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I Heard butterflies singing lullaby near my ears,

Trying to make me fall asleep with my never ending false hopes,

Listening to every word made me fall deeper into the web,

Asking questions to my inner self made me take away a piece of myself,

I wished for I wanted to fall asleep, walking away from the reality

Closing my eyes I saw cars, airplanes and ships

All crashing in the my dreamy night sky,

Every time I saw their ashes, I had a stroke.

I rushed trying to find stars and shooting stones,

But they longer existed.

I opened my eyes, butterflies rushed up to me,

Asking me whether the reality was taking away the blue oceans

Of my life in dreams too.

I crumbled in my blanket trying to stay away from the little guardian angels,

I sobbed in the dark until the clock hit 4 a.m.

Peeping through the tiny spaces,

I saw my little butterflies weeping too,

They pulled the blankets, clutched my sweatshirt with their tiny legs,

Took me to the end of my world,

Until my reality merged with my dreams,

I saw rainbows with stars in my night sky,

Shooting stones pulling the waves of my blue ocean

I cried until all my dreams replaced reality.

My guardian angels smiled

and I fell asleep hearing their lullaby,

Believing in the fate of shadow.

- Riya Gupta

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Feeling so alive right now. I’m so conscious about all those times where I wanted to leave this world, but right now somehow I’m feeling alive and so grateful about it. BE GRATEFUL, enjoy yourself of being alive, is the only shot you got to manifest and show the world who you are.

And I don’t know who’s going to read this, but let me tell you that I love you, and you are enough :) keep moving and doing all the things you like.

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よーそろー!曜ちゃん誕生日おめでとう!マル、曜ちゃんみたいに元気な女の子になりたいなぁ寒いと、訳もなくさみしくなることがあるよね。そんなときは、いつでもマルのところにおいで 🎶

彼女は才能のある歌手であり、合唱団で彼女の地位を獲得しています。🗝 彼女は読書が大好きで、日本文学が大好きで、ほとんどの時間を学校の図書館で過ごしています。🦋

略して「まる」と呼ばれる花丸は、一年生で、近くのお寺を何世代にもわたって経営してきた家族の娘です。国田花丸はラブライブ!の9人の主人公の1人です。 日光!!。 彼女は浦の星女子高校の1年生です。🌤

For Hanamaru ある日、ランダムに誰かに会うのは奇妙なことではありません。数か月後、彼らはあなたの人生の大きな部分になり、彼らなしではもはや生きられなくなります。🧸

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Me: Life filled with people sucks

Her: With people, you get to see every nature of human emotion that’s alive.

Me: *totally ignoring her* Life would have been perfect if people could only give birth to dogs instead of more humans.

I can bet on a million dollars or may be more (only if I had that much) that animals are truly way better than humans. Who’s with me on this?

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