kirishima seemed so distraught and frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to go help Bakugou and looked utterly depressed once realising he had been taken, the screen specifically showed his face. Even willing to yell at fellow classmates because he wanted to go rescue him so bad and saying he wouldn’t be a man anymore if he didn’t.
Tumblr media
-Anyone else see how Bakugou seems to glow when Kirishima imagines him?
Tumblr media
This last photo was shown directly after Kirishima’s reaction to Bakugou’s kidnapping happened.
-I would show all of the official arts they are in but apparently this thing has a photo limit so.. Yeah. Maybe I’ll add a link to a separate post of it all.
- I don’t read the team up missions but I’m sure there are clues there, anyway back to the list. I’ve only read one so far, they’re good. It’s called ‘Thats totally overdoing the illusion’
- Fun Fact: In the Fantasy AU Kirishima actually belongs to Bakugou, he is his dragon and Bakugou has a tattoo on his left shoulder in a dragon-like heart with a backwards E & then a K inside.
- Instead of studying with a pretty rich girl with a big chest who lets all of his friends study in her mansion and just so happens to be the smartest in the class Kirishima would rather study with Bakugou.
- Eijiro Kirishima, favourites things: Tough guys and meat. (Bakugou is usually perceived as a rough guy:
-Katsuki Bakugou, favourite things: spicy food and mountain climbing. (Kirishima just so happens to be named after a mountain??
-Bakugou somehow found out Kirishima used up a lot of his money to get night vision goggles because it might help their mission to save him so when he noticed Kirishima was feeling down about getting people in trouble he used Kaminari’s short circuiting to distract everyone and give him the money in return which seemed to cheer Kirishima up a bit.
-Kirishima and Bakugou arrived to the pool together and left together leaving us to believe the two may have had a sleep over together.
- Kirishima and Bakugou having one of those sunset walk scenes also seen between Tamaki and Mirio and Midoryia and Uraraka
- Kirishima saving Bakugou from Shishikura in the anime was a surprise to manga readers since it apparently didn’t appear in the manga, it just cut right to him being a meatball.
- Parallels:
• Yaoyorozu: “You’re amazing, Todoroki!”
• TetsuTetsu: “You’re amazing, Kendo!”
• Kirishima: “You’re amazing, Bakugou!”
- In Season 5 Episode 0 Kirishima had to be sitting on Bakugou’s lap during the ride to the situation in order for their plan of attack to work.
- In the new Season 5 Outro Bakugou is seen grabbing a bottle of Crimson Riot hot sauce. We assume it’s for Kirishima right?
- There are a lot of KiriBaku scenes in the MHA light novels, after trying so hard to find all of them I’ve forgotten what most of them are and it’s not that easy to find them anyway. This is what I remember they have little moments in:
•Kirishima making sure Bakugou eats and eventually feeding Bakugou lasagne after school festival and not accepting it at first but then he ends up liking it and them talking about his drumming
•Study Dates, specifically when they were at the library since Bakugou let out a genuine laugh because he saw a flustered Kirishima
• Also in the study dates when Bakugou’s old friends question how him and Bakugou are even friends and Kirishima giving a big inspiring speech about how amazing Bakugou is
• At the arcade where Kirishima was playing against Todoroki in a zombie shooting game
•Moving into the dorms they had some moments, search it up 😌 seriously, search it up. You’ll not regret it.
Tumblr media
-The c a r d s
-Please don’t forget the official arts, god I wish I could put them down.
- In the manga Vol.29 on the first page the headline is Bakugou Katsuki Rising and a picture of Kirishima wearing a leather jacket with his logo on it. On the next page there are lots of pictures of the characters wearing casual clothing and Bakugou is seen wearing a leather jacket. People came up with a headcannon that he could possibly be wearing it.
-According to Deku, Bakugou never goes hiking with anyone and just goes alone but it’s clearly not the case for Kirishima. He’s the first person he’s ever brought with him.
- I can’t send the picture but there’s a scene in the manga that goes like this:
Kaminari: “Thanks to the band!”
Kirishima: “Thanks to the drums, yeah?”
- MANGA SPOILERS: The look of how proud Kirishima was when he watched Bakugou save Jirou from that opponent in class 1B.
- Hey, remember when Mineta wondered if Bakugou’s taste ran in THAT direction during the sports festival?
-the first thing that came to Bakugou’s mind after Aizawa gave the speech about how he could’ve expelled all of the students who participated in the rescue was Kirishima.
- Bakugou somehow found out Kirishima spent all of that money on night vision goggles, so how did he exactly? How could he tell Kirishima would do something like they’ll at? How much digging did he do?
- In Heroes Rising do you remember that longingly look Kirishima gave Bakugou while reassuring him there were no villains? Kirishima your heart eyes are showing.
- the fact everyone was standing so far apart from each other except for KiriBaku
-If not canon why are their quirks literally compatible with one and other therefore making them the perfect duo because they get along so well?💃🏼
-This is merely a coincidence but on April 19-20th (depends on time zones) Mount Kirishima actually erupted back in 2018 I think. Even Mother Nature ships KiriBaku lol.
-I’m sure we’ve all seen the photographic evidence of Bakugou and Kirishima wearing matching bracelets and sometimes even clothing right? I’ll link it if I find it.
- Kirishima spent almost all of his money on night vision goggles when Yaoyorozu could’ve easily made them with her quirk? Excuse me son?
-Bakugou in the manga explaining his body no longer felt fatigue once he held Kirishima’s hand. As if he felt everything was suddenly gonna be ok
- This is small but Kirishima is the first person Bakugou would bother to call by name
- Kirishima and Bakugou together in the opening, Kirishima seems to like the view 😂
- “Whoever Bakugou starts to care for more, whether their hair be brown or whether their hair be red.. Cuz it’s not gonna be green” -Clifford Chaplin
-The Japanese VAs tend to spread their liking for KiriBaku to the fans and sometimes even roleplay scenes. One being Kirishima saying It want to see your cute face’ to Bakugou and Bakugou replying with ‘...You idiot...’ to much surprise
- Kirishima having a marble-like patterned shirt and Bakugou having a marble-like patterned jacket
-I’m sorry just look at his little smile he gives🥺
-Hi, here’s something I found: In some official game, certain characters provide power boosts to others on a range from 1-3. The strength of the boost appears to depend on the strength of the canon bonds between characters. Eijiro provides the max boost for Katsuki, and vice versa. It’s interesting to note that this occurs with several other popular pairings, such as TodoMomo, IzuOcha , and KamiJirou to name a few. 👍👍
-Kirishima said “There he is! The star of the show!” About Bakugou when the main character was right there / In the dub he instead called him the Big Bang which was how the universe was created and all the stars in it were made. He is Kirishima’s star
-Here is an official art where Kaminari is pretending to be like Jirou singing and Kirishima pretending to drum like Bakugou.
- I discussed all of this before on TikTok and apparently somebody has some more evidence for us. If you have anymore evidence tell us.
Here’s what they said:
@aninnocentperson:Lol also in the ( light novels) after bakugo fought with deku- bakugo went to Kirishima and Kirishima comfort him. That’s what kiri told fatgum.
I’ll try see if this is true if I can.
-People usually say ‘Kirishima only looks up to tough guys’ when hearing his favourite thing is tough guys but then it’s not the same argument when on Mineta’s page it says his favourite thing is girls. That’s why we class it as evidence.
- Bakugou setting out the impression that he hated everyone but when talking about Kirishima he admits ‘He’s an idiot but I don’t hate him’ r a r e
-Kirishima and Bakugou actually have bring a tent/tents to mountain climbing with them as you can see on the list in the back
-Apparently you can make Kirishima and Bakugou’s fingers intertwine perfectly just by a quick placement in photoshop.
-Just Wanna day that in the game My Hero Ones Justice 2 in the Bakusquad’s cutscene just would high five and fist bump Kiri without complaint but then explode Kaminari when he tries lol
-In the fantasy AU Bakugou is shown the have the bottom of his cape ripped and torn to make it look rough but when you look at Kirishima you find out he wears the bottom and Bakugou’s cape wrapped around his waist
-I have a feeling I’ve still missed a lot, probably because it needs ✨PHOTOGRAPHS✨like things to point out in the animation. That one sunset scene with them, Kirishima looking from afar and blushing, the getting him food in the credits of the movie which is more just a friend thing but still sweet, the official art which I will do soon and link when I have the time
-In the Ones Justice game how the screen lit up white and dark petals started to fall around them as they held hands :)
-The Bakugou blushing thing: Future me this is your reminder to add this - Here you go :)
-That whole Kanji thing to do with meanings behind Kirishima’s bio which I’m too dumb to write out and the next time I see someone explaining it I will send it here.
-I’ve noticed how in Ones Justice 2 after Bakugou succeeds to defeat someone he usually gives them a harsh comment as a final word (You can buy these speeches in the shop) but meanwhile with the ‘VS Eijiro Kirishima’ he says, “There’s more to you than being tough..” with quite a calm tone
The official song ‘Long Hope Faria’ go watch it and pay close attention to the part about Kirishina and Bakugou- Which is most of it.
- There is an official stage play. Like genuinely official apparently, I thought it wasn’t but apparently that is not the case. I will come back later on and link KrBk moments from the stage play right here once found.
-In Japan study dates are very popular among couples and we all know Kirishima and Bakugou go on them together
- This is also a very good PowerPoint about KrBk @laurart_tbrn -!Am8eghJrX-JRxXXdpB6SrfECKL5I
I will definitely stall on doing this cuz I’m a lazy shit)
If I have missed anything PLEASE tell me!
I feel like I have missed something out, a few things in fact. I wrote some stuff down but then Tumblr rest and it got erased but I can’t remember what it was
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nervoustrack · 7 days ago
A special trick or treat
Pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
Summary: taking your sister trick-or-treating on halloween night turns out better than you expected.
Warnings: fluff, stark!reader, one curse word I think
Words: 4.518
A/N: this is highly inspired by hocus pocus because I simply love this movie. Happy reading!
Tumblr media
“Y/N! C'mon!” Your little sister called out to you, shaking you on your bed.
You ignored her, pretending to be asleep. And then she jumped on top of you, nudging you and calling your name until you moved. You huffed, taking the headphones off and turning your head over your shoulder.
“What you want, Morgan?” you asked grumpily. Your favorite band had just released a new song, and like the good fan you were, you wanted to listen to it the very moment it came out. Apparently, your sister had different plans. You frowned when you noticed the grease stain all over the girl's small body. “You're all dirty, get off me.”
She got off your back, sitting down on the side of your bed and leaving room for you to turn forward and sit down as well.
“It's not dirt. It's makeup, you fool.” she retorted as if it was obvious.
“And why are you wearing makeup?” you asked quirking your eyebrow.
“Because it's Halloween!” she exclaimed, raising her hands in the air dramatically and you grimaced. “I'm dressed as daddy, see?” she points to the outfit she was wearing, the same mechanic's outfit your father used to wear whenever he worked in the basement.
“Yeah, very accurate indeed. That was all? I have things to do.” you say already raising your hand to put the headphone on your ear and resume your original position, but a soft hand stops you from completing the action.
“No, you're taking me out for candy.”
“What? No I'm not! Ask mom and dad. They will love it for sure.” you grumbled, taking your arm away from her hand.
Halloween was your favorite time of the year, yes, but your way of enjoying the holiday was different from everyone else's, and you did it the way your lack of socializing allowed. Which meant spending the whole day watching classic horror movies and eating junk food your parents bought you the day before. Dressing up and going trick-or-treating was certainly not your thing.
“I already asked! They're busy at some boring party and told you to take me.” you closed your eyes displeased and threw the pillow over your face to cover yourself. “Besides, I like to go with you. You always take me out for candy, it's a tradition.”
“Traditions change all the time, and I am older now.” you retort with your voice muffled by the pillow on your face.
“Just because you're a year older doesn't mean you have to get more boring! C'mon, it's going to be fun, please?” you're not seeing it, but from the tone of her voice you know she's making that face that makes her get everything she wants. “Pretty please?”
“That won't work, Medusa.” you sneer and hear your sister huff.
“I'll split half the candy with you.” she offers hopefully, although you can tell she's rooting for you to say it's not necessary.
“You're not going to buy me off with candy.”
There is a brief moment where there is no sound being made and you think she may have finally accepted that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to spend a Halloween without going out in costume.
“If you go with me I will convince daddy to buy that guitar you have been whining about all year.” automatically pulling the pillow away from your face, you scan her face for any sign that she was lying to you, but when you find only sincerity, you get up from the bed in one leap, causing her to look at you with confusion spreading across her face.
“What are you waiting for? We have some candy to pick up.” You say in fake enthusiasm and pick the jacket hanging behind your door. Morgan celebrates silently and is soon leaving the room accompanied by you behind.
You just hoped this would be over soon so she could do her part.
“We can tell that you are one of the girls who die on Friday the 13th.” Morgan's voice sounds beside you after you step off the porch of yet another house. Her bag was already half full.
“Why do I have to be someone dead?” You ask, your hands in the pockets of your jacket and looking around the street all decked out. “Why do I have to be someone really?”
“Because you have to have a costume.” She replies angrily, shouting trick-or-treating at the house you had arrived at. You let out a humorless laugh through your nose, waiting for her to finish talking to the lady who walked out the door and get the candy, only to direct a polite smile at the woman and leave.
“Can't I just be myself?” You ask taking the bag from her hand and seeing how much candy she already had. When you grab a chocolate bar for yourself, she complains saying that you had said you didn't want candy, but you just ask her to shut up and hand the bag back to her.
“Of course not. The whole fun of Halloween is to dress up as something else.”
“I thought it was asking for candy?” You comment nonchalantly, biting off a piece of the bar as you walked further into the neighborhood, entering the mansion area.
“It's both.” You were in no mood to argue, so you just murmured in agreement. “Oh, I know! You can be like one of those characters in that wizard movie you watch all the time.”
“Pretty and powerful?” You ask in a joking tone.
“No, boring and weird.” You make a face of indignation, which makes her laugh.
“I just know you didn't call Harry Potter boring.” she just laughs harder, and you have to hold back your own laughter too.
When you stop laughing, you realize that you are approaching a large mansion with a loud sound coming from inside. It was quite normal for this side of town to have these parties every holiday where they could use the excuse, so you didn't make a big deal about it. You just had to get the candy and leave.
“Trick or treat!” Both you and Morgan shouted, you putting your arm above her head for support and making her nudge you in the ribs. You chuckled, but you take your arm out her head.
The very second the door opened to reveal the resident, your laughter died in your throat and you unconsciously straightened your posture.
Wanda Maximoff was certainly the most beautiful girl you had ever seen, and you didn't expect her to get any prettier, but apparently even in a silly Halloween costume she could top herself. She wore an all red costume, with a cape and a tiara, and when she noticed you at the door she tilted her head with a small, surprised smile.
You and her studied together. More specifically, you sat behind her on the class chart. You were not so close, but you were not strangers either. You talked sometimes, and she always greeted you when she passed you in the hallways. She was the classic popular girl that everybody loves, but you could understand why. She wasn't fake and boring and thought she was superior, no. She was kind, charismatic, and really cared about the others around her. And that's how you fell for her in the first place. Your crush on her was absurdly obvious to all your friends and maybe even to the rest of the school, but lucky for you she never seemed to notice. Or just pretended for your sake.
“Hello pretty girl. What are you?” Wanda asked softly, turning her gaze to your sister who for a brief second you forgot was there.
“Hi, Miss. I'm a crazy mechanic.” She replied and you smiled at her description of your father.
“And what are you?” Wanda asked looking at you this time, a glint of amusement in her eyes that warmed your neck and face.
“Her boring self.”
You choked on your sister's words, and the redhead in front of you laughed graciously.
“You're always touching, Morgan.” you retorted, looking away from the girl, only seeing the moment she held out the candy to your sister's bag.
“Thank you!” You thought she was going to leave now, but then you realized that she was mesmerized by something inside the redhead's house, and she noticed it too, following your sister's line of gaze and smiling when she saw what she was looking at. “Is that a chocolate fountain?” She asked in disbelief, and you only just realized that there was indeed a small fountain on the table in the main hall.
“Yes, it is.” Wanda agreed with a slight nod of her head.
“Is it real chocolate?”
“One hundred percent real.” the amused tone in the redhead's voice was clear, and you caught yourself watching her instead of the fountain.
“Y/N, can we come in?” She turns her head toward you with a bright expression.
“Morgan, you can't invite yourself over to other people's houses like that.” You scolded her softly so Wanda wouldn't hear, but she listened anyway.
“But it's a party!” She retorted, and before you could argue back, Wanda's voice made itself present.
“Yeah, she's right, it's a party. You two are more than welcome to come in.”
The little brunette next to you gave a victorious smile, and you sighed.
“Alright, just don't eat too much sugar or mum will kill us both.”
She hummed in agreement before head in the direction of the chocolate fountain. You watched as some of her friends from school joined her with their parents and you automatically felt less tense, knowing that there were more adults there that you knew who could watch her when you weren't around.
“So that's the so-called sister?” Wanda asked amused and you bite your lip, looking away.
“Herself.” You replied with a playful yet nervous smile.
“She doesn't seem so evil genius as you said.”
You entered the house and waited for Wanda to close the door behind you, before she guides you to a counter further back in the party room. She ordered something that you didn't quite hear, and when the man behind the counter asked if you wanted anything you said that just water was fine. You looked once more at the image of Morgan near the fountain with Maria and her daughter Monica.
“She's just pretending to get on your good side.” You joked, taking a sip of your water. The redhead chuckled, earning your attention and your gaze.
“Kids are always on my good side.”
“Well, just don't tell her or she will start abusing your good will.”
She nodded her head with a slightly smile, drinking whatever was in that glass and you turn your gaze around the party, seeing some of your own school friends. You think you saw Natasha in the corner of the hall dressed as Lara Croft, and you made a mental note to make a joke about it when you meet her at school on Monday.
“I wouldn't peg you as a party girl.” You decide to comment, hoping that it wasn't something too silly to talk about. Fortunately, Wanda doesn't seem to mind.
“I'm not, really. My parents host a party every year. Which is pretty funny considering they're never here for the party itself and I end up having to be the host.” She says wryly, dropping the now empty glass on the counter and turning sideways, looking directly at you. You are flustered by the intensity of her gaze, but you try to cover it up so you don't look as messed up as you actually were.
“Oh, the obligation. It's always a pain in the ass.” You mutter playfully, straightening the collar of your shirt while looking at the floor. You don't see it, but she follows your every move, smiling slightly when she realizes that you were flushing.
“Not if you know how to pay attention only to the good parts.” she shrugs, and you swallowed dryly. “You're not much of a costume girl, then?” she changes the subject, moving closer to you so that she can hear you better over the noise of the party.
“I prefer to spend my Halloween watching movies and being afraid to get water in the middle of the night after.” You say with a chuckle.
“You're losing all the fun.” She teases, and you turn your gaze to her. Bad move. She was to close for your sake. Was it just an impression or her eyes look greener today? or maybe it's just the effect of whatever she drunk a few seconds before. Remembering to stop looking at her, you cleared your throat.
“Am I?”
She smiles, and then she's holding your hand and making you look at her confused. “Come with me, I have an idea.”
You almost choke when you realize that she is leading you in the direction of the stairs leading to the bedrooms. This could end up either very good or very bad. Looking back one last time, you looked for your sister in the entrance hall and saw her still with Monica and Maria, but now Natasha was beside her as well. Noticing you, Natasha gives a thumbs up and a wink when she sees Wanda dragging you along and you look away, flushing. Despite everything, you understand that she's implying that she's going to watch Morgan for you.
Wanda's room is not as you expected. It was... simple. Too simple for a person who lived in a mansion, to put it better. There was a bed in the middle, a shelf with books further to the left of the room, and near the window was a little desk with a notebook open and several photos scattered around the wall just above. Polaroids, you notice. There is a picture of her with her brother, with who you recognize as her best friend Steve, and also a picture of last year's class. You are surprised, because you were also in that picture. But everyone else in the class was, so you turned your attention to the other side of the room. There was a pedestal in the corner, a guitar hanging there. It wasn't the one you wanted, in fact it was maybe better. Moving up a little, there were random posters of artists, even drawings that you assumed she had made herself. Even though it was not how you imagined it, you thought it was beautiful.
Wanda released your hand and sat you down on the bed, moving quickly to a door that she opened and revealed itself as her closet.
“Hm, what exactly is your idea?” You asked, but with her back to you, you weren't sure if she had really heard you inside the closet.
“Since you don't want to wear a costume, just let me do your makeup.” She finally appeared from inside the closet, and you noticed that she had a purse in her hand.
“Oh, there's no need.” You tried to dismiss it, but she just shook her head, sitting down in front of you on the bed.
“The rule for the party is to be in costume. You're not.” she raises her eyebrow defiantly. You ponder the question, but knowing that you would surely rather spend more time with her than alone at home, you nodded your head defeatedly. “I promise not to do anything too extravagant.”
She takes something from inside her purse and then she brings her free hand up to your face. “Close your eyes, please.” She asks softly and you do promptly, feeling her run her fingers lightly below your eye. You were about to ask what she was going to do, but then she withdrew her hand and you heard when she reached for something. “Don't open it until I tell you,” she warns, and then you feel her put something with a cold tip in your face.
The silence that falls under the room is comfortable as Wanda concentrated on painting whatever she was painting on your face. At one point she also started painting your cheeks, and you spent the whole time thinking about how nice it was to have her touch your face. Her hand was soft and light, and you thought about how desperately you wished she was holding your face for another reason. With your eyes still closed you didn't know exactly what was happening, but you could feel when her breath came very close to your mouth, and you held your own breath.
“I'm finishing your eye.” she says low, and your mind spins when you feel that she is really very close, and her hand holding your cheek to keep you in place doesn't help much. It takes a few more seconds for her to release your cheek. “Okay, you can open it now.”
When you open your eyes you didn't expect her to still be so close to you, but there she was. Despite your clear hitched breath and your heart beating fast against your chest, Wanda just scans your face, and then she smiles.
“I nailed it.” she says when she finally pulls away and you can look to the other side of the room, trying to catch your breath.
You only look at her again when she gets out of bed and asks you to get up too. When she puts you in front of the mirror, you frown in surprise when you see the makeup. It was something not as extravagant as she had said, and still amazing.
“Wow, Wanda, that's... beautiful.” You say turning your face sideways slightly to see the details on your cheek, hearing her laugh behind you. You try not to get too focused on the fact that she is behind you and with her head on your shoulder as she look at your face through the mirror.
“Why the tone of surprise? were you doubting my abilities?”
“No! it's just— I really liked it, and I usually don't like it very much so— yeah, there's that.” You explain awkwardly, but considering she is still smiling you hope she was just joking. “So, hm, now I'm allowed to stay at the party?” You ask as soon as she removes her head from your shoulder and you turn to face her.
She looks you up and down, and then she speaks. “Take off your jacket.”
She bites her lip, and then she walks over to you and reaches for your jacket, smiling slightly before taking it from you and then throwing it on her bed. Your arm tingles where she touches it.
She takes a step back, seeming to think about something, and then she finally looks into your eyes again. “There's something missing.” she says more to herself than to you, but then she seems to have another idea. “Your hair is too neat, it has to be messy.”
You shrug, bringing your hand up to your hair and messing it up quickly. She laughs at your antics, “Better now?”
“Not like that, Y/N. That way looks like you had a fight with a bear.” she comments, and it's your turn to laugh now. “Here, let me help.”
She runs her hand through your hair, leaving it in a sort of neat mess, you think, because you actually end up paying more attention to her face. She is pretty. Too fucking pretty. And her lips seem to be as soft as they are beautiful. It's only when her hand lands in the hair on the back of your neck that she realizes you're looking at her. Finally coming to your senses, you lift your gaze to her eyes, already preparing an apology for her not to hate you, but you don't even have time to think before she pulls you closer, closer than you think it's possible, and presses her lips against yours.
Your brain short-circuited, and you had the feeling that you were going to melt at her touch, her hands gently holding your neck and her fingernail sliding there slowly. You were right, her lips were as soft as they were beautiful. She seemed hesitant at first, even though she was the one who pulled you in, but all her hesitation vanished when you asked for passage with your tongue and she promptly did, gasping when you put your hand on her waist to keep the balance.
The thing was that Wanda wanted you as much as you wanted her. Since the first time she saw you in the school drama club. Since the time you took the picture that was hanging on her wall on the last day of rehearsal. She wanted you, and now that she was finally kissing you, she felt ecstatic. When you had to pull away, both of your breaths are short and she doesn't open her eyes immediately, still trying to recover from the sensation bubbling up in her chest.
You take advantage of the fact that her eyes are closed to look at her. Her swollen lips, the little dimples in her cheeks, her bust rising and falling as she catches her breath. When she finally opens her eyes, for the first time you don't feel nervous to stare at her so closely.
“I think that was a very natural way to mess up my hair.” You manage to say, still breathlessly, and then she bursts into laughter, leaning her head against your collarbone and tightening the embrace around your neck. You laugh too, squeezing her waist lightly in a mute request for her to lift her face to look at you. “I'd like if you did it again.”
She pulls you in again, and this time the soft kiss becomes firmer, and when you unconsciously press her against your own body she separates quickly, only to kiss you again soon after.
“Wanda, d'you know where there's more—” Pietro opened the door, but immediately stopped talking when he saw that you were there too. Not only that, but that you were holding his sister and that you were too close to be anything platonic. Trying to hide his laughter, he spoke again. “I... I just came to ask if you knew where there's more punch. It's over downstairs.”
Still without removing her hands from your neck, Wanda nodded shyly. “Okay, I'll take it there.”
Pietro gave her a small smile before turning to you, and you could see that he was trying hard not to make any jokes. “Good to see you again, Y/N.”
“Good to see you, Pietro.” You mumbled gracelessly, and as he closed the door, you could hear his muffled laughter gradually diminishing as he walked away.
Giving you a brief kiss on the lips, Wanda lowered her hands from around your neck and took a step back. “I'd better take the punch downstairs before my parents' friends complain about being a bad hostess.” she jokes and you smile.
“Sure, I have to go downstairs too. See Morgan, y'know.” She hums in agreement, and then you go downstairs together, separating on the way as she goes after the punch and you look for your sister in the middle of the party.
You find Nat at the beverage counter and sigh in relief, heading in her direction. As soon as she senses your presence coming she turns around, a teasing smile on her face that you know doesn't mean anything good.
“You finally made a move!” She said cheerfully, pushing your shoulder and you roll your eyes.
“How do you even know?” But before she could answer, you shook your head. Of course Pietro would have told her. “Never mind. Where's Morgan?”
She shrugged, taking a wide gulp. “Don't know.”
You widened your eyes, panic taking over your face. “What?”
It takes a few seconds before the redhead in front of you undoes the straight face and falls into laughter. “I'm just kidding. She's over there.” she points to the corner of the party and you finally calm down when you see the image of her sitting on the floor. But then you scowl when you notice her hand on her belly and you excuse yourself before heading in her direction.
“Hey, are you okay?” you ask, bending down to her height. She just shakes her head.
“Yeah, just a little tummy ache.” You tilt your head in disapproval.
“How much chocolate did you eat?”
“Just a little like you said!” but when you raised your eyebrow, she snorted. “Okay, a lot more than I should have.”
“I told you not to eat too much. Come on, I'm taking you home.” She frowns, but doesn't complain.
You look for Wanda before you leave, frustrated when you don't find her. Then you say goodbye to Natasha and ask her to let Wanda know why you needed to leave early. Holding your sister's hand, the moment you step off the balcony of the Maximoff mansion, you hear her calling you. You turn to her, a smile on your face. Morgan was more concerned with looking at the toilet paper thrown around the street in something that must have been a prank.
“Are you leaving already?” she asks almost insecure, and you nod your head.
“Morgan is feeling sick.” you explain and you see Wanda's shoulders dropping with relief. So you're not running away from her. Good.
“Oh. I hope she feels better.”
“Thanks.” you answer softly.
You wonder if you could kiss her one more time before you leave, and considering that even after what happened in the bedroom she still wanted you to stay, you thought it was okay. You took a step up before stealing a brief kiss on her lips, smiling when she chase for more when you pulled away.
As you were coming down the step again, she spoke. “Wait! You forgot your jacket in my room.”
“It's okay, you can give me back monday at school, right?” you ask uncertainly. You really hoped that you had got everything right and that this was not just a one-time thing. God you wish it wasn't. She smiles beautifully, and then you understand that she doesn't want it to be just a one-time thing either.
“Right. See you, then.”
You mumble a goodbye back, and this time you actually start walking away, Morgan at your side.
“You're smiling like an idiot.” She remarks teasingly.
“Don't mention it.” You complain, passing your arm around her head and pulling her to you, playfully forcing her to hug you.
“And you even indulged in the costume world!” she continues, ignoring what you had said just a few seconds earlier and hugging your waist.
“Shut up.” You reply, but the truth is that you are not the least bit angry. She laughs against you, and you laugh too before letting go.
As you make your way back home, you can only think one thing.
It was definitely worth going trick-or-treating this year.
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gffa · 6 months ago
It’s been about five months since I last did a set of STAR WARS recs, which I’ve had my ups and downs with the fandom in that time, but one thing that hasn’t wavered is that this fandom has been absolutely amazing at producing fic all this time and I literally started with about 300 fics I wanted to rec and this takes maybe 20% off that list and, of course, I read more this morning, so now it’s back up to like 305 because THIS FANDOM KEEPS BEING REALLY GREAT ABOUT PRODUCING THE AMAZING FIC. I really do appreciate that, whatever other problems this fandom has, there are a lot of really great people here, too, who are doing some fantastic work and sharing their incredibly talented creations with us. As someone who loves the space fandom created, who finds meaning in the community that pops up around our ridiculous bullshit of a source material (I love it, but it’s such delightful ridiculous bullshit, that’s what endears it to me so much, I LOVE YOU FOR BEING RIDICULOUS, STAR WARS!), it also means a lot that there have been so many incredible people making the world a little better through their writing, through their art, through their good-hearted commentary, especially in a time when a lot of us really need some good cheer. So, here, cry with me about so many amazing fics and cry with me that this is barely putting a dent in all the fic I want to shove at everyone! STAR WARS FIC RECS: PREQUELS RECS: ✦ your arms never withhold by wrennette, ahsoka/barriss & rex & fives & cast, 1.1k    Ahsoka receives a gift from Barriss, shares with Torrent Co., and receives their help in making something in return. ✦ Bitter-Sweet by Ripki, obi-wan & anakin, de-aging, 1.7k    Sometimes, the Universe just hated Obi-Wan Kenobi. Case in point the peculiar moment, when he found himself staring in utter incomprehension at his former Padawan. Former being perhaps not exactly the right term. ✦ I will soften every edge by loosingletters, obi-wan & anakin & a'sharad & ki-adi & cast, 15.6k    It is tradition to prepare a meal from your homeworld and share it with your lineage to celebrate the diversity of the Order. Usually, this isn’t a trouble for anybody, but that was before Anakin Skywalker and A'Sharad Hett joined the Jedi Order. ✦ nothing too heavy by katierosefun, obi-wan & anakin, 1.6k    right after being knighted, maybe Anakin drinks for the first time. Maybe separation anxiety is a thing. Maybe there’s piggyback rides. ✦ treasure by curseofmen, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 3.1k    while Anakin and Obi-Wan get stuck hunting down a bounty hunter, Ahsoka ends up getting gifts for her two Jedi dads ✦ Reflections by KCKenobi, obi-wan & anakin, 1.5k    To practice using his new prosthetic arm, Anakin cuts Obi-Wan’s hair. ✦ at the edge of the cliff by loosingletters, obi-wan & anakin/padme & luke & leia, 1.2k    Anakin Skywalker doesn’t fall when Sidious asks him to. But he still very nearly did. Or, how to live with the consequences of the right choice when it leaves you feeling hollow, still only a step away from the dark. ✦ under the same sky by katierosefun, obi-wan & anakin, force ghosts, 2.5k    Anakin and Obi-Wan after Return of the Jedi. ✦ Bloodlines by KCKenobi, obi-wan & anakin & dooku, 11.6k wip    [or: your classic family road trip across a desert planet, except your grandpa is, you know, a Sith Lord. And now he’s sort of starting to bond with your Jedi dad. And that might be an issue.] ✦ what a wicked game you play by blackkat, shaak ti/jango fett, pegging, ~1k    “You’re sure?” Shaak asks, and her weight on Jango’s back makes his skin prickle, makes him want to shiver. Every last instinct recognizes her as a predator, and a dangerous one at that. ✦ both kinds of luck by lynnpaper (27beansprouts), obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, whump/descriptions of injury, 3.2k    She touches her stomach. Warm liquid seeps from the spaces between her fingers, and she looks down in wonder, only to find a gaping wound where her skin should be smooth. Everything is red, wet, sticky. It’s on her hands, her saber hilts, her tunic, the rocks, the ground — ✦ In which the Jedi are awesome by carryonmywaywardsonofabitch, jedi & palpatine, ~1k    In which the Jedi destroy Palpatine’s plans way faster than he wanted ✦ keep the balance / stay the moment by nightdotlight, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 7.5k    Anakin looks to his feet. Looks to the horizon. Looks at his former Master. “One more day,” he pleads. “Just one more day.” ✦ soon you’ll aim up at the sky and I’ll watch you float away by loosingletters, obi-wan & anakin, 1.5k    Anakin was by no means falling in any of his classes. No, the issue was that Anakin wasn’t as good as he wanted to be and Obi-Wan did not have the time to read up on Check’chualik’s theory of ‘four-dimensional mathematics within a suspended room of an aircraft’. ✦ matters of the heart by dutiesofcare, obi-wan & anakin, 1.4k    Obi-Wan takes child Anakin to the medbay to remove the bomb from his neck. ✦ Frozen fire flowing through my veins by Tomicaleto, obi-wan & anakin & shmi & padme & palpatine, 1k    It’s over. The Republic has fallen, the Empire taking its place. The Jedi Order has fallen with it, Lord Vader raising from the ashes. ✦ fun? by gigglesandfreckles, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 1.7k    the Jedi Council gives Obi-Wan his newest orders as a young Jedi Knight and he struggles to understand them. he was instructed to take his new padawan and…have…fun? ✦ immersion theory {oola} by ghostwriterofthemachine, loosingletters, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & cody & rex & luminara & barriss & gree & cast, 4.7k    Or, five times the Clones stumble over Dai Bendu and one time they don’t. ✦ Interviews by meantforinfinitesadness, jedi & clones, 4.6k wip    The clip showed up on the HoloNet mere hours after it was finished being filmed and edited. OR: A behind the scenes look at the Jedi Order. ✦ Dear Qui-Gon: Or, Dooku Exchanges Letters With His Former Padawan by virdant, qui-gon & dooku, ~1k    In which letters are exchanged between a grandmaster and a master that are not passive aggressive in any way. ✦ The Blood Feather Incident by aroacejoot, obi-wan & anakin, wingfic, 1.6k    Anakin is forced to learn a valuable lesson about wing health and looking before you leap. ✦ all the ghouls by toque, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 1.6k    Anakin is determined to be Obi-Wan’s padawan, and no, Obi-Wan doesn’t have a say in the matter. ✦ i’m only me when i’m with you idiots by renegadeontherunn, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 1.5k    [or, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan have leave on Coruscant and holo night is the perfect excuse to all squeeze onto a couch together, bicker, and be, well, a family] OBI-WAN/ANAKIN RECS: ✦ Operatics by obikinn, obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, a/b/o, 3.7k    Anakin goes into heat instead of going to the opera during Revenge of the Sith, and the galaxy is saved. ✦ Conceal Me What I Am by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin & padme & ahsoka & palpatine & cast, NSFW, a/b/o, senator!obi-wan, 108.3k    Separatist Propaganda is turning the Republic against the Jedi Order and the Senate sees no choice but to join in a political alliance to fight dissent on a unified front.An alliance is proposed through an arranged marriage,between a Jedi Knight and Republican Senator. ✦ how to stay by answersinahauntedclub, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & cast, NSFW, modern au, professor!obi-wan, 50.9k wip    A literature professor, Anakin thought, his head spinning. What were the chances that the literature professor he had fucked last night happened to be the only literature professor teaching the only humanities class Anakin was supposed to take for the year? ✦ love is a battlefield (not a one-night stand) by izazov, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & mace & yoda, 15.5k    For all his skills as a negotiator, Obi-Wan does a poor job of handling the aftermath of spending the night with his former Padawan. (He gets better at it. Eventually.) ✦ My Anankē (Routine Pining) by intermundia, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, professor!obi-wan, 3.3k    One year and seven months before graduation… Anakin was dreaming about Professor Kenobi again. ✦ My Anankē (Halloween (cum floribus)) by intermundia, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, modern au, professor!obi-wan, 4.6k    The five times Obi-Wan did not wear a costume, and the one time he did. ✦ In the Afterglow by unfortunate17, obi-wan/anakin & padme & ahsoka, NSFW, 12.1k    Anakin makes an ill-advised wish and the force decides to take him seriously. ✦ Don’t go blindly into the dark by obiwanobi, obi-wan/anakin, 3.5k    “It doesn’t change my question,” he says calmly, as he has always done after one of his padawan’s tantrums. “Why didn’t you come back to me, Anakin?” ✦ on the edge of indiscretion by loosingletters, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, serial killer au, 1.5k    “I swear I’m not a serial killer,” Anakin blurted out. His argument would probably be a little more convincing if he weren’t burying a body in the woods right now. But seriously, he wasn’t a serial killer. Five dead bodies did not make a serial killer. ✦ a secret shared is a trust formed by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, 4.1k    Anakin indulges a little too much and can’t seem to stop talking about Obi-Wan… especially to his padawan. ✦ be the death of me by master_plo, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & cast, 3.7k    The name on your skin can mean one of two things. It is either the name of your soulmate or the person who will kill you. As they leave Tatooine, Anakin’s name burns itself into Obi-Wan’s wrist and for thirteen years, he is foolish enough to think he knows what it means. ✦ married life by sonderwalker, obi-wan/anakin & cast, modern au, 4.6k wip    A glimpse into the life of a modern married Anakin and Obi-Wan, their social life, and the ups and downs of their marriage and life as a whole. ✦ Cri de Coeur by obiwanobi, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, sith!anakin, 2.3k    There is a Sith on his knees at his door, and Obi-Wan is wearing his fuzzy slippers. ✦ 3% by togglemaps, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, a/b/o, 3.9k    On an urgent diplomatic mission early in the Clone Wars, Anakin unexpectedly goes into heat for the first time. ✦ here’s to attachment and forgiveness by lynnpaper (27beansprouts), obi-wan/anakin, 4.2k    obi-wan doesn’t realise something’s not right with anakin until it’s too late. ✦ Give them blood by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, vampire!obi-wan, 9.2k    In the midst of the Clone Wars Obi-Wan is bitten by an alien creature that forces him to live off human blood.During a campaign on Eadu it becomes a complication under blockade and Anakin is determined to not let his stubborn master starve.This has nothing to do with the way his stomach flips at the sight of Obi-Wan’s sharpened fangs, not at all. ✦ paved with good intentions by izazov, obi-wan/anakin & yoda & palpatine & dooku, dark!obi-wan, 11.1k    Falling is not a single event but a series of choices. Obi-Wan’s Fall begins on Naboo, with a killing blow and a promise. ✦ the heart knows no devotion, like a shore upon the ocean by boonki, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, 1.6k    “May I have this dance?” Obi-wan asks, a hand offered in between them, no longer gloved. He is barely visible in the low lighting, shadows enshrouding all but the curve of one cheek, the glint in one eye. Obi-wan’s phone is on the floor, volume turned as high as it will go. ✦ Ruined and Ravished by xeniaraven, obi-wan/anakin/padme & anakin/others, NSFW, 8.5k    Anakin is going to have to fuck a lot of people if this negotiation is going to work. But at least he has Padmé and Obi-Wan with him. ✦ i’ve been waiting for you by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, d/s, 4.2k    Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship is relatively new and Anakin is unsure of how to ask for what he wants. ✦ Tendency by cataclysm_dialogue, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, anakitty, 3.6k    Tendency: an inclination toward a particular characteristic or type of behavior. ✦ You’re On by momo_peach, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & rex, NSFW, modern au, 7.1k    One year after graduating, Anakin’s former professor Obi-Wan invites him and his friends to a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The game proceeds as normal, that is until Anakin starts flirting with one of the NPCs… ✦ On The Edge by Icse, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, d/s, bdsm, 1k    “As much as this is punishment for you, I’m enjoying this immensely.” Obi-Wan said, stroking his hard cock slowly as he continued to circle Anakin. “I’m beginning to think as often as I have to punish you, that you’re enjoying this too.” ✦ Spare Parts by mercyme, obi-wan/anakin, nsfw, 10.5k    The truth is, if Anakin hadn’t shoved his tongue down Obi-Wan Kenobi’s throat over the bar at Mos Eisley’s Cantina, Anakin would never have moved to Coruscant at all, and his life would have been totally different. ✦ most powerful is he who controls his own power by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, 4.3k    Obi-Wan worries a little too much, but not when it comes to making sure Anakin is safe and comfortable. ✦ eyes are the window to the soul by izazov, obi-wan/anakin, 1.3k    Obi-Wan stands in the desecrated home of his kin, the Force echoing with their deaths all across the galaxy. And yet, impossibly, it is not the worst feeling he had experienced. ✦ Gold Collar by JSwander, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, 22k    The Clone Wars have ended, Palpatine is no more. High General Obi-Wan Kenobi meets a remarkable slave of the Hutts during a diplomatic mission to Tattooine. ✦ anything for you by lynnpaper (27beansprouts), obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.3k    Obi-Wan sets the datapad down, rubbing his eyes as they adjust to the absence of the blue glow. Swallowing his pride like a handful of pills, he manages to say “Anakin, I can’t concentrate on with you just —“ He grimaces, steeling himself for what he’s about to say. “— lying there, bare-chested, distracting.” ✦ Out of Touch by Urgirl415, obi-wan/anakin, 4.2k    Anakin is angry with Obi-Wan and decides to give him the silent treatment. Two can play at that game. ✦ The Darkroom by xeniaraven, obi-wan/anakin & padme, NSFW, modern au, 19.7k wip    Watch the film of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s life develop in The Darkroom: a collection of 1977AU oneshots. These all follow the starting fic Intricacies on Film where Obi-Wan is a famous photographer and Anakin is in his junior year of college studying art while having an internship at the local mechanics shop on the side. ✦ a great student is what the teacher hopes to be by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, 1.5k    Anakin has doubts about how to be a good master for Ahsoka. Obi-Wan is there to help. ✦ Detention by GayCheerios, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, professor!obi-wan, 4k    “Sweetheart, listen to me. You’re going to get up, lay yourself down on that desk, and show off that pretty ass of yours, and I’m going to fuck you. I won’t stop until I’ve fucked you full of my seed. And do you know what baby boy? You’re going to take it all, because you’re in detention right now, and the only way to get out, is to listen and obey.” ✦ capable de deux by obiwanobi, shatou, obi-wan/anakin, sith!anakin, 1.3k    ”I don’t want healers. I don’t want… people. I don’t like anyone touching me.” ✦ Tonight I can write the saddest lines. by Tomicaleto, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, crossdressing, d/s, ~1k    Recently married to Obi-Wan, Anakin visits him during office hours. ✦ Pod Racing. Very fast, Very Dangerous by CestNous, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, sith!anakin, 2.6k    Anakin opened the throttle and accelerated. His pod began to shake at the strain, the engine unused to the abuse it was undergoing, but Anakin couldn’t care less. Second place was just behind him and he was not going to let them anywhere near his first place position. Not when he had a prize waiting for him at the end of the race. ✦ Persistence is Key by ToolMusicLover, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.2k    Anakin has been making suggestive remarks all day, when they’re finally alone together Obi-Wan finds himself succumbing to Anakin’s persistence. ✦ Why sex education is important. by Oceanoasis, obi-wan/anakin & rex & kix & cody & fives & quinlan & cast, 2.6k wip    The Kaminoans were scientists. They knew the clones couldn’t reproduce and having sexual intercourse. Wasn’t what they were made for, so they didn’t worry about giving them the sex talk. This decision created problems later down the line. ✦ Discovered Desire by ToolMusicLover, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 6k    Anakin decides to make the most out of a newly revealed desire. ✦ Old steps, new steps by boonki, obi-wan/anakin, 1.8k    Five years after Mustafar, Obi-wan is tired of grieving, and decides to see his dear friend once more, likely for the last time. ✦ arrogance diminishes wisdom by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, 3k    Anakin underestimates a pirate threat while on a mission. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are there to rescue him. ✦ the good stuff by lynnpaper (27beansprouts), obi-wan/anakin, 2.2k    Anakin knows pain. He’s lost an arm, for kriff’s sake. He’s experienced enough injuries to empty an entire medical storage cabinet of the Halls of Healing. But this? This is new. This is so much worse. ✦ By Your Side (Always) by xeniaraven, obi-wan/anakin & padme & cast, NSFW, senator!obi-wan, 23.7k    Senator Kenobi has been invited to the Festival of Light and peace negotiations in Theed. There’s only one major problem: how to get his Jedi protector Anakin into the event. Good thing the Council has agreed to his plan. And good thing Anakin is great at acting in love. Or is it just acting? And who is trying to harm Senator Kenobi? ✦ stay with me by izazov, obi-wan/anakin, 3.7k    After giving up his life to save his son, Anakin had expected to become one with the Force. Not to find himself faced with an unexpected choice. ✦ eyes in liminality by shatou, obi-wan/anakin, 2k    Anakin doesn’t give Obi-Wan his Padawan braid. And then he does. ✦ a true heart should never be doubted by RexIsMyCopilot, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, 3k    Anakin notices all the little things Obi-Wan does for him. ✦ encode by loosingletters, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 5.6k wip    Instead of being accepted into the Jedi Order at the age of 9, Anakin Skywalker became a ward of Naboo. He figured out the Force on his own by trial-and-error, tracing its will through ancient temples and scriptures. Despite his night terrors and the Clone Wars raging through the galaxy, life was working out just fine for Anakin, thank you very much. ✦ The fire and fume by Himboskywalker, obi-wan/anakin & cast, medieval au, 4.6k wip    “Lend me your light and your sword, master, one last time.” ✦ Azúcar, Sudor by Delziae, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, 3k wip    Anakin can’t stand Obi-Wan’s new disciplinary tactic, but he absolutely loves it. ORIGINAL TRILOGY/MANDALORIAN RECS: ✦ The Tyranny of Kinship by amarielah, anakin & leia & ahsoka & luke & rex & cast, 38.3k wip    The presence of an Alliance mole aboard the Death Star leads to Bail Organa learning quickly of his daughter’s capture. With the dissolution of the Senate, only one option remains for him to save her life: telling Vader the truth of her parentage. ✦ Conversations With (and Between) Ghosts by zarabithia, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & luke & leia & din & lando & quinlan & cast, 4.3k    Someday, Luke will have a student. He’s sure of it. In the meantime, he has a lot to learn about the Jedi, and a few people to learn it from. After all, he is not the last Jedi. ✦ Compromise by CoffeeQuill, luke & yoda & baby yoda & din, 3.4k    After years of searching, Din finally finds where the kid belongs. But doing what’s right and doing what’s expected are two different things. ✦ Revisiting Dagobah by Innwich, luke & baby yoda & din, 2.9k    After receiving a vision during a meditation, Luke returned to Yoda’s resting place in search of guidance, but instead found a sleeping kid and a whole lot of weapons in a cave near his old stomping ground. ✦ make me young again (make me well) by deerie, din & baby yoda & cara & omera & winta, modern au, 1k    He reaches up on his socked toes and wriggles happily as Dyn scoops him up before he takes a tumble in his excitement. ✦ These Small Hands by KhamanV, din & baby yoda & the armorer, 2.4k    From the viewpoint of a child, even one strong in the Force, the galaxy can be an endlessly vast and confusing place. To find someone you can love and trust will mean everything when it’s your heritage to grow up wise and unafraid. ✦ The Guardian by 2space_lesbo1, din & baby yoda, 2.5k    He doesn’t remember his parents. FULL DETAILS + RECS HERE
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xiaosmoon · a month ago
doing autumn activities together
Tumblr media
pairings: childe, xiao, diluc, kazuha, & thoma x gn!reader
warnings/content: fluff
a/n: it's not even fall season i'm just too excited lol. also diluc loves apple pie change my mind. not proofread. this was kinda rushed i'm sorry.
Tumblr media
-> childe - visiting the pumpkin patch
he would find the prettiest pumpkin for you guys to carve together later.
"ouuu y/n look, that booth has pumpkin ice cream. come on, let's go!"
childe would 100% be that one person whose obsessed with pumpkin everything. lattes? check. pies? check. seasoning? yep. you name it.
he'll hold your hand as you guys walk through the corn maze together. "no need to be scared, i've got you." but the second a scary werewolf jumps out he's a goner.
if there's an apple bobbing contest, you best believe he's entering. surprisingly enough, he ends up winning! the prize was a jumbo teddy bear which he ends up giving to you! <3
once the sun begins setting, you guys decide to end the day with a nice cup of apple cider and a hayride. needless to say, a pumpkin patch date with childe is the perfect way to kickstart the season.
-> xiao - carving pumpkins
xiao loves the autumn season, mostly because the rainy weather gives him an excuse to stay home all the time.
when you invited him over to carve pumpkins with you, he wasn't expecting to love it so much.
"xiao, look at this one!" your pumpkin was lopsided, with eyes that didn't match and a mouth that didn't look right, but xiao thought it was adorable.
meanwhile xiao's pumpkin was an entire picasso art piece. it looked a little something like this and you were in awe. "how are you so good at this?!" "i don't know, i guess i'm good at pumpkin art."
after your pumpkins were done, you set them up in your kitchen for decoration. "yours is so much better than mine." you pouted your lips.
xiao smiled to himself before planting a quick kiss on your lips. "i personally like yours better. it's very authentic."
-> diluc - apple picking
when you first asked diluc to go apple picking, he was a bit thrown back by the idea. apple orchids and grape vineyards are basically enemies???
but after seeing how excited you were on going, how could he possibly say no?
"'luc, look at this apple! it's so red, just like your hair." your comparison of apples to his hair made him chuckle. "i think my hair might be redder, no?"
after picking all of your apples, you guys decide to go get fresh apple cider at their cafe! "do you think it'll be up to par with my grape juice?" diluc absentmindedly asked you. "i guess we'll see."
the apple cider in fact did not live up to his grape juice. personally you thought both beverages were great, but diluc thought the former.
"so you don't like their apples?" you tease him. diluc coughs, avoiding your gaze. "well, no. the apples are fine, but the cider was just bland." you smile and wrap your arms around his torso. "hey, at least we can use all of these apples to make apple pie!"
-> kazuha - attend a costume party
when you received an invitation to a halloween costume party from your friend, you immediately knew you had to match with kazuha!
"matching costumes? sounds like fun. what will we go as?" so you guys spend the entire day brainstorming costumes.
"how about a devil and angel?" "no, that's too basic." "salt and pepper?" "really kazuha?"
one pizza box and two cans of soda later, you both decided on going as the sun and the moon.
you thought kazuha would make a better sun, but he insisted that you go as the sun. "you brighten up every room you walk in, so it's only fair." even while planning costumes he manages to make you blush.
needless to say, you guys were the hottest couple at the party. you even won the best couple costume award just for being so dang cute!
-> thoma - holiday baking
the both of you always go out during the holiday season. decorations, gifts, costumes, you name it!
but your favorite activity to do together is baking and cooking all of your favorite holiday recipes! everyone always looks forward to your guys' famous pumpkin pie every friendsgiving.
"babe, where's the flour? i swear i just bought some yesterday." thoma is a very disorganized baker, but somehow his treats always come out absolutely mouth watering.
while thoma was reaching for the whisk, some of the flour on his sleeve accidentally rubbed against your cheek. "oh, i'm sorry let me–" before he could get another word out, you had already smeared a good amount of flour on his apron.
food wars were also a common occurrence between the two of you. you really don't know how your baked goods get done on time.
after finally placing your pie in the oven, thoma insists that you wash yourself off first so he can keep an eye on the pie. "fine, but don't eat any until i get back!" "alright alright i promise. now go!"
it was a very short lived promise. after your shower, you walked back into the kitchen to witness thoma eating the pie with a fork. "you liar!" yeah, he slept on the couch that night.
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lemonlushff · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Do you want to play a game?
You do? Good.
You know how these games work if you’ve ever seen one of Clearwillow’s...but game rules are HERE since it’s slightly different! I hope this is fun for people...that was my goal! And I hope you catch the “Easter Eggs” in it. I’m curious how many people will find them all. 
I’ll post everything once it’s done on FFN and AO3, and you can catch what I’m doing for @clearwillow‘s game early on my Patreon HERE! (It might be more smut...It might be fluff. WHO KNOWS! It will be OLR related...and it will go up as soon as it’s finished!)
Special thanks to @underwater0phelia​ for kink help and @clearwillow​ for additional edits...and the IYFF BC for brainstorming! Art by @clearwillow​ for @eringobroke​ - used and edited with permission. 
And now without further ado... The first treat (aka, the “freebie”).
Starting Fires
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the Inuyasha universe.
"Inuyasha, stop," Kagome giggled, trying to wriggle out of his hold as he pressed wet kisses up her neck. "I don't want to burn your bacon…"
"It's just bacon," he reasoned, his hands sliding up under her shirt. Or should he say his shirt? Fuck...there wasn't a better sight in the world than his best friend...his best girl...Kagome...Wearing his shirt in their kitchen in their house. Now that he had her again, he weren't never letting go of her. "I don't mind eating something else for breakfast."
"You will when your stomach is rumbling later," she blushed, grabbing his hands and pulling them down, his fingers grazing over the lace fabric of her panties. "Behave yourself and go grab a cup of coffee."
"I'd rather grab your—"
Tumblr media
She reprimanded, flipping the bacon in the pan. He placed a gentle nip to the side of her neck before moving away from her, a disappointed pout on his lips.
"Fine. But let it be known that I'm doing it under protest," he grumbled, moving to his cabinet to pull out a mug.
"Your protest has been duly noted, Sir," she teased, turning away from the stove to pick up her own cup of coffee. She brought it to her lips, sipping from it as she watched Inuyasha pour himself some. Their life together felt so surreal still. It felt strange to wake up in their house and cook them breakfast.
But it was a good kind of surreal.
The kind where she found herself pinching her arm to make sure it wasn't all some crazy dream. This was their life. And...she loved it.
"Mmm," he moaned, taking a sip from his cup. "As good as ever, Kags," he grinned toothily, and she risked entering his personal space to press another kiss to his lips.
"Glad you like it," she replied, running away from him again when he moved to squeeze her ass. She removed their bacon and eggs from the pan as a text message chimed on both of their phones, and Inuyasha raised a brow in curiosity. She watched him slide his thumb across the screen, before muttering out a low "Huh" as he read the text.
"What is it?" she asked, picking up their plates and placing them onto the island.
"See for yourself," he shrugged, placing the phone down next to her plate. "It's from Sango."
That already piqued her curiosity. Kagome picked up the phone, leaning over the countertop as she read it.
"Hey Guys!" She began aloud. "Miroku and I decided to throw a Halloween party this year. We know it's a bit last minute, but we were hoping you guys could come since you aren't heading back out to California like you thought. Let us know if you can make it! Trying to plan in terms of food. Love you!"
"Love you too," he grinned, and she couldn't stop the shy smile even if she wanted to. She didn't think she would ever get tired of hearing that again from him. The words were like a balm to her soul.
"What do you think?" Kagome asked, handing him his phone back as he began digging his fork into his eggs.
"Up to you," he shrugged. He really didn't care either way. He was just glad he didn't have to go out to California with her. Though, to tell the truth, he wouldn't have minded. They could have had a night in...just the two of them...And he was always a fan of nights in with her. But..."We can go. I know you wanna…"
It was true too. He had seen the way her eyes lit up when she was reading that message. The way she was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. Kagome didn't want to spend the night in. She wanted to spend her first Halloween back in Montana at a party with old friends.
He shrugged.
"Don't matter either way. I'm fine going. I'm fine staying home and fucking ya seven ways from Sunday."
"What! It's tha truth," he replied with a smirk. "And you can't tell me ya don't like the sound of it," he continued, running his tongue over his fangs. The cute little blush he pulled from her was worth it.
"Well...How about a compromise?"
He paused, lifting his brow in curiosity.
"Go on…"
"What if we went to the party...Just for an hour or two...and then afterward we can come home and have sex? Oh! We can even wear couple's costumes again!"
The phrase couples costume made his butt clench so tight he could probably twist off a beer cap with his cheeks.
"I'll agree to go to the party...but not the couple's costume."
"But Yash," she whined, coming around the island to take his hands. "That's part of the fun…"
"I'll wear something slutty?"
"N—" He began, ready to tell her no again when his brain processed her offer. "Keep talking."
"I'll wear something slutty and sexy?"
"...Uh-huh...And what else?"
"...And you get to take it off of me?"
He almost said yes...but he was a greedy fucker. He was probably gonna take it off of her even if she hadn't offered that.
"Do I get to do more than that?"
"You mean other than wear a matching outfit?"
"I do."
"Well," she began, tilting her head to the side and pursing her lips in thought. "I'm assuming that sex is a given…"
"But you can say it anyway, and make it interesting," he shrugged. If he was going to get roped into this...because he was going to say yes, because he loved her...then he wanted to squeeze as much as he could out of this.
"Ok...If you do it, sex is on the table...and I'll also add you picking the place and position," she decided, causing his eyes to light up.
Place and position huh?
"Well...In that case Darling, you've got yourself a deal!"
Her childlike squeal and the way she giddily clapped her hands, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, made him feel like he made the right decision.
"Now let's talk costumes…"
He groaned, shaking his head and digging his fork into the eggs on his plate.
Then again...Maybe not…
He let her prattle on for a while, running different ideas past him...But he knew that it ultimately wouldn't matter. He was going to give in to whatever she wanted. If she wanted him to go as a hot dog, and she was going to be a bottle of mustard? That was what was going to happen. Wasn't sure how she could make it sexy...but sure. Her call. Prince and Princess? No fighting it. Batman and Catwoman…
It had piqued his interest, but she almost instantly changed her mind. The cowl would be uncomfortable for his ears.
So, she decided on a fireman and a dalmatian. He looked over at her phone when she held up a picture of the costume she had found for him and sighed.
"That's what you want?"
It didn't look too bad. And it looked like he could maybe get away with just wearing the pants. He was going to have to be sneaky about it though...He could do just a t-shirt and those pants.
"Please?" she beseeched, batting her long lashes at him. "It will be so cute! And you'll look so good!"
He tilted his head to the side, and she chewed the inside of his lip as she watched him roll her suggestion around in his head. She really liked the fireman outfit. She thought it would be fun! And he would look good in it too...She could already picture him slowly taking off the jacket to reveal his bare torso...the suspenders holding up his pants hanging limply at the sides as he slowly peeled himself out of—
"—What are you thinking about Kagome?"
She looked up at his face and saw him looking at her, a smirk stretching his lips as he limply held the phone, leaning down across the island.
"N-nothing," she blushed, swiping out to grab the phone from him, but he pulled it away from her at the last second.
"Nu-uh. I can smell it when you're lying…and I can smell it when you're—"
She insisted, grabbing the phone from him this time, and his grin turned predatory.
"Ain't nothing, or you wouldn't be smelling like that," he countered cheekily before his gaze began to darken. "Ya know...You don't have to keep that bottled up…"
"Inuyasha," she warned as he straightened, running his carefully filed and declawed fingers along the island countertop as he slowly came around to her side.
He was ignoring her, however.
"Kagome," he replied, closing in on her in just a few short strides. "Were you thinking about me in that fireman outfit?"
Sometimes she swore he could read her mind.
"Liar," he purred, placing his hands onto the granite top on either side of her hips. He had effectively trapped her...and he was looking at her like prey.
It made her swallow because her mouth was suddenly dry. And made her lower abdomen heat. The intensity and desire in his gaze...the slight glint of fang in the morning light…
Fucking hell...She wanted to be his prey. Wanted to be captured and eaten and...eaten…
He inhaled deeply, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he lowly moaned, "Fuck Kags…"
"W-what," she swallowed, and his smirk widened into a fangy grin before his lips crashed into hers.
I WILL ONLY DO THIS WALL OF TAGS ONCE! All future treats will be completely hidden under cuts so I don’t spam everyone’s timeline with in your face kink!
@clearwillow, @keichanz, @dangerouspompadour, @nartista, @kaze-ranna, @superpixie42, @sticky-llama-perfection, @pinkpigeonstudio, @mcornilliac, @itzatakahashi, @zelink-inukag, @juliatheanimelover7, @i-dream-of-soup, @smmahamazing, @the-lucky-ones311, @cyncyn981, @animemomma96, @ayari17, @underwater0phelia, @sailorbabydoll92, @l-taisho29, @animelove1313, @littlemissinukag​, @gofoulpuppycollector, @umacaking, @chanin29​,  @willowandfog​, @lebiishoujo​, @theinuyashareader​, @bluejay785​, @irrationalandimpossible​, @cstorm86​, @ruddcatha​, @desiree239​, @littledaisy91​, @liz8080​, @cannibalsforbreakfast​, @horriblehowl​, @arcprz​, @daisy-st-pati3nce​, @senneth-pendra​, @nsr0716​, @eringobroke​, @kagometaishostory​, @thisshipisbananahs​, @sunsetskys​, @ajoy3fanfics​, @sangoslays​, @v0dka-cat​, @cloudsz04​, @lavendertwilight89​, @yurawiththegoodhair​, @saturnsilence​, @lavaffair​, @blairex​, @fawn-eyed-girl​, @fandomobsessions016​, @neutronstarchild​, @preciouslyours​, @kalsies​, @shnuggletea​, @ladyphoenix0711​, @littlestuffstohide​
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dating poly!woosan
mostly crack because it’s 1:51am, nsfw at the end (you’ve been warned :3)
Tumblr media
dating woosan is like entering a level 5 tornado, willingly
you come to this realization on one particular date night after letting wooyoung convince you to be the top half off their 3-person centaur costume at the nearest mcdonald’s drive-thru
you can never show your face at that mcdonald’s again
you’ve been through some shit dating these two
but they always manage to keep you on your toes
Choi San
is the sweeter one between the two
on his own, he’s easily excitable but also listens to you well when you have to remind him that you two are in public??
this baby just wants to do what makes you happy
but with wooyoung, they just feed off each other’s crackhead energy until you somehow find yourself at the Halloween store recording wooyoung with a wig and san loudly reenacting a particularly distasteful scene from Twilight and contemplating whether its just easier to get arrested
with just san, you can actually have hope for a quiet night in
always gets sleepy after eating and will 10/10 hold you down on the couch so he can use you as a pillow
LOVES cuddling and will use any chance and any excuse to pull you into him so he can just hold you for a moment
even if it’s in the middle of the sephora checkout line and four out of the five staff present are just staring at you
will absolutely follow you to the lingerie shop with zero embarrassment
will absolutely help you buy hygiene products with zero embarrassment
really loves holding your hand and will get distracted just playing with your fingers
sometimes he can also be a little shit
when it’s just him and you, he lives to stir shit up by sending wooyoung 20 pictures in a row to really make him feel the FOMO
has an 88.8% success rate of being able to make wooyoung drop whatever he’s doing and come screeching at you for your love and affection
88.8% of the times, you’re unaware san is even texting him
one time, you went to the mall with only san but when your changeroom door busted open, it was fucking wooyoung who’d run over to confirm with his own two eyes that HELL to the fucking YEA, san did not fucking lie about that red lace lingerie set
san was absolutely no help when you had to beg the store staff not to call the police and explain that wooyoung was just your idiot boyfriend and not a random Pervert™
likely the one you go to when you’re feeling down or off
always accepts you with open arms and can match your mood to be whatever you need in the moment
100% the boyfriend to send you good morning and good night texts with 78 heart emojis
Jung Wooyoung
wild as hell whether you’re with just him or together with san
doesn’t have an off button (you’ve checked)
once dragged you to laser tag on a solo date night and you almost made him cry after beating him and the entire horde of 8-year olds by 250 points
SUPER obvious with pda
has no shame; always down to kiss you in public
would declare to the entire mall food court that you and san are the loves of his life if you would just let him climb up on the table
can convince san to do anything
has to try harder to convince you but will still do it or die trying
always makes your dates fun, whether you’re just hanging out or whether he’d been able to convince you to eat out at that one fancy restaurant downtown that neither of you can actually afford
10/10 willing to seduce the restaurant manager with a sexy dance to get out of paying the bill if you’d once again just let him
doesn’t get sleepy after eating like san, but once you wrestle him into bed, will fall asleep almost instantly
always wants to sleep in the middle between the two of you and will whine if he’s not
really good at sweet talk and has wormed his way out of the 18293 times he’s almost gotten the three of you arrested
really loves cooking for you and san and is always happy when you’re both willing to test his food creations
unlike san, prefers cooking at home and will get unnecessarily competitive about being able to cook a dish better when either of you suggest eating out
can and will blast you and/or san with the blue shell in mario kart
pledges no alliance to you or san when you’re on opposing teams in a game
will absolutely talk over you when he’s excited but then will glare and shush others violently when they accidentally do the same
the type of boyfriend to walk on the side of the sidewalk closer to the road
the type of boyfriend who likes seeing both you and san in his clothes
the type of boyfriend who will absolutely show his face again at that one mcdonald’s after the Centaur Incident™
really good at hyping you up no matter what you’re aiming for
sincerely and genuinely believes that you can do anything
❗ NSFW ❗
both san and wooyoung are switches
when they’re both in the mood to dom, they’ll tag team you until you cry
san is the sweetest boyfriend out of bed, but if he’s domming, you better make sure you fucking behave
wooyoung is a brat and has a big fucking kink for edging and has no qualms about leaving you on the edge for hours
also has the filthiest mouth and can make you feel like a blushing virgin with the shit that comes out of his mouth
can and will eat you out and then stop as many times as it takes until you’re shaking and begging and can no longer keep your legs up on your own anymore
san loves to degrade you until you’re crying for him
gets off on talking down at you and treating you like you’re here only for his pleasure and acting like he couldn’t get two shits about whether or not you end up getting off
when they’re tag teaming you, they’ll talk to each other like you’re not even there
the same way wooyoung and san feed off each other’s energy is the same way they feed off each other when they’re both domming
always ends up being more intense than you remember it to be, but they always take care of you well afterwards, helping you come down by wiping away your tears, kissing your cheeks and murmuring soft praises about how good you were for them until you stop shaking enough for them to clean you off in the bath
you will 10/10 pass out in the bath
if both of them are feeling subby:
wooyoung is a huge brat and likes to put up a front, but once you get him to submit, he’s the neediest sub you’ve ever seen
is a crier and will beg for you non-stop, even if he doesn’t know what he’s even begging for
he just knows that he needs you. he needs you to make him feel good because he doesn’t know how to do it himself, please, please
if you don’t touch him for a while, becomes super sensitive, making cute little ah! noises when you finally do
most sensitive underneath the head of his cock and will have the most intense orgasm if you press a vibrator to it
loves being overstimulated post-orgasm, even if he’s squirming and crying and begging you to stop
on the other hand, san likes to be led when he’s feeling subby
will look at you with big doe eyes and hang off your every word and will listen to any instructions you have for him to a tee
similarly to how he is out of bed, this baby boy just wants to make you happy
want your baby boy to warm his cock in you? he’s scrambling to obey
want to watch him put on a show? he’s already dropping to his knees
san and wooyoung are a goddamn sight to see together when they’re both feeling subby
when they’re both sated and all is done, wooyoung gets super mellowed out. The silent tears will often continue rolling down his cheeks despite the giggling coming out of him when you press kisses to his cheeks. Will continue until he falls asleep
san becomes super clingy, trailing you around everywhere despite his exhaustion until you finally slip into bed yourself
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artisancowbells · 2 months ago
a suprise in army green
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bucky barnes x female!reader
warnings: smut; unprotected sex, fingering, swearing,
word count: 2.4k
a/n: this has been in my wips folder for months, i just wanna wears his dog tags
summary: bucky’s girlfriend likes to rile him up and what better time than halloween?
Tumblr media
The question wasn’t, why was Tony hosting a fancy dress party in May? it was why were you actually going? The answer is very simple, well there’s two: free liquor and you get to frustrate your boyfriend.
Ever since your childhood you had loved dressing up. becoming someone else for a night, wearing fun outfits and experimenting with makeup. Its like an art form. Ne which youtook a lot of pride in, so why would tonight be any different?
Steve had sent you a picture of the team a couple minutes ago, everyone seemed to be having a good time. You caught glimpses of costumes, but you wanted to save some of the surprise for when you got here.
Your costume was taking longer because it was a little more… intricate. It had taken weeks of planning and pure dedication on your end; it had become a project your spent too many waking hours thinking about.
It all started when you found a picture of Bucky. he looked adorable, it was from the 40’s and he looked so young, but when you actually looked it you saw his outfit. It’s no surprise he was wearing his uniform, you’re not sure why it surprised you so much. Its not like you didn’t know he was in the army, but there was something about seeing him in the uniform. He looked so pristine, proper. So put together and so, almost innocent? And from there stemmed this craving to undo his buttons and serve him. His personal whore.
Recruiting Steve was a brilliant idea you had, he was the only one Bucky trusted enough and listened to his subtle instructions without too much interrogation. As well as knowing Bucky in his uniform days. Her had an insight you desperately needed.
“When’s your girl getting here, Barnes?” Sam asked, holding a beer which looked completely out of place in his Sherlock Holmes costume.
“I don’t know.” Bucky replied. You hadn’t messaged him much today; you hadn’t even spoken much this morning. Secrecy shrouded you this whole week and he was beginning to get a little irritated. Not at you directly, he just missed you.
Thor spoke up next, “What is Lady y/n dressing up as?” his booming voice almost executing the music of the party.
“I don’t know, she’s kept it all a big secret.” Bucky huffs. Luckily, he doesn’t catch the beaming smile Steve has on his face, he’s so excited to see Bucky’s reaction. Steve also knows that you’re less than a minute away, you had texted him that you’re ready and on your way.
There were a lot of things you didn’t like about the stark tower. You didn’t possess enough fingers to count how many, one of which was the elevator. It was stupidly pretentious and so Tony. He was such a diva that he needed an elevator that opened out in the middle of the third floor, where the party was held. As much as you hated it usually, it was appreciated tonight. It gave you easy access to the team, as it opened, and they were right in front of you. it allowed for them to all see you waltz in, especially Bucky. Which he did.  
See, you were late for a good reason. Bucky always wore his dog tags. Always. Every minute of every day, he worked out in them, he slept in them, he showered in them. And your cherry on top for this costume, were his dog tags. Unknowingly for you, he had been meaning to give you his dog tags for a couple of weeks now but had never found the perfect time. Anyways, those metal plates that you love so much are ALWAYS on his person.  Tonight, you have no idea how, Steve had managed to convince Bucky to take them off; leaving them in his room.
Bucky was dressed as a bodyguard; simple and hot. His reasoning always boiled down to: I’m not dressing up or making any effort for Tony fucking Stark. You assumed that Steve explained how the dog tags wouldn’t work with his outfit- a black t shirt and blazer.
Was it able to be classed as sneaking to get them if he left them in your shared bedroom? Probably not. Once you had picked them up you dropped them on your neck, obscuring them under the white shirt you wore. Which was unbuttoned almost illegally, not very 40’s of you. but you had decided very early on in the planning, you were going to show as much skin as you (or Bucky) liked, being historically accurate was much less of a priority than looking absolutely smoking hot.
The metal sat right down your exposed cleavage, cooling the skin there. Its was a nice feeling. They felt solid and reminded you of him, like you were being marked.
He doesn’t even get up. But the look in his eyes says a whole lot more. He looks ravenous. Practically feral. Animalistic in his gaze as he just sits there and lets you make your way to him. There’s no anger in his eyes which is nice, considering you have basically ignored him all day, no he just looks impressed and downright horny.
The skirt is soft on your thighs, its short and green, matching its cropped blazer counterpart. You’ve donned some black heeled lace up boots and of course a red lipstick. Which you are really hoping will be smeared around his Adonis belt by the end of the night. Not forgetting the little hat which lies on top of some 40’s style curls. The metal clinks softly as you slink towards him, they’re your little secret.
Its very loud due to all of the cheers from the team and you wish you could take the time to appreciate the rest of their costumes, but you’re paralysed by his stare. He’s drowning everything out just by steel blue irises and you’re going down with the ship. So, you go straight to him just like he knew you would.
“Sergeant Barnes.” You greet, smiling at him knowing the effect you have on him. it was a quiet greeting, just for him. It’s just the two of you.
He’s silent for a while. Assessing you, you presume. Drinking you in like he has all day, and for him you would give him forever. Its inevitable that you start to get a little nervous, that is until he meets your yes again finally. And as slow as anything, his hand reaches up. you think its going to your face or hair, but it stops. Agonisingly gentle, he reaches into your shirt until he finds what he went for. He pulls out the chain and rests it above the fabric this time, before saying
“I assume these are why you’re late.” Smirking at your intake of breath. Naïve of you to think you could ever be in control.
But when he makes you feel so safe and electrified, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Nodding slightly, he returns your smile. Your eyelids feel heavy, not from exhaustion but desperation. Buzzing with an energy only he can provide and calm, you need him.
“You look beautiful doll.” And this time when he gazes at you, its full of love. The lust hasn’t completely dissipated but his admiration and adoration overpowers it.
God its so uncomfortable. Conversing with the team has never been more irritating. The whole night you’ve been steadily getting wetter, due to Bucky’s hand. Whether it be his warm flesh hand or cold searing metal, it will be either on your ass, your thigh (which is easily the best worst) or your back. It gravitates back and forth but always comes back to your back, pretending he’s not teasing you to the point of insanity.
That’s ignoring the looks he has been giving you. It’s like he’s in no control of himself tonight. His eyes will swallow you whole, sweeping your figure. Pupils blown, lips we, gaze steady and unrelenting.
Subtly trying to drag him away has been unsuccessful. Clinging onto his arm as he just smirks down at you and goes back to talking to one of the boys. It crosses your mind to leave by yourself and try and get off without him, but it would be futile. Ever since you’ve been with Bucky you haven’t been able to make yourself cum without some help from him. Pathetic really. Just how he likes you.
After what feels like days, your doe eyes succeed. Walking off together, his arm pushing your back and yours gripping his suit jacket, ignoring the laughs from the team as he takes you to your bedroom.
The door meets your back harshly and his lips are finally on yours. It’s messy and you both love it. his tongue is soft in comparison to his hands which grip your skin making sure to mark it as his.
Your reach to grab his hair, its short but has grown enough for you to grip it, pushing him closer into you.  
“Bucky,” you whimper and her groans. Moving his mouth to latch onto your neck, you can do nothing but take what he gives.
“God doll, you were killing me tonight,” he says into your neck. a breathless smile graces your features as you tip your head back giving him more space. It burns where he bites and nips, red splotches rise, and you can’t hold back the groan at the pain. It drips into pleasure like everything Bucky does to you.
“And wearing these,” he pulls his dog tags, bringing your lips to his, “fuck doll, you like everyone knowing you’re mine?” his lips brush yours with every syllable and you shudder. No words float around in your brain, its empty and your vision is clouded as you look at him. but it isn’t good enough, he wants an answer. Wrapping the chain around is fist he give it another sharp yank to get your attention,
“Yes, yes I love everyone knowing I’m yours bucky. I’m all yours.” You whine, the desperation is climbing, and you claw at his chest for more. your compliance will never fail to please him, so he gives you what you want.
Peeling his jacket and throwing his shirt off, he lifts you up into his arms, holding you against the closed door. His lips are on yours again, taking them hostage as you willingly open your mouth for him. gripping his shoulders, you feel him stoke along your damp panties and chuckling to himself.
“Aw doll, did you get yourself all worked up?” licking a stripe up your neck.
He teases you through the material for a second before finally tugging them to the side. Moaning unashamedly at the feeling of his finger brushing against your clit every upstroke, you grind down slightly wanting him to fill you with them. Smiling to himself at your desperation and the fact that he’s the one that made you like this, he grants you that small pleasure. A single thick finger enters you, pumping in and out and then curling.
You shouldn’t be surprised with the number of times you’ve done this that he can find that toe curling spot in you so easily, but it shocks you. when he deems you fit, he adds another and even with two of his fingers you feel full. How you manage to take him every time is astounding to you.
Its practically dripping off of his fingers, your wetness gathering in his hand as he keeps pushing into you with this long digits. You’re so close so quickly and he knows it. It’s his favourite thing in the world; watching you cum, so it’s not a revelation when he whispers in your ear: “Cum for me,” and you obey almost immediately.
your head falls back, thumping on the door, as you shout out his name and cum on his fingers. Shaking and moaning still, Bucky pulls himself out of the confines of his pants. He’s been painfully hard all night but done his best to hide it. seeing you dressed up like this had a very strong effect on him, he had wanted to fuck you in your little get up since you arrived. Imagining all the ways he can make you cum before you just break.
Stroking himself with your wetness a few times before looking at you. you’ve come back from your high but you’re still a little floaty. There’s no denying you still want him. especially when you tell him to “Please fuck me, James.”
You’re his weakness. Slipping inside you like a glove, addictingly tight for him, you both groan as he bottoms out. This is what he had been waiting for all night. Every time he fucks you it gets better, you are like a drug to him, he can’t escape it.
Harsh, merciless thrusts meet you. shoving you and dragging you against the door and you accept them like the good girl you are. He tells you exactly that. “My good girl, aren’t you? Fuck- so tight,”
Groans and grunts fill the room, echoing from his parted lips. Whines and whimpers slip past your swollen lips. Adding to that, the door creaks and the slapping of skin is loud. You don’t think you could be quiet if you tried.
He’s aware of your floaty headspace and it just spurs him on, “My little cockdrunk whore, aren’t you?” chuckling at your whine as you clench down on him, “’course you are.”
Its not long at all until you’re at the precipice again, he knows your body like the back of his hand. So, he’s well aware of your state and knows that when a cold metal thumb comes down to rub at your clit, its impossible to hold back.
The scream you let out is enough for him to joining you. groaning praises in your ear, pushing his cum back into you with his cock, wanting you to be full of him.
Coming down, you’re still being showered with praise, comforting words. Burying your head in his shoulder, utterly spent and exhausted.
“You did so good for me, so proud of you baby.” He murmurs into your hair. Stroking the curls before walking over the bed, lying down with you still on top of him. his cock has gone soft inside of you but neither of you want to move.
Your red lipstick may not be on his Adonis belt but there’s always tomorrow , you think to yourself as you both drift off to sleep.
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nanakoii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNING: fluff, smut, hybrid, puppy! itadori x reader, oral (m receiving), vaginal sex, rough sex, bondage, praise kink, unedited
NOTES: hi friends! for the first time, I didn’t struggle writing smut :D this was part of @ultimate-astridwriting​ collab! i had a lot fo fun writing this and i surprised myself for banging it out this quickly AND it ended up being way longer than i intended. i only recently discovered my secret thirst for itadori and it shows LOL As always, thanks you so much for reading *muah* 
@ultimate-astridwriting thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this writing collab and making me feel welcome to the tumblr writing community 💕
Check out the works of the insanely talented writers and artists who participated in the same collab!! Here
“Babe!” Your boyfriend called out.
You stood at the kitchen counter, chopping veggies to toss into the instant curry that was currently heating up on the stove. 
“I’m in the kitchen!” you reply. 
The both of you had a long week and all you wanted to do was curl up on the couch and enjoy a hot meal with your favorite person.  
“Welcome home baby,” you smile upon hearing him enter the room, “Are you hungry? I’m preparing dinner now - it should be ready in about 15.”
“Are you the main course?” he wraps his strong arms around your waist, pulling you into a warm embrace. He gives your body a firm squeeze and snuggles his face into the crook of your neck.
“Yuji,” you whine, “that tickles!” 
He chuckles but ignores your protests and slides a daring hand underneath your pink apron to give your nipple a squeeze. 
“I’m cooking here!” you scold. You place the knife down to turn around to look up at your boyfriend.
“How do I look?” he grins as he pulls away. A pair of tan pointed ears sit at the top of his head. The sight causes you to giggle.
“What are you supposed to be?”
“A dog,” he pouts, “isn’t that obvious? I went last-minute costume shopping with Fushiguro for the Halloween party this weekend.”
“I guess I can see it,” you tease, “gotta love my golden retriever of a boyfriend.”
You reach up to pluck the fake ears off his head but to the surprise of both of you, they do not slide off with ease causing Itadori to let out a high-pitched yelp. Startled, you retract your hand and quickly apologize. 
“That hurt,” he whined.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you rub his head lovingly. This time, you try to remove the headband more gently. It doesn’t budge causing you to gasp.
“Yuji,” you saw slowly, “...did you glue it to your head?”
“What do you mean?” he gives you an incredulous look, “it’s a headband!” He reaches up to give the ears a firm tug and to his horror, they refuse to budge. 
“Where the heck did you buy these from?” you cradle his face in your hands to get a better look at the ears.  Upon taking a closer look, you see that there is no band. In a perplexed trance, you unconsciously rub where the base of the ears are fused to his head. 
“Mhmm,” Itadori whimpers, “Baby, don’t do that.”
He slouches forward, arms caging you between his tall frame and the kitchen counter. His eyes are closed and his brow creased in deep concentration.
When you don’t cease the gentle assault on his ears, you feel the warmth of his breath quicken. The reaction piques your curiosity causing you to pinch the fluffy tufts on his head and in return he grinds the growing bulge in his pants against your thigh. You bite your lip deviously upon realizing that this newfound discovery had your boyfriend like putty in your hands.
“You like that baby?” you tippy-toe to press a kiss to his adam’s apple. You feel it bob as he swallows causing you to giggle.
He grips your forearms firmly, pushing you away. His actions surprise you but you look up at him expectantly.  Unarguably, his arousal was evident causing you to smirk as you reach to unbutton his pants. As soon as your fingertips reach the hem of his pants, Itadori grasps both of your wrists, holding them above your head. His sudden roughness causes you to let out a moan.
“Yuji,” you whine, “Let me help you baby.”
You lift your leg up to rub the exposed flesh of your thighs along his. Shackling your wrists in one hand, he grips your thigh in the other stopping it from moving any further. Slowly he trails his hand back up leaving a wake of goosebumps in its trail. Dipping his hand under the flow of your t-shirt, he traces a teasing finger along the hem of your panties. His actions cause your sex to clench, wanting nothing more than to be absolutely filled with his cock. 
“Do something,” you complain. He gives you a dark look before bending down, bringing your underwear with him. 
“Take these off,” he commands. You step out of the undergarments too quickly, almost tripping, but his strong hands hold you up. Your mind is hazy, clouded with the dripping desire to please your boyfriend.
“Good girl,” he praises. He stands up quickly, not letting go of your wrists. With his other hand, he trails his long fingers along the plump flesh of your lips. Instinctively, your tongue darts out, desperate for skin-to-skin contact. 
He clicks his tongue, “You were doing so good baby.”
You look up at him with doe-like eyes, feigning innocence. 
“Open,” he demands. His deep voice vibrates all the way down to your sex and you’re quick to follow his directions.
To your surprise, he grips your tongue, pulling it out before shoving three digits to the back of your throat. The action causes you to gag but you take the entirety of them well. Without breaking eye contact, wrap your warm lips around his fingers, making sure they are well coated with your saliva before giving them a firm suck. Itadori can’t help but groan at the lewd sight. 
Finally, he releases his hold on your wrists to grab a handful of your hair.  He gives it a stinging tug, forcing your head to back to look up at him.  
“Open your mouth for me, baby,” he strokes the inside of your mouth, eliciting a moan from you. 
You give him one last suck before releasing his fingers with a pop.  He retracts his hand, pulling a string of saliva with it.  He growls before pinching your cheeks between his thumb and forefinger.
You are quick to obey his command. He chuckles darkly in approval before shoving your lacy black panties into your awaiting mouth, leaving you gagged. 
“Needed to shut up this pretty mouth,” he drawls before lifting the apron and t-shirt above your head.  You whimper but hold your arms above your head, waiting to be stripped completely.  To your surprise, it doesn’t come. Keeping the shirt at eye level, Itadori reaches behind your head to tie it around your head, blindfolding you.
“Mphhh!” you cry out but your panties drown out your protests.
Sliding the thin straps of your apron up your arms, he stops at your wrists, tying a skillful knot and binding your wrist together.  You are left completely handicapped by your boyfriend’s sadistic ministrations. However, you cannot deny how incredibly turned on you are. Although he barely even touched you, you feel a wet warmth pool between your legs, coating the inside of your thighs. 
“Look at you,” he cooes before shoving your shoulders down, forcing you to kneel before him, 
“You look so pretty for me like this.”
You moan, only wanting to let him know of your desire. He groans causing you to rub your thighs together, craving some sort of friction.
“Ah, ah, ah,” he tuts, before nudging your thighs apart with his foot. 
Being blindfolded, tied up, and completely at his mercy has your hearing heightened.  The sound of his belt buckle and the unzipping of his pants make your mouth water.  Itadori wastes no time and pulls the soaked panty from your mouth.  You release a sigh of relief but keep your mouth open, knowing that if you behaved, you’d be rewarded accordingly.
Without any warning, he slaps his hard length along your awaiting tongue and you welcome his administrations greedily. He lets out a guttural groan when you slurp his cock into your mouth and bob your head when you feel his grip tighten in your hair.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “Not so fast or I’ll cum.”
His comment only encourages you to suck harder and faster. You flatten your tongue along the base of his cock and drag it upward teasingly before sinking back down taking him entirely. Contradicting his earlier protest, he begins to desperately grind into your face. 
“Oh, baby, you’re drooling everywhere,” he pants.
You grin, emphasizing the slurping sounds eliciting from where the both of you are connected. Your heart swooned at his praises - nothing made you happier than to please the man in front of you.  
“Slower princess,” he lets out a breathy chuckle, “I’m not going anywhere.”
You whine and release his cock with a pop. “When are you gonna fuck me?”
He growls. 
“Turn over, baby,” Itadori pumps his length with his left hand and grips your arm with the other. 
He pulls you up swiftly before forcing you to bend over the counter.  The sudden action causes you to groan but it doesn’t stop you from rutting your hips back to grind onto your boyfriends’ exposed cock.
Without warning, he shoves his hot length into your sex causing you to cry out.  He stills upon entering and all you can hear his erratic breathing.  
“Yuji,” you whine, “Please!”
“ I don’t know what that means, pet.”
You can’t help but giggle at the irony at his words and turn to look at him despite being blindfolded, “Are you sure you should be the one saying”
“Heh,” he grinds his hips violently against your own causing you to choke on your laugh, “Are you sure you're in any place to be talking to me like that?”
“You were the one tempting me that slutty look,” you say daringly, “Should I stroke your head ears again?”
He grunts and sputters after each pump into your sex.
The naughty thoughts clouding your mind escape your mouth before you can you can process the possible consequences.
“Make me...pup.”
“We can stop right now,” he threatens before stilling his hips completely. 
You huff, your stubbornness getting the best of you. But you don’t want him to stop.
“No,” you mumble.
“What was that?” he reassumes his assault on your sex. His sudden and violent thrust upward stretches you to extremities, causing you to cry out.
“I’m sorry!” At this point, you're begging to be fucked. And Itadori knew it.
“What do you want,” you knew he was grinning from ear to ear upon hearing your submission.
“...fuck me,” 
He rams his cock, filling you up to the brim until his balls are slapping against your ass. The moans that escape your lips are becoming second nature to you and only edge your boyfriend to thrust into you faster. He reaches up to wrap his hand around your neck, gripping hard to keep you in place.  His other hand slides down the arch of your body and nudges itself between your legs. He finds his way to your heat, coating his middle and ring finger before rubbing your clit at a fastened pace. 
“Fuck-” you sputter as he continues to ram into you.
“Come on baby,” he coaxes, “Be a good girl and cum for me.”
His words stimulate you further, flinging you into obscurity, while his strong thrusts continue to fuck you into oblivion. Still blindfolded, the pleasure is overwhelming and envelopes your entire existence, making you unable to put your own thoughts into words. His thrusts become sloppy and uneven but he manages to keep his quick pace. 
To your right, you hear the forgotten curry begin to bubble over, filling the room with the smell of burning smoke and sex.  Unable to form words, the both of you are so close and ignore your ruined dinner. 
“Fuckmeharder,” you manage to slur, “pleash-” 
The grip on your neck and his fast flicks pushes you off the edge with a leg-shaking orgasm. He bends down further and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck.  You feel his sharp fangs graze a vein before completely sinking in. Your release a harsh scream as you come and despite still being tied up, you desperately reach above your head to touch any part of Itadori that you could. Your fingers graze the tips of his puppy ears and the action causes his hips still. You feel his cock twitch in your sex, emptying out his hot seed into your core.  You shiver at the sensation, as you come down from your high.
The only sound that fills the room is the sizzling of the burning curry and both of your uneven breaths. He licks the small wound he inflicted on your neck causing you to groan.
“Yuji,“ you whine, wanting nothing more than for him to release the binds around your eyes and wrists.
He unfastens both, holding you upright so you don’t fall over from exhaustion. 
“So the ears,” you begin to turn around.
“-came off,” he states with confusion. 
Itadori looks at the headband sitting in his hand incredulously. As mysterious as the object was, the both of you were tired. He tosses the headband into the trash before turning off the stove.
“I liked those,” you jokingly pout.  He shakes your head before pinching your cheeks.
“Come on, let’s go to bed,”  Your lover picks you up to cradle you into his strong arms and carries your shared bedroom.  Little did the both of you know, it wouldn’t be the end of your encounters with the dangerous yet fluffy headpiece.
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geminixevans · 4 days ago
Big Bad Wolf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Black Reader
Words: 3.2k
Summary: The full moon brings out some unexpected outcomes
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, Explicit sexual content, smut ( oral f receiving)
A/N: This is a more tame fic but I can see the potential in visiting more of it! This was brought by a lovely song recommended by @syntheticavenger. I loved the brainstorming and really got the juices flowing (no pun intended). I hope you all enjoy this fic! Happy reading. Like, comment, & reblog. I look forward to reading your feedback ♥ Divider by @firefly-graphics
I do not consent to my work being copied, plagiarized, or translated in any way >:P
Tumblr media
People… so many people in one space and you didn’t think it was possible. The town’s who’s who filed into the Thrombey household, basking in the ambiance of the old house. Linda of course mingling with the guests while Richard stayed close to any pretty woman that would give him attention. Walt? Well, Walt was who he was all the time. You really didn’t want to be among the others and had Harlan not persisted, you would still be at home. Blood Like Wine’s annual Halloween party was something to be envied and you managed to skip them effortlessly in your 4 years of working for the company.
This year though? Harlan wouldn’t take no for an answer and you couldn’t keep dodging that sweet old man even if you tried. It wasn’t like you didn’t care for him, he was the only Thrombey that you could tolerate. Everyone else just gave you the wrong vibes and you would have rathered stayed away. It was for the best, you told yourself. Being entangled with them would do more bad than good. You never gave any of them the satisfaction of a conversation because they were never in the mood for one.
Except for Harlan’s grandson, Ransom. He couldn’t help but keep his eyes off of you whenever you entered the room. This was all unbeknownst to you because you didn’t even think he knew you existed. But how wrong you were. He would go out of his way to ask Harlan about you all the time just to see what you were like.
“She’s out of your league Ransom, let the girl be,” he would say to him. But that was never enough for Ransom. No, he wanted to know everything about you because you weren’t anything that he ever came across. You would look at him and give this sweet smile, the same that would you give to others. Didn’t matter how many times you did it, when you gave it to him it was like a hunger in him grew more and more.
He was going to have you one way or the other. Ransom Drysdale always got what he wanted and you were not going to be the exception. Your scent would linger under his nose whenever you passed by him and he recorded it to memory whenever you weren’t around him. His nights were consumed with your whimpers filling his ears as he fisted himself in the sheets, thinking about how you would feel under him. It was something about you that he could never get out of his head.
The full moon was out tonight and you knew that crazy things happened when the night fell. Part of you was so ready to just climb out of your costume and head back to the couch and watch Netflix. The voice in your head telling you to “have fun, you never go anywhere,” the roll in your eyes was evident because it was true. Your home was the safest place to be and why would you try and mingle with the Thrombeys? Darn that old man and his charm. This was his doing and as you looked yourself in the mirror, looking every bit of the innocent red riding hood, you huffed out loudly.
This was something that you dreaded, but with a few drinks in your system, the night couldn’t be so bad. With the turn of the old knob, you entered the Thrombey household already filled with a slew of guests that you barely knew and music that could have been kept in the DJ’s crates. The first person to be seen or to even look at you was Meg and she greeted you with the smell of weed and a smile.
She gave a good look at your costumed, humming with approval, “Little red riding hood, I dig it,” she exclaims while giving you a tight hug. You had to admit she was your favorite Thrombey out of them all but you still kept an eye out on her too. Smoothing the red cape behind you, you made it through the throng of people, giving your friendly greetings to the rest of the Thrombey gang, seeing the glint in Harlan’s eyes as you made it over to him.
He brought you into a warm hug, pulling you back to give a good look at you, “How befitting for a full moon. You look stunning my dear,” he chuckles giving you an adoring smile, “So glad you came. Seems like my persuasion worked this time”
Giving him a small pat on the shoulder, “I couldn’t dodge you a fifth time Mr. Thrombey! Everything looks immaculate. Might I add you make a great Edgar Allen Poe,” you compliment.
The surprising glint in his eye as you got his costumed right, “My, you’re the first person that has gotten my costume right all night. Knew it was a great investment to hire you. You have come a long way from the shy girl from so many years ago,” that was a lot coming from him and you could do nothing but beam at the compliment.
Way across the room you could be seen. Through a sea of people, all Ransom could see was you. The perfect Red Riding Hood to match his wolf. A sheer coincidence that it was a full moon tonight. He was feeling rather possessive and he was in taste for a pretty thing in all red. He paid attention to every part of you. From the blood-red dress, accentuating your curves to the cape leaving just enough to the imagination.
He swiped his tongue over the fake fangs, glaring at you like you were prey. He was going to make sure that tonight you knew just how hungry he was for you. He had to laugh to himself though, the fact that you two’s outfits matched so effortlessly together. Fate was definitely on his side and who was he to argue with the universe after all?
Ransom was going to give you enough time to enough time to enjoy the party, but tonight was the night to make his claim on you and he hoped that you would accept every part of him. If not… you would learn to -- one way or the other.
You walked around looking the ever more awkward because of course you didn’t know anyone and it was fine that way. Everyone was so consumed in their own conversations that you didn’t think a big deal to make your way upstairs for a moment of quiet to yourself. Your social battery was draining and you definitely needed a break from everything and everyone. Of course, you could have gone home but you didn’t want to disappoint a very eager Harlan. Plus, how many times did you actually leave the house? It was time to halfway enjoy your night out even if home felt so much better.
Making into the quiet library of Harlan’s that he had no problem with you being in, you walked over to the bookcase full of all first editions of the most famous books, including his. This was your solace and you enjoyed every minute of it. Little did you know, you were being looked at and followed like prey. Too enraptured with the many books before you, the squeak of the door didn’t even alarm you.
Your fingers skimmed over the many hardbacks, marveling at the different textures. Getting lost in the collection, you were never aware of your predator seating himself on Harlan’s desk. “My, my don’t you look like the most delicious Red Riding Hood I’ve ever seen,” the voice making you jump and causing you to turn around. The wolf before you could never be mistaken for Ransom. His chiseled face was one for the books and the smirk plastered on his face was his signature.
Just my luck
Thinking to yourself as you pushed the cape behind you once more. You had to admit, he did make a good-looking wolf, no matter how much you told yourself you didn’t care for him. But oh, your mind told you something different. He was every bit of handsome and you knew that staying away from him was best.
You gave Ransom a lingering stare, giving him a thoughtful once over. He really put thought into his costume and it showed. He was never the one to half-ass anything, that you knew for sure. From the expensive clothes he wore to the many scarfs draped over his neck, everything about him screamed that he was a man of money. Standing still against the bookshelf, you gave him one of your innocent smiles, “Hi ransom, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you were stalking my closet,” you say laughing a bit.
That laugh… Always did something to him. He could have caved right then and there but he was on a mission. He sat securely on the edge of your desk, staring into the browns of your eyes, “Call it a coincidence pretty thing. I’m not that much of a creep,” he croons at you, not being able to take his eyes off you.
The corners of your mouth rise a bit, keeping your stance against the bookshelf, “Oh I don’t think you’re a creep at all, maybe a little ominous sometimes. You’re hard to read you know?” which was true for the most part. You never gave him the time a day nor wanted to. Per Linda’s warning, it was best to keep your distance. Although it always felt like she never liked her own son. A conundrum that never sat right with you, because Harlan would say differently.
Your observation of Ransom made him perk up a little, “Ominous you say?” he questions as you answer with a subtle nod, “Guess you could say that pretty thing. If I say so myself, you’re a little closed off. Would you agree?” his voice reaching you at the distance between you two.
His observation was right but within good reason. You didn’t want him to read you so easily, turning around to scan the plethora of books in front of you, “I can be sometimes… For personal reasons,” which is fairly true. People getting close to you wasn’t something that you enjoyed and with Ransom’s track record, getting close to someone was not something he fully cared about.
But for you? You were definitely the exception and Ransom would do all he had to get you. Seeing that you turned your back to him, Ransom made the choice to try and do what you loathed the most -- get close to you. Pushing himself off the desk he made it over to the large bookcase, standing as close without touching you.
You could feel his presence behind you and it took everything in you not to shake before him. It wasn’t an uncomfortable presence, but him being so close to you was something that has never happened. “What can a guy do to change those reasons, sweet thing,” he purred closely to your ear. His voice sounded like pure silk to your ears. The heat rushing to your core was new and you tried so hard to ignore it.
The shallow breath you let out was evident and you hope he didn’t hear it, “Not much you can do. I was told to stay away from you…” that wasn’t something new to his ears. He pressed his hands flat to the books on the shelf, halfway encasing you.
Ransom leaned down, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear, “Is that right? I don’t have to ask who told you that, do I?” he says while inhaling your scent. Your smell alone could have made him buckle. The citrus and bergamot mixed with vanilla wafted from every part of you and it intoxicated him to no end.
His scent filled your nostrils with how close he was and you couldn’t help but flutter your eyelids at how good he smelled. It was true in his question, he never had to ask at all. “I’m sure you know Ransom. The real question is why are you so close if you know I’m not supposed to be around you?” He let out a small chuckle in your ear, bringing his nose closer to you.
The act alone made you shiver and he could tell he had an effect on you, “Sweetheart, nothing or anyone could keep me from you. Ya think I listen to warnings?” he says while getting closer to you. “I’m here to devour what’s mine,” the last word emphasized with a low rumble of his voice.
That alone made your knees buckle and a small whimper to escape your lips, “What makes you think I’m yours?” you questioned, feeling the wetness leak to the fabric of your lace thong.
Ransom let out a low chuckle, pressing his crotch lightly against your cape, “Think about it, sweetheart… Why am I so close to you right now? Not once have you told me to move,” he says while staying as still as possible.
Deep down you knew he was right. His mystery is what kept your eyes lingering on him too many times and you wanted to find out everything about him. But from everyone that knew him, he was damaged goods. Too dark for your innocent nature. But part of you didn’t care. Part of you wanted to fall into the darkness of him no matter how ugly it could be.
Your fingers stopped skimming the vast variety of hardbacks, listening to his question at hand, “You’re everything that I was told I don’t need. Big bad Ransom tosses em and leaves em. Who would want that? They say…”
The admission that you made was something that caught him off-guard. But he wouldn’t let you know that so soon. He pressed closer to you hearing the hitch in your breath. “Wanna know something pretty thing?” he asks while placing a small kiss to the crook of your neck, “You were everything that I was told to leave alone. I’ll darken your world you know that? But I promise it’ll be worth it,” the last statement whispered as it falls from his lips.
You knew he was trouble… knew that he wouldn’t be the typical man that you were told you needed. But he was what you needed and wanted. Without hesitation, you turned around to his oceanic blue eyes piercing into your very soul. The pointed ears perched upon his head gave a good look to his attire. Your hands reached up, stroking the soft fur of his ears, “What big ears you have,” you whispered to him.
Ransom smirked at you, keeping you encased, “The better to hear those pretty sounds my love,” he said while inching closer.
The closer he got, the calmer your body became. He drank in every part of you and you couldn’t help but get lost in the way his eyes bore into you, “What big eyes you have,” you say as your thighs clenched together.
He lowered his head down, bringing his forehead to yours, “The better to see you come apart for me…” he says faintly while bringing one hand over your hips.
You felt the light grip against you, bringing your lips to ghost over his, “What b-big hands you have,” the temptation becoming too much for you.
Ransom drank in your energy, wanting to waste no time in claiming you, “All the better to hold you…” his voice but a whisper now. Bringing his hand to the back of your neck, he pulls you closer, pressing his lips to yours. Ransom slots his lips over yours, slipping his tongue into your mouth. The tase of whiskey invaded your taste buds, drinking in every part of him.
Your hands pull at his sweater bringing him closer to you. Pulling away from him you try to catch your breath, “What a tongue you have,” you say breathlessly.
Ransom brings his lips to yours once more, giving a bruising kiss, “ The better to devour you with,” he pants out, wasting no time in sinking down to his knees. He raises one leg over his shoulders, pushing the hem of your dress up as he gets a good look at the lace covering your covered core. He gives you a low growl before hooking his fingers in the waistband, ripping the material from your body.
You let out a shocked gasp, feeling his warms lips attach to your folds, hearing him moan from underneath you. His senses were all over the place as he tasted you, letting his tongue take long stripes up your pussy before sucking your clit into his mouth. Your hand slid through his brown locks, holding onto him as he devoured your sweet cunt.
Resting your head against the shelf, you lost yourself in the feeling of Ransom’s perfect tongue, “Ransom…” you moaned out, feeling a smirk form on his lips. He didn’t stop his movements, hearing sucks and smacks coming from his lips. He was definitely devouring you and giving everything that he had. He looked up at you, flicking your bundle of nerves with his tongue, watching your face contort in utter pleasure.
It made him beam inside knowing it was him that making you feel this way. You took one look down and the sight of him made the pressure in your core tighten. Gripping his hair in one hand, you ground into his face, allowing him more access to your dripping pussy. He let out an audible moan, pushing two fingers into you, scissoring and stretching you open.
Ransom was a sight to see as he was under you, devouring every single part of your body. He wasted no time finding your spot, stroking it over and over as he took higher to the place of euphoria. Your words broken but audible as you gave him so many praises, “Feels so good, so good,” crying out as the sparks begin to creep into your cunt. Ransom swirled his expert tongue over your clit, not taking his eyes off of you.
He pressed his fingers roughly to your spot, stroking over it as you arched your back violently, giving him just what he wanted. Ransom held on to your hips as you bucked and flooded his mouth with your sweet nectar, him drinking up every drop. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, wrapping his lips around your clit bring again earth-shattering orgasm to your body.
“Oh my god, Ransom!” you scream out as another high washes over you. He grips you tightly bringing you directly on his tongue, drinking every drop that you give him. You looked like a piece of art to him and he would do anything to watch you look this way to him all the time.
You rested your back against the bookshelf, trying to catch your breath. Ransom kissed up your thighs and all the way up, enveloping his lips with yours. He slid his tongue over yours as you tasted the very essence of yourself. He took his lips off of you as your eyes fluttered open. A smirk laid across his lips as he look at you. “So what will it be pretty thing?”
Looking at him with pure lust and certainty, you stare up into those darkened eyes, “Fuck my world up…”
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friendly-alien-fucker · 3 months ago
Celebrating Halloween with your Yautja
Warnings: none
Halloween with your Alien Boyfriend is always... interesting. To say the least. And here's why.
• You'd have to introduce them to it.
Halloween is not a thing in Yautja culture, as with many other human holidays, so you'd have to explain it to him. And explaining it to him is not as easy as it seems, because...
• He wouldn't understand.
He won't be opposed to it, in fact he's more than willing to do anything that makes you happy, but he just doesn't get the point of it.
"So this date of the year we all put on our scariest outfit-"
"ah, to strike fear into our enemies."
"I- no- to have fun."
"why are the children going from door to door then?"
"That's trick or treat. They do it to get candy. If they don't receive any it was tradition to throw eggs at their house."
"I see. So 'trick or treat' is a threat."
"I mean... sorta"
• He'll want to pick your costume.
Being a feared warrior your mate will want to pick your costume to make sure you'll be the scariest little hooman in your town. Will probably give you an animal skull to wear or something.
• Will also want to decorate your house for you.
Also for the same reason as before. He wants your home to be scariest one around, and decorate it with all of his trophies.
And his plan was a success, because no child dared to knock on your door that day.
• Will walk around town without his gear.
Normally when your alien Boyfriend had to go somewhere, he'd make himself invisible as to not attract any attention from the civilians. But on Halloween people are supposed to look weird, right? Curious, he'll step outside without his gear, expecting the humans to freak out and scream at him, or tower in fear, but all he got were compliments for his awesome 'costume'.
"Ooh those things on your face can move? That's so cool! Did you make the costume yourself?"
"I didn't buy this, this is my face"
"whoa! And it can even do clicking noises!"
He's glad he's able to walk outside without gear for once, but he's still a little annoyed by the fact the humans don't understand his language.
• Watching horror movies.
To your surprise, your Yautja loved the idea of watching horror movies with you. And he's eager to challenge you to pick out one that scares him. Unsurprisingly though, he reacts to psychological horror a lot stronger than to physical horror.
He's used to seeing people bloodied up and beaten, he's skinned people alive before, so how'd you get the idea he'd be scared by something like that?
Even though he's pretty bored when watching slasher movies, his reaction to body horror is a lot different. He's interested in it, but it doesn't scare him. He's seen various weird looking creatures in his life and killed a good amount of them, but the interesting thing about body horror is that he himself Is one of the creatures humans are scared of.
He's aware humans fear him not just because of his sheer strength but also because of his looks. But he never understood it. He looks good for Yautja standards and you seem to like it as well. But when he watches body horror he First gets an idea of why humans might be scared of him. Of how they might see his facial structures as disfigurations, or his claws as something monstrous. He's not at all offended by it, in fact it's fascinating to him.
Plus, if watching scary movies gets a scare out of you, he has a reason to act as your protector.
Don't worry little hooman, if the scary man comes to harm you your mate will be right by your side and stop them. Isn't he such a good mate?
• Let's just say... Your Yautja will be just as excited for next year's Halloween as you are 🎃
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miwamai · 5 months ago
Ayooooo can I get a hcs for Nanami, Gojo, Inumaki, Toji (or Megumi) going to a scary mazes with their s/o? I low key miss Halloween and the spookiness of it 😩
JJK + Scary Mazes with their S/O
A/n: thank you for requesting!! This took me a good few hours because I literally do not think after I wake up from a nap. I hope this is ok 😅
Characters: Megumi Fushiguro, Nanami Kento, Gojo Satoru, Toji Fushiguro, Toge Inumaki
Requests: open
Tumblr media
Megumi Fushiguro
He takes you out to a corn maze with all the witches and crows !!
I can guarantee that you two will argue about directions for a good 10 minutes until he says some scientific thing about the stars that makes him correct
You’d think he’d be so calm and collected and yes, that him half the time there but the other half is him standing frozen solid in fear.
He loves it when you tug on his sleeve, asking to run or lend his jacket. knowing your boyfriend, he won’t budge an inch until you say pretty please.
His only goals are for you to have fun, keeping you safe, and make sure you’re not too scared even though he’s the one about to pee himself.
Will take your hand in his and make the both of you use your pointer finger so he can guide your hands to a star
Nanami Kento
Let’s you use his work jacket so you can cover yourself over your head to shield you from the cold.
Lightly says things like, “I never took you for being such a baby.” But will let you hide yourself into his side when get you scared right after saying, “I am definitely not!” As an “I told you so”
Will extend his arm so that it’s around you and will plant his hand from that arm on top of your head as you two walk.
He will tilt your head up with that hand, asking you to look him in the eye when scared.
He’s utterly immune to the clowns’ scares that the actors themselves are genuinely confused.
Makes the most deadpan comments and expressions that you can’t help but laugh
Satoru Gojo
He is LITERALLY the type of person you cannot take anywhere even if he wasn’t your s/o
WILL absolutely compare you to one of the characters
“That looks like you. Kidding” he laughed. “Toru!” You gasped, lightly slapping his chest.
Says he’s “the strongest” but he’s the one jumping 4 feet off the ground or hiding behind you when someone scares him
Insists on you holding his hand the entire time as if you’re the one who’s scared
Screams at random moments just to make you and the people around you jump
Toji Fushiguro
He’s not scared at the slightest but will mutter a string of curses as he has the most vulgar mouth
He whispers in your ear to calm you but tries to make it flirtatious at the same time ?
He makes things like, “shhh quiet, sweetheart” sound so hot ???
Utterly invested in the costumes and the setting that you’re the one having to drag him around.
Suddenly Becomes a costume and design critique at this very moment
Kisses you once you two reach the end, telling you that you did great
You two wear matching plain, navy crewneck sweaters and it’s so cute
Toge Inumaki
He’s more pissed than scared whenever a jump scare happens, yelling a “salmon” as if he’s just lost a round of Mario kart.
Places himself in the crook of your neck with a pout right after and when you tease him, he bites your neck
DOESNT think of the consequences because now he just got bonked on the head by his s/o
Tells you that he feels sick because he drank an entire bottle of soda before coming on this date
He’s the type of scared that will pass out at any moment if you don’t hold his hand and pepper kisses all over his face to reassure him
Actually, he’s very dramatic. He just wants your physical touch.
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bb-8 · 14 days ago
What The Bad Batch think about Halloween:
(it’s september, so time to get spooky, y’all)
warnings: mentions of alcohol and partying, alluding to sexual scenarios, mentions of death and spookiness
🎃 Hunter:
Have you seen his tattoo? This man unabashedly loves theatrics and Halloween is no exception
Now I’m not saying he takes Halloween too seriously but one year he was banned from 3 different cantinas because his costumes looked so realistic and they scared the patrons
He signs the both of you up for every Halloween-themed party he can for the entire month of October
(He’ll also argue with his brothers about the etiquette surrounding repeat costumes.)
Because the two of you are going to so many parties and have so many different costumes, you find other ways of utilising them
And when you run out of costumes and end up having to cobble an outfit together, that’s when you find out that Hunter has a thing for sexy Loth-cat costumes
🎃 Crosshair:
He unironically loves candy corn
He’s dressed up as Hunter just to mess with him one year 
Wrecker: ”You look just like Hunter!”
Crosshair: “Yes, but taller.”
He, predictably, pretends he doesn’t like Halloween but will jump at the chance to wear a matching couples costume with you
But honestly he mostly loves Halloween because he loves to see you dress up
He doesn’t care if it’s a sexy outfit or not, he just likes to admire the view and how happy it all makes you
But if you do wear a sexy outfit, he’s 100% going to be feeling you up all night and there’s a good chance you’ll be leaving your night out early because he can’t keep his hands off of you
🎃 Tech:
Tech says he doesn’t see the point of Halloween, but he’s had several costumes planned out for months 
He doesn’t necessarily view the partying side of Halloween as superficial, but he’s definitely curious about various cultural interpretations of the celebration
It kinda bums everyone out when he talks about death so much though
“Did you know the Dathomirian death ritual – ”
“ – Tech, we’re eating breakfast.”
This man will marathon horror movies all. month. long.
Which he definitely uses as an excuse to cuddle up with you each night
You, uh, don’t actually watch the movies most nights, either
And if you’re a little on edge when the lights go out before bed, Tech finds a few ways to distract you
🎃 Echo:
Echo doesn’t have strong feelings on Halloween itself, but three words: pumpkin spice lattes
He enjoys the little things in life and those little things are warmed pumpkin beverages
He will also use Halloween as an excuse to dote on you and it wouldn’t be an uncommon occurrence to find spontaneous Halloween-related gifts waiting for you
One time he got you a bar of soap that was shaped like a bat because he thought you’d find it cute
Echo is fairly self-conscious dressing up and will just show up to any costume event in a plastic mask, held in place with a solitary band of elastic
You never want to make him uncomfortable, so you offer to stay home with him, but he really loves how excited you are about Halloween, and anyways, you promised to make it worth his while
He knows you’ll make good on your promise, so he’s more than happy to go along  😏
🎃 Wrecker:
Wrecker is, without question, the one who is most excited for Halloween
You know those assortment bags with all of the fun-sized candy? He knows which candies are your favourite and he knows that there’s never enough in the bags
So he’ll buy the entire store’s stock to make sure you have a decent supple of your favourites
Wrecker is going to find a way to sneak some fun-sized Halloween candy in your bag whenever you go out, he’ll usually include a little note, too, so you know he was thinking of you
And while he loves trick or treating with Omega, he is most excited for the parties with you
He knows you have a few favourite costumes that showcase his physique and he’ll take this opportunity to wear them for you
(He also knows how handsy you get after a few drinks)
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erwinsvow · 6 months ago
𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 | 𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬
a/n: hey everyone! hope you enjoy these college headcanons! part two can be found here! warning for nsfw in jean's, and mentions of alcohol/partying throughout!
jean kirstein
jean shows up to college thinking it’s gonna be high school part two, and quickly gets put in his place
his old antics (for both school and girls) won’t fly anymore, so he tries his hardest at both
i personally see jean as not the smartest, most gifted kid (in college!) but definitely one of the hardest workers
this man comes in pre-law and changes to sports management real quick
he definitely plays some kind of club sport, lacrosse or basketball or maybe even both and he is way too into it
like club lacrosse is his life.
he 100% has eyes for cheerleaders, because he loves idea of someone rooting for him, and if you are one, then it’s instantaneous
he notices you at one of his games, giving a shove to conny and asking if he knew who you were
which is met with “what do i look like, a phone book?”
he builds up the courage to ask you out eventually, to which of course you agree, and it’s pretty much a happy ending after that
makes for a lot of sweaty, post-match sex, with him still in his jersey and you in your uniform hiked up
reiner braun
frat bro reiner is a business major with a focus on finance
reiner is the guy who dedicates 100% of his time to school during the weekdays, and the weekends are for the bros
he’s the first in the library, last to leave lecture because he stayed behind to get clarifications, and pretty much aces everything
halloweekend, he decides to drag annie and bertholdt to a party, because they are in desperate need of letting loose
probably dressed up as something mildly douche-y that didn’t require a lot of thought: a foot ball player jersey with eye black improvised by annie
he is a heavy-weight if you’ve ever seen one, probably on his fifth cup of cheap beer and not even slightly buzzed
annie and bertholdt are sloshed, so he keeps one eye on them to make sure they’re alright
you, on the other hand, are serving as designated-driver for the night and sipping on soda
i think any kind of sweet, innocent costume (angel, fairy, woodland creature) would get his attention immediately
he goes over to you to try to make conversation, and finds himself stumbling over his words even though he just swore he wasn’t tipsy yet
but you find it cute, and given how you have seen him before around campus, studying all the damn time, you’re pleasantly surprised to find a sweet, interesting guy making conversation with you at a halloween party
eventually, your friends take off with their hook-ups, and reiner is left behind alone too after making sure everyone had a safe ride home
with no one left besides you two and his passed out friends, you offer him and his roommates a ride back to his dorm
after dropping annie off, you arrive at the dorm and help lug a blacked-out bertholdt to their room
you say goodnight and as you leave, feeling bold, you leave your number on the whiteboard hanging on their door
so that then turns into coffee-and-studying dates, and eventually a relationship before too long
armin arlert
i think we all know what armin is like in college: marine biology major and history minor
this is an effortless genius, so unlike reiner, he doesn’t have to spend all his time studying
i think armin would be the kind of guy who has school and life figured out, and he slowly realizes a healthy relationship is the one thing missing from his life
there’s honestly plenty of people who want to date him, if he had ever cared to return any of their gazes
i honestly see him being oblivious, so when a fellow classmate asks if he wants to study together, he goes “oh, sorry, i wasn’t really planning on studying, but maybe eren wants a study-buddy, i’ll let him know for you!” instead of realizing that was someone flirting
so it’s the same for you
you’re taking the marine sci class as a last resort, everything else was completely filled up, and you just had to get out of that physics class
but all this talk about oceans and sea-creatures is even worse, somehow. to put it short, you’re struggling, and armin is the kid who raises his hand at every question without so much as jotting down a note during lecture
you know mikasa through a friend-of-a-friend type situation, and ask her if armin would be willing to tutor you sometime
doesn’t matter that part of the reason you’re doing so poorly is because you’re staring at the back of his head most of class
armin and you get together to study on a saturday evening, and what began as a recap on the history of the ocean quickly turns into laughing, talking, and then “you wanna go grab something to eat?”
for someone so smart, he’s really dense
he thinks you’re being friendly and doesn’t want to assume you’re thinking this is a ‘date’ even though you’re internally screaming
it takes you leaning in for a kiss after he’s walked you back to your dorm for it to click
needless to say, he wasn’t quite so oblivious after that
eren yeager
eren was determined to get into the same college as armin and mikasa
my man is undecided, and then sociology after he’s forced to pick
not exactly a fuckboy, not exactly a stoner, just somewhere in between
procrastinates doing work and submits every thing a day late, even though he probably would have gotten full marks if it was on time
him and mikasa decide to take a marine bio class with armin, and he ends up falling asleep during lecture
i don’t see him going for a goody-two shoes type that wants to reform him, because he just wouldn’t want to deal with that
it’s not a toxic relationship, but pretty close to one
on again, off again ever since the two of you met in a dingy frat basement, absolutely hammered, and hooked up
this boy does not want to admit that he’s caught feelings, but eventually it comes to that because he is very much the jealous type
catches you engaging in polite conversation with reiner and he is seeing white in seconds
he realizes he has to make you his
marco bott
the most wholesome nursing major with a minor in english because he is a sucker for lit
i don’t think there is any shortage of girls who want to be with marco, just given how sweet and genuine he is
that being said, i feel like the few time he’s wanted to pursue a relationship with someone, they haven’t reciprocated/just saw him as a friend
which isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, but because he’s a mature angel, he doesn’t hold that against anyone
instead, he kind of succumbs to this false idea that people want to be his friend, and not his girlfriend, which he’s a little insecure about
that’s why i think you and marco would have idiot best friends to lovers, featuring everyone around you knowing how head over heels you both are except the two of you
you two meet in a particularly challenging class, and not recognizing anyone, you both turn to the friendliest face in the room to make study-buddies with
over a whole semester of late-night cramming (and talking), scribbling smiley faces on flashcards, and good luck texts before the exam, you realize how much you’re gonna miss constantly hanging out with marco
and on his end, he’s complaining to jean about how after the final, you two won’t have any reason to keep talking
“so ask her out then, you idiot”
“she probably doesn’t think of me like that…”
“are you blind?” jean says, with a roll of his eyes
after the class has ended and you’re both headed back home for winter break, you work up the nerve to text marco one last time
“let me know if you ever need help studying for another class :)”
you have no idea that he’s over the moon, and that finally brings an end to your friendship, and starts your relationship
bertholdt hoover
mister bertholdt is structural design and architecture major
there’s basically six of those total in your entire college, so he definitely gets a bit isolated/lonely sometimes
he basically came to college with reiner & annie, and figured he didn’t really need more friends than that
so when they’re busy, he’s just by himself
annie definitely makes fun of him for not spreading his wings and flying out of the metaphorical nest, but he’s comfortable with how it is
not a huge fan of the party scene, and prefers a quiet night of studying
i feel like you and him would be the last two studying in the library most nights, and sometimes walk out together after the librarian reminds you both the building is closing
so, when reiner and annie drag him to a party one weekend, he’s shocked to see you there too with outgoing friends of your own
he’s used to seeing you in the bright fluorescent lighting of the library, so this dim, hazy room after the shots have already gone to his head is hard to take in
you two eventually end up talking after your friends push you towards him
“funny seeing you here.” “i could say the same to you.”
he already has a crush (you do too, but he doesn’t want to accept that) so the alcohol inhibits his usual caution
a little bit of dancing, a lot of sitting on the pavement outside while looking at the moon, stars, and each other, topped off with a first-kiss starts your relationship
levi ackerman
teaching assistant levi is a staple of your college
almost infamous, really
you count your lucky blessings that he’s still a year or so away from graduating with his ph.d. in molecular biology and that he’s ta’ing this microbiology class
you’ve definitely heard all sorts of rumors, but you really don’t know what’s truth and fiction
he definitely hasn’t slept with a third of his students (right?) but the lingering way he looks at you isn’t helping quell your thoughts
technically speaking, teaching assistants and students are not allowed to date, interact, etc
until the semester in which you are their student is completed, at least
it doesn’t take long after that for you two to constantly run into each other
“how’re your new classes going? any hot ta’s?” he asks, sipping his tea from the bookstore cafe. you choke on your hot chocolate.
all this being said, you’re an upperclassmen about to graduate, possibly start a ph.d. or masters program yourself. i see him teaching upper-level courses exclusively.
it’s not long after that you admit your feelings to each other, since after all, there’s no time to waste
erwin smith
you’re a second year masters program in the history department. your specialization is military history, so of course professor smith is assigned as your thesis advisor.
i mean, he’s only written several textbooks on the subject
on first sight, you can’t believe he’s a professor. because certainly, this is a some cruel twist of fate. he’s closer to your age than some of his colleagues.
you both try to keep it strictly professional
at first least. this gets gradually harder and harder
there’s a certain chemistry there neither of you can deny.
having a mutual interest in the same subjects doesn’t help too much either. suddenly, you guys are spending hours pouring over topics for his next textbook and your thesis.
the conversation continues over chinese food in his office, long after the rest of the building has cleared out for their friday evenings
“well, i won’t keep you any longer. i’m sure you have much better plans on a friday night than talking military policy with me.”
“there is no where else i’d rather be.”
hope you all liked it! :)
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sunwoo-hoo · 24 days ago
↣ ji changmin as your boyfriend 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ a/n: hello lovelies! we are back with another headcanon! thank you all so much for your kind words on loving these! i hope you enjoy this one thank you for requesting. if your under the age of 18 do not interact with this post. 
↳ genre: fluff, smut, angst
↳ requested? yes
↳ send me your requests here!   
↳ word count: 818
↳ ji changmin x fem reader
Tumblr media
↳ General
the dynamic duo 
your own personal photographer
endless selfies together
he’s the type to have a polaroid of you together on the back of his phone case showing it off to everyone proudly 
“isn’t my girlfriend so cute?” 
he loves it when you kiss his dimple 
he once gave you a stuffed giraffe plushie so that in a way he’s always with you whenever he goes on tour for a comeback
he loves it when you have horror movie marathons together
even if it isn’t your favorite movie genre he feels deeply moved that you would watch it with him 
plus he always says he would protect you no matter what 
definitely the couple to do the chessy halloween costumes 
he loves to nibble your ear 
he loves it when he catches you dancing in secret to his songs 
he’s the type of boyfriend who would let you sip his bubble tea first before drinking it all himself afterwards
please kiss the back of his neck
dates with q usually involve doing something quirky but fun like going to the zoo and seeing the animals together
he secretly loves it when you kiss the corner of his lips
definitely the couple to do a skincare routine together wearing matching headbands 
he loves dancing with you to music twirling you around pulling you close giving you a peck on the lips 
you two really have the best time together 
↳ Fights
not very often but it does happen
unfortunately fights usually happen because of him coming home late from practices and the long distance whenever he has a comeback or is on tour
your super supportive of him being an idol but can’t help but feel lonely sometimes resulting into fights
wouldn’t yell but gives you piercing eyes which makes him look really cold instead of the warm smiling boyfriend he usually is
tends to get in his own head when fighting making the situation worse than what it probably is
your usually the one to apologize first
“i’m sorry, it’s just.. i miss you when you’re not home” you sobbed breaking down in front of him staring at the floor 
his eyes soften at you grabbing your wrist pulling you close using his free hand to lift your chin to look up at him
“no, i’m sorry, i’ll try to be home more okay? i don’t want to lose you, i love you so much” he sniffed kissing your tears away 
↳ Making Up
so soft he usually makes it up to you by giving you all of his attention 
he will lay his head on your lap and play with your hands kissing them
you tend to make up in childish ways like playing games spending quality time together
until he eventually takes you to the bedroom where he then shows how sorry he truly is 
↳ Sex
hard dom™
i can’t stress this enough 
you know how he can easily go from cute to being fierce on stage? well it’s the same in the bedroom 
he loves your neck and collarbones leaving harsh bites on them 
loves to suck on your neck leaving hickies marking you so that everyone knows your his
some praise mixed with dirty talk
“are you going to be a good girl and let me fuck you how i want?”
he loves to hear you beg for him 
mirror sex kink! 
would love to fuck you in their practice room 
it gets him off knowing how he could see every angle of your body from the reflection
he also wouldn’t mind getting caught
his favorite position is when your on top of him facing each other legs around his waist because he can kiss all the hickies he placed earlier 
he also loves to whisper all the things he plans on doing to you in this position 
loves cumming deep in your pussy but not for a breeding kink 
does it because he loves cum play
wouldn’t be afraid to eat you out after he came in you trying some of his juices 
he’ll even finger you to bring some of his cum out of your pussy sticking his fingers in your mouth so that you could taste him
his sex secret is wanting you to bite him back 
he likes it when you suck his cock but actually prefers mutual masturbation a tad bit more
he’s in love with your body expect a lot of praise for it 
“god, it’s like you were made for me”
↳ Aftercare
he goes back to being the soft squirrel that he is 
he’s always a bit worried afterwards because he wants to make sure that he didn’t bite you too hard
once he knows that your okay he’ll give you plenty of face kisses pinching your cheeks
both of you fall asleep at the same time alternating between big and small spoon positions 
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* © sunwoo-hoo 2 0 2 1  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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lokirels · 6 months ago
Secret || Steve Rogers
Summary: being in a secret relationship with Steve while you live with a lot of people is not that easy as you two thought it would be
Warnings: cursing, dirty talk, degrading kink (let me know if I forgot something)
Word count: ~3,1k
A/N: English is not my native language so I apologise for my mistakes and lack of vocabulary
Tumblr media
It’s not that you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. It’s that Steve Rogers is a very jealous person. And you...well you love teasing him.
He knows that you do this on purpose but that doesn’t make it easier for him. He wants you all to himself but for your own good you decided to keep this a secret, at least for a while.
So now he has to learn how to control himself and not touch every time you’re near him and also how to not throw a tantrum like a six year old every time a teammate touches you.
One time you walked into a kitchen without a bra on and your nipples were practically poking out of the shirt you were wearing since it was chilly. Bucky was trying his hardest to not stare at your chest the whole time while Steve was trying his hardest to not punch his best friend and drag you to the room to teach you a lesson so the whole compound would hear.
Of course he made you regret that decision later but little did he know that you didn’t regret it at all.
Another time, you were having a party and got too close to Thor for Steve’s liking. You two were dancing, his hands were on your hips and you were giggling at something funny he said. Later that night Steve made sure you knew that only his hands belongs on your hips...
You love it when he get jealous. You love it when he gets possessive. And you really love it when he’s trying to control himself when he’s near you and you can see him literally breaking in front of you.
However, despite all of your teasing, your relationship is very healthy and by it being a secret actually helps. Because whenever you get into an argument you can’t yell at each other too loud so that eventually leads to a calm and civilised conversation to discuss what was bottering you two.
It also gives some spice to it. Secret hand or thigh holding under the table at the conference room. Stolen kisses while on the mission. Sneaking into each other’s rooms when everyone’s asleep. Everything makes it more fun.
As parties are no surprise when it comes to being friends with Tony Stark it wasn’t a surprise when he decided to throw a Halloween party and strictly ordered to dress up. You love Halloween and you love parties so you got very excited as for Steve...well he would rather cuddle with you and watch a movie.
Steve knew that you’re going to pull something on him today like you always do. He’s actually thrilled to find out what because even tho he gets annoyed it’s quite fun, like some kind of game. And you, of course, already have a plan in mind.
You, Natasha and Wanda went out to look for some outfits and as soon as you walked into the store, a certain costume cought your eye and you knew that this is going to be the one. This is the one that is going to drive Steve crazy.
“the boys are going to swoon when they see you” Natasha chuckled when she saw the outfit you picked up, while she went for a more simple choice.
“great, that’s the point” you smiled mischievously. You only need one boy to swoon.
“hm, I don’t know. I feel like you want to impress someone” Wanda tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes as if she’s trying to figure you out.
You tried to stay nonchalant. “nah, I don’t care. I don’t have time for boys”
“no no, I think Wanda is onto something. Are you hiding something from us, y/n?” Natasha smirked as she stood up next to Wanda in front of you and crossed her arms on her chest.
Jesus this is intense. “hey! this is not fair, stop going against me” you laughed at the girls. “and I swear to god, Wanda. If you will try to read my mind...” you pointed your index finger at your friend.
“don’t worry, even if I’m curious I wouldn’t do that to a friend. And if you are hiding something I hope that you will tell us eventually ” she shrugged and you relaxed.
“okay, let’s go. We have to get ready for a party!” Natasha dropped her arms on yours and Wanda’s shoulders, dragging you out of the store with a grin on her face.
As you were putting some makeup on your face, you heard your door opening and Steve quickly sneaked in.
“hey, love” he smiled when he looked at you sitting infront of a mirror with a bathrobe. Steve wrapped his arms around your shoulders and kissed you on the cheek, making you smile instantly.
“hi, baby” you looked in the mirror seeing your reflection in it. You both had a big smile on your face caused by seeing each other. Yes, this is it. This is what you were looking for all your life. Happiness...
“I haven’t seen you all day today. Where were you?” he asked and sat down on your bed so he could let you finish up your makeup.
“I went out with the girls to buy some outfits for today. Do you have a costume?”
“yeah, Tony had a whole collection of them” he laughed remembering all the clothes that Tony brought in so everyone could choose what they want to wear. “and I’m guessing you picked up something really good?”
You looked at him through a mirror and smirked. “oh yeah, definitely. I think you’ll like it”
“well I mean I love everything about you so I’m not surprised” he giggled.
“you sound like a teenager” you laughed and shook your head at his words. “by the way, Wanda and Natasha knows that I’m hiding something”
His eyes widened. “I was wondering when they are going to catch on. Do they know what?”
You shrugged. “not really. They are guessing that it has something to do with a guy but they don’t know exactly. I think they’re suspecting Bucky” you teased and immediately looked at him through your mirror to see his reaction.
Steve rolled his eyes and groaned. “of course”
He stood up from your bed and walked over behind you again. You quietly yelped in surprise when he grabbed you by your neck and tilted your head so you could look at him. “either way, you are mine and I’ll see you at the party” he had a smirk on his face as he placed his lips on top of yours. “bye”
The party has already started as everyone downstairs were drinking and dancing while the music was blasting through speakers. Steve was eager to see you and your outfit. Since he didn’t want to go all out on costumes tonight he just put doctor’s uniform on.
Even tho you were excited for tonight and for your costume... but now? Not that really. You stood in front of a mirror rethinking your decision. Your boobs were almost falling out of the leather shirt you had on as well as the leather pants which were making your butt look a lot bigger. You were supposed to be a slutty detective. And definitely looked like one.
You love teasing Steve but now you think that maybe you have gone too far since you don’t feel comfortable yourself. What if he gets really mad?
A knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts. “y/n? you ready?” you heard Natasha’s voice.
You glanced at yourself one last time. “fuck it” you muttered under your breath and walked out.
“wow, you look hot” Wanda whistled when she saw you.
“I look like a slut” you whined.
“it’s Halloween. The only day in a year when you’re allowed to dress like a slut and no one will judge you for that” Nat shrugged and grabbed your hand. “come on, you look amazing. Now lets get that certain boy swoon over you” she giggled as Wanda grabbed your other hand and all three of you walked to the stairs.
Everyone stopped what they were doing when they noticed you walking down the stairs hand in hand. Steve almost dropped his glass when he saw you. Lord have mercy.
You had the biggest smile on your face, trying to hide the fact that you felt really uncomfortable right now. You locked your eyes with Steve’s as he licked his lips. You couldn’t tell if he was angry or turned on. Or both.
The girls went their separate ways so Bucky took a chance to approach you. “you look great” he smiled at you and you quickly glanced at Steve who had his jaw clenched. Bingo.
“thank you, Buck. You look great too” you smiled and placed your hand on his shoulder.
“I know you are dating Steve” he laughed.
You widened your eyes and stared at him for a moment. “did he tell you?”
“no, I was suspecting it for a while but now you kinda confirmed it to me. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone” he gave you a half shrug and placed his metal arm on your waist. “let’s dance. You’re not the only one who likes to see Steve annoyed as fuck” he giggled and dragged you further into the room.
He placed both of his hands on your hips as you let your hands drop on his shoulders. You swayed to the music and laughed. “how did you know?”
“do you think I’m blind? He throws daggers with his eyes whenever I’m next to you or even if I’m just looking at you” he chuckled shaking his head. He leaned in so his lips were next to your ear “like he’s doing it right now” he whispered.
You looked at Steve. He was almost steaming from anger. “yeah I think I should go talk to him before he breaks something” you laughed and looked back at Bucky. He nodded agreeing and let you go.
While you were making your way over to Steve, Sam came out of nowhere, grabbed your hand and spinned you around making you giggle like a schoolgirl. “damn girl, you looking smoking hot” he whistled.
“thank you, Sam. You look great too” you grinned.
“oh I know I do” he winked and chuckled.
“sure you do, okay I’m gonna go talk to Steve. He looks lonely” you waved at him walking off and quietly thanked god that he didn’t go with you.
You reached Steve just in time before he could crack his glass in hand. You definitely don’t need a scene right now. You grabbed the glass from him, placed it on the tabletop and looked around to make sure everyone is minding their own business.
“hey” you said quietly, lifting your head up so you could clearly see his face as he was a whole head taller than you.
“jesus, y/n. You’re killing me” he sighed and looked at you. He smirked and leaned into you and for a second you thought he was going to kiss you but he quickly swerved and his lips were right next to your ear. He bit your earlobe lightly and you let out a quiet gasp. “I really want to bend you over that table right now and fuck you until you can’t walk”
You were confused by his sudden mood change. One second he’s angry and the next he’s a horny little shit. He immediately pulled away and laughed at your red and flustered face. You rubbed your thighs together to create some kind of friction but that didn't help. "you see..." he started and placed his hand on your waist. "detective" he squeezed his hand. "two can play this game"
"oh really, doc? Aren't you the one who almost exploded from anger?" you stood your ground even tho he knows the effect he has on you, you won’t let him get away so easily.
"well of course, first it was Thor, then Bucky and now Sam? You can't stop, can you?"
You rolled your eyes at him. "yeah I can't. Might as well I’m gonna go have some fun with Sam" you turned around on your heels to walk away but Steve grabbed your wrist pulling you back harshly. "ow"
"sorry" he immediately dropped your hand and widened his eyes. "did I hurt you?"
"no" you laughed at his reaction. "I just didn't expect that"
"just because we are dating and no one is supposed to know that doesn't mean we can't hang out. You sometimes get too close to the other guys and no one thinks that you're dating them" he shrugged.
"eh I don't know. Maybe I like hanging out with them more than with you" you joked but he didn't laugh.
"you're such a whore" as soon as those words left his mouth his regretted. He thought that this is it. This is the moment you are going to slap him across the face and break up with him.
But what he didn't expect is a big grin on your face and your thighs, once again, rubbing together. A lightbulb lit up above his head as he immediately catched on.
"oh my god. Seriously?" he chuckled looking at your face before leaning in again. "my baby likes when I call her a whore? Is that it? Maybe I need to teach my little slut how to be a good girl and behave?"
"stop, because I'm not going to control myself" you whined and tried to push him away from you before you jump on him.
"go to my room and wait. I'll be there in ten" he backed away and grabbed his glass with whiskey as he quickly finished it.
You nodded and instantly walked away making sure no one noticed you. As soon as you walked into Steve's room, you took off your uncomfortable shirt and pants and laid down on his bed with only your panties and bra on, waiting for your boyfriend to come.
A few minutes later your boyfriend was standing in front of the door with the biggest and cockiest smirk you have ever seen. "where were we?"
Another problem when it comes to dating someone you kinda work with is missions. He's not just looking out for himself but he constantly has an eye for you in case you need help. And this is something you argue about the most. You're strong and capable of protecting yourself. You've been trained almost all your life and you know what you can and can't do but Steve still thinks he needs to protect you.
"what the fuck Steve?" you yelled at him as soon as you walked into your room and closed the door. "you could have gotten yourself killed!"
"so what? I should have let you get killed instead? Are you out of your mind?"
"I was doing perfectly fine! How many times do we have to agree that when we are fighting someone you look after yourself and your mission and not me! I can protect myself" you exclaimed, your blood boiling with rage.
"he was about to fucking stab you in your chest! I saw that with my own damn eyes"
"it doesn't matter! If it wasn't for Clint you would now be dead! You have a lot more to save than just me"
"I don't care, I would let the whole world die if it means that you are alive"
"what kind of hero are you?" you looked at him confused.
He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not a hero when it comes to you"
"this is fucked up, Steve" you shook your head.
While Steve was trying to save you, some kind of creature you were fighting was about to stab him in the back, but Clint was quick enough to see it and shot an arrow killing it, when you realised what happened you were very mad and Steve knew that.
"let's take a break" you sighed heavily.
"what? no! please, y/n don't do this, you know how those end and I don't wanna break up, I love you" he started shaking his head, panic creeping in his eyes.
"no, I meant from this argument, let's cool down a little and think things through and then  we will talk about it calmly, I don't wanna break up either, you idiot" you giggled a little bit.
"oh, okay" he nodded. "yeah sure, I will... go. I'm gonna see what Bucky's doing" he said as you sat down on your bed and burried your face in your hands.
"okay" you answered quietly as he left.
After about half an hour, he was already knocking on your door and as soon as he heard your invitation he walked in with his head laid low like he was embarrassed.
“hey, I’m sorry. I talked to Bucky and apparently he knows that we are dating so he brought me back to mind. I’m sorry if you think I don’t believe in you and your ability to defend yourself. It’s just... as your friend, coworker or whatever I know that you can take care of yourself but as your boyfriend.. I feel the need to do this. I feel like it’s my job to take care of you. If we were normal people, living normal lives, I promise you, you wouldn’t need to lift a finger. I would do anything for you, fuck I would carry you in my arms if I need to” he breathed out and nervously rubbed his thighs with his hands.
“but we aren’t normal” you chuckled. “and we have to learn how to balance our personal and professional lifes”
“I know, I know. I just get paranoid”
“come here, you big boy” you patted the spot on the bed next to you. He smiled and laid next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and rested his head on your chest.
“good morning, here’s your coffee” you smiled holding a mug in your hands as your boyfriend walked into the kitchen.
“thank you, baby” he quickly kissed your lips and took the mug out of your hands as he softly slapped your ass while walking past you.
You grinned and playfully rolled your eyes at him. “shit” you muttered when you saw a lot of confused and shocked faces right in front of you. You forgot that the kitchen was connected to the living room.
“hey Nat! You owe me ten bucks, I told you she was with Steve not with Bucky” Wanda laughed loudly as her friend groaned and handed her the money.
“pack your bags, we are running away” Steve mumbled widening his eyes.
“oh no, we have a lot of questions” Tony smirked.
Well the secret was out...
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