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#love poem

I can’t shake the feeling

That your hand is on her thigh. 

I can’t shake the thoughts

Of her digging her nails into your back. 

I’m always edging between the lines

Of trust and fear. 

Telling myself that you wouldn’t do that

But knowing that you could. 

The images of your bodies melting into one

Replaying through my head like some broken movie. 

I want so desperately to be your one and only

Maybe that’s where the problem stems from. 

You say that I’m yours

But I guess you’re not mine. 

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I cant do this alone. I cant do this with out you. I crave your love and addiction is my definition of my love for you.

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This is a love poem I wrote for a friend. 🌷


fly through my life, leaving stars.

In my mind you are made

of rockets and whiteboard pens,

colours running down

the side of a face,

Breathing out stories.


Run rings round me, leaving laughter.

Write me beautiful, write me full,

casting ink onto the road

and up the steps to wherever,

a smooth carpet of black hope.

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I remember the day i left

I knew it was already dead

I saw deja vus

Of leaving you

Life was just so weird

You weren’t my twin flame

Our love wasn’t that real

I saw visions of her

It seemed like you

But you were a test to come through

Love tests to prepare me for her

All this pain was worth in the end

I know that i will never see you again

I learned that you killed your child dreams

So sad too see you go that way

Now i am open to my twinflame love

Now i will finally meet my divine partner that i’ve been waiting for so long

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My energy never dies

Even if i die

I will be still around

No need to doubt

Lived long enough to see who is true

Lived long enough to realize that some people really have no soul

Chosen ones are the empaths

Those who show love and can read peoples’ thoughts

Some people are just meat and bones

And some are just souls that are waking up to their call

Those who are meat and bones

Are there to test your soul

Tests that will show your growth and if you are ready to move on

Repeating cycles is not a bad thing

It happens till learn the lesson and what it really means

You are not alone

You are guided and protected by the universal force

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Pain inside my heart

Couldn’t see it last

Memories are all gone

Can’t even remember your face no more

Summer went by

Somehow i am still alive

Numbed inside

Faking smiles

Makes me seem alright

Who are you to judge me ?

You don’t even know anything about me

Narcissists want to see me die

Surviving another day

Makes them rage inside

But in the end i always shine

I am a star

I can light up the whole sky

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Artık o sokaklardan geçebilirsin, o şarkıyı dinleyebilirsin, o yerlerde oturabilirsin, hatta o koridorlarda bile bekleyebilirsin; çünkü artık onların da anısı kalmadı…

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You feel alone

But you are actually not

You have yourself

You can make everything happen on your own

You need to love yourself

And that is how you experience self growth

It is okay

If you make mistakes

Point is to learn from them

And keep on going by building up you glow

True wisdom comes from within

You are your own god in this world that we live in

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Share with me baby

Your lips and hands

Your breath and body

Share with me baby

Your soul and spirit

Your groans and tongue

Share with me baby

Your moments to spare

Your wants and needs

Whisper to me baby

Your fire for me

Your passion for me

Tell me baby

Where you want me

How you want me

Hold me baby

After we’ve finished

Wrap your arms around me

Share with me baby

And I’ll share with you

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Where is my mind at

One year ago it felt i was dying non stop

Past wounds are gone now

Exes obsessed with me 

They won’t stop stalking now

I can feel the enemies around me

I think they are planning to take me down

People hit up my phone

I don’t have time to talk

Never replying cause i did it all of my own

Back when i needed them the most

Nobody had time to fill me with hope

Now they won’t be a part of my glow

Now i am spread love and change the world

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It feels like a dream

Life filled with deja vus

I can’t tell if i am awake or asleep

Situations seems so confused

I feel like this is all a scene

Scripted situations i live on repeat

People surprised by my kindness

But they are the ones that want to tear apart my happiness

I am glowing and shining

Ex people wish that they could see me die

But i am just fine

Feeding of their hate energy and turning it into positive vibes

I am an angel in this world

Someone who one day will end up being unknown

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Dame algo bien fuerte por favor, quiero celebrar en tu honor. Quiero llenar de licor mis venas y dejar caer todos mis poemas al suelo. Quiero olvidar por un segundo cada dolor que me produces, cada alegría que me robas.

Dame algo bien fuerte ya sea

un licor,

o un metal,

o un adiós.

Uno servirá para tomar y calmar, otro para la existencia dejar y el último servirá, servirá para no volver a comenzar.

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Tão profundamente amado
Tu foste, que o meu coração
Da tua lembrança em vão
Pra sempre está perfumado.

Amaste outro amor talvez,
Mas, sem fé e sem esperança,
Guardo leitos na lembrança
Onde se dorme uma vez.

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warmth of a hand

Sometimes the heart disappoints you with the wrong poeple, thats why you say no to the right ones.

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