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wlwdaydreamms · 3 months ago
you told me how much you like me but i still find it difficult to believe you. im trying not to doubt your intentions but my mind still play tricks on me. you're so kind to me but sometimes i want to push you away because im afraid. i never had anyone treat me the way you do. i never felt safer with anyone but you. can you please be gentle with me?
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moonlights-tears · 6 months ago
For when you are gone
I write you this love letter
In hopes to make you feel better
Think of it when you are sad
I'm in your heart when the world is bad
Always just a text away
Here for you every single day
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milnynx · 9 months ago
Up until the last star twinkles, I'll love you darling.
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soulglitches · 11 months ago
How I Love You
You know how someone loves a person so much, that they can't sleep all night?
That's how I love you.
You know how someone loves a person so much, that they keep thinking about them?
That's how I love you.
You know how someone loves a person so much, that they can't breathe without them?
That's how I love you.
You know how someone loves a person so much that they can die for them?
That's how I love you.
That's exactly how I love you.
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addisonclarke · 6 months ago
you ask me to be soft so i melt for you like the snow in march and you ask me to wait so i wait with a ticking in the back of my ears like an old grandfather clock creaking with age as i watch you live your life and count the ticks and pray you want me back
and then you ask for me back and i hesitate and slow down and stop at the red lights because the ache in my chest that was there when you left had suddenly returned and i can not dull it down
it had settled to a gentle purr whenever i’d see your face and now it’s a vicious roar at even the thought of your name but you asked me to trust you so i fell into your arms off a 20 ft ledge and you dropped me
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elixirofethereal-love · a year ago
your love intoxicates me
the hidden touch of your hands
you are a warm day at sea
as i unwind by the sands
like petals of a fresh rose
with a luxurious touch
a pen to a sheet of prose
my verse will show you as much
your grin captures my essence
fire lit with energy
a moon with many crescents
powered by our synergy
all the words are in my mind
but i’m scared to let them out
why do they say love is blind
it’s you i can’t see without
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ziainpoetry · 4 months ago
"I'm scared that if you knew how I truly feel; you'd run away. So I keep my mouth shut instead."
- I'm probably wrong, but I won't take my chances.
Tumblr media
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poetbychoice · a year ago
Fall for me. Just give me a chance. Take the leap and I promise you won't regret it. You won't regret it as you wake up in my arms, while I'm still fast asleep. You won't regret it when I'm cooking you dinner, and shoo you out of my workspace with a laugh. You won't regret it when we argue, not cause we won't but because we'll talk. You won't regret it because of all the things you won't see, like how I look at you when you're not paying attention. Studying every freckle, blemish and mark on your skin. Carving it into my memory. Looking and you and making a list of everything I want to make your body feel using my own. When I miss you despite having left you the same morning. You won't regret it I promise. So please, fall in love with me?
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irmodayo · 4 months ago
When you feel weighed down I'll see you there Down by the river We talk with no distraction About days gone by Till the waters run dry Put down all the burdens In the hand palm of ours And let the misery fade away Just like the smoke of your cigarettes
Staring at Ceiling — 15
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unexpressd · 5 months ago
In the end, the star crossed lovers finally found their moment to shine. In the way that the sun creeps cautiously to find it’s day, it is our love that has shed the light for the way. It is with the dawn in which we find ourselves raising with the toe curling stretches, soft pecking of forehead kisses and gentle embraces through tangled blankets. Although in some days where a quiet storm rolls in with the daybreaks, do we find ourselves clutched under a security umbrella, waiting for our storm to pass and led us to shelter within ourselves. But on the days where the sun shine bright, and rich laughter fills the air, I find myself reaching for more. More kisses, more embraces, more of you because it is you to which my home has been formed. And when night comes to end our days, I follow each star that forms a constellation, each a story containing but a mere fraction of our love. I look up and hear the slight snore of a lover whose stars finally have aligned with mine.
-25 year old deeply and madly in love to the point where her heart struggles to find the words constantly for this old but new feeling of love and happiness.
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lovelyhaiku · 10 months ago
When I was child I dreamt of grandiose manors,
And estates on the hill,
A perfectly prestige hedgerow,
A stable clean and neat,
An overflowing library,
A luxurious chaise to put up my feet.
But as the sun continuous to travel,
My dreams of castle scenes begin to unravel.
I begin to yearn for something less
Than a room with twenty chiming voices
And a shining satin dress.
I am pulled to summer storms
And cotton sheets
A bedside table spilling over with flowers I plucked
And randomly assorted leaves.
A pocket note in your perfect scrawl,
Next to my smudged glasses
Savoring your absentminded humming down the hall
From my place perfectly nestled in bed,
Only content thoughts floating in my head.
A quiet little space seems more alluring,
A hammock and a native garden,
Maybe a pond and barn,
Perhaps a tiny little home and a quaint little farm.
All I need is a few cozy few rooms,
A whole lot of me and you.
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wlwdaydreamms · 3 months ago
lets take our time exploring each other a bit more, as we got all the time in the world to spend together. even if i die tomorrow, im grateful that i can spend my last seconds being yours and only yours. you're my safe haven, my comfort zone and my shoulder to lean on. i hope you feel the same way about me too.
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linolinguistic · a year ago
At 3am the silent echoes
Of a dead street beg
For one more round.
Hope is the loudest compound
And this alloy turns to rust
In the corners of the bed.
Imagine your mouth salivating at
The edges of a dream the mind
Refuses to replicate.
Fortitude becomes the body bent
Into a question mark after logic.
One pillow tries to muffle
The fingers gunning down
Every optimistic bone
Asking for happiness
Over education.
How the madness at 3am
Swells behind the ears.
How the pages flip in
The fan of ashes in an
Unmade bed.
Never been real.
Never fit in an old
Crease of familiarity.
Never been a smooth cover
With the bumps of everything
Swept under.
Here again.
Back in the lucid land
Of a decision.
Laid down battle scars
To the weight of tomorrow’s leaving.
Sleep solidifies mantras from
Marked pages of a message thread.
The thoughts don’t leave
At 3am.
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milnynx · 8 months ago
His eyes held galaxies no scientist had ever discovered before.
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motzymuddle · 7 months ago
Don’t You Know?
Here’s a 7 line poem that I wrote for my creative writing classed based on a visual we had to find/make! :)
I am poisoned by the smoke of my own despair,
a euphoric yet nauseating mist of clouded desire swallowing me whole.
I feel the reluctance in your touch, your hugs,
your love.
Uncertainty shines in your eyes,
while exhausting desperation shines in my own.
Oh, darling, don’t you know I am in love?
Constructive criticism is welcome <33
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addisonclarke · 10 months ago
i wish that i could tell you that i won’t love him forever but that’s just not true because i dream about his face and his laughter could bring me back from the dead and you can hold my hand but his finger brushing my back purposefully on accident feels better than any kiss you could ever give me and in this moment i want you but on my death bed it is him that i will ask for with my dried up vocal cords
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ziainpoetry · 5 months ago
"I'm too proud to say it. So, I write them here instead."
(21:40 | 24-Jan-2022)
Tumblr media
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molly-holly · a year ago
When you wait for a man to make up his mind about you, your life cannot move forward. You can't put your whole heart in anything else if you're betting on something that may not come through. You can build the life of your dreams without him. You can start today. But first, you need to take your heart off the table. You have a few precious years to do what you need to do. Don't waste them on him.
Lang Leav, Limbo
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moonlightpanda · a year ago
- home -
this is for you. i love you..
i find my place
in long talks at our tree
while the sun sets
the way you giggle when i tickle you
in between secret midnight discord calls
and in how you softly tell me
„i love you“
i find my place
in the scent of your neck
of home and perfume
that isn’t actually perfume
your toothpaste
and the scent
of your old violin
i find my place
in your arms
in the way my hand fits into yours
in between tender kisses
the taste of your lips
and the warmth of your embrace
in between the fierceness
of your touch
i find my home
in you
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chtouchwrite · 10 months ago
love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail
it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea
love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive
it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky
— E.E. CUMMINGS, Love is More Thicker than Forget
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