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expressionist-hira · 28 days ago
"Love is what keeps us connected."
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intuitive-bbloom · 8 months ago
Future spouse love letter game!
The game is OPEN
The title is self explanatory my lovelies ✨💕💕💕 when I reblog this post, it’s closed. This was inspired by @stellariver shufflemancy post
Must be a follower.
Must reblog this post
Anons are allowed but send in your initials and your favorite emoji like everyone else
I’ve been hearing of people doing stuff like follow then unfollow when the game has ended, please don’t do that, that’s hella disrespectful and if you do that just know you’ve unfollowed yourself from ever participating in any future games I might hold.
Feedback people!!! Let me know how the reading went
Also this is a limited game! Only 6 people will be chosen in this raffle so count your lucky stars! Only send in your ask after you’ve been confirmed as a eligible player.
Okay I channeled my fsp love letter and damnnnnn they hit hard and resonated, not like resonate since I don’t know who he is but they were connected and tied in perfectly. That’s why I said this stuff is legit 😂😂😂😂
He really called me out on a lot of stuff, the not letting someone love me stuff or being afraid to love 💀 or the leaving me behind stuff, he seems to really know me and my personality.
I find it so adorable that he began the letter with honey. Is that my pet name? In honey in case y’all would be confused, I was writing in my own pov so I was saying “I” like he was telling me “you’re sweet” then I converted it to “I am sweet”
In lockdown the same stuff, the “I’s” are me so don’t get confused.
Then in the last song damn he just took over and gave me the breakdown and I was like 😳😳😳
If you wanna analyze it here, I’ve analyzed the hell out of this and I suggest y’all do it too so you can connect the dots and see this is so weirdly real, I’ll love to hear your observations, I love my fsp baby but I need people to see this as an example so they know how the game would go. 💕💕💕
Warning there are some nsfw stuff so if you’re not comfortable with that, please ignore.
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oldshowbiz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
operators standing by now
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your-heart-is-a-treasure · 5 months ago
In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.
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glenncoco4 · a month ago
Thanks to my steaming hot shower I just thought of something that I really hope happens in LFODS. Especially knowing ECO made sure the humor wasn’t cut this time.
So we know that Sam is with Roundtree in the beginning (sneak) and then eventually ends up with Fatima (stills). Then we know that Talia is paired with Roundtree so…
Sam: “You’ll need some back up. I’ll-“
Roundtree overly excited: “I’ll do it:”
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broadcastcore · 7 months ago
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Love connection
Warning: pure fluff
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader,dad! Chris x Finley
Author note: Finley is one month and he's a Happy little guy!
Love connection masterlist | main masterlist
Tumblr media
A smile appeared on Finley's little face as you wrapped him up in his little ducky towel. It's been one month with him and your life has changed so much.
Every day you wake up knowing you had a happy baby to take care of. It filled you with so much joy having Finley. He's always smiling, he always looks at you like you're the best person ever, and he had a lot of energy for a one month old. Just his presence was enough to make you smile. You were so grateful for him.
"ok bubba, we're going to get you all dressed in your adorable clothes. How does that sound?" You cooed as you looked at Finley. he just smiled at you, showing off his gummy smile. You smiled at him before you started to dress him.
When you had fin fully dressed you picked him up and walked out of his nursery to the kitchen where Chris was doing some work.
"oh you're done with bath time already." Chris got up and took finley from your arms with a smile. He placed a soft kiss on his forehead which caused the baby to squirm because of his beard.
"what are you going to do today honey?" Chris asked you. "Well I'm going to take fin on a walk. Do you want to come?"
Chris smiled. He of course wanted to come. He never wants to be away from Finley; he can't even think about the day he goes back to work and leave him behind.
Chris snapped out of his dreaming and nodded. "Yes of course." Chris handed Finley back to you right after he gave another forehead kiss. While he went to put on some clothes you went to put finley in your carrier.
You made sure he was strapped in nice and tight before you walked to the door. Chris was already there getting dodger on the leash so he could walk with you three.
"you ready to go?"
You nodded, "yes. Are you ready Finley?" You looked down at finley to see him playing with your pendent on your necklace. He was so mesmerized by it. You laughed and shook your head. "Let's go."
You, Chris, Finley, and Dodger went on a very nice. Somewhere in between playing with your necklace and looking up at you Finley fell asleep. His little face was squished up against your boobs and his little eyelashes rested against his cheek. It was an adorable sight and you were sure to take some pictures to show to family later.
Now you were back home and you went straight to put Finley in his crib. When you returned to the kitchen you found Chris looking through the mail. He had a huge frown on his face. You knew something was wrong.
"Chris, what's wrong?" You stopped in front of him a little confused. Chris looked up at you. "It's from Matt. He's sueing us for taking "his son" from him."
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maxineshawlive · 10 days ago
When the chemistry 🧪 and connection ⛓ are effortless, all that is needed is time spent.
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earthyaries · a year ago
hello! are there any placements who can/cannot handle a really intense love connection?
- Air dominance
- Fire dominance also
- Sagittarius moon (more so than the Venus)
- Venus in retrograde (esp. in an air sign)
- Venus in hard aspect to moon
- Moon or Venus in hard aspect to Saturn
- Capricorn & Virgo Venus/moon
- Neptune aspecting moon/Mars
These placements are placements that indicate habits of escapism or of a rather slow-burn kind of lover. People with these placements often have to ease into love, & can be overwhelmed or scared off from intimacy pretty easily.
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megagoodtimes · 4 months ago
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expressionist-hira · 19 days ago
I'm as empty as you are but when we sit together, This emptiness fills both of us.
Full of love, Full of us.
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intuitive-bbloom · 8 months ago
The winners of the game have been chosen
Through a spin the wheel stuff, the people chosen are as follow, (I decided to increase the limit from 6 to 10 because a lot of y’all entered and I thought it would be nicer to increase the chances of winning.)
Thank you all for playing this game! If you didn’t win don’t be upset, there will always be another opportunity and chance to win!
So please now send in your asks my winners so I can respond to you guys.
Tumblr media
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sunset-xx · 7 months ago
I wanted to write this to remember that feeling could always exist, even if it's only in the memory, for when we lost the hope, we could remember that it never can go away forever. This is not a conception of love. It's just a vision of that feelings we can't describe. I wanted to try relate in words how is this feelings but it's completely indescribable. As a flame that burn in your chest making you feel warmth and feel affection, it makes you want to keep it burning there forever, to never feel fade into the darkness again, unbroken. it's like to immerse into the sea and feel all the ocean depths inside your body when you're submsersive. It's like living an endlessly moments, as if tomorrow didn't exist, feeling every second at time through in your skin and want it last forever. There are moments that only last minutes but they become eternal in your memory. Love is one of the most real pure feeling that ever exist. Remember to never give up of love. No matter what, it always come to you in the right time. You'll be prepared. Do you know when you kiss the person that you're in love with? You feel the flames lighting up in your soul again. And you want that kiss lasts until the end of time. When you look to their eyes you feel that you're holding the universe, it's all in your own hands, you could see all the galaxies in their eyes. You want to live everything, feeling all that will deeply. Hug them feels that you're in your safe haven, feels like home, no matter where you are. And give the hands feels like you both are in the same wavelength, even when you both are away from each other. Deep into the connection. Do soulmates exist?
- To my person, me and you until the end. I love you.
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1. Tea Time
I’ve decided to make a series of short chapters - all set in from summer ‘86, after Camilla rang Charles and documents the progress of their relationship at that point. They can be read as chapters or one-shots. I hope you enjoy them!
A strange silence hovered over them as she debated asking how he was, but the restraint allowed him to shuffle away from her and as the words slipped her mouth, he countered without answering.
“I’ve called for tea.”
It wasn’t a question. She’d invited herself round for tea and that he was providing. As she followed him down the hall, he turned to face her, his grey eyes finding hers and he asked the question she’d meant to ask.
“How are you, Milla… Camilla… Are you keeping well?”
His correction stung and it must have shown on her face for he continued.
“I’m sorry, it just slipped out. I suppose we’re too old now to be using childhood nicknames. Habit, I guess.”
He pushed open the door to the terrace without waiting for an answer and gestured for her to sit down. The little table was dressed as though she were at a hotel and the wrought iron garden chairs had soft cushions on them, ready for her. He waited for her to sit, pushing in her chair, then sat down adjacent to her, the gardens stretching out before them.
They didn’t speak as he placed a slice of lemon in her cup, then poured the tea on top, the little china cup singing as the hot water moved it on the saucer it was sat on. The lack of conversation bothered her and she felt she couldn’t break the silence between them-not a problem she regularly encountered. So she watched him; the way he poured the tea theatrically from a height, the way he plopped a brown sugar cube in her cup almost nonchalantly, and then how he settled back into his chair, his eyes sad.
“You didn’t answer my question. How are you?”
Again his eyes met hers and her cheeks flushed, embarrassed at being caught staring at him. “Oh, you know, fine… fine…” She took a sip of her tea to end the response. “But I came here to see…”
“You might want to stir that.” He interrupted her, gesturing to her cup.
“Oh, yes, of course.” Taking a spoon from the side, she started to stir in the sugar cube, watching it dissolve into the tea.
“You still take your tea like this.”
“You didn’t give me opportunity to state otherwise…” She wasn’t sure why she snapped at him but it made him smile and he looked up at her again.
“No, really, how are you, are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” She smiled at him, his eyes not leaving hers, questioning her answer. “Really, I’m fine. I’m more bothered about you.”
“Not today.”
“What do you mean, ‘not today’?”
“Exactly that. You’ve already heard my woes on the phone. I don’t want to discuss them. I want to sit here, in the sunshine, next to you. I want to know how you are and I want to keep an eye on your face as you tell me so I can discern how truthful you’re being with me.”
“Oh.” It made her nervous but he just smiled and took another sip of tea. In fact, nerves didn’t quite explain the slight ache in her chest. An ache that seemed to pang through her. This was the wrong way round. She wasn’t prepared for this. She had braced for an onslaught of anger and pain, to mother him through his hurt. To make him feel better. This was different. Unexpected. And it made her uneasy. What on earth was she meant to say? Sitting back against the cushion, she wracked her brain for a good conversation starter to detract from how personal he was being. “Oh, the swift’s are out!”
But then it was so natural, she felt guilty, falling onto topics so comfortable it was like coming home. And all the joy that comes from a mutual appreciation of shared loves. She watched his face turn from sallow back to life and she heard a giggle she’d forgotten tempt him to laughter. Heaving her to her feet, she let him pull her around the gardens, his enthusiasm making him almost skip down each path. Each topic of conversation more interesting than the previous, each new joke funnier than the last. Knocking into him slightly to tease him, getting shoved off the path in response. Shoulders brushing as they walked together through the meadow, a hand too gentle brushing pollen off her skirt, making up excuses to be closer. And finally a dash to shelter in his little wooden house, escaping the huge droplets of rain which chose to fall from the clouds like a sign.
They stood too close together, his arm around her back as they watched raindrops ricochet off the path with the force they were flung and the low grumble of thunder sounded in the distance as the sky turned a yellow grey. She sunk against him as he pulled her closer, the sudden drop in temperature necessitating the move, the lack of objection permitting it.
“How are you, actually?”
His lips were so close to her ear as he whispered, she could feel his breath down her neck and she shivered.
“Other than cold.”
His words made her smile and she turned to face him. “Today? Very happy.”
But it was a mistake as his eyes locked with hers and suddenly every part of her that was touching him demanded attention. She felt him run his hands down her arms and shut her eyes as he pushed his fingers through hers, a sharp jagged rush shooting through her from where their skin met, making her heart ache and her breath difficult. She felt herself push into him, her cheek bumping into his and then burning as they nuzzled against each other, not daring to comply with the rush running though her. Her breath came out as a squeak as he kissed her neck.
“My God, I’m happy with you.” His words were as soft as his kiss, spreading a warmth through her neck that seemed to burn through her.
“I’ve missed you.” The admission came out unchecked as her hands slipped up to caress his face, running her fingers over his cheeks, the side of his nose, letting him kiss her thumb as it trailed over his lips, allowing herself to look at him properly for the first time. Her heart sent a rush of pain through her as she traced his features, memorising every old line, every new wrinkle “I’ve been so lonely without you.” Her eyes met his as he held her tighter, not hollow any more, but dark and deep.
“It’s not living when I’m not with you.”
That made her gasp and try to look away but she found she couldn’t when she saw a tear from the corner of his eye escape down his cheek. She wiped it away with her thumb but it was too much to bear and she felt a warm salty stinging down her own face as her heart wrenched. And then his hands pushed into her hair as her lips met his, forcing a wave through her body she was desperate to chase. But they pulled apart even as a moan slipped from her mouth, both of them fighting for breath, both unsure, scared to continue, desperate not to stop.
“This is why we couldn’t meet up.” He pushed against her lips again, making her ache for him, making her hands shake with the restraint of pulling apart again. “I can’t fight this. But I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of dreaming about you, these awful nightmares where I let you go, only to wake and realise it’s reality.”
“Don’t... please don’t push me away.” An untold panic gripped her in a stranglehold and she felt the tears stinging her eyes.
“I’ve had one happy day in 5 years... Because of you.”
The unfairness of his words hit her heart with a force which shocked the tears on a path down her cheeks. “We didn’t have a choice.”
“No…” He kissed her stricken face, as though trying to catch each tear. “You’re the reason for my happy day. We’ve got a choice now.”
“We’ve never had the chance.”
“Well we have a chance now.”
“A chance to be happy?”
“Yes… if you want to take it with me?”
His eyes looking down at her, begging her, made her heart cry. “Of course. But you’re talking like it’s going to be easy…” Wrapping his arms around her tightly, he sighed and she pressed against him, holding him determinedly, matching his pressure.
“Life’s too difficult without you to even consider the possibility of it continuing that way.”
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angelx1992 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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poeticlovejones · 7 months ago
my twin flame to me:
“I love you.”
“Sometimes I stay awake thinking about you.”
“You appeal to me through music.”
“My life is not together as it seems.”
“I left when I saw you with someone.”
“I feel you even though we are apart.”
“I wish things could be different.”
“I want you.”
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Baby Finley ⭐ first word
Tumblr media
A little headcannon for love connection! Let me be clear that this doesn't say what happened in future chapters of the series!
Chris was making dinner for the night while you were sitting at the dinner with Finley.
you were playing with him trying to distract from his incoming teeth
Chris watched from the kitchen with a smile as he heard a soft laugh coming from Finley’s lips
he’s been waiting for these domestic moment for years and he finally got it
it still felt like a dream to him but it wasn’t and he was so grateful
“the cow goes moo. can you say moo Finley?”
Finley looked at you with a similar smirk as chris, before turning back to the book on the table.
he shook his head no
you laughed pushing the brown curls out of his face. “okay fine.”
Finley laughed, clapping his little hands together not caring that he didn’t say the word.
“okay can you say quack quack?”
Finley looked at you frowning
“dada.” he said unsure
you turned to chris seeing him just as shocked as you.
Chris sat down his towel walking over to you and finley
“did you say dada?”
Finley was now smiling
chris laughed, “oh good boy Fin.”
he picked finley up out of his high chair, hugging him tightly
you sat there pissed
Finley’s first words were supposed to be mama
when chris left for work or to go to the store you were teaching him how to say it
he never said it. and now he’s saying dada
you stood up, hands on your hips, looking at chris and Finley
“well, I can say one thing to you Fin.”
chris and Finley looked at you( they’re look like twins. just imagine it)
“you are a traitor.” you shook your head and walked into the living room. you weren’t mad at all but that’s what Finley was thinking
you gasped turning to see Finley looking at you
“you said mama.” you walked back over taking him from Chris’s arms. “I forgive you. but that wasn’t nice to say dada first. I held you for 9 months.”
Finley looked up at you; before you knew it he was laughing at nothing.
it was adorable
masterlist ⭐ love connection 
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taurside · 9 months ago
I’m grateful for the people I’ve met along the way.
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frommyfavoritebooks · 5 months ago
“It’s funny how that works,” she said.
“The human body is made up of billions of cells, and yet it simply takes one person—one voice, one look, one text or smile, to completely unravel you. We think we are these overly intelligent, complex creatures, but at the end of the day we all just want connection. We all just want to know that we aren’t going to be alone.”
- The Strength in Our Scars, Bianca Sparacino
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theungovernableforce · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I edited the photos, now they look cooler. Luv connection
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