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#love is an illusion

You left me long before I told you to

I could see the love you thought u had leave with you

I couldn’t tell you how  I missed you so

Insecurities hid my fear

behind  slammed doors

I wish I would have wished for more

Now I’d settle for less than I would be

Watch as I get fucked over more

Cause I despise myself for letting you

Walk out the door

Why can't  I let you go

I’m doing worse than I was you know

I couldn’t communicate

that u ment the most 

But I saw u let me go

Just like the ones be4

I felt disposable thats when I slammed the door

Deserve what I got I suppose

Now ill married the first ro propose

This is a lonely road

If ever you thought I could be yours

And you decided my family was now ours

I’d transform myself into the best I know how

What I wouldn’t do to work this shit out

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Día 1 intentando bordar a Chowon

No me tengo fe, hay un 99% de que esto salga mal

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Before I start, at this point, I’m starting to think that my posts are usually full of me complimenting all of these pretty characters. I personally wont mind if they step on me, ✨I’d gladly be the floor for them. ✨Anyway…


Happy Hyesung 🥺 two chapters of seeing hyesung sad and confuse. And I miss his smile already.


Also both of them feeling mad at the whole situation and are trying to be supportive in their own way? Hot. I like that. 😔✋🏻


Byul crying? Safe to say that I am ready to put a curse on Hyesung’s dysfunctional father for causing all of this.


Ngl. I cried reading this chapter. This part especially hits hard. The way hyesung just lays in bed and the way he said “please let me be alone” PLS HELP I CANT MY HEART HURTEDED. Please let it be that hyesung’s mother are desperately trying to contact hyesung but his father restrict any communication between them or soemthing and that she was trying hard to find hyesung after hyesung ran away from home or something? IDK NOT ME MAKING UP THEORIES SO THAT I CAN AT LEAST BELIEVE THAT IT ALL WILL BE FINE AND THAT HYESUNG IS LOVED BY HIS MOM!! Idk i mean i’m just thinking of how much it hurt to know that you’re unwanted. FUCK

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He deserves closure 🥺

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This new chapter is heartbreaking 😭😭

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Byul and his momma (´。• ω •。`)

sauce: Love Is An Illusion

characters: Byul & Kim Hyesung

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Can’t fight the moonlight, how was it night. Hope u sleep right. Don’t let the thoughts trick u into what u know ain’t right

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Dr.l. abuhamed

I feel we had unfinished business, I have come to seek help from you on numerous occasions leading way back to when u worked at main street walk in centre. I feel broken, depressed I would say. Like I can’t keep up this Sharad anymore. Anti depressants never worked. I just didnt care quiet as much that I hated the way I felt… but by then I didn’t reach for help until I self harm or worse and  something has got to change I would say. More pills that don’t work. Then finally I get a psychiatrist and thought I could be seeing him regularly yet he had me in and out of his office so fast and I’m sure he was actually onto something when he told me he wouldn’t need to see me again. Just asked a bunch of questions from the computer only looking at me a few times and the computer gave him the answer so that was that.

ADHD he told me and could have avoided any pitfalls in my life had I been medicated as a child. Told me I wouldn’t have been arrested, lost my house, probably woulda got married, white picket fence… ew, like I want that bs anyways…. he obviously knows I’m sure though cause he had seen my file right, and my purple hair… and 2 plus 2…. right. Fuck. What a waste of life we give to people. Ugh

This whole world is going to shit… and u wanna sit here and tell me its me, just like my parents did my whole life, well sorry but I’m not fucked, its you that are fucked that pretend like this is just something we are going through and we will discover our own normal, well my normal wants to be heard. I want to be fucking seen and heard. Its not normal when horrible things are happening all around and you tell the store clerk, oh I’m good thank u, how are u. Fuckkk that. I’m not good, I didn’t say i liked it the way things were before and I sure don’t want that back, but I’m not sitting idle. I can’t be medicated anymore. I want a re v.  O.  LU.  …tion? (The walls have ears I only know cause all the walls get torn down if u mention the c word) well I have some info for u, pm me and I’m going to ask you to do something through ur favorite browser. … just u wait. The uncanny coincidences.  Quote this

“Its like we are _____________ ______and we don’t even know” but I do

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In this point in time, I don’t even feel panic anymore whenever my family or friends are around while I’m reading Yaoi. Like I read Yaoi while I’m in the office car in between my 2 officemates. I read Yaoi while I’m in the living room and my parents just pass by behind my back anytime. It’s just a matter of RBF & a private tempered screen that I’m merely holding on to ✊ And no, I’m not proud of it but yeah, it’s a skill 😂

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Just Kim Hyesung nothing much

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Cute scenes from the latest chapter of LIAI

Sauce: Love is an Illusion


PS: Read at legal sites (e.g. Lezhin, Tapas, Tappytoon, etc.)

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A Beautiful Family

Manhwa : Love is an Illusion


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Baby Byul 🌟

Manhwa: Love is an Illusion


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Anyone who says otherwise, your opinions are wrong.


Umm. Actually sir, no. You don’t. You lost that right when you abuse your son and abandoned him. Get your crusty ass looking cockroach face away from my hyesung and byul!

The way I just want to:


Originally posted by going-there-now


What the fuck is up with hyesung’s father though? Wtf? You leave your child for years then suddenly when your child is doing better, you thought you can just come to him in pretense of wanting to protect the said child? The audacity to even fucking say “I’m his father” EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE HIS FATHER THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN TREAT YOUR KIDS LIKE SHIT WTF????

Someone hug hyesung 😭😭 I feel bad for hyesung having to have to deal with a dysfunctional family. Also that must have hurt so bad to know both of your parents doesn’t want you, especially when you’re led to believe that you’re loved by at least one of them.

Though I am glad that the whole Park Dojin’s family were there to protect hyesung from his father.

Also.. i feel like fargo rushed this chapter. I mean.. idk how to explain it but it just feels rushed that after finishing this chapter I just dont know what to feel about the whole hyesung and his family problems. Maybe it just me who felt that way.

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I don’t care if only I really love, I hope it helps you to know what it feels like to be loved with all your soul and someday you can learn to do it too

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