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#love physics

thursdays outfit ft. the book I just finished reading this morning 💚

little reminder: be gentle with yourself during this time, it’s okay if you are not being as productive as you’d like, be patient and find what works best for you taking your time

be safe, françoise 🌿

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“True resignation consists of this: that man, feeling his subordination to the course of world events, makes his way toward inward freedom from the fate that shapes his external existence. Inward freedom gives him the strength to triumph over the difficulties of everyday life and to become a deeper and more inward person, calm, and peaceful. Resignation, therefore, is the spiritual and ethical affirmation of one’s own existence. Only he that has gone through the trial of resignation is capable of accepting the world. ”

– Albert Schweitzer

Accepting The World Thess Days …

And all Its Fucked Up Shit.

Play Nice!!!


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questions 1 and 16 ???

What would your dream vacation be?

I honestly don’t think I really have one? But uhh actually… Story time

Rn, if it weren’t for the whole pandemic situation going on, I’m supposed to be in Italy (I’d be visiting Rome today 😢) and I think that really was my dream vacation

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

I’d just walk around the city lol and I’d probably go to the louis vuitton store downtown lmao idk

shit nvm it’s closed

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