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#love poems
literaturemug · a year ago
give me the old-school love. write me letters. leave me random notes. kiss my hands. slow dance with me. write a poem. lie down with me on the grass. read to me.
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macrolit · a year ago
Tumblr media
from Love Poems of Elizabeth Sargent (1966)
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nothingwithoutwords · 10 months ago
i know exactly who i want to be. i've shaped this ideal person in my head, from the color she paints her nails in winter, to the silk pajamas she wears to bed. i think about her when i mess up, when things don't go my way. how she would laugh away the stress and know exactly what to say. she is the version of me that i most want to be. so happy and kind and always carefree. i've tried so hard to be this perfect girl, that i've forgotten how to be me.
the perfect girl in my head
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heavyemptyheart · 3 years ago
i talk to the moon about you every night. the stars surrounding her are getting tired of me uttering your name as if that’s the only word in the dictionary.
an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #2
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ifthenightcouldtalk · 3 years ago
One day he’ll wake up into a nightmare where he realizes he broke the heart of a girl who never would have broke his and she’ll be with someone who will never break hers.
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