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Angel energy- I’m not sure if my heart can take this- I’ll be probably thinking about this at 3 am omg- with a smile on my face omg 😭😭🥺💖

And the food-

FEAST 👏🏻 AS 👏🏻 MUCH 👏🏻 AS 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻 CAN👏🏻

I will make some more, don’t worry 😎💖💖


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I have heard it said that there are two types of people that go into teaching: people who actually believe in creative and critical thinking and reward learning, and those that like to lord it over others and have all the answers. Your science teacher sounds like the second case lol, and unfortunately, there are many of them.

I’m so sorry that you and everyone reading this are going to run into a lot of people like your teacher. Bosses, professors, bureaucrats, etc. It doesn’t stop after school. It’s shitty, not to mention extremely dehumanizing. I totally understand where you’re coming from and I suspect a lot of people do! There are good people out there, and in those positions of power, too! We must find them and bind together!!

And I really hope your day got better after your science class. And that Turn can help cheer you up when it posts😘

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Gurl- take this:


„How did it go, babe?“

The blonde haired male looked at you with an encouraging smile- but as soon as he saw your disappointed expression his smile started to falter.

„Babe?“ he asked when he saw how you bit your lip. You just silently came closer and clung your arms around him.

He quickly warps his arms around you and softly caresses your back.

„Babe“ he whispered, and pressed a kiss on your head.

„Don‘t worry babe, it will all be okay. It’s only a test. It’s not yer fault, ya did yer best. Ya can always try again next time. Love ya.“

He murmured this words in your ear, his chin was on your shoulder while he held you close.

„Still so proud of ya. Ya were amazing. Yer so smart, ya can do it next time.“

He holds you until you feel better. Both of you just stand in the middle of the hallway , but you couldn’t care less about the people around you.

You finally pull back- just a bit to see his face, and he looked at you with a soft expression.

„Let‘s go babe. I‘ll treat ya to some ice cream.“

You nod with a smile and make an attempt to put out your keys- but he quickly takes them out of your hands.

„No babe. No driving for ya today. Yer car is still new, and ya already crushed two this year. ‘m gonna drive.“

You pout and open your mouth to protest, but he quickly pinches your cheek and grabs the keys with his signature smug smile.

„C‘mon babe. Let me make ya feel better.“

His arm around your waist and the quick peck on your lips make you feel better immediately.

You might have messed up this test- but you would have plenty of other chances to show what‘s in you.

And you had the supporting strong arms of your boyfriend, who would always catch you and cheer you up- no matter how much you messed up.


LOVE YOU HONEY 💖 let me catch you when you‘re down

You‘re still the smart twin- PROMISE!! 💖😭😭🥺

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Rest assured everyone: I‘ll have a lot of free time in the next few days, so I‘ll post a lot (or try too)✊🏻💖

Not gonna post something today though, rereading while tired is not a good idea- like sometimes I read a fic again and I’m like: yeah… don’t write at 4 am anymore— 😭😭

But I have something for you tomorrow with a character I’ve never written before, and tired me is like: yeah it’s kinda okay, but let’s see what awake me will say >.<


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That’s- that’s impossible- omg 💖💖😭😭


And you know… if you wanna share the hinata fic someday 👉🏻👈🏻🥺 I’m here 🥺

I also feel like hinata needs more love- but I’m not one to set a good example here- like I think I have literally 2 fics with him- just 2 fics- And sooo many with Osamu- like… the balance— I need to work on that 😭

I‘m sure you wrote an amazing story- and you shouldn’t pay too much attention about the reception- like there will always be people who don’t like what you write, but as long as you enjoy it that’s enough (and I will enjoy it too— 200% guarantee, or you‘ll get your money back!!!) AND READING SOMETHING FROM YOU IS THE DREAM 💖💖

Hope you had a wonderful day!! And take care or the little flower!! 💖💖💖

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Riiiiight… have some very serious Courfeyrac headcanons

1. Can’t cook. Don’t let him into the kitchen, he has set fire to five toasters so far



2. Is always wearing glittery socks.


…the sparkle is very important

3. Likes to sit on Combeferres shoulders so he can feel tall


…to Enjolras’ frustration

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Ahh this is too nice thank you😭 I promise I don’t write out of obligation to post (as detached and cold as that may sound lol, but also it’s because I know y'all are understanding about stuff) Though I do also love posting😊

Writing for me acts almost like a stabilizer. I’ll usually only have 2-3 days in a row at most without writing every few weeks as my non productive slump, but any longer than that and I start to sort of mentally twitch because writing daily is a habit years in the making at this point. But this time because I felt so low for nearly a week, I couldn’t even write to “up” myself, so that made the spiral so much worse lol. BUT the wheel has stopped and is turning the upward direction and I am very lucky to have people like you here on this blog being so kind and thoughtful❤️❤️

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you’re important to me too. i’m always elated to hear from you. i hope you’ve been well despite all the wild shit happening in the world.

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Lance definitely notices your breasts. He calls them his “fun bags” and normally that would disgust you but Lance has other forgiving qualities…..


Originally posted by bbuchanann

Bucky notices your hair. He loves to run his hands through it as you lay on top of him resting your head on his shoulder. When you ask him to hold it back in his hand while you go down on him he goes crazy. He likes it when you play with his, too.


Originally posted by steve-rogers-is-a-saint

Sebastian notices your eyes and your smile. He feels like you’re a safe, warm place where he can just be himself…you don’t want something from him….you just want HIM


Originally posted by thebritishstanfan

Thank you for this awesome ask, Anon. Love you!!!

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