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#love poem
sunsbleeding · a year ago
Tumblr media
HANDS SPEAK SECRETS (acrylic on paper)
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thespilledquotes · a year ago
There is no such thing as the "perfect" man or woman. Just find one who tries hard enough to make you happy and wants to grow with you.
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alhwrites · 7 months ago
I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but I think it’s something you need to hear: sometimes someone’s inability to love you the right way is not their fault. If you are the first person to show someone pure, genuine love, they may not know how to reciprocate because they’ve never experienced it before. In turn, they may not know how to give it back. This doesn’t mean that it’s your job to teach them, that you have to tolerate it, or that you deserve it, but I’ve found it incredibly helpful in my own healing to understand that sometimes people aren’t hurting you or treating you poorly intentionally. Sometimes people will self sabotage good things because they don’t think they’re worthy of it. Sometimes they just don’t know what to do, so they ruin it, whether that be by running away, being disrespectful, or causing pain. Sometimes, people still have their own growing to do. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you, it’s just that you happened to be there in the collateral damage. I don’t say this to justify any of their bad actions, but to offer a different perspective that may aid you in forgiving and ultimately reaching your peace.
— alhwrites
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thehopefulquotes · a year ago
I'm not very good at putting my feelings into words. That's why people misunderstand me.
— Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
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