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okay okay so imagine this

sometime in the next century, D*sney creates a Tron 3 movie
it is told from Rinzler’s perspective, and shows his journey from the corrupted Sea of Simulation
he faces his awful past, he comes to understand that “what he became” – that the tremendous abuse he suffered at clu’s hands was not his fault
he perseveres through great difficulty with characteristic determination
he overcomes his circumstances, and emerges victorious
he and the others get a (brace yourself) happy ending
there are some epic gridbug battling scenes
the soundtrack is by the immortal Daft Punk, with some “Chain of Love” by Journey and “Laughter Lines” by Bastille thrown in
the graphics are just as mindbendingly awesome and weird as one would expect from this franchise
cindy morgan’s existence is acknowledged
any renowned irish actors with a cameo are acknowledged in the credits
alan visits the grid and talks to his SON

idk man just imagine

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What if we took the aesthetic of Tron: Legacy and apply it to space ships & such?

That would be so fucking cool. (* w *) We’d blend in space. The only weird thing the aliens would see are patterns of lights floating along in space. And yeah, the material would be reflective af but that’s kinda how most sci-fi camou works.

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