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Iago: I would literally swallow a jean jacket and put my left titty in a panini press than ever have feelings for anyone. THAT SHIT SUCKS!

Thundra: (exists)

Iago: ….. on second thought-

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Osho - Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 1
Mulla Nasrudin, the owner of two lovebirds, sent for a veterinarian. ‘I’m worried about my birds,’ he announced. 'They haven’t gone potty all week.’

The doctor looked inside the cage and asked, 'Do you always line this thing with maps of the earth?’

'No,’ answered Mulla Nasrudin, 'I put that in last Saturday when I was out of newspapers.’

'That explains it!’ replied the vet. 'Love-birds are very sensitive creatures. They’re holding back because they figure this planet earth has taken all the crap it can stand!’
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Drawgust 1 - Human Kiwi & his Goth Girlfriend by me!

I have decided once again to do the Drawgust drawing challenge once again! Like last year, I’ll be doing a drawing every day for the month of August, & I hope you guys like what you’ll see!

For my first drawing, I was inspired by an adorable story that went viral on the internet. There’s this lovebird named Kiwi who was given a mate named Siouxsie when his owner noticed he was getting very lonely. As you can imagine, they both fell in love instantly! What was especially interesting is that their colors were so opposite - Kiwi was bright & colorful, while Siouxsie was darker & more subdued. Because of this, she got the nickname “Goth Girlfriend”. As time went on, they would later go on to have chicks together, & the internet went wild! So, I decided to do something I see a lot of people do on the internet, & turn these beloved animals into humans!

So, here we see human versions of Kiwi & Siouxsie, as they walk along the sidewalk. They are also encountering the actual lovebirds they’re based off of, sitting on a nearby branch. Naturally, human Kiwi is dressed in a bright & goofy looking outfit, while human Siouxsie is dressed in the goth style.

If you’d like to learn more about their story, you can read about it here.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this, & there will be more Drawgust drawings to come!

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