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#love readings

I don’t think you’re thinking too much into it, like if you acknowledge you’ve been thinking of your ex, that would explain why this reading was a bit hard to discern to me 😂 because your thoughts were all over the place! I hope things have improved with this new guy since we last talked. I apologize for the late reply🙏🏻

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Hi, sweety! Thank you, it’s good to be back!

So, what is in store for your love life?

We have the 9ofP, 3ofC, Justice, The Lovers, 7ofW.

Well, well… I see no rush to settle down for now. You’re happily single (like you’re not feeling like you have to be with someone or you’re not pushed by some kind of social obligation to find your significant other. Which is totally how things should be! Enjoy yourself first, darling!). For the moment you’re more in the mood for celebrating this singlehood. I’m seeing more of a desire to have fun with friends and to enjoy life (9ofP, 3ofC). 

But since you’re asking, I guess that deep down you’re feeling the longing for love. The Justice card represents a karmic shift in your situation. Something is about to change, the wait is almost over. It’s like you had to wait to learn that love is not rushed. Justice is telling you to take your time, don’t settle down with someone who doesn’t deserve you, don’t accept less than what you deserve, don’t settle for less than what you desire and expect. 

The Lovers card is following. So it’s the end of singlehood, obviously. But here it’s also advising you that love will only come when you will make a conscious and deliberate decision to welcome it in your life. Trust yourself, trust your heart, listen to your intuition, trust your soul. 7ofW is showing me that you might be afraid to let somebody in, afraid to be hurt. So you’re guarded, on the defensive. Don’t put up walls, even unconsciously. Everything will be fine and it will happen in due time for you. Just keep enjoying yourself and spending time with your friends, it will put you on the path of your karmic love.

I hope this reading helps! Take care, darling! 

Sending love - Kali 🌻

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Hello, Em. I apologize for the awful quality of the picture, but my camera turns garbage at night, lol. The lighting in my room is terrible. And, thank your for sharing your Halloween traditions with me 😊


🏚️: nine of coins rx, the star, knight of cups, knight of swords, the emperor, five of swords, 10 of coins, acw of wands, and seven of swords.

🎃: Death.

You will soon be single or remain so. There’s this thing between you and a guy that is not going nowhere. There is hope left in you but you’re feeling terribly insecure as well, like you knew it’s coming to an end but you still don’t want to let go. I think he has already made his mind and you know how stubborn he is. If you manage somehow to convince him to give it another go, it will sadly be short lived. You must face the facts. The death card implies that this is a change for the better. Let it go, there are new chances ahead. If you stay hooked up on someone, you’re steps back from meeting your unconditional lover.


Sorry it was too short. I had a hard time connecting with the energy of this reading. For a moment I thought you would be explaining someone you were interested in anyone else before you left them, but then I said ‘nah’, haha. Please let me know if anything I said resonate with your current situation or not. I’m willing to repeat the reading for you.

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Tarot Readings


Originally posted by blood-stained-razorblades

*Pandemic money is alittle short so I’m offering up some simple paid tarot readings as well as a general cleromancy dice reading and a yes/no pendulum reading*

$2- Cleromancy dice reading

$2- Pendulum reading: Yes/No

$4 Past/Present/Future spread-3 cards

$4-Clarity spread- 4 cards: Gain clarity on a situation

$6-Connection spread- 5 cards: See how you and another person connect

$8- Spirit guide spread- 6 cards: Ask advice from your spirit guides

$10- love spread - 8 cards: For people already in relationships

$10- Celtic Cross spread-10 cards

$12- horoscope spread- 12 cards (This pertains to the astrological houses. Your astrology signs arent needed for this)

$14- Year ahead spread- 13: Get some insight on what your next year will be like

If you would like a reading please submit these things in my ask box:

  • preferred name or intials:
  • Tumblr name:
  • Reading you want:
  • Your question:
  • If you would like it private than please specify or just DM me

After which ill DM you my for payment. I do require payment first before the reading. Please be respectful. I don’t do readings concerning mental or physical health. Please see a medical professional.

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Last day for Free Tarot Readings! I’ll be closing down shop at 11:00pm / 23:00 tonight. I hope everyone has a safe and festive Harvest Full Moon and really get to enjoy October, we all could use a win right now☀️

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I need to know who does tarot readings. I needs someone who is experienced. I need to know things about love, like will I ever get it, if so who is it, and when will it come. Like I will of course pay for the session because I believe in supporting everyone who does a service for me. Thannnks

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He was also depicted as the king of wands in the reading 🥺 you may not be ready for a relationship and that’s totally understandable, yet I think he at least as a friend is someone fun and interesting to be around *wink*. I’m glad to know this reading resonated with you. In regards of Tarot/Astrology I look up to you! So your praise left me feeling even more proud of how far I’ve come in this spiritual journey🥰 thank you!

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I’m glad to know everything I said resonated with your current situation. I tested my new deck with your request and I was hella nervous of reading into things too much or getting lost into the details due to the change of imagery. Some silly thought to have considering my intuition should be the one doing the work, the cards are only for visual support.

Actually… I think you two will meet in one year or so, during Capricorn or Aquarius season.

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Oh, Sukie, I apologize for how long it took me to get to your reading 😢 I’ve been doing well in my job and since I can’t risk going to a health center for a check-up, I’ve been taking care of myself as I can and allowing myself to take breaks from my studies and the blog to avoid stressing myself farther.

For you reading, your guides wanted to praise you before providing a message. They believe you’re very intuitive and intelligent, your mind should be bullet-proof. You’re the only one who can actually deceive it. Your judgment gets clouded by your own stubbornness and emotional attachment, like it’s hard to accept the truth or let go to you. They don’t want you to dwell on the past nor remain affected by your former relationships. You could be still thinking of an ex or you’re seeing someone that’s painful to be with. You will eventually get over it. You must get ready for your next lover.

He’s a fire sign, either Aries or Leo, but I’m inclined to believe it is the last. He’s a go getter, he doesn’t dilly dally, he will push anyone away to get his desired objective (you). He’s intense, restless, goofy, inclined to spirituality, tries to be patient but fails terribly, lol. Seems like an outdoors person to me, he also likes to ride and feels the wind on his face. I think he owns a car but it could also mean he enjoys travelling on bus, train, and what-not. He will give you many first experiences. Also, he’s rather muscular and got fair hair. I’m pretty sure this guy wants something serious, a steady relationship.

Please let me know your thoughts💓 I hope I could help with reading.


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False Hopes

01.17.19 | 10:59 PM

False hopes, wrong signals.

Why would you do such things?

Eating, drinking, laughing with me. Small talking. Asking why I can’t look at you in the eye, why I keep looking at my phone when I talk to you, and not pay attention when I’m with you; and act as if you’re hurt because of it.

Why do you sometimes text me asking how my day was (telling yours went well) and talk to me until we go to sleep at the same time?

Why do you look for me everytime you come home even if I keep on rejecting you (probably because you still hurt me from all the things that happened in the past), and act as if you’re sad because of it?

Why do you simply try to wipe the stain on my face, or hold the spoon to my mouth so I can taste your food, or even just look at me instead of the menu and smile as if we’re newly in love? (I don’t understand because I don’t have new love for you…

…it’s the same old love from the past I still have not known to get rid of.

And you? I don’t think you have love for me.)

But why are you like this?

You don’t have to have some kind of responsibility towards me just because you broke my heart.

And besides, you have her.

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Blessed Mabon🍁

I felt called to draw 2 cards today, this one is from the top.

are you needing help today are you needing to get ahead and some kind of way is there something that you’ll be needing to do that requires more than just your hands? Take into consideration accepting help from others because although we like to believe that we can do everything on our own we still need help with certain things there’s nothing wrong with receiving help come to terms with that today because you may need it.


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🎃Card #2 from the bottom

Remember to be thankful for all that you have because the universe will be thanking you in its own way. Don’t take anything that you have for granted and really just look around and appreciate every single thing that you have because there’s someone out there that’s wishing they had what you do


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Blessed Mabon🍁

I felt called to draw 2 cards today, this one is from the top.

are you needing help today are you needing to get ahead and some kind of way is there something that you’ll be needing to do that requires more than just your hands? Take into consideration accepting help from others because although we like to believe that we can do everything on our own we still need help with certain things there’s nothing wrong with receiving help come to terms with that today because you may need it.


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