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Sunshine Foundation.


We are a registered Not-For-Profit organisation in Nagpur,Maharashtra,India working for the betterment of underprivileged children and environment protection.


Our children at Godewada Park, Nagpur.

We are looking for passionate people who understand that there is more to life than sitting on a sofa all day long.

There are 3 ways to help

1. Volunteer for Sunshine


3.Spread the word

*If you are interested in any of the above please contact us (details given at blog end).

Donations such as stationery, textbooks, storybooks, schoolbags, and shoes are welcome.

Also, if interested in organizing donation drives in your school, workplace, society, etc.

please contact us.

If you posses special talent or know people who do, please inform us, we can give them a platform to perform at our NGO.

Upcoming events-

Tree plantation (contact for dates)

International Tigers day - July 29, 2019.


Mecosabhag, Christian Colony




Contact details


Phone - 8975775007 and 07122527693.

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Warum kämpfen wir Menschen gegeneinander?

Warum können Religionen keine anderen Religionen akzepzieren,

Warum kämpfen Völker gegen Völker

Warum verletzen Menschen um höher zu stehen?

Was bringt dir all die Macht, wenn du niemand hast der für dich da ist, wenn es dir mal schlecht geht.

Wofür das ganze Geld, wenn du dich nicht traust es auszugeben?

Wofür die Beleidigungen gegen all die Leute die dir nichts getan haben?

Wann fängst du endlich an, dich selbst so zu akzeptieren wie du bist, dich zu lieben, andere zu lieben wie sie sind?

Wann fangen wir endlich an unsere Erde so zu lieben, wie sie ist und sie nicht so zu zerstören?

Denkt heute an Leute die ihr liebt und sagt Ihnen das♡

Musik Empfehlung zum Thema: Nahko and Medicine for the people

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Is going on in life. Relationships, families, learning and managing home…..never ending stories…..

Alot is going on earth…..floods, cyclones, tornados, forest fires, deaths, new births, blaming, complaining 🙄 you just name it

For many it is only a news….a headline in a paper…..For some its like a hell, end of the world, chaos, tears and sorrow with every breath….

No one can understand God and His reasons….

Only can ask God to bestow love, feelings, emotions and care for this planet…..for the humanity….for every living element……🙏🙏🤲

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