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mahougirlmaddie a day ago
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Please read! The orphanage is in big trouble!! (0/100 or $345 for rent included)
Hello!! This is Maddie. I work as a fundraising organizer for an orphanage called God Provides in Uganda. Recently we had two children be hospitalized because of malnutrition, and we really want to make sure this doesn't happen again. However, donations have been dwindling, and we're in an emergency again, with no food. I had been using my own money this week to feed them, but I just don't have the money anymore :(
One of our major donors cut contact (not making fun of them just being factual) and that's taken a big hit on us. And, with my seizures and MS getting worse, it keeps becoming harder and harder to look for donors and find help. We're trying hard to become financially independent through several projects, but so far, we're just not there yet.
So, if you have anything to donate, please please do! Only a dollar can feed three children there. It means A LOT. Any leftover money will be put towards rent, since we also are having a hard time raising that. Thank you for everything. I know I always say this, but seriously, I get teary writing these posts, because I'm so worried for the kids and grateful for donations.
To learn more about our situation, and get proof, visit our carrd, or my mutual aid blog!!
the biggest help you can do is to reblog this post, and then message others about reblogging it!! That's been my tried and true method for finding help. There's a template for messages about this in the carrd.
Thank you so much, it means the world 馃槶
-Team God Provides, Emi, Mia, Simon, Lucas, Maddie, and of course, Yazid!!
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zurxmxru 2 days ago
Sigh,, thinking abt them
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incorrectlovelive 16 hours ago
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sukebanfactory 17 hours ago
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Rina-Chan Board聽
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omi-anime a day ago
yahallo! could i request azul, kalim, malleus and riddle with an s/o who has a similar personality to Setsuna Yuki from Love Live? (very passionate about what they love, enjoys performing but has to keep some of her interests away from her parents?) thanks a bunch if you do end up doing this request ^^
~Riddle, Azul, Malleus, and Kalim with Setsuna Yuki like s/o~
Author notes: Hope ya like this, probably gonna be slow doing requests rn cause of family visiting.
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You're very cheery and sweet to people and overall care for people greatly.
Is quite enjoyed in your performances and overall facts of your interest in said Hobby?
Your overall very passionate and he definitely admires that. It's not every day that people are so passionate about things.
Does not entirely understand why you hide your hobbies from your parents but does offer to help if they visit the school.
Is intrigued in your performances and even offers for you and your group to perform at his Lounge if you want of course. Totally not to get more people to come because of your popularity.
Doesn't mind your sweet and energetic personality he probably likes it. It's a change from the more chaotic energetic people in his group.
Overall care for people is genuinely sweet to him especially when you show sweet actions to people.
Intrigued in your performances and may watch some if they were recorded on the internet. If he can he will watch you perform in person.
Out of everyone probably understands why you hide your hobbies from your parents considering his mother probably wasn't supportive in things he liked to do.
He probably does help you hide it if you need help removing stuff that shows your interests in your room or whatever.
The two of you are two energetic balls of sunshine. You guys are very kind and sweet to everyone.
You guys are probably that one couple that everyone loves and finds adorable together. No one has the heart to be jealous considering you're so nice to everyone.
Is 100% intrigued in performances and always shows up no matter what. He does also ask if he can watch you rehearse if you're okay with that out of interest.
Doesn't understand why you hide your hobbies from your parents until you explain that they're not supportive of that interest of you have.
He does try and not mention it if he does speak to your parents though he may accidentally mention it so you may have to stop him if he does.
He finds you so sweet and adorable especially since you're so nice to him from the start.
I do see him being intrigued on your interests and hobbies and trying to learn them with you considering he wants to have something in common.
He does find it so cute how you're sweet to everyone but he will glare and be protective if someone attempts to use your kindness because of that.
Doesn't fully understand why you hide it from your parents but doesn't question it and helps you hide it regardless.
It's actually quite good at hiding it and surprisingly good at lying if the topic of your interest comes up and they ask you.
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hyacinthanvambrosial a day ago
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cha0t1k 2 days ago
Rina and Tori in a unit that's it that's the post
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niconiconapster a day ago
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I love finding official art that has the energy of my fic
New Melody Project might focus on present-day NicoMaki, but, well, you know how Nozomi is
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honoka-is-god 2 days ago
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grimmika a year ago
me as a mother trying to relate to my rhythm gamer son: if you full combo your vegetables there鈥檚 a four star card in the freezer gacha called 鈥榠ce cream鈥
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killjoy-prince a year ago
playing a rhythm game is like don't think don't think let your fingers do their thing dont think dONT THINK EMPTY YOUR BRAIN RIGH- AAAAAAAAA THE COMBO!!!!!!
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diggity-didge a month ago
I may not get bitches but i DO get full combos
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incorrectlovelive 2 days ago
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itznarcotic 3 months ago
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sullista a month ago
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嗫權繏嗫 馃尲 嗫權繏嗫 I'm Driving 鈥橭ver 85馃嵏嘟答搯
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the-goddess-blog 16 days ago
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If I were with you right now, where would you want me to touch you? 馃槑
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chisiuwu 2 months ago
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happy birthday mari!!
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