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#love that i hate him and hate that i love him
superhusbands4ever · 2 hours ago
This whole episode with Crosshair and the parallels with Omega and that bit at the end were absolutely breaking my heart however the “I don’t know and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you” “I believe you” murder scene really did make me stop and go
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yeoldotcom · 18 hours ago
I'm glad you're okay!! ❤ I haven't today but I had one somewhat recently where I was innocent and they knew I was innocent but I still felt like they were treating me like I could be doing something wrong. I felt intimidated and it sucked. I was seemingly okay afterwards but didn't process the whole interaction fully for a couple days and then got mad.
If later on you're not okay, I hope you have someone to talk to! If not, just make another post and I'll be happy to 😊
see thats fucked up. that's why i fucking hate cops. they have no right to sit here and judge someone like that, make them feel intimidated n scared n shit. this shit is fucked up. i really hate how they can just make someone start panicking or worry for their life with just their presence. i'm glad they didn't do anything to you though !! and thank u so much for sharing this with me, i really appreciate it 🥺 if u ever have another run in w the cops (hopefully u won't tho !!! fuck them !!!) just let me know and i'll curse at them with you !!!!!
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embermc · a day ago
Animatics that don't potray c!Wilbur as as overly malicious, "evil" or just "crazy" in literally everything that he does my beloved.
Like, it's genuinely really hard to find popular animatics that actually show his mental and emotional issues without vilifying them and don't have him be super overly malicious, super evil, and just uncaring for everyone else around him. Like, I don't entirely blame the artists because it can be sometimes hard to give an entire character analysis and show some of the deeper complexities of his character with just images, and sometimes they might just be going for the aesthetic in general and want to make it look cool (and it usually does look cool art-wise, so there's no hate there!). I also understand that it's sometimes framed as in the perspective of other characters, that would understandably be feeling threatened by him.
But boy is it so freaking refreshing to find animatics that actually portray him as something other than this menacing, creepy, super evil guy, that humanize him, and show some of his actual deeper feelings and emotions, or display his emotional turmoil without using it to villainize him.
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Honestly the worst thing about Aaron is that I frequently use him to personify my feelings of existential dread so I frequently imagine him glancing over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. Right now I'm watching videos about preparing fish and other sea creatures for food.
Aaron has thalassophobia.
I imagine him cowering in the corner while I watch a japanese man gut a fish.
#I was going to put this in the rp blog but putting it in my personal blog because I talk about some shit in the tags#It's shit I need to talk about and I hate saying something then quickly shoveling it back into my throat#[don't get me wrong I do love him]#[It's just that whenever I think of Aaron he gives off an ocean vibe to me]#[or this feeling like my throat's closing up and I'm sinking into a deep bog of water]#[Kings Upon The Main by Thrice was what I was listening to when I was first conceptualizing(?) him]#[I also decided I wanted to make him sort of a faustian character at the time - he was very much 'stop at nothing to get what I want']#[except he had some limits himself; but he backed off too late and wound up dying in the original fanfic]#[which was fine because his purpose of existing was to die]#[he wasn't really a good person]#[he's not really like that now; he's gone through a lot of changes]#[but the fact that I made him up just so he could die kinda fits in with my existential dread.]#[doesn't really help that I used my own father as some inspiration for Aaron also]#[I always got into these talks with my father about the purpose of existence and living]#[we started talking about this stuff almost as soon as I could talk and understand engish]#[for my father I think I only existed to be an extension of himself; someone to simply regurgitate his own philosophies and observations]#[maybe that is the point of having kids in the first place; I don't know]#[but whenever I think about being a kid I just feel like I've been manipulated all my life]#[it's difficult to explain; but when you're a young person with so many expectations placed on you]#[and all the sudden the people that put those expectations on you suddenly vanish from your life; you're left with the strangest feeling of#[relief; dread; and guilt]#[or something like that.]#Kris's rambling#at least in the tags#personal#tl;dr [if you do read my tags] I got some daddy issues to work out with a therapist
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teresa-moyocoyotzin · a day ago
i feel like a lot of people have been bothered that King George seemed to be kind of out of it and acting dumb or not paying attention w Boaz and like, i definitely agree that his character deserved better in many ways, but i think we’re supposed to understand that he’d been using the coke laced with fentanyl for weeks (days? the timeline i stg) and it was poisoning him and clouding his judgement - hence not being his usual sharp-as-a-tack wily pirate self - and boaz used that to his advantage and encouraged it
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seoafin · a day ago
Hungry for shoko content? Here is a thread of a LN translation with her in it
Oh my goddddd 😭😭😭 thank you thank you thank you!!!!
im actually screaming!!! there are so many things i love with this including:
IJICHI CALLING SHOKO (and jujutsu sorcerers in general) UNHINGED....shoko and rip!mc...unhinged girlfriends......
also shoko calling gojo a tall child, casually downing copious amounts of alcohol while gojo eats and drinks sugar, gojo acknowledging all ijichi does but then being terrible about it (aka cancelling it out), and then gojo dropping kokin wakashu in the conversation as if ijichi would be the type of person to read it he’s so. djfnsnjfnkf annoying. 😭
gojo ‘i don’t want to see a grown man crying that’s gross’ satoru..........
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insxparablxduo · a day ago
I just realized Andrew’s era is 70′s bc thats just the way he dances and I-
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jaynovz · 2 days ago
Will Graham 🤝 John Silver
Mirror ball solidarity
#thoughts#the shows do have a lot of similarities but at a certain point they veer off#the dynamics between the two ships are I think fundamentally different in a lot of ways#ask me about Black Sails and Hannibal lit crit#at the end of the day silverflint is not anywhere near as destructive#it maybe as codependent but I think the important additions of polystuff like throwing Madi in there or throwing Thomas in there#or ideally both helps make this relationship a lot healthier if they would actually just talk to each other and work some shit out#whereas hannigram... well. it's absolutely rooted in someone doing so much bad shit to you but you literally can't cut them out of your lif#because nothing is ever going to compare to the experience of having them around even if it's a negative influence sometimes or often#like they are so Unhealthy#the zerosum game and that's why it ends with a cliff dive sigh#you love this terrible terrible thing and you hate yourself for loving it but you also can't deny it#so can't live with him can't live without him#let me try to do my last little bit to society by throwing both of our asses off of this cliff#I think they're metaphorical cliffs also because like there are no cliffs in Maryland by the way#what is it with these shows that I like in metaphorical cliffs#oh yes in the way in which silver and will are mirror balls is very different#they can both easily become different people and different personas but whereas for Will it's almost something he can't help doing#and he absolutely hates that#for silver it's something that he might do unconsciously but it's rooted in survival#though I would say they're both tormented by this tendency to be mirrorballs even if it works in a different way for each
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musicalbouquets · 2 days ago
ESC 2021: My Top 39
1. Romania Roxen Amnesia (Romania makes good pop music-along with Sweden-and I like how the song is meaningful :)  2 Norway TIX Fallen Angel (Was torn between this and Romania for #1; Romania is number one because I liked it instantly whereas, Fallen Angel/Ut av Morket did not click right away. Anyways, it’s nostalgic, a good pop song, and the lyrics are meaningful :) ) 3 Malta Destiny Je me casse (funky and fresh... je l’aime!) 4 Moldova Natalia Gordienko Sugar (I really like the instrumental break(s) in the chorus) 5 Ireland Lesley Roy Maps (Upbeat, happy :) ) 6 Sweden Tusse Voices (Good song; reminds me a bit of Bones (Bulgaria 2018)-which is a compliment because Bones is amazing) 7 San Marino Senhit Adrenalina (Best San Marinese entry in years) 8 Italy Måneskin Zitti e buoni (I like the verses, but the chorus is too repetitive) 9 Latvia Samanta Tīna The Moon is Rising (Just a fun song :) ) 10 Finland Blind Channel Dark Side (Nice to hear rock entries in ESC! The chorus is catchy but I’m not a fan of the “hoo hoo”/”rap” in the verses. 11 Israel Eden Alene Set Me Free (The revamp is a lot better and it’s very catchy) 12 Azerbaijan Efendi Mata Hari (Another grower; catchy) 13 Switzerland Gjon's Tears Tout l'Univers (This has grown on me...I’m really starting to like the instrumental and the “warbly" (?) synths sound relaxing)
14. Germany Jendrik I Don't Feel Hate (Another guilty pleasure, it’s fun and harmless, but the chorus reminds me a bit of Bad Enough by All Time Low?)  15 United Kingdom James Newman Embers (Fun and upbeat, sounds very British) 16 Greece Stefania Last Dance (There’s some songs that grow on you...and there’s some that “slip off” of you...unforunately Last Dance is nearing that territory :( ) 17 Serbia Hurricane Loco Loco (I find it slightly repetitive, but for whatever reason I like the English version more, and I really liked Sanja back in 2016 :) ) 18 Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið 10 Years (I like the synth break) 19 Poland RAFAŁ The Ride (Guilty pleasure. His vocals could be improved but the song is catchy) 20 Ukraine Go_A Shum (Fun and spirited!) 21 Albania Anxhela Peristeri Karma (Good song, but sounds like something Albania would usually send) 22 Cyprus Elena Tsagrinou El Diablo (I don’t like the verses! BUT I like the chorus?)  23 Austria Vincent Bueno Amen (...Vincent can do better than this...) 24 North Macedonia Vasil Here I Stand (Decent song, traditional Balkan ballad) 25 Czech Republic Benny Cristo Omaga (Catchy song, but the lyrics are offputting) 26 Croatia Albina Tick-Tock (Nice energy, but I find the way she sings oh no to be grating) 27 Spain Blas Cantó Voy a quedarme (Decent, but forgettable :( ) 28 Slovenia Ana Soklič Amen (Her voice is good, the song is good, but overall it’s just okay) 29 Bulgaria Victoria Growing Up Is Getting Old (See Estonia and Georgia) 30 Denmark Fyr & Flamme Øve os på hinanden (Energetic, but not my type of music) 31 Estonia Uku Suviste The Lucky One (Like Georgia, it’s kinda dull but more energetic) 32 France Barbara Pravi Voilà (Another one that’s a favorite, but I feel like it’s what people think of traditional/classic French music) 33 Russia Manizha Russian Woman (I like the singing portions, but I don’t like the rap/speaking parts) 34 Lithuania The Roop Discoteque (Lots of other people like this but I just find the song okay and the movements odd) 35 Netherlands Jeangu Macrooy Birth Of A New Age (Decent song, just not for me) 36 Australia Montaigne Technicolour (Eh) 37 Georgia Tornike Kipiani You (Just dull)
38 Belgium Hooverphonic The Wrong Place (still not happy about what they did to Luka...for those who don’t know, iiirc the band kicked out Luka and replaced her with their former lead singer...Luka was supposed to go with them to Eurovision in 2020.) 
39 Portugal The Black Mamba Love Is on My Side (I just don’t like the singer’s voice....)
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thesketcherlass · 2 days ago
I had really good taste in media growing up but my friend group in high school really did just go and sway me from the path of the righteous and now I got terrible content in the deepest, dustiest corners of my tumblr that I've been desperately trying to scrub out for years just like the rest of you mortals
It's probably healthy. Humbling, some might say
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irukapng · 2 days ago
okay but really sasuke had so much potential and i hate that kishi didn't actually use that, make him better. to me, the sasuke we got will never compare to what we could've gotten, should've gotten. he was mostly all talk, he let his ego get to him, he was too stuck in his head. and like if thats what his character was supposed to be that's one thing. but i don't think it was. at least, that's not the same character people love to praise. fanon sasuke is who people really love to praise but everyone pretends he was like that in canon when that's just not the truth. and again, part of me feels like kishi meant to take him in the direction that fans eventually did as well but he didn't. and i hate that so much.
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