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#love yourself


I remember you smiling at me.

I remember you asking me how I felt.

I remember seeing those passionate eyes who were always ready to help me.

I remember you spending my precious time with you.

I remember that smile you would give me which made me feel that I finally found a real friend.

I remember you counting those stars with me.

I remember you saying that you will always be their for me.

I remember you saying that you love me.

I remember you being sad.

I remember myself being their for you.

I remember you lashing out whenever I tried to talk to you.

I remember spending those nights without talking to you.

I remember that I never gave up on you when you made me feel like an outcast.

I remember trying to convince myself that you are the right one.

I remember the times where you made me feel like an idiot.

I remember myself being sad.

I remember you leaving when I needed you the most.

I remember you making me believe that I deserve this.

I remember you giving me those tears in my eyes.

I remember you coming back to me.

I remember myself forgiving you.

I remember myself regretting it everyday.

I remember saying this to myself that once you break a relationship and try to put it the way it was, you will always find a knot.

I remember myself finally falling in love with myself not you.

I remember living a peaceful life with loneliness.

I remember everything.

I do.

- Anya

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keep an eye on your cup of health

a very popular analogy used in the world of mental health support is that of a cup. it’s said, and rightly so, that make sure your cup is full before you try to pour from it for someone or something else.

unless your mental health is balanced and you aren’t feeling your best, it will be difficult for you to render your kindness to the world. it may take a toll on you.

so be sure to keep a check on your mental health balance before you get too involved in caring for others. it’s not a selfish act to worry for yourself before you do for others. it’s, infact, a selfless act, where you want to do everything you can to be able to help others

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Im trapped in my mind and letting go of your downgrading words will be liberating. I wish to one day be free of all negative thought and to be inspired by what makes me feel love . I know we all somehow some way dig ourself a hole of nasty habits we tend to pick up on our journey of life but life is about being about to realize and understand that it’s okay to let go of anything that doesn’t help us level up on our self love scale. Moments of self realization are often hard and we pretend it’s not there or that it might be something else that holding us back. Remember that you are the only one truly aware of how you feel when your alone. Not your partner not your bestfriend or you sibling/ parents . YOU. You have to be the change to creat the love you want in life although things may be upsetting you have to let go not on bad terms but understanding that what you though was for you is no longer a source of happiness and try something new . Love yourself enough to reach out and try new ways of exploring the best version of you.

Im babbling but I see change I want change I will change for a better me.

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Im so sorry you feel that way. What I like to do is try to differentiate between the negative thoughts in my head. I like to give it a name as if it were another person. Someone you can easily hate and say fuck off too, because when you’re able to know it’s not you thinking those things and knowing it’s your anxiety or whatever you may be dealing with, you can easily say, “hey douchebag, fuck you. Im not going to listen to you today.” Takes time but I find it helps a lot. Just keep reminding yourself that you are worth something. You are worth the love you give to the world. I hope this helps. 💛🌻

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Tutto ciò è soggettivo. C’è chi riesce e chi no. Lo senti quando la mente e in corpo te lo richiede. Ti richiede di staccare da tutto e da tutti. Di eliminare persone tossiche nella tua vita. Sto bene. Mi sto amando sempre di più quando prima non lo facevo. Mettevo sempre gli altri al primo posto invece che me stessa.. stare soli fa bene. Perché averci una persona accanto per evenienza ed usarla che onestamente manco se lo merita. Nella vita siamo soli.. nasciamo, maturiamo, e muoiamo soli.. sempre anche con millemila persone accanto

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I just realized all the persons I’ve shared love relationships with (men and women) are considered overweight. Some more than others but still, they all suffered from discrimination and were under pressured by society and/or their surroundings. Fat shaming, blaming them for stupid reasons, putting them down with barely zero compassion. I am not fit at all, I have curves as well and other body marks (acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite) so I’m clearly not the ideal beauty that medias show you, and I heard many stuff concerning my own body image. I still struggle sometimes. But, when I was with these persons, I did all my best to give them confidence, to help them find themselves beautiful, lovable, cute, sexy, the way they are. I mean, I’m no one to tell you what to do but please, don’t blame overweight people around you, don’t make them feel ashamed for their appearance, tell them they are beautiful and if they feel bad listen to them. Let them open up, let them speak. Compliment their body, cherish it. Nevertheless, don’t push them into unhealthy habits. But try to understand and help them if you feel they struggle to feel mentally balanced towards their weight. And please, kiss that tummy ; kiss that flappy butt ; squish your body against that body ; caress these stretch marks. Just be thankful if a fat person struggling with their body is sharing it with you. It’s precious.

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