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Dua Lipa - Love Again
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holding for baekhyun: day [443/640] ↳ EXO’s BAEKHYUN for Love Again | May 2020
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🥝 love again . . .
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Dua Lipa’s videography [27/?] - Love Again
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Love Again {6}: Slow It Down
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Previous: Sink My Teeth
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Genre: SMUT
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Swearing! Sex! Talk of Sex! Teasing (non sexual)!
Word Count: 5.1K
Summary: It’s been months and for whatever reason, Taehyung and you still haven’t had sex. Could a turn of phrase, one you’ve only used in your escapades with Seokjin, twist and become the one thing needed to bring you and your boyfriend together?
Notes: Be the One Sequel!
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Master List: Be the One
Listening: pretty please, Dua Lipa
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           Some say having sex on the first date does only damage to a relationship. That the emotional connection, the physical intimacy of being completely naked together creates a bond… the pheromones and the fluids all merge together to create a potentially toxic, chemical bond. Aly & AJ once said, “but the planets all aligned / when you looked into my eyes / and just like that / the chemicals react.” You can’t help it, it’s physiological.
          Others argue to wait until the 3rd date before exposing yourselves. Something about trust and connection, not giving the milk for free, but making whomever you’re sleeping with work for it.
          And others, still, Patti Stanger specifically, say no sex before monogamy.
          Now – when you toss in non-hetero relationships… all bets are off, and the “norms” are varied. Are these scientific? Uh – debatable. It’s not like dating apps are requiring surveys after people have meet and gone out. Though opting in might be beneficial for …. Alas, I digress.
           All of these options are fine and good – to each their own…
          and yet…
          You were growing impatient.
          Not only had you not had sex on the first date, or the third, you weren’t even waiting for monogamy! You started dating Taehyung in July. But now, it was November and you’d been exclusive for over a month! And yet, the closest you’ve come is making out on his couch (and yours), a few hands wandering but no progression. But every single time, despite both of your best efforts, clothes had stayed on. It made no sense. Absolutely no sense. Hadn’t you reclaimed your sexuality? Hadn’t you ordered a man to masturbate in front of you? Or received pleasure in the form of ice on your cunt? You’d done so many things, were versed in all positions and actions… and, somehow, all your fantasies still had not come true.
           “You need to get fucked,” Jungkook said in your ear. He’d called for his weekly chat and had just finished his detailed explanation of his work project. There were a lot of steps in tile making…. And you’d be lying if you said you cared about all of them, or any of them. Of which, Jungkook knew and still continued to tell you the painstaking process of making traditional tiles.
           “I know, but we can’t seem to move past making out like horny teenagers... I don’t know what it is, or what is wrong with us.”
          “Maybe it’s just timing?” Jungkook offered.
          “Yeah, didn’t you hear that he’s not allowed to have sex until his gonorrhea has gone?”
          “You’re such an ass! You haven’t even met him, and for what it’s worth –
          “It isn’t.” He muttered.
          “Tae can’t wait to meet you.”
          Jungkook scoffed, indignant and annoyed by this statement. “Why does he want to meet me? Oh my god – does he also want to talk about why you two aren’t having sex?”
          “Does he want pointers? Isn’t he Jimin’s bests friend? Seems like an awful lot to wait for me to come home to ask when he’s got an expert as his emergency contact.” Jungkook continued teasing you, more like taunting and mocking. It wasn’t cute, and it wasn’t fun.
          “You’re the fucking worst.”
          “Yeah, but I made you come three times our first night together so really, I’m pretty fucking great.”
          “I don’t have anything to say to counter that. All I know is I want to fuck Taehyung so badly, that I swear both sets of my labia are going to fall off.” You admitted.
           “Have you at least, talked to him about it yet?” Jungkook suggested.
           “I will, I just… I don’t want to stress him out or make him feel pressured –
           “Oh, come the fuck on!” Jungkook yelled. “He wants to fuck you, any person with a libido wants to fuck you. He’s probably wracking his brain for why you haven’t and is stressed. Or he found out you spent the summer with me between your thighs and cannot fathom being as talented or –
           “Jungkook!” You snapped, patience dissipating, frustration and anger and hurt replacing whatever decorum you had left.
           “What baby?” He cooed.
           “You’re being such a fucking asshole, and I don’t know why.” Your voice shrunk, letting your hurt come through the receiver.  
           “Fuck, sorry.”
           A stillness fell over the line, the only sounds both of your breathing. You listened to him for a while, hearing the ease with which he inhaled. Jungkook’s been a little pissy for the last few weeks, well, months, since he discovered you wanted to date Taehyung exclusively. He’d gotten a bit nicer in the last few weeks, maybe it was the impending American holidays, or that his work was going well… It had been a while since he’s been so petty and mean, every comment laced with malicious intent.
           “You’re making friends?” You redirected, speaking first.
           “I had friends when I lived here before, and I’ve somehow managed to keep up with them. What a blessing my Korean is still perfect.”
           It’s an obvious dig, and you roll your eyes. He’s mad, and somehow, he’s made it your problem.
          “For someone who refused to study in college, you certainly maintained your –
           “Tongue technology?” He teased.
           “Ability to speak another language.”
           “You know my grandparents called regularly and we had to speak fluent Korean with them. And I went to Korean school, which shockingly I was amazing at.”
           “I do know those things.”
           “So, it makes complete sense that I am fluent. And living here – who speaks English? No one.”
           “That can’t possibly be the accurate statistic,” You said. Standing up, you stretched while he muttered a sassy, “Whatever” into your ear.  
           “Have you thought about –
           “Dating?” Jungkook interrupted.
           “A little, I don’t know if I want to.”
           Padding to the kitchen, you placed the few dirty glasses in the dishwasher, before reaching into the cupboard for a clean glass to pour your fresh Bubbly into.
           “I’m assuming you’re sleeping with a variety of people?”
           Jungkook rolled his eyes, because of course, you were going to ask. “That I am. If you can’t get laid, I might as well do it for the both of us.”
           “Jungkook!” You scolded, far less angry with this jibe than the last ones.
           “What? Am I wrong?”
           “You fucked so much this summer, maybe your pussy needs a break,” He said.  
           “Maybe’s it mad as hell,” You started the rap.
           “Maybe it really smells.”
           “Broken pussy!” You yelled in unison, happy you both had seen enough Insecure to complete the chorus. How many weeks had it been since you laughed together, and not over a meme?
           “Look, as much as I’d love to listen to your sexual exploits –
          “Like I did yours,” He reminded you.
          “Right, as much as I would like to, I gotta go. Taehyung’s coming over.”
           “Get fucked, please,” Jungkook pleaded. “I know WAP is your power anthem, please listen to it two or three or five times before he gets there.”
           “Maybe I will.”
          “You definitely should.”
          “Fine - I’m going to try. To get laid, not try to listen to WAP because I know how to listen to it… but I’m going to try with Tae, like really hard.”
           “Stop rambling. Call me and tell me how he measures up, yeah?” Jungkook requested.
           You scoffed. “It isn’t a competition.”
           Jungkook laughed, mockingly loud in your ear. “Yeah, but it kind of is.”
           “No, it isn’t!” Your voice was garbled by a mouthful of water. “It isn’t a competition, in fact, it’s a completely different experience.”
           “Because you loved me, but you’re falling in love with him?”
           “What has gotten into you?” You asked, stopping your tidying in the kitchen to focus on what he was saying. “Where is this insecurity coming from? Why are you being such a dick today?”
           Jungkook was quick to dismiss you. “I don’t know. Look, you go, enjoy Taehyung and I’ll talk to you later, okay?”
           “Yeah, okay.”
           “Bye,” He hung up.
           You sat, staring at your phone, not quite sure what had happened. Sure, tension had been running higher than usual between you, but this? What the fuck had gotten into him? He couldn’t possibly be this fucking insecure and jealous that he would talk to you like that? When had he ever spoken to you like that – like he was trying to pour salt in the wounds he himself cut? Was he not okay with you and Tae? Why hadn’t he said anything? He’s the one who –
           You were going to be mature about this and talk to him. Talk to him and figure out what was going on because damnit, you missed you friend.  
           In the midst of your spiraling thoughts, a knock was on your door. You went to open it, not dwelling too much on Jungkook’s piss poor attitude and the hurtful words he easily spewed.
           On the opposite side of your apartment door was the one person you wanted to see right now. The one person who could help put you at ease.
           “Hey baby,” Taehyung smiled broadly. His long camel wool coat draped over his frame, his polished suit hanging smartly on his body. He must’ve unbuttoned the first few buttons on his way up, because no way he went to work looking this sexy. And where was his tie? Not around his neck but sticking out ever so slightly from his back pocket.
           “Alright Mr. Grey, I guess I’ll see you now,” You smirked. He looked so good – how were you supposed to make it through the evening if you couldn’t have him?
           “Can I come in?” He asked.
           “Fuck, yes, come in.”
           You stepped aside, and he walked in, swiftly kicking off his shoes and hanging his jacket and scarf. How had you not noticed the scarf?
           “Is that mine?” You asked, reaching for it.
           “Yeah, you left it the other day and I thought I’d bring it to you.”
           “Well, thank you! It looked good on you.”
           “Thanks,” He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to him. “And hello.”
           His lips lowered onto yours, gently tugging yours. You kissed him back with heat, perhaps heat he wasn’t expecting, but heat he readily responded to. His free hand cupped your cheek, the warmth spreading as his stubble rubbed your face.
           “Did you shave this morning?” You asked.
           “No, I didn’t need to. Can you feel it?”
           “Yeah, I can.”
           “Does it bother you?”
           “Nothing a little extra moisturizer can’t fix.”
           “You sure?” He asked – and the look in his eyes, so clear he would run to the CVS and buy a razor and shaving cream before kissing you again.
           “Tae,” You whispered, eyes holding his gaze.
           “Can we – can we?”
           “Have sex?”
           “Yes!” You laughed. “I don’t know if it’s been bugging you, or if you’re in your head too, but you look so fucking good and it’s driving me crazy. I want you.”
           “You want me?” He asked, his smirk returning, concern over his stubble dissipating as quickly as it came on.
           “Do you want me?” You asked.
           “Yeah, but I want to make love to you, not just have sex. This isn’t casual, Y/N,” His eyes boring into you, his soul trying desperately to intertwine with yours – as if it was difficult. Like he didn’t already have you and your heart on his sleeve, too. “Will you let me?”
           “Fuck me,” You said, taking a deep breath. “I don’t know what I did to find someone who waxes poetic like you do, but don’t ever stop, okay?”
           Taehyung’s smirk softened. “Okay love, I won’t.”
           You nodded your head before pulling him to you, fingers intertwined with hair at the nape of his neck. “Also, this haircut, is really sexy.”
           “You like it? What if I grow it out?”
           “More for me to hold onto, but you do what makes you feel confident.”
           He kept smiling, liking your touch on his head. “God, I really like you.”
           “Enough to make love to me?” You teased, using his words against him.
           “Oh baby,”
           “More than enough,” Taehyung kissed you again, quickly, before tugging your hand and walking to your bedroom. Despite having wanted this for months… he is determined to take his time. He lays on the bed first, his entire length stretching out before you. You could be nervous, or stressed by this, but you’re not. Because Jungkook was right, you fucked all summer. You know you’ve got this.
           You crawled over him, shins holding his legs tightly under you, thighs lowering you onto him. He inhaled, watching you watch him. Like watching an infant discover their hand, he held curiosity and intrigue between his brows. You leaned down, kissing the expanse of his neck, nipping and tugging the skin of his collarbone.
           He let out a quiet moan, hands moving down your back to massage the globe of your ass. You moaned against him, the feeling of his hands on your body feeling so good. Trailing a line of kisses up his jaw, you landed back on his lips.
           Making out is adrenaline personified. It is sensual, it is fun, it is highly underrated. Which is why neither you or Taehyung have ever pushed yourselves past it… Why ruin a good thing?
           “I love kissing you,” Taehyung muttered, your lips having found themselves on his earlobe, your tongue tracing the outline and crevices of his cartilage. He was shivering below you, moaning greedily at each swipe of your tongue.
           “You do?” You pulled off, arm resting on the other side of his head, your chest pressing dangerously into his. He didn’t dare glance down, the sensations of your body on his already sending him into overdrive. He’d been waiting for this – waiting for you, waiting for the right time. Damnit if he hasn’t been waiting since July.
           “Yes,” He said, leaning up to kiss you once more. “But I want to do more today.”
           Taehyung’s hand, having spent the last stretch of time exploring your torso under your top, moved to flip you over. You abided quickly, allowing him to hover over you, watching as you made yourself comfortable.
           “What?” You asked.
           He shook his head, hand cupping your cheek. Kissing you again, Taehyung’s hands roamed down your front, toying with the buttons of your cardigan, opening them to reveal the expanse of your skin beneath. Moaning into his mouth, your hands moved from his hair to untuck his shirt, tugging out of its tucked state. You pulled it further up his torso, until he got the message and pulled off of you.
           “Can you take this off?” You asked, lips swollen, hair askew beneath you.
           “Yeah, can I take this off?” He motioned towards all the clothing on your torso, and you laughed.
           “Sorry – lots of layers.”
           “It’s okay, you look good.”
           You smiled and sat up, taking your sweater off your shoulders and tossing it to the side. You pulled off the tank top you had on underneath, leaving you in your bra. The version of you that started sleeping around this past summer would never have sat so bare in front of a man like Taehyung, or Jimin, or Jungkook. No version of you had existed at that point, that was brazen enough to be nearly completely exposed, and confident in your skin. Your sexual explorations, and the gorgeous men you’d bedded, had improved your confidence. The rolls of your stomach, the thickness of your thighs, the stretch marks on your breasts and abdomen from weight gain in your teens… you’d long wished for a time when you felt truly comfortable in your skin.
           Sleeping with Jimin… and Jungkook... and Namjoon too, had pushed you to fully accept your body and see its merits in the bedroom. You’re fucking hot. And desirable and wanted. Regardless of if your lovers acknowledge it – you know your worth and you know your value.
           “You’re so sexy,” Taehyung said, leaning back over you, lips landing near your collarbone. He kissed tenderly before dragging his teeth against your chest, pulling the skin until it was red, his lips suckling and tongue lapping at the streaks he’d just left. His hips began to roll into you, grinding against yours through his slacks. You could feel him hardening, his length pressing into hungrily.
           In the months since you’d met Taehyung, and really since you’d begun having genuine feelings for him, you’d been planning all the things you’d do to him if ever found in this compromising position. It wasn’t a constant, running list you kept going back to… well, maybe it was. It grew longer and longer the more time you spent not sleeping with him, and your fantasies grew more and more detailed. Some were innocent, sweet kisses before bed, him wrapping his arms around you while you made dinner, kissing your neck. Evenings you’d catch him just out of the shower, kissing the droplets off his damp shoulder.
          And some were, by nature, more risqué.
           At first – it started out as simple dirty fantasies. No foreplay, no eating you out or blowing him… Adventures where your sex would be quick and dirty, a need for release far exceeding the want to explore each other’s bodies. He’d bury himself to the hilt, his size catching you off guard, the stirring of his hips, snapping in record speed into you, would send you into near oblivion. All that would be heard was the overwhelming and deafening moans and lewd mewling leaving your lips. Your bed would shake loudly against the wall, rattling as he drove into you. Oh god – it would be beyond worth the wait.
           It soon progressed, of course it did, you were going longer and longer without him, and exploring more and more sexual options. Your second favorite fantasy was a gentle in between, wherein you’d take ultimate control.
          "I need you to listen to me, and I need you to do what I say," You directed, Taehyung already breaching your entrance, steadying himself as he listened.
          "Okay," He hesitated, not only was he finding himself in a compromising position, but you were asking him to forgo everything his brain and body were telling him to do.
          You bit your lip, fingers scratching up and down his back, gripping onto his honeyed skin. "I want you to move so slowly, so slowly you think you're going to die.”
          “Fuck, Y/N,” He muttered, staring at the point your bodies intertwined.
          “Painfully slow, if you think you’re going slow enough, it’s too fast."
          "Fuck, okay."
          "And you can only speed up when I tell you, do you understand?" You asked again.
          “Baby, you’re going to kill me.”
          “No, I’m not. Trust me, yeah?”
          You would set the pace – cruel and seemingly unsteady for him. But the pattern, honed by many other tristes, would build up your own release - particularly if he bided the time between each thrust tending your bud. It would be glorious, a triumph in love making, a class in self-control.
          The third option – you would continue to dominate, riding him with the perfect angle, his own need for release forcing his hips to stutter into yours, hitting you deeper and deeper. He’d possibly be at the right angle, and length, to hit your elusive g-spot, which would challenge your ability to ride him and stay upright. Perhaps his hands would tweak your nipples, pulling you down so his lips could suckle the flesh of your breasts.
          Though you supposed there would be a time when he would take control. He was his own person, he could in fact exact his own wishes on your body… and my god did you hope he was fantasizing about you the way you were about him… him taking control was enough to send you into complete and total overdrive. The want. The needing. The dominance. You always stepped out of your fantasies so much wetter than you wanted to admit.
          But of course, then your mind would take you to the idea of Taehyung between your thighs, his tongue tangled between your lower lips, fingers tucking into your entrance and pulling your wetness out, only to use to stroke himself…
          At a certain point, when did all this fantasizing become a little pathetic? Horny and deeply pathetic? Was Jungkook right? Had you fucked so much this summer you that you were in need of a “dry January” but October-November?
          “Y/N,” Taehyung said, hand stilling on your hip.
          “Where’d you go?”
          Your cheeks, already red from the physical contact, flushed deeper. “I – just thinking.”
          “Yeah?” He smirked, grin crooked and eyes sparkling.
          “I think about you a lot, maybe more than I admit,” You said.  
           “Think about me, in what kind of way?”
           “Lots of ways,” You smirked.  
           “But right now?”
           “I mean, your hand is inching to get into my leggings and you’re shirtless on top of me, so really, in this scenario, there’s only one kind of way.”
           “Can I take them off?” He asked.
           “I’d like you to.”
           Taehyung moved quickly, pulling your leggings off, dragging your underwear with them.
          He groaned loudly, taking in your fully naked form.
           The first time Taehyung had sex… had been uneventful. His high school girlfriend, whom he thought he loved at one point, but didn’t really feel any affection for in the last few months of their relationship, had unceremoniously “taken” his virginity when he was 18. Aimee Lee was a set up by his parents, the hopes that he would fall in love and marry a good Korean girl, part of their DNA. It started innocently, families sharing meals after church, Taehyung picking up Aimee on his way to school, dropping her off after, and grew into a mutual wanting.
          They joined a few clubs together during lunch hour, started completing homework side by side on his bedroom floor, dropped love letters into each other’s lockers during passing periods. All signs of young love. In truth, they’d crushed so hard, falling in love so quickly it often felt like whiplash. There were many times he had to remind himself he didn’t begin and end at the feet of Aimee, and that he was his own person. Thankfully, Jimin had been around to knock sense into him, pull his focus from her, and keep him balanced.
           It was obvious to their parents, and friends, why they fit together. Aimee was loud and gregarious, friends with everyone and student council president. Taehyung was sensitive, a daydreamer, grounded but always in the clouds dreaming. While he was falling for her, Aimee was falling for him too, feeling what he was… but for her, she had ulterior motives laced with their relationship. While she wanted a boyfriend, and to fall in love so deeply it hurt, she also wanted to experience carnal pleasures before venturing off to college. Sometime in middle school, when everyone was talking about first kisses and first periods, she had determined, with her closest friends, that they would all have sex before college. They would all have a relationship, and they would all hopefully fall in love before opting for heartbreak and going off to college.
           A plan anyone else saw as juvenile and a bit pathetic, they saw as a bond between them. They didn’t have traveling pants, and wouldn’t have a pregnancy pact, but this was pretty damn close.
           Wei Lee, first celloist in the youth orchestra, found her boyfriend freshman year. Alfred Cho, Alfie, was a sophomore and the pianist for the orchestra. He also sang in the boys choir.  They dated until her sophomore year of college, when Alfie studied abroad, and Wei stayed in Boston. They began sleeping together when they were 16, at the behest of Wei’s older sister who found out about the pact and was concerned.
           Lexi Anderson had known she was gay, and queer, since she was eight and started dating Max, a non-binary beauty whom she loved deeply. That was until they started fooling around and broke up because Max realized they were asexual and deeply uncomfortable with a sexual relationship of any kind. Lexi then started dating Catherine, the star of the drama department, and they quickly escalated their relationship. They broke up senior year and it was…. Surprisingly amicable despite the drama that had ensued in the years previous.
           Finally, Nicole Johnston, had sex with a frat guy at a party she went to senior year during one of her volleyball tournaments. She didn’t want a relationship, and as their friendship began to crumble senior year, she confided that she’d been sleeping around for years and hadn’t said anything. Aimee, Wei and Lexi all source this admission as the dissolution of their friendship.
           Which left Aimee, who had started seeing this beautiful boy, who liked him so much she couldn’t quite handle it… Could she follow through? It should be noted that Nicole, chronologically, was last to admit to having sex, despite being actually first to do the deed.
           Taehyung, at the behest of Jimin, began following Aimee’s lead. He followed her instructions, let her tell him when she wanted her top taken off, her chest touched, any physical contact that felt more mature. Which is how they ended up, like all good cliches, having sex on prom night… In Wei’s house, which her parents had left to go on vacation for their anniversary. The youngest of the Lee children, she was responsible for maintaining the house over the four days her parents were out of town. It was perfectly orchestrated by her – wine spritzers in the fridge, cookie dough and Taehyung’s favorite sweets waiting for them, and three different kinds of condoms that she had procured through a variety of sources…
           As it’s been stated, it was uneventful. Taehyung can’t really remember much of the act itself, either because he was trying to block it out, or because it truly was nothing to write home about. He thinks they had sex a few times that evening…. And certainly, more over the summer before he left for Berkley and she to St. Andrew’s. It hadn’t been particularly formative, though the rest of their relationship had shaped him, broken him, crafted his view on relationships as an adult, his first true sexual encounters had been… fine.
           But – Taehyung realized through conversations with Jimin, that part of this was because by prom, he had already started distancing himself and his heart from Aimee. They were never going to be anything after high school, and he had known that the minute she had gotten accepted into St. Andrew’s with a ton of financial aid.
           Which meant in college, before he started dating Vivian, he spent time exploring his relationship with sex and love. Did he need love too have good sex, did he want to have good sex with strangers, or was he such a romantic that he needed the protection of a relationship before giving of himself?  
           He hasn’t divulged this much to you, but your hot girl summer, figuring out yourself, what you want, who you are, what relationships and sex mean to you… it’s one of the reasons he liked you from the beginning. He too had done that – been on that journey… and for whatever reason, it meant a lot to him that you were so open about your discoveries. It also meant a lot that you have dared to be so brave. Perhaps he could be brave now, too.
           “Tae?” You asked.
           Your hands combed through his black locks, tussling them between your fingers. “Where’d you go?”
           “I – just thinking.”
           He kissed the soft skin on your inner thigh, tenderly, sensually, before sitting up next to you. He adjusted his hardened cock through his boxers and sat next to you.
           “I love that you don’t care,” Taehyung said, eyes slowly making their way down the curve of your nose, past your cupids bow, a perfectly named body part.
           “Sitting here, naked, no insecurities.”
           “I have plenty of insecurities, but your mouth was just on my labia so I’m not sure I have anything to worry about. You want to have sex with me, you think I’m sexy already. I don’t know if I have anything to hide, physically.”
           “We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now,” Taehyung’s hands reached for yours, taking them lovingly between his.
           “Yes, you’ve been my boyfriend for what, a month?”
           “A little more,” He corrected.
           “Okay,” You smiled.
           “I love that you’re keeping track.”
           “You’re not?”
           “You’re so sweet,” You leaned in, lips pressing against his shoulder. “What did you want to say?”
           “We’ve been together a little bit, and I feel like, throughout this summer, into the fall, we’ve taken our time –
           “If you say you love me, I will hurt you.”
           “No – no,” He shook his head. “I’m just saying, I love spending time with you, and how open and vulnerable you are. You already mean so much to me, my heart hurts thinking about how much you’ll mean to me next month, and the next.”
           “If you make me cry -
           “And, I just want to say, I’m loving being your boyfriend. And I’ve never felt like this, for anyone.”
           “Tae,” You whined, head finding itself between his back and the pillows against the headboard.
           “You wax poetic like it’s nothing! What am I supposed to say to that?”
           “I don’t know, how you feel?”
           “I –
           You shook your head. “It isn’t fair.”
           “What isn’t?”
           “That you can say these things, that they come so easily to you.”
           “You don’t have to say anything back, Y/N. You don’t have to.”
           “I want to. I want to tell you that I’m feeling the same things, that you’re carving such a huge place in my heart… that I’m scared what will happen if I lose you… that this is intense and uncharted. I just,”
           “What baby?”
           “Can you help me slow it down?”
           “Slow what down?”
           “My mind, please,” You pleaded. His eyes, once soft and warm, switched in an instant. He stood, peeling his boxers off his body and stood at the foot of your bed. Your eyes drifted down the line of his chest, hips unconsciously grinding into the bed. Wrapping his hands around your ankles, Taehyung pulled you to the edge of the bed.
           “Please, Taehyung, please,” You begged. “I need your hands, all of you, on me.”
           “Say it nicely,” He demanded. His dominance trickling down your spine, directly to your heat.
           “Pretty please.”  
           And for the first time in years, it wasn’t Seokjin asking you for release. It wasn’t him, in some compromising position, panting and needy, wanting you to push him over the edge. In this moment, it was Taehyung, your boyfriend, and it was you, asking, begging, pleading pretty fucking please, slow down the noise in your mind, the unspoken love brewing in your heart, and put you at ease.
           And he did. 
Next: Love Again {7}
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Dua Lipa - Love Again (2021)
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mavisylvania · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t expect to get anything back, don’t expect recognition for your efforts, don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Act because you need to act — Paulo Coelho, The Zahir
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howifeltabouthim · 5 months ago
In an instant, love floods her chest, love she's been holding back, love she'd forgotten since her mother died, so filled with light and strength it spears through all the darkness of her heart.
Soman Chainani, from Beasts and Beauty
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When someone said to me “ you’ll fall in love again ”
My heart pleaded “ not with humans this time ”
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liesandnights · a month ago
He tells me:
"There is a truth that's hidden in your eyes. You're falling in love or trying not to fall again.
And if you think I don't know what you've been through, you must think I'm foolish at love."
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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favourite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love 💖
Hello my love! <3 tagging @ruddcatha and the anon who ask sent me this ask! This was super hard because I feel like I put a lot of my heart and soul into most of my fics
1. Shelter I had to pick this one as this was my feudal era au that just flowed so well that it became 100k words in a year. I love how it turned out and how I was able to do a slow(er) burn as well as through in action, angst, and drama. It is my BABY--my second multi-chapter fic that was completely a different universe that I got to build from scratch where I wanted inu and kag to be completely the same as they were in canon, just a totally different universe.
2. Holding Out for a Hero This was another 'supposed-to-be-a' one-shot only to feel like... it wasn't deep enough or explored enough if I made a Shrek AU for inukag a one and done. Now it'll have all three movies incorporated as well as some wedding smuts that just were added back in February for @bluejay785's bday ;)
3. Love Again I feel like all my supposed to be one-shots ended up in this list but again--I feel like some stories just need more detail, more build, more love, angst, and climaxes (no pun intended but this too eventually) to where it needed to broken into chapters, and because this for my dear sweet @kalcia, I knew she needed the best. I like the subtly that has been added in as well as some things that occurred irl to myself (the shoulder injury happened but not in the shower--twas stairs that caught me) and I couldn't wait to write that in to help kag along with her romance and realization that inu mayyyy be into her too ;)
4. Devil Devil I knew this wouldn't be a one shot... but also didn't anticipate it would end up around 7 chapters. I was really intrigued to write something in first person and also to make it halloween-horror themed. I had so much fun working with @kirrtash on art and there will be more to come when I actually finish the 6th and 7th parts and send it her way :)
5. willow This is going to be another baby of mine--a friends-to-lovers au with the who fake-marriage mixed it. I had actually I think brained-stormed a prompt with @superpixie42 one day about friends being married for health insurance and BAM! I heard the song willow by the queen, T Swift, and began plotting this baby out right around @thunderpot's bday who I knew loved a good fake-marriage fic. I can't wait for more time to focus on this one too!
Thanks so much for the ask @fawn-eyed-girl and beta-ing all my massive fics !!! <3
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Dua Lipa- Love Again
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Tumblr media
Master List: Love Again
Summary: After a summer of sin... rather, sex, you are finally ready to make a decision and follow your heart... no matter whose you shatter in the process. Will you find your way to Seoul, and the tattooed man whom you've loved for years? Or stay put and fight for the broken soul of a man hated by your best friend? Will your friends with benefits finally be more, or, will the contemplative and earnest artist steal your heart? Someone’s got you in love, again, the question remains: who?
Pairing: It’s Complicated - OT7 x Reader
Genre: Slice of Life, Non-Idol AU, Smut - Specifications in each chapter
Rating: NC17 / R 
Word Count: 68,670
Warnings: Specifications in each chapter. 
Notes: Be the One Sequel 
Listen/Watch: Love Again 
Posted: Winter 2022 
Tag List
{1} Who You Loyal To? 
{2} All the Things I Did 
{3} Selfish, I Know
{4} Wound in Salt 
{5} Sink My Teeth
{6} Slow it Down
{7} Selfish & Hating It 
{8} What Am I Missing?
{9} Obsessive Little Me 
{10} The Four Times You Hypothetically Picked the Wrong Guy
{11} Say it First
{12} Epilogue
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