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idareyouorelse · a minute ago
Early April
I think i stopped liking you
Months ago.
You left and came back as rhododendrons started blossoming
“Don’t you love me anymore?”
And i have to tell you
I wish the flowers bloomed in early April.
— s.e
Tumblr media
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mrxi-cadmus · 3 minutes ago
hhhhhhhh i just love shikasasu/sasushika headcanons that show up in my head. like, shikamaru on his desk wearing glasses and sasuke just resting his chin on top and watching his movements....or sasuke sitting down on his lap when he feels tired... or shikamaru going somewhere and a sleepy sasuke just pulls him back to his lap or a tired sasuke plopping down on shikamaru’s lap with his hair being combed....
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littlelyrics1 · 3 minutes ago
Just to hold you close was all that i desired
Certainty, Marie.
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inkribbon796 · 5 minutes ago
Alea Lacta Est. Ch. 2: The Still Hourglass
Summary: The hunt for Dark’s newest spawnlings is on.
Chapters: 1, 2, 3
King was dead to the world, completely asleep when his phone began to ring, the custom ringtone of the chorus from “I Love Myself” by the Wannadies playing.
Grumbling in anger, King blindly fumbled for his phone and answered it, “Fuck you, Ills, what time is it?”
“Seven,” Illinois answered over the phone as King dragged his hand across his face. “Look, I wouldn’t have called if I couldn’t find Host, Dark’s got more spawnlings, I need help finding them.”
“I’m going back to bed,” King decided.
“No! Kay, please,” Illinois begged and that was what started actually waking King up, Illinois really sounded that desperate. “Dad’s not doing well, I need to find them.”
“Okay, okay,” King reached over for his glasses, starting to accidentally signal to Lunky that it was time to get up and the spawnling started screeching. “I’m up, just buy me a coffee.”
“After this is all done, I’ll buy you whatever the hell you want,” Illinois promised.
Across the other side of the Egoton portion of town, Mark, Amy, and Ethan had already gotten up.
It was foggy from a rare summer cold spell. They were having an earlier day than usual since they were scheduled for an earlier patrol later.
They had their dogs with them and were talking about random topics while on a run in their normal clothes. Or at least Mark was shit talking and Ethan was shit talking to him back. Either way it was a calm morning.
Then Spencer stopped almost dead, tugging the leash as he stared down the street. The dog began growling, Ethan could physically see the hairs on the little shepherd standing up.
“Ethan?” Mark slowed down but he was still a good twenty feet away from him with Amy and their dogs. Chica was whining and Henry was just staring silently at the same direction Spencer was growling in.
“I don’t know, he just stopped,” Ethan looked around for any trouble. He saw what was wrong a bit too late. There was a patch of darker fog creeping towards him, about the size of a small mountain bike, much bigger than how he’d started out as a dinner plate sized cloud.
Spencer had smelt him but Ethan didn’t see him coming until the spawnling pounced.
A flash of aura, coated in words moved through the group and the dogs were suddenly gone, back home and fully rested and fed after their walk. But their owners didn’t move with them.
Ethan suddenly became aware that it got hard to breathe. Mark and Amy ran over to try and help Ethan when they were jumped by similar aura clouds, Mark trying to fly out of the crowd but he felt something almost pin him in place.
After a bit of a struggle the fog began to get burned away in the morning summer heat and the three heroes stood there, pushed to the back of their own minds.
“That was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be,” Mark heard himself say.
Ethan heard a bubbling laugh come from his own throat, “Let’s split up and see who can cause the most damage. I bet it’s me.”
“Eat shit, you’re on,” the demon controlling Mark spat and immediately turned tail and ran, Amy watching them both run off in different directions before the demon used her flight to take off into the sky. The Host watching the three of them go.
What most heroes woke up to was chaos. It didn’t take long for them to realize that, one, it was Silver and Crank causing the problem; and, two, they were being controlled by demons.
Not that the pair of demons let themselves get caught. The trio of demons had already been going crazy consuming aura before they took their bodies. The death troll had already risen to ten before the heroes’ bodies had been hijacked. Now things were getting worse with a super strong hero who could fly and one who could turn invisible being controlled by demons.
Marvin ran out with Chase in the hopes of finding Silver because Crank had gone invisible and some accounts said he had slipped into the river and was refusing to be drawn back out. Bing was on the hunt with Oliver and Logan to find Crank.
But it was Illinois who had joined the search with King who found one of the trio first.
“What do yeh mean there’s a third one ‘a these fookers?”[1] Marvin demanded, his voice coming over King’s communicator.
“There were three of them,” Illinois explained. “Just don’t kill them, let me trap them and—”
Illinois paused as he watched a woman walk towards them, cautious and careful.
The adventurer froze at the cloud of aura around her, the spawnling was already so much bigger and more powerful than when they had escaped the Manor.
“Might have found one, Marv, call you back,” King warned and lowered his communicator.
“Hey,” Illinois greeted.
“Hi,” she smiled back. “Where’s the pink one?”
“You mean Wil?” Illinois asked.
The spawnling had Amy nod, “Yes, I like his aura more.”
Illinois smiled in triumph and took out one of the pieces of chalk, laced with Dark’s aura, that he used to open up portals. “Alright we’ll just head back home and—”
Thick black and white aura began to cloud around the demon’s human host, a threat, “Not so fast.”
“I’m not doing anything wrong,” Illinois started trying to move in front of King. “I can take us back to the Manor, you can calm down. Both of them are there.”
The spawnling was quiet before dropping her host, Amy falling away and crashing to the ground in a semi-conscious daze. The spawnling still looked like her, her outfit part white and part black,
“You got a name?” Illinois asked.
“Tempus,” she introduced, stepping away from Amy as the hero began to shakily pick herself up. King moved slowly to get to her and pull her away.
“You okay?” King began to whisper as Illinois drew open a portal and made sure to show it led back to the Manor and he walked through first, Tempus following him into the Manor’s entrance hall.
“Okay, you know where the other two are?” Illinois asked her.
Tempus gave a noncommittal shrug, looking around the Manor.
“I’m trying to keep them from being killed, I would appreciate a little help,” Illinois barked at her.
The argument was cut off before it could even begin as Illinois heard Dark and Wil arguing as Dark was coming down the stairs.
“For the last time, I’m fine, I’ve been asleep far too long,” Dark dismissed, his aura curled protectively around him.
“At least grab something to eat,” Wil insisted before the two of them saw Illinois and Tempus. “Oh, hello.”
“We’re still trying to find the other two,” Illinois told Dark as he walked over. “They’re causing a scene all over town.”
“I noticed,” Dark told him hesitantly. “Hello, my dear.”
Tempus was extremely hesitant about approaching him, as if he’d strike out against her. An action Dark had neither the heart nor drive to do now that she held her own sentience, and Wil’s aura still was palpable amidst her own.
“Sweetie?” Wil rushed over and picked her up, twirling her around, before setting her back down and cupping her face gently in his hands. “You’ve gotten so big. It seems like just yesterday you could fit in the palm of my hand.”
“They separated this morning, Wil,” Dark reminded sharply. “Your name, my dear?”
She smiled at him, “Tempus.”
“And where are your siblings, Tempus?” Dark asked.
“I saw them a little bit ago, but I don’t know where they are now,” Tempus admitted as the group heard an audible gasp from the top of the stairs.
The four of them saw Yan, leaning over the railing of the stairs and staring at Tempus. When Tempus looked back at her, Yan ducked a little bit.
“Yan come meet your sister, Tempus,” Wilford cheerfully introduced.
Yan came down the stairs nervously ducked behind Dark, who was eyeing his new sister carefully.
There was a little bit of tense silence as Yan peeked out from behind Dark. “Can we be friends and have sleepovers and makeovers?” Yan asked Tempus.
“Well see,” Tempus allowed but smiled at Yan. Yan’s eyes got all big and hopeful.
As the situation defused, Illinois walked over to Dark and began debriefing him on the current situation.
“—and pretty sure we’re going to have to fish the other one out of the river,” Illinois concluded.
“Right, the sooner the better,” Dark agreed, and threw open a portal.
Illinois, however, caught the fact that his hand was shaking as he did so. “No, you should go back to bed, I’ll take care of it.”
“I’ve been in bed for far too long today, stay with your father,” Dark walked through a portal, and Illinois followed him before he could close it fast enough.
“What are you doing?” Dark demanded.
“Staying with my father,” Illinois didn’t break eye contact. “If you’re not going back to bed, like you should, then neither am I.”
“I shouldn’t be in bed, I don’t need to sleep,” Dark scoffed defensively. “I am fine.”
“I’m not going to watch you almost die again,” Illinois told him.
“If I died then I was too weak to handle it in the first place,” Dark scoffed.
“No it’ll be because you pushed yourself too far, why can’t you just let us take care of you, Dad,” Illinois ordered.
“I am not your father,” Dark spat, his mental walls coming up.
“Then who is it? Because it sure as shit isn’t Wil!” Illinois shouted in anger. “He was never my dad, it was always yours!”
Dark’s next words lodged in his throat, and with his already weakened state, he couldn’t stop his blue soul from reaching out for Illinois.
The effect was almost instantaneous, the adventurer felt the impact of such overwhelming emotions that it immediately brought tears to his eyes. The burden of pain, loss, fear, longing, and the need to never let go.
Illinois reached out and pulled Dark in for a hug, the Entity trying frantically to pull his blue soul back into compliance. He wanted to reach out and destroy something, to point to it and warn everyone that he was still dangerous.
But the only thing in his arms was Illinois, and his mind stalled.
When Dark could finally get the soul under control, or at least not screaming in his mind as much, he found he had a new problem, Illinois’s aura was latched into his. Even as Illinois started to pull back, he held on, “You know, even if I was calling Wil “Dad”, I am allowed to have two dads.”
“Stop,” Dark told him, realizing that his own voice was choked up, instinctively looking around to see if anyone was watching them. Thankfully the answer was no. “Don’t give me this so it can get ripped away.”
Illinois leaned back so he could look Dark dead in the eyes, “You’re my dad, and nothing is going to change that, I promise.”
Dark held onto Illinois’s arm, trying desperately not to get even more, impossibly, emotionally attached than he already was.
He was failing. Miserably. Happily.
Illinois smiled again and Dark couldn’t help but get a little hopeful. “Come on, let’s go find those two runts before they get themselves killed.”
With that Illinois led Dark away as they followed the sounds of chaos.
Accessibility Translations:
1. What do you mean there’s a third one of these fuckers?
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fantazyteabags · 6 minutes ago
It’s 5 am and I’m lying awake thinking about post-finale beauyasha
Just. The concept of Beau always being too close to too many people and never feeling safe, and of Yasha never feeling safe enough to be close to anyone
The parallels they make, with both having been raised with high expectations and conditioned views on what love “really” is
But now- now they don’t have that anymore. Now there is Beau, coming home tired and exhausted and hearing Yasha come running in to hug her. Not just because of how hard Beau worked that day- Yasha doesn’t care if Beau did “enough”- just existing was enough, unconditional love was something Yasha had fought to never forget to give. Beau, who had always been raised to see relationships as a give and take, a deal to be bargained for, can’t help but break down in Yasha’s arms at the idea that she has deserving of this much love.
Yasha having an especially difficult day, the flowers blooming outside their window remind her of Zuala and (as anyone who has loved and lost knows), sometimes the wound feels fresh and painful. Beau sitting next to Yasha, holding her, and not saying much- because what is there to say? It’s nothing Yasha hasn’t already heard, and the distant look in her eyes tells Beau she is miles away. Beau doesn’t mind, she decides to just Exist with Yasha. She isn’t going to leave Yasha alone to drown in grief the way she had for so many years. Yasha isn’t by herself now, and doesn’t have to be, ever again. That after so many years of running, she can finally breathe. Finally look at the world- and in the mirror- and see color again.
Both of them, hurt and bruised and maybe a little broken, healing together and reminding themselves every day how much of a gift it is to be alive and capable of love. Because that’s how they saved each other, isn’t it? By reflecting the love they were given, building on each other, and weaving their fates into one. That’s what Beau and Yasha take into their future, the reminder that they are always deserving of unconditional love and that it’s only stronger when matched in equal strength.
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littlelyrics1 · 8 minutes ago
When you looked at me
I could see the love in your eyes
Certainty, Marie.
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roedhong2 · 9 minutes ago
The Best Places to Live in the World Condé Nast Traveler
There's the realm's most costly city and the area's most costly city for expats. There's also the world's most alluring city, and the world's friendliest cities. Now, the outcomes are in for the Economist Intelligence Unit's "Global Liveability Report," which ranks the coolest places to live on this planet, scoring 140 cities in five categories: stability, healthcare, lifestyle and atmosphere, schooling, and infrastructure. While the cities in the top ten remain unchanged from last year's rankings Canada and Australia still reign perfect, there were a pair shifts in the order because of Sydney's advantage in its tradition and environmental scores.
And before you even look, be warned that zero U. S. cities made the cut—again. There's always next year. We love vacationing Adelaide for its world class vineyards and natural wines, but it turns out the southern coastal city is a great spot to take in everlasting apartment. The Economist Intelligence Unit gave it a score of 100 the highest feasible score in both schooling and healthcare—judging availability and quality of both—and the town fared rather well in any other categories to boot.
We're sure the city's pristine beaches, world class eating places, and aforementioned wine scene certainly add to the liveability factor. We already know Copenhagen is one of the world's best cities for expats, so it may come as little shock that the Danish capital is one of the best places to live on the earth for expats and others. Despite town's fairly high cost of living, citizens still enjoy a stellar education system, plus lots of free parks and art galleries. Copenhagen also earned an ideal score for infrastructure, which has a lot to do with the city's suitable bike paths and bridges—more people here use bikes than cars to get to work day after day—not to mention the 2019 the launch of the City Circle Line, a metro line that contains 17 brand new stations. Toronto is one of three Canadian cities during this year's top ten, earning ideal marks for balance, healthcare, and education.
We extremely applaud Toronto for being one of the vital welcoming cities on the planet. More than 46 percent of the nearly three million strong inhabitants is international born, and their reception game is so strong that they check with immigrants as “newcomers. ”Tied with Toronto for seventh place, Tokyo earned high marks around the board—and we're sure the city's improvements in the course of the lead up to the now postponed 2020 Summer Olympics will keep it in the pinnacle ten for years to come. Infrastructure aside, we'd be at liberty to live in Tokyo for the dining alone: The Japanese capital has more Michelin stars than every other place on the earth, and is—no surprise—one of the world’s best food locations. Vancouver is no stranger to the Global Liveability Report: It earned the number one spot from 2002 to 2010, and again in 2015.
Despite shedding in the ranks in recent years, Canada’s third biggest city has indisputable appeal. Travelers and expats alike are attracted to Vancouver for its parks, museums, shopping and, perhaps most particularly, a rich and varied culinary and cocktail scene that has become even more dazzling after town’s star turn internet hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Toronto and Vancouver are tough competition, but Calgary is formally the most liveable city in Canada. Sitting pretty along the Canadian Rockies, Calgary boasts ideal scores in 4 out of 5 of the index's scoring classes. The city has thriving restaurant and cultural scenes do not forget in regards to the Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo, and its proximity to Lake Louise and Banff National Park makes it a superb hub for nature concentrated day trips. Japan’s third largest city after Tokyo and Yokohama is usually overshadowed by the nation's capital, but there are a whole lot of causes it’s become a vacation spot in its own right.
For starters, Osaka is among the best food cities in all of Japan—must eat regional specialities consist of takoyaki battered, fried octopus balls and okonomiyaki grilled savory pancakes with a variety of of additives. We also love the town for its baseball lifestyle, neon lit neighborhoods, and beautiful Osaka Castle. Sydney was the only city on the list to improve its score from last year to this year, bumping up its tradition and atmosphere score a number of points. The Economist credits the advantage to the “Sustainable Sydney 2030” approach, a set of goals to assist town become as eco pleasant as possible by the year 2030. Melbourne is the most habitable city in Australia, and the second one most liveable city in all of the world.
The city nabbed the #1 spot for seven years in a row before losing a place last year. The city shines with all of Australia's best character traits—sophisticated, stylish, free spirited—and maintains to attract travelers with its world class art and famed coffee and cuisine. Maintaining its position in the number 1 spot for the second one year in a row, Vienna adds the perfect blend of adventure, affordability, ease of living, and safety. The Austrian capital draws crowds with its Baroque architecture and Danube cruises, but it's just as exciting as a center of what’s new in the culinary and art worlds of Europe. And due to a city government that puts a large number of substances behind infrastructure and housing, the price of living this is far below comparable European cities. Condé Nast Traveler doesn't deliver clinical advice, prognosis, or remedy.
Any tips posted by Condé Nast Traveler is not meant as a substitute for clinical advice, and also you aren't take any action before consulting with a health care professional. . Condé Nast Traveler may earn a element of sales from merchandise that are purchased via our site as a part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. review on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or in a different way used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast.
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Theres all these cute little sbi AUs where Tommy is a little kid and Wilbur is the older brother who helps raise him and is a Good Influence™ while Techno is the chaotic one as if Wilbur wouldn’t read Tommy Uncle Shelby’s ABZ’s and then Set Him Free
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kuruijii · 12 minutes ago
ringo for the character ask game?
do i like them: yes i do! i think she’s neat! funny math girl!!
5 good qualities: i like her dynamics with a lot of characters, she’s a very interesting character to explore, she’s got a fun yet simple design to draw, i think her math interest is very neat & she’s just a very silly girl!!
3 bad qualities: her japanese lines are very difficult to understand sometimes. that’s the only bad thing i can think of for her really
favourite episode/ect: there are several live manzai moments with her that i love and i cannot choose honestly
otp: amirin is very good i think
brotp: maguro and ringo, childhood best friends!! klug and ringo’s a close second, i think they’d be funny. @ sega let the nerds interact more please
ot3: i’m making it an ot4 because i feel bad leaving one of them out so! amitie/ringo/ess/lidelle! i think they should all hold hands :D
notp: none, really (besides the obviously gross ones ofc)
best quote: i do not know enough ringo quotes, sadly,, her spells are very fun to chant with her though!! very fun :D
headcanon: i’ll do two! a serious one: she’s had a few fears that she’s conquered by doing research on them. an example is death. because of this, ringo knows a lot about the decomposation process and sometimes ends up freaking people out with her knowledge. a joke one: she listens to a lot of country music. her and klug fight over music because while she loves country, klug absolutely hates it.
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johermione · 13 minutes ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. 💋💙
thank you❤❤❤❤❤
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fitzpatrick78simpson · 14 minutes ago
Do it Yourself Automobile Repair Manuals Mitchell DIY
Mitchell 1 DIY adds online access to auto repair counsel on over 30,000 cars among 1983 to present in a powerful browser based application that provides the do it yourself home mechanics instant access to the very latest in auto repair, upkeep, technical service announcements and recall counsel. View sample automobiles. company website , and all contents, are .
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gordon81smed · 14 minutes ago
How To Submit Articles: Submitting Articles To Publishers
The up side of submitting manually is so that you can submit at no cost aside from the investment of your personal time and effort–you don’t want to pay anyone or use any particularly designed programs to can help you together with your submissions. view it may be a good way to get your feet wet with article advertising if you’d like to take things slow and get used to this advertising tool. The draw back of manual article submissions is that it takes the most amount of time and produces the smallest result. For instance, you will be spending your personal precious time finding publishers and inputting your information into each site, and since you’re human there's a limit to how much you are able to do. You can spend a good bit of time filing manually, but you is just not able to submit as many articles by hand as an automated system would.
Because you are just capable of undergo a restricted number of publishers, you'll want to submit significantly more articles than you would if you were filing immediately. I used to submit manually–it is extremely time consuming!all up to date. Many of the lists offered with program like this are effortlessly obsolete. Some people find article submission software appropriate for his or her needs, but for the main part it remains to be very time consuming. My advise to you is to submit moderately–stick pretty close to 8 articles a month per online page.
If you have got a couple of website that you just’re advertising, that is fine. Just try to restrict yourself to 8 articles a month for every web page that you’re advertising. That will give you the best results with se's, and it makes your job with writing easier–why make your self write more articles than you wish to?If you are over enthusiastic in your submission rate when submitting on a large scale, it can work in opposition t you. NOTE: Please be aware this content material may now be outdated. For the most recent great content on how to build massive exposure in your web page, please go to The vWriter Blog Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"Good article.
I like the way you examine the 3 ways to submit an article. And needless to say the manual way of submitting a piece of writing is the least beneficial and very time consuming while using an article distribution system like SubmitYOURArticle. com is the main beneficial and most effective. Thank youLouis Mahe SeychellesHiI have just read your article on how to submit to the publishers,I was very interested to see how you defined tips on how to go about submitting articles.
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big-dicked-heisenberg · 15 minutes ago
*nods hugs you* Can we stop talking about this I’m gonna cry
only if you admit you're better than you give yourself credit for and that your own self loathing is not fact but only a biased view of yourself based only on your own (self appointed or influenced into believing some of your traits as) negative traits or things you view as "failures"
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powertrains · 21 minutes ago
I'm still in uni and have to pick up extra credit from courses outside my main field, this time it's an 'Intro to Ritualtheory'
Sadly it's going to be a bit boring. Just showing like the official part in the beginning with national anthem and 'we race as one' and then the end with podium & post-race interviews.
as an engineer whose non engineering electives were mostly economics and intellectual property stuff... I Am Fascinated.
well if it's got to be less personal and more institutional... i would argue with the prompt because the creation of rituals is personal (i didn't do great in my ipr course can you tell). more compromise ideas: drivers climbing the nose of the car in celebration after parking it in parc ferme! cool down rooms! weighbridges! the use of pitboards on the start finish straight!
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hunt04mills · 21 minutes ago
The best material for your DIY mask, according to science
The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a heated debate over the efficacy of DIY masks made up of elements frequently found at home. Now, a new study posted in the journal Physics of Fluids on Tuesday claims to have found the most beneficial homemade mask design. Researchers compared four makeshift face mask styles, which they considered available options for most: a bandanna tied over the nose and mouth; a loosely folded handkerchief; a cone style commercial mask; and a fitted, sewn mask made of two layers of quilting fabric. “While there are a few prior reports on the effectiveness of scientific grade equipment, we don’t have a lot of information in regards to the cloth based coverings which are most accessible to us at this time,” said study author Siddhartha Verma, assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University in a statement. With mask dressed in mannequins as human stand ins, researchers employed a smoke generator with a manual pump to imitate coughs and sneezes.
A laser and camera were set up to detect and capture the trail of the “breathing droplets. ”In spite of the mounting proof that face masks are indeed important to coronavirus prevention, lawmakers continue to squabble over local and federal proposals to require using masks in public. At go to my site , states that have been eager to reopen a couple of weeks ago are walking back on those plans amid unanticipated — yet not unexpected — spikes in new cases.
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kamiart · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hehe lawyers
Face practice w/ some AA ocs!!
Belonging to moi, @you-may-call-me-meme , @dantelionwishes and @greyciees in order of appearance :D 💕
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