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#love island the game
ravenadottir · a day ago
this ask got me thinking about what would be the best love tropes for the li's outside of the villa. if the characters were freely written, i think these would be the best tropes for them, or i can see it happening but can't write them lol
bobby. the "fake relationship". this boy has "let's pretend to be together but later on i'll totally fall in love with you by accident" because that's just his entire personality, ESPECIALLY if mc is doing it to make someone else jealous!
lucas. the "forced proximity + enemies-to-lovers" combo. listen! lucas and mc being enemies and getting trapped in a situation such as storms, blizzards, malfunctioning cars or elevators, or in the middle of nowhere after begrudgingly agreeing on sharing a car... it's perfect! anything that gives you the boy you "hate" in a place you cannot escape, there's an enemies-to-lovers about to happen! lucas is perfect for this because he's such a little shit when he wants to be. sarcastic, irritable, tough appearance, all those factors make for a great deep talk later on. he'll share those secrets and reasons to be such a tool and have mc doing the same. it's a combo but i stand by it!
noah. the "belated love epiphany". realizing he loves her on the very last minute is soooo on brand for book boy, and i frankly think IT APPLIES to the game as well, which is... ¬¬
ibrahim. the "opposites attract". i like this one because he's definitely looking for someone really specific. he doesn't really think outside of the box when looking for a girl, and i like the idea of him falling for someone who's loud and authentic. a girl that despite not being his ideal is still the only one for him because of how different they are. it's the famous "you complete me" kind of thing, and if you chose to be a loud person during his playthrough, it fits PERFECTLY! he brings shannon back but later on realizes his heart belongs to someone he would never think to be the one.
gary. the "suddenly a parent". a one night stand becomes a huge responsibility, and through parenting they discover love. CAN YOU PICTURE SOMEONE MORE PERFECT FOR THIS THAN GARY? cause i can't! he's always partying and having numerous one night stands so it just falls into place having him in this particular scenario.
henrik. the "opposites and the inescapable place". getting trapped somewhere, especially if one of the two people involved has the skills to survive there???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? stranded in a deserted island with henrik is probably the only movie you could ever have about him that makes sense! mc could be a glamour girl that doesn't know squat about things and takes pride on it, and henrik is pretty self explanatory! it's the situation that helps them get together for good, and they realize they don't have to be the same person to fall in love.
carl. the "second chance". he'll be emotionally unavailable for a while and that will cause a hurtful environment. a breakup is bound to happen and i love the "i revised my choices and life, and i realized i needed to make some changes" kind of thing. i think it fits so well with the character fusebox gave us, and we were stolen from a huge potential!
kassam. the "notting hill". i don't think kassam usually hooks up with fans. i can see him saying things like "it feels weird because i know they're just into an image and not me." BUT, in a situation similar to the movie "notting hill" it would be such a wholesome meet cute. he's just trying to escape a crazy fan or a paparazzo. she helps him and they have a certain spark while waiting for the right time for him to skedaddle. eventually he comes back because of course they had a really nice conversation... i just love picturing kassam in a scenario where his heart melts enough to go after her.
marisol. the "unattainable". hear me out. if both mc and marisol thought about the other as someone who would never give them a chance, you got yourself a pretty neat trope for this romance. at first glance they seem really different, and if this encounter happens in school or work, i can see both being into each other but thinking they're not good enough to chase it.
lottie/hannah. the "love triangle". more specifically including the two girls with mc.i would love the drama of having two close friends fighting for mc and the crumbling of the entire situation once the choice was made. not only the acceptance of the romance between mc and one of them, but the distancing from the third party.
priya. "the discovery". priya is straight until cmm, and from that i think it's fair to assume that trope is perfect for her. a drunk priya partying and hooking up with mc "just for funsies", only to discover she's bi and falling in love with the girl, reluctantly. she can't stop thinking about it, and after some soul searching they end up together. i would just change the timing to months and make mc someone priya doesn't know. it's a one night stand that becomes a romance.
elisa. enemies-to-lovers. what i thought elisa's route would be, a slight competition between them for something or someone, until they realize the reason why they fight so much is because they are actually attracted to each other. there's definitely a moment of reflection when they get to talking about it and start noticing things in common. it's a beaten to death trope but like... for friends. or a man and a woman; but i think it would be so much more interesting to see two girls realizing they don't care for the guy but for each other.
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ariendiel · 2 days ago
Headcanons no one asked for, but also I just love the idea of them as friends after the Villa (once the dust has settled and they realised it literally was just a few weeks on TV and that they’re much better off as friends).
Noah & Hope Friendship Headcanons
Things quickly ended once the show had wrapped, and things were very cold at first as they up until then had spent the last few days pretty much just arguing (and Noah might’ve slept with and gotten together with MC, which didn’t help).
However, about a year later at the first annual reunion, they finally sit down and properly chat together. And it goes surprisingly well? The others had always encouraged them to talk it out, but actually doing it seemed too scary–for Noah in particular.
With some Dutch courage and support they end up chatting for hours though, about how silly it all really was and how they never should’ve gotten back together after CA.
After that conversation though,they both realise they appreciate and respect each other still, but just as friends.
Hope is doing super well in her career, while Noah is prioritising his personal life, and I can see Noah regularly dropping by her place to collect mail for her etc. when she’s out travelling.
Hope also somehow ended up getting a dog at one point after the show, thinking the company and daily walks would be great... Until she realised just how much of a responsibility it is. At first, Noah just watches the dog when Hope’s away, but eventually he just ends up adopting it.
To thank him, Hope definitely makes sure he’s got early access to any figure collectible he wants – and gets him the best deals.
Noah also tries to teach Hope to cook a few things when she desperately wants to impress a date, but it doesn’t go quite well... Good thing there’s take-away and wine.
I think Noah would introduce Hope to his sister, wanting her to have a strong role-model that she can ask for advice and who isn’t a family member. And Hope adores her and loves taking her out shopping/giving her career advice when she’s in London and has got the time.
I can see Noah having Rahim and Hope as his best people at his wedding, and that Hope uses that occassion to introduce them to her partner. For some reason she’s nervous about it, not because she’s still hung up on Noah, but because she wants his approval as the good friend and brother-figure he’s become.
Friendships and relationships headcanons masterpost
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fuseboxmusebox · a day ago
Tumblr media
Begin Again - Chapter 11
The Aftermath
“Thank you.” 
Bobby looked at her, confused. “What for?” 
“I don't know, ” she laughed. “Staying, making me feel better, not throwing me on the floor after I fell asleep on you. Take your pick.”
Read it on Ao3
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mynotsohealthyobsession · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
When the two apps you play the most, disappointed you almost at the same time...
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lucas-koh · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Say the words and I’m there.”
SO!!! A couple of months ago I commissioned the lovely @aelwen-art for this piece of Bobby and Lexi, and I’m still not over it😭😭😭 this is the scene in chapter 31… one of my faves! but here I am posting as a celebration for finally finishing Whiskey on Your Lips 🥲 I’m grateful and emotional and a whole number of things, so I’ll sum it up in two words: thank you 💙
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pocuspeonies · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Finished commission for @daisybarks. Thank you for supporting me!
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leondaltons · 5 months ago
Hey so, I personally have never played Love Island The Game but this popped up on my Twitter feed:
Tumblr media
I know I follow some folks in here who have played the game and I haven't seen anything regarding this.
I highly recommend that if you guys can go to Twitter and boost the devs who are looking for a new job here
Original tweet
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r-y-s · a month ago
When #choices fandom migrated first
Tumblr media
to #love island the game (S02),
Tumblr media
then to #lovelink
Tumblr media
and nowadays to #romance club...
Tumblr media
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lasswithumor · 2 months ago
carl reading buzzfeed’s thirst tweets
Tumblr media
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ravenadottir · a day ago
How would s2 li react to mc faking an orgasam👀👀
asking the right questions i see! i'll change it up a little bit this time, and i'll include tai because... i like him.
lucas, marisol, noah
Tumblr media
gary, felix
Tumblr media
kassam, elijah
Tumblr media
bobby, carl
Tumblr media
ibrahim, hannah, arjun
Tumblr media
elisa, priya
Tumblr media
henrik, tai
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rocco, jakub
Tumblr media
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ariendiel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
A directory of fanfic writers for the love island the game fandom, with a brief bit of information about their work and where to find it. This should hopefully make it easier to find blogs to follow and fics to read!
Please message me or drop me an ask if you want to be added, have any information changed, or be removed from the list
Tumblr media
A dedicated Bobby fanfic author, with a range of work from both a Villa fic to a 1940's comedy – all with an original twist. Work is rated M or E, with focus on character development.
link to ao3
Writes mainly for Bobby, with fun takes on the characters and in unique settings. Author has also written a few oneshots, and has more originial stories with the litg cast in the works.
link to ao3
A Bobby author very much focusing on character driven stories, with interesting characters and plenty of smut. Most stories are rated E, with angst, for the daring Bobby stans.
link to ao3
Has a post-villa Bobby fic, focusing on character development and which is rated E for explicit content. Also writes one-shots for various characters other than Bobby.
link to ao3
Has fics both for Bobby and Lucas, but mostly focuses on the former. Writes captivating alternate universe stories, utilising the full LITG cast of characters.
link to ao3
A diverse author, whose main fic 'One Night Stand' is Bobby centred. Other work includes Nicky, and her work tends to be plot driven but with lots of character moments to drive the stories forward.
link to ao3
Most work is focused on Bobby, but has also started writing for Henrik more over the last few months. Tends to write character driven stories, with plenty of angst. Rated M or E.
link to ao3
A dedicated author with a Villa Bobby fic exploring all his more complex sides. Very much encapsulates what it must be like in the Villa for the characters. Rated E.
link to ao3
Writes a slightly more bad!Bobby, and is very much a slow-burn writer, but with creative one shots as well. Fics are rated either T or have some mature content.
link to ao3
Has two long works with Bobby as the main love interest, rated M and E. Also has multiple one-shots for other character. Character focused, with captivating portrayals.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
Has a completed in-villa Carl fic, from his POV, and an associated sequel. Also writes for Lucas, and does not shy away from writing about difficult feelings and complex characters. Work is rated E, and covers sensitive topics.
link to ao3
Writes for most LIs, but main fic to date centres around Carl. Work is mature, but with little to no explicit material. Character driven stories.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
Has an absolutely incredible collection of F/F fanfic, showcasing their great grasp of all the characters, but whose main focus is Elisa. Ratings are usually teen and up, or mature.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
An experienced writer for Gary, with two works either finished or in progress (a third fic will not be finished, but is still worth reading). Has a very lovely main character, and a beautiful take on Gary as a character.
link to ao3
The originator of vampire!Gary, and has more work in progress. Has a lively and vivid writing style, which leans towards a mature rating.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
Has just started an original Henrik friends-to-lovers fic, rated M. Style tends to be medium paced, with focus on character development and growth.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
Writes a Lucas villa fic, following canon but with original takes on the events in the Villa during the game. Rated explicit. and author accepts Lucas prompts as well.
link to ao3
Has an in-villa Lucas fic, but the twist being that he is an original boy there from the beginning. A author who uses both plot and character, and whose work is rated E.
link to ao3
Has written for both Lucas and Bobby, but with most recent work focusing on the latter. Also enjoys writing one-shots and ficlets, and accepts prompts. Work is rated G or M.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
F/F writer, focusing on Marisol. Also enjoys to write rare-pairs and has something for everyone. A character focused author, whose work is mostly rated T or M.
link to ao3
Tumblr media
Has everything from a complete Villa fic and one-shots, to original work. Writing tends to be largely plot driven, and is mostly rated M or E. Accepts prompts for Noah.
link to ao3
Writes original and canon-divergent Noah fics, in-villa and with a follow up story. Writing is fast paced and is rated both mature and explicit.
link to ao3
A storyteller with a talent for the original, managing to convey much emotion and feeling in few words. Enjoys writing within-universe ships, and has a good grasp on all the characters. Work is rated between T and E.
link to ao3
thank you to @gin-o-clock for making the headers!
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bobbymckenzie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
they’re laughing over season 2 recaps for sure
thanks so much @sloanesmortuary for this adorable piece of my favorite s2 islanders! can’t wait to be reunited with them soon!
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simpin4pixels · 2 months ago
~Litg S4~
I was really happy when I saw the little sneak peak.
But I’m honestly really nervous about this whole season
A lot has happened with the FB and the teams working on it
Not only that but this was supposed to be out in the summer and it’s about to be fall…
So right now my expectations are low… just so I don’t get disappointed.
-Things I wanna see in s4-
Drama that makes sense
Nothing unnecessary (girls day, gossip sneezing, the Jo/Shannon/Ibrahim mess, etc.)
More diversity
Body types
Male/ Female MC
Tattoos/Piercings (our MC is also the most bland looking contestant and yet everyone falls at her feet 🙄✋🏾)
Maybe switch it up a bit and not have the MC as a starting islander MAKE THEM A BOMBSHELL
If you want drama let MC actually be involved in something about her.
Casa Amor
I feel like CA can be done better
Actually put in islanders that make me wanna act up!!
But none of that creepy can’t take no for an answer type shit that was outta pocket
Last but certainly not least… Beach Hut scenes!!
Beach hut scenes can actually set up really nice drama
Beach hut scenes are ICONIC
Anything!!! Please more Beach Hut scenes
Let us talk shit in the hut
Now all of this is certainly not gonna happen but a girl can wish.
What are some things you want in s4? What are your thoughts on the sneak peak of s4?
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rennell · a month ago
[Vampire!Gary x MC]
Series: The Memory Of One's Soul
Season: The Fountain Of Memoirs
Tumblr media
(thank you again for these beautiful graphic designs juggalohenrik! 💚🐊)
Rating: M (blood mention, strong language, suggestive themes)
Chapter Word Count (upon release): 7,682 words
(if you'd like to be tagged for future writings, please let me know!)
tagging: @alienlovegames @ariendiel @bobby-mckenzie @codename-mango @fuck-girl-code @hopeshoodie @juggalohenrik @kenlloh @kittidot @lasswithumor @lookingforsomethingcuzimbored @moderarato @mrsgaryrennell @nerdferatum @noahssidechick @paisleycuddler @ravenadottir @sailorlazercat @sailorpleiades and @voile-de-lune! ♡
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kodzurin · 2 months ago
— Jealous Bobby
request by @thecowardwrites: Pls pls pls jealous Bobby Mckenzie one-shot 😭😭 pls pls pls ily
words: 727
warning(s): jealousy, Lucas and Bobby are mean to each other,,, I think that’s it idk </3
a/n: is this really 100% jealous bobby? Idk. Did I get sad writing Lucas in this way? yeah </3 Um,, I’m not sure how I feel about this and I changed a couple of things because I’m an idiot and made this headcanons instead so it’s not as good as I wanted it to be :,)
© kodzurin 2021– plagiarism, reposts, or anything related or copying isn’t allowed.
Tumblr media
Bobby was described by most people as kind, funny, pretty carefree, energetic, and much more. One term they would never use to describe him, however, was jealous.
Sure, there have been times where he’d become silent or watch you more closely when he had caught someone flirting with you but no one had really considered that as jealousy. They simply considered it as him making sure that everything was ok and that you weren’t uncomfortable with whatever was being said towards you. That was until the day you had went to Casa Amor. The night before was supposed to be a happy moment for the two of you but of course, like everything on this island, nothing went as planned. Lucas had called out your name before he had even had the chance too. Bobby swore everything stopped when he saw you stand up, getting ready to head over to Lucas and not back to him. He tried talking to you after the recoupling but to his dismay, one of you were called away before he even had the chance. Before the new female islanders showed up, the remaining islanders were surprised, to say the least, when they heard Bobby shouting. Ibrahim and Gary were the first to reach him, the others following after them, shocked to see the two holding Bobby away from Lucas in case the fight would escalate. The shouting didn’t stop, though Bobby’s voice became hoarse as he continued. “We were supposed to couple up! How the hell could you say ‘it doesn’t matter’ when a recouple could ruin things between people? You knew how I felt about them!”
Gary pulled the boy farther back, trying to push him out of the room as he muttered things like “it’s not worth it mate”, “you’ll see them soon, I promise”, “nothing will change how either of you feel about each other”. Ibrahim’s hold on Bobby was gone after a certain comment from Lucas as he claimed that Bobby should just get over it and how if you cared about him so much you would have woken him up instead before you had left. He even went as far as saying it was obvious who you liked more anyways, and it certainly didn’t seem like Bobby was winning. Noah called him out on how unnecessary it was to say things like that to Bobby, Jakub even standing up for him as Gary had finally managed to push him out of the room. When the two had gotten into the living (sitting??) room Bobby sighed, trying to calm himself down as much as he could so he wouldn’t ruin the rest of the night for the new islanders. Gary tried to cheer him up, going as far as telling stupid puns to make him laugh, nearly messing up all of them. By the time the islanders got there all he could think about was what Lucas had told him and it made him realize that it was definitely possible to lose you before he had the chance to tell you just how much you meant to him.
Any frustration that he had actually managed to get rid of only came back stronger as the days passed and he saw Lucas getting a little too comfortable with Blake. Calling Lucas out only had gotten a shrug in return and some vague comment about you and some guy in Casa Amor. However, when he asked Blake, she told him that Lucas didn’t really care anymore and told her that he had a feeling that it wouldn’t work out between you two anyways. Before heading out to you and the others again, Bobby was sure to call Lucas out on everything once again, claiming that “he never deserved you anyways” and “I hope you’re happy about leaving them single”. Gary and Noah asked him to lay off, telling him that it didn’t even matter now that you’re back and all he could do was stand and wait until he could go out. When the time finally came, he stepped out, searching for you. Seeing you stand next to Lottie alone, his heart skipped a beat and when you met his gaze, he ran, not caring how silly he may have looked to the group and the viewers at home. All he wanted was to have you in his arms again.
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nerdferatum · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you so much to @masonsfangs for this commission of Bobby and my LITG MC Venus for this little silly punk AU I can't stop thinking about. They look perfect and I'm in love with this illustration
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