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“It is important to speak. Speak up. Speak out. Speak music. Speak dancing. Speak loud. Speak soft. Speak colors. Speak gaming. Speak technology. Speak animals. And on and on and on. Speak whatever is on your mind.

What is important to you does matter. Share, create, and engage ideas! Dream big. Dream long. Dream wide and far. It all starts in the mind then you speak it. The best way you know how. And do it fearlessly.

I’m rooting for you!”

- b.noble

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αγиı çιϲєğι Ꮠαяκℓı γєяℓєя∂є Ꮠαяκℓı нιѕℓєяℓє ϐüγüτєℓιм ιѕτє∂ιм.

ϐυ καᏐє∂є ϐυ ѕαи∂αℓγє∂є  ταм - ∂α  güνєи∂ιğιи ιиѕαиıи ѕєиι нαγαℓ κıяıκℓığıиα, υğяαττığı ϐυ- γєя∂є-

ѕαиα κıяıℓαи γєяℓєяιи ∂є γєиι∂єи çιϲєκ - αçαϐιℓ-єϲєğιиι  göѕτєямєκ ιѕτє∂ιм!. 🍁

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‘If you could ask one question, what would it be?’

There are millions of stars,

and all I could see were your brown eyes,

out of all the colors in the world,

your eyes made me prefer the color brown.

The song you played on your guitar replays in my head when I am sad and heartbroken,

I haven’t felt safe since the last time I was with you,

I remember the rainy days where all I wanted to do was dance and you would smile at me,

your smile,

it’s insane how much you could miss something,

all I have are memories and one picture from when we were still kids,

yet you probably don’t remember half the memories I do,

I have never loved anyone nearly as much as I spent those three years loving you,

so why wasn’t I good enough for you?

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Y aunque me vaya 100 veces de este pueblo
siempre regresare otras 102
sin palabras,
sin sonrisa,
caminando en tu recuerdo.

R.vela VK
Para (siir-poesía)

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