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#love for books
livyleia · 9 minutes ago
“A handsome young knight is madly in love with a princess, and she too is in love with him, though she seems not to be entirely aware of it. Despite the friendship that blossoms between them, or perhaps because of that very friendship, the young knight finds himself so humbled and speechless that he is totally unable to bring up the subject of his love. Until one day he asks the princess point-blank: Is it better to speak or to die?“ - Call Me By Your Name (2017) dir. Luca Guadagnino
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trystmm · 30 minutes ago
You know what it really feels like? Like my heart was a great artifact but with time it just got broken over and over that now its ball of broken glasses just intact inside me somehow. And everytime something hurts, it hurts my heart in a way nobody can understand. Fuck feelings.
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the-breathing-pen · 33 minutes ago
"Kalam dharan kar raanjhe kya hee paya tumne",
"Jiske liye lekhan kiye the usi ko gavaya tumne",
"Heeriye ke liye toh mera har nagma aaj bhi qurbaan h",
"Faida poochte ho, ab mujhe iccha mrityu ka vardaan hai",
"Jab mann chahega khuda se milne ko, usi pal mei dam tod dunga",
"Jis pal bharega mann duniya se, usi shan mei likhna chod dunga"....🥀
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thebookofaphrodite · 54 minutes ago
To feel anything deranges you. To be seen feeling anything strips you naked. In the grip of it, pleasure or pain doesn't matter. You think what will they do what new power will they acquire if they see me naked like this. If they see you feeling. You have no idea what. It's not about them. To be seen is the penalty.
Anne Carson, Red Doc
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from-books-with-love · an hour ago
The first time you glimpse yourself through the eyes of a person like that, it's a cold moment. It's like walking past a mirror you've walked past every day of your life, and suddenly it shows you something else, something troubling and strange.
Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go.
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threadbareturnbacks · an hour ago
Do you ever just start a book and it becomes immediately clear how you could devote your whole life to reading this one text/author?
Like you read the first 100 pages and just have to sit there like "...oh." while you take in the language, the vibes, the world, the whole environment and you are left stunned by the craft, the humanity, of writing and reading?
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warmau · an hour ago
they have all the twilight movies on canadian netflix and all of them look like promos for ...... a bella/jacob centered franchise ..... like how brutal but also the second best allegiance to have after bella/alice or like lightly sprinkled enemies to lovers bella/jessica
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sadmoonn · an hour ago
Perdóname, por no decirte que no soy perfecto
Y ahora que estás solo, dime si me echas de menos, tan solo un poquito
Quiero saber si te duele lo mismo que a mí..
Yo sé que pasarán los años
Y que en cualquier momento subes una foto
En los brazos de un extraño
Eso sí va a hacerme daño
Cuando sea otro el que te cante el cumpleaños
Pero no te culpo, yo sé que vas a rehacer tu vida
Lo único que quiero que tú sepas
Es que yo no puedo rehacer la mía
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filmnoirsbian · an hour ago
shameful crush.. fictional men immediately after acts of violence. i am basically only attracted to them when they are covered in blood and/or dirt. ie rick grimes when he bit that dude or will graham when he did that lil slo-mo lunge before he took down the red dragon 👀
Okay actually that walking dead scene where rick bites the guy's throat out after he threatens to rape and kill rick's son....that scene lives rent free in my head forever. A place of honor, perhaps.
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journals-ii · an hour ago
I loved her for her wild and voracious nature; her tendency to love ferociously. I loved her because for her, she didn't understand what too much meant. She was a spirit who knew no bounds, here one minute and gone the next-- Yet so often I did find that this had happened. I never knew what she gave to me, but I always knew she left me with so much more. She was just...her, and witheringly unapologetic about it. And, even though there were so many definitions of perfect which she was not, she was the very definition of what perfect meant to me. She was the words 'danger' and 'heartache' all wrapped up in a bow. She was the calamity to end all calamities -- she was love.
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the-breathing-pen · an hour ago
Ki lehron se takrakar choor bhi hojaaye ye samudriyaan, Logo ki nazron se mei doob hee nhi skta, mere paao tale toh jese sadev hee koi kinara hai,
Koi samjhe na samjhe gam muskurahat ke peeche ka, meri jo chavi bani hai naa, mei jaanta hu ae mahakaal doobti iss naiya ko ek tera hee sahara hai...🥀
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i-am-become-a-name · 2 hours ago
Eight staring into the sky where Fitz is unknowingly in danger and thinking 'soon be with you, Fitz' in Parallel 59 and five whispering 'brave heart, Tegan, we're on our way' to himself as he sets off into a nebula to rescue her in The Star Men have the same vibe and I will not be persuaded otherwise.
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rexaura · 2 hours ago
a girl really just wants to read a book about internet language sometimes :/
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