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tinydestinybear · a day ago
💐 sweet dadrry interaction with his wife and bubs at Coachella possibly? If you haven’t gotten a similar requests of course! 💐
thank you so much for sending this in, i hope you enjoy reading 🤍
w/c: 1.3k
Harry never thought he’d feel this happy ever but now that he sees you and your little bub enjoy in the crowd, it’s something he knows he’s never getting over anytime soon. The sight of you two swaying to the music, giggling and your bub’s little hand movements has him constantly peering over at your direction. 
He has a giddy smile on his face when he sees your bub laugh happily, pointing towards him on the screen for you. It had been such a nerve wrecking day for him but throughout the day you had both made it very much calming for him.
Harry had gone to sleep a little late as he went over some of his vocal practices in the living area of your suite to help soothe his voice and sound better but it was really just the constant stress of performing well that kept him awake.
He was just going over the important key parts in Late Night Talking when your little one came out crawling, supposedly in search for their dada. Maybe it’s just the newly dad fever of seeing their kid but whenever he sees the little one, he feels all of his stress and worries disappear. 
“Hi, what are we upto hm?” He said as he stood up to take them in his arms.
He feels a relived sigh leave when they cuddle their head close to his neck, “Slewp please?”
“Ah yes. Then you got up to get me back?” He has a small talk with his kid where he pretends to understand everything they’re saying as he walks them back to their bedroom.
He gets them under the cover in the middle before he joins you two and wraps the blanket over again. As he watches you both fall asleep, he recalls how excited you were when he had disclosed this information to you. You had prepared a celebration cake for him yourself and it was such a small yet beautiful, sweet gesture from your end - definitely thanked you enough for always supporting him.
He also recalls how you two have been a part of his outfit trials, practices (and how you got upset and later teased him about how he wasn’t letting you know who his surprise guest was) and how you’ve seen him be so particular about doing well at this stage. He remembers the little gasp the bub let out at seeing the huge gucci coats and how tiny they looked when you both made him try it out for fun.
Behind this stage, he holds so many such memories that he finds himself grateful to be able to perform the two days.
This evening when you had surprised Harry with a few balloons saying ‘Good luck!’ and one which said ‘Harry at Coachella’ at his dressing tent, he couldn’t even stop thinking of how lucky he was to have someone as supportive as you. He’d watch the bub play with the balloons on his lap and then jump around with them while he got ready for the stage.
A few minutes before the beginning, he’s trying to calm himself down when you both run down to him for one last wish. The bub’s quick to take their turn before muttering proudly, “Good luck Dada!” and leaves a kiss on Harry’s cheek after telling him to bend down slightly. They are randomly playing with the little pattern on their dad’s outfit when you speak, “I know this is very nervous for you but please remember that you’ve given your best Harry and I’ve seen you do it before, you’ll do amazing this time too.”
You’re never used to seeing Harry nervous and you know it’s an emotion everyone experiences before they give their best but it’s safe to say you hope to make it better in any way you can.
Harry’s hugging you before you know it with a strong yet soft hold on you - a tradition between the two of you; your soft taps on his back that let him know that he’s got this and that you’ll be watching him by the side. “Thank you m’love, it’s all for you two.”
He holds your hand, your fingers gently caressing his palm as you three walk down to the platform together. You and the bub are waving to him as he walks to his position.
There’s an overwhelmingly proud feeling growing in your heart at how much Harry has come along and to see him create a world of his own in these past minutes as the crowd joins along makes you a little teary-eyed. It gets even more heart warming when you spot a few fans in the front with a poster celebrating Harry’s stage at Coachella.
Back to present when you’ve joined a few of his friends in the crowd, he spots the little one slightly sway on your shoulders to the beats of golden starting and he just can’t control himself from saying, “Hi little one and mama! This one’s for you two.” And the little wiggle your little one does with their hands, the largest grin on their face is definitely displayed on the screen.
You enjoy the rest of his show even the songs which are coming up in his new album. But what you don’t expect is to see Harry’s own inspiration and one of your favourite artists from childhood to appear, Shania Twain. You’re cheering out loud as you watch Harry and Shania sing along to Man, I Feel Like A Woman, their shiny coordinated outfit and how they both bring so much energy to the stage. When Harry’s performance comes to an end, he’s blowing off kisses to the crowd and waving at them before he rushes backstage to meet you.
It’s as if all he sees is you while the little one’s now asleep in their travelling cot. He’s thanking everyone for their hardwork before you walk towards each other and you lean up to leave a kiss on his lips as you gently ruffle his hair with your hand, “You did so so well H, I’m proud of you.”
He’s holding you close by the waist for the rest of the time, wanting to feel your presence around – a little tired from the stage but nonetheless very welcoming to everyone. A few minutes later, Shania enters after an outfit change and Harry’s turning towards her so that his wife and Shania can finally meet. He watches as you welcome Shania with a hug, “It’s such a pleasure to meet you. You both absolutely killed the stage!”
“Trust me, that’s all because of Harry and his band. They made it very comfortable for me to join in.”
It absolutely feels surreal to you to meet her in person so you use the time to chat with her about everything you’ve ever thought of her works while Harry watches you two get comfortable with a smile on his face as he excuses himself and converses with the others. It doesn’t even feel very foreign to speak to her nor do you realise it’s been a good thirty minutes of you talking with her but the night had to end so you decide to take a picture of everyone together as a memory of this beautiful day.
The inner fan within you absolutely screams when Shania gets a small gift for your little one and one for you and Harry as well.
“He’s absolutely smitten by you. I hope you two rather three now always stay happy,” She says teasingly as you thank her for the gift.
You end the day 1′s excitement and rush by taking a picture of you three together, close and bundled up later in the hotel room. It all returns back to the previous night when Harry felt so comforted just by your presence.
He looks up at you with slightly teary eyes yet a wide smile on his face, “Thank you for your support m’love, can’t thank you enough ever.”
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goldencherryhazz · a day ago
oh my goddd your dwd fic was < a m a z i n g 3 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Idk if youre taking reqs rn but if you are, how about a one-shot/hc/imagine ( whatever you feel like ) with reader being harassed by the pap? Like they invade her privacy and take some indecent photos of her? I feel like harry would go ballistic on them 🥵
Tysm for putting your works out for us to read!!!💖
I love this request, sorry it took soo long. I hope it is okay for you, (sorry if the ending is a bit shitty) there’s a bit of implied smut, fluff and a tad of angst, but lmk what you think. Thankyou soo much for reading and supporting me, it means the world!! If anyone else has any requests please send them in, I would love to see them!! 💗
‘Baby, m’just gonna go for a run okay’ Harry whispers to you, you eyes were still half closed and you still felt as though you were on top of the clouds after the way Harry had just taken you.
‘How do you still have energy after fucking me like that’ you groan remembering the feeling all to well, Harry can’t help but smirk at how you literally had no filter around him.
‘What can I say darling, I’m a man of many talents’ his ego increasing ever so slightly.
You shake your head at him, trying to contain your laughs.
‘Why are you shaking you head, you know you can’t deny it, not by the way you were screaming my name earlier.
You look away from him bashfully, your cheeks going slightly red ‘Guess you’ll have to prove your many talents to me when you get back from your run’
‘It’s a deal baby’ he slips his shirt over his body and you miss the sight of his bare torso already.
‘Gimme a kiss’ you lay there pouting ready for Harry inevitable arrival. It’s a mere threes seconds before his lips are on your one and you can’t help but sleepily smile into it.
Harry pulls away after a minute of so ‘gotta stop cause if I carry on I will not be able to leave that door’
‘Maybe that was my plan’ you smile sadistically at your boyfriend.
‘You are such a little minx you know that’ he smiles, fighting the urge to jump back into bed with you.
‘I know, and that’s why you fell in love with me’
‘Dam right baby, now I need to go because the sooner I do the quicker I get back’ he edges towards the door to the bedroom.
Okay, I love you, don’t miss me too much’
‘Don’t worry I will, love you my darling’ he says and with that he is out the door, and you shut your eyes wanting to contain this dreamy feeling inside of you.
Yourself and Harry were currently in Italy after landing there yesterday, from the airport you travelled down to the Amalfi coast, a favourited and regular destination for the two of you.
You just loved the fact that you were right near the ocean and could practically go to the beach whenever you wanted and it didn’t help that Harry always booked the most amazing villas, you felt like you didn’t ever want to leave.
You lay with your eyes shut and bask in the Italian sun seeping into the villa bedroom for around a quarter of an hour before you decide that it was time to get up and shower because you felt a little sweaty from the heat and we’re still recovering from your and Harry’s shenanigans even though you did it over 40 minutes ago.
As you walk to the bathroom the door to the balcony caught your eye and you can’t help but open both of the doors to reveal the gleaming ocean, the balcony itself being made of glass so it didn’t obscure the beautiful image of the Amalfi coast whatsoever, you stand then for a few minutes before rushing to the bathroom because you had seemingly forgotten the fat that you needed a wee.
From there you take a shower, brush your teeth and manipulate your hair so that it flowed down your back, looking ten times more presentable than you bed head before. You decide to slip on a pair of panties and a bra, that were both lacy and a light shade of blue and left little to the imagination, you felt sexy in them and you knew that Harry would love to see you in them, before inevitably ripping them off of your figure. You hadn’t brought any other clothes into the bathroom with you because you were soo indecisive when choosing what to were, sometimes Harry would even choose something out for you to make the process quicker.
Once you were back in the bedroom it seemed as though you were drawn back to the balcony, maybe it was the heat or the ocean breeze that drew you but before you knew it you were stood on the balcony, leant on the glass in just your lacy underwear. Not having a care in the world because why should you have, you hadn’t seen anyone near it and it was pretty secluded, or so you though.
Ten minutes was all it took for you day to turn upside down, you had actually made a decision of what to wears before you heard you phone pinging with a lot of notifications, you wished you hadn’t clicked on them because when you did you realise that pictures of you on the balcony in your seemingly innocent baby blue underwear were spreading like wildfire all through the internet. You were mortified, not only at the pictures but the fact that the people, more likely paps, could still be near the villa.
You didn’t know what to do, you didn’t dare go near the doors again even though you were now dressed, you just didn’t know how paps thought it was okay to just invade peoples privacy like that, and some of the comments you had seen from internet trolls saying how they basically wanted to fuck you made you feel disgusting on the inside. You can’t think of anything else to do so instantly go to you contacts to ring Harry but he beats you too it, and you are relieved to just see his picture light up your screen.
‘Harry-‘ you say but he interrupts you instantly.
‘I know baby, I am running as fast as I can, promise I am two minutes away’ and you can hear how out of breath he is.
‘I think they are still here, I don’t know what to do’ you try and hold back tears, also wondering if he’d seen the pictures or if Jeff had told him what was happening.
‘are you still in the bedroom’
‘You stay right there, okay baby, I can see the villa now, I promise I will be there in a minute’
‘I’m gonna stay on the phone’
‘That’s fine baby, know your scared’ he speaks breathless words of comfort to you but in the inside he is absolutely furious, not at you obviously, but at the fucking paps that were invading your privacy, he absolutely hated it, he wanted to get to you as quick as possible because he knew the lengths that some paps would go to get a picture to spread around in return for money. If that meant trying to break an entrance, more than they already had, they would do it.
You are sat on the bedroom floor still, not even speaking to Harry letting him concentrate on getting back, his breathing alone is bringing comfort to you.
‘Okay baby, I’m at the door so don’t panic it’s only me’ he hangs up the phone and seconds later you hear him unlocking the door and opening it.
‘Y/n’ he shouts loud enough to be head throughout the whole villa.
He doesn’t get a response, instead it’s your body crashing into his sweaty one ‘im here baby, I’m here’ he kisses your forehead.
‘Im so sorry, didn’t think anyone would be there, I’ve ruined our trip’
‘Will you shut up, you have done absolutely nothing wrong my darling, it’s those bastards out there that are the fucking problem, thinking it’s okay to invade out privacy’ he says trying to keep his anger at bay, you know that it wasn’t directed at you.
‘Are they still there?’ You sniffle into his shoulder.
‘I don’t know, didn’t see anyone, I just needed to see if you were okay first before anything.’
‘This is awful, cause those pictures are everywhere, people are saying stuff about me on the internet’
‘Hey, hey I promise that Jeff and the team are doing everything they can to minimise the spread, think they’ve banned some accounts already’
‘It’s not going to get rid of it though’
‘I know baby, I know it’s not that’s the horrible reality of the internet these days’
You pull your phone out again and open instagram, and now you see not only pictures of you but pictures of Harry entering the villa aswell, confirming your thoughts over the fact that the paps were in fact still upside your villa.
Harrys sees the pictures aswell and at that point he’s had enough with these paps, he just wants to enjoy his holiday with his girl. So he decided that he is going to confront them which was probably a bad idea but he really didn’t care anymore.
‘Im gonna go and tell them to piss off’ and before you can stop him he is opening the front door and the sight before him almost makes him laugh because a few of the paps had emerged from wherever they were hiding before and now they looked like deer in a headlight, Harry startes talking and you think some of the mean and women are Italian and can’t really understand anything Harry is saying but he didn’t need to switch languages for them to know how angry he was, his facial expression and the fury in his eyes were the tell tale sign that they should probably leave and never come back.
‘I want you to leave right now, or I will call the police, and if you thought that I wasn’t going to sue every single one of you, you were very wrong, trust me I will be able to find out your names and what company you work for.’ Harry says quite calmly.
From you position peeking through the ajar front door you can see someone trying to argue back with him and that’s when he slightly looses it ‘I don’t give a shit if it’s your job, the fact that you have found me on holiday and invaded mine and my girlfriends privacy is disgusting, and the fact that you took pictures of y/n and spread them on the internet just so that your wallet is a bit fatter, you should be ashamed of yourself. My girl should be able to stand on that fucking balcony naked without any of you fuckers trying to take pictures, that’s what a private villa is supposed to be’
Harry is seething by now, a few look quite startled at his outburst and that’s when they start dispersing out from where they have somehow managed to sneak in, probably scared of the consequences they could face and Harry stands there till every single one of them leaves.
‘H you okay?’ You walk up to him now knowing it was safe and all the paps were gone.
‘Im okay now, fucking hate it’
What baby?
‘Just that paps never leave us alone, sometimes feels like I’m trapped, I know it comes with the job but it’s still shit either way, i hate it even more when they involve you, you don’t deserve to be exploited like that, not fair’ Harry is close to tears now because he feels like a shit boyfriend from not being able to protect you from happening like this, but you know that they are out of his control.
‘Hey, it’s okay they’re gone, Jeff’s doing everything he can to get those pictures down I know he is, I think all we should do now is call the police just as a precaution to make sure there definitely is t anyone else on the property and then we can forget about it, yeah, enjoy our holiday’ the roles are reversed and now you are the one comforting him having calmed down a lot since the paps had gone.
‘Yeah, wanna enjoy are holiday, wanna enjoy you’ he says cheekily.
‘You know what, you look so hot when your angry’ you flirt trying to lighten up the mood, referring to the way his muscles were tensing and glistening under the sun.
‘Swear I’m obsessed with you’ he smiles down at you ‘and those baby blue panties and bra’ he grimaced at the joke he tried to make out of the situation worried it was a bit too soon, but you can’t help but laugh and you kiss him straight on the lips.
From that moment you and Harry make it your mission to forget about the whole incident, because you knew that most of his fans would be on your and his side and hopefully stop spreading the pictures of you and then that could be put to bed, you spend the rest of the day chilling, making out which then led to more frisky activities, and ending the day eating your favourite Italian cuisines and cuddling, and before you knew it the morning events was a mere dot in the distance.
You both loved being inside your little Italian love bubble and you knew that as long as you had each other, you would be absolutely fine.
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hldailyupdate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The completed Love On Tour mural at Carrera Cafe! (14 May 2022)
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xdoseofharryx · a day ago
Tumblr media
New photo of Harry being photographed for Harry’s House!
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waitforhiminthesky · 18 hours ago
cant believe harry’s house comes out this friday ?!
the zane lowe interview was adorable
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fool-for-harry · 3 months ago
~Just another list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
(This is my second rec list! I made this one cause I reached the limit on the other one.)
Smut: 🖤 Angst: 🤍 Fluff: ♥️
Let Me Feel You - Harry coming home from tour and not being able to wait to get you home before having you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Good morning - morning blowie for the bday boy 🖤(@watchmegetobsessed)
To Be So Lonely - You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
Ripped And Ruined - You steal Harry’s tights and he totally ruins them... and you. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
A good morning indeed - slow, half asleep, sloppy sex with harry 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Let Hurt Tonight - Harry keeps a box of memories in his closet, but those memories are from his ex. 🤍 (@alltheloveflowerh)
Love boner - Harry being horny for his wife while she is with the kids ♥️ (@meetmymouth)
Loving You Is Art - a painting day night turns playful 🖤 (@let-me-write-shit)
Soaking Wet - In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better. 🖤 (@trulymadlysydney)
“That’s my spot” - H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking 🖤 (@jarofstyles)
Pool day - Harry fucking you quietly. 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Eating Out - Harry eating y/n out 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
I’ve Got You Baby - in which y/n loses her dad. ♥️🤍 (@hstyles-1994)
Pretty Please - in which Harry has baby fever ♥️ (@hstyles-1994)
Cockwarming - y/n and harry love cockwarming (@haroldloverboy)
— - him begging for praise 🖤 (@stellarboystyles)
A Little Bit of Jealousy - Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on. ♥️ (@harryimaginedstories)
10 minutes is all I need - they can’t have sex while their families are visiting 🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
Be honest - they’re in a fight 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
— - Harry and y/n find themselves in a really sandy situation 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
Cafes and Poetry - Harry reads you some sexy poetry in a little cafe (@blessedbyharrystyles)
— - in which Y/N is never usually one to spit and Harry can’t stop laughing 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
All To You - Harry gives it all to you 🖤(@confidently-dasiavuu)
Kale Juices Make Me Gag, But Not You - y/n is horny 🖤(@harrysbubba)
Ruin you - Harry makes you squirt 🖤 (@aqua-harry)
Protective - the one in which he is protective and you are drunk ♥️ (@blackmilkshake)
Rape - (TW! Rape and SA) Y/N sees her rapist in public, but Harry has no idea what she has been through. 🤍 (@imaginexxharry)
— - Y/N and Harry have been arguing for a couple days, they both find new ways to make up for their arguments. 🖤 (@harrystylesistheonlyone)
Tulle - you and Harry come home from a posh event 🖤 (@bfharry)
— - Shower sex 🖤 (@bdeharry)
Bite - A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. ♥️ (@stylesunchained)
Morning BJ - waking Harry up with a bj 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Rings - it can never just be a relaxing cuddle, can it. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
— - Harry cumming inside you for the first time 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
have your way with me - in which you’re horny and Harry’s little black lace ensemble for the Met Gala isn’t doing you any favors 🖤 (@hazzasgayvodka)
Tell Me - What Harry is like after a show when he’s high on adrenaline and high on you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Luna de Amor - 🖤 (@svnflowervol666)
pillowtalk - in which nighttime is the most peaceful ♥️ (@autumn-sunflowers)
FEAR BEFORE VICTORY - Harry is afraid to go on stage and looks to you for comfort. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Only Angel - In which Harry comes home late and tired from a full day of filming to see his angel dressed in a nightgown and ready for bed, but decides to tarnish her halo a bit. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
I Show You My Heart - “The sentence that comes after is simple in construction but holds the complexity of the universe: ‘I want to make love to you.’” 🖤♥️ (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Waking Up Beside You - Harry wakes up with a little (not necessarily) problem. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Locked Out Of Heaven - 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
BRING BACK MANLY MEN - You have to comfort Harry after Candace Owens has insulted him for dressing up as he likes. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Drunk in Love - In which Harry is drunk and cuddly and you, being the wonderful girlfriend you are, are stuck taking care of him the whole night. ♥️ (@trulymadlysydney)
Beg - Begging harry to cum deep inside you 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Positions. - Harry’s favorite sex positions. 🖤 (@mindofharry)
Get in character - Harry tells Y/n he was casted as Eros and they have their own little commemoration 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Lover - Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love ♥️🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Smug - Harry gets quite cocky after a fancy dinner, when him and reader get home they have sex in the kitchen. 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
My muse - Harry is in a fake relationship with another singer. After the show, reader and H get into a fight because of it. 🤍♥️ (@harryhoney-bee)
Scratches - y/n scratching Harrys back during sex ♥️🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
My Birthday Girl - it’s her birthday ♥️ (@harry-writings)
— - Horny harry trying to turn you on, but you're being a tease and ignore all his efforts ♥️ (@hxarrysbabe)
The one where Harry & Model Y/N do a interview together - ♥️ (@hwrryscherry)
Right here Right Now - 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
Right Choice - Harry has a moustache now and you want to get it sticky. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Heat - Your boi’s too vanilla for your liking. He refuted that tho. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Attention - he’s being clingy ♥️ (@in-the-name-of-styles)
Masterlist - @svnflowervol666
Masterlist - @watchmegetobsessed
💛🌟🌻Masterlist 🌻🌟💛 - @harrywritingsbyme
my stories - @harryimaginedstories
Masterlist - @blessedbyharrystyles
Masterlist - @harryhoney-bee
Masterlist- @confidently-dasiavuu
Masterlist - @aqua-harry
MASTERLIST: - @harrysbubba
MASTERLIST ☻︎ - @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
MASTERLIST- @blackmilkshake
Masterlist - @stylesberries
masterlist - @crowdedimagines
Masterlist - @iguessweallcrazyithinktho
Masterlist - @twohearts-hs
masterlist - @autumn-sunflowers
MASTERLIST - @gucciharrywritings
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masterlist - @hstyles-1994
masterlist - @heartbreakweatherharry
Masterlist. - @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist - @harrystylescherry
Masterlist - @hes-writer
If anyone wants their fic to be taken off this list, message me and I’ll take it off immediately. 💕
My other Rec List
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jakegyllenhals · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles: Love on Tour ⤷ North America, 2021.
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harryisart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
LA- 11/17
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mr-styles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
LOVE ON TOUR - Pittsburgh, Oct. 14
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tattooedlovers · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry knowing exactly what he's doing by bringing back ‘Medicine’ live. Harryween, Night Two. (31/10)
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londonharry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Little Rock (11/24) - Kiwi
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goldencherryhazz · 24 days ago
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twostepstyless · a month ago
I Hate You, Too
Authors Note:
I got an enemies to lovers request from a reader just over two weeks ago, and shocker, it’s took me this long to write it. The brief was pretty open, just an enemies to lovers trope that featured smut, so that’s my take it on this. This is the first smut I’ve written for Harry and my first smut in a long, long time.
As always, reblogs, likes, feedback is appreciated and encouraged !!
Lots of love, G xo
Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader
Warnings: Smut, please only read if you are 18+
Contains: A friends birthday night out, confrontation with Harry, heavy petting in the back of the taxi, smut when you get back home
Word Count: 12.1k
“Nah, I don’t think I can make it,” Y/N said her hands wrapping round her steaming coffee cup.
“I haven’t even told you when it is, babe” Sarah replied with an unamused look on her face and a quirk in her eyebrow.
“Look I love you, but a night out, just isn’t really my thing just now,” Y/N took a mouthful of her latte and sat back in the warm leather chair of the coffee shop they were meeting up in.
“Well, that’s a lie, you love a night out more than anyone else I know,” Sarah chuckled at her friends lie. She was right as well, Y/N loved a night out. “Look, it’s my birthday, it’s just dinner and drinks. Plus, I don’t get to see you that often anymore either,” Sarah said a small pout playing at her lips, she knew if she played her cards right and pouted and put the puppy dog eyes on at the right moment, Y/N would be a goner and agree to come.
“You’re seeing me now,” Y/N said pointedly.
“Y/N…” Sarah sighed.
“No, I know, I’m sorry. Do you not have any other free night we could do something, just us?” Y/N asked.
“This is my only properly free night; I just want my best friend there.” Then she done it, Sarah deployed the puppy dog eyes and laid the pout on thick.
“Ugh, get that look wiped off your face, Sarah,” Y/N groaned, squeezing her eyes shut as to not see her best friend’s sad look. “Y’know I fall for it every time,” she said grumbling.
“Is it working now?” asked Sarah, a teasing lilt to her voice. “Come on, you know you’ll have a good time, loads of people are going, friends I know for a fact, you’ve not seen in ages, just come.”
“Fuck’s sake, Sarah, fine. I’ll be there,” she huffed out. “Just text me the details or something. Who is all coming anyway?” Y/N mused.
“Oh, I’ve asked a lot, we got someone to watch the baby, so Mitch will be there, Charlotte’s coming, we’ve not seen her for ages.” Sarah grinned excitedly, clearly looking forward to her celebration more now that Y/N had agreed to come.
“Is he coming?” Y/N probed; a tone of distaste evident in her voice.
“Who?” the brunette woman asked nonchalantly. She knew exactly who.
“The prize knobhead himself, will Mr Styles, be gracing us with his presence?” Y/N muttered.
“He’s not a knob-” Sarah started.
“Well, he seems like it, the way he treats and acts around me,” she shot back.
Sarah rolled her eyes at her Y/N’s obvious contempt at her other friend. “Anyway, I’m not sure, he’s invited, and I asked him but…”
“Oh yeah, I’m sure he’s far too busy and important,” Y/N said sarcastically picking her mug back up to take a sip, not before muttering a quick “dickhead” into the steaming liquid.
“That’s not fair Y/N/N, you know he works a lot, he can’t help it,” Sarah sighed.
“Look, all I’m saying, if he was that bothered about going, he’d be able to make sure he was. I’m sure he’s got some say in his schedule,” Y/N said, really struggling to keep her aversion to the man at bay now.
Sarah gulped down the remainder of her own coffee before starting, “what even is the situation between you two, anyway?”
“I don’t even know, I was nothing but nice when we first met, but he comes across as a prick and treats me like shit, I’m hardly the type of woman who’s going to roll over and take it am I?” Y/N said with a quirk in her brow
“Hmm,” Sarah considered, seemingly deep in thought as Y/N finished her drink. “He probably won’t even make it, so it’ll be fine, we’ll have fun, promise me you’ll be there?” Sarah said collecting her bag and sliding her arms through her jacket sleeves as they mutually agreed they were done with their catch-up through some unspoken telepathy.
“Twist my arm why don’t you, Jones,” Y/N laughed, gathering her own bag, “I’ll be there, of course I will, just text me the details,” she said before wrapping her arms around Sarah in a parting hug before stepping out in the warm air of August in London.
Y/N was running late as the spindly heels she was wearing clip clopped up the front step of the townhouse that ‘sketch’ London was housed in. She greeted the doorman with her signature radiant smile, indicating she was with the Jones party already seated in ‘The Gallery’. Y/N was actually, very excited for the evening, she loved a night out, she loved sketch and The Gallery had recently been redesigned by an artist she really admired and was so looking forward to seeing it. The doorman led her through to the formerly pink room, which was now a mixture of sunshine and honeyed yellows and golds. Letting her eyes dart around the room, she found Sarah sat in one of the massive booths with a pink foil birthday hat sat jauntily atop her head.
“Y/N/N” she squealed when she saw her best friend flit through the throngs of people around the dining room, there were a couple of other tables near the booth that also houses Sarah’s guests.
“Happy Birthday Miss Jones,” Y/N sang as she shuffled into the booth next to her, wrapping her in a quick hug and pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Sorry I’m late, meeting ran late, had to get ready, traffic, the usual,” she rhymed off while peeling off the leather jacket she had donned.
“Don’t be daft, haven’t even ordered yet, thanks for coming though,” Sarah said sincerely with a smile to her best friend.
“I said I’d be here,” Y/N playfully nudged Sarah by her shoulder as her eyes cast around the table, catching eyes with Charlotte at the bottom of the table and sending her and her boyfriend a wave with the twinkling of her fingers.
“Ordered you a drink though with the last round though, should be on its way in a sec,” said Sarah as she adjusted her party hat that was slipping farther and farther back her head, snapping the elastic back into place under her chin.
“You’re a star, Sarah,” Y/N responded while reaching across her best friend to greet Mitch in a quick hug and greeting.
“Y’should know though…” Sarah began, a slight note of apprehension evident in her voice.
“Ah finally decided to show up then, princess,” a mocking voice said from behind Y/N making her snap her head round and up to be met with the smuggest face she’d ever seen.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Y/N groaned glancing back over at Sarah who gave her a quick apologetic look before diving into a conversation with Mitch and one of their friends, deciding she was better staying out of it.
“Happy to see me, Y/N/N?” Harry smirked down at her, placing down the black tray of drinks he had been toting back with him on the table, people in the immediate vicinity grabbing their respective drinks off the tray, leaving two margaritas on the tray.
“Don’t call me that,” she gritted out.
“Ah, sorry, I’ll stick to princess then.” he took his time to glance down at her taking in her all-black outfit, “did you not get the memo this was a birthday party and not a funeral Y/N?” he mused.
“Oh, get fucked, why are you bothered what I’m wearing, hm?” she narrowed her eyes at him.
“I’m not, just feel you’re bringing the mood down, but you would do that anyway in any outfit, wouldn’t you?” he said, scrutinising her. “Move anyway, you’re in my seat,” Harry grumbled.
“Has it got your name on it?” Y/N asked as she looked around her seat, looking for a name tag, mocking him.
“I was sat there before y’came in,” Harry edged closer to her.
“And you weren’t sat in it when I did come in, so go cry about it to someone else, I’m sitting here,” Y/N shot back.
“Hey,” Mitch voiced up from further along the booth, “the pair of you drop it and Harry, sit down,” he was definitely using his ‘Dad’ voice on the pair. Harry had no choice to sit down in the vacant seat next to Y/N on the edge of the booth, as the group’s server arrived and began taking their orders for dinner.
“Twat,” Y/N uttered under her breath.
“Bitch,” Harry whispered to himself.
Dinner passed, relatively drama free. Relatively. Besides the few times that Harry’s elbow managed to catch Y/N’s just as she was about to take a bite of her food, knocking her hand away from her mouth, and the once or twice Y/N accidentally flicked Harry in the face with the ends of her hair as she whipped her head round to talk to someone. Maybe the few times Harry kept moving Y/N’s drink further away from her immediate grasp on the table when she wasn’t looking so she would look up puzzled, eyes searching for her glass and Harry could let out a slow drawl of “lost somethin’?” There was zero issue when her sharp heel impaled his foot through the black Vans he donned as she readjusted her seating position, his face forming into a grimace as he let out an irritated huff after the third time she had done so. No, it was drama free, for the most part. Y/N was actually having a good night, catching up with friends and making new ones of Sarah’s that she was meeting for the first time. Once she had managed to tune out his voice that seemed to have a point to make in every conversation she was having.
The copious number of cocktails getting delivered to the table had really loosened Y/N up over the evening, and her annoyance at Harry’s presence was barely thought about now as the meal had finished. They had both slipped into separate conversations and were no longer paying attention to each other or trying to rile each other up. Y/N wasn’t sure who was even ordering her drink of choice any longer, it just kept showing up just as she emptied the previous glass. While deep in conversation across the table with Charlotte, discussing new projects they were both working on, Y/N went to take a swig out her glass to realise it was empty for the first time all night, pouting at the empty glass and licking the remnants of the salt rim from her lips she decided it was time she got her own refill. Gesturing to Charlotte that she would return in a few minutes to continue their conversation. She dug around next to her on the velvet clad bench she was sat on for her handbag, coming across the chain strap. Sliding it onto her shoulder she turned round to the birthday girl, “D’you want another drink, gorgeous?” leaning into her ear so she would hear you over the chatter and music.
“Oh, I’ll have one of whatever you’re having, since you’re offering,” Sarah grinned at Y/N then giving her a sloppily placed kiss to the cheek.
“Okay drunky, I’ll be back in a few,” Y/N giggled, standing up where she sat, wriggling her trousers back up her waist before turning to exit the booth. Only to see, that stupid, smug smile looking up at her.
“Not going to offer to get me a drink, darling?” Harry asked, his eyes roaming up her body before settling on her face, he took a sip from his glass, finishing his own drink, baring his teeth in a hiss as he felt the burn of alcohol slide down his throat.
“Fat chance of that, move, I need out,” Y/N said watching as Harry’s arm stretched round the back of the booth, resting on the back where she was just sat.
“Aw come on, that’s not very nice,” he complained, a fake pout settling on his face.
“I never claimed to be nice, now move,” she glared down at him.
“Say please,” he smirked.
“How does fuck off sound instead?” Y/N was getting more irritated by the second, and Harry knew exactly how to push her buttons.
“No drink, no exit,” he shrugged his shoulders letting out a breathy laugh as Y/N narrowed her eyes at him.
“Fine,” she glanced down to see his hand still resting against the seat back where she stood. She dropped her bag back down onto the bench of the booth as Harry smirked, thinking he had won. She smiled softly before clutching his hand in hers, before swinging her leg over his lap, her left foot landing on the floor on the opposite side of him. She was straddling him, and Y/N could see his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as his eyes widened in shock and the smirk dropped from his lips at her risqué behaviour. She lingered for not even a second before popping her other leg over his lap, so she had exited the booth over the top of him. Letting go of his hand, she leant across him grabbing the chain strap of her bag in her hand. Her eyes flickered to his as she slowly stood back up, her teeth sinking into her lower lip before uttering a quiet, “thanks for the boost, Harry,” letting out an airy laugh as she turned on her heel and sauntered over to the bar. Y/N could almost feel Harry’s eye boring into the back of her head.
“Can I get two ‘Fantasmargaritas’ please?” Y/N smiled at, the very handsome, bartender.
“You’ve been here before, if you know our speciality” the bartender said as he began making the two drinks a soft smile gracing the man’s lips.
“Oh yeah, I tend to frequent the places I get my favourite margarita,” she praised sliding onto a bar stool at the end of the bar, “and the bar staff aren’t too bad either,” Y/N chuckled.
The bartender eyes snapped up at the woman’s bold comment before a genuine smile graced his face.
“Y/N, I should’ve known it was you with a comment like that,” he laughed putting the cocktail shaker down, wiping his hands down on his apron before coming round the end of the bar to pull her into a hug.
“Lennon,” Y/N sang, squeezing him as she hugged him back. “How have y’been?” she probed leaning on the bar top as Lennon stepped back round behind it to keep making her drinks.
“Between Uni and here? I’m living the dream, Y/N/N,” he laughed as he began shaking the cocktail vigorously.
“You’re doing your master’s now, right? How is it? I keep saying I’m going to go do mine, but I just don’t think I’ve got it in me,” she sighed.
“Well, I’ve only threatened to drop out about three times so, take from that what you will,” he snickered.
“Oh, so better than undergraduate then? Considering you were dropping out of that every other week,” Y/N teased him as he let out a loud laugh.
“Nah, it could be worse, who are y’here with anyway?” Lennon asked his eyes scanning the length of the bar to look for any other person his friend could be with.
“We’re the birthday group in the middle, pink foil hat? That’s us.” she smiled pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.
“Ah, the group with Mr. Styles,” Lennon said knowingly, pouring the first margarita in a glass over ice before filling up the shaker to repeat the process.
“Not you as well,” Y/N let out a huff in annoyance at Harry being dragged into another conversation.
“Hey, we were all told he was here and to be on our best behaviour, that’s all I’m saying,” he looked up as Y/N took a long drink from her freshly made drink.
“See, this is the issue, y’hear he’s here and suddenly everyone is acting different and bending over backwards,” she began to rant before calming down with another sip of the drink.
“So, I take it you’re not a fan?” Lennon snorted as he passed the other drink over to Y/N.
“He’s a twat.” Y/N said firmly.
“He seems keen on you then,” Lennon countered as he cleaned up the mess he’d made from making the drinks.
“What’s that supposed to mean,” Y/N quirked an eyebrow at him.
“Just that he’s not taken his eyes off of you the entire time we’ve been talking,” Lennon said lowly, looking past her head, clocking Harry. Y/N swivelled in her seat, to look over her shoulder, as nonchalantly as possible, to see that, indeed, Harry was staring the interaction between Y/N and Lennon down. When he caught her looking, he kept his eyes on hers and his lips ticked into that signature smirk. Y/N spun back round to see Lennon laughing at her noise of disgust and her eyeroll. “What’s even the matter between you two?” Lennon looked at her with a puzzled expression as he began mixing a few other drinks for other customers.
“He’s just never been that nice of a person to me, and I’m not going to be nice to a wanker that doesn’t deserve it,” Y/N sighed taking another sip from her drink.
“Y’ever thought you maybe weren’t that great to him either when you met?” Lennon suggested tentatively.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Y/N’s jaw fell open at his accusing.
“Look, I know you, y’can be a bit… guarded, shall we call it, and he was taking Sarah away from you-”
“I’m really happy for Sarah and the opportunities he’s given her,” Y/N shot back.
“I’m not saying you’re not, you two were attached at the hip and to go from that to hardly seeing each other, ever thought y’blamed him for that?” Lennon proposed slinging his towel over his shoulder. Y/N sat quietly for a few moments, trying to let what Lennon said sink in, he’s not wrong, in fairness. She knows she can be a tough cookie to crack on first meeting, could she have been nicer, she pondered.
“No, fuck that, and even if it’s true that doesn’t give him any excuse to act like a knob and continue being a complete and utter dickhead-”
“Y/N” Lennon cut her off suddenly and she soon found out why when she felt a presence over her shoulder and arm land on the seat back.
“Who’s a dickhead?” that slow drawl Y/N was accustomed to hearing questioned.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Y/N muttered her back arching away from his arm across the back of her stool. Lennon’s eyes flickered between the two before settling on Harry.
“What can I get you, mate?”
“Reposado on the rocks, top shelf,” Harry replied, his eyes still stuck on the side of Y/N’s head as Lennon walked down the bar to grab the top shelf bottle of tequila.
“So, you disappear for a few minutes, and I find you flirting with the bar staff, hm?” Harry said still with a shit-eating grin stuck to his face.
“I wasn’t flirting,” Y/N shot back.
“Sure looked like it,” Harry shrugged moving to lean on the bar top and stare her down.
“What does it matter to you if I was?” Y/N demanded, an unimpressed look settling on her features.
“It doesn’t matter to me, I was just… curious,” Harry began, his eyes quickly taking her in, she was perched on the stool, one knee crossed over the other, her tall heels peeking out the bottom of her wide legged black dress trousers which had a gold pinstripe through them. She had a black graphic tee with a print that Harry didn’t recognise tucked into the waistband, the shirt was just low cut enough his eyes could linger across her decolletage, where her gold chain sat pretty.
“Curious?” Y/N asked leaning forward in her seat towards him, seemingly drawn in.
“Wanted to see how you flirt, if you’re going for the bar staff you must be getting desperate,” Harry teased.
“Go to hell, Harry,” she spat out at him before calling over to Lennon, “how much do I owe you,” she asked trying to dig out her wallet from her bag as quickly as she could so she could get away from Harry as soon as possible.
“Oh uh- let me check,” Lennon said, sensing the tension between the two patrons of the bar, turning round to check the price on the register.
“I’ll get it,” Harry voiced his hand pulling out his own wallet.
“I can pay for my own drinks, Harry,” Y/N fired back.
“I didn’t say you couldn’t, I’m just saying I’ll get these, I’ve got the rest of them all night,” Harry muttered, the last bit under his breath.
“What?” Y/N asked, realising that someone had to be paying for the cocktails that kept appearing for her at the table during dinner, she just didn’t expect it to be Harry.
“Nothing,” Harry murmured, pulling a few notes out his wallet.
“Uh, I’m going to take this to Sarah, Lennon it was nice seeing you,” Y/N finished her own margarita before lifting the full glass to take back to the table.
“Yeah, you too Y/N, I’ll call you, yeah, we’ll have a proper chat,” he smiled at her.
“Mhm, yeah, please do call. I think I need to go get some air,” Y/N slid off the stool and turned walking back to the table to take Sarah her drink. Her head swimming, thinking about the absolute mindfuck that is Harry Styles.
She walked back to the table, leaning into the booth to catch Sarah’s attention.
“Oh hi, Y/N/N, thought you got lost,” Sarah smiled up, her eyes heavy as she was a bit more intoxicated that when Y/N had last seen her.
“Nah, not lost, ran into a friend and then, um,” she paused not knowing what to say, “here’s your drink Jonesy,” she said changing the subject, placing the glass down in front of her.
“Ahh, thank you, my gorgeous, favourite, best friend,” Sarah bubbled, taking Y/N’s hand, and placing a kiss to it.
“You’re welcome, silly, listen I’m just going to step out for a bit of air,” Y/N smiled at Sarah who pouted in return. She had good reason to pout too, Y/N had this habit of ‘stepping out for air’ and failing to return, she’d just decide she was over it and go home without saying anything. “Promise I’ll be back, look, I’m even leaving my jacket, y’know I love that jacket,” Y/N pointed down at the crumpled jacket sat on the bench next to Sarah. Y/N straightened Sarah’s party hat on top of her head after it had slipped down the back again before turning round and making her way to the exit. She had to walk past the bar on her way out the room and tried to keep her eyes on the floor, but she just couldn’t help it. They flashed up to connect with Harry’s own green ones as she left. He seemed to be in a conversation with Adam and Lennon behind the bar, although Harry was seemingly not that interested because as soon as Y/N’s eyes were on him he clocked her. Y/N heard him utter a “keep the change mate,” as he left a few notes on the bar top as she exited the gallery and went out onto the street. The street was surprisingly quiet considering the time of night, which Y/N was grateful for as she leant against the wrought-iron railing of sketch and looked towards the sky inhaling deep breaths of the cool summer air.
She was confused to say the least. He didn’t get to do that to her, he didn’t get to act like he hated her then pay for her all evening without telling, what even was that? She tipped her head back further trying to find stars but was left bitterly disappointed, as always, when the London smog and light pollution kept them from her.
“Penny for your thoughts?” he stood next to her now, as she kept her eyes trained on the sky, refusing to look at him.
“I have a lot of thoughts, don’t think you would want to hear half of them,” Y/N laughed dryly.
“Try me,” Harry persisted.
“Hm,” Y/N let silence fall between them, pulling her gaze from the sky to the reflection in the windows of the building across the street. She saw herself, arms folded across her chest, one ankle crossed over the other, and the taller figure next to her, leant against the railing with his head tilted so he could see her in his eyeline, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him just yet.
“You don’t like me,” Harry mumbled.
“Where did you get that idea?” Y/N asked sarcastically, still watching their reflection, “you don’t like me either,” she finished. Harry didn’t respond to that, just let the silence hang between them.
“Why did you even come out here?” Y/N demanded, her voice raising now, annoyed at Harry’s silence, “if you’re not going to say anything.”
“I just wanted to see if you wer-” Harry began before his voice died in his throat.
“What? See if I was okay, that’s rich, I can look after myself,” she shot him down, beginning to seethe at him lingering over her.
“Y’know what Y/N, you don’t get to act like you’re the only pissed off one here,” Harry’s own voice raising a few decibels.
“What the hell have you got to be pissed about? Y’bought me a few drinks, that I didn’t know about, and I didn’t fall to your feet, if it’s that big a deal Harry I’ll send you the money for them, god forbid I owe you anything,” Y/N scoffed at him, finally turning her body round to look at him, she was sure her eyes were blazing by now as she took him in, his jaw set.
“See, this is what I mean, it’s not a big deal, I don’t want y’to pay for them and I certainly never asked you to fall to my feet. You make out I expect everyone to worship me, and never once, have I said that. Not once, Y/N.” Harry rebuffed, running a hand through his hair.
“Everyone changes when you’re around Harry, whether you notice it or not, everyone changes their behaviour because you’re there, y’just don’t like it because I don’t, I treat you exactly how you treat me,” Y/N said, her voice calming ever so slightly, the calm before the storm some would say.
“Oh yeah, and how is it I treat you Y/N?” Harry fumed.
“Like shit,” Y/N said lowly getting closer to Harry’s face to make sure he heard her, before stepping back again, her head turning back round to see the reflection. “You treat me like shit, Harry.”
“How? When have I ever treated you badly?” Harry asked, seemingly genuinely interested.
“You called me desperate not even twenty minutes ago, I wouldn’t exactly call that friendly banter,” she hissed out at him. “That’s not the first time either.”
“I don’t mean that shit, Y/N,” Harry cringed at the memory, he had said she was desperate and probably more than once.
“Well, that’s sort of hard to believe when you keep saying it. You’re a grade A arsehole Harry, we don’t like each other, let’s call it a day at that.” Y/N was ready to be done with the conversation, argument, row, whatever the pair were having get in a taxi and go, she could always pick up her jacket from the restaurant in the morning.
“Nah, you don’t get to walk off and say that I’m the only arsehole in this situation,” Harry began taking another step towards her as they stared each other down. “You’ve never liked me, when we first met, I tried so fucking hard with you, Y/N, but you wouldn’t let me, I invited you to shows, I asked about what you did, I did everything I was supposed to. You’re the one who decided not to open up, you’re the one that shut me down before even giving me a fucking chance.” Harry’s voice was getting louder again.
“Keep your voice down,” Y/N hissed at him.
“No, I won’t, not until you tell me why, why you decided from the get-go that I wasn’t good enough for Miss Y/L/N, hmm?” Harry’s eyes narrowed at her.
“You’re a twat,” Y/N muttered.
“Yeah, you’ve said, now why?” Harry pushed.
“Because…” Y/N’s voice shrank, barely audible as a car engine cut above it as it drove down the street.
“Because what, Y/N? Come on y’know I haven’t got all night, seeing as you seem so concerned about my busy schedule, eh?” Harry’s words, dripping in sarcasm and Y/N was, honestly, quite over the condescending tone, so she lost it.
“Because I’m fucking jealous, alright!” Y/N almost shouted, a baffled look crossing Harry’s face but before he could interject, she kept going. “I’m jealous of your relationship with Sarah, feel like y’took her from me, and now she’s got you, and Mitch, and all these incredible opportunities, and I’m so fucking happy for her because she deserves it more than anybody I know, deserves it more than you,” she said giving him a pointed look, “but I’m jealous, because she doesn’t need me anymore okay, you took her from me and now she doesn’t need me. That’s why I can’t stand you.”
“You’re mental, y’know that?” Harry questioned.
“Oh, fuck off, Harry,” Y/N began to walk away.
“No, you’re not walking away, Y/N,” Harry grabbed her forearm pulling her back to him. “Of course, Sarah needs you, you’re her best friend, she was going to cancel this whole thing tonight if you told her y’werent coming, she’s been thinking for weeks you would tell her no, she done all of this just so you could spend time together.” Harry said sincerely. “As for the jealousy thing, that’s just fucking ridiculous, I’ve been jealous of you the entire time,” he scoffed.
“Jealous of me?” Y/N almost screeched, “now I know you’ve lost it,” rolling her eyes at him.
“Of course, I’m bloody jealous, everyone automatically likes you for you, no one puts on a front as you put it, just to be mates with you, why d’you think I tried so hard to be your friend,” Harry barked, they were still almost shouting at each other in the street at this point, surely still too worked up to realise their voices were so loud.
“I don’t think calling me desperate is a way to be my friend,” Y/N refuted as they got in each other’s faces.
“Well, I don’t think calling me a prick and arrogant to every person y’meet is a way to be mine, god you’re fucking aggravating” he spat, keeping his darkened eyes on hers.
“Who said I wanted to be your friend, anyway” Y/N bellowed, arms crossing, defences going back up after she came clean about why she had a disdain towards him.
“What did you want to be then?” his signature smirk played at the corner of his lips.
“You make it easy to want to slap that stupid smirk off your face,” Y/N chastised, stepping back, leaning against the railing again as Harry stepped to stand in front of her, her arm came up to stop his approach, hand landing on his solid chest.
Harry’s eyes glanced down to see her hand against his chest, “Y/N,” he said his voice dropping down lowly as his own hand came up to clutch at the wrist of her hand that was pressing into him. Her eyes stayed on his.
“I’m going to kiss you,” his voice warned, stepping closer as he pulled her hand away from his chest, keeping a grip on her wrist.
“You’re not serious?” Y/N mumbled, her tongue darting out to wet her lips on instinct.
“As a heart attack,” his lips were on hers, in a lingering kiss before he pulled back, his eyes searching hers before a breathy laugh came from his nose seeing her jaw dropped open in surprise.
“So bloody aggravating…” he almost groaned, ready to turn around and walk away from the infuriating girl but before he got the chance to step backwards, Y/N had ripped her arm from his grip and threw it around his neck, pulling him into her body and into another searing kiss. Their lips moved feverishly against each other as Harry stood closer to her, crowding over her, his hands coming to rest on either side of her body gripping the railing. She left one hand at the nape of his neck and the other gripped his bicep through the blue checked jacket he was wearing. Harry’s tongue slipped through his lips and traced her bottom lip, at Y/N’s gasp, he took it as his go ahead as he licked into her mouth, his tongue caressing hers as their lips still worked each other. Y/N’s hands carded up into the back of Harry’s hair as she gave a light tug to his roots. Breaking the kiss, as Y/N’s bag slipped down off her shoulder down the arm that was clutching onto Harry’s bicep, to rest in the bend of her elbow. Harry’s own hand came up to hold her jaw, his fingers resting under her earlobe, his thumb caressing her cheek as he placed kissed down the opposite side of cheek and jaw, before trailing down her neck, sucking lightly at the skin as he went.
“H-Harry, more, need more,” Y’N uttered her hips ticking forward to press her entire body against his. He came up for air before pressing another kiss to her lips.
“Demanding little thing, aren’t you?” He smirked against her lips, his knee splitting her legs open so his thigh could rest in between hers.
“You really are a prick,” Y/N groaned pulling at his hair again.
“You still live in Camden?” He whispered pressing another kiss under her earlobe. Y/N nodded her head as best she could given her predicament. “C’mon Y/N/N, let’s go,” he went to stick his hand out to hail a taxi that was making its way down the street.
“I said don’t call me that, you don’t get nickname privilege just for a kiss” she gritted out before grabbing his hand to stop him hailing the car. “I need to go get my jacket and say bye to Sarah,” she said trying to untangle herself from him.
“Just text Sarah,” he moaned trying to intertwine their fingers, “I’ll get you a new bloody jacket, let’s just go, wanna find out what does get me nickname privileges.”
“Don’t be a twat, this is why people like me, cause I’m nice and say goodbye, try it sometime, you could learn something,” Y/N said knocking him away from the sucking mark he was trying to leave on her neck, “and I’m getting my own jacket, y’can’t jus’ throw money at it, that’s what makes you seem like a knob,” Y/N snorted walking back to the entrance of ‘sketch’ before calling to him over her shoulder, “call a car, I won’t be long.” She strut back in, swinging her hips just a little more to rile him up.
“You’re a bitch,” he called after her.
“I know, you’ve said” Y/N winked at him as she walked back into sketch.
“Y/N/N!!!” Sarah was wobbling on her feet by the time that Y/N reached her back at the table as she was doing some sort of two step to the music playing. “Hiya gorgeous, listen, I’m feeling a little worse for wear after being outside,” she absolutely was not, if anything, her time outside with Harry had sobered her up massively. “I think I’m going to grab my things and head home, okay?” Y/N said her hands holding onto Sarah’s to keep her best friend steady.
“Are you sure you can’t stay?” Sarah’s pout started to form
“Nah, honestly, I’ve got a meeting tomorrow too,” she didn’t, “need to try and sober up for that so I can get through that without the need to be sick,” Y/N giggled to try and convince Sarah of her little white lie.
“D’you need me to call you a ride, or I’ll get Mitch to do it,” Sarah clutched onto Y/N’s arm to hold herself steady.
“What am I doing?” Mitch piped up from behind Sarah taking a grip of his girlfriend so Y/N could let her go to slide her jacket on.
“Nothing, s’fine, I’ve already ordered a car it’s on its way, promise I’m fine,” Y/N smiled at them both.
“As long as you’re sure,” Sarah said with a blissed-out smile, her hand coming up to clumsily rumple Y/N’s hair.
“Perfectly sure,” Y/N laughed at Sarah clutching her hand that she picked off the top of her head, “I’ll call you tomorrow, yeah?” she said sliding her bag back up on her shoulder.
“Thank you so so much for coming, Y/N/N, wouldn’t have even done this if you couldn’t make it,” Sarah threw herself into Y/N’s arms in a tight embrace as Y/N suddenly felt overcome with love for her best friend.
“Ah, you’re turning me to mush. I love you Jones, so much,” Y/N said wistfully, giving the brunette a squeeze before untangling herself to make her leave. Just as she was about to walk back past the bar to exit, she heard a call from behind her.
“Y/N! You haven’t seen Harry, have you? I’ve not seen him since he was at the bar with you, and that was a while ago,” Mitch called across the room as Sarah looked up at her partner with a puzzled look in her eye.
“Uh-uh n-no I’ve not seen him, sorry Mitchy, I’ll uh- see you guys soon,” Y/N stammered out as Mitch quirked an eyebrow at her, seemingly sceptical of her answer. Giving herself a shake, she gave the group a quick wave before making a dash to leave again.
She finally made it out onto the street, not after bumping into Lennon in the doorway who was having a smoke, Y/N tried to rush through the customary ‘it was so nice seeing you’ and the ‘we’ll catch up soon,’ before Lennon was placing a quick kiss to the cheek as she dashed out.
She looked at the railing where she had left Harry to find it void of any other people, looking up the street to see it deserted too. Surely, he hadn’t left. She spun on her heel to face the opposite end of the street to see the maddening man with his tousled hair leaning against an idling car a few paces down, with the rear passenger seat propped open.
“Didn’t think I’d leave, did you?” Harry questioned as Y/N set off towards him.
“Wouldn’t put it past you,” Y/N stopped in front of him speaking bluntly.
“Well, that’s a nice surprise for you that I stayed then, eh? Your chariot awaits,” he winked holding out his hand in offering to help her into the car. She glanced down at his manicured hand before ignoring it completely, tossing her bag into the backseat and following in after it – without his assistance.
“My chariot,” Y/N snorted turning to see him sliding in the car next to her. “a private hire town car, y’sure know how to treat ‘em, Styles.”
“Hey if I don’t get nickname privileges neither do you,” he muttered slamming the door shut.
“Styles is hardly a nickname when it’s your actual name,” Y/N retorted as the driver took off on the quarter of an hour journey.
“Shut up and c’mere, yeah?” Harry hushed her grabbing her hand that laid on the bench between them. Y/N leaned over her lips ghosting over his, but never quite meeting, no matter how much Harry tilted his head trying to slot them together.
“Can’t even wait 15 minutes to kiss me, think you’re the desperate one, Harry,” she whispered her breath fanning across his face before she pulled away and sitting back in her seat, a glimmer of mischief in her eye as Harry kept his hand in hers.
“You’re a-“
“I’m a bitch, should think of some new names to call me, Harry, that one’s getting old,” her eyes were sparkling now as she continued to push at his buttons.
“You’re the devil,” he kept his eyes on her as she bit her lip seductively, whether she meant it that way or not, it was certainly seducing Harry.
“Well, you know what they say, treat them mean, keep them keen,” she laughed airily.
“Oh, I’m definitely keen,” Harry’s voice was thick with lust as he took their hands that were intertwined, lifting their tangled fingers to his knee, before dragging them up his thigh and resting her hand over the growing hardness in his trousers, leaving his own hand over the top of hers. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat as her eyes cast down to where her hand lay resting, back up to his own gaze. If she could see herself, she knew her eyes would be dark with want, the sparkle of mischief being taken over completely by her desire for him. “Cat got your tongue, Y/N?” Harry breathed, leaning over his nose running the length of her jaw from her ear lobe up to the corner of her mouth where he placed another kiss. Harry was chuckling wickedly at Y/N’s seemingly shocked reaction to his boldness. Her eyes flickered from where their hands remained unmoving, and her teeth sank into her bottom lip before her eyes came up to focus on Harry’s bright green eyes. She ticked forward, leaning in closer to him before uttering lowly, “no, but it’s certainly got yours.” With that, the hand that was resting on Harry’s ever pressing erection, twitched, as she took a hold of him through the fabric of his trousers and squeezed lightly, cutting off Harry’s mocking laughter, his breath catching in his throat as he fought to keep his hips from jerking up into Y/N’s grip.
Breathing heavily through his nose, he kept his gaze on hers, “how long left mate?” he called over to the driver, his voice raspy with need and before he even heard their driver’s response, he surged forward to connect their lips again, his free hand coming up to tangle in her hair on the back of her head.
She took his hand this time. As the car stopped outside Y/N’s flat and Harry slid out the backseat he held his hand out and this time she actually took it to hoist herself out the car, while adjusting the low-cut t-shirt - that was showing just a bit more than she was comfortable with for a public street – that had become displaced with the pairs heavy petting in the backseat.
“Don’t do that on my account, I’ll get to see a lot more in a few minutes,” Harry grinned his eyes dipping down to try and catch an eyeful.
“You’ll see fuck all, if you keep talking to me like that,” Y/N started taking her hand back before slapping him in the chest and taking her bag out of his other hand that he had grabbed on his way out the car, stalking towards the front door. Harry’s hurried footsteps chased Y/N up to the front door and he gripped her hips from behind, pressing himself into her.
“Don’t be like that,” he almost whimpered out. She paid him no mind as she rifled through her bag looking for the bundle of keys, not even as he took his hand and pulled her hair away from her neck and began pressing long, sucking kisses to her neck, occasionally grazing her skin with his teeth which made Y/N shudder. She managed to open the building door and spun around gripping his hand to lead him in. “Hope you can keep your hands to yourself long enough to get upstairs,” she said keeping their hands intertwined as she led him to the stairs.
“Which floor?” Harry asked lowly pulling her into his chest before she started up the steps to stop her.
“Third,” Y/N breathed.
“Better give me somethin’ to tide me over then, babe,” he disconnected their hands wrapping his own round the small of her back, pressing her into him as he sealed their lips together. His tongue split through his lips and traced her own bottom one begging for entrance which she gladly gave him, their tongues meshing. Harry stood over the top of her as he kept her in place against his body, Y/N needed to get some power back in the dynamic they were in, so pushed up on her toes, her teeth lightly nipped into Harry’s bottom lip, pulling it back and letting it pop back into place as she unlocked his hands from her back and began up the stairs at high speed to gain some ground on him. The sound of her heels hitting the steps, echoing in the quiet building.
She made it to her front door before he caught up with her, turning the key in the lock quickly entering the flat and spinning on her heel to face out her front door. Harry approached with looking wild-eyed as he took her in, holding the door so he couldn’t enter. He placed one hand on the door frame and leant in to try and capture her lips in his again, but she turned her head, so he caught her cheek.
“What is it now?” he grumbled, brows furrowing.
“Say sorry,” that glint of mischief was back in Y/N’s eye.
“Say sorry, or y’can forget about whatever we were going to do,” her tone was playful, Y/N knew herself, even if he told her to do one with her request for an apology, she would probably let him and let him do whatever he pleased with her, she was too far gone for him now. Though she wanted to see how far she could push him.
“Y/N, babe…” he started, give him his due, he did look sincere, although that could be the insane pressure, he was feeling, building in his underwear that was forcing him to give in and give her anything she wanted. “I am sorry, truly.”
“Hmm, for what?” she tilted her head at him, questioning, although Harry swore, she opened the door slightly further.
“For calling you desperate…”
“And for being rude and generally, jus’ being a prick to you,” he said, a small smile gracing his lips.
“Hmm,” Y/N pondered over his words.
“What else d’you want me to say Y/N, fuck’s sake, you really are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met,” and at that Y/N pulled him into the flat by his shirt, shutting the door and locking it behind him before planting her lips back on his.
“You’re insufferable Harry and the biggest arseho-” Y/N began but she cut herself off with her own moan as Harry pushed her back into the wall of the flat’s entryway, his mouth beginning to suck and leave bruising marks across her neck.
“Yeah? Tell me how you really feel baby, tell me y’hate me, come on,” Harry grunted as he shucked her leather jacket from her shoulders letting it land on the laminate flooring, pressing his hips forward so she could feel his cock against her thigh.
“I do, I do hate you,” Y/N panted her hand coming up to weave her fingers through his thick hair keeping his lips to her neck.
“The feelings mutual, princess,” he growled into her throat before coming up to nip at her earlobe. Harry split her legs open with his knee and brought his thigh to the apex of her own, much like he had done outside sketch but this time he didn’t have to hold back. He brought his hands to the plush of Y/N’s hips and encouraged her to rock herself back on his thigh, he could feel her heat radiating, even through their layers of clothing. A high whine escaped Y/N’s throat as she tipped her head back against the wall and her eyes screwing shut as she continued to grind herself down on him, Harry pulled away from her neck, watching her writhe in a fit of pleasure. “Look at you,” he moaned, he was getting off just watching her, “you can’t get enough, y’like a bitch in heat,” his tone was mocking but he has never been so turned on. Y/N pushed at his chest at his comment, before pulling off his own jacket and letting it fall to the floor with hers.
“Bedroom,” she spoke pulling herself from his thigh making her way down the hall to the closed door at the end.
“That was expensive, Y/N,” Harry chastised, looking down at his crumpled heap of a jacket.
“Oh, go fucking cry about it,” Y/N rolled her eyes and when Harry started along the hall to her, she quickly tugged her t-shirt from the waistband of her trousers and pulled it up and over her head, leaving her in her heels, trousers and revealing her black bra to him where he could see her pert nipples pressing against the sheer fabric.
Entering her bedroom, Harry toed off the vans he was wearing at the door and pushed her back into her bed, hovering over her, hands on either side of her head. Y/N’s own hands gravitated to the waistband of his trousers, popping the button of the brown fabric, before grabbing at the fabric of the white Christopher Kane ‘Sex’ t-shirt he was wearing before pulling it up and over his head.
“Interesting choice of shirt,” she heaved out as Harry was licking and sucking his way to her breast, teasing her nipple through the mesh fabric.
“Call it a manifestation or somethin’” he replied, teeth grazing at one nipple while his hand cupped her other breast. Y/N could feel his length against her own pelvis and couldn’t help but buck her hips up looking for a bit of friction, the movement caused a groan to emit from low in Harry’s throat his eyes flickering up to watch her with his mouth still wrapped round her nipple through her bra. She couldn’t help it, she needed him closer, wrapping her legs around his waist pulling him tight against her, the heels of her shoes accidentally pressing into his ass.
“Eh ow?” Harry complained, pulling away from her breasts.
“Get a shift on and take them off then we won’t have a problem, will we?” Y/N retorted pulling her legs up to her chest, so he had access to remove her shoes.
“Won’t have a problem,” he grumbled under his breath, mocking what she said as he caught her by the ankle, her trouser leg rolling up to her knee as he placed a kiss where the shoe ended on her ankle. His nimble fingers quickly unlaced them before he gripped the spindly heel and tugged. Only for the shoe not to budge. He tried again to no avail. His brow furrowed he looked up to Y/N to see her lips pressed together trying not to laugh.
“There’s a zip on the back,” she snickered.
“How long were you going to keep that a secret, huh?” Harry complained finally tossing both shoes over his shoulder.
“Just wanted to see you struggle,” she giggled, reaching behind her back to remove her own bra pulling it from her arms, Harry’s eyes widening at her boldness.
“Is that how it is?” he gripped the waistband of her trousers and pulled her up into a seated position with her legs on either side of his, voice taunting her.
“Fuck you,” she spat at him.
“No, no Y/N, that’s what I’m trying to do to you,” he said softly, popping the fastening of her trousers and dragging the zipper down. She lifted her hips to aid him peeling them from her legs before he laid her back down on the swathes of blankets and her duvet. He began placing kisses down her body, stopping to dip his tongue into her clavicle, swirling it around each of her breasts and sucking each nipple into his mouth for just a second as Y/N’s back arched further into his mouth. Meanwhile, his hand was playing with the elastic of her underwear, lifting it, and letting it snap back in sharp bites against her skin. Her hips wiggled at each nip against them. Before he trailed too far down her body with his mouth, she stopped him.
“Wait, wait, stop,” she panted, and Harry’s gaze shot to hers, his head coming back up to level with hers immediately, eyes flickering all over her face checking he wasn’t pushing too far or doing something she didn’t want. “No, it’s fine, you’re fine, perfect in fact. Jus’ want these off first,” she reassured him before pushing at his trousers with shaking hands.
“Christ, Y/N, you scared me for a second, that I can do,” he went to help her draw his fly down before he paused, and that teasing lilt came back to his voice, “say please, baby.”
Y/N’s eyes blinked repeatedly, trying to take in what he said, she wanted him that was for sure. “Pl-please, Harry, please,” she almost whined, her hands gripping around his neck pulling him close, nuzzling into his neck. That’s the thing about Y/N she took no shit in her day-to-day life, but get her worked up enough in the bedroom, she would become almost docile. Almost.
“Yeah, I can do that. I’ve got you, promise, I’ve got you,” Harry groaned as he helped her push his trousers down past his hips and he kicked his legs free, a contented hum left her throat at the feeling of his bare legs against her own, finally. She could feel his hardened erection even more now as he ground himself into her, only separated by the thin fabric of each of their underwear. It was a series of pants and moans from there on out, from the pair of them.
Harry worked his way back down her body, gripping her underwear in his hands, he glanced back up at her, “can I?” and with a quick nod of her head he was sliding them down her legs, leaving his head resting on her thigh as he drank in the site of her, exposed to him. Her scent thick, folds glistening as a sign he had her worked up, she was pulling him in and before Harry could stop himself, his tongue was painting a wide strip up the length of her. Y/N’s hands flew to his hair, gripping it in fistfuls as his tongue went to work, dipping into where she wept for him before running back up and circling her sensitive clit, she wriggled and squirmed in response, hips bucking every time his tongue lingered directly on her clit.
“So fucking wet, aren’t you?” Harry groaned into her, his hips ticking into the mattress to relieve some of the tension that was building in his own crotch. “Keep still, Y/N,” he warned as she jerked up to his mouth again, and God love her, she did try to keep still, but she did say she was almost submissive in bed, Y/N still wanted to try and put up at least a little bit of a fight. She couldn’t help but try and grind her pussy against his mouth and with a quick nip to her hip he pulled away from her, his chin glistening in her arousal.
“I said, keep still,” his voice was low as he watched her with darkened eyes, as she tried to catch her breath from teetering on the edge that he pulled her back from.
“Or what?” Y/N challenged him, some of that control she liked coming back to her.
“I’ll stop,” he said, although he didn’t sound that convinced.
“I’d like to see you try, come on Harry, you know you’re just as desperate as you say I am.” She was straight up mocking him now, “maybe I’ll go back to the bar, or I’ll call Lennon, I’m sure he would sort me out, if I asked.”
With that, Harry was growling and diving back down to her mound, biting at the creases of her thighs in the process. “Not a fucking chance, this cunt is mine tonight,” he grumbled against her, licking and sucking with more determination and Y/N was approaching the edge quicker than ever. “Would that bartender make you feel like this, would he make you this wet, Y/N?”
“No- no Harry, you, jus’ you,” Y/N moaned loudly, her fingers carding through his hair, needing it to keep her tethered to reality. “Harry, I’m so- can I, can I co-come?” she was stuttering over her words as her legs began to shake over his shoulders.
He pulled his face from her, but let his fingers keep working at her to keep her close to her orgasm, his eyes gleamed wickedly in the soft glow of the bedroom lamps. “Oh no, you can’t come, baby, but thank you for asking.”
“Harry,” she whined out, her hands now going into her own hair, pulling at her roots to stop her from exploding.
“Hold it, Y/N, not until I say, y’won’t have to wait long, promise,” he was watching as his middle and ring finger worked in and out of her, the cool metal of his rings making her hiss when it collided with her hot flesh. He dipped his head back down, his tongue focusing on her clit, rolling it with the wet muscle, grazing with his teeth and he would garner the highest moans from her with quick flicks from his tongue. He kept his eyes on her face, seeing her teeth sinking into her lip every so often, her hands still pulling at her own hair.
“Hands on me,” he moaned against her, and her hands came down, her nails scratching into his scalp, Harry thrived on the slight bite of pain and was moaning lowly as he continued to rut his hips against the soft bedding, needing the friction against his painfully hard cock.
“Look at me,” he grunted as Y/N blinked down at him, her eyes almost looked panicked as she was hanging on the edge, right where Harry wanted her, on a knife edge.
“Come,” he demanded, “now, Y/N, let go babe.” That’s all she needed to hear as her orgasm bubbled over, shattering through her body as it quivered in release and a squeal leaving her lips as Harry worked her through it. “That’s it, fuck, good girl, I’ve got you. Can feel y’squeezing,” he groaned his fingers still curling inside trying to prolong her earth-shattering orgasm as long as he could until her own fingers wrapped round his wrist to stop his movements as she became overstimulated. He pulled his fingers from her before sucking them into his own mouth, moaning at her taste as he lapped them up as Y/N watched through her thick lashes as she caught her breath. He bent down, taking her into a searing kiss, his tongue licking into her mouth so she could get a taste of herself. She gripped his shoulders, Harry thought just because she was into the kiss, but was mistaken when she pulled him harshly and flipped them over, so his back hit her mattress with a puff of his breath leaving his throat at the collision.
“What’re yo-” he started trying to sit up, but Y/N kept his shoulders pressed down on the bed.
“Shh, it’s my turn,” and she went to work, suckling on his earlobe before trailing down his neck, letting her nails scratch lightly against his torso, leaving trails of goosebumps in their path.
“Y/N,” he whimpered, she could feel the muscles of his abdomen rippling under her touch as her hand kept trailing down, he was still in his black briefs, and she could see the dampened spot that held the head of his cock pressed against them. She wanted them off, wanted to see him in all his glory, although she’d never let him hear that.
“What is it, Harry?” her tongue licked over his nipple before her teeth sank lightly into his pec. “Can’t keep still baby? Just remember, unlike you, I can stop, I could walk away and leave you right now, sweating, and needy,” she teased him, kisses dipping lower as her fingers began to skate under the thick band of his briefs. In a moment of boldness, her hand slipped completely into his underwear, and she gripped him, squeezing lightly and Harry let out a low, slow rumble at the sensation of finally having her hand on him. Y/N knew he was big from all their heavy petting and grinding, but now she had a grip of him she just had to see for herself. Scooting down her bed on her knees letting her free hand grip his underwear to pull them off, Harry raised his hips to help her long as she peeled them down his legs. His rock-hard length coming up to slap against his stomach, leaving a speckle of precum in its place. Harry watched her, his ego inflating as her eyes took in his impressive size.
“Look at you, you get off on thinking you have control,” his own hand came down to wrap around his dick, pumping slowly as she watched, thighs squeezing together, “but I know you, Y/N, you want to get your hands on me, to touch, to suck, to taste, to please me,” he taunted, thumbing over his head and slit pulling the oozing precum down to glide his hand easier. Y/N couldn’t take it anymore, and she swatted his hand off himself and wrapped her own back around, leaning over him. Harry’s breath caught as he watched her. She looked up at him, through her lashes as she opened her mouth letting a glob of spit fall and land on the crown of him as her hand began to stroke faster, her wrist twisting every time she got to the head and squeezing at his base. Harry could feel his muscles constricting in his abdomen and had to focus on not bursting as she began to kitten-lick his cock, tonguing up the ooze that was coming from his slit as she moaned at the taste.
“C’mon Y/N, be a good girl and put me in,” he tormented her, although the jeering tone dissipated relatively quickly when she nipped his thigh with her nails, and he hissed at the sharp pain.
“Get fucked, I’ll do what I want,” she complained as she squeezed his base and ran her tongue along the protruding vein on the underside of his shaft. She put him in her mouth, anyway, hollowing her cheeks and sucking his head intensely. He crumbled under the warm feeling of her mouth wrapping around him and began whimpering profusely and she began bobbing her head.
“Please, Y/N, take more, know y’can, please,” and if Harry thought she got off on the control he’d be glad to know she got off on his begging even more. She moaned and the vibrations shot through Harry, and he just couldn’t stop himself from his hips jerking as she choked around him, before having to pull off, saliva running down her chin and his cock. “Fuck m’sorry doll,” his hands scraping her hair back off her face.
“No s’fine, I can, I can do it, I like it,” she mumbled out before taking him back in her mouth working back down him slowly as not to accidentally gag herself. She got him to the back of her throat easier this time without Harry bucking up, as he kept her hair in his hands so he could watch. As she swallowed around him, a string of curses left his lips as he babbled praises at her. Y/N was thriving and trailed her free hand up his thighs to gently cup his balls. Harry was close, and with one roll and squeeze of her hand on his balls he was pulling her off him by her hair.
“Need you to stop or I’ll explode an’ I need to be inside you before I come, I need to,” he heaved out, trying to control himself.
She giggled at him as she lay down beside him, wiping her spit covered mouth on the back of her hand, “have at it then, Styles.” Grinning, Harry raised back up to his knees, leaning over her and kissing her deeply.
“D’you have a condom? I have, but it’s in my jacket on your bloody hall floor,” he said against her cheek as he peppered kisses there as she carded her fingers through his soft hair.
“Mm, top drawer, y’really need to get over the coat on the floor thing, cry-baby,” she joked as he rifled into the closest bedside table drawer, Y/N not really paying attention as she placed her own kisses on the patches of his warm skin closest to her.
“Don’t think this is a condom,” he held up a scanty piece of lace, Y/N realised was her underwear, looking to see Harry had been going through the wrong bedside cabinet.
“Wrong cabinet, arsehole,” she made a grab for her underwear and Harry pulled them from her grasp, looking joyfully down at the red lace between his fingertips.
“Can I keep these? Souvenir or reward or somethin’” he asked.
“Harry,” she warned as her hips ticked up, nudging his cock to try and get him back on track.
“Right, yeah, sorry,” this time leaning across the bed into the top drawer of the opposite bedside table, returning with a square foil package, leaving the bundled underwear behind. Feeling around the foil packet, he squeezed the condom down to the bottom before instructing Y/N to bite down on the material as he tore the package open by her teeth. Rolling it down his length, he sat with his tip at her entrance as she wriggled her hips down trying to get him to slip inside.
“Come on, Harry. Fuck me like you hate me,” she said as a parting shot as he gripped her hips and pushed in, Y/N’s back-arching at the stretch as Harry groaned in pleasure at her warm wet walls engulfing him. Once he was completely sheathed inside her, he paused, waiting for her to give him the go ahead. Her hand came up to cup his cheek, nails scratching at the skin before nodding, eyes rolling back slightly at the pressure she was feeling.
“Move, move, y’can move, please,” she choked out as Harry pulled out to slam back into her soft grunts leaving his throat. As their hips knocked together at a pace that Y/N was sure was going to bruise her, the room was filled with the scent of sex and sweat and their combined moans.
“Come on, Y/N, tell me you hate me,” he grunted out, hand trailing across her torso, tweaking at her nipple causing her to gasp and keen under his touch.
“I hate y-you,” she stammered out with her short breaths as her nails dug into his back at a particularly hard thrust.
“Yeah? Why, tell me why,” he moaned clutching behind her knee pushing it back into the bed so he could reach deeper inside her, a particularly loud moan escaped from the woman under him as he hit her g-spot repeatedly with his deeper thrusts, “there it is, there’s your spot,” he grunted, being purposeful with every thrust to hit it.
“I hate you for being rude,” she rushed out clutching onto his bicep of the arm that was keeping her knee pushed back, her toes flexing by his head. “I hate y’for calling me desperate,” she breathed out before folding for him and revealing how she really felt about that particular insult of his, “even though I am desperate, but just for you, desperate for you, Harry,” she choked out catching his eyes, her mouth falling open, there wasn’t even noise coming from her any longer, he was pounding into her so hard it she was focused on just getting oxygen in and out her lungs.
“Yeah?” he asked as she nodded pathetically, Harry’s thrusts slowing but still hitting deep and hard. “I know, y’desperate for me, can feel your needy cunt weeping for me,” his thumb came down to press into her clit, slipping around on the wetness that was pooling there. “I hate y’too, Y/N,” he grunted out, “I hate the way you wind me up, every. fucking. chance. you get,” he punctuated each word with a sharp thrust as Y/N’s hips ground down to meet his thrusts. “I hate the way that it’s the thought of you that’s got me off, ever since I bloody met you,” he was rubbing tight circles into her clit now trying to get her to a point where they could careen off the edge together. “I hate the way, we should’ve fucked months ago and avoided all the fucking arguments and rows,” he panted out.
“Fuck, Harry, m’so close, I can feel you everywhere,” Y/N’s moans were uncontrollable now as she took his hand off her knee and pressed it to her lower stomach to stimulate her that way too as she hooked her thighs over his hips.
“I know, baby, I know, come on, fucking come for me, drench me, I wanna feel it,” his thumb would not let up on her clit as he pushed further on her stomach, and with that, the scale tipped. Her whole body seized as she came, squeezing his cock in a vice as he continued to thrust to chase his own high and work Y/N through hers. Y/N’s back arched as she let go, a loud long moan escaping her. Blinking her eyes open she caught Harry’s gaze as he began to go slack-jawed about to meet his own end.
“Come, want you to come, baby. Need to see you come, Harry,” she begged as she began to recover from her second orgasm, her words were Harry’s undoing as he slammed into her once more, both hands gripping her hips to keep her still as he spilled into the condom that Y/N could still feel the warmth of him seep through the latex barrier.
“Shit,” Harry breathed out, falling into her neck, where he placed soft kisses to her sweaty skin as she stroked his fingers through his hair.
“You okay?” she questioned into the quiet once they had caught their breath.
“Peachy… you?” he sighed out, raising his head from her neck to look at her.
“Me? Yeah, I’m fine, great in fact,” she said, though Harry wasn’t convinced as he pulled out with a hiss, quickly disposing of the condom before laying down to face her.
“Hey, m’serious, what’s up?” he questioned tucking her hair back that had fallen into her face as she flipped to lay facing him too.
“I don’t know, that was… weird, right? We don’t do stuff like that, we don’t like each other,” she stammered out while also, subconsciously, leaning into Harry’s touch that lingered on her face.
“It’s only weird if we make it weird,” Harry stated simply as he drank her in, her skin glowing and eyes sparkling in post-orgasmic bliss, although she was still lost in thought, as she contemplated his words.
“I lied though,” Harry said softly as her eyes snapped up to his as he kept her gaze, “I don’t hate you, not even a little bit,” he breathed out, a small airy laugh following his admission, who would have thought he just need to have sex with Y/N to reveal how he truly felt.
“You piss me off, sometimes… a lot of the time actually” Y/N whispered into the dark as Harry laughed quietly at her remark, “but, I don’t hate you either, not at all,” she smiled softly at him before Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his chest, kissing her deeply.
Breaking away from the kiss, Harry looked into her eyes, “do I get nickname privileges now?”
Out in the hall, Y/N’s phone vibrated in her handbag, that had been cast aside with the jackets on the floor, with a text from her brunette best friend.
Sarah Jones: Me and Mitch home safe, thank youu soo much for coming Y/N/N.. enjoy your night with Harry xoxo
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Harry in Italy recently!
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MEDICINE - Harryween, 31/10
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Parallels on tour: Dancing the last song of the show with their bands (7/?)
LTWT: Portland HSLOT2: Long Island
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L♡VE ON TOUR | NEW YORK CITY I (3/10): Harry catching a pair of sunglasses during WMYB
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Nashville- 10/1
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MSG. 2012 // 2018 // 2021
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