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hope you all are thouroughly enjoying coronacation and i hope you are all self isolating bc i wanna see my girl so this needs to be over. some things that have happened:

  • best friend and i “tried dating” sorta but didn’t work and now we are besties again
  • i got a concussion from totaling my car in a pole (lmk if y’all want some pics of my car)
  • best friend and i downloaded dating apps for fun
  • met a girl, super sweet she’s the best
  • turned 18 in quarantine
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I’ve been following u for a while but scared to talk but now I’m falling for my best friend and it’s all fucked help

talk to them! the best thing is be honest. this happened to me with my best friend and while it was a mess at the time, we r still best friends!! u got this lmk if u need anything sending love!

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Meditation reflection for the week:

This week I have discovered that I have more demons in me than I originally thought. I really needed this time to sit down and work on myself. I need to allow myself to be at peace and leave the past behind me. What did you find in your meditation this week?

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Daily Dose of Devin: Remember to smile! When the world around us seems to be moving at a million miles per hour and things are always changing and it seems like we can’t get on top of what we need to do, take a moment to breathe! A quick exercise to stop and bring your mind to the present is a simple naming exercise. When the world around us won’t stay still, we can name things around us that are still! Look around the space you are in and, out loud, name five things that are still. Notice as your mind is drawn to what’s going on in the right now. Not quite calm yet? Name another five and another until you start to get ahold of anxiety. Quick tip: it works best to name each object out loud to engage as many parts of the brain as possible!

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I felt comfortable in my skin today for the first time in ages. I felt beautiful, confident, and happy. Truly happy. That feeling may fade but it’s a sign that healing is happening! Cheers to the little moments that make life worth living!!

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.. And One day you wake up and you realize that your soul is empty.. You are like a big empty vessel with a heart but without love and good feelings.. And all of this because you give to everyone the love and everything else they need and you Don’t give nothing to your soul.. Your brain is ready to explode from overthinking… Please WAKE UP and love You. LISTEN TO ME let’s make this start together ok?

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i think why i really enjoy the cottage core and the lifestyle associated with it is because it is the embodiment of caring for yourself in the most simple way possible. being so close to nature and appreciating it is just naturally healing for you. its slowing down from the fast pace life and just relaxing. that lifestyle is the most chill you could ever life. with living far away from everyone else you get to know who your true friends are. they have to actively try to get in contact with you. you only deal with, who wants to deal with you. you can truly care for yourself.

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Week 3 of quarantine. Hope y’all are staying inside, eating your favorite foods, drinking tons of booze and watching lots of porn.

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my reasons to live:

1) dave franco ( underrated babie that i love so much holy crap )

2) ariana grande ( the love of my life went through hell and back and she’s still out here thriving and succeeding. )

3) tom holland ( deserves so much credit for being the sweetest person ever like wow )

4) keanu reeves ( there’s literally no other reason for keanu not to be on this list )

5) zendaya ( my brother got to meet her one time and told me how kind and sweet she was to the fans + how can you not love her? )

6) chris hemsworth ( literal angel )

7) margot robbie ( og, i could go on for years about how great she is! )

8) johnny depp ( went through so much false shit that amber made up just to defame him and still never did anything to sabotage her. if that doesn’t shout that he’s literally so warm hearted, then i don’t know what else will )

9) you ( everyone is so perfect and unique in their own way, and if that voice in your mind doesn’t except that, then tell them to fuck off. your mom didn’t bare nine months just to see you pass away. life is short, but don’t waste it on being sad or depressed. i promise you that there is much more to life if you just look up. today may be horrible, but tomorrow will be a new start. you can change to the better. i’ve had so many friends who decide to drop everything just to find themselves again. don’t stress about your low grades. don’t cry because your parents irritate you. don’t get upset because you think you’re not pretty. i promise you that you are, it’s just that society has ruined what perfect means. they put out their opinions, and some people like to believe as if they are facts. )

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My complexion looks like if a vampire got blush on their cheeks, but used no other makeup. My eyes always look tired. My nails grow really quickly. My weight is unhealthily low. My height is annoyingly between average and noticably short. But people are always complementing one of my physical attributes: my curly red hair. People never insult me for the things I find obviously “ugly”, they always notice the uniquely beautiful things about me. Don’t worry about what you find bad about yourself, other people will find the beauty in you you don’t, but if they only point out your negatives, they aren’t worth your time. Love yourself as much as others do.

You also have good attributes that aren’t physical. You may be smart, willing to learn, friendly, caring, empathetic, funny, a good leader. I don’t know you but you are worth so much.

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Haven’t been on here in a while and for some reason I feel the need to open up a little. I’ve been single for the past like 4 years, maybe a little less. I’ve dated a lot, I’ve found a lot I don’t like and a lot I do. I have also found out a lot about me and found a lot more about me to love. I may be that crazy horse girl, but I have come to terms with that and if a guy can’t handle that. They aren’t the guy for me. I know I’m obsessed with horses which are my hobby as well as my job, I love dancing, I love running, and I push myself to be better every day. I know I have to or I’ll sulk around when I have time, but who am I kidding I don’t have much extra time. If I make time for someone, I care. If I make food for someone, I care. If I push off shopping or cleaning to hang out with someone, I care. I like that I’ve been single this long to really have to look for what I want and not settle. I’m happy with my life as it is and when I find someone to make it better, then I know it’s right.

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