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harryisart · 23 hours ago
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Uncasville- 10/21
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loveontourlove · a day ago
Opal— A Love on Tour ♡ Extra
A/N: Here's a little something for you while you wait for the next chapter. Hope you like this tiny bit of Emi and Harry! Love -Vee
Tumblr media
Story Masterlist // 685 words // Ask me anything
October 13, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I really like this ring,” Harry says, staring at my hands. We are sitting at an indoor table in a small cozy café in Pittsburgh, close to our hotel. We decided to venture outside together on our free day, as Harry doesn’t have a show until tomorrow. So far we’ve had luck in going unrecognized. Our table is in a far away corner, giving us a little more privacy.
I’m writing in my journal, something that I love doing but have lately found myself not having enough time to just sit and write, so today I brought my notebook with me. Harry’s sitting across from me, sipping on his coffee and staring at me with a pensive expression. His gaze shifts from my hand, working rapidly with my writing, to my face. It feels like he’s trying to burn in his mind how I look right now.
I stop mid writing and look up at him.
“Yeah, my grandma has great taste” I finally reply, looking down at my opal and golf ring on my finger as well. He hums in response.
“I also like that it’s your birthstone. What’s my birthstone?” He asks. I drop my pencil, deciding to take a break from writing so that I can answer all his questions.
“Amethyst” I reply with no hesitation.
Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind.
“Interesting” He says and falls deep in thought again. I chuckle under my breath. I love watching Harry get lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t say anything else so I resume my writing.
“Maybe I should get myself an Amethyst ring too” Harry says two minutes later. I drop my pen again.
“You could ask Alessandro to find you something” I smile at him and he nods “Though you know, the tradition actually says you should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected”
“Really?” He asks, perking up, like this new bit of information really caught his attention.
“Yeah, my grandma gave me this so that someday I can pass it down to my daughter” I explain “If I have one, I mean”
“I like that,” He says, staring at my ring again..
“Yeah it is cute. But, you can also wear your birthstone if you want. This is all just random stuff my Nonna says” I tell him. He nods, taking a sip of his coffee and getting lost in his thoughts again. I see him take out his phone from the corner of my eye, and start typing quickly.
“I’m asking Lambert to find me a new ring” He explains, concentrating on his screen. Harry L is probably already sending him options.
I shrug and resume my writing.
October 14, 2021
“So handsome” I tell Harry, staring him up and down. He’s checking himself out in the mirror to make sure his whole outfit is in place, and I’m checking him out as well, loving how the gold and black clothes look on him.
Finally he’s wearing something other than red.
“Okay I’m ready” He says, walking to the vanity where he’s set up his small jewelry box. I see him put on his dreams and when he walks past me on his way to the door a sparkle I haven’t noticed before catches my eye.
“Wait, is that a new ring?” I ask him and he stops right under the doorframe and turns back to me.
“Yeah, it’s opal” He smiles and gives me a wink. He doesn’t say anything else, turning back around and leaving.
I stay here, frozen in my place, my heart thumping so fast and loud I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the arena can hear it.
You should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected.
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only-kiwi · a day ago
The matching yellow purple outfits!!!!! Omg that was a perfect addition. Could you do more of that with Harry x zendaya if that’s not too much trouble for you.
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didn’t do the cheating thing because yuck but here you go <3
posts with zendaya
1, 2
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yourinstagram men suck :/
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ynfan1 girl what
ynfan2 bestie what’s wrong ?
arianagrande i love you, you deserve the world !!
yourinstagram @/arianagrande 🥺
harryfan1 imagine being this pretty while crying
harryfan2 what happened? is this about harry ??
yourinstagram @/harryfan2 lol
ynfan3 confused
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tmz_tv Everyone’s favourite couple Harry Styles and Y/N Y/L\N have reportedly split up after three years of dating. Sources say it’s believed that Harry cheated while being away on tour. Link in bio for more.
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harryfan3 what the fuck
harryfan4 but they were so cute 🥺
ynfan3 apparently a fan met y/n and asked if harry cheated and she said no?? people really just believe anything they read lol
six months later - (yn hasn’t posted or been seen since her break up with harry)
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yourinstagram @/tchalamet
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ynfan5 sis disappeared for six months and comes back with this??? girl what 😭
tchalamet you’re my favourite co-star
yourinstagram @/tchalamet don’t let saorise see this
harryfan5 wait why do i ship them??
harryfan6 are they together?
yourinstagram @/harryfan6 we filmed a movie besties that’s all
arianagrande 🥺
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tchalamet my best friend, my favourite co-star, my love. i fell in love with you the day we both walked onto set. happiest of birthdays to you. you deserve everything.
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ynfan7 i’m fucking crying
yourinstagram never been happier and i owe it all to you. thank you, my love <3
tchalamet @/yourinstagram ❤️
harryfan7 happy birthday y/n !!
harryfan8 he’s cute but he’s not harry
yourinstagram @/harryfan8 yeah that’s kind of the point
arianagrande hbd gorg @/yourinstagram !! ily <3
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Harry Styles — Hometown Show, Part 1
Tumblr media
There will be a part 2 to this, coming on Saturday. After that, I have a few more one shots to post next week, and then in November I will be starting a 12-part series so get excited!
You’re My Kryptonite
On the day off between the St. Louis and Philadelphia shows, you knocked on Harry’s hotel room door, shifting nervously from one foot to the other while you waited for him to answer.
“Y/N, hi, what’s up?” he asked, face lighting up as soon as he saw you standing there. He opened the door a bit wider, standing to the side. “Come in, come in.”
You walked into the room, letting him lead you over to the couch in the living room area.
“I was just about to open some wine, want a glass?” he asked, motioning for you to sit as he headed over to the kitchenette. He didn’t wait for a reply, and pulled a second wine glass down for you.
“Sure, thanks,” you said, thinking some liquid courage is just what you needed. Your hometown shows were coming up, and you had a favor to ask Harry. He had told you in the past that anything you need is yours, but you still felt awkward asking for things, especially in this strange more-than-friends-but-not-really-together phase you were in.
He came back with two full glasses of red, and you took yours gratefully, taking a long sip. He settled onto the opposite side of the couch with his feet tucked under him, looking younger than he actually was.
“Enjoying your day off?” You asked, stalling a bit.
“I am now,” he said, winking over his glass at you as he took a sip. You felt your cheeks heat up in a blush, taking another sip to try and hide it. “So what brings you here? Not that I’m complaining.”
“Well, I wanted to see you, for one thing,” you said, laughing nervously. “But I do have an ulterior motive. I have a favor to ask of you.”
“Anything you want, you got it, babe.” Your blush burned brighter as you turned to face him completely.
“Well, um, as you know, I went to college in Chicago and I was hoping I could invite some of my old sorority sisters. Just a few, though, because I hated most of them.” You chuckled at that last bit, remembering all of the drama that went down behind the walls of the Delta Nu house.
“Invite the whole damn sorority if you want to!” He said, laughing jovially. “Y/N, you were a sorority girl?”
“All four years, believe it or not,” you admitted sheepishly. “Delta Nu or die, baby.” He squinted his eyes, looking at you intently.
“Somehow I just don’t see it.”
“I did almost get kicked out like three times, but that’s a story for another time.”
“I’m holding you to that. But seriously, text me their names and I’ll make sure they’re on the list for pit tickets and access to VIP. And this should be obvious, but I know you’re not likely to do it unless I explicitly tell you that it’s okay, but bring them to the after party at the hotel, too.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed and set your wine down on the coffee table carefully before launching yourself across the couch and wrapping your arms around him tightly.
“Whoa, watch the wine!” He exclaimed, laughing and trying to hold his glass steady. His free arm snaked its way around your back, holding you snugly to his side.
“But seriously, thank you,” you whispered once you had calmed down a little bit. “It will mean the world to them. We were in college during the peak One Direction days. I’m pretty sure we danced to One Thing at, like, every single sorority function.”
“Not What Makes You Beautiful?”
“That song made many guest appearances, but no. We were just indie like that I guess.”
“Now that I believe.” You sat in silence for a moment, both sipping from your wine.
“You weren’t even my favorite, you know,” you said, nonchalantly.
“What?” He exclaimed, looking genuinely hurt.
“I’m sorry, but it’s true. I was a Zayn girl. He was the OG One Direction sex symbol. And PILLOWTALK walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.” Harry stuck his bottom lip out into a pout, making you laugh. You leaned in to give him a quick peck, and muttered against his lips. “Don’t worry, you’re my favorite now.”
When you got back to your hotel room, you texted your “Delta Nu Misfits” group chat that operation Love on Tour Chicago night 1 was a go and started counting down the days ‘til the show.
The day of the show, your excitement was through the roof. Harry had told you to take the day off, but you knew that you needed work to focus on or else the day would seem to drag by, especially since your friends weren’t going to be driving in from the burbs until after they were done with their 9-5s.
At around 4, you were hanging out backstage with some other members of the crew while you all waited for Harry to finish his soundcheck. You were chatting with Jeff, practically bouncing with excitement, when Harry burst through the curtains, slightly sweaty but looking particularly delicious in a pair of gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Thank god for gray sweats, you thought, swooning internally.
He made a beeline to you and plucked the energy drink out of your hand, tilting his head back and finishing the last few sips.
“Hey!” You exclaimed, reaching to grab the can back. He pulled it up, higher than you could reach, laughing as you jumped to try and get it.
“I need this more than you do,” he said seriously. “And I’m concerned about your heart; I think this much caffeine mixed with the adrenaline that’s practically radiating off of you is actually lethal.”
“You’re mean,” you said, pouting at him.
“And you should be getting ready to meet your friends,” he said, “Go on, I’m releasing you early.”
“You know, technically, Jeff is my boss, not you.”
“I’m releasing you early!” Jeff yelled from across the room, where he had disappeared without you noticing. Harry gave you a smug smile and leaned in to kiss you on the cheek quickly while no one was looking.
“See you after the show,” he whispered. “I can’t wait to meet your friends.”
Your heart fluttered as you walked away and you wondered how you would be able to keep this a secret from your friends.
When your friends texted you that they had arrived, you screamed and raced down to the hotel lobby to greet them. After excitedly catching up a bit, you led them upstairs to the suite you had upgraded to for the night.
“Home sweet home,” you said as you opened the door.
“So this is what life on the road is like,” Your friend Rachel said, nodding her approval.
“Not usually,” you replied with a laugh. “I upgraded because you guys are here tonight and my family is coming tomorrow. But the crew usually stays in standard rooms; honestly, we all end up just coming back and passing out anyway so it doesn’t really matter.”
“I call the big bedroom!” Your friend Kelsey yelled, racing down the hallways to the bedroom dragging her suitcase behind her.
“Hey, no fair!” Adrienne called, chasing after her. Jenny, Adrienne’s girlfriend, just rolled her eyes and grabbed the bag Adrienne had left, following after her girlfriend at a much slower pace.
“Children, all of you,” Rachel sighed, shaking her head. Haley grinned and darted off behind the others, yelling “MINE!” at the top of her lungs. You and Rachel followed the others inside to blast One Direction and get ready for the show.
A few hours later, after room-service appetizers and more than a few pre-game drinks, you all piled into the black SUV buzzing with excitement. The girls were thrilled to get to enter in the back door, and insisted on taking loads of selfies with their VIP passes.
“So do we get to go backstage?” Kelsey asked excitedly as you headed inside.
“Honestly, it’s just boring work stuff back there,” you said, shrugging. “The real action is in the pit! Besides, someone will definitely see me and give me a job to do.”
“Boring work stuff for you, maybe,” Jenny said, pouting. “I’m a fucking dental assistant, boring work stuff for me is sharp tools and teeth.” Everyone laughed at that.
“I promise, I have something even better lined up for us after the show. Harry has personally invited you all to the after party.” You are sure their screams could be heard miles away, and you grinned, looping your arms with Haley and Rachel. “Come on, let’s go take some pictures!”
After many Instagram photos were taken, you led them up to the VIP booth to watch Jenny Lewis. No one else from the crew had arrived yet, as they were all busy preparing for Harry’s set. The drinks were flowing, courtesy of Harry who had told the staff to get you anything you needed. He had even left a note with one of them, scrawled on a napkin. You read it quickly then shoved it into the pocket of your pink leather miniskirt before anyone noticed. Thankfully, they were too distracted by the free drinks.
‘Enjoy the show and see you later, xx H’
When Jenny’s set was over, you herded the girls back downstairs to the pit. Kelsey insisted on bringing an extra ‘backup drink’ down with her, even though you told her that you could come back later for more.
“But I don’t wanna miss the show,” she said, pouting. You shook your head and decided, what the hell, grabbing another vodka soda for your own backup drink.
You batted your eyes at one of the security guards just outside the doors to the pit, asking him to escort you to the front.
“Thanks Jamie, you’re the best!” You said, kissing him on the cheek when he agreed. He led you and the girls to front and center in the Watermelon Pit, rolling his eyes at your drunkenness.
When Harry came out, the screams were deafening.
“He is even hotter up close,” Haley gushed as he started to sing the first lines of Golden. After the song was finished, he greeted the crowd, prompting an excited reaction. As the band started to play Carolina, Harry’s eyes were scanning the crowd and locked on yours. He broke out into a huge grin and gave you a little wave before turning to go to the other side of the stage.
“Did he just-” Adrienne asked, looking back and forth from him to you in surprise. “Wait, he actually knows who you are? I thought you were just, like, an assistant to an assistant!” Kelsey, Haley, and Rachel were too into their dancing to notice what had happened, but Jenny gave you a supportive smile, pulling her girlfriend to her side and whispering something to her.
You all got lost in the music, Adrienne glancing over at you every time Harry even so much as looked in your general direction. You shrugged, trying to play it cool.
The first few notes of What Makes You Beautiful started playing, and the crowd went wild.
“You’re insecure, don’t know what for,” Harry sang with a smirk on his face, looking directly at you. “Wait, wait, hold on,” he said, holding up a hand to stop the band. The fans booed him jokingly. “I know, I know. But a little birdy told me that the song I’m going to sing instead means a lot to some girls in the audience tonight. So this one’s for you, you know who you are.” The vibe in the room was excited yet confused, and you blushed as Harry made eye contact and winked at you as One Thing started playing.
“Holy shit!” Kelsey yelled, turning to face you and grabbing your shoulders tightly. “Is he doing this for us?” You just shrugged, laughing nervously, and grabbed her hands to start the dance that the two of you had made up to this song in your dorm freshman year. The other girls joined in and the six of you screamed along at the top of your lungs as you did your choreographed dance in the middle of the crowd.
After the show, all of you were pumped up with adrenaline and in a great mood, talking and laughing as you joined the crowd spilling out of the United Center and into the street. You led the girls around the back and into the waiting car that would take you back to the hotel.
While you waited for Harry and the rest of the crew to wrap things up at the arena, you and the girls touched up your makeup and had a few more drinks. After about an hour, your phone lit up with a Snapchat notification from ‘Mick Green,’ Harry’s secret account. With a smile, you opened your phone and clicked on the message, revealing Harry on the hotel’s rooftop holding up a beer, with the most adorable pouty face. ‘Where are you? :(“ the text on the message says.
“Who’s that from?” Rachel asks, leaning over your shoulder to try and see what you were looking at. You quickly click off of the snap and put your phone back in your pocket.
“Oh, uh, just a member of the crew, asking me where I am,” you said, trying to sound nonchalant. “The party’s started upstairs.” Rachel gave you a look that said she was unconvinced, but let it drop, and you all piled into the elevator to head up to the rooftop.
The entire crew was there, filling up the whole space. Off to one side was a dance floor with a DJ spinning old throwback hits, and on the other there were tables set up in front of the open bar. You anxiously scanned the room, looking for Harry, but you didn’t have to look that hard. He was off to the side, chatting with Mitch and Sarah, but as soon as he saw you, he made a beeline for you and your friends.
“Finally!” He said with a big grin. “Took you long enough.” You rolled your eyes at him but couldn’t hide the small smile breaking out on your face. He turned to your friends, bowing slightly. “Hi, I’m Harry.”
“Yeah, uh, we know,” Haley said, making everyone laugh, Harry the loudest of all.
“Sorry, we’re all pretty drunk,” you told him, shrugging.
“Don’t be sorry, I love it! It looks like I have some catching up to do,” he said with a chuckle. You introduced all of the girls, and spent a few minutes chatting before Harry suggested you all take a picture together. He took a few group shots of just you girls, and seeing Harry Styles take pictures with your old beat up iPhone made the others laugh.
You motioned Sarah over and asked her to take some with Harry in them, which she was happy to do, and showed him how to do the Delta Nu hand sign, laughing when he struggled to twist his fingers in the right way.
“No, like this,” you said, reaching over to take his hands in your own to help him. When he finally figured it out, Sarah snapped a few shots before handing your phone back to you. You quickly scrolled through them to make sure they turned out okay, Harry and the girls all fighting to look over your shoulder.
“You should post that one,” Harry said casually when you had one of all of you holding up the hand sign and laughing up on the screen. You smiled at him and pulled up Instagram, sending it out into the world before you could overthink it too much, with the caption ‘Honorary member of Delta Nu.’
After a few more minutes of chatting, Harry took you all to the bar to do a shot, before he was beckoned away by Jeff.
“I hate to do this to you, but it looks like duty calls,” he said apologetically. “I promise I’ll find you later.” He dashed off with a wave, and you spent some time introducing the girls to your coworkers.
After a few more drinks and a lot of drunk dancing, you decided to go grab some water, and excused yourself from the group for a minute. While you were waiting for your glass at the bar, Harry slid in next to you.
“Your friends are fun,” he said, nudging your side with his elbow playfully.
“Yeah, they’re alright,” you replied jokingly.
“Wish I could’ve seen you back in your sorority days, though. Bet that was a sight to behold.” You blushed, grateful for the bartender for handing you your water so you could take a sip as a distraction.
“If you scroll back far enough on my Instagram, you’ll get a feel for it.” He smiled,
Once he got his drink, Harry walked you back to the dance floor, an arm casually slung around your shoulders.
“Sorry for keeping her from you, ladies,” he said as you approached your friends. They all assured him it was okay, and thanked him for returning you in one piece. He was being called over by a few other crew members, always the popular man, and apologized before jogging over to them.
“Oh my god,” Adrienne said a little too loudly as soon as he was out of earshot, eyes wide and mouth agape. “You’re fucking Harry Styles!”
“Shh! Don’t say that so loud,” you hissed, glancing around nervously. Thankfully, the music was too loud and everyone was too drunk to pay attention to you. You grabbed Adrienne’s arm and pulled her off the dance floor, away from the crowd, motioning for the other girls to follow.
“It’s only happened, like, twice. But you guys can’t say anything, I’m serious,” you said, your tone lowering so hopefully no one else hears you. “The fans could get the wrong idea, and I don’t want them to, like, come burn down my house or something. Plus, I don’t want Harry to think I’m some clingy weirdo.”
“But you are a clingy weirdo,” Haley said, laughing and throwing an arm around your shoulders.
“But you’re our clingy weirdo, and we love you for it.” The entire group started laughing, and the subject was dropped in favor of reminiscing on your college years, back when you practically stalked your boyfriend for two weeks because you were convinced he was cheating on you but actually, he was just a drug dealer, which was honestly worse.
Later that night, when you were tucked into the hotel bed, you got a rapid-fire series of notifications on your phone — ‘harrystyles liked your post’ repeated at least a dozen times. You opened the app and saw that he had been liking all of the posts from your college years. That night, you fell asleep with your phone clutched to your chest and a smile on your face.
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londonharry · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Uncasville (10/21) - Sign of the Times
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harryisart · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Uncasville- 10/21
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mcl-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Haven’t posted anything here in ages but hey let’s hope this rumour is trueee because he would look so good🤩
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mr-styles · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MSG. 2012 // 2018 // 2021
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hldailyupdate · a day ago
"I hope that maybe.. she will hear! And she will, because I will show her. She'll know."
-Harry telling the crowd he'll show Anne them singing Happy Birthday!
Love On Tour: Uncasville, Night 1. (21 October 2021)
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harrysimpact · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
L♡VE ON TOUR | LAS VEGAS (4/9): Harry blowing a kiss to the crowd
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londonharry · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Uncasville (10/21) - Golden
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