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#love tap au
Can I use the Love Tap quirk for a fic? With a link and credit to you.

No, I plan on writing a fic for that myself.

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In the art of manic deku using love tap on todoroki causing him to freak out he actually looks concerned. Is he?

Concern is a strong word for how he felt about that Incident.

He is extremely uncomfortable using Lovetap on Shouto.

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What will happen if LoveTap!Izuku hits Shouto on the Sport Festival? Will Shouto be controlled by Izuku's quirk? Will Hitoshi see this? (also u and ur AUs are amazing)

He would, but he purposefully doesn’t use Love Tap to get his point across, he only starts making an effort once Shouto starts using his fire.

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hey! wondering if i could write a fic based off your manic deku au / lovetap au? your art is amazing and the au is so creative and it's given me a few ideas!

Are you taking about the Lovetap!Manic Deku? If so I’m totally fine with that.

If it’s Lovetap by itself though I’d have to say no because I’m writing my own fic for that.

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if there was a way that lovetap and blowdart mixed, would people be affected by lovetap after getting hit by something produced by blowdart?


After being hit by spines produced by Izuku (no longer able to create anything), a person becomes very suggestible.

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Okay I now live for manic!deku interactions with other characters. Man tho, that combination of love tap and manic is impacting me. Like,, feel bad for Shouto

Fun fact: Lovetap!Manic Deku does not like fighting Shouto!

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im always a slut for todoiishindeku and your love tap au. i kinda wanna see how deku figured out his love tap quirk

I’ve decided I’m gonna write about how he figured it out before I draw it :)

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Wait in ur love tap au, couldn't izuku just deck/headbutt people. Or would that not work. It just randomly flashed in my head and I have been giggling for a solid minute lmao

When he was younger he tried doing stuff like that so he could fight villains without touching his skin…

He got a concussion and Inko made him promise never to do it again.

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I think Agape would be a fitting hero name for love tap Izuku. It means "unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance. It goes beyond just the emotions to the extent of seeking the best for others." 👀


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