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#love poem
artisticmind · 2 minutes ago
Your hugs makes me feel like
the world could burning down
and as long I am between those arms
nothing bad is gonna happen to me
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deepkriti · 6 minutes ago
I feel a yearning
deep in the pit of my stomach
For something I've never known my entire life
But maybe, that is the reason why.
Maybe it's visceral.
Even though I've never held it in my fingers
My body knows what it misses.
Maybe my skin understands on its own
What it lacks and hence craves for it every night.
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kryptoniiita · 16 minutes ago
A cada momento me pregunto que hubiera sido de nosotros dos ¿estaríamos juntos? ¿Seríamos felices? ¿que hubiera pasado? ¿Hubiéramos hecho todo lo que un día planeamos hacer? ¿Hubiéramos bailado todas las canciones que prometimos bailar? ¿Hubiéramos tenido esas citas que planeamos? Sinceramente espero que en ese "hubiera" que dicen que no existe, hagamos todo lo que no pudimos hacer algún día.
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kryptoniiita · 22 minutes ago
Todavía siento un vacío en el pecho cuando alguien dice tu nombre.
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homeofthedamned · 22 minutes ago
Does anyone else just crave looking at someone and having them look back-
like the kind of intimacy in just prolonged eye contact that says
“Hey. I’m here.
I’m here with you.
And we are here with each other
 I see you like how you see me.
Look at us, here in this moment together and seeing through each other.”
- Sana Zia, journal entry excerpt 09/05/2021
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crownofapoet · 26 minutes ago
I had a pen in my hand,
Drawing you instead of doing what I’ve planned,
Wondering if you too were secretly looking at me
Because in my imaginary world you’re finding me lovely
Thinking that my dark hair would go well with your sunny curls
Craving to kiss my neck dressed with cream colored pearls.
But I guess this is all just a result from my own desire
Turning my secret fancies into a passionate fire.
Because in the end I’m just a simple girl in a simple world
Dreaming about the guy next to me who doesn’t even see me because I’m not that pretty.
Library kind of love, May 4th 2021, 3:09AM
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poetryinart · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Café Terrace at Night - Vincent Van Gough - (1888)
I went down memory Lane tonight, Sat at the café terrace under starlight. Although so many years have passed, It hasn’t changed since I saw it last.
The accordionist still plays our tune, Under the mystic glow of the moon. Life is sweet under this canopy, The best side of humanity.
I sip my tea, embrace it’s heat, Gently rock upon my seat. Now I’m at a table for one, It’s been a while since you’ve been gone.
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sagecircles · 42 minutes ago
leaves shrivel 
in my presence,
a reverse Midas touch,
my succulents never live
Long, do they?
Love withers 
at my contact,
sparks snuff out,
when I stay too
Long, perhaps 
it isn’t you, 
it’s me 
wasn’t another 
white lie.
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acrylicalchemy · 52 minutes ago
Because she is a mother...that is how and why she does the impossible.
Michael Carini, Carini Arts
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mystiction · 54 minutes ago
Left On Read
She sent it, and she waited 
As her breath slowly bated, 
 The message, left on read, 
To a person, who was dead.
 She told him, how she loved him, 
She told him nothing grim, 
She was told, in return, that he was sadly gone, 
He’d felt, in his life, he was just a pawn. 
 She soon felt anger, disgust, sadness, 
She needed an exile from all this madness, 
She loved him, he left her, 
What more were people good for? 
 People just betrayed, they spent what wasn’t their own, 
She thought love was bliss, but she should have known. 
No one ever lasted, no lives were in sync, 
Whatever you may earn, will be lost in a blink. 
 She loved him, she hated him, 
She praised him, she berated him. 
She had known love, at last, But he had snatched it, too fast.
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hayarizz9 · 55 minutes ago
"I don't care about haram or halal. I'd rather extinguish the fire in hell and burn heaven, so that people could start loving God for no other reason than love".
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wordsintheraw · an hour ago
I’ve wasted opportunity thus far in my life.
Too old to go back and take the chances I should have.
Not that you care, you’ve gotten what you wanted.
I’m bitter and angry at you.
You blame me but you’re the one who cast the first stone.
Those words, cutting into me like a knife.
Wearing me done until I had nothing left.
But I stayed with you.
I continued to love you as you shoved me down further.
Continued to praise you and make you feel good.
But living below you wasn’t good enough. I just didn’t give you all I had.
Now years later I look back and all the signs pointed to leave.
But I stayed.
And stayed.
And stayed.
Through all the pain and heartache.
Because I made a promise to you.
Promises are made to be broken, I just learned that too late.
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mystiction · an hour ago
We watched together as the sun slowly went down, 
Glimmery orange, and a yellow crown. 
Slowly, the darkness came upon us, 
Slowly, the moon rose to fame upon us.
Somewhere behind us the clock slowly ticks, 
As we wait, and wait, for our mozzarella sticks. 
Somewhere slowly, a lonely fox meets his love, 
Somewhere slowly, a cold hand fits a woollen glove. 
Slowly, cherished memories are born, 
Slowly, all self-hatred is torn.
Slowly, comes the end, of a stressful strife, 
Slowly, moves everything good in life.
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fluffyprincess025 · an hour ago
No matter how hard
or how often you attempt
to disconnect yourself from reality
You will still never be able
to escape the inevitability
of your own loneliness
It hits you
during a 3 AM hangover
in your dark and silent bedroom
In a hospital bed
after just one too many pills
and the room is empty
In your bathroom
sitting in a blood puddle
while everyone claims you're selfish for surviving
When she kisses you
but her touch is shallow
and you realize you're only a rebound
Your vices are no match.
Each escape has its limits.
Even death.
So maybe instead of running,
it's best to accept it.
Aren't you out of breath?
- @fluffyprincess025 (MaCeighla)
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wlwdaydreamms · an hour ago
Stranger in my dreams.
Is this loneliness or insanity? Your face is as clear as the night sky yet I've never seen you before. I can sense your presence near me yet you’re nowhere to be found. I hear the unspoken words you’re telling me yet silence surrounds me. I know you very well yet at the same time I don't.
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itsmegallene · an hour ago
Why's being afraid so easy?
And falling for someone too quick
Hurting too deep
You want someone
and yet pushes them away
Tell me, do i slay this feelings
Or do i keep it?
'Cause now
I've never been so lonely
Never have i seen myself that sad
For something i should be happy—
For a long time
But should i really be?
But couldn't reject it
Or embraced it
But doubt it;
Doubting everything i feel, i see or hear
In the end, even the ones i meet— i knew
Wind whispers and blew
I should tear this to pieces
Run for the hills
Close this chapter, seal it
Leave, leave it all behind
And replay but in a different scene of way
-Gallene //caught in red lights;
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cherrypixls · an hour ago
You smell like the earth- musky and rustic;
And your warmth is like the rays of sunshine on my good days.
You feel like my favorite bed
the kind I dive into and refuse to leave for days
or months
or a lifetime.
I love your eyes, the way they seem to laugh when you laugh
and when you smile, I could just perish.
You tease me when I stare at you for too long,
said I looked at you like you hold my entire universe in the palm of your hands.
You're not wrong, you know.
And although the future is not promised,
I thank whatever cosmic power is responsible
for shoving you into my path
when it felt like the journey ahead is too impossible to pursue.
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