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#love that for me. lemme just ship all the c's with each other with a side of donovan jaylen
patolinos · 4 months ago
saw marcus talking to fournier last night for like 1 second and as a result i now must assume they are lovers 
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no-droids · 8 months ago
Ch 17 was so, so, so good (thank you!!) 🥺 i am still processing. ((Edit: this turned into an essay so i Am Very Sorry in advance, there is a tldr at the end though))
First of all. We get to see Din going through it the same way sweet girl was a couple chapters ago and I love it! She’s been so clear from the start that she doesn’t want to run away from him and now Din’s getting to the point where he doesn’t want to chase her anymore because he just wants her to be physically there with him again. The second night of comms while she’s camped out at the orphanage?? “I thought this was going to be alright, but I hate it.” ??????????? i am a Puddle of Emotions no one look at me 😭
And then the way he’s so unsure about whether she hasnt begun to reconsider wanting to keep up with his bounty-hunter life now that she’s finally gotten a break if being forced to outrun a mandalorian can be really even be called a break for the first time in a year?? And he can SEE all the places she’s stopped to talk to people on this planet (his comment about the number of times the blond guy turned around to talk to her in the line? 🥺.) Din knows she’s enjoying these small encounters with people, getting to interact with a new planet and learn new things as she’s making her way through each place, and since they’re only talking at night he gets to think about it literally all day long as he follows her trail and tries to figure out what her plan is. This is truly an exercise in Din thinking nonstop about sweet girl (which ofc he does already, but like, thinking critically about what she thinks/wants/does/needs and why) and I feel like that’s causing him to slowly start to second guess himself in terms of where he would put himself on sweet girl’s list of priorities. And I wonder how much of this he’s actually considering for the first time? because it’s always him who leaves and comes back when he gets jobs — this is the first time that sweet girl has left him instead of the other way around. Sweet girl has had tons of time to think about these things, whereas Din hasn’t really had to... because it’s not the one who leaves who feels the absence most, it’s the one who’s left behind (even if just temporarily).
I can just picture Din’s increasing doubts as the chase keeps going, whether he’s worth putting up with his lifestyle and whether sweet girl wouldn’t rather have a life like the people he sees in the footprints around hers? because he knows her, knows she likes soft beds and meeting people and fresh fruit and beautiful scenery, which are all things that living on the razor crest can’t always provide except for the last one bc Din Djarin IS beautiful scenery let’s be clear and just. the ANGST. I cannot. ( a n d meanwhile sweet girl is having a breakdown thinking he wants to STOP looking and LEAVE her? As if)
So when she shuts down his tentative doubts about it on the second night she’s at the orphanage and Din starts asking questions about favorite animals and flowers and things?? 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I lost it. Din is mirroring the love and care he receives from sweet girl (and learning to tap into those emotions as he does) and I am just in awe of both his character development from ch 1 to here and your ability to show that gradual shift in your writing.
Tl;dr thank you very much for this latest chapter! I will continue to be a soft emotional little puddle for the foreseeable future, or at least until I can figure out to scrape myself off the floor and function like a human being who has not just read rough day ch 17 and promptly dissolved as a direct result🌻
okay first of all ma’am/sir/friend, please do not put tl;dr’s on a fucking MASTERFUL DISSECTION LIKE THAT like I genuinely hope people read every word of what you have written because you’re so spot on about everything that I was almost taken aback JEJFJJDJFJF
I would like to say, and I need to do this in list form because you have presented so many beautiful points that I’d like to address them one by one,
1.) Din Djarin is used to being alone. Full stop. Like even with sweet girl helping out with the baby and agreeing to stay on the ship while he goes and grabs quarry, he’s gone for weeks sometimes. He is used to being by himself, to fending for himself, protecting himself, patching himself up, EVERYTHING by himself. He is the most independent self-sufficient driven bounty hunter Karga has on the payroll and he’s reliable, which is why Karga would give him four pucks at a time. Giving anyone else four pucks would mean that if they happened to die during their hunts, then more than one puck would be lost and that’s money down the drain. Din doesn’t die, he always comes back with all four bodies and he’s fucking quick about it. Him telling sweet girl “I thought this was gonna be alright” is apt, because he’s been able to exist without her and do good work while he knows she’s safe on the Crest. In fact, the only time he EVER didn’t do good work is when a) she was attacked on the Crest on Corellia, or b) when he desperately wanted to get back to her as quick as possible and he pushed himself too hard and put himself in danger (aka frozen on Hoth scene). And actually c) when he stole Grogu back from the empire and had Karga and the guild on his ass about it. Those were the only times Din had trouble doing his job. The only times he stopped looking and gave up. “I thought this was going to be alright, but I hate it” means that YES ABSOLUTELY DIN DJARIN DOES NOT LIKE STAYING PUT WHILE SHE LEAVES, even though he’s okay with going out and doing his job when she stays. Even though he’s still hunting, it’s like the roles have been reversed. She’s understanding his side, and he’s understanding her side. It’s been 4 days and he hates it, so imagine weeks or months of that. Not being able to move or chase after her either, just hanging out on the crest with Grogu and waiting to see if she’ll be able to make it back. Which
2.) makes it hurt just a lil more in that wonderful delicious angsty way when he actually asks if she wants this life. On Naboo, he didn’t know where she went or where the kid was—he didn’t know if they were in danger, if she was safe. He said he’d rip the galaxy apart to find her if she ever disappeared like that again. But... she’d be safe on Sanctuary II. This is different, and just like you said, he’s had multiple days where all he did was try to think like her. Get in her head, predict her. Understand her more than he’s ever attempted to do before, in a NECESSARY capacity, like he would a bounty he’s hunting. Din Djarin is used to being alone. He’s used to being silent and that’s how connections are severed before they can even be established. His only practice at empathy was through his job, a job that he is very very good at, but it was never enough to get him to stop looking. He would never be able to empathize enough to ask if the bounty wanted him to stop looking for them. Even with the baby, he turned him in at first and then let the guilt eat him alive before going back to save him. So, if you couple that with his true connection to sweet girl, the natural empathy he has for her and the kid (him immediately following her after he accidentally snapped at her on the Crest and apologizing) and Din is now TRULY beginning to understand her on a level he’s never experienced with another person
3.) BUT!!! Even though he “needed to ask” (meaning he understood enough to know that asking the question was necessary) he started out the entire conversation by admitting he doesn’t think he could do it. Before ever telling her what specifically he doesn’t think he could do, he already knows this about himself and says it flat out. I don’t think I could. Even if you asked me to, even if you said you’d be happier if I did, even if you told me right now that it’s what you wanted, I don’t think I could ever stop looking. And a lot of the turmoil he experiences is because of that. I make you sleep on the floor. I teach you to fight when you just want to look at waterfalls. I do all these things that you’d never willingly do yourself, and I’m a bad person BECAUSE I still want you to always be here with me in spite of all that.
4.) Meanwhile sweet girl just has no fucking clue all this is happening and it seems to come out of nowhere, all she knows is that he’s been in the city when he should’ve caught up to her days ago. She’s out experiencing things and meeting new people and yet she always comes back to Din and the baby and how much they should be here with her. She tries to come up with clever ways to outthink him but she also offers to give her coordinates to him practically every single night. Her wanting to be with him so bad but trying to hold out (“ask me again tomorrow”) while Din is also wanting to be with her so bad and also trying to hold out (“find her again tomorrow”) 🥺
So yeah basically in conclusion I love them together and they’re so different but they make each other somehow both stronger and softer in so many ways and yeah u mighta heard of DD/LG u kinky fucks but lemme present to u DD/SG
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tetsou · 6 months ago
ship ur moots and anons
Tumblr media
okay lemme preface this saying im writing this exhausted as shit and im definitely forgetting some people (i’ll probably come back and edit) but uhh other than that heres me playing match maker
@miyaflix dee and miss joke not just because they have the same sense of humour but also because something in my heart tells me it’s right. i also think she’d work really well with osamu. he can do the cooking and he’s (probably) polite enough to laugh at her jokes
@tsumurai my precious deity rei i ship her with grand bastard gojo. yes this is obvious but i think her very sweet and kind personality would both compliments and contrasts gojo’s in the best way possible. ALSO she would be perfect with ushi first of all beef. but i also think ushijima would be willing to go along with whatever she asks of him (he’ll let her bite the shit out of her that’s true love right there<3)
@lovetsumie butter and atsumu. yeah this is obvious sure but i think theyd work really well together. theyd have this fun brat x brat dynamic but i also think atsumu has the power to put her in her place when needed
@aransangel saint and aran!!!!! ok yeah this one is obvious too but i think theyd have an adorable dynamic. saint has this intimidating sexy energy whereas aran is so friendly and approachable and i think that contrast is so cute. (plus saint gets so soft talking about aran it’s like seeing the tough character get mushy about their crush i love it)
@undermattsun okay i swear im not picking these based on urls but miki and mattsun. i think mattsun has just the right amount of toxicity and slime to keep miki entertained without hurting her you know? he’ll definitely enable her and be a dick occasionally but he’s not gonna ruin her life or make her cry (or he’ll at least apologize when he does)
@bakatenshii now based on her blog one would assume that i would ship angel with a kenma or a shigaraki but that is not the case!!! angel needs a tsukishima or a megumi (maybe an arthur?) she needs a straight man/cynic to balance out her sweetness and energy otherwise we’re gonna have chaos. if we put angel with someone like shigaraki we’re getting emergence part 2 and i don’t think i can handle that.
@sugardaddykenma miss lin needs an akaashi or an aone!!! men who scream stability it’s what she deserves!!!!!! aone would take good care of her and i think her and akaashi’s personalities would compliment each other really well (they both have that ‘i have it all together but im also on the verge of snapping’ vibe and i think thats nice) OH wait not that i think about it nanami would be good for her as well hmmm
@miyangel cloudie and sakusa!!!!!!!!!!! okok hear me out i think theyd have the cutest dynamic...bratty bright girl x quiet boy who’s mean to everyone but the girl he likes that’s adorable to me. sakusa would be so sweet to her and just imagine them aesthetically AH!
@bokutobabie sweet sudsy needs someone as sweet as she is like bokuto or yuuji!!! theyre both so dumb and sweet i know theyd take great care of her and shower her with all the love she deserves (omg imagine poly with them..two adoring himbos thatd be so cute)
@shoyokuns mous deserves a kind enabler like a hinata or a bokuto!!! theyd indulge in her gross kinks but also be there to take care of her when she’s feeling tw soft. i also think mous would be able to keep them ground them and stop them being too chaotic
@starofmiran miri and kyoutani!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think theyre contrasting personalities would be adorable, miri is so sweet and easy to fluster while kyoutani is the complete opposite (though i think miri would be the one to make him blush) also aesthetically they would look great as well just dressed in black looking so intimidating together AH loves it
@kuroosusagichan melo is so cute and soft it makes me wanna pair her with someone super scary and intimidating like toji or super stoic like ushijima but that’s just me indulging in the opposites attract trope. realistically i could see her and yuuji or bokuto working really well
@atsumuse mimi had a thing for cocky bastards like atsumu and oikawa but i actually think she’d be really cute with someone like suna!!!! idk what it is i just thing theyd really compliment each other and theyd be one of those couples who have just been together for ages
@c-herri my sweet cherry belongs only to me and im not willing to share her with any stinky man she needs the best of the best and for that reason im shipping her with miruko the only person who is fit to replace me in our marriage
☀️ nonnie needs someone big stupid or otherwise and that’s why i ship them with either enji or ushijima. i think either of those pairings would be great though ushijima would definitely be more willing to go along with whatever kink sun nonnie is obsessed with at that time
🐈‍⬛ nonnie needs a pretty boy and that reason i ship them with megumi!!!!!!! not only does the getting high with megumi ask live in the back of my mind i think they would take good care of each other (and they can dom megumi oop)
👭 is fruity as hell and for that reason they need to be the with the prettiest girl who can satisfy their every need and that’s alisa haiba babie!!!!!!!
♡੯ᵕू ໒꒱ nonnie and tendou...maybe mahito they need someone whos energy is equal parts stinky and equal parts sexy and I think those two are good candidates 
🍓 nonnie is fucking adorable honestly the cutest mf alive and that’s why they need someone like deku or kirishima who’s gonna treasure them and treat them with the gentleness they deserve
🐝 nonnie ok here’s the thing bee nonnie is a virgin prince advocate and for that reason i ship them with the quintessential virgin princes junpei and tamaki BUT i also ship them with mahito.......idk why i just do....just please...i cant elaborate just trust me
🫐 nonnie is so cute they need someone who screams stability perhaps a nanami or a kuroo?? yes those sound right to me the vibes feel correct and im locking in this pick
🐻 nonnie woukd be great with osamu i cannot elaborate on this one either but my brain tells me these two would be the perfect couple and i shall die on this hill
🪐 nonnie...i wanna ship them with a big dummy like yuuji or hinata but i also wanna ship them with kita??? idk what it is but i feel like any of those pairings would work and id be in support of it
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jafndaegur · 3 months ago
Happy Monday! ♥️ I hope your week is starting out well?? The question this week is provided by my dear friend 🐢 Anon who asked me this and I thought it was the sweetest question I wanted to know everyone’s answer to it!! “If you or Jumin had to be away for a few months, what would you give to the other as something to remember each other by?”
Happy Monday Lea!! Start of the week is okay...hopefully it gets better💕 how had your Monday kicked off—good I hope~
This is such a cute prompt! Good thinking Lea and 🐢 Anon, so sweet^^
Here's to another week of Jaf trying to figure out self-ship stories with Jumin X3
If Jumin Leaves:
It's no surprise that Jumin probably leaves often for work. Afterall throughout the duration of the original game, he's constantly going on business trips.
This is no different, work has called him away to another country for three months.
A new branch of C&R opened in Beijing, and his presence is required to help finalize the contract terms as well as kickstart the sister location.
I'm very certain I wear my heart on my sleeve, but nonetheless I'm going to try to hide the fact that it upsets me he's leaving
Afterall it's not like he can help it
It's for work and it's something he needs to do.
My feelings and emotions are things that will only make the trip more difficult on us both
But Jumin is observant and I'm not that great of a liar
He'll never say anything but he can tell the distance bothers me.
It's the day before his flight, and I've helped him check over the list of boxes he has at the office to make sure he's packed all of his proper paperwork
Surprisingly through the day, Jumin has been quite hovering, as if he'd absolutely refuse to move from my side
It's a bit ridiculous but I can't help but laugh.
His face is as pensive as ever, his brow stern and serious
And yet he's sticking to me with no visible signs of budging
It's endearing and I can't help but draw closer to him.
"I have a gift for you, dear," he hums, reaching into his pocket.
"You didn't have to get me anything," I respond almost immediately, suddenly the idea of one of his extravagant gifts feeling like a slapped together apology for the long stayaway
My mood sours and I'm ready to pull away from him
When suddenly he holds out his hand from which a fluffy, white, cat pom-pom phone charm is hanging.
"It looked like Elizabeth the Third," he mumbled, "so I assumed it was cute. I bought one for you and one for me. That way, when we call each other—we're still connected."
I take the fuzzy charm from his fingers, feeling a bit of guilt but mostly amusement
Nuzzling the charm, I peek up at Jumin. "Well yeah we'd be connected, we'd be talking on the phone, honey. Our cell service has the best connection."
"Your humor is as bad as mine," Jumin chuckles and kisses the dip between my brow.
If I Leave:
I imagine if I had to leave for a long period of time, it was probably during my time at college before graduation—maybe I visited Jumin for the summer and I had to return for the semester.
He's been very close with me as the final days up to my flight home approach
Taking days off, making different outing plans for us everyday, even going so far as to cook dinner every night
Jumin does a little something every day.
Like me, he wears his heart on his sleeve, only his poker face doesn't let just anyone see it right away
But paying attention to his actions here and there
I can tell with almost a heartbroken stagger that he actually will miss me as much as I will miss him.
A few days before I head home, I start my careful crafting.
Part of me wonders if this is a good enough gift for him, but as I compile my list, I know that this is something special for me
So I know it will equally be just as meaningful for him.
Jumin sees me off at the airport, something that made me ugly cry for hours after
But before I pass through the gates that lead to customs, I hold out my hand. "Lemme see your phone, love."
Giving me a confused lift of his brow, he complies
It takes me a minute to get the download link, but once it's ready, I make the folder shortcut on his home screen
A music paylist: *°~;'jafnjumin';~°*
"I play so much music while I write," I scratch my head, embarrassed the more I think about it, "that I thought it'd be nice if we'd listen to the same music while the both of us a long distance coffee date. Except without the coffee. Or the date part. Just the nice ambient music..."
He laughs and wraps his arms around me, hugging close. "I'm grateful, perhaps it'll make the dull office atmosphere sunnier."
"I don't think anything will fix that," I giggle, burying my face into his chest.
"Perhaps not," Jumin hums in agreement with a mock wince, before I feel the ghost trace of his lips against the crown of my head. "But I believe your music will help me and keep me company for now until you come back home."
"You're surprisingly sentimental," I grin, enjoying the warm feeling blooming along the bridge of my nose and the round of my cheeks.
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littleboy-logan · 10 months ago
Bedtime For Baby
I wrote this because agere c!thomas is scarce tbh, and I love the thought of everyone caring for baby Thomas. Hope you enjoy!!
Summary: It’s time to get Thomas into bed. When he’s regressed, this is much easier said than done.
Characters: C!Thomas, Roman, Patton, Logan, Remus, Janus, Virgil
Pairing(s): platonic DRLAMPT (but you can look at it as romantic if you want so long as you don’t dare make it r*mr*m)
Warnings: mentions of nightmares and the boogeyman, pretending to be pirates? uh the “count of three” phrase, the use of a middle name, and a very defiant regressor. Lemme know if I missed anything!!!!
Word count: 1,723
Thomas was surprisingly stubborn in his regressed state.
He would put up a fight at bath time, he demanded he have his way at the park and never, ever leave, he would throw his vegetables around at dinner — especially the carrots.
The time he pitched his biggest fits, however, was bedtime.
"Thomas, it's late!" Patton said for the umpteenth time that night, holding a onesie for him to change into. "Don't you wanna have some nice dreams tonight?"
"No!" Thomas yelled, blowing raspberries at Patton.
Patton sighed. "Young man, you cannot act like this every time you regress at this hour!" he spoke sternly.
"Don't care! I no sleep!"
"Will you, at the very least, change into your pyjamas? This is your favourite onesie!"
Thomas only blew more raspberries at Patton, who knew he had no choice.
"Thomas, I will give you to the count of three.”
Thomas ran.
Patton knew when to relent. Thomas wouldn't listen to him, but perhaps he would listen to Logan.
"Thomas, if you don't get rest tonight, you'll feel miserable tomorrow," Logan said to him.
Thomas ignored him, jumping on his bed much to Logan's annoyance.
"Will you please stop jumping on the bed? You could injure yourself."
"No I won't!"
Logan crossed his arms. "Thomas Foley Sanders, this is absurd, and you know it!"
"Not tired!" Thomas declared.
"If you sleep now, you'll have so much more energy in the morning when you wake up! You'll be unstoppable!"
"Not! Tired!"
Logan was having no luck, as usual. That was when Roman stepped in.
"Wouldn't you love to hear a bedtime story, Thomas?" Roman asked with a smile as Thomas coloured in a book on his bed.
"But it's about princesses and dragons and daring adventures and far-off lands!"
"No bedtime stories."
Roman sighed. He then grinned. "Then may I sing you a song?"
Thomas hummed in thought, holding a crayon to his chin. "No lullabies."
"No lullabies, just a song."
Roman knew he would get Thomas this time. He cleared his throat and began singing.
"Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes."
Thomas didn't react much, but Roman was certain he could get him to lower his guard.
"Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine."
Thomas's colouring slowed down, and Roman knew his plan was working. He draped a blanket over Thomas, who didn't react to it.
"Little one, when you play, don't you mind what they say. Let those eyes sparkle and shine, never a tear, baby of mine."
Roman turned off the light, letting the nightlight flicker on automatically. Thomas stifled a yawn, and much to Roman's dismay, he snapped out of it.
"No!" Thomas yelled, sitting up and throwing the blanket off of him. "I said no lullabies!"
"It wasn't a lullaby, it was a Disney song!"
"I'm! Not! Sleepy! Yet!"
With that failure, Virgil decided to give it a shot. He was Thomas's favourite caregiver, and may listen to him.
"Little star, it's time for bed," Virgil said gently.
"Nuh uh," Thomas retorted, still colouring in his book.
"Why are you so against bedtime?"
"It's boring. You lay there and do nothing."
"But dreams are nice, aren't they? You get to do whatever you want."
Thomas hummed. "Yeah, but nightmares are scary."
Virgil frowned. "Do you usually get nightmares when you're regressed?"
"Why don't you talk about them?"
"Don't wanna."
Virgil wasn't sure how far he could push the subject without things going sour.
"Look, if you have a nightmare tonight, you can always come to me for cuddles. Or any one of us."
"No. I not sleeping."
"God, you're stubborn."
Thomas stuck his tongue out at Virgil.
He decided to bring in the big guns. Janus.
"Hello, little one," Janus greeted. "What are you doing?"
"Playing house," he replied, playing with his dolls and toy house.
"That sounds nice. Do you know what else would be nice?"
"Ice cream!"
"That- no. Getting a good night's sleep."
Janus held back a sigh. "Oh, you don't think it would be nice to get changed into warm, fuzzy pyjamas? Think it would be just dreadful to get cosy under your big, comfy covers? I suppose you're right, you wouldn't want to get too comfortable resting your head on your fluffy pillow and snuggling your favourite stuffie. Sounds absolutely horrendous."
Thomas didn't respond at first, until he snapped his head up and glanced at Janus for a moment. "Yeah. No sleep."
"No sleep, indeed. Could you imagine feeling so relaxed and warm and safe? Slowly drifting off to sleep with only pleasant thoughts in your head?"
Thomas suddenly whined. "Stop."
"Whatever do you mean?"
"You tryna make me sleepy!"
"I would never do such a thing, Thomas, you're being ridiculous."
"Nuh uh! You can't trick me!"
There seemed to be no options left. The five of them met up in the living room to discuss their next step.
"Maybe I didn't put down my foot hard enough?" Patton pondered. "I did say I'd give him to the count of three, though."
"And then he ran and hid behind the washing machine," Logan pointed out. "In any case, someone needs to get him to bed."
"I think I almost had him with Baby Mine," Roman said.
"Why didn't you go with Lullabee from the Tigger Movie?" Patton asked.
"He said no lullabies!"
"Maybe someone oughta talk to him about his nightmares," Virgil suggested. "Maybe he's too scared to sleep?"
"I have an idea!" Remus declared with a smile as he appeared.
"Is it at all relevant?" Janus asked.
"To what?"
Janus sighed. "Never mind, we need to focus."
Remus listened to the conversation for a bit before looking towards Thomas's room. He walked in and saw that Thomas wasn't in his pyjamas, nor was he in bed. In fact, he was under his bed.
Remus crawled in next to him. "What are we looking for under here?"
"Nothin'," Thomas said. "Just makin' sure the Boogeyman doesn't show up again."
Remus screwed his mouth to the side. "The Boogeyman, huh? What, you owe him money?"
Thomas giggled. "No, he just scary."
"What, scarier than me? Doubt it."
"You not scary, Rey," Thomas murmured.
"Really? Not even when I do this?" He held up his hands with his fingers curled, baring his teeth as though he hand fangs.
Thomas giggled again and shook his head.
Remus dropped the pose. "Darn. If that doesn't scare you, you must be pretty brave."
Thomas smiled brightly. "I am?"
"Yeah! The Boogeyman is nothing compared to me, so you've got nothing to worry about."
Thomas looked down. "You sure?"
"I'm always sure! Hey, you wanna play pirates?"
The group in the living room still hadn't figured out what to do about Thomas. They were still discussing it at length.
"I think if Roman and I teamed up, we'd be unstoppable," Janus said.
"I agree!" Roman exclaimed. "With our powers of storytelling combined, we'll have Thomas in dreamland in no time!"
They suddenly heard a loud commotion coming from Thomas's room. Thomas was usually quiet when he was playing so it was rather concerning.
They went to check on him, only to find him and Remus brandishing foam swords at each other.
"Hand over the loot, ya scallywag!" Remus demanded in a pirate voice.
"Never! The treasure's mine!" Thomas replied.
They began duelling with their swords, Thomas giggling all the while. At the door stood the rest of the Sides, looking rather cross. Remus spotted them and his smile brightened.
"Look, matey, it be a whole crew of landlubbers!"
Thomas turned to look at them. He pointed his sword at them.
"Give me all your booty!" he yelled with a giggle.
"Remus, we're trying to get him to bed, not rile him up," Logan said annoyedly.
"Ah, but what's the fun in that, me hearty? Pirates have no bedtime!"
"Yeah, pirates have no bedtime!" Thomas agreed.
"How about we just ground you both?" Virgil suggested.
"We'll slaughter ya and loot your corpses!" Remus retorted.
"Remus, get out," Roman demanded.
"I'll not walk the plank!"
"Yeah!" Thomas yelled past a deep yawn. "What he said!"
The Sides all exchanged a glance. Remus winked at the five of them and put a finger to his lips. This was his plan all along.
"Fine," Roman relented. "But you sea dogs had better keep it down in here."
They left Remus and Thomas alone, and they continued where they had left off.
It wasn't long before Thomas was barely on his feet, and that's when Remus knew to call it.
"I found us some treasure, captain!" he declared.
"What is it, matey?" Thomas asked with a yawn.
Remus went to Thomas's bed and picked up his onesie. "Some pyjamas, captain! And-" He went to Thomas's bedside drawer. "A pacifier! Oh, and-" He picked up one of Thomas's stuffies. "This stuffed dog!"
Thomas smiled and made grabby hands. "Gimme."
"As you wish."
He handed Thomas his gear, and Thomas put the pacifier in his mouth. He then tried to take off his shirt but struggled a bit.
"You need any assistance, captain?"
"No, I gots it," Thomas murmured past his pacifier. He finally managed to take off his shirt, but then couldn't figure out his jeans. "Mm, help?"
Remus helped him get changed into his onesie. He then had the two of them climb aboard their ship — Thomas's bed.
"Have I ever told you about the time I found the golden monkey?" Remus asked in his pirate voice.
Thomas shook his head and took out his pacifier to talk. "Tell me!"
"It was a blue moon, seven years ago. I had just begun my journey as a pirate, I was fresh as a daisy in this new way of life...."
Remus continued making up his story on the spot until Thomas began to drift off. It wasn't long before he was asleep. Remus smiled over at him.
"I opened the chest," he said in his normal voice. "And the golden monkey was inside. But my greatest treasure was still you."
Remus kissed Thomas on the forehead and leaned over to turn off the light. He tucked the two of them into Thomas's covers and held Thomas in his arms.
"Sweet dreams, my little buccaneer."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladyideal · 8 months ago
Valentine’s Day Drabbles
We all know what this day is all about. Lmao. While it shouldn't only be one day you should be appreciating your partner, let's do this anyways.
Tumblr media
Star Trek:
AOS Crew: Jim, Scotty, Bones, scones x reader, mckirk x reader
Disco Crew (s2 only): Pike, Tilly
Almost Human: John Kennex
LOTR: Aragorn, Eomer, Legolas, Boromir, Haldir
The Boys: Billy Butcher, Hughie 
Marvel: Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, Steve Rogers (if you don’t mind me trying to write him), Stucky x reader
Please reblog. 🙂 Share the love around.
It’s open to anyone and everyone, but it would be nice if you were following me.
I will allow anons this time. But please. One ask per person. If I get too many anon requests, I will reserve the right to write first come first serve.
Send in an ask with your prompt(s) and character/ships. If you want to suggest other characters on the list, just ask. 
If you would like a pet within the story, lemme know. I'll be forever grateful. Or if you want something specific, also put that in.
Last date to request for a drabble will be February 12th, 2021.
Mix and match, choose more than one prompt if you wish.
If you've got any questions, feel free to message me. 🙂 They’ll be all be posted on the 14th!
Prompts Below:
1. “Be mine until the end of time.”
2. “I’ve been hit with Cupid’s arrow.”
3. “Happy Valentine’s Day, from now until forever.”
4. “Only if you promise to be my valentine.”
5. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” “Um….. is that today?”
6. Preparing a special Valentine’s Day dinner together.
7. Trying to find the right words to write in a Valentine’s Day card
8. Making homemade chocolates for their beloved
9. Planning and proposing to their significant other on Valentine’s Day
10. Wearing brand new lingerie for a sexy evening together
11. Attending a Valentine’s Day party and finding an impromptu date
12. Your crush giving you advice for the night of Valentine’s Day when they think you already have another date
13. Being surprised by flowers and chocolate sent to your work from a secret admirer
14. Forgetting tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and frantically rushing out to find a last-minute gift.
15. Writing a secret love letter and leaving it on your crush’s desk
16. “Roses are red, violets are blue, all I want for this V-Day is to do you!”
17. Candy hearts
18. Roses
19. Blind date/set up by friends
20. Chocolates
21. Movie night
22. Late for a date
23. Wrong restaurant
24. Strangers alone on Valentine's day
25. Friend(s) date
26. Rained out picnic
27. Low on money/homemade date
28. Surprise date while working late
29. Forgot to get anything
30. Babysitter canceled/Family date night
31. Secret admirer/admitting a crush 
32. Person A and Person B are friends and neither of them have a date for Valentine’s Day, so they decide to order takeout of some kind and watch a movie together. At some point, hidden feelings are revealed. 
33. “ Happy unimaginative, consumerist oriented and completely arbitrary, manipulative, and shallow interpretation of romance day.”
34. Person A has been in love with person B for years and is trying to work up the courage to ask them out on Valentine’s Day. 
35. Person A is friends with Person B and Person C and believes they belong together, so when Person A and Person B agree to set each other up on blind dates, Person A sets person B up with Person C.
36. “I know a Valentine’s Day proposal is cliche, but won’t it be romantic?”“ This Valentine’s Day is officially Pal-entine’s Day.” “ Isn’t that the emperor from Star Wars?”  
37. “I’m not good with feelings, but here goes nothing. My life sucks less with you in it.”
38. Person A plans the most romantic day ever, not realizing Person B hates Valentine’s Day. 
39. Valentine’s Day break up.
40. “ I don’t even want to hear about Valentine’s Day, okay? The love of my life is dead.” 
41. “This holiday is so pointless.”
42. “Do you maybe want to go to the Valentine’s dance with me??
43. Person A and Person B were going to have the most amazing date ever, but there was a snowstorm and now they’re stuck at home. 
44. “You still have your Christmas lights up? It’s February! Get your life together!”
45. Person A and Person B have to spend Valentine’s Day apart. 
46. “What? I do not like him/her/them! We’re just friends.”
47. “Wow, you suck at flirting.”
48. Person A is stood up for a date. Person B, who is secretly in love with them, does everything in their power to cheer them up. 
49. Quarantine Valentine’s Day. 
50. Person A and Person B debate which fictional couple they would be. And there was only one bed! 
51. Person A doesn’t know Person B and Person C are together, until Person C walks into Person B’s room on Valentine’s Day without knocking. 
52. Person A sets up a romantic scavenger hunt for Person B. 
53. Person A is late for a date with Person B. 
54. Person A accidentally buys Person B a gift they are allergic to. 
55. A carriage ride at sunset. 
56. “Hey, we should play spin the bottle!”
57. A date gone horribly wrong. 
58. “I need help picking an outfit for a date tonight.”
59. Person A and Person B make a bet. If Person B loses, they have to go on a date with Person A. 
60. Stargazing.
61. “I got a new dress. Do you like it?” “I’ll like it better when it’s on my floor.”
62. Medieval royalty romance AU
63. Person B is in love with Person A, who agreed to go out with Person C for Valentine’s Day. 
64. Romantic getaway.
65. Personalized candy hearts. 
66. Person A and Person B are on a date when they run into Person A’s ex.
67. Person A confesses their love to Person B, who does not return their feelings.
68. Person A and Person B decide to platonically go on a date. 
69. Everyone spends the whole day trying to get Person A and Person B together. 
70. Person A and Person B get into a situation in which they think they are going to die, so they pour their hearts out only to be rescued at the last minute. 
71. First Valentine’s Day as a married couple. 
72. Person A tries to prove they aren’t in love with Person B by setting Person B up on a date. 
73. A picnic in the park, but it’s snowing. 
74. Person A gives Person B a romantic gift and Person A vows to keep it forever. 
75. Caught cheating on Valentine’s Day. 
76. First kiss. 
77. “This has been terrible, but at least I’m with you.”
78. Person A has a surprise planned and Person B is dying to know what it is.
79. Person A and Person B are on a date and discover Person C and Person D have secretly been together for months. 
80.  Cupid’s arrow
81. Getting stood up on Valentine’s Day
82.  Watching the one you love on a date with another
83.  Pinky promise me forever
84.  Massages
85.  Open prompt
Credit prompts to @vv-writing-prompts​, @writing-prompts-list​, & @im-the-letter-t​
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anothertimdrakestan · a year ago
A Lovely Intervention  -  Damian Wayne x Jon Kent & Tim Drake x Conner Kent
Words: 2.3k
Requested? Yes! From a lovely anon!
“Can you make a fic out your short where Damian is taking after his brothers? Maybe like an intervention or something? I love your shorts I basically binged them😁😁”
I LOVE THIS! TimKon is my everything and we love Damian and Jon secretly taking after their brothers and it turning into a whole family moment. This req made me soft, thank you so so so much and I’m glad you like my shorts hehehe 💓 Hope you enjoy!
“We gotta talk get here asap.” Dick called his family, needing to investigate the current problem.
“I’m bringing Kon if you’re interrupting my day” Tim buzzed in, and Dick smiled, everything was going exactly to plan. “Yeah Red that’s fine, I want him here anyways” Dick replied, hearing the whoosh of Tim and Conner take off towards their rondevu point.
“Kay gang’s all here except the demon, you hiding him here somewhere?” Jason mocked, eliciting a harsh look from Dick.
“No, this meeting is actually about him, or about us. Have you guys noticed Damian and Jon trying to imitate us recently?” A lightbulb went off for Conner as he stole the floor, recollecting his most recent interaction with the boys.
“Oh my god yea, wait get this: I’m at the farm gettin’ work done so I could hang with Timmy - don’t blush babe everyone knew we were out together - yeah, then I see Damian tearing across the field with one of Ma’s horses. And I’m like ‘Hey Punk! She isn’t yours!’ and the kid gives me this shitty little smirk like he knows something, and he keeps going! Then he has the balls to flip me off! In my house?!?” Kon was waving his hands around trying to get the point across. “Is this gonna go anywhere airhead?” Jason interrupted, and Tim grabbed Conner’s hand, pulling him down back onto the ground after he began floating with anger.
“Shh babe lemme finish I was there too” Dick looked taken aback “TIM YOU SPENT THE NIGHT AT CONNORS? YOU TOLD BRUCE YOU WERE WITH THE TITANS” Tim quickly blushed and kept talking “Well yeah, but that’s not the point! I was watching Damian cuz he wanted to go over and ‘watch the stars’ which seems lame but the kid’s messed up enough maybe he needs some star gazing” Jason rolled his eyes, tapping his wrist to hurry his younger brother up. "Shit I took Kori star gazing a few weeks ago!" Dick mumbled before Tim got back to explaining.
“Sorry, sorry, so I wake up before Kon and go down and Jon is showing Damian pictures of all his pets then he ruffles Damian’s hair [ Dick audibly gasps ] yeah I fucking know, he let him touch him. Then it gets worse. Jon was wearing your jacket Kon. With the fucking spikes. The. Spikes. And Damian complimented him like I always do like he said ‘looking sharp Kent’ and that’s literally my line. So I have to do some recon but you’re right Dick, the kid’s a robot or something, not the demon” Kon nodded, finishing his story right after Tim “Oh my you’re right, Jon told me that he wanted to give Damian something to cement his feelings, like how I give you some of my clothes and souvenirs babe, except he gave the punk a whole ass horse!”
Dick realized it was getting worse that he thought. “This is good info guys, Tim I don’t think Damian is a robot but I think he’s taking after us, remember when I caught you trying on my Nightwing outfit? Jay you did it too, do I need to remind you about the Robin suit? And Kon you know what it’s like” The three boys shifted, uncomfortable with being called out by Dick.
“Alright so what do we do? Jump off a bridge and see if the demon follows? Kid doesn’t take after me so I don’t know why this is a problem?” Jason crossed his arms, still a little hurt by the robin reference. “Shut up Jay you’re with Tim running interference while Conner and I take the lead” Dick looked at the group explaining his plan. “Conner you’re talking to Jon about being himself, don’t roll your eyes they’re teens they need shaping in the right direction, it’s the least we can do. I mean look how well Jason turned out, you don’t want that happening to Jon!” Conner nodded, glancing at Jason who was openly scowling at the group. “Shut up Jay you’ve got the easy job unless you rather take mine and try to talk to Damian about his feelings. That’s where you guys come in, if Damian tries to make a break for it you’re security.” Tim and Jason high fived, excited at the possibility of having to cage a demon.
“So, plan A is the civil plan, plan B is caging the bird and then trying to be civil what happens if plan B fails?” Tim was well aware there were odds Damian wouldn’t want to hear it. Dick sighed, “well, plan C is disgusting Jon and Dami with Kon’s sappiness” and Kon cheered. “Plan C it is!” And it was time to set the plan (s) in motion.
“Dami look! I’m like a bat!” Damian tried to suppress a smile as Jon grinned, hanging upside down on the tree he’d climbed. “C’mon I can see that smile come hang with me!” Jon cooed and Damian easily scrambled up the tree, sitting on one of the limbs with his back against the trunk. “TT Kent I’m Robin not Batman, besides shouldn’t I be trying to impersonate your father?” he joked, tracing an S on his chest.
In a flash, Jon was pulled from the tree by his big brother. Damian jumped up, not sure what had taken Jon. “At ease soldier, it’s just Kon!” Tim walked up to the base of the tree, gesturing Damian down. Sliding down the tree Damian mumbled “your Kent stole my Kent” and Tim nudged him “so you’ve staked a claim huh?” and Damian blushed, looking down and walking towards the house. “Dames Dickwing needs you for something I think he’s waiting outside. “And you’re not coming? Gonna spend another night with Conner, who is your excuse this time?” Damian sneered as it was now Tim’s turn to flush with red. “Hey you wanted to go too! Don’t pretend like you didn’t hold Jon’s hand on the way over” Damian didn’t turn around, flipping Tim off as he raced toward’s Dick’s car.
“What’s with the super-snatching?” Jon huffed while Conner set him down on top of the family barn, the view of their home from on top of the barn was a favorite spot of theirs. “Well, uh, I’m never good at these but I’ve noticed you and Dames getting really close, and that’s really cool ya know”
Jon gagged and tried to begin climbing down from the roof, “oh god Kon no. I don’t want whatever talk you’re trying to give me. You really? Aren’t you already with a bat yourself?” Kon snorted “so you admit you wanna be with the bat?” and Jon huffed, sitting down again. “Maybe a little bit - what does it mean to you!” Jon refused to make eye contact with Conner. “Kid nothing’s wrong! But if you are I just wanted to give some advice, one SuperBat to another!” Jon shook his head at the cringeworthy ship name but eventually gave him attention back to Kon.
“What I’ve learned is that each of those boys is their own person, and so are we. And you know how hard that was for me to learn especially! So, I guess we’ve noticed you kinda trying to act like me and Tim but I just wanted to tell you that Damian isn’t Tim and you aren’t me, you gotta make your own path bro” Kon nudged Jon as he nodded, “yeah, I mean you’re right Damian is nothing like your coffee addict, he’s strong and passionate and really cares if you actually look deeper and - uh, yeah. I get what you’re saying.” Kon smiled, it wasn’t often they had a good “bro moment” but it went well. “Okay good talk bud, I’m gonna take ya back over now, but remember I’m here to give advice. You know Damian is emotionally constipated and so’s Timmy sometimes so I’m here when ya need me, okay bud?” Jon rolled his eyes “okay there we go, too sappy Kon, let’s go back... Oh no, are you guys trying the same thing with Dames?” Conner nodded, and Jon groaned knowing Dami was gonna be in a bad mood now if he hadn’t torn one of his brothers to shreds yet. “Let’s go back now”
“What do you need Grayson” Damian slumped in the passenger seat while Dick began driving. He noticed Dick locked the doors and noted all the ways he could escape if Dick wasn’t who he seemed to be. “Not much little-D just wanted to chat n grab some food, I’ve missed ya!” Damian narrowed his eyes, “I thought you liked Kent, you let Tim sleepover too and he had significantly more fun with the clone than Jon and I, who knows what they were doing while we traced star patterns” Dick cringed, noting that he’d have to talk to Tim later. “Well this is actually about Jon! You’ve gotten really close huh?” Damian shifted in his seat, getting a clear view of the car’s side mirror which showed none other than Red Robin trailing a couple hundred feet behind Dick’s car. “What is happening Grayson, we’ve done nothing wrong, not to mention nothing the clone and replacement haven’t done,” Damian couldn’t fathom why he was being tortured by his mom brother.
“That’s just the point baby bat, you and Jon haven’t done anything for yourselves. You invited Jon to star watch, Kori and I did that two weeks ago, Jon’s ruffling your hair the way Kon does Tim, and you’re saving news clippings from your adventures with Jon just as Tim does with Kon. It’s time to be your own guy Dames!” This was too much emotional intervention for Damian. Noticing Tim had fallen behind he pulled the lever on the car seat and use the momentum of it flying forward to push himself out the car’s side window. Never without his tool belt, he grabbed his grapple but cursed Smallville for having nothing good to swing towards. He heard cars honk and a child threw themself out of a window, rolled smoothly on the grass beside the road, and took off.
He was in the clear until he heard the rev of Red Hood’s motorcycle. Muttering under his breath he pulled out the comm he and Jon had exchanged just a few days before, he’d seen Jason do it with his teammates why shouldn’t he? As he signaled Jon he let his thoughts divulge for just a second at how similar he was to his brothers, and how Jon really liked to copy Kon as well. “Might have a point but this is good fun” he mumbled as he radioed Jon.
“They try the intervention?”
“I think I’m still being intervened for lack of a better word. Care to give me a lift these damn Smallville buildings aren’t big enough to swing from.” Damian heard Jon chuckle. “I would say ‘I’m on the way bird-brain’ but I think that’s Kon’s line and we aren’t supposed to do that anymore” Damian groaned at the realization they’d already gotten to Jon and knowing him he’d want to talk about it with Damian. There truly was no escape, but Jon was better than getting captured by Jason and Tim.
“C’mere you little shit!” Jason screeched as he saw Damian pick up the pace. Damian would usually know when he’d lost and go in for a fight but the kid kept running. “Something’s up, he’s not fighting” Jason lookup up to see Tim soaring down towards Damian. “Wings aren’t flapping Drake you’re not airborne much longer” Jason noted as Tim cascaded through the air. “Long enough idiot, pick up is on the way”
“of - fucking - course it is” Jason stopped in his tracks when he saw not only Jon but Conner flying in, Conner on Jon’s tail. “So is this just a fun exercise now? I think the kids got the message” Tim had connected Kon to the group. “Leave ‘em be let’s go for plan C” Dick told the group and the comms filled with Tim’s groans and Kon whooping. “Nah I’m out but I still wanna give ‘em a run for it. Dami is smart he’ll figure out what he and Jon are” Jason tried to sound caring and thoughtful, but really he wanted to chase Damian and not have to watch Conner makeout with his brother. “Alright we can talk later, go get them” Dick gave the go-ahead and the three took after their younger brothers who had quite the head start.
“Clone is on our tail, can’t you go faster?” Damian complained. “Good one Rob but if I’ve got this correctly I’m the one carrying you.” Damian rolled his eyes, using his wrist computer to find the quickest hiding spot. “Left here, hard turn” Damian instructed as Jon dove into a field of grains. “Not that hard idiot” Jon laughed and Damian couldn’t contain a giggle. “Well they won’t find us... what should we do?” Jon poked at Damian.
“Sometimes I wonder how I befriended you”
“So you admit we’re best friends!”
“Glad that’s what you got”
“Well now that we’re here wanna talk about our..... feelings?” Jon waggled an eyebrow at Damian.
“Forget it, Jason finding me is better than this” Damian began to get up when Jon grabbed his hand, stopping him dead in his tracks. “Stay with me Dames, just for a little” and though Damian wouldn’t admit it, he was glad Jon asked him to stay, because he was never good at the feelings thing but with Jon he kinda wanted to try. He wanted to find what the feeling of his heart pounding out his chest and his brain being fuzzy was, and just how he could feel it just a little more often.
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thetsxshibiscusanon · 5 months ago
TS x Sides Miraculous AU- Just Some Thoughts
Why, oh WHY, does it take me so long to make posts explaining stuff I’ve known for ages, I swear to god- I’ve deprived you all of content for literal MONTHS, I’m so sorry y’all-
Anyways- I said I would explain Miraculous to @thomasxsides, and I’m gonna! I made an AU with MLB and TS x Sides, but I’m not gonna go anywhere with it- it’s more one of those one-off ‘What if?’ type AUs, not something I would fully flesh-out.
All the info is under the cut!
Okay- so: what actually IS Miraculous? 
“Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir” is a French 3D animated show made by ZAG Heroez and Thomas Astruc that’s been adapted and dubbed in several different languages.
The show follows the premise of two characters mainly: Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste- our protagonist and deuteragonist respectively. 
Marinette is the daughter of a baker and she leads the double life of being the superhero Ladybug who has the power of creation granted to her through her Miraculous which is a pair of earrings.
Adrien is the son of a famous fashion designer who he also models for and he leads the double life as the superhero Chat Noir who has the power of destruction granted to him through his Miraculous which is a ring.
The two fight the supervillain Hawkmoth who has a Miraculous as well, but he uses it for evil. They have to fight the innocent people he akumatises and makes villains- making sure to catch the akuma and deevilise it to revert the person to normal again.
The Love Square (or Octahedron for some reason)
Now that that’s out the way, let’s get into ✨The Love Square✨ (which might as well be a love octahedron at this point)
SO. Lemme explain the whole crushes situation here:
We’ve got:
Adrien/Cat Noir crushing on Ladybug and Marinette/Ladybug crushing on Adrien
This would be all fine and dandy right? I mean, we’ve got a mutual crush here! It’s simple right? Haha, WRONG!
See, they don’t know each others’ secret identities- so as far as they’re concerned, they think the alter egos are totally different people to their civilian counterparts, SO:
Adrien > 💖 < Ladybug
Adrien    💖 < Marinette
Chat Noir > 💖 Ladybug
Chat Noir    Marinette
Essentially, they’re rejecting each other for each other
Then in comes Kagami Tsurugi and Luka Couffaine- Adrien and Marinette’s OTHER main love interests (amongst the four they have each for some reason) which complicates matters even more-
So to sum things up, we’ve got: 
Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Kagami and Luka aka, the characters we shall be assigning roles because of the love square shenanigans and this IS a ship blog after all! So, here are the roles:
C!Thomas as Marinette/Ladybug
Both are clumsy around crushes
They’ve got a pink flower thing going on
Both are protagonists anyways
Both are very creatively talented
Both have strong senses of moral and justice
They’re both carrying severe figurative weights on their shoulders
Roman as Adrien/Chat Noir
Roman would absolutely model for a living in a human AU- ESPECIALLY if for his family’s company
Pretty boys, both of them-
H i m b o s. Oh my god, HIMBOS.
Strong sense of moral and justice, like the protagonists
Both have a character who was at some point deemed the others brother
Flirty and silly, but also 100% capable as heroes? Yup! (oh god hero brought back memories, uh oh)
Janus as Luka/Viperion (his temporary hero form)
Okay just by that hero name I have a reason, both are literal snake boys
Have a recurring theme of truth or silencing the truth between them- Luka’s akumatised forms are literally called Silencer and Truth- both which are themes very reminiscent of Janus
Both very obviously care deeply for their respective main characters
Fandoms have this weird love/hate relationship with them
Each have a purple-themed emo who is very close to them/has a history with them (Luka with his sister Juleka and Janus with Virgil)
Have an unspoken/unofficial rivalry with the deuteragonists concerning the protagonists (Adrien and Luka over Mari, Roman and Janus with Thomas)
Logan as Kagami/Ryuko (her temporary hero form)
Individuals who seem to be very smart and capable of great things
Have this ‘perfect, cold’ aura around them
Warm up to the respective main characters at some point (whether at the beginning or somewhere down the line)
Has to maintain/Feels the need to maintain the perfect image set upon them 
Very bad at expressing emotions properly
Deserve so much better I swear
All in all, I could see this happening, but like I said before, I won’t do anything with this AU- this was more of a ‘Back with the brain rot from 2017, let’s make something out of it’ AU- but I hope you enjoyed reading it none the less!
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luna--cat · 11 months ago
hey hey!! could you give headcanons about sasaki haise and hide?? (romantic or just friends) (sorry for bothering you so much, i really love your blog ◕ᴗ◕✿ )
SHJKSHDJDK thank you so much what the flip why are you so cute (ಥ﹏ಥ) don't worry about anything cause y'all never bother me,,y'all make me so soft uwu
and you asked about my two favorite bois ♡ they both hold the keys to my heart no lie only facts :')
okay ngl y'all know that hidekane is a top tier level ship for me personally and haise x hide is no different,,if anything I love hai-de (new ship name?) even more alsjdjjsjs I big time love them so much so if y'all dont like the idea of hidekane then this is not for you cause we about to dive in deep with these b a b i e s ♡♡♡
Haise & Hide Headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what a beautifully relaxed pairing
healthy, strong, and absolutely so good for each other
this pairing always works :')
hide is not really a shy boi,,he's more just chilled out
and even with haise being a little more outgoing than kaneki, they are still the same person nonetheless
that being said, hide is a m a j o r tease
flirty boi hide loves to see haise flustered and blushy
hide will say stupid things like "are you a camera? cause everytime I see you i smile" *wink wink kiss kiss*
and haise just "SKSHSHSNKSL S T OP"
while haise might seem uncomfortable, he adores hide's flirtiness,,it makes him feel so loved and wanted (babie boi pls :'(...)
neither is strictly the big or little spoon,,it just depends on the day
if haise had a bad day then he's the little spoon for the night and vice versa
either way cuddling is so important for them
it's then when both, who don't easily open up, finally open up their hearts up to each other and say what's on their hearts/minds
hide buys random little gifts for haise and leaves them everywhere
on the kitchen counter, in haise's briefcase, in haise's coat, in the car, everywhere
and when haise finds it and asks hide about it, hide pretends he has no idea what it is or who bought it
cause he soft boi with tsundere tendencies uwu
haise enjoys getting massages but he ♡ l o v e s ♡ rubbing hide's shoulders and back while hide just talks about his day or hums to himself
haise reminds hide that he is still so beautiful even with the scars on his face and will often kiss his face all over (my heaRT H U R T S (ಥ﹏ಥ))
haise cooks for hide (cause like I said in my hide headcanons, hide can't really cook God bless)
haise knows all of hide's favorite snacks and meals uwuwuehebsihsskka
hide never, and I mean n e v e r, cleans up after himself
he eats cereal and then leaves the bowl on the table
haise scolds him often for it but always ends up putting it away for him
but real talk, they are each others rock
when kaneki is pulling at haise and haise is having a a really hard time, hide is always there to hold his hand and rub his back no matter how violent haise may act in the moment
hide initiates all physical contact tbh
he'll grab haise's hand, kiss haise first, hug haise from behindbsusbiahsks NO I LOVE THEM
however, haise opens up first
haise says 'I love you' first, he confesses his feelings first
nicknames and petnames usually come from hide
haise is shy boi uwu
hide's nickname is sunshine and haise's is kitten (haise says he hates it but we all know he loves it he ain't fooling anyone)
lemme stop here cause I could go on but these two are p e r f e c t for each other
the epitome of a healthy relationship
Tumblr media
hide does stupid things and haise has to stop him all. the. time.
the ccg knows hide by name as he always comes in to drop off some lunch for haise and extra snacks for quinx squad and maybe juuzou uwuwuwu
quinx squad loves hide especially saiko as they get along really well together
mutsuki can smell the attraction between the him and haise IM SORRY THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTIC
but seriously he actually loves to have deep conversations with hide cause he's one of the few who will listen
urie doesnt think much of hide other than he's very observant and goofy
sometimes he gets a little suspicious of hide but he might just be admiring or jealous
shirazu is still alive loves to ask hide all kinds of questions from how to be a good leader to have you ever dipped a french fry into ice cream before
hide makes fun of haise when haise wears his apron when he cooks
saiko joins in on the teasing uwu we love her :')
akira likes that hide is as friendly as he is but also gets suspicious of him like urie does
but in the end she truly does love hide as well and thinks he's actually quite funny and finds herself venting to him a lot
one big beautiful family oof my h e a r t
thank you so much for your sweet words and ask, ily (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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gogetthemcowboy · 7 months ago
Walker- 1x03 ~spoilers~
OHMYFUCKING GOD THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING! LIKE MY FAVORITE! This was the first Walker episode I watched live while! Jared was live tweeting it! It was so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot even if it did air at 5am for me dkjdshdj This episode was awesome for so many reasons like the new character dynamics were spot! on! and they improved so wonderfully upon the old ones! They’ve also gotten really better at balancing the work and family part of Walker and it just flowed together really well. I’ve watched the episode 3 times already! Walker just keeps getting better and better!
~spoilers~ last warning!!!
Opening with another Emily and Walker scene *screams*. Walker trying to learn how to drive was the cutest thing ever like and Emily teaching him! It was frankly adorable and the bobblehead was so cute sjjdfjhd. ALSO I LOVE THE CAR IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I MISS HE IMPALA BUT LIKE STILL I LVOE THE FORD MUSTANG AND OMG THEY NAMED IT STELLA??? AND THAT’S HOW STELLA WALKER GOT HER NAME THAT IS TOO PRECIOUS.
CORDIREZ! CORDIREZ! CORDIREZ! Y’all i love them i would die for them. Micki looks awesome in a ponytail btw and the way they were just bantering and being all cute! SERETONIN!
HSDHJS HE STOLE THE TRUCK NOT COOL MAN! ‘’my bobblehead was in there!’’ WALKER PLS HER TRUCK JUST GOT STOLEN. i laughed and facepalmed simultaneously.
Cordell standing up for Micki in the briefing room when everyone laughed at her i’m melting i am soft. Also Walker......did u just recognize hoyt by his torso.....k cool.
HA THEIR FIRST MEETING WITH HOYT TAKING HIM DOWN AND CORDELL THROWING HIM ON THE GROUND PLEASE. BEST. I love Hoyt and Cordell’s dynamic a LOT ok and just- they had something idc idc. ‘’Not cool C- dubs’’ i choked. They are such awesome friends, I really want to see more of Hoyt Rawlins!
Hoyt and Abelaine’s relationship is so CUTE! I LOVE THEM. Hoyt is obviously like a son to her and she sees something in him and I just! love that! 
I loved the scene between Micki and Bonham. They got along really really well. HOW DOES THIS ENTIRE CAST JUST HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY WITH EACH OTHER IT’S INSANE. Like Matt and Jared? Keegan and Jared? Lindsey and Jared? Coby and Jared? OK HOW DOES JARED HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY WITH EVERYONE HE MEETS. ESPECIALLY MEN. *cough* Jensen *cough*
Okay- Micki coming and taking Hoyt down (she is such a badass) was the right thing to do. Walker was letting *a face from the past* cloud his judgement and thinking, and blurring the line between right and wrong. It, while not easy, is the best thing for Hoyt and he’ll be able to lead a better life from here. Micki is smart, down-to-earth and I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH.
Hoyt and Mama Walker’s phone call was so touching djkdkjhf. Hoyt saved Walker’s life???? BACKSTORY PLEASE. I once again demand for more Hoyt, I really want to see more of them. 
AYE SHOOTING SHOWDOWN! RANGERS AND ARMED WEAPONS DEALERS! BOOM! I loved that. They upped the badassery in here and it was just! perfect! 
‘‘Am I just that good’‘ Yes hoyt u are. Ngl for a minute I thought he’d get away but SCORE 1 FOR TEAM SASSYBOOTS! JDSHDJDHFD. Also I’m glad Hoyt didn’t appear to bear any ill-will towards Walker for doing what he did. I think deep down he knew, that this was best for him too and I’m really happy for that. I want to see this duo again so much.
OKAY ALL OF THE AUGUST AND STELLA SCENES IN THIS EPISODE! Y E S! HE IS SUCH A CUTIE THEY BOTH ARE! And damn, possession of marijuana Stella? I’m glad she’s making up for it now! Liam supporting her for her upcoming court trial was the cutest.
The Briam scene when coming out the bakery! SJHDJDKS PLEASE THEY ARE SO CUTE! ‘’August drunk? I’m not missing this for the world’’ Same Bret. Same. Also Bret’s last name when?
Their little dance and sing along in the car was so cute. They’re such an amazing family. I love Liam so much no one hurt him.
Walker going in as her dad AWWWW. I love the fact that he is genuinely trying really hard to be there for his kids now. Excited to see more of the kids and him!
-You alright? -Yep -Yeah -Yep -Yep -Yep. 
Walker teaching Stella how to drive Stella! LMAO OK SORRY ILL STOP.
It was beautiful. MAKING AUGUST RUN BEHIND THOUGH PLEASE I LAUGHED A LUNG UP AT 6 AM PRAYING MY MOM DIDNT WAKE UP AND KILL ME. I loved that ending to the episode! I missed Trey in this one but this episode has been my favorite! Loved everything about it!!!
Speculation/Thoughts for Episode 4:- IT’S A CORDIREZ EPISODE IT’S A CORDIREZ EPISODE IT IS A CORDIREZ EPISODE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A CORDIREZ CENTRIC EPISODE IM NOT GONNA SURVIVE THIS. ‘off the books is my middle name’ Walker i love you. They’re obviously getting involved in something important to Micki and something that’s...probably unusual? but not illegal bc neither Micki or Walker would do that. I’m excited to see what it is and how it all plays out!
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I just got tagged in the sweetest positivity post so im gonna make my own and feel free to send me an ask with other accounts that you love or want to get to know better or anything positive. ANY RUDENESS WILL BE DELETED SO DONT EVEN TRY OR I WILL END YOU. ok lets get started:) 💛
shannon where do i even startttt you are one of the sweetest people i have ever met and you make anyone smile that you can. you really are a sunflower, your personality really shows that. you are so supportive of me and my writing and i get so happy to see messages or updates or anything from you. you’re such a kind soul and you were one of my first friends in this community. i swear i’m gonna read all of your fics, long and short, eventually. i love you so much honey thank you for everything🥺
ANGELICA!! your writing is incredible i can’t believe i am so blessed to be on your taglist and read your works of art😄 you are so amazing in every way. i love our convos so much, some one make us a damn deck of cards. you are my baby and always will be, forever. the picture you use for your babe pics is *chefs kiss* his face is priceless. you are my biggest fan too, i love youuuuu💙
gianaaaaaaa my love i dont even know what to say. everything you make or write or contribute too is i m m a c u l a t e. i mean i listen to your playlists almost every single day. and your fics dont even get me started. i havent even read all the multi-chapter imagines but your writing is just truly indescribable. your way with words is amazing. you truly inspire me to grow and improve each day. and yes you may be turning into a fan page of me👀 i love you so much g, my queen❤️
you are so sweet butttttt our private conversations would make people concerned. your cannibalism and my freaky side do be coming out around each other. our throuple with joe is one of the only things keeping me alive right now. unholy trinity *debby ryan smirk* love ya girl💖
VERED you are one of my favorite people and i know you’re taking a break or whatever but i still love you no matter what. you were my 5th follower and ever since we have been such good friends. you’re an og for being in the snap group chat and the chat on here, even though you left it, which is perfectly fine of course. it’s no surprise your tag list is so long, your writing is absolutely wonderful. and your name is so cute🥺 i love you forever baby
even though we’ve never interacted you are still so nice and read my writing. You are such a lovely person and thank you for taking the time to read my imagines🖤
jillian you are so freaking amazing and i knew we would be friends from when i got my very first ship from you. i still look back to your wisdom tooth video lmaoooo you are so pretty too omg and we can both relate to curly hair problems i’ve had your post notifications on since i first followed you. anywayssssss i love you💜
JACE you’re my mother and istg you are the workout QUEEN (i know you have to but still) oh by the way you are so so gorgeous and one of my best online friends. your bf is gonna have to keep fighting me for your attention and i’m so proud of you for graduating and 200 followers! i’m gonna give you bday gift just wait and see;) i love you more don’t fight me on this.💚
amy i know we don’t talk much but your aesthetic makes me swoon and you are such a wonderful person. your princes for band of brothers are so accurate you are so creative. hehe just know i care about you💗
all i gotta say is your ships are amazing and im always here for you lovey<3
soph can i just say you are the vibe QUEEN, and your stories always make me smile. i love here about your work antics and the creepy back room. you are so cute and you always make me laugh with our talks about being soldiers. we can be gay together too, i love you bub🤍
lemme know of anyone you guys appreciate so everyone can have some positive vibes
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author interview tag game
thank you for the tag, @pandora15! <3
Name: caroline
Fandoms: mostly the clone wars, but i also have some marvel stuff, and waaay back in the day, i wrote some doctor who and merlin stuff!
Where you post: primarily on ao3! i mostly just write on tumblr when i’m accepting prompts from like...ask games or something.
Most Popular Oneshot: real
Most Popular Multichap: to these memories (this fic only recently hit 1k kudos, and my heart?? w h a t)
Favorite Story You’ve Written: def. to these memories because a) longest fic i’ve ever written, and b) oh, the hours i logged into writing this fic, and c) oh, the outlining that went into this fic...i’m very proud of myself for completing the fic, and of course, i credit this to everyone who showed their lovely support for the story. :’)
Fic You Were Nervous to Post: uhhh definitely too far just because it’s...rather personal. i sometimes say that there’ll be a scene or two or just straight up a line or two that’s plucked out of my real life, and i think it’s inevitable for writers of any kind, including fic writers, to isolate their real lives completely from whatever they’re writing, and?? this fic is probably the most personal for me because of that. i remember kinda hem-hawwing about posting it, because i was like whoa, maybe this is a little too personal? but then i steeled myself and was like, “okay, well, would this have lifted my spirits when i needed a story like this??” and then decided to post it.
How you choose your titles: i def. toss and turn between titles! there’s a few fics of mine that are straight-up song lyrics (no surprise there), but to my surprise (as i was looking through my catalogue of fics just now), i realize that a lot of my fics are usually just words or two about what i think might have been extremely important to the story. (or captures the overall tone/theme of the story, anyways.)
Do you outline? for multi-chapter fics and relatively long one-shots with lots of moving parts, i’ll outline. but for shorter one-shots and prompts, i’ll usually just stick with the image that compelled me to write the prompt/one-shot in the first place! (and then kinda write around that.)
Complete: uhhhhh, i’m gonna answer relatively for all my clone wars fics, because in total, i have 74 completed fics. (make that...75, hopefully in a few minutes or hours!) but out of clone wars fics, i have 46 completed fics! (and again, hopefully 47 in a little while.) a part of me is lowkey hoping that i’ll get up to 100 total fics by the end of this year. a part of me highly doubts it, but given how much i was able to write over summer break, i’m...intruiged if i wind up somehow writing another twenty or so fics by the end of this year. (asfsf my wip list is long enough to fill in for another twenty fics. caroline finish all your wips challenge.)
In Progress: okay, so officially, time, wondrous time is in progress and online. but in terms of the works in progress on my laptop...i have...*mutters, counting* fourteen official wips. (ten of them are one-shots, and the other four are longform fics. one of them, i’m hoping to release next week (!!!), and another, i’m hoping to release hopefully around mid-december. uhhh so fingers crossed??)
Coming Soon/Not Yet Started: oops, i guess i kinda already answered that question, but eh, might as well! the one coming out next week (hopefully!! caroline get your shit together challenge!!) is titled most ardently, and it’s an obitine au based off pride & prejudice because i cannot and will not shut up about obitine being the period drama ship out of star wars okay--
and then the other longform fic that is very overdue is called getting lost in a big galaxy, which is a fix-it of sorts taking place after season 5. anakin’s gone missing, and obi-wan winds up going on a galaxy-ride road trip with ahsoka (who, remember, has left the order) to find their idiot. this is honestly my excuse to just write more obi-wan and ahsoka content. hopefully, that’ll be posted in december!! (despite the fact i...originally meant to post it in august oOps.)
and then there’s this other longform fic which...might be coming in early 2021 called red, underlined, which is essentially...uh. everyone’s a stressed out law-school student, and anakin might have accidentally murdered professor palpatine, and now anakin, obi-wan, ahsoka, padme, and rex are all trying to find out what the hell to do with themselves because they’re all in on it. (def. influenced by how to get away with murder except without the criminal justice professor to lead them through the ropes. so more chaos. kind of a dark comedy vibe, if anything else? anakin no is major theme in this one. uh, i mean, maybe anakin was justified in murdering creep palpatine because our gang’s gonna find out what was going on in the background, but either way! lots of “holy shit are we good people are we bad people what are we doing”. lots of questions about morality! ethics! law school student study nights with anakin sprawled out on the floor and obi-wan wearing glasses (which he pushes up the bridge of his nose whenever he’s about to lecture anakin that no, that’s not how that statute works, dumbass) and ahsoka just bringing snacks and rex catching paper airplanes and padme being the one to supply everyone with very neat flashcards. this fic is gonna be an absolute beheamoth, and i’m estimating about 45 chapters? like...130K+ words? help? yeah idk either this really blew up in my head
and then...this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job, which x tcw au. only not? it’s very, very loosely based off the office, but not really. obi-wan moves in as a new manager of a company, and we’ve got anakin being like “lol new guy i’m gonna mess with him”, and ahsoka being the one who’s both like “please don’t mess with our new boss” but also being like “actually, wait, lemme help”, rex being in hr and being like “i don’t get paid enough for this”. (also there’s some parts that are written like actual interviews like you would find in the office, so there’s this one bit where uhhh
Obi-Wan flicks his eyes to the cameras in silent question before turning back to Ahsoka. “Well, if you need to call maintenance, then I hardly think you need my permission—”
“Thanks!” Ahsoka says quickly, and she’s about to disappear from the doorway when Obi-Wan stands up.
“Wait, Ahsoka, what exactly—”
Ahsoka re-appears at the doorway. “Oh, right,” she says. “Um—maybe just stay away from the men’s bathroom for a little bit.” She pauses.
“Actually, just stay away from them for the rest of the day.” She hovers by the door for a minute longer, and then she adds quickly, “And maybe also avoid the breakroom. Everything’s fine!”
And with a perfectly not-fine smile, Ahsoka disappears from the doorway.
Obi-Wan stares at where Ahsoka was just a moment ago, and the he turns to the cameras in disbelief. “Did she just—” Unable to finish his own sentence, Obi-Wan starts out the door. “Ahsoka?”
The camera follows Obi-Wan out of the conference room and into the breakroom. There are only muffled shouts—Anakin’s shouts, and then Rex’s, and then Ahsoka’s frantic “no, sorry, everything’s fine!”, and then Obi-Wan’s loud, “What is going on in here?”
surprise y’all just got a snippet i’m sorry can you tell i’m weirdly into this au?? i need to rewrite some scenes but uh there you go
Prompts: for the most part, yes! i have some stuff in my faq about prompts that i’ll probably turn down (mostly anything that’s...above a certain rating/really, realy heavy themes that i just don’t think i can tackle with justice or with enough education on my end). i can be a little slow with prompts, but i’ll get to all of them in time!
Upcoming Work You’re Most Excited About: uhhhh i have too many that i’m excited about. literally i can write a mini essay on every single one of the fics i’m working on? but uhhh i guess since i already talked about all my major longform fics above (asdfasdfsd didn’t mean to do that, i’m so sorry for everyone who had to scroll past that word-vomit), i guess the one i’m most excited about releasing is the post season 7 obi-wan-and-ahsoka-finally-talk-about-how-they-miss-each-other-also-sorry-for-fighting-with-you-i-know-you-were-just-trying-your-best fic. (not a whole ton of spoilers for this one, but uh. i’m looking at some of these scenes and making frustrated sounds because there’s this one particular instance where i’m like, ahsoka. ahsoka just talk to him just ta lk to him but then lol no talking :)) also maybe some h/c? lowkey sickfic might be involved in this somehow? might have accidentally served as a precursor to to these memories? help? this fic just ballooned. caroline keep your ideas contained challenge!)
No Pressure Tags: @lightasthesun @soplantyourownflowers @ohhellokenobiand anyone else who wants to join!
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Tumblr media
* @vaciiviity​ said: 🤝 friends for all-- // work towards ❤️ mutual love (shipping/romance) w/ Toge and Yuta? s'okay if not, I'll continue to adore their interactions just as much regardless! // 👨‍🏫 mentor / disciple for Gojo and Junpei aS IT WAS MEANT TO BE jhgfdfghjhgfdfg // if there are ones you are interested in, lemme know :D
                                                     RELATIONSHIP SYMBOL. / ACCEPTING.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
YES TO THE FIRST, YES TO THE SECOND AND YES TO THE THIRD,, GIVE ME ALL OF THIS <333 TwT !!! Gosh, you have already made me love the adorable beans so so much, so of course I would love and adore this ! I do love any relationships Yuta & Toge has, but lets be honest, they would be the cutest sweeties together and just soft, soft , safe love, them appreciating each other,, gosh -pleading emoji-  *soft sigh* I love them your honor iajfoijwfa ALSO JUNPEI YESSS, Gojo already appreciate you, so let him accept you with open arms,, LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE INDEED ! c’:
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Hi! May i ask what your ships are? <3
oh gawd
I don’t have a lot, despite how I am. 
Ships I’m Kinda Into: 
= Shuichi x Kokichi - SHut up, I find it really cute-
= Makoto x Byakuya - all the fan art you can find, is the reason why I ship it- (plus their height difference kills me)
= Kazuichi x Gundham - uhm, I don’t know how to explain this one. I love it but I hate it-
= Kazuichi x Fuyuhiko - hate me all you want, not gonna change the fact I ship these two that I simp for-
= Mahiru x Saionji - these two are beautiful like oml-
= Nagito x Hajime - oml I'm just realizing that i ship all the protags and antags together wtf-
= Asahina x Sakura - i mean, their perfect for each other, i can’t... They make me cry and makes me remember Sakura’s class trial ;;
= Mondo x Kiyotaka = It’s canon too-
= Any other ship I forgot to mention-
Have you noticed a little pattern? 
If not, lemme type it out-
a l l  o f  t h e s e  s h i p s  a r e  e i t h e r  g a y  o r  l e s b i a n
I'm a sucker for boy x boy and girl x girl ships
sue me. 
don't... sue me, please-
Fine, you want some straight ships I find really (kinda) cute???
= Kyoko x Makoto - They... Are actually kinda perfect-
= Hajime x Chiaki - this made me cry-
= Gundham x Sonia - hey, they seem to like each other anyways and the ship is... c u t e -
= that’s... All i can think up ;;
Love Love ~ Mod Akane
Tumblr media
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JSEgo (Shipping) Headcanon (8): Terms of Endearment
((Inspired by @a-septic-mind​’s Cute Gender Neutral Things to Call Your Significant Other post. Just wanted to brainstorm and list the pet names I think the Septics would use for each other. This is also being compiled as a reference for my future works, both ego shipping and not. =D))
calls Jackie “Láech” [only privately tho because it means Hero in Old Irish (sidenote: Anti usually uses the English translation, which comes out like ‘Ero, because my Jackie’s American and barely knows Irish, never mind Old Irish) and that’s embarrassing as balls to be caught saying out loud; in public, he uses Hero Boy because it’s easy to make it sound teasing, like a jab, or even crude; EDIT (because I’m dumb and forgot about this): sometimes Anti calls him He’rt, which is his accented way of saying “heart” and comes from that fact that one of the most popular terms of endearment in the Irish language is “mo chroí” which means “my heart”—and also the fact that it kinda looks the word hero… ;3]
calls Jameson “Whiskey” [I explain this fully in Canti Cong (A Canti Script) but, basically, Anti calls Jameson this because of Jameson the Whiskey and because it lets him make the joke “Com’ere, lemme get drunk off ye!” lmao]
calls Chase “Teardrop” [for all the tears shed during Chase’s chronic depression, suicide attempt, and recovery period—a reminder that even Anti cried for him]
calls Henrik “Needle” [after how much he gets under people’s skin, even Anti’s; how many times he’s stitch them all up, including Anti’s forever neck wound; and h͜ow ̶per҉fec̕t̴l̸y ̧A͢nti’̛s͏ str͏ing̶s ̨were ͏ab̴l̸e̛ t͟o͘ thre͝a͡d̡ ͢th̷rouģh̛ ͟H͢e̸n͡rìk̴’s ͟fr̸a̶gi͘l̵e̕ ̢m̢i͘nd͢~̶]
calls Marvin “Cat C*nt” [it’s loving, I swear xD]
calls Anti “Gorgeous” [this has been an ongoing thing since First Vibrations (although, the first time I called Anti “Gorgeous” in general was in Fowl Glitch), but never actually explained; so: I literally just do this because I think it’s sweet, it’s very similar to what my Mate calls me, and it’s a compliment starting with G! (this is important because Glitch starts with G and I’m OCD so they must match I’m soft for the idea that, although Anti takes great pride in being a Glitch, sometimes he’s hyperaware of how that might make him unattractive—constantly falling/breaking apart, being unstable to the point of disintegrating, etc—so, when Jackie rolls both words together... Gorgeous Glitch just kills him~)]
calls Jameson “Sheik” [which is actually a pun told in three parts! First, according to Flapperspeak: Dictionary of Words From the 1920’s and 1930’s, Sheik defines “A man with sex appeal (from the Valentino movies)” >=3; second, Sheik comes from the Arabic word for “Elder” and commonly refers to a leader; and, third, Sheik is a disguise used by Zelda in Ocarina of Time which I think JJ would have loved about her character and Jackie thinks relates to JJ’s Jaunts]
calls Chase “Switchel” [after the whiskey chaser of the same name made of vinegar, syrup, and ginger served in Brooklyn (because my Jackie’s a Yank)]
calls Henrik "Watson" [this is a reference to my Septic Holmes AU where Jackie is Sherlock and Henrik is Watson mainly because just “doctor/doc” is too plain but also because I generally see their relationship as constant help and support as in they can always rely on each other both in terms of heroics and medics but also in terms of friendship and general understanding (like if Jackie can’t make heads or tails of some coded message Anti left behind to flirt mess with him, Henrik can because it’s a chemical formula etc.; and if Henrik can’t understand why he, say, pissed off someone because he’s a touch emotionally stunted... xD) also, low key, this was going to be Iron Man until I realized that wouldn’t work!]
calls Marvin "MJ" [as in Marvel's MJ/Mary Jane(/Michelle Jones for the movies) because Jackie likes to think he's this world's version of Spider-Man xD;;;]
calls Anti “Master” [because puppet play is THE thing with them, no matter what]
calls Jackie “Bo” [covered this during Inktober but that was a pandemic ago so: According to Al Capone’s 1920 Slang Dictionary, Bo means “Pal, buster, fellow.”]
calls Chase “Daylight” [in a continuation of Jameson’s shockingly dark humor, this means “"fill him with daylight": Put a hole in, by shooting or stabbing” which, clearly, is a horribly dark reference to Chase’s suicidal self-shooting tendency; but, of course, it can also be taken as a variation of the much sweeter Sunshine]
calls Henrik “Croaker” [which Al Capone’s Dictionary says means “Doctor”; however, this is also an unintentionally dark pun because to croak is to die but also a choked sound people make as they die by strangulation or similar things and Henrik literally did both as Anti strangled him with that phone cord...]
calls Marvin “Cat” [as in “cool cat” but also the 1920′s Slang meaning of “Man”] or “Tom” [as in “tomcat” (but it’s only used when Marvin’s flirtations get uncomfy)]
calls Anti “Monster” [this is affectionate/loving, I SWEAR xD; it’s sort of teasing or even ironic; it’s like Chase is calling Anti his adorable sweet little monster]
calls Jackie “Queen” [after the New York borough Spider-Man & Jackie’re from]
calls Jameson “Sweetheart” [because JJ’s the sweetest Ego in his eyes; also, there’s an old-timey feel to this endearment because it stems from swete herte (aka 13th century Middle English) and JJ loves history so much he finds it cute]
calls Henrik “Doc” [which sounds like a very boring cop out kinda nickname but is actually a reference to Bugs Bunny’s catch phrase “What’s up, Doc?” (because I have a never before addressed headcanon: Chase loves Bugs and Looney Tunes in general because it helped him through tough times in the 90s and is also the comfort show he shared with his kids when they were little; basically, Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes is the fav of the Brody House #notspon)]
calls Marvin “Kitten” [I don’t think this needs an explanation. It’s just... obvious.]
calls Anti “Eye” [which could be a reference to the “eye” in Antisepticeye, SepticSam (or SepticSuain), the “i” in Anti, or even two “i”s in Antisepticeye; honestly though, this is a reference to crochet and Anti’s nickname for Henrik: the opening/hole of a needle (that you put the thread through) is called the eye, so, in a way, Henrik’s acknowledging Anti’s power over him and his mind, but also pointing out that Anti’s both vulnerable due to the “hole” in him (neckwound) and Anti’s only as powerful as those he’s threaded/strung up/taken control of (because a needle only stabs you; it’s the string that prolongs your suffering)]
calls Jackie “Sherlock” [which is again, a reference to my Septic Holmes AU completely ironic in two ways: first, it’s like he’s calling him and Sherlock heroes; but then, second, he’s saying it with sarcasm like the insult “No Sh*t Sherlock”]
calls Jameson “Java” [in other words: Jameson Java; coffee; another drink joke]
calls Chase “Bugs” [yes: because Chase loves Bugs Bunny (and calls him Doc)]
calls Marvin “Felis” [which is the genus for cats (so yes another cat joke) and the first half of the species name for domesticated cats (which Marvin kinda is xD)]
calls Anti “Circles” [partly as a reference to eyes, majorly a reference to my Anti’s agender identity (which is represented by a circle with a line through it; think of Mae’s shirt from NITW!), but mostly just because Anti hates them and Marvin wants to get back at him for this own endearment loves to see him twitch]
calls Jackie “Cap” [in his words: “No, I’m not calling you Spider-Man or Peter; you’re way more like Captain America with your leadership qualities, powers, and general outlook on life—no, stop staring at me like that; idc if you’re from Queens like Spider-Man/Peter Parker: YOU ARE OUR SUPER SOLDIER!”]
calls Jameson “Ritzy” [this means “Elegant” according to Al Capone’s Dictionary]
calls Chase “Daddy” [because he is one we all know Marvin’d make this joke (however, it’s also in sync with Chase’s rather kinky nickname for him)]
calls Henrik “Vet” [to carry on the Marvin’s legit a cat theme xD; sometimes, however, Marvin switches things up and calls him “veteran” which is a reference to my personal headcanon of Henrik being a war doc like (John Watson was), my Septic Holmes AU, and my Hero’s Harem AU (lots of AU refs, I know xD)]
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Tumblr media
uhm . . . cheesed to meet you ?? - HI GANG !! what’s up , i’m hylia and i . . . love . misa and death note with my entire heart . I KNOW FOR A FACT i will probably pick up more characters along the way but i couldn’t have picked a better one to start out with !! i have experience writing both misa & light - i actually am more experienced writing light than misa , but i still have a lot of experience with her under my belt !! i’m currently writing him in another group and when i saw duality i just HAD to write her here - i’m so excited to plot w/ y’all !! so lemme tell you the basic facts & some connections and ideas i have under the cut c: ( this got long i’m so sorry )
Tumblr media
ooooooooooooo you wanna plot with misa so bad oooooooo - AHEM . so . 
IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH DEATH NOTE / MISA : death note is a manga / anime revolving around a smart young man ( light yagami ) who discovers a supernatural notebook who can take the life of any human as long as the writer knows their name & face . light uses this book to essentially try and purge the world of evil , earning the alias ‘kira’ ( who gains a following ) , and misa , who acquires a death note of her own , seeks him out as the second kira . she possesses things that he doesn’t , so essentially she becomes his partner in crime - she , falling in love with him ( or more so the idea of him she created for herself ) , and he , entertaining her fantasies in exchange for her abilities and assistance . it’s . . . way more complicated in detail and honestly pretty sad but that’s the getgo . she’s a pretty girl with a very powerful notebook and she likes a guy with a powerful notebook that sees her more as a tool he can use to further his plans . OH OH OH and also she has a protective monster lady who’s in love with her and looking after her and threatening to clap light if he hurts misa in any way . 
death note . . . is a story about how people who were good can become awful towards other people and themselves if you give them a bit of power . 
BUT ANYWAY . misa actually has a much happier life here than in death note !! it’s . . . still kinda eh in some places but overall much better since that godforsaken notebook doesn’t exist and isn't here to screw anyone's lives up .
she's a former child actor, now a musician in a pop punk band called 'your friends & the skeletons!!' but as of rn with her taking a break from big performances and touring she's just a streamer operatin' out of alucard and trying to entertain herself since sometimes the world gets a little too big for her and she needs to take a step back.
it’s a pretty cute life & that’s the rundown !! of course , it’ll be more detailed and developed in my intro for her , but that being said - CONNECTIONS .
okay so obviously some band mates !! YF&TS i imagine is a four-piece with misa on rhythm guitar & vocals , then lead guitar , bass , and drums . i imagine they’re all friends with misa , but maybe one person has been friends with misa since like . . . forever . and has seen her go through literally everything .
so , misa lives alone . maybe i’ll have her look for a roommate along the way but as for right now , even though she lives by herself ( and honestly is a lil lonely ) , i really like the idea that maybe she’s the helper neighbor that wants to befriend everyone that lives on her floor , runs to get groceries , always visits and checks in on people , etc . !! so neighbor friends pretty please !!
obviously if u wanna make ppl be fans of misa & her band that is a-okay with me just pls keep in mind they’re kinda big but not . . . big big . like they’ve got some dedicated fans but not full on stans y’know
SO  . . . folds hands . i kinda like the idea that misa hasn’t been through that many serious relationships ( always gets her heart broken through them ) but maybe there was that one serious ex-partner she had and they broke it off for whatever reason . it’d have to be when she was 18-20 and they’d be together for maybe about two or three years before her career takes off and stuff and yeah it’d be the saaaad relationship that fizzled out even tho it was serious for a bit
also some not so serious/long relationships where misa got her heart broken !! fun times !! misa throws her full heart into things way too easily so this could’ve happened in many different ways . flings ?? check . short-term relationships ?? check . she wrote a letter for someone on a starbucks napkin asking them out and they rejected so whenever she comes into said starbucks she feels shy & awkward ordering something ?? check . ( we can have fun with this basically it’s ‘ misa tried it with y/m and it didn’t work out and she’s still lonely ’ )
friends please !! friends that misa’s made in alucard !! also friends with benefits maybe !! idk !! misa is a very friendly person she will be your friend if you say ‘hi’ in a positive tone towards her !!
oh i think it’d b rly funny if there was one person misa kept trying to befriend and they’re just rly stubborn abt it for some reason bc idk maybe they find misa annoying or something anyway give me sb who misa wants to be friendly with n they’re just No abt it for whatever reason
she’s also a gaming streamer so imagine she gets into a fight with sb behind a screen on a game and/or stream and then finds them in alucard like ‘oh fuck’ aka cyber enemies
also the exact opposite scenario with cyber friends aka misa makes a friend on a game and they meet each other irl and it’s cute !!
misa . . . is not a huge party girl but i imagine she has ppl that regularly invite her to parties and stuff so there’s that . but like . she only knows these people in context of partying - they’re her party friends and that’s it and her relationships with them are just kinda shallow .
i’d ALSO like a friend she makes that’s maybe a little more sheltered & naive to the world than she is so she just takes them to cool places and stuff !! shows them what it’s like to live on the ‘ wild side ’ !! whether it’s driving to a 24 hr gas station for candy and snacks in the middle of the night and staying out until sunrise just on the road or just sitting at misa’s apartment and watching true crime documentaries in their jammies . just sb misa’s gonna take like ‘ hey we’re gonna show u what LIVING is like ’
actual shipping . . . i would love to explore at a point but i wanna explore other things first so that’ll just be smth that comes up in development maybe !! i want misa to get a chance to experience what actual love is and explore the relationship aspect of it so i’m open to it but also i just wanna develop it n let it come naturally . filled !
ANYWAYS . i’m open to rly anything !! enemies ?? friends ?? frenemies ?? friends or enemies with benefits ?? unrequited crushes ?? exes ?? found family ?? party pals ?? streamer pals/enemies ?? LET’S PLOT IT OUT I’M SO EXCITED
sorry this is a long as hell list anyways let’s plot out some relationships even tho i’m bad at plotting and trust me the intro is. probs gonna be even longer. i am so sorry.
- - - - - - - - - - - POST-EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT EDIT : okay so this one is rly specific but , , , i rly would like if maybe misa had sb to go to the cirque du eradicus with ?? probably as a date !! a date that doesn’t have to amount to anything but they’re gonna b the one who witnesses misa go into the hall of mirrors n it’s gonna be kind of like a connection since they’re gonna have been together when that stuff happens and it could be rly fun to work with in the future . just gonna put the age limit for this one at 22 - 26 just bc gaps and all !! i think it could be cute if it goes well or interesting if it doesn’t but . yeah idk they can split off at some point for other threads bt ANYWAYS I JUST THINK IT’D B FUN filled !
also if anyone wants to bring me anyone from death note i will kiss u ESPECIALLY for light , l , rem , or matsuda . pls . maybe these characters can ACTUALLY get a normal fuckin’ life this time around - ( sometimes we just want to live in the yotsuba arc forever where everyone’s runnin around solvin mysteries and not scheming against each other - )
death note hits differently .
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So I’ve got a Spotify playlist consisting of the compiled contents of 81 different Alastor-centric playlists, like I just copied the contents of every single playlist I could find with no cultivation, no filtering, and no censoring. The one limitation I put was no duplicates of the same song—although multiple versions of the same song off different albums was allowed.
And since then I’ve been listening to this all-packed-together playlist on shuffle. It’s brought up several comments/questions. Highlights include:
- To every single person that includes a romance song with lines like “baby you’re my angel” or the like: are you a Radiodust shipper actually referring to Angel, or are you a Charlastor shipper referring to Charlie’s “fallen angel” heritage?
- One of you included an entire creepypasta story about the devil talking a man into killing his ex-wife and her lover as part of a 500-step-long plan to conceive the Antichrist and I’m not quite sure why it was on an Alastor playlist but I appreciate the characterization of the devil in it. I guess a creepypasta is kind of a radioplay of sorts? Maybe more Alastor playlists should just have random radioplays mixed in.
- To the person who included half a Kidz Bop album on their Alastor playlist: I’m not judging, I just wanna know why. I want to understand. I really want to understand.
- I respect all you people that included song covers by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and I understand where you’re coming from, but like, if you’re not familiar with music genres from before 1990, I suggest you look up which genre a given PMJ cover is trying to emulate, because if you’re stuffing PMJ covers on a playlist specifically to make them “sound like” Alastor’s era or because you’re going for “songs Alastor would like because they sound like what he’s used to,” then a PMJ cover that makes a 1990s song sound like a 1970s song isn’t quite in the right neighborhood.
- There are different philosophies that go into making a character playlist. Some go “the genre has to fit the character’s era and/or personal tastes, whether or not the lyrics do.” Some go “the lyrics have to fit the character, genre be damned.” Some go “these songs were big/popular when I was into this character so that’s what I associated with them.” Some go “these songs are really out there for the canon character but fit my headcanons.” Some people may have totally different criteria I haven’t even thought of! Anyway the point is: when you mix over eighty playlists together, you get every single playlist-making philosophy mixed together, and it’s an exciting experience to listen to.
- And on that note: every single genre on the planet is on this playlist. We’ve got Britney Spears, we’ve got Vocaloid, we’ve got Thomas Sanders (we’ve got a LOT of Thomas Sanders), we’ve got My Chemical Romance, Two Steps from Hell, Barry Manilow, Oingo Boingo, Within Temptation, Madonna, Kesha, Hans Zimmer, ... we’ve got the poppiest pop, emo, metal, electronic, folk, rap, rock, movie soundtracks, TV soundtracks, classical, disco, country, KPop, Carrie Underwood, every single decade for the last 150 years... and I’m deliberately leaving out all the jazz, swing, electroswing, and musicals, because those are a given for Alastor. Obviously those ones dominate the playlist but it’s amazing how much variety there is outside them.
- I’m frankly amazed by how much of this playlist is Thomas Sanders and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Like. It’s a notable quantity.
- That said, actually the playlist doesn’t quite include every single genre. Like, for example: I can tell y’all want to lean into Alastor’s New Orleanian/Louisianan/Creole roots from how many songs I’ve seen that include words like voodoo, Creole, New Orleans, bayou, uhhhh The Princess & the Frog, etc... And yet aside from a few New Orleanian jazz artists so far I have crossed paths with very little Louisianan music compared to, say... Undertale songs. So here. Start with some Cajun, try some Mardi Gras songs, I’m not totally sure how much of this playlist is “actually from Louisiana” and how much is “other people making songs that they think are Louisianan” but try this one anyway, and once you’ve oriented yourself a bit dig in here. I wanna see ten Alastor playlists with one song that includes “Zydeco” in the title or album name, stat. Sure, we know Alastor’s all jazz and swing and musicals, but I sure don’t listen to only three genres, you probably don’t listen to only three genres, and Mr. Radio Guy Whose Public Title Includes The Word “Radio” Who Likes Bursting Spontaneously Into Musical Numbers probably listens to more genres than you and me combined, and those genres probably started with what was local & accessible & common around where he grew up.
- Then again I haven’t listened to this whole playlist yet, sometimes I put it on shuffle and sometimes I put it in alphabetical order to try to slowly work through it from top to bottom (I’ve made it mostly through the C’s) so maybe y’all hid the Cajun & Creole music down in the D’s. But lemme say this: while randomly shuffling through the playlist, I’ve randomly run into multiple Irish drinking songs & shanties, and randomly run into zero zydeco, so like from those of you who follow the “music that sounds like what the character listens to” philosophy of playlist-making, non-jazz Louisianan music could use a lil more representation. If there’s room for twenty-six Billie Eilish songs there’s room for one BeauSoleil song. (I’m partial to “L’ouragon,” but you do you)
- Somewhere in this massive mixed playlist there are three parody medleys of Disney songs rewritten to be like “here are grimdark edgy lyrics about all of the terrible real-world things happening to the cultures depicted in these Disney movies!” and like, okay, I can see why that merits inclusion in an Alastor playlist, his big moment in the pilot was “take an optimistic song worthy of a Disney princess and rewrite it with grimdark edgy lyrics,” but those three songs still annoy the hell out of me because the specific way they frame the concept of their songs is that Disney movies/songs are “full of lies” and these songs reveal the lies. And then it’s things like... “Aladdin got captured and interrogated by the CIA,” which is definitely a thing that happened to a character living in an ambiguous time period that predates the existence of the United States, much less the CIA, much less the CIA’s meddling in the middle east, by several centuries. Disney was definitely lying about the reality of Aladdin’s day-to-day existence by not depicting American imperialism that predates America. Or “the characters in The Princess & the Frog have to deal with the fallout of Hurricane Katrina,” like, yeah, Disney sure is pulling the wool over our eyes by dishonestly denying the devastating consequences the 2005 hurricane had on 1920s New Orleans. Listen the lyrics are clever and all the things they discuss are real salient social issues but it still drives me nuts that the songs are framed like they’re revealing “lies” being told when half of the movies are taking place in (fantasy versions of!) time periods or locations where the issues they’re discussing didn’t apply, if they’d just framed that one line differently— Okay, okay, I’m finished, I’m done, I’ve got it out of my system
- Every single love song makes me go “are you imagining this song with a ship (and if so which ship) or do you just think Alastor would be into this song?” The question goes double for songs from the 20s/30s, because the odds that they added it to their playlist just because they think Alastor would like the song increases.
- On the other hand, if whoever added “A Formidable Marinade” isn’t a Charlastor shipper I will eat my hat. Also nice work on the gory cannibalism sex song.
- Every once in a while I’ll run into a song that makes me go, now how the heck did you end up on an Alastor playlist? Does this song line up with someone’s very specific headcanons and/or fanfic plot? Do they think Alastor would like this song? Did they happen to like the song and like Alastor at the same time and so they associate them with each other? Examples: “I Got You (I Feel Good)”, “iRobot” (is it the emotionlessness of being post-death?? do they headcanon that he’s got radio hardware replacing his guts?? is it a post-breakup ship song??), “Greensleves”, “Barbra Streisand” (the song, not the singer), “Jolene,” “The Last Steampunk Waltz,” “Seven Nights in Eire,” “Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” and the person who included half a Kidz Bop album, please, I just wanna talk—
- Every time I hear a song that includes the words “hell,” “sinner,” “smile,” or “radio,” I go, “Haha. Nice.”
- An incomplete list of songs that amused me for how on point they are: “Hotel California” (how often do you have a fandom where “Hotel California” is actually very blatantly fitting without having to twist through an extended & convoluted metaphorical interpretation?), “The Hunting Song,” “The Axeman’s Jazz,” and “Time Again”
- I sort of hate whoever put “Circus” by Britney Spears in their playlist and made me realize that lyrically it’s a perfect Alastor song because it is.
- *scrolls past six versions of “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows”* Haha. Nice.
- *scrolls past five versions of “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”* Haha. Nice.
- *scrolls past a song from Bambi* Haha. Nice.
- *scrolls past five versions of “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile”* Haha. Nice.
- *scrolls past eleven versions of “Sing Sing Sing”* Haha. Nice.
- What’s with those of y’all putting steampunk songs in Alastor playlists? Listen, listen: steampunk vibes are for Sir Pentious. Swing vibes are for Alastor. Don’t cross the streams. Take your steampunk songs and make Sir Pentious playlists with them. He could use more playlists.
- The playlist includes 39 songs that include “smile” somewhere in the title.
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Ship HC’s...ON CRACK
AHAHAHAHAH- okay lemme calm down so I can write this-
So I might’ve been on crack writing this uh-
Ships on crack les go
Senflower Bee (Beel x Sen)
Both are snatching the bananas- THE BANANAS-
Start laughing the iconic Mickey Mouse “a hUH” laugh
Beel is a eating machine, throwing banana peels left and right
Everyone is screaming and taking cover as BANANA peels go WHOOOSH
*asmo screeching*
Lucifer: What the hell are you both doi-
Sen has flung A PIE AT HIS FACE
*picture is taken*
-Lucifer will remember this-
I C E - C R E A M
They turn to each other and start screaming for ice cream, Beel eats 5 gallons, Sen manages half of one
Once the monkeys had enough, Beel becomes a helicopter, grabs some food, picks Sen up and goes NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
They wake up the next day and have no idea about what the fuck they just did-
Lucifer karate kicks the door down
*whip whap whop*
Mammorns (Mammon x Reese)
It was a peaceful time in Devildom. People were laughing, talking, enjoying the time together in the living room. The fire burned warmly, the atmosphere pleasant.
They are holding airsoft guns, Reese is sitting on Mammon’s shoulders, guns pointed towards people in the room.
Everyone ducks, hides, uses whatever they’re holding as weapons, giving them the “how did you escape the idiot facility” look
Scanning around the room, Reese’s eyes slowly widen once he spots Asmo.
“Blobfish.” Reese whispered, aiming the gun at Asmo.
“AAAaaAAA- WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL ME-” Asmo screeches, pushing Gerik in front of him.
Gerik screamed on cue, not even taking a break for air
Both turn to each other. They both start running for their lives, screaming in unison
“Why are you running. WHY ARE YOU RUNNING.” Mammon yells, shooting.
“aaAAaaA” Asmo screams, doing the most bitch ass dramatic fall to ever exist.
Reese: I’m in the Ghetto, RA TA TA TAAA”
Mammon: I’m in the sPAGHETTO, RA TA TA TAA”
Satan: I can’t believe that I’m the brother of an imbecile.
Reese: I love that I’m with this imbecile UwU *shoots Satan*
Yen: *worried sounds*
Lucifer has had enough, he grabs them and drags them off into oblivion to give them their zillionth punishment
LeviBern (Levi x Bernadette)
They were playing Mario Kart and Super Mario whilst becoming crackheads-
They bust out of Levi’s room, running down the halls-
Levi is giving Bern a piggy back ride, she’s throwing banana peels
Levi: “ISSA ME,”
Bern: “MARIO”
Mammon: More like Luigi, take the L
*Bern throws a banana peel, it hits him hard, smack dab in the face*
Levi: Epic gamer moment-
They both nyoom around the house
Everyone: Oh shit, here we go again-
At this point, people know bullshit is going on, they spam call Lucifer as their 911, staying in their rooms like it's a school lockdown
Lucifer: “I’ve gotten calls ab-” Bern and Levi were beginning to think they’re in Minecraft as well, along with thinking the floor is lava bricks. They are standing on the couch, screaming at the floor. 
Sexy Boi: smh “What the hell are you doing.”
Bern: “Wow, bowser looks even uglier in real life.” She then took a glance at the floor. “HAHA BITCH YOU’RE BURNING-”
“This bitch is burning, because this bitch is hot.” Lucifer smirked, unsheathing his weapon.
The whip.
Both:  (・o・;)
Both: Please have mercy on me, please have mercy on m-
Satyen (Satan x Yen)
“Just imagine a trip to wonderful land...Candy, Jam, And...Ice Cream..”
They think they are in fucking Wonderland
Satan is wearing a weird ass hat, and Yen’s wearing mismatched EVERYTHING
Asmo: *screaming*
“IT'S TEA TIME!” Satan does a spell, and there are flying teapots spilling HOT tea at everybody
“WHAT’S THE TEA SIS?” Yen calls out, twirling.
“We’re all mad HERE.”
Belphie: “You have both read too many stori- OW THAT BURNS BIT-”
Usako: *drinks tea*
Hori: *dodging tea left and right*
Sen: *tries to catch the spilling tea in cups so it won’t be a waste-*
Reese: *hides somewhere with Mammon*
Bern: *runs for fuckin cover* 
Gerik: *screaming*
Julia: *gets burned cause SHE CANT SEE THE TEA, HELP HER*
Ary: *left the scene*
Lucifer: “Satan, what the hell.”
Lucifer: “Off with your DICK-”
Lucifer: ʘل͟ʘ the fuck-
Han Solo (Horizon x Solomon)
Hori is way too giggly, and CRAZY
If you told me she was Harley Quinn, I WOULD BELIEVE YOU
Whipped cream is FLYING
Hori booped Solomon’s nose with whipped cream and he licked whipped cream off of her cheek
(i just thought of that and I HAD to write it down hjhjjkkjkj)
Meanwhile, everyone is just drowning in whipped cream
Everyone except Beel is pissed and in wonderment of how they pulled that off
Hori and Solomon end up falling into the POOL of whipped cream and start doing whipped cream graffiti on the walls
SOMEHOW they manage to get a BAN HAMMER and start hunting everyone down to give them a good whack
“What a nice view of the sky- WHAT THE FUCK”
Han Solo flies towards you from the window and gives you a good REALITY check *whack*
Lucifer comes in slamming the door from the entrance open*
Han Solo goes NYOOOM
-a few hours later-
Lucifer drags them both to get their punishment*
Hori: “This is for Lucifer, you big fat, white nasty, smelling fat bitch-
Why you took me off the motherfuking schedule
With your trifling dirty white racist ass big fat bitch
And maluma body ass bitch-
*Door slams shut*
White Rabbit (Usako x Belphie)
Belphie has never been this awake 0.0
Usako and Belphie are skating through the halls- ZOOM
Usako goes ZOOM
Belphie goes ZOOM
Everyone else goes SCREECH
The floor is getting scratched, things are falling over, weaves are snatched-
I sound like Dr. Suess.
Might as well add some SUESS in.
The Cat in the Hat pops up, and unleashes Thing One and Thing Two!
They move on their skates towards the others, with a swirl and a shoo! Better move them away, or else they could get on crack too!
Water pours in, with a huge whoosh! The Cat in the Hat pulls a freezing thingamajig, and points it at the floor, the watery area turning into an ice galore!
Off goes the skates, onto the ice! Now doesn’t that feel nice?
What is this we see? Usako takes the thingamajig, and points it up! And-
Wow they left
Welp they’re screwed
“ALL I ASK FOR IS ONE NORMAL DAY. JUST ONE. THAT’S ALL I WANT, I SWEAR.” Lucifer screams, throwing a trash bag over them and tying it, before lugging them on his back. “YOU CAN HOLD IT BACK.”
Usako: “I can throw it back-”
Belphie: “Sh. Only I can know that-”
Asmo x Gerik
For the first time, you look awful
Both Asmo and Gerik are wearing CLOWN make up, as they jump from place to place
You both look like clowns its fitting
Asmohoe the clown
Spreading Hoe-Vid 19, my guy
Asmo is VERY horny
Everyone knows shit is up so if they see at least ONE of them they BOLT
After a while, Asmo takes a GOOD look at Gerik, and starts SCREAMING BECAUSE THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING ON YOUR FACE
Gerik turns to see what the pig squealing ass sounding noise was and is met by ASMO’S FACE. 
Pretty much went down like-
Asmo: “Gerik… How about you and me slee- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”
*they fall and scoot away from each other screeching*
Lucifer: “Can you all just, SHUT THE FUCK UP?!”
*proceeds to whip their asses*
Julia x Barbatos
Julia is swinging that cane
Cane go WHOOSH
One two LEAP
Okay Julia fo sho is knocking things over as she mindlessly beats people
Julia grows slime and starts shooting it
Barbatos is having a bonfire-
Diavolo is there laughing his head off
Lucifer goes ZOOM carries both away on his back to drop them in an abandoned forest somewhere
(Barb saw this coming, but didn’t stop it because he wanted to fucking burn that Phineas and Ferb stuff)
Lucia (Lucifer x Lia)
Lucifer couldn’t take it anymore.
It was a sleepover day, everyone was fast asleep together in a room.
Lucifer and Lia are banging pans, giving off a LOUD BANG, CLANK, SLAM
Asmo: “Lucifer, you’re interrupting my beau-”
Rip Asmo
If someone wasn’t scared before, THEY SURE ARE SCARED FOR THEIR LIVES NOW
*a thrown pan flies through a wall*
Everytime someone comes up to Lia and Lucifer, they would just bitch slap them-
“Lia stop thi-”
Let’s just say everyone’s ass was beat, and no one got any sleep-
Now you may be wondering. How did they all get on crack? Well-
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talesofus · 9 months ago
( @errantsqualls​ ) ⋮ ♛ *drops my URL and bolts* [ accepting ]
my opinion on; you!
character in general: i mentioned this earlier, but i really like Forwin! he seems so sweet ahh. i’m loving our thread so far. poor kid thrown into the wolves’ den with Yuri lmao how they play them: i mean i can’t really comment here bc he’s an OC but, the mun: we’ve never talked but! you seem nice c:
do i;
follow them: yes! rp with them: yeah! want to rp with them: absolutely. you mentioned wanting to throw Forwin at more of my muses, and you absolutely can. idk who else you wanna write with but i’m open to literally any of them, just lemme know! ship their character with mine: um. hm. i’m aware that Forwin is straight, but our only thread so far is with Yuri. tho i wouldn’t be against one sided feelings haha i mean what but yeah! we could ship with one of my girls c:
what is my;
overall opinion: we haven’t known each other long, but i’m having fun with our threads! i really hope we get around to doing more. if you wanna add me on Discord, you can ask, or you can IM me if you prefer/don’t have Discord. i’m all ears c:
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haikyupid · a year ago
Tumblr media
Order from Lunatrix B,
Hey there! First of all THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I can only imagine the time and dedication it took you to think this through and make the orders! (Also I am lowkey so shy doing it off anon like AAAAH) May I please order a Dalgona Matchup Latte? (If it's possible to go with more than one drink then it would be nice to have the Strawberry hearts frappineccino as well!)
So I am an ENFP capricorn and my enneagram is 7w8! My behaviour with other really depends on my mood and on their personalities so other's image of me goes from "wow she is so friendly" to "wtf she is so conceited and manipulative". But most of the time people describe me as crazy, outgoing and bubbly! Since my height is on the shorter side and my cheeks are always red and freckly, I look younger and more innocent than I actually am.
I'm adaptable, super spontaneous and hate overthinking stuff. Also I am shortsighted lol but I don't really like wearing my glasses in public, they make me look so serious and studious when LOL no. I don't really care now but when I was younger I hated the 'honor student' label it gave me. I am a TROLL, super sarcastic and my sense of humor is hard to understand for some people since it's super ironic and kinda dark sometimes.
I have many hobbies and love learning new skills but the most important ones to me are definitely drawing/painting, cooking/baking, piano, reading, acting, swimming, travelling and learning new languages (I am fluent in 5 and learning 2 more). I used to be super passionate about martial arts and reached a black belt but had to stop due to health issues 😭. I'm ambitious, mischievious and cunning. I laugh super easily and smile a lot! I laugh at really inapropriate times, and since I don't cry easily my friends and family call me insensitive oupsii.
I have a super flirty personality but since I do it unknowingly or ironically sometimes, when people take it seriously I freak out and run away. I am hella oblivious to people flirting with me though like even if I notice I go nah there is no way they are serious, so when cute guys confront me about it and say it straight out all my confidence crumbles I BECOME SO SHY and speak in tiny font (and deny it like haha wow you're funny).
 I am really honest about my 'positive feelings', like I compliment people a lot and am the type of person to text others saying that I am happy to have them in my life, that I had a great time hanging out, etc. But I SUCK with my negative feelings?! Like I just ignore them and never voice them out. Friends and family sometimes blame me saying that since I never confide they feel like I put a wall between us and that our relationship is kinda unequal since they tell me everything (I am a really good listener) but I really don't do it on purpose... I kind of feel obligated to be the 'strong' one who does not really feel anything...
I am sorry this is so long, thank you for taking the time to read it! Good luck for all your other orders i'm sute you'll do great!)
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Thanks a lot for sending in your order here at Kyupid's Love Shop. One Dalgona Matchup Latte coming right up!....... where’d the side effec— oh, here it is! I matcha with ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
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➞ this relationship thrives on the fact that you’ll both feel like you’re on top of the world when together; but honestly though, boring is not a part of this couple’s vocabulary like whew— (lemme be a part of this, ples, like i’ll third wheel)
➞ don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you and nishi are immature (it’s actually quite the contrary) it’s just that you both don’t feel that societal pressure that most do, you’re both just so free and that’s not something the majority of the population can afford
➞ so to say that you’re both beyond lucky to have found each other is a huge understatement; this be the type of relationship that iconic romance anime movies are based off on 
➞ nishi will be the first one to make a move for sure, like bby did not even hesitate for a second — i want it, i’m gonna try to get it typa man
➞ it won’t even matter if you push him away or if he has to court you for a year or so, he’ll only stop if you actually say that you’re not interested but i mean WHO in the world would reject him?! 
➞ your looks will definitely remind him of a tropical paradise he’s visited, which is what he feels whenever he’s around you, so best believe this man won’t let his walking paradise go; he’ll probably also call you his lil’ firework
➞ he values the fact that you both can view the world the same, but if there’s a difference in your viewpoints, it doesn’t lead to arguments like most do, but instead having each side doing their best to understand one another — nishi is the type to be very open-minded and always fights for what’s right, i also get that vibe from you
➞ nishi is up for anything; so when he found out about your abundance of hobbies, he will bombard you with questions about them, your advice to get the hang of them, and always asking if he’s doing them right 
“look babe, i tried to draw something for you!”
“aww, yuu, this cow looks so cute.” 
“’s a baby bear, but thank you so much, baby, it’s definitely an improvement from the last one. i love you!”
➞ he has a very innocent type of humour... maybe sometimes perverted, but that’s not the point— so if he does find one of your jokes to be too dark, he will ask if you’re okay, but he definitely won’t be like ‘wtf is wrong with this betch?’
➞ you two would always be traveling whenever your schedules allow you two; and you guys would always be learning something new! surfing, atv riding, bungee jumping, hunting, fishing (durh), learning some catch phrases in the place’s native language, cooking their national dishes, and so so much more
➞ with nishi, there’s never a time where you’ll be bored, everything will just be perfect when you’re with him; literally you’ll both be the couple who probably doesn’t even plan their days unless it’s like something so important
➞ ‘there are some flowers you only see when you take detours’ type of life motto/vibes
➞ oh, and you always complimenting him and telling him how much he means to you? mans could die from to much heart palpitations... uwu, just pure uwus
➞ he’s not very romantic all the time, so most of the compliments he’ll be giving you will be like:
“baby, you’re way cuter than this. you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever laid my eyes on. you’re perfect!”
“...but you’re holding a fish i— y’know what, thank you... now can you throw it back in the water, please?”
➞ loves, and when i say loves i really mean it, when you wear your glasses, but he definitely will be cheeky and say, ‘oh, sorry, i didn’t know this was the library. i was looking for my very beautiful girlfriend... oh, that’s you? well you look a lil’ too gorgeous to be her’ but foreal, pls wear you glasses more often, he literally melts when you do
➞ he’s always telling you that he loves you; and when he’s in another country, expect photos and vids from him that look like those tinder fish-boys (idek if this’ll make sense to you) but he has the most beautiful smile a man could ever have and such a sincere paragraph of how much he misses and loves you to follow along with it, that it doesn’t even matter anymore that he looks like a dad
➞ a relationship that make the people around you, whether they’re strangers or not, go ‘they’re the main characters’ — to them you two were in your own beautiful world, and no one would ever dare to interfere with a love so magical and true
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Kyupid hopes that you enjoyed your Dalgona Matchup Latte! Here’s the view from the top of the world with your out-of-this-world relationship with Nishinoya Yuu: he always does things that end up turning you as red as a tomato, but he doesn’t even intend to, mans is just naturally smooth... so you either malfunction or just straight up push him away; when he wants you to listen to his 3 AM thoughts/honestly just some weird shet he probably does all the time with you; when he tries to make you talk about how you’re feeling when he knows your ‘i’m fine’ reply is a straight up lie; and when he finally comes back from one of his trips around the world, just wanting you to be safe in his arms again.
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Thanks very much for ordering — Kyupid hopes to see your cuteself again at the shop in the future! Have a magic-filled day ⁀➷
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an: henlo, i hope you didn’t mind too much that i bombarded your dm’s with questions 😅 thank you so much for being patient with me!
i didn’t know what to do about the url thing, so this was what i resorted to in a short amount of time, i hope that’s okay with you. i almost lost your submission twice, huhu. also, is the gif working??? tumblr’s being a bitch again, so idk if it’s working and i’m freakin out.
btw, now i can’t stop being jelly over this ship like— this is too cute and i feel like this kind of relationship only exists in movies 😔
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