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#love for myself
drozac · 11 months ago
there’s truly nothing in this world that i want more than love
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just-some-basic-teen · a year ago
Seeing everything going on from an outside perspective is a peculiar way of viewing the wrongs and rights you do. I have never wanted to change my actions more than I do at this moment.
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cominito-aviles · a year ago
Para este 2020 decidí que voy a volverme a enamorarme de mi misma, cuidarme comiendo más saludable y ejercitandome más allá de lo estético, pasar tiempo conmigo y amarrarme a mis pasiones, comprometerme con mi profesión y superar mi miedo al fracaso pero mi mayor acto de amor a mi misma va a ser dejar ir a una persona que quise mucho y que me enseñó demasiado pero al día de hoy ya no suma, este 2020 quiero que sea un nuevo inicio y cuando termine pueda sentirme más satisfecha y feliz y no como me siento en este momento. 2020 haré que seas mi año.
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3lectricladyland · 2 years ago
“if you work on loving yourself first, you are making it easier for others to fall in love with you, too.”
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stinkylittlegnome · 3 months ago
⚠️ EVERYONE OH MY FUCKING GODDD STOP TAGGING THIS AS ”Hmm i don’t have ptsd but i read on the internet that its this and that blah blah blah” or ”op u know Tolkien was in WW1 right🙄 it’s supposed to be symbolism” I KNOWSW I HAVE PTSD I HAVE PTSD I HAVE PTSD I KNOWWW JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ITS A J O K E⚠️
I love it in the fellowship of the ring book when they’re walking through the mines of moria, and tolkien’s like ”ever since frodo was stabbed by the wraith he had noticed that his vision was better, and he could hear little noises long before everyone else could…” as if it’s some kind of spooky wraith power. Like baby that’s just called hypervigilance, and it’s one of the biggest symptoms of ptsd😩😩😩 Im sorry to have to tell u this frodo, but u don’t have wraith powers, u need to go to therapy🙏 god bless
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wingedbeings · 7 months ago
you know what? *euphorias your gender* you deserve it, champ
#hii little update:#i'm reclaiming a japanese name for myself since my birth name is derived from the japanese name my family wanted for me but is more common#in non asian languages as well (its still a japanese name by itself too rhough most people just dont know it is)#but yeah anyways its kind of making me nearly cry#i'm choosing a traditionally masculine name that can be shorted to both feminine and masculine#i had to look up the pronunciation for people close to me that dont speak japanese and hearing it said by the text to speech thing gave me#so much gender euphoria when all ive experienced lately is horrible dysphoria#i'm really so just overwhelmingly almost grateful#it feels so comforting and nice#the only times my family referred to me kindly they would use the japanese name my birth name is derived from#so to have a japanese name again that does not make me dysphoric is making me feel so nice#i dont have the words for it but its just so comforting#kio.txt#the kanji for it that ive chosen i like very much as well#and i also like how it works with the honorifics i prefer people close to me to use#im on the verge of tears like its so.. i repressed my japanese identity for a while as my mother did as well due to.. things but the#movement we've somewhat ended up in where we take pride back into our asian identities lately due to rhe current circumstances as a sort#of protest of self love and empowerment has encouraged me to slowly grow to be able to openly love my asian identity again#ive been talking a lot about it with my friend and working through the fears i have surrounding it especially with the racial fetishising#ive always faced and the imposter syndrome that comes with being mixed for me and the ignorance and discrimination from white people etc#and i've chosen to never let myself repress my self again#the name ive chosen is yukio with the kanji 雪生#it can be shortened to yuki or yu for fem and masc but i would prefer if no one other than my mutuals do that and currently only with yu not#yuki as i'm feeling more masculine at the moment and am overall not comfortable with people i'm not v close with referring to me femininely#yuki is technically a unisex name but its generally used more for women in case anyone is confused about that#i still also go by moss and orion so you're fine to use those as well ofc!#you can shorten it to kio as well if you're a mutual of mine! i forgot to list that one#also lore moment abt my birth name (that none of u wil ever know <3):#the reason behind why they went w rhe more common name (ie used in non asian languages too) is largely bc of discrimination they didnt want#for me and such and some fun things w my fathers side of the family i wont elaborate on
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commieinnit · 13 days ago
reblog this and put the most self-indulgent MCC team concept(s) that you can come up with in the tags. like, completely disregarding any balancing and bringing in any new competitors that you please, what hypothetical MCC team(s) would perfectly appeal to YOU and you specifically
EXAMPLE: for me, it would be badboyhalo/skeppy/foolish/tapL OR badboyhalo/hbomb/grian/xisuma
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cottaegecore · 2 months ago
i hope you all have a cozy autumn, filled with mugs of hot tea and knit blankets <3
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weed-bird · 9 months ago
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if you want your post removed pls dm me
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