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#love poetry
when i was a drinker,
i was a cheater,
could help my eye
from wandering like Kung Fu
across the land,
and so I was torn between
a college girl,
and a waitress,
one who could talk about Chopin,
and Bach,
and the other who slapped
me when having sex,
and told me I was a bad bad boy,
but in the end,
they discovered each other,
and hated what the other one stood for,
(“preppy bitch,” “trailer slut,”)
and I ended up alone,
listening to Chopin,
and slapping myself
in the dark,
it was easier than choosing
one life over the other,
than being someone
could count on.
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one sinful night in manhattan

and all that is left

is rumpled bedsheets

his touch fire on my lips

melancholy lingering on my skin

as Liberty spreads her wings wide;

pray God

won’t steal my soul tonight

— inspired by, Kill Your Darlings (2013)

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The colossus is coming down. 
Split the barrier between the sky 
and the Earth. Crack the sky!
Emergency siren. Blue fire eyes
forests worth of fur, and pillars for limbs. 
Come to rip apart, sink its teeth in 
to our last religions. It eats consumerism. 

“Go on, go forward…” Face your own giants. 
Remembering that they are giant for a reason. 
Walk along, grey paint in the air, grapes along the fence. 
Steady heartbeat. Chip slowly, humbly away at these difficult
challenges life throws your way. Changing voices. 
“Go on, go forward, go on…” The monster is calling. 

It’s the day of the colossus at the knife 
and gun club emergency department.
Its victims are brought in on stretchers. 
The heroes are overwhelmed and eaten alive. 
Sky scrapers are crumpled like dead cigarettes. 
You’d think there were massive clouds overhead, 
everything covered in darkness. The siren continues.

The hero we need stocks groceries. Or meditates
in private. Studying where the giant will go… stalking it. 
Hurrying along all of the bodies of its past victims. 
Now standing somewhere miles below the colossus feet. 
Sword in hand. Steady breath. Nearly buried underneath. 
Steady drums… steady beat. “Go on, go forward, go on, embrace the danger!”
Meditates… prepares in private… “Remove the monster’s head!”

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To death we said

Now we are dying everyday

I try to replace the chills

With the warmth you used to give me

I am chasing a ghost

The more I fall in love with you

The more I fall apart

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“We travel through life so unaware of the beauty that surrounds us, there is so many beautiful things and places.. but the most lovely of all is you. I love you..”


The beauty in life is within the eye of my mind, my heart, my love.. so divine when the sky is so blue, and I want you seen by the world cause I love you - eUe.. come and read my story, Chapter 5 is out now.. that’s a direct link to my google docs!!

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• Empathetic
I draw
And breath,
And true;
And spread
Willow and
I dream
Where we
For the
And again -
You •

•<< Inspired by: @normal-horoscopes >>•

{Aquarius: What a wondrous legacy to leave behind.  A desire, a compulsion to create, to twist and shape and work the ugly ugly world into more beautiful things. Things that can defend themselves.}

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will we live to see another day, or am i back to wandering this earth alone?
The dawn of our time painted the sky the prettiest colors of the rainbow.
Midday saw us lounging in the grass beneath the clear blue sky.
Twilight brought cold winds we fought off tightly embraced.
But the storm midnight brought has found us separated, struggling to get to one another,
and through all the chaos and the hurt, I can’t help but wonder
if dawn will catch us embraced once again,
or if the colors on the sky will be a mere reminder of a love affair that didn’t last.
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Pernah aku pada masa

dulu, semudah lupa

pada mereka, hanya

sebentar, tak banyak usaha

Pernah aku ketika waktu

terasa lambat berjalan

mengingat tak seringan

lupa, tentang selainmu

Pernah aku kala dahulu

sebelum bertemu dirimu

yang sebegitu menawan

lupa serupa barang tertinggal

Pernah aku kira, tentu saja

semudah lupa saat semua

selesai dan tak ada apa-apa

selain yang tersisa–bila ada

Pernah aku menyangka, memang

takusah juang keras untuk lupa

perihal kita yang sebatas kata, sayang

nyatanya tak pernah semudah lupa

KoniginDerRosen, Ibu Kota, 4 Maret 2020

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“Your southern vowels and gospel hymn laughter, fell down on me like a gentle rain from Heaven. In the softness of your rub, I felt a healing touch, so strong it could cure any ailment. To stand in your light was a Baptismal Revelation. The floods of your Love could wash out my darkest demons, in an instant. Your quietest breath, exhaled against my skin, had to be Divine. It was always, always, always, Salvation.”

- Oh, To Be Loved By You.

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The Six Lovers

My first love was fleeting

A barely there moment for me to grasp with slippery fingers that could never quite hold on to it for very long before it inevitably dissapeared and instead I was left with nothing but memories of a time when I could safely call it mine.

My second love was like a wave, it grew into something larger than life and awe inspiring- something that took my breath away with just one touch.

It was intoxicating,

And when I rode on that high just right it was the most exhilarating experience.

But then I slipped,

and fell,

and drowned,

and never saw it again,

Forever trapped beneath the very thing which I had once thought to be my everything,


gasping for breath.

Never quite able to catch myself.

And even if I had stayed on that wave, I knew that it would eventually die, for I knew that nothing so bright could ever truly be mine.

Such as my third love, whom, in mercy, brought me back to shore -safe- but once again on my own, the wave safely returning to where it had once been,

and leaving me with nothing but the hope that it would soon come again.

And my fourth love wrecked havoc.

It was a storm.

Fierce, raging, it swept through my life and took everything in its path,

leaving me defenseless

and hallow,

leaving me bared to all the world

with nothing to call my own,

leaving me wishing for a reprise, and knowing that even when it did come, it would leave me just as quickly, and I would be swept back up into its chaotic beauty.

My fifth love, oh my fifth love, was all consuming. It swept me up and held me close and refused to let go even when I gave it every reason to.

This love which twisted and turned and bent itself a million different ways, and at certain intervals I was sure it would break.

This love that left me open, that allowed nothing else.




And my sixth love, was a fire.

It burnt if I got too close,

but I grew to crave its warmth.

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The Color Yellow

I had another dream. Usually nightmares entail but last night was neither strange nor sad.

Not to say my mind didn’t shatter. Every time I drift I can feel my consciousness slipping unwillingly into an uncontrollable state. So much so sleep comes rarely.

But last night I did sleep. Last night my mind found a space far beneath the surface.

Last night I dreamt about you in a way I that I stopped feeling everything else.

It was like my mind had stripped all the toxicity away and left me with a new image.

Last night I felt the sun turn yellow.

Last night the meadows up north had warm winds.

Last night the flowers had colors.

Last night you fell into the same song.

You fell into everything I fell into.

And last night

I think I really did love you.


Originally posted by annataberko

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(Autumn, 2019)

I miss you,

Wednesdays especially

Two lectures back-to-back that carefully prise open the horizons of my understanding.

Just as you do, love.

I ache to discuss it all with you.

To hear your as it explores aloud the very borders of thought.

To fill each other with ideas and wonderings as a form of expressing love.

Wednesdays especially,

I miss you.

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I make a trip to the city, the way station my home.

To Paris, Athens and Hydra, all warring for my love.

Hour upon the hour, circling; journeying from one to the other.

To Shela, summoning from the kitchen. Lisbon, from the hall.



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