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#love you all


,,my day wasn’t the best, I wasn’t allowed to turn in an important assignment for a stupid reason and felt icky after eating lunch. My best friend Sock was there for me so I felt a lil better

,,I’ve been trying to work on my mental health lately and i haven’t been doing too bad! I’ve started handing in homework on time way more often

,,I’ve also made a small attempt at starting to clean my room by hanging up clothes after they’re washed instead of throwing them on the floor

,,I wish my mom showed she was proud of me. I love her to death but she’s hard to understand. I finally got one of my grade up from an F and all she said was “about f*cking time” and when I told her I was working on my room she didn’t believe me.

,,I hope you have a wonderful day/night! Mwah

(Enjoy a picture of a tanuki/raccoon dog)

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Absolutely!! So so sorry to have caused any distress 😔 I’m pretty shit at remembering content warnings, especially when I’m fast reblogging, but I’ll do my best to since I have at least one follower who needs it.

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So guysss! Sorry if I haven’t updated in a while but tomorrow I’ll upload the Pyramid Head ask (A part 2, actually) made by @the-octo-lover-uwu. Then I’ll write the Baptiste ask by @sadcowboy6969, then the Isaac ask by @homolbs and then the McCree ask by @butwhynotfather. (Wow, this is a lot of stuff, and I’m happy to write for every one of you and thank you for requesting!)

Also, I was thinking of adding Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine to my list, but I’m not sure yet. He’s so cool though! Look at him:


(Pic taken from Google)

Well, I’ll think about it, see you tomorrow!


Guys, I wanted to thank you all for the compliments you write in the comments section of my stories. I don’t usually answer, but be sure that I read them and that I really appreciate your kind words, so thanks a lot! ❤❤

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Hello there darlings! I’m so excited for halloween to finally arrive this weekend! Hate that my fav month is almost over but I’m also excited to open up requests again for y’all! I hope you are all doing fantastic and have awesome plans for saturday! I love you all sm! Also plz don’t forget to check out my new witch story Darkmore on wattpad (username is yessylovely) And add me on insta! I would love to chat with you guys there! (ydeelove) 🤗🖤

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hi guys,

i apologize if i have not responded to your pms yet, i had a really big life event occur and im very busy at the moment cleaning up the mess. again, im really sorry, and ill get back to them as soon as possible, i just dont want you all to think that im ignoring you or forgot about you. love you guys soso much, and i hope you all have the BEST day, and week, and month<3333

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I was working all day today and logged in to see this


Oh my god guys???? What the hell??? How are there so many of you???

What did I do to deserve this? I don’t know but I’m so thankful for each and every one of you.


So to anyone who is new here: welcome and if you need me to tag anything, just ask.

  • If you have any questions, my inbox is always open and I try answering all the asks as soon as possible.
  • If you want to talk, you can always send me a message (if you don’t know how to start a conversation, just send me a gif or a pic or a post, or just start talking to me like we’re old friends, I promise I’ll be nice).

I try to be nice and understanding towards everyone and I just want each and every one of you to feel welcome on my blog.

So, just be nice and respectful and we’ll be friends 😊

I hope you’re having a great day/night, love ya! 💕💕

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Important, please read!

Hello everyone! Ruth ( @youworryyouworryshit) notified me this morning that i had a rayban ad pop up on my other blog. The supposed ad was also in my queue, which i deleted.

I’m concerned that some will pop up on this blog, so if one does please let me know, and most importantly don’t click on it! It is not me, it’s a bot!

Stay safe and healthy,

Rage and Love,

Emily 💋

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milestone celebration!!

I want to start with saying thank you, thank you all for following me!! It might not be a huge milestone compared to some of you, but I’m honoured you guys can put up with me haha ☺️ I’m going to do some celebration games so send as many asks in as you want, no pressure, you don’t have to participate, I just wanted to do something like this :)

🍒 send me a letter and I will give you some music recommendations, if you want you can add a genre

🦋 I’ll make a moodboard, you can choose what kind, can be inspired by the vibes you give off, maybe a character you like, a ship, a movie, an artist, anything you can come up with and I will see what i can do

🐞 any questions you would like to ask or just come say hi and be friends

💛 tell me something random and I will tell you if I relate or not

🙈 tell me something you think about me and I will tell you if it’s true or not

💋 tumblr crush, just sending some positivity and love

🦔 fmk, cym, would you rather, top five, any kind of those games

🥰 first impressions, you can send one of me and I can do one of you

tagging some moots, hope you guys don’t mind x

@nxsmss @rafej-cambanks @mdlyncline @jiaraendgame @jjaybank @ilovefandoms102 @rafeyybabyy @crxstalreeds @cognacdelights @skiesofthesketchy @vintageobx @alternativehp @pink-meringues @outerbankslut @cherryobx

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Guys, I’ve reached 500 followers!!!!

I mean, technically 502, but OMG!!! HOW?! What did I do to deserve all you beautiful, brilliant people?!😲💞

Anyway, Now that I’ve reached 500 followers (god, that feels so unreal!), I want to do a CELEBRATION!🎉

You can:

  • Send me an ask with a ship & their fandom (list of my fandoms here) and I will tell you what Taylor Swift song(s) I think suit them best!
  • OR, you can send me an ask with a ship/character & their fandom and I’ll tell you what I like best about them and what I dislike about them!
  • OR, you can ask me ANY QUESTION you want about my fandoms, music tastes, personality, life, etc.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who follow me!!! 

@simplyclockwork, @morganlkae, @johnlockhedgehog149, @mickwick, @caughtindeadlights, @castiel-saved-me-from-myself, @mariemercury67, @deathon1leg, @gamerbeforeitwascool, @lifeinanotherdimension, @blubobbi, @sansas-lannister, @crazygurl31, @meow-moewenherz, @the-songs-we-knew, @miraworos, @theonlyhopeformeisyou2001, @zasteroid, @lockwie, @kayos19, @quartermastercandlestickmaker-d, @sherlockeddetective, @tiredpent-upwriter, @freshparadisechopshop, @tryingandpotentiallyfailing, @regularkacchan, @claire-drinks-lovely-lemonade, @rhetorical-questioner, @trailingoff, @panickedconstantly, @ineffablemiracles, @theaussiemoonchilde, @enno-la2, @tricksters-pride, @setterslsett, @reddie-steddie-go, @umbrellaacadnetflix, @ronance-dingus, @alienslikedmyfantasy, @zadusk, @chartrueseharpsichord, @ramblingsofachristiannerd, @i-was-bored-so-this-happened, @disastrousalacrity, @flamingsword-dontthankme, @mangacapthatass, @bottlefame-brewglory, @caggiecat47, @malec28us, @theangelsgrewlonely, @ifq-14, @bigskullboy, @thesourthernpansy, @elrilsf, @lovetvandfilm, @vareidow, @totallysilvergirl, @blogofinfinitevariety, @varietas2038, @echosilverwolf, @nameless-victorian-child, @gobblegang, @kateroselin, @superlalagrl, @i-wish-i-lived-in-elsewhere, @aziraphales-niftyglasses, @h0q37355, @mushroomyyy, @sheisthefariesmidwife, @imhavinga-moment-here, @omgmax221, @meggiemoo-232297, @caitlinherod, @topinot-noir, @coffinbabey, @sparklespirit, @ineffablelawr, @beedee87, @helloboyssaidtheelftotheassbutt, @girlofftotalrecall, @tmifangirl24, @umbrellanumber5, @stupidflightybullshirt, @tvstarr, @mabsgatos, @anemptyvoidforall, @timetravelerfive, @eenpapawer, @doctorlupin, @leabharleitheoir, @theworldismysupernova, @bpritt, @knox55362, @godeepestmoonbouquet, @toolazycantmove, @emeraldskulblaka, @remijcrowley, @penguin-loving-student, @simgemuzik, @iwilleathisheartinthemarketplace, @wyrd-for-wyrd, @jessevon, @aesthetic-mustard, @gorillazgal86, @drunk-depressed-and-trans, @agentmelodrama, @ohlookihaveanaccount, @its-maradactyl, @greeneyegirl017, @toboldlynerd, @ryokogirle, @chinadoll-and-brokent33th, @vintagefloof, @lokisarmyforevr, @squeeerling, @thepinkdory, @spindlemaker-magpie, @hathelian, @imaginary-wolf, @navajolovesdestiel, @celestialoddcouple, @insert-current-hyperfixation, @retrotrans-archive, @lunarmultishine, @miilagros0222, @thatbitchj4de, @fangirlintrovert, @extraordinarily-awkward-timelord, @eavidreader, @flickerghosts, @cassimatron42, @lazulibundtcake, @sirilupin, @emptyeyesm, @shipalltheboats, @alance22, @superwholockandpfl, @reichenbachfallenangel, @captain-nicnac, @imurcoffeegal, @katie-is-a-lesbian, @piratekingscooby, @nuryhollow, @crusty-chimichanga1800, @aziraphale5891, @thebeesofnotredame, @mollythespaniel, @ephemeralmotif, @tsubaki41001, @it-is-not-my-fault, @alexunbalanced, @selinakatherins, @jazzkaurtheglorious, @hufflepuff-pide-honey-badger, @everystoryhasitsinspiration, @findingloveinasnakepit, @tribulationsdunejeuneindecise, 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