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the1nsomniacdreams · a day ago
I want to be loved in the way Hozier writes his love songs
I don't want to be compared to the way the sun shines but the way it burns.
I want to be revered. I want to be feared. I want to be worshipped.
It's not often one finds something as raw as his writing,
Something that makes one feel the universe to it's furtherest, deepest, extent.
Something that makes you want to be crawled back to, from death.
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loveeblog · 3 months ago
“I bought the book you were talking about” is a love language
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artmuseumsandoldbooks · a month ago
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Mitski // Taylor Swift // Alexandra Vasiliu // Harry Styles // Hozier // Madeline Miller // Hozier // Charles Bukowski
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almarotasong · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
— Babi PM.
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aroace-make-some-space · 2 months ago
The aroace urge to queer every love song into a QPR anthem.
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missinyouiskillingme · 6 days ago
I still wonder how you‘re doing and walk past places we‘ve been in. I hate that you still cross my mind.
Jamie Miller, Over You
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ineedyourlovebaby · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
🤍felice e spensierata.🤍
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sunny-assaf · a year ago
not me doing mental gymnastics to turn every love song I listen to into a ballad about platonic love and friendship in my head like:
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alwaysdreamingg · 7 days ago
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Rainy nights>>>>
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infinite-words · 6 months ago
I don't know about you, but I am in a constant state of 'Maybe I am not made for this world.'
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ozgur-ce · a month ago
Tumblr media
Düşüyordun gözümden, bir yaprak gibi soldun,
Bakamadum geriye, acılara boğuldum
Senle yaşananlari sanma sakın unuttum
Zindan ettun dünyami, bir vardın bir de yoktun
Derdumi kima desem anlamaz
Gözlerum sensuz kalur, yaş akmaz
Acilara alişti bu yüreğum
Ne yapsam yaralarum kapanmaz
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sundaynightfilms · a month ago
Tumblr media
Les chansons d'amour, 2007
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loveeblog · a month ago
I be like “idc” then throw the book across the room and ugly cry
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youreanangelbaby · 11 months ago
playlist dump pt 2
wish i was getting punched in a mosh pit rn
that very specific feeling that’s presented during party scenes in movies where the lights are flashing and the sound gets sort of distorted as you go to sit down on the couch next to a couple making out and the person who’ll become your eventual love interest
reading in coffee shops/ looking around bookstores
songs me & my sister listen to in the car
mat barzal is the hockey himbo of my dreams
covers that really itch my brain
y/n gets all the bitches
love songs so i can dedicate them to my every person i make eye contact with in the middle of the target candy isle
crying on a july night surrounded by my four stuffed animals while a disco ball hangs above me
houston artists that fuck
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expressionist-hira · 2 months ago
Thinking Of You In Every Love Song.
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ilikecrablegs · 5 months ago
forever mine x the o’jays (1979)✨
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fuzzyghost · a month ago
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ineedyourlovebaby · a month ago
Compagnia? Aspetto i vostri messaggini🤍
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linloves · 3 months ago
I want to be the person you think of when you listen to love songs
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alwaysdreamingg · a month ago
Gulaab ki chand pattiyan, jo jud jaayein toh phool sa haseen shahkar. jo bikhar jayein toh ek dilkash manzar, sookh jaayein toh ik bhooli si yaad. nichod iska hai arq-e-gulaab.
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kisi ke zulf ki zeenat, kisi aashiq ka intekhaab. Kisi ke sehn ki raunaq aur kisi sehra ka ek khwaab.
Yeh ek gulaab
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